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Props Slaps
 4 years ago '05        #1041
Lil Jay 05 19 heat pts19
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Yeah... Saying he wants to be close to home now. We lost a DB to Vandy so there may be a spot for him at UF.. Max Staver (UF commit) and Jalen are High School teammates.
 4 years ago '10        #1042
USC 79 heat pts79
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I dont wanna lose Ramsey

And even though we have the 18 commits Lane and the boys are still recruiting. So that tells me they are expecting some flips for whatever reasons. The word now is that Larue will most likely flip cause he wants to play as a freshman. As posted above (i think) we are still going HARD after Tunsil & Adams.

Yeah, out of all the commits Ramsey is one i REALLY dont want to lose and im sure the coaches feel the same. I'm confident we can hold on to Ramsey.
 4 years ago '04        #1043
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[video - click to view]

 4 years ago '10        #1044
USC 79 heat pts79
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Ty Isaac & Jalen Ramsey shoot up to 5*

Ramsey making the biggest jump on rivals now ranked number 11 in the country
 4 years ago '10        #1045
USC 79 heat pts79
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Through two weeks of USC fall camp, here is our take on the current depth chart (an asterisk denotes a player who is missing time right now due to injury):

QB: Matt Barkley; Cody Kessler or Max Wittek

Still no word from Lane Kiffin on which back-up quarterback is in the lead for the No. 2 spot.

TB: Curtis McNeal; Silas Redd, D.J. Morgan, Buck Allen,

Redd appears to have moved ahead of Morgan for the No. 2 spot.

FB: Soma Vainuku; Jahleel Pinner, Charles Burks

Vainuku has put together a real nice fall camp as he gets ready for starting role.

FL: Robert Woods; De'Von Flournoy, Nelson Agholor

Woods is looking good on that ankle lately.

SE: Marqise Lee; George Farmer, Victor Blackwell

Farmer and Blackwell have both performed well in recent practices

TE: Randall Telfer or Xavier Grimble; Junior Pomee *, Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick

Pomee was looking real good early in camp before getting hurt

LT: Aundrey Walker; Max Tuerk, Nathan Guertler

Tuerk was impressive while Walker was out, but Walker recently returned to action.

LG: Marcus Martin; Abe Markowitz, Giovanni Di Poalo

Markowitz can also serve as an option at center

C: Khaled Holmes; Cyrus Hobbi

Holmes looks like an All-American in camp

RG: John Martinez; Jeremy Galten

Martinez pairs with Graf to form an effective right side

RT: Kevin Graf*; Zach Banner

Guerlter has moved over to the right side in recent days with Graf out of action.

DE: J.R. Tavai*; Greg Townsend Jr.*, Morgan Breslin

With Tavai and Townsend both out and DeVante Wilson going down for the year with a knee injury, Breslin has flipped over from the right side.

DT: George Uko; Leonard Williams

Uko is showing signs of very good play -- a breakout year could definitely be on the horizon.

NT: Antwuan Woods; Christian Heyward, Cody Temple*

Woods has improved greatly from last fall.

DE: Wes Horton*; Kevin Greene

Greene could be counted on to play an increased role this fall.

WLB: Hayes Pullard; Anthony Sarao, Dallas Kelley

Pullard will move to the middle if Dawson is out.

MLB: Lamar Dawson*; Scott Starr, Will Andrew

Dawson has been out of action for a while.

SLB: Dion Bailey*; Tony Burnett, Jabari Ruffin

Bailey has seen spot duty in recent days, he should be fine.

CB: Nickell Robey; Kevon Seymour, Ryan Henderson, Brian Baucham*

Seymour has taken advantage of the absence of other corners to make an early impact.

CB: Anthony Brown; Torin Harris*, Devian Shelton

Kiffin has made no secret of how much he misses Harris in the lineup.

FS: T.J. McDonald; Drew McAllister, Gerald Bowman

After missing spring, Bowman started slow in camp but has come on lately.

