Jul 3 - Kanye West Says "No" To Rappers

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Jul 3 - Kanye West Says "No" To Rappers

Kanye West Says "No" To Rappers
July 2nd, 2007 | Author: Andres TardioKanye West is ready to graduate. With his LP dropping, West recently spoke on a few things and said a few things that could get him in trouble.

This time around, he decided to not let any artists on the album, aside from a Jeezy adlib. Why?

"I don't have any rappers on my album...Not just because I'm trying to make a statement of being an MC — I want people to get into my album and zone out. You never asked Marvin Gaye, 'You have such and such doing a background track?' I do have an ad-lib from [Young] Jeezy. That's because he has that line, 'Hey Snowman, can I get an ad-lib?' So I asked for an ad-lib. Where the rappers do appear is on the remixes," Kanye told MTV.
This past weekend, West paid tribute to Princess Diana by performing at a concert thrown by Prince William and Prince Harry. The rapper joined the likes of Lily Allen, Elton John, Duran Duran and Diddy.

Although he had a short set, which included "Gold Digger" and "Stronger", West said he would do his best to perform for the huge crowd at Wembley Stadium in London.

“We've only got 7 minutes but we are gonna rip this stage in half. This one is for Diana,” he told the audience.

Controversy doesn't leave West alone. As he performed "Jesus Walks:, viewers could hear the word "ni-gas" in the intro to the song. On "Touch the Sky", West said the word "sh-t" in one of the verses.

According to MTV in the UK, this could potentially hurt BBC and other channels that had the concert on live.
Graduation drops this Summer.


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