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 09-19-2007, 01:42 PM         #201
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 LordMason DaRula said:
queens u mad cause the lions is tyling on you... wait till we merk yall

Optimus Prime and Megatron
RoY and CJ

lol funny son...i hope yall lose...cuz we cant be havin yall winning games...we need to be on top
 11 years ago '04        #202
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Lion's courage
By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports
September 20, 2007

Dan Wetzel
Yahoo! Sports
ALLEN PARK, Mich. – The quarterback was once 12th string in college. Yes, 12th. And it wasn't like Jon Kitna went to Southern California. Try Central Washington University of the NAIA. Even then he was so far down the depth chart that when the QBs lined up to practice there were only 11 footballs. He had to borrow one just to work out.

No wonder he is the undisputed leader of the Detroit Lions.

It's a team, after all, that boasts a coach (Rod Marinelli) who had to wait until he was 57 years old to get a shot at a head job, has a receiver (Mike Furrey) who once slept in his car while trying out for the St. Louis Rams and a starting linebacker (Paris Lenon) who used to be a postman (Lynchburg, Va., 24504).

The Lions have been the worst franchise in football for years, mostly because of blown draft picks. And what happens when top-10 picks go bust (Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, Mike Williams) is you sort through the scrap heap for replacements.

Well, the scrap heap is 2-0 and visiting the reeling, winless Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. This is a surprise to many. But not Kitna, the ever-positive, bold-talking, miracle-believing quarterback who, after the 12th string, 10 years and three teams (not counting NFL Europe) is finally showing everyone what he always proclaimed – he can be a franchise quarterback.

This is the Kitna, after all, who last year told Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press that as a Lion he'd play in a Pro Bowl and a Super Bowl. "It's going to happen," he said. "No question."

And the Kitna who called his dramatic return Sunday against Minnesota from an early game concussion a "miracle."

Not to mention the Kitna who, despite a three-win season last year, boldly noted last spring on WDFN Radio in Detroit that the Lions were on the brink of something big.

"I'll keep to myself what I think we actually will win," he said, according to the a.ssociated Press. "But it's more than 10 games."

Well, two down, nine (or more) to go. Don't laugh. And, considering the long odds he's already overcome through the power of positive thinking and goal verbalization, don't expect Jon Kitna to stop speaking his heart.

"First and foremost, I did not make a prediction," he said Wednesday. "Check the audio, what I said was, 'It will be a disappointment for us not to win 10 games.' Every team should be disappointed if (it doesn't) win 10 games."

Well, we tried to check into it and couldn't get the audio, but the AP isn't often wrong. (An alert reader from Detroit sent us a link of the interview. The AP had it right. You can listen yourself. Kitna makes the prediction at just after the 2:00 mark.)

Not that it matters.

The point is Kitna isn't backing down from his belief that the Lions can be a playoff team. And after waiting so long to be the undeniable leader of an NFL team, he is going to push it as far as he possibly can.

"I know what kind of players we have in this locker room," Kitna said. "I know what kind of toughness, what kind of leadership we are getting from our head coach on down. The fact (of) being in this system for a second year, the belief that the guys have in each other in this locker room, the unselfishness, the team camaraderie, all of those things."

And more important, what his teammates heard was a confident leader demanding results at a franchise that has averaged just four victories a season since 2001 and has won just a single playoff game since 1957.

"That's what you want all your players to think," Furrey said. "In the past here, everybody was saying, 'Can we win three or four games?' But if you want to make the playoffs you need to win 10 games. If you have your captain saying that, it feeds down to other players (who say) 'We can possibly do that. Let's do that. Why not?' "

"Why not?" has been Kitna's career motto. If he was any other way, he'd be teaching high school math and coaching the game, not still playing it. That was the back-up plan when he didn't get a sniff from the NFL coming out of Central Washington, where he had eventually risen to starter and won a national title. Fortunately, a teammate was Dennis Erickson's nephew. As a favor, the then Seattle Seahawks coach set up a pro day for the two players.

Not a single scout showed up. Erickson worked them out anyway, was stunned by Kitna's potential and signed him immediately.

But over the next decade, it was a series of starts and stops. Every time Kitna got an opportunity as a starter (and generally performed very well) he was soon replaced by a higher-profile player, most famously Carson Palmer in Cincinnati.

Finally in the spring of 2006, he came to Detroit where there was no competition. The job, at last, was his.

And then he went 3-13.

"It wasn't as bad as that," Kitna said. "We were a better football team than that, we just needed to learn how to win. We were decimated with injuries last year."

Kitna believes that. Just as he believes the 10-win talk or how the franchise is no longer dysfunctional because Marinelli "swept out" all the problems or how anything is possible for Lions.

Essentially, he believes in miracles. You have to when you've been 12th string on a team with only 11 footballs.

