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 08-18-2007, 08:37 PM         #61
Bdempsey8907  OP
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 youngholla said:

"you like a prepaid cell phone, you aint gotta bill" - Loaded Lux

lux used to be that dude

"this rapper is whack to me, loose to this joker?
you couldnt find a match for me in a room full of smokers"
 08-18-2007, 08:42 PM         #62
Bdempsey8907  OP
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 bdboy04 said:

yeah i sit in the dark lambo like its good but i am mad cause my car is black on black like the crime in my hood-Harsh Brown (ME)

When n*ggaz stop biting thats when 3000 start to worry-Andre 300 (its a line u have to get)

i put a tag on ya but u anit for sale- Harsh Brown (ME)

shorty i see u watching me which one u like more my watch or me-fifty cent (its kinda slick)

i could let the tech pound ya ego lock you in the closet with them westnile
mosquitoes-lloyd banks sick really sick

i fu*k hoes mean then they take the load like a washing machine-Harsh Brown (ME)

coping 6 kicks is my version of 12 steps-Jay-Z lol crazy

prison anit full and the reaper anit bias-TI a opening ya mind line

we dont get the same money so how could we be the same money-Harsh Brown (ME) get ya hate on thats the career ender lol
lol dont worry i dont think anyone is gonna bite those dawg
 11 years ago '07        #63
Tmac225 9 heat pts
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$8,063 | Props total: 578 578
im k!lling u n*ggas on that lyrical sh*t mayonaise color benz i push miracle whips- kanye west

i aint go to high school i went to school high-sheek

its looking like a movie shoot how they sending all these damn actors at the set- jr writer

im walking with the fiya and if u say banks in a verse u better be talking bout tyra- lloyd banks

u gotta aligator mouth and a humming bird u mouth writing checks that ya cant cash 145 and imma outta ya weight class wanna survive u better scramble like eggs and break fast- t.i

here go anotha flow that i can throw u in seconds pulling out big guns that a blow ya chest in and told these that dont wanna fu*k with me hitting em with bullets so hot that u cant count the degrees and im young niga going from rag to riches and dont step to me boy cause im allergic to bi*ches -

that last 1 is me i think its pretty cold
 11 years ago '06        #64
ChrisStokes 106 heat pts106
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$18,529 | Props total: 2332 2332
"It's Weezy Baby, Muthafu*ker I spit rabies" - Lil Wayne

"G to the N, I do it like it's never been done,
So you suck my d*ck with a elephant's tongue" - Lil Wayne

"your not a gorilla your a dead monkey
caz i got a banana clip and these red monkeys"- Lil Wayne

",Unfu*kin believable little waynes the president, fu*k em, fu*k em, fu*k em, even if they selebant," - Lil Wayne

"n*ggaz dont wont cause I betta in bold, the only time I will depend is when 70 years old, thats when cant hold my sh*t within' so I sh*t on myself cause im so sick in tired of sh*tin' on err body else" - Lil Wayne

There's so much sick punchlines from wayne it's a
 08-18-2007, 09:01 PM         #65
SmooveDude  OP
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 ~Menace~ said:
Tattooed F-U-N on my d*ck for 'fu*k U n*ggaz' while I POKE fun at ya bi*ches-vakill
thats a serious one right there i must admit
 11 years ago '06        #66
god's gift 
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i'm gettin fat from losing the weight, then losing that from using the weight-

beanz of off the state prop joint
 11 years ago '06        #67
I hug the strip 10 heat pts10
$2,121 | Props total: 481 481
 hydro187 said:
that first line sounds like a yo momma joke

"u could nod ur head to this like its only a rap, but when these bullets hit yo im like its only a gat"

"hawk the size of croc-dundee's, bury you wherever u could only use skiis, and ill bring to any one of your dogs like fleas"
sheek louch
yo im listing to that song by styles right now

"if bullets had legs they be running through ur head"-styles

"cuz when i rap it goes to show magic johnson aint the only sick n*gga living"-jr writer

"like philly my n*gga u know theres cheese at steak"-40 cal

Last edited by I hug the strip; 08-18-2007 at 10:25 PM..
 11 years ago '07        #68
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$2,309 | Props total: 1243 1243
You ain't gotta like me that's cool, I don't give a fu*k
Quality time ain't gon put me in a bigger truck
fu*k kids it ain't my turn to be stressed
A bi*ch worst nightmare is a paternity test
I'm too young to be faithful
If money means love I hate you
I only trick on the first of April

