Hidden Message in "I Feel Like Dying"

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Doc D 
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Hidden Message in "I Feel Like Dying"

Check it out, Lil wayne got Tha Carter 3 coming out but people aren't even understanding about the "I Feel like dying" track that leaked, its so fu*king brilliant, I'm surprised that wayne could be that smart,he was hiding a message in that I feel like dying track, so I listened to the beat and I realized that something is wrong, I played this track backwards then slowed it down and heard a message

Here's the chorus

"Under da ground beneath ya
under da ground beneath ya
The ground takes you as the sun turns blue"

then wayne raps and this sh*t sounds so damn clear

"sitting as I'm sippin
swore I saw ya
but no more
took ya down
under da ground beneath ya
remember what I just say
n*gga asked where da money
n*gga forgot what I fu*kin SAID?
its under da ground "beneath ya"
next day, relatives call sayin "wheres da kid"
I simply said "n*gga hes.."
under da ground beneath ya
I ate the brain of da coward
as I r*ped all his daughterz
screamin "STOP!"
but with 1 shot
"under da ground beneath ya"
try k*lling me?
"under da ground beneath ya"
Think I'm fu*kin playin nig?
under da ground beneath ya"
"The ground takes you as the sun turns blue"
as I climbed over da wallz
POlice said he was gone
once said he was ballin
but how you fu*kin ballin
when ya a*s is straight fallin
shut the fu*k up
"under da ground beneath ya"

then as the chorus continues he says some sh*t in whispers

"they asked what was the girls name"

"her name was snitch bi*ch"
raped the bi*ch as I ate her t*ts."
killed her with a blow by my....fist"
"under da ground beneath ya"

I stopped and said "WTF?" This sh*t scared the fu*k out of me, I know this may sound silly but listen to this n*ggas, sh*t is fu*king disturbing.

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