Dan Wetzel is Yahoo! Sports' national columnist. Send Dan a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.

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Players risking more than a game or two by taking chances with health
By NANCY ARMOUR, AP Sports Columnist
September 21, 2007

Time away from the game has given Wayne Chrebet some perspective.

Those times he got up, shook off the hard hits and went right back to the game, that wasn't courage. Those games where he barely remembered his name, let alone where he was, that wasn't toughness.

It was stupidity.

Like so many players before him and still more after him, the former New York Jets receiver endangered his health and well-being because that's just what NFL players do. Unless it's broken or torn -- and even then, there are plenty of exceptions -- you get back out there.

But as we're learning now, the price is far too steep.

Former players suffering memory loss, possibly triggered by multiple concussions. Autopsies that show evidence of brain damage in Andre Waters and three Pittsburgh Steelers offensive linemen, again maybe the result of a career of vicious hits. Players in their 40s and 50s looking two decades older, hobbled by arthritic hips and knees and God knows what else.

Yes, the NFL has changed the rules. But that means little unless the play-at-all-costs culture changes, too. And from what we've seen so far this season, there's still a long way to go.

Jon Kitna got dinged so badly in the second quarter Sunday he "barely" knew where he was, and the Detroit Lions quarterback said it was the worst his head has ever hurt. Yet a quarter later, he'd been cleared to play.

Of course, Kitna returned in the fourth quarter, and the Lions won.

Jacksonville defensive tackle John Henderson went back into last weekend's game after suffering a "blow to the head," then had to be helped off the field with what the team said were heat-related issues. He hasn't practiced since.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas will miss only the 14th game of his 12-year career Sunday because of a concussion. The seven-time Pro Bowler played every snap last weekend.

TV commentators were incredulous that the New York Giants would even think of sitting Eli Manning last week. Never mind that Manning had a bruised shoulder which, considering he's a quarterback, is kind of a big deal.

But the Giants were playing the Packers, and Brett Favre never takes a day off. He's played with a broken thumb, a gimpy ankle, a bad knee. He even played the day after his father died. If Favre, who is closing in on the overall NFL record for consecutive starts, can continually gut it out, so, the commentators said, should Manning.

And on and on it goes.

"The truth is that we are going to lie. I lied about it," Chrebet, whose career was cut short by multiple concussions, said earlier this week. "Everybody has lied about it, whether it's your head, knee or any kind of injury. You have to take it out of the players' hands."

Football is a violent game, and part of its appeal for fans and players alike is the vicious hits and bone-crunching tackles. Aside from maybe rugby, it's the closest we have to the gladiator contests of ancient times.

So, yes, there are going to be injuries, some of them gruesome. But accepting a risk is one thing. Openly courting it is quite another.

"In a lot of cases, the player wants to play," Dolphins coach Cam Cameron said. "Sometimes you've just got to take a deep breath, and sometimes it's tough. You know what it means to lose a player like Zach Thomas. But there is a lot bigger picture out there that you are accountable to."

The NFL can talk all it wants about how it's protecting its players -- we'll leave the discussion about why it took so long for another day -- and institute new guidelines to keep woozy players off the field. The reality is players are expected to play hurt, and until somebody stops them, they'll continue to try.

This, after all, is their livelihood. NFL careers are generally short-lived, and extended periods in the training room isn't the way to impress a coach or move up the depth chart. They're also elite athletes in their 20s and 30s, too young and too strong to question their invincibility.

No, if players are ever going to make their health a priority, they'll have to see the NFL do it first.

In Kitna or Henderson's cases, for example, what would have been the harm in keeping them out the rest of the day? A concussion, remember, is just the medical term for what happens when the brain slams into the skull. Is it really possible to be too careful?

No one is suggesting the NFL become flag football. Or that players go on the injured list at the sight of a hangnail. But serious injuries should be treated as such, and when there's any doubt, err on the side of caution.

The NFL will still be thriving and healthy years from now. It would be nice if the same could be said of its former players.

Nancy Armour is a national sports columnist for The a.ssociated Press. Write to her at

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Anderson highlights Players of the Week
September 19, 2007

NEW YORK (TICKER) -- Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson highlighted the NFL Players of the Week named Wednesday.

Anderson was tabbed the AFC's Offensive Player of the Week. Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre took home NFC honors.

Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Barrett Ruud were the respective Defensive Players of the Week, while Denver Broncos veteran kicker Jason Elam and electrifying Chicago Bears returner Devin Hester took special teams honors for Week Two.

Starting for just the fourth time in his career, Anderson set career highs with 328 passing yards and five touchdowns in Sunday's wild 51-45 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. He completed 20-of-33 passes.

Anderson joined Kurt Warner as the only quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) to throw at least five TDs in a game within their first four career starts.