SS: Jawanza Starling; Demetrius Wright, Josh Shaw

Shaw could play either corner or safety, though the coaches appear to prefer him at safety.
 4 years ago '04        #1046
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[video - click to view]

 4 years ago '10        #1047
USC 79 heat pts79
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$19,322 | Props total: 2201 2201
Soma on the wheel route
 4 years ago '10        #1049
USC 79 heat pts79
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I dont like that silver sh*t
 4 years ago '10        #1050
USC 79 heat pts79
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also got some news War Room Post - August 24th, 2012 Reply

Welcome back to the War Room. I'll begin the session with the ground rules so everyone knows what we are doing here. Everything that is reported in the War Room must stay in the War Room and can be talked about in The Peristyle. Sometimes the info is sensitive enough that it simply does not need to be passed on beyond the doors of this thread.

This is a special feature for subscribers only. The reason why it is posted on the premium board is because it's the only way to ensure that the info stays exclusive to Trojan fans. This will only work if everyone helps make it work and so far we haven't had any problems.

Trojan fall camp is winding down and the kickoff against Hawaii is just over a week away. We discuss recruiting, scholarships, and USC football on TV this week in the War Room.

Let's get down to it…

Tahaan Taking His Time

In an non-update, update, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) four-star Tahaan Goodman unofficially visited USC last Saturday. Contrary to the buzz about Goodman visiting two weeks ago, last weekend was the only weekend Tahaan planned to make it down. The trip went well according to his mother, and USC is definitely in the mix for his commitment. However, as stated several times before, the family has no intensions of making that commitment before Goodman takes his official visits.

According to Goodman and his mother Apryl, USC has not pressured them into making an early decision. Of course, that's not to say USC will wait for his commitment either. According to Goodman the coaching staff implied that they could take 19 commits in the class of 2013. We say implied because the No. 19 was not expressed in any exact terms. However, that number has come up in conversations with other recruits in recent weeks. How Darreus Rogers eligibility would impact that number remains to be seen. How USC would get to 19 even without Rogers making it in remains to be seen as well.

Last Minute Visits

It does not appear USC will host many, if any official visitors during the season this year. According to several committed recruits, early conversations with the staff suggest USC would like to hold off hosting official visits until after the regular season is over. In each of the last three seasons, Lane Kiffin has been trending toward pushing official visits back to December.

In 2011 USC only had one official visitor in for the UCLA game Nov. 25. That visitor was linebacker Noor Davis, who was committed to Stanford at the time. Davis would go on to sign with Stanford. Even USC's early enrollee candidates visited in early December. Thus, it wouldn't be a revelation if USC did decide to hold off on bringing in committed visitors until after Nov. 24.

Potential early enrollees for USC are: Quarterback Max Browne, running back Ty Isaac, running back Justin Davis, wide out Eldridge Massington, defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow, defensive end Kylie Fitts, cornerback Chris Hwakins and safety Su'a Cravens.

Tampa (Fla.) four-star safety Leon McQuay III is the one recruit we could see USC attempting to sneak in for the Sept 1 game against Hawaii. Word is McQuay wants to make a decision at the end of this month, and his decision will come down to Vanderbilt and USC. The buzz is McQuay has been committed to Vanderbilt silently all summer long. On a very sunny day in July, we can neither confirm nor deny that McQuay made a similar pledge to USC, but was forced to back off that commitment by his father. So, here we sit, wondering if McQuay will delay an announcement until he can get to Los Angeles with his mother or father.

While USC fans are all about getting kids on campus for big games like the Nov. 3 match up against Oregon, we've seen those plans backfire on many of the Trojan's rivals. Notre Dame brought in two dozen official visitors and a host of other unofficial visitors for their first night game against USC on national television last year. We all saw how that turned out. And don't forget LaBron James MVP trip to Eugene (Ore.) with a handful of four-star recruits to watch the Ducks lose to USC.

From what sources say, USC really wants to focus on 2014 this season and get eyes on the top juniors. Only seniors can take official visits, so those unofficial trips are used more as a meet and greet for the staff. With a dozen rides left for 2014, the margin of error is that much smaller, so USC may need that extra evaluation time to double check their work.