Banks was dat n*gga:applause:
 11 years ago '06        #69
I hug the strip 10 heat pts10
$2,121 | Props total: 481 481
"u better chill ock
shells will pop if u dont keep both hands up like it 12 o'clock"-jay bezel
 11 years ago '05        #70
daliff89 1 heat pts
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$13,412 | Props total: 46 46
'try to change your image, you dudes be follwin' hardship/
while we bring more funk than Boosty Collins' arm pits'

'i make masterpieces with enough silk to shock sh*t/
you can see murder, no limitations when my glock spits'

'mother fu*kers ain't ready for the Celph Titled onslaught/
try to embrace my flows the impact will blow your arms off/
beatings are classic like novels from Charles d*ckens/
bury your body in cement blocks and watch the plot thicken'

'Super Mario n*gga, lay pipe with no discretion'

- Celph Titled -

'you're a waste of air, the kick, the bass, the snare/
your face, your hair, i'ma tear apart whatever god placed you there'

'i spit to make the mic like a flammable torch/
it's understandable, my mind is a mechanical force/
and i'ma cannibal, my mandible is chewin' your corpse'

'flows blowin' off your limbs like invisible mines/
been invincible with rhymes since the biblical times'

'i'll walk through Hell 'til it freezes if Reverend Run sells his adidas/
i stomp cats and leave a path of skeletal pieces/
y'all are washed up like shellfish on beaches/
i'm a genius that's developed speeches deeper than telekenesis'

- Apathy -

'treat me like a prince, Morris Day n*ggas'

'so fu*k dustin' off the mack again/
when you meet your Final Destination it's gon' look like an accident'

- Joe Budden -

'doing what i can, check out my style in detail/
i steal on rappers like i was Lattrell Spreewell/
when i come through, let the brother just do it/
i get into it, my mic and your mic, come on no congruent/
see what i do when Com rock/
i'm on the Wake Up Show and i'm like the alarm clock'

'you're gon' be like Jada Pinkett in Scream, gettin' k!lled quick'

'i'm the sweetest thing since Lauren Hill'

'i strike back like the empire'

- Common -

'dude wanted a Rhyme Fest, now he has to face the Consequence/
dude's from Chicago, i figured he'd have some Common Sense/
thought he'd know i'm raising the dead and rejuvenating tombs/
he's gon' need some Food & Liquor to recuperate his wounds'

'the Resurrection of nasty, Jesus Walks with my rhyme book in his hand'

'you wouldn't wreck tracks if you bombed a train station'

'freestyles or writtens, pick your poison/
i'll kick the door in, play your tape and begin the snoring/
your spits are boring, quit ignoring the truth/
i'll stick your wh0ore then commense destroying the booth/
before it was cute, now your wackness is embarassing/
i'm takin' care of things, shatter wack dudes down to bare debris/
compared to me, they can barely breathe/
got their rhyme books shook, punchlines are scared to swing'

'i'm an extraterrestrial y'all/
you're just Sigourney Weaver, if i spit directly at you, your chest'll dissolve'

'i'm refusing to move, it's quite sick how i spit/
y'all could tear up Jordan jerseys and never leave a mic ripped/
i write sh*t that will break your ribs/
it's like i'm spittin' Michael Jackson, rhymes r*pe these kids'

'if your pens were filled with concrete, you still wouldn't write hard'

'i'ma mangle these pricks, nobody's bangin' your sh*ts/
they're gon' blame roid rage cause i strangle these kids'

'i'd spit better than y'all with my lips sewn shut'

'beyond description, compare me to who?
i swear you're confused, put up cash i'll embarass the dude/
spare your excuse, one line of mine is scarin' you mute/
cause you know i'm spittin' that sh*t Marion Berry would use/
i'll tear up your troops, leave 'em scared and abused/
prepare you noose with mic cables then bury the booth'

'mention my clique and i'ma set you cats straight, i'm past great/
handed out more 'L's than Chapelle in Half Baked'

'divide your speech then conquer your flows/
i stomp on my foes like Godzilla, i've got monsterous goals'

'y'all wouldn't spit raw if i stole your toothpaste and replaced it with coke'

'make your men disperse with the greatest of ease/
plague ridden flow, everythign i say is diseased/
you're makin' believe/
y'all are just pretending to be sick, y'all are pitiful as sh*t, you should be raking my leaves'

'open your minds, we're enemies, what kind of bond is that?
everybody thinks they're sick but they're just hypocondriacs'

'i spit scandalous sins/
tyrannical tirades, mandibular crime waves, that's where the damage begins/
i'm handlin' them, i don't try to f!ght kids/
grab a mic and personify what dynomite is'