Winning his 11th career Player of the Week Award, Favre completed 29-of-38 attempts for 286 yards with three TDs in Green Bay's 35-13 road win over the New York Giants. Favre notched his 149th career win, surpassing John Elway for the most in NFL history.

Favre registered his 59th game with at least three touchdown passes and increased his career total to 417, just three shy of Hall of Famer Dan Marino's all-time mark of 420.

On the defensive side, Sanders registered 11 tackles and a career-high 2 1/2 sacks in the Colts' 22-20 road win over the AFC South rival Tennessee Titans.

In his fourth year from Iowa, Sanders won the defensive award for the first time in his career. Over in the NFC, Ruud, in just the seventh start of his career, helped Tampa Bay shut down the New Orleans Saints' offense by recording a career-high 16 tackles, forcing two fumbles while also recovering one in a 31-14 victory.

In his 15th season, Elam kicked his second game-winning field goal in consecutive weeks, booting a 23-yarder with 5:48 left in overtime to give Denver a 23-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders. It was the fifth career Player of the Week award for Elam, a three-time Pro Bowler.

Hester, who already won this award three times during his rookie season in 2006, garnered his fourth by scoring his seventh career touchdown on a 73-yard punt return in Chicago's 20-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The second-year player's seven return touchdowns are the second-most in franchise history, one behind the eight of Hall of Famer Gale Sayers.

The dynamic return specialist finished the game with five punt returns for 143 yards, the second-highest total in team history behind Hester's 152-yard game last season vs. the Arizona Cardinals.

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32 Questions: Matter of preparation
By Michael Silver, Yahoo! Sports
September 19, 2007

Michael Silver
Yahoo! Sports
As a 15th-year veteran with Pro Bowls and playoff games in his past and more career sacks (78) than any active NFL linebacker, Chad Brown has learned to roll his eyes at the drama that inevitably crops up during a season.

So when Brown, now in his second stint with the Patriots, found himself in the middle of Massachusetts' most celebrated crime-and-punishment scandal since the Salem Witch Trials, he put aside the emotion of the moment and viewed things purely from a football perspective.

A few minutes after the Pats' stunningly comprehensive dismantling of the Chargers at Gillette Stadium Sunday night, Brown didn't dignify the presumption that New England coach Bill Belichick, having just received a severe punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for having videotaped New York Jets coaches giving defensive signals in the previous week's season opener, had rallied the troops to defend the franchise's honor.

Instead, in so many words, Brown basically implied that Belichick had kicked Chargers coach Norv Turner's

"Did you think we'd be prepared for this game?" Brown asked rhetorically. "Think about it – that's what we do here. We faced them in the playoffs last January, and we knew they'd be good again. This is a big game. Do you think Bill hasn't been preparing for it since the schedule came out, or even before it came out?"

Consider that a bonus question in a week in which there's no question as to which team belongs at the top (after checking in at No. 2 last week), and there's a new bottom-dweller as well.

1. New England Patriots: Have they ever been this good, this soon?

2. Indianapolis: How much better does this team look with Bob Sanders in the lineup, and can he possibly stay there all season?

3. San Diego Chargers: Are they still a legitimate member of the Big Three, or is it now just the Big Two?

4. Dallas Cowboys: With his size, speed and aggressive running style, shouldn't Marion Barber be the starter already?

5. Chicago Bears: Can this team get by on the two Ds: defense and Devin Hester?

6. Tennessee Titans: Hey, haters and fantasy geeks: If Vince Young is such a lousy quarterback, how does he always seem to have his team in position to pull out big games?

7. Pittsburgh Steelers: Is it just me, or is it starting to seem like the Rooneys have done it again?

8. Baltimore Ravens: When Brian Billick accused the Jets' defensive players of "illegally simulating the snap count" on Monday, how aroused was Bill Belichick?

9. Houston Texans: If Andre Johnson's knee doesn't get better soon, will the hard times return?

10. Denver Broncos: What does it say about today's NFL when a team which came thisclose to losing at home to the Raiders is still in the Top 10?

11. Washington Redskins: So do you Joe Gibbs-bashers still think the game has passed him by, or would you say he's finally catching up to it again?

12. Green Bay Packers: Will they finish with more victories than the number of players that most fans could name off their roster?

13. Seattle Seahawks: Matt, Shaun: Do you guys know each other?

14. Cincinnati Bengals: If Chad Johnson got beer spilled on him, what kind of shower would have been appropriate for the Bengals' defensive backs?

15. Jacksonville Jaguars: What would have been a more boring way to spend last Sunday: Watching the Jags beat the Falcons or Senator Tom Harkin's 30th Annual Steak Fry on C-SPAN II?

16. San Francisco 49ers: If his neighbor asked to borrow a box of sugar, would Mike Nolan trust Alex Smith to deliver it?