We already know that USC will not have its February signees visiting until January. The last week of recruiting will also be a dead week for those commits if they wish to remain a part of the 2013 class. That is in an effort to abate any last minute DeAnthony Thomas shenanigans.

Walk-on Scholarships

As we reported in the War Room three weeks ago, at least two of the three former walk-ons did not have their scholarship renewed. We also explained that this is likely a temporary issue, depending on how other players on the academic fence turn out.

This week in practice when pressed with the question Lane Kiffin did admit that multiple former walk-ons did not have their scholarship renewed. He wouldn't name any players and didn't go into much more detail than that.

The thing to remember is that once you are a counter for the year, you remain a counter. It may sound cruel, and it could be a temporary hardship for these players as the first day of classes approaches, but until he knows the exact makeup of his scholarship roster, there is no way to reissue these scholarships without putting the entire team in jeopardy.

If there is room, Kiffin will reissue scholarships for these players and all will be back to normal.

Tuff Turf

The Southern California heat really got to Howard Jones Field during the first week of fall camp. So much so that Lane Kiffin moved practice to Dedeaux Field and had the sod replaced on Howard Jones.

Our sources said that the original plan was for Howard Jones to get the new sod while USC was away for the Syracuse game, during the second week of the football season.

But the heat was so severe and the wear and tear made it impossible to wait that long for new sod.

Kiffin was pleased with the new location, even though Dedeaux isn't a full-length football field (no UCLA jokes please). The grass is good and the players seemed to enjoy the change of venue to help break up the monotony .

It was also nice for the media to be able to sit in the shade as opposed to standing in the sun on the sidelines of Howard Jones. But the field is much further away so it is a little harder to observe practice there.

Voter Sympathy

One of our good sources was chatting with a college football head coach recently. This coach is not what you would call a big fan of Lane Kiffin.

But when the topic of how the preseason Coaches Poll vote from Kiffin was revealed, this coach called the act "Disgraceful."

He went on to say it was a breach of confidentiality and that after doing what they did, that organization couldn't be trusted.

If this coach had a vote, after seeing what happened to Kiffin, he said he would have pulled out of the poll himself.

Four for Fox

We all know the USC opener with Hawai'i will be the first game of the new Pac-12 TV contract to run on the regular Fox, not Fox Sports, network. But according to a leak of the rest of the schedule from a Fox Reno affiliate, USC will be back three more times -- not counting the championship game. Here they are (all times PST): USC at Stanford, 4:30 p.m., Sept. 15; USC at Washington, 4:30 p.m., Oct. 13; and Oregon at USC, 4 p.m.

Looks like USC and Oregon will each have four Fox games; UCLA, Stanford and Cal, three each; Washington, two; and one for Washington State, Oregon State and Utah. The two Arizona schools? Nada. But thanks for playing. The Pac-12 Network looks like the place for you.

You have got to be kidding . . .

Too bad we missed this notice for a 2012 NCAA Regional Rules Compliance Seminar in June in Atlanta hosted by USC grad, and NCAA legal expert, Michael Buckner, that featured, are you ready for this . . . former NCAA a.ssociate director of enforcement Richard A. Johanningmeier in a session, and again we are not kidding here, entitled "Best practices and advice on how to address 'hot topics' during an NCAA investigation."

In the publicity blurb for the seminar, they actually identify Johanningmeier as the "lead investigator on the USC" case, which you would imagine in any reality-based world would instantly disqualify him for any sort of work, much less lecturing lawyers on "best practices" in NCAA cases.

Wonder if he mentioned how good a practice it is if you say a key phone conversation took place in 2005 when it happened in 2006 and then misled everyone you questioned about it. Close enough for NCAA investigative work, we guess. Or how about jumping to a conclusion like, if you appear in a photo with someone, that proves you know everything about them.

Too bad the seminar attendees didn't get to see this characterization of Johanningmeier's investigative work in the USC case from Todd McNair's attorney, Scott Tompsett: "The NCAA should get the facts right when it ends a coach's career . . . the Infractions Committee mischaracterized and manipulated key testimony. The Infractions Committee based Mr. McNair's unethical conduct finding on demonstrably false statements. The Infractions Committee based its decision on inconsistent and contradictory findings."

