Whats up with CHRIS TUCKER?

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 08-05-2007, 10:18 PM         #1
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Whats up with CHRIS TUCKER?

Just got finished watching the Rush Hour movie they had on tv and at the end of it I asked myself what is up with Chris Tucker? What has this guy done before the rush hour trilogy besides FRIDAY. I couldnt think of anything for a while but then remembered he was in Money Talks and Dead Presidents. Is something wrong with him or is he just lazy? 2001 he did rush hour 2. 2007 he does rush hour 3. Thats a 6 year hiatus! I mean hes a funny comedian and not goin to say hes the funniest but im sure enough people out there think hes funny to the extent where it shouldnt be hard for him to find a film to be in. 1998-2007 its been all rush hour movies. Thats basically a decade playing the same role! There are actors who make 2 movies in a single year. He needs to fire his agent immediately. Hes banking off Jackie Chan and thats cool but I just see an actor who isnt utilizing his opportunity. Theres a lot more money to be made out there. Seriously what was he doing those 6 years?


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