17. Arizona Cardinals: Think Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm have had a slight impact on the running game?

18. Detroit Lions: With all due respect to Jon Kitna's deity-provoked return in overtime, isn't the real miracle that the Lions are 2-0?

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Is Joey Galloway still that good, or is the Saints' secondary that atrocious?

20. Minnesota Vikings: Did we really expect a team quarterbacked by Tarvaris Jackson (four interceptions) and/or Brooks Bollinger (brutal fumble in overtime) to be a contender?

21. New Orleans Saints: Is it true that U2 and Green Day will return to the Superdome for Monday night's home opener and perform their newest tune, "The Saints Are Bumming?"

22. New York Jets: Hey, Justin McCareins, are you allergic to leather, or did you just get spooked by the whole O.J./seized football thing?

23. Carolina Panthers: How many touchdowns does Steve Smith have to score for the Panthers to have a chance against an AFC team?

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Can it really be this bad, or are Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb doing one of their rising-from-the-abyss things?

25. Buffalo Bills: When J.P. Losman says the Bills need to "open up the offense more in the beginning" of games, does anyone really disagree?

26. St. Louis Rams: Can someone please explain to me how a team with this many playmakers is averaging 14˝ points a game?

27. New York Giants: Has Bill Parcells called yet?

28. Cleveland Browns: Hey, Romeo: If Derek Anderson is this good, why the hell did you open the season with Charlie Frye at quarterback?

29. Miami Dolphins: When Ricky Williams gets reinstated, how stupid would the Dolphins be not to play him?

30. Kansas City Chiefs: If I reminded you that this team made the playoffs last season, would you believe me?

31. Oakland Raiders: How many times does Josh McCown have to screw up before Lane Kiffin gives Daunte Culpepper a chance?

32. Atlanta Falcons: Yo, Byron Leftwich: Are you sure you want to climb aboard the S.S. Minnow?

Michael Silver covers the NFL for Yahoo! Sports. Send Michael a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.

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Being 0-2 is McNabb's biggest problem
By Clifton Brown - SportingNews

Clifton Brown

How Donovan McNabb is playing should worry the Philadelphia Eagles more than what he is saying.

McNabb drew attention with remarks made during an interview on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" which aired Tuesday. McNabb said black quarterbacks "have to do a little bit extra" because there are relatively few of them, adding "people didn't want us to play this position."

I commend McNabb for expressing his opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with him, high-profile people, including athletes, are often too reluctant to discuss their true feelings about race. Honest and open dialogue is a necessary tool to help people understand why blacks and whites often view the same issue very differently.

There are still only six starting black quarterbacks in the National Football League, and for decades, talented black college quarterbacks were discouraged from playing the position once they reached the NFL. People blasting McNabb for his comments should ask themselves this question: Is it so strange for a black quarterback to believe he is viewed differently, considering the legacy of black quarterbacks in the NFL?

The most pressing issue for McNabb, however, is not the state of black quarterbacks. It's the state of his game. The Eagles are 0-2, and McNabb, less than 10 months removed from major knee surgery, has played woefully. Many of his throws have been off target, and twice during Monday night's 20-12 loss to the Washington Redskins, the Eagles settled for field goals after McNabb missed an open receiver near the end zone.

McNabb is clearly not 100 percent, and he may never be the running threat he once was. For the Eagles, that's a huge problem. McNabb's ability to run for first downs was a major part of his game.

Linebackers and safeties used to fear McNabb when he escaped from the pocket, which created throwing lanes for McNabb in the secondary, or running lanes for him to scamper through. But when McNabb scrambled Monday, the Redskins' linebackers and safeties stayed home. They didn't care if McNabb ran, because they knew he didn't want to run, and they knew he couldn't run like he once did.

It also didn't help that the Eagles' very average receivers looked incapable of getting open consistently. That's a consistent theme in Philadelphia. In his ninth season, McNabb has only had one star receiver to work with during his career, Terrell Owens. McNabb may not miss Owens in the locker room, but he clearly could use him on the field.

Expect McNabb's throwing to become a little more accurate as his knee gets stronger. But the Eagles need McNabb to step up immediately. A loss Sunday to the undefeated (2-0) Detroit Lions (I can't believe I just typed undefeated Detroit Lions) would drop the Eagles to 0-3. Even in this age of parity, 0-3 teams rarely make the playoffs, and McNabb's future with the Eagles beyond this season would become more precarious.

When the Eagles drafted quarterback Kevin Kolb with their first pick in April, it put McNabb on notice. The team had begun to plan for life without him. Kolb may not be ready to win this year, but if McNabb and the Eagles falter this season, it could easily be his last in Philly.