Now that might qualify as one of the "Hot Topics" featured in the seminar, as would a list of the times Mr. Johanningmeier has been sued. But we're guessing they probably didn't go there.

Like living in Philly

Who knew? But Monday, we're getting, and we quote, "A New Fan Code of Conduct" to, and we quote again, "reduce unruly fan behavior at sports events" in Southern California sponsored by the LA Sports Council. The "10 common-sense guidelines" intended to foster a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all spectators will be in a common code that "could subject violators to ejection or arrest," and "will apply to multiple area sports facilities."

Some of those involved in developing the code were USC AD Pat Haden, UCLA AD Dan Guerrero, Dodgers Pres. Stan Kasten, LA Police Chief Charlie Beck, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, AEG Pres. Tim Leiweke and Santa Anita Pres. Mark Verge.

Sorry about that

Looks like we jumped the gun here suggesting that maybe the Pac-12 was becoming just a bit too Bay Area-centric with its new San Francisco-based Pac-12 Networks and Enterprises. Well, it's not so. Commissioner Larry Scott has taken a real interest in one of our Southland schools and one of the league's marquee programs.

Scott will join the UCLA basketball team for the first few days of its upcoming trip to China and "be on hand to meet with dignitaries and hosts for the visit," UCLA AD Guerrero says in his letter to Bruin fans this week about what he calls "this groundbreaking trip for the university and the Pac-12."

Last edited by USC; 08-25-2012 at 11:09 AM..
 4 years ago '04        #1052
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Marquise Simmons and Brian Baucham are academically eligible.

Isiah Wiley is not and will transfer becuase he wants to play football this season
 4 years ago '10        #1054
USC 79 heat pts79
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$19,322 | Props total: 2201 2201
 bouncer900 said:
Marquise Simmons and Brian Baucham are academically eligible.

Isiah Wiley is not and will transfer becuase he wants to play football this season

Thanks for the schollie tho
 4 years ago '04        #1055
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this dude had tutors and still failed his summer school classes
 4 years ago '10        #1056
USC 79 heat pts79
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Uko attributes some of their success to the full tackling that was allowed in the first half of the game.

"I think it helps just being able to go out there and hit somebody," Uko said. "I mean, Silas Redd, he's a big back, our DB's are not going to hit him up top. So with the DB's being able to come down field and tackle live, that made everyone more hungry because you actually were able to hit people instead of just thudding them up.

"Thudding up is protective and safe, but there is nothing like going live and hitting somebody."

During the scrimmage Uko registered a tackle for a loss and also recorded a diving interception of Matt Barkley.

"I just saw the ball in my area," Uko said. "I just ran to it and somehow I caught it. Then I felt I hit three of the little DB's, they all bounced off of me and I just fell and realized that I had the ball."

After the ball left Barkley's hand, Anthony Brown tipped it in the air. It looked like Brown was going to come down with the pick, but Uko made sure that didn't happen.

"I know I took it away from Anthony Brown," Uko said. "I know that because Anthony was right there on the radar about to get the pick and I just ran over there and stole it from him."

After the scrimmage defensive line coach Ed Orgeron had some encouraging words for his guys.

"He just told the walk-ons how proud he was of them and how everyone had a good day," Uko said. "He told the walk-ons how they earned his respect because they went every play, every down without skipping a beat, knowing their a.ssignments, playing at pad level and they're here just for the love of the game. They're not here on scholarship, like we are. They are here doing the same thing we are, but without the extra benefits."

As the only returning interior lineman with experience, the sophomore Uko has taken on a leadership role helping out the younger guys.

"Yeah, Antwaun Woods, I took him under my wing and he is learning," Uko said. "Antwaun is a big, strong ox in the middle. He's just a perfect nose tackle and exactly what we need.

"Leonard Williams, he's learning and I think he's going to be a great player, an amazing player. He has a great physique and he can move for his size and he just understands the game. He picks up the blitzes really fast."

Even after losing two senior defensive tackles off of last year's squad, Uko thinks this group can be even better.

