Pimp C Disses Atlanta, Young Jeezy, Lil Jon, Russell Simmons and Ne-yo!!!!?????

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Pimp C Disses Atlanta, Young Jeezy, Lil Jon, Russell Simmons and Ne-yo!!??AUDIO LINK

I meant to post diss sh*t yesterday but...kinda long cuz dis sh*t had me pissed:finger:

I was listenin to Hot 107.9 in Atlanta and Miss Shineka did her word on da streetz news and she says that Pimp C had this to say in an upcomin issue of OZONE magazine in an article called pimp chronicles

1. Pimp C of UGK was dissin Atlanta sayin some dumb sh*t like the state of Georgia aint even da south cuz when u get off da plane your ticket says easten time....so he basically called every southern state that goes on eastern time zone EAST coast. which is dumb within itself because there is no technically SOUTH time zoneimage image

2. Then he disses Young Jeezy goin at his street cred sayin dat he aint never got it for 17-5 because he(pimp c) gets it for 10-5 and dat Jeezy aint neva got it from himimage image ...Pimp C must think he da only 1 buyin/sellin

3. Then he said Lil Jon aint invent no crunk and dat he jacked 3-6 Mafia's sound and called it crunk....which is stupid cuz to me crunk is more Luke miami based than anything, and if dat tracklist is correct he has a Lil Jon track on his album.

4. Then da n*gga went after Russell Simmons and Neyo sayin dat they are gay, and dat no real man wears dat much lip gloss(Ne-Yo) in a video.

 http://www.hot1079atl.com .. al.asp?id=8786 hopefully they update dis sh*t wit the whole article later.

If this is true its really fu*ked up cuz dis n*gga is going to look stupid as hell.

1. Dis is da same dude who didnt see the impact that Jay-Z could have on their career as he didnt want to do Big Pimpin-Bun B bailed UGK out of dat

2. Outkast is on your potientally biggest single of da new album/ and if dat tracklist is true so is Lil Jon production.

3. Bun-b da n*gga who single handledly carried UGK when Pimp C a*s got locked up and kept dat free Pimp C sh*t going and he dont deserve dis PR nightmare and backlash dis will get(Hell even GA n*ggaz was yellin free Pimp C)

4. Pimp C is on T.I. KING album wit a skit supportin da fact dat T.I. calls himself da KingofdaSOUTH but u turn around and disown GA as a southern state.

5. Pimp C was just on da radio promotin some album release party dis weekend in Atlanta, not 2 mention dat Rock Da Bell tour which features Nas, David Banner, UGK, etc is suppose to be here in Atlanta soon.

Bun B has worked to hard to keep UGK alive and build relationships in da music industry 2 have dis n*gga fu*k it up.....I hope dis sh*t aint true cuz if it is somebody need to get dat n*gga a map, a history book, and a muzzle image

 http://www.hot1079atl.com .. .asp?id=376528

PS: UGK still a legendary group regardless of how 1/2 of dem feel about my state.

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