McNabb undoubtedly senses his vulnerability, which is likely contributing to his newfound candor. For years, McNabb avoided controversial statements the way he avoided onrushing passers. But as many people have discovered, both black and white, it doesn't pay to be a company man when the company decides it no longer needs you.

Now that McNabb has spoken out, the Eagles can only hope that he will step up. For once, McNabb has stirred people with his words. Now he needs to stir his team with his play.

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 09-26-2007, 01:37 PM         #208
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man i need a update on cj....wat up wit his back
 11 years ago '05        #209
airmcnair06 18 heat pts18
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^^was wonderin the same thing.....

found this:

Calvin Johnson declared day-to-day with a bad bruise on lower back

September 25, 2007



Wide receiver Calvin Johnson walked gingerly through the Lions' locker room Monday, like an old man. A teammate teased him, and he smiled.

Johnson, the second overall pick in this year's draft, suffered a lower back injury when he fell making an impressive, leaping catch in Sunday's 56-21 loss at Philadelphia.

But it's just a bad bruise. Nothing's broken.

"Just came down wrong, I guess," Johnson said. "I smacked the dirt pretty hard. I felt it right away."

Marinelli said Johnson was probably day-to-day.

Will Johnson play Sunday against Chicago? Johnson would say he would see how the week went.

looks probable, prolly wont play, i hope he doesn't so he don't fu*k it up anymore, give it 2 weeks to heal imo.....
 11 years ago '04        #210
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my bad lions fans, i been slacking on the news

but man...... even tho we lost bad last week... key points I wanna make apparent....

our offense is lethal as fu*k.... 3 games in and kitna has 1000 pass yards (officially 980) and roy williams has over 350 yds recieving and 3 tds already..

if our defense could ever get back into shape we would be unstoppable... we gave up too many deep balls, and screen plays to philly and that what k!lled us..
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LB Donte Curry back with Lions, and RB Aveion Cason is cut
September 26, 2007

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) -- The Detroit Lions signed linebacker Donte Curry, bringing back a player who was cut just before the season after spending five years with the team.

"He's a veteran, well loved by this team, and he brings something special," Detroit coach Rod Marinelli said Wednesday. "He's an excellent special teams player."

The Lions cut running back Aveion Cason to make room for Curry. The team also put tight end Rudy Sylvan on the practice squad and took running back Anthony Sherrell off it.

Curry made his NFL debut with the Washington Redskins in 2001, then spent the next five seasons with the Lions and contributed mostly on special teams.

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2 Questions: Stay classy San Diego
By Michael Silver, Yahoo! Sports
September 25, 2007

Michael Silver
Yahoo! Sports

Marty Schottenheimer is an optimist by nature, a man who largely has relied on the power of positive thinking in winning 200 regular-season games over 21 seasons. So it's not surprising that, as miserably as the team he coached to a 14-2 record in 2006 has looked thus far under his successor Norv Turner, Schottenheimer isn't giving up on the San Diego Chargers in 2007.

"I really think that they'll be OK," Schottenheimer said Tuesday from his home in Charlotte, N.C. "It's a good football team, and they've only played three games. The margin between winning and losing is so small; that's what makes the NFL so great. It's a long season, and I really do think they'll get it together."

I think Marty was holding laughter inside as he said this, mindful that the man who fired him, general manager A.J. Smith, is getting his comeuppance on a weekly basis. But if Schottenheimer truly is sincere in this belief, then like fictional San Diego newscaster Ron Burgundy, I must humbly suggest that we agree to disagree.

Right now, they're atrocious.

After watching the Chargers lose to the Packers I was prepared to drop them all the way to the bottom of this week's rankings – until I caught wind of the Saints on Monday night. Then we learned about Deuce McAllister's torn ACL in his good knee, and football in New Orleans officially become dismal.

"It's tough," said McAllister, who fought back so valiantly after suffering the same injury less than two years ago. "That's the most disappointing part of it, to know how hard it was to get back and that you have to go through it again."

The Saints get a bye this week and, unless something drastic happens, a bye-bye for the rest of '07.

1. New England Patriots: They seem angry, don't they?

2. Indianapolis Colts: Has anyone stopped to notice that the AFC South is no joke?

3. Dallas Cowboys: How many square feet will Tony Romo's Las Colinas mansion be?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: What's not to like?

5. Tennessee Titans: I'll bet you didn't think they knew how to rock and roll, did you?

6. Baltimore Ravens: Is Kyle Boller becoming Kyle Baller?

7. Chicago Bears: Yo, Lovie, what took you so long?

8. Denver Broncos: Doesn't this seem like a typical Denver team – just good enough to get smoked in the playoffs?

9. Seattle Seahawks: Is this why you folks overpaid for Nate Burleson, and where has he been until now?

10. Houston Texans: Can we now admit they're legit?

11. Green Bay Packers: How great was it watching Brett Favre act like a nine-year-old kid after his game-winning touchdown pass, and can he please keep it up?