'remove souls, send 'em to the gates of Hell/
shake yourselves, battle me and get your face impaled/
rhyme heavy, sh*ts will break the scales/
when i get done dissing you, you're probably gonna hate yourself'

- me -

that's all i could think of right now.....
 11 years ago '05        #71
legacy313 2 heat pts
avatar space
$2,287 | Props total: 1620 1620

"Leave u stuffed in a dumpster like Brenda's baby"

"My watch got so many pebbles, bam bam couldent lift it up"

Lloyd Banks:

"The only way I get blue balls is if a bi*ch got blue lipstick"

"I know the watch is botherin ya vision
But reach and ill put a dot on ya head like its part of your religion"

"Im in a bi*ch mouth every mornin like toothpaste

" Ill have u holdin ya chest like u singin the national anthem"

"U throwin ice on the bi*ch like she just won the superbowl"

"Ya appitite could put a dent in a n*gga salary
U need to stop burnin that weed and burn a calorie"

"If its money out there, I want it
U could give me a blood diamond wit blood on it"

Big L:

"U was never sh*t, ya mother shouda swallowed u"

"Ask beavis I get nothin but head"
 11 years ago '06        #72
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$4,763 | Props total: 9 9
Oh you mad cuz Im stylin on you

close thread
 11 years ago '04        #73
dog4life 1 heat pts
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$8,704 | Props total: 388 388
i seen those commercials about ya brain on drugs then i've sold enough drugs to turn ya brains to omelets-GRAFH the only thing bad in fashion is that the light hit the ice and make the colors of the flag that the f*gs be havin- grafh i'll slit his throat, d*ck in the mud and let his blood choke him- DMX this the champ this can't be uh if sugar stuck in his tank he p!ss candy-GRAFH
 11 years ago '05        #74
Wasted|M 26 heat pts26
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$12,321 | Props total: 100 100
"Warning, this sh*t's gon be rated R, restricted
You see this bullet hole in my neck? It's self inflicted"

"I'm freestylin every verse that I spit
cause I don't even remember the words to my sh*t "

"When I was underground, no one gave a fu*k I was white
No labels wanted to sign me, almost gave up I was like
fu*k it - until I met Dre, the only one to look past
Gave me a chance and I lit a FIRE up under his"

"I'll run ya brain around the block to jog ya fu*kin memory"

"you could date a stick of dynamite and wouldn't go out with a bang"

"you couldn't make the fans throw up they hands if they swallowed they fingers"

"cause you can be quick, jump the candle stick, burn ya back/
and fu*k Jill on a hill but you still ain't Jack/"

'You couldn't sell two copys if you pressed a double album'

go ahead slap my mom slap the fu*k out of her//
she cant sew ya she wouldn't get a buck out of ya//

Eminem sick with it too.
 08-19-2007, 06:55 AM         #75
Obfuscate  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I'm an a**hole with a built in sniper lense
Your top ten rappers top ten got no type of wins
I've been nasty since birth
fu*k a jersey, the hall of fame retired a couple of my sh*tty dippers

I'm like a panther in the dark
Silent when I strike the paper
Like a dagger in your heart
When I write I leave a mark

--Zion I
 08-19-2007, 07:38 AM         #76
garethnurden88  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
"I dont own a car, i own a pair of reeboks,
to get me where i'm goin, until my damn feet stops"
- Redman aka Reggie Noble
 11 years ago '06        #77
avatar space
$1,553 | Props total: 206 206
"Wit 12 monkeys on stage its hard to see who's a gorilla/ u was better as a drug dealer/ feel the passion of this b boy rapper style/ half of it is what u say n half is style/ i think its time for u to start cashing out......." - Common "Start the Show" Finding Forever

i absolutely think that was a stab at 50 bi*ch

Last edited by RoBCaSh; 08-19-2007 at 10:04 PM..
 08-19-2007, 08:38 AM         #78
garethnurden88  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
 RoBCaSh said:
"Wit 12 monkeys on stage its hard to see who's a gorilla/ u was better as a drug dealer/ feel the passion of this b boy rapper style/ half of it is what u say n half is style/ i think its time for u to cashing out......." - Common "Start the Show" Finding Forever

i absolutely think that was a stab at 50 bi*ch
i hope so
 11 years ago '07        #79
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west philly freck-im da best, hands down like 6:30
 10-14-2007, 11:23 PM         #80
$n/a | Props total:  
streets is talking game got shop by crips its okay the kid catch bullets like tim brown


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