"I feel like our defensive line interior is better than last year, honestly," he said. "I feel we have more playmakers. I feel we are faster, a lot faster than they were and I feel like we are better playmakers. We are not just gap stuffers, we are better pass rushers, too."

Uko, Woods and Williams give USC three strong tackles in the rotation, but Orgeron would like the line to rotate eight bodies in there, four inside and four outside.

Leonard Williams has played well at defensive tackle this fall.

"Look, we rotated three guys last year," Uko said. "Me, Juicy [DaJohn Harris], and [Christian] Tupou, and we did just fine. I feel like we can be better. I feel I can be better than last year. I feel Leonard and Antwaun can be better."

Williams may have came in as a defensive end, but it didn't take long for the coaches to move him to tackle.

"Leonard keeps getting bigger and bigger," Uko said. "He's a huge kid. He's a man child. When he first came I was like 'who is this guy, he can play, alright coach, I see your recruit coming in.' We're going to be good."

Speaking of size, Uko has his body exactly where he wants it.

"I'm weighing 280, 285," he said. "I like to play at 280, 285. I don't like to play with too much weight on me, just because I need to be able to run. I know I can take on the blocks that I need to just by doing it in practice, double teams, everything."

With fall camp winding down, Uko is keeping his goals simple.

"I just want to tighten up the group as one," he said. "Just everyone knowing their a.ssignments, and everything becoming second nature to us and making sure that we keep working hard. Just because we get to go home now and be back with our families and be with your girlfriend, that doesn't mean for us to relax. I feel like we need to keep the same focus, like we are still in the dorms. That's a big thing to me.

"Now that we are going home, we are going to have extra distractions, but I think we need to keep that same focus that we had in the dorms. I feel that will make us a stronger unit."

Stay tuned to for more updates from fall camp.
 4 years ago '10        #1057
USC 79 heat pts79
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 bouncer900 said:
this dude had tutors and still failed his summer school classes
fu*king over that USC degree That will def be a regret
 4 years ago '04        #1058
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$3,736 | Props total: 17 17

Cody Kessler OR
Max Wittek

Running back
Silas Redd
D.J. Morgan
Javorius Allen

Soma Vainuku
Jahleel Pinner
Charles Burks
Hunter Simmons

De'Von Flournoy OR
Nelson Agholor

Split end
George Farmer
Victor Blackwell

Tight end
Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick OR
Christian Thomas OR
Junior Pomee

Left tackle
Aundrey Walker
Max Tuerk
Chad Wheeler

Left guard
Abe Markowitz
Giovanni Di Poalo

Cyrus Hobbi

Right guard
Jeremy Galten
David Garness

Right tackle
Nathan Guertler
Zach Banner


Defensive end
Greg Townsend Jr. OR
Kevin Greene

Nose tackle
Antwaun Woods
Christian Heyward
Cody Temple

Defensive tackle
George Uko
Leonard Williams

Defensive end
J.R. Tavai
Morgan Breslin

Strongside linebacker
Tony Burnett
Dallas Kelley

Middle linebacker
Scott Starr
Will Andrew

Weakside linebacker
Anthony Sarao
Jabari Ruffin
Marquis Simmons

Kevon Seymour
Ryan Henderson

Free safety
Drew McAllister
Gerald Bowman

Strong safety
Demetrius Wright OR
Josh Shaw

Anthony Brown
Torin Harris
Devian Shelton
Ryan Dillard
Brian Baucham

Kris Albarado

Andre Heidari
Craig McMahon
Alex Wood

Long snapper
Peter McBride
John Manoogian

Cody Kessler
Kyle Negrete

Kickoff returner
George Farmer OR
Nickell Robey

Punt returner
Marqise Lee
 4 years ago '04        #1059
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$3,736 | Props total: 17 17
Lane moving Lee to Flanker, I guess he want to make sure his comments stand about Lee being the best WR on the team ..... I still dont see it yet

Woods bout to silence all critics
 4 years ago '04        #1060
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$3,736 | Props total: 17 17
Max Wittek named backup


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