12. Jacksonville Jaguars: How can a team with two ultra-exciting halfbacks be so damned boring?

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jon Gruden, why did I ever doubt you?

14. Cincinnati Bengals: Is there any way you can play some defense TODAY?

15. Washington Redskins: Who kidnapped Clinton Portis at the end of Sunday's game?

16. Arizona Cardinals: Hey, Cardinals fans – does Kurt Warner's 'package' get you aroused?

17. San Francisco 49ers: Guys, feeling a bit exposed after that trip to Steeltown?

18. New York Jets: Chad Pennington, how much do I love thee?

19. Carolina Panthers: OK, Panthers fans: Have you really thought this David Carr thing through?

20. Philadelphia Eagles: Hey haters – is Donovan's foot making you feel sore back there?

21. New York Giants: Can Plaxico Burress carry this team on his back, and how cool will that be if he does?

22. Minnesota Vikings: Why even bother trying to run against this team?

23. Detroit Lions: Who's dizzier, Jon Kitna or the Lions' defensive backs?

24. Oakland Raiders: How huge was that blocked field goal, and when did this team get some heart?

25. Kansas City Chiefs: Doesn't it look like Carl Peterson found himself one hell of a receiver (Dwayne Bowe) in the first round of last spring's draft?

26. Cleveland Browns: Will Derek Anderson be Kurt Warner or Kelly Holcomb?

27. Buffalo Bills: Can Cal and Stanford coexist in the same backfield, and will anybody notice?

28. Miami Dolphins: Hey, Cam, how many touchdowns has Ted Ginn's family scored this season?

29. St. Louis Rams: When they roll into Texas Stadium on Sunday without Steven Jackson, can we bear to watch?

30. Atlanta Falcons: Attention, ESPN programming geniuses – how about a town hall meeting to decide whether DeAngelo Hall officially has lost his mind?

31. San Diego Chargers: Hey LaDainian Tomlinson: If you and Philip Rivers were merely having a "competitive conversation" on the sidelines Sunday, is that what my wife and I were doing when I called her from a Las Vegas club late last night?

32. New Orleans Saints: Yo, Reggie, how about we just prescribe you some pain meds for the next three months?

Michael Silver covers the NFL for Yahoo! Sports. Send Michael a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.
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'07 rankings: Top heavy
By Yahoo! Sports
September 25, 2007

After another dominating performance, the Patriots firmly hold on to the top position. In fact, neither writer made any changes in his top 3. However, the Week 3 results did spark a lot of movement throughout the rankings.

Find out which team made a gigantic leap to ninth place in Jason Cole's rankings and who now occupies dead last in Charles Robinson's.

TOP 12
Cole rankings
1. LW (1) New England Patriots (3-0)
2. LW (2) Indianapolis Colts (3-0)
3. LW (3) Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
4. LW (8) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)
5. LW (7) Dallas Cowboys (3-0)
6. LW (9) Green Bay Packers (3-0)
7. LW (17) Seattle Seahawks (2-1)
8. LW (18) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1)
9. LW (27) Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
10. LW (5) San Diego Chargers (1-2)
11. LW (6) Chicago Bears (1-2)
12. LW (4) Denver Broncos (2-1)

Robinson rankings
1. LW (1) New England Patriots
2. LW (2) Indianapolis Colts
3. LW (3) Dallas Cowboys
4. LW (6) Pittsburgh Steelers
5. LW (8) Baltimore Ravens
6. LW (4) Chicago Bears
7. LW (11) Green Bay Packers
8. LW (15) Tennessee Titans
9. LW (5) San Diego Chargers
10. LW (19) Jacksonville Jaguars
11. LW (9) Denver Broncos
12. LW (14) Seattle Seahawks

Cole:Three consecutive weeks of scoring 38 points should be enough to prove New England is ridiculously good on offense, but enough about the team that won't lose for awhile. The really interesting debate is over the No. 3 and No. 4 spots. Baltimore has shown flashes of excellence on defense but not enough offense. Pittsburgh has been consistently excellent on defense, but the Steelers haven't been tested by a great quarterback or offense yet. Big props to Dallas, but the game I can't wait to see is Oct. 14 when New England visits the Cowboys. Robinson: If anyone was questioning the legitimacy of Dallas going into last week, they shouldn't anymore. That's the best offense in the NFL, and Marion Barber is on his way to becoming a fixture as one of the league's elite running backs. Is Pittsburgh for real? The fast start is encouraging, but we may not know if the Steelers are legit until the Seattle game on Oct. 7. The Packers really have come together, but they need to get Vernand Morency healthy and ready for Chicago on Oct. 7. And although the Bears got thumped by Dallas, Brian Griese is on his way. All he has to do is not be inept, and the Bears quickly will forget the loss to the Cowboys.
Cole rankings
13. LW (10) San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
14. LW (11) Houston Texans (2-1)
15. LW (12) Tennessee Titans (2-1)
16. LW (14) Arizona Cardinals (1-2)
17. LW (15) Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)
18. LW (16) Detroit Lions (2-1)
19. LW (19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
20. LW (20) New Orleans Saints (0-3)
21. LW (21) Carolina Panthers (2-1)
22. LW (22) New York Jets (1-2)

