Jul 17 - 50 Cent: Real Talk **MUST READ**

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Jul 17 - 50 Cent: Real Talk **MUST READ**

This is a portion of an interview with 50:

It's hard to imagine Ghostface is going to stop cursing, especially considering his last couple of records.

50 crew in the background: "Nobody even cares what he does." "Who's listening to him, anyway?" "That was the '90s, B. Kids don't even know Ghostface anymore." "The streets are different now," says Yayo. "Guys like Ghostface don't matter. They don't. They had a run, but it's over."

But can't he just make a great record, even if it doesn't sell, and we can appreciate it as listeners, as hip-hop fans?
50: No, because a great record is embraced and enjoyed by the public. And it's played in cars and clubs.

When I make music, I make it with the intention that the world's gonna enjoy it. I have music that I feel like is really good music, but I haven't released it. There's things playing at my house right now that's never gonna be played on the radio. And that music isn't out there, because I didn't feel like enough people would actually respond to it. Like, if I said, "Hey, this album is for me, that's why I named it Curtis, and if they don't pick it up, hey, they don't pick it up. This is just something I wanted for myself from an artistic standpoint." If I took that position, it's a cop-out. You make music with the intention for the masses to enjoy it. If not, then you should take your CD and play it only in your Walkman. It's crazy to think that you're going to make a record and put it out commercially for the world to listen to and then say you made it for yourself. And I've heard it countless amounts of times from artists in different periods. They're like, "I don't really care about the sales, this is about the art form."

50's crew: "That's bullsh*t, man." [Laughs] "That's bullsh*t. That's what you say when you know nobody gives sh*t about you." image

That's an artist who's so artistic he should just have a smock and be painting pictures for himself instead of trying to sell people music. We're in the music business. When they forget that last half, that's where it gets messed up. In the music business, you do what makes sense for music and business. So if the artist makes a record they know ain't gonna sell, then why do they allow the company to spend money marketing it? They're just making the wrong music at that point -- creatively. Sometimes, they just get out into a different space where they don't know what to write. I've been around rappers, what was the freestyle guy, Supernatural? He was incredible, he could rap about anything, about Mars and cars, whatever, and Craig G was like that. But they didn't have a specific thing that they were basing their music on that people could embrace. My music is based on my actual life. You might be a rapper that could beat me at something, but you can't beat me at being me, and this is what the world's embraced at this point.

Would you ever make a record just for yourself, and put it up for free online, just as an artistic statement?
Any artist who tells you they made the record for themselves is just saying that ahead of time because they're afraid nobody's going to embrace it. They say, "I'm just doing this for me, this is real hip-hop right here." Come on, man, nobody cares about that sh*t, they want good music. If it ain't hot, it ain't hot. (shout out to T.I. image)

So it's not helping the art form if it's not "hot"?
You're actually hurting the art form, if your music isn't urgent enough to drive people to buy it, you're hurting the art form. You're just another sh*tty release on the schedule.

 http://www.spin.com/featu .. 7/0707_50cent/

image :applause: image 100% real talk.

image @ anyone bringing up irrelevant MC's (like Ghostface) and saying they're GOATs over cats like Jay, Nas, Em, and Common when all of these are STILL out and SELLING.

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