Is Hip Hop Dead ....??? Discuss Your Opinions Here.

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'i think i'm outgrowing hip hop'
Yeah, hip hop is almost irrelevant to me now. this new shit is garbage 1 25.00%
If you outgrew hiphop, that means you were never really a fan to begin with 1 25.00%
Fuck that noise, you trendy motherfucker 0 0%
Yo whatever, b 2 50.00%
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Fatt Kidd 
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Is Hip Hop Dead ....??? Discuss Your Opinions Here.

 Bogey_J said image
I know this has been discussed to death, but just answer the question..

Is hip hop dead to you? Vote and Discuss
 Too Wasted said

Ok I am sick of seeing threads upon threads of why Hip Hop is dead so I decided to put everyone's opinions, reasons and theories in one thread so we can have a discussion on it.

I have added a few key points to why Hip Hop is dead so we can start the discussion off. Any key points you think I can add to the thread that will contribute to why Hip Hop is dying? (Or is it? Maybe it isn't? - Discuss!!) please message me and I will added on.

Hip Hop is dead because ..........

Radio and Videos

 ~:Frank White:~ said image


Piracy, bootlegging, downloads.

 Young Cutthroat said image
I've been thinking about something. During the 90's, rap was aimed towards the street crowd because thats who bought most rap CD's. As time passed til around the 2000 era, the streets stopped buying CD's and started burning them. That kind of slowed down money in the music industry. Thats why u would see artists who had a major buzz in the streets because of their talent but wouldnt even make gold because their CD wasnt selling in stores, but everybody had it because of piracy. Back in the day, it wasnt nothin for a talented artist to go platinum in no time, but its not like that no more because we'll burn their CD instead of buying it, taking away money. The industry's solution for that was to stop making music for the street crowd and cater to the crowd that buys CDs the most, and that would be suburban white kids and females. A lot of white kids buy into the industry's gangsta image and the females buy into the s*x appeal that they see in male singers and rappers...therefore, they end up buying CDs from these artists. I feel that if the streets wouldve never stopped buying CDs instead of burning them, that hip hop would still cater to the streets. Its all about money and the music industry is catering to the crowd that will come out the pocket and buy CDs from the store. Which explains why u see people like Soulja Boy puttin up Jay-Z numbers in sales. So basically, I think piracy is the reason for this. Just a thought of mine.

Hip-Hop died when MCs stopped using the same DJ/Producer ???
 jeehtoven said image
Ever since rappers wanted that 'hot single,' rap hasn't been the same. If MCs started using the same producers (who shows variety), then we'll start getting that classic sh*t that the feens are looking for.

Different generation of music? People getting old?

 Fatt Kidd said image
Think about.......
when older people like yo parents or grand parents heard you playin Illmatic or Wu Tang or NWA they were thinkin that music was dead. Cuz they wasnt ready for the change. I think that same thing happened to anyone that thinks hip hop is dead. It didnt die. You just turned into that old person that doesnt like the change and generation.

and if you send me hate yo kids gonna catch chicken pox

Rappers are selling out
 IVOL said
Do you remember the golden oldies? Do you remember Tupac? Do you remember the first Snoop Dogg? Do You remember B.I.G? Do you remember the Motown movement? Do you listen to music like this and it hits you in a place where music today cant hit you today? Like its hard for people to connect with their listeners on a real emotional level in hip-hop/rap.

I think that all that old sh*t had soooooooo much soul. It seems like the reason hip-hop/rap is the way it is now is because most rappers/hip-hoppers have sold their souls for the MONEY.

At one time there wasn't much money circulating around this genre and there was so much realness and soul and now its without the soul and we are making so much money. Every since hip-hop/rap has became popular culture the soul has been sold for the money.

Who agrees? If not, voice your opinion/explanation.

Hip-hop Is Going In A Whole Other Direction

No cursing, vulgar lyrics, clean raps, etc....

 comrad said
i think the future of rap lies in the hands of rappers like master p and chamillionaire.


no cursing, vulgar lyrics.just clean raps, about any type of issue

i'm talking about no cussing through out the whole album.

imagine the marketing aspects?
being able to market to a broader audience, mainly the children.
no need for parental advisory stickers
master p learned a thing or two when his a*s was showing up on nickelodeon and you were hating on him calling him a sellout and sh*t

What kind of criticism would parents be able to give to this revitalized genre of hip-hop?

and don't give me 50 sh*tty argument cause p put him in his place on national television.

hiphop with no cursing has been around i'm sure. but name the last artist that was able to do it big like cham and p are going to do it.

similar artists are going to spring up from other regions besides the south i believe.

look at conscience artists like common, mos def, talib? they're whole concept of positive rap is more accepted now than ever before by the commercial mainstream

the game isn't going to stay in the south forever...
where do you think hiphop is headed as far as the commercial mainstream goes?

Music lack any meaning these days. It's been dumb down

 #1assassin said
Sorry but I got to get this off my chest.

There's a big debate over whether Hip-Hop is dead or if it's alive. But this debate is based on the recent lack of sales by the large majority of hip-hop artists. With the exception of Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, T.I, Lil' Wayne, and Ludacris, it's hard to name a rapper that has gotten a platinum plaque over the past few years. The numbers show that hip-hop is certainly on life support, but that's not main thing to look at when people say it's dying. Take some time-out and listen to the music and you'll get your REAL reason why it's dying.

These n*ggas and bi*ches in the game today aren't talking about sh*t! Everybody's so focused on making the next dance step or club record that the content of the music is NO WHERE near what it used to be. I listen to all most every album that comes out at least once to get an opinion on the artists that based on his music, and not his back story or gang affiliation. I couldn't give a fu*k about how many people you claim to have shot. How many ounces and pounds you push and cook up. How many times you've been shot or how gangsta you are. With me, if you put out good music thats about something and it's not just you talking about the same sh*t that the next man was talking about, I'd listen to you. That's why I enjoy listening to people like Kanye West. People don't like Kanye West because they say things like he's a f*g for wearing this or wearing that. He's a bi*ch and he's not street. Who gives a fu*k!!? Kanye over his career has been more consistant in putting out not only good but great music than anybody else that I can think of at this moment. But people hate on him because he's not talking about selling drugs, or he's not going to jail every 3 months. The same people that say "Graduation" is garbage are probably the same people that say "Thug Motivation" and "The Inspiration" are classics. Do you know hip-hop? Do you know what the definition of an actual talent is? You can find any n*gga to babble about cocain for 60 minutes, but it'll be a lot harder to find someone that can put together 45 minutes of actual music. Not just rap....I'm talking about MUSIC! Music that you can feel...music that speaks to you....music that gets you through the bad times....music that'll make you bob your head to a beat that is berely even noticable over the artists that rapping.

I haven't bought too many albums lately because I'm not about to waste my money on bullsh*t. So upon saying that, I don't understand why these artists are suprised that a song like "G-Slide" aren't generating sales for your album. We know you don't have sh*t to say, that's why you're first single is so dumbed down. So why would we buy your album? It'll make a nice download if I have time to do it, but nothing more than that.

I want to open up the floor to get others opinions on whats wrong with the game and what it may take to get it back to the level where the music actually meant something.....

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