Robinson rankings
13. LW (13) Houston Texans
14. LW (10) Washington Redskins
15. LW (16) Carolina Panthers
16. LW (7) Cincinnati Bengals
17. LW (12) San Francisco 49ers
18. LW (21) Philadelphia Eagles
19. LW (23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20. LW (17) Detroit Lions
21. LW (20) New York Jets
22. LW (22) Minnesota Vikings

Cole: OK, Detroit and Tampa Bay still don't quite seem to be serious, but just about every other team in this group conceivably could get into the top 12. The funny part is that the Lions and Bucs could get there pretty quickly, which is a testimony to how jumbled the entire league is at this point. Robinson: Houston hung tough with Indianapolis and looks legitimate, but the injuries are piling up. There are bound to be some lumps between now and when Andre Johnson returns. The Eagles jumped all over an overrated Detroit team, but this week's game against the Giants could be a legitimate defining moment. With a brutal schedule coming up, Philadelphia can't afford to fall to 1-3 before the bye. Tampa Bay still is hard to figure. Two wins over combined 0-6 teams isn't all that impressive. But if they can knock off Carolina on the road this week, the Bucs take the driver's seat in the NFC South.
Cole rankings
23. LW (13) Washington Redskins (2-1)
24. LW (31) Oakland Raiders (1-2)
25. LW (23) Buffalo Bills (0-3)
26. LW (30) Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)
27. LW (24) Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
28. LW (25) Cleveland Browns (1-2)
29. LW (26) New York Giants (1-2)
30. LW (28) Miami Dolphins (0-3)
31. LW (29) St. Louis Rams (0-3)
32. LW (32) Atlanta Falcons (0-3)

Robinson rankings
23. LW (27) New York Giants
24. LW (18) New Orleans Saints
25. LW (24) Arizona Cardinals
26. LW (25) Cleveland Browns
27. LW (26) Miami Dolphins
28. LW (30) Kansas City Chiefs
29. LW (31) Oakland Raiders
30. LW (28) St. Louis Rams
31. LW (32) Atlanta Falcons
32. LW (29) Buffalo Bills

Cole: Man, do I really have the Raiders at No. 24? Is there something wrong with me? What's going to happen when I don't get all that hate mail I've grown to adore from Oakland fans (by the way, try something different than "Raider Hater." It's getting old). OK, the Raiders are looking fairly reasonable, but keep the expectations under control. As for the Falcons, now they have another star player (DeAngelo Hall) acting like an idiot. It just gets better and better for Bobby Petrino. Robinson: Only Buffalo is keeping New Orleans from having the worst defense in the league. The early bye might be a blessing for the Saints. Clearly some major adjustments are needed. But with Carolina and Seattle coming up, 0-5 seems like a very real possibility. Oakland's icing of Cleveland's potential game-winning field goal is karma, and proof that there needs to be a rule about taking timeouts milliseconds before a field goal attempt ensues. With J.P. Losman out for at least a few weeks, the Bills have fallen into total chaos. The schedule looks pretty unforgiving. The only winnable game might be against Cleveland in December.
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i cant wait till we play yall ..OOOOOOOOOO damn i cant wait
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Detroit 37, Chicago 27
Preview - Box Score - Recap

By LARRY LAGE, AP Sports Writer
September 30, 2007

Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna throws against the Chicago Bears in the fourth quarter of a NFL football game in Detroit, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007. Detroit won 37-27.
AP - Sep 30, 6:50 pm EDT
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DETROIT (AP) -- The Detroit Lions turned a here-we-go-again loss into a new-look win.

The Lions scored an NFL-record 34 points in the fourth quarter as they overcame the Chicago Bears 37-27 Sunday. Jon Kitna threw two touchdown passes in the final quarter as the Lions broke the previous record by three points.

Detroit and Chicago combined for 48 points in the fourth, also a league record.

Brian Griese, who had three interceptions as a starter in place of Rex Grossman, threw a 1-yard pass to Desmond Clark on a fourth down with 52 seconds left to pull the Bears within three.

However, the onside kick bounced to Detroit's Casey FitzSimmons and he returned it for a TD to seal the victory.

It was the kind of game Detroit used to lose as the league's laughingstock, but these might not be the same-old Lions, who are 3-1 for the first time since 2004.

