Secret Message In Rihanna Umbrella

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 08-27-2007, 01:20 PM         #1
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Doc D 
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Secret Message In Rihanna Umbrella

I've been researching this sh*t for a while now and I have figured out the true message of this song, Rihanna doesn't want yo a*s to get under her umbrella! She wants to shoot you while her a*s holds that fu*king umbrella. You see back in 1998, Rihanna joined a gang called Black Umbrella's, which she was the leader of, during that time, they were the most powerful gangs around the world, they did operations with committing murder for money. Unfortunately, during a gang war, all the members were k*lled but Rihanna was able to survive and go to Def jam and become famous, this song is a fu*king dedication to Black Umbrella. sh*t is crazy. Plus listen to this lyric. "When the sun shine, we'll shine together, told you, i'll be here forever, said Ill be a friend, took a look, almost took it out to the end, now it's raining more then ever, know that we'll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella.". That explains about a friendship that went wrong in fact in 2006, she explained that a long time friend was "murdered" and before she was k*lled, they had an "argument", the true was she k*lled that friend because that so called friend wanted to k*ll her for k*lling her cousin. But Rihanna didn't realize it at first. The friend almost k*lled her, so when she said "took a look, almost took it out to the end" She took a look not figuring out who she was, and she almost got her life took away dying in the end. Then when she says "its raining more then ever" It was a deep meaning when a person dies, the tears from God roll down, almost like blood tears. That was a symbol of someone being k*lled then just dying in a natural way. Then "we'll still have each other", That respects that she will still remember her as a challenger for trying to k*ll her. Then she adds "You can stand under my umbrella" Meaning even though you almost got me, you couldn't so just come under my umbrella..ELLA..ELLA..EH EH...

See the sh*t was so fu*king easy, I can't believe nobody could figure it out.


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