If Hip Hop Was A High School

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If Hip Hop Was A High School

u ever thought about what it would be like if u went to high school wit your favorite rappers...

50=the school bully always pickin f*ghts with smaller weaker n*ggas

wayne=dat lil n*gga thats cool to some and hated by everyine else

cam=da class clown pretty harmless but always crackin jokes and doin sh*t to the point it gets on ya nerves until u wanna beat his a*s

kanye=student activist the n*gga who wanna protest everything from the lunch menu to whatever else

jay z=the third year senior n*gga get much respect from eveyone in the school but on da low n*ggas is like why are u still around

nas=the deep n*gga always known to hangout with the thugs but stay in the library on the low

jeezy=the go to guy if u need it he can get from weed to conert tickets never goes to class but he's always at school

ti=the little guy who always has to prove himself by goin after any and everybody

funkmaster flex=the instigator aint never down when sh*t pop off but he da guy who usually gets sh*t poppin

yall n*ggas add on who would yall favorite rappers be in school


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