The Bears, meanwhile, are not off to a great start as defending NFC champions, falling to 1-3. Chicago can only hope the slow start turns into a good season, as it did in 2005 when it lost three of the first four games and bounced back to finish 11-5.

At quarterback, though, it might be time for Plan C.

Griese was 34-of-52 for 286 yards with two TDs and three interceptions. He wasn't bad enough, however, to allow the Lions to blow out the Bears.

Robbie Gould made field goals on consecutive drives late in the third quarter to put Chicago ahead 13-3.

Then, Detroit's offense suddenly came to life and Kitna connected with Shaun McDonald for a 4-yard TD on the first play of the fourth quarter.

The Lions went ahead when Griese threw a pass directly at cornerback Keith Smith and he returned it 64 yards for a 17-13 lead.

Detroit Lions wide receive Shaun McDonald (84) scores on a 4-yard pass, trailed by Chicago Bears' Trumaine McBride (26) and Brandon McGowan, in the fourth quarter of a football game Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007 in Detroit. The Lions beat the Bears, 37-27.
AP - Sep 30, 5:52 pm EDT
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Devin Hester quieted the crowd by returning the ensuing kick 97 yards, his seventh kick or punt return for a score in one-plus seasons, but the Bears couldn't hold onto the lead.

Kitna threw a 15-yard pass to Troy Walters, whose foot-dragging score needed a video review, and Kevin Jones capped a drive that lasted longer than 5 minutes with a short TD run to put Detroit ahead 30-20 with 3:34 left.

Kitna finished 20 of 24 for 247 yards with two scores, a fumble and no interceptions.

Both teams struggle to run the ball -- no one had more than 50 yards rushing in the game -- and that was more problematic for Chicago because Griese was unreliable in a pass-happy offense.

Chicago decided to bench Grossman, a 2003 first-round pick, a once-popular decision in the Windy City that might now be second-guessed.

The Bears were without four starters on defense, including most of their secondary, but Detroit didn't take advantage of that until it scored three TDs in the final quarter.

Griese's production was poor from the start, but Bernard Berrian did not help him out by dropping passes on two of the first three drives that would've converted third downs.

That first drop forced Chicago to attempt a 52-yard field goal, which was blocked by Shaun Rogers, giving him an NFL-high 11th blocked kick since 1991.

Detroit seemed to catch a break when it scored early in the first quarter because the officials ruled Kitna was in the grasp of Tommie Harris on a third-down sack. That call allowed Jason Hanson to kick a 49-yarder, giving Detroit a 3-0 lead.

The Bears went ahead 7-3 late in the second quarter when they picked up a blitz, and Griese connected with Muhsin Muhammad for a 15-yard TD.

Chicago then failed to add to its cushion when Griese floated a pass behind Berrian, allowing Fernando Bryant to intercept at the 1 in the final minute of the first half.

Kitna fumbled on the Lions' first play of the second half, giving Chicago the ball at their 12, but Griese blew the scoring opportunity with an errant pass that was picked off.

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Missing WR Johnson, Lions sign Middleton, cut CB Beckham
September 30, 2007

DETROIT (AP) -- The Detroit Lions signed receiver Brandon Middleton on Sunday, adding depth at receiver with rookie Calvin Johnson out against Chicago, and cut cornerback Tony Beckham.

Middleton was one of the final players to make Detroit's team heading into the season, but was later cut and put on the practice squad. Johnson did not play against the Bears after injuring his back last week.

Beckham was not in the NFL last season after playing for Tennessee in 2002-05.

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Rookie Johnson could miss Sunday's game against Chicago
September 28, 2007

r sbx

BC-FBC--T25-West Virginia-White, 1st Ld-Writethru,

West Virginia QB White injured

West Virginia quarterback Pat White leaves USF game

Eds: UPDATES with White remaining on sideline in third quarter

09-28-2007 22:21

DETROIT (AP) -- Lions' rookie receiver Calvin Johnson was listed as questionable for Sunday's home game against the Chicago Bears.

Johnson scored in the first two games of the season, but suffered a back injury in last week's 56-21 loss in Philadelphia. The loss dropped Detroit to 2-1.

Linebackers Anthony Cannon (quad) and Alex Lewis, and running back T.J. Duckett (ankle) are out for Sunday's game at Ford Field, Lions coach Rod Marinelli said Friday.

Guard Damien Woody (rib) and tackle Jeff Backus (rib) practiced Friday with the second team and are questionable. Defensive end Kalimba Edwards (ankle) also is questionable.

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Lions honor of 1957 team sparks review of lackluster half-century
By LARRY LAGE, AP Sports Writer
September 28, 2007

DETROIT (AP) -- The Detroit Lions plan to honor their 1957 championship-winning team at halftime of Sunday's game against Chicago.

Fans will roar, especially for Hall of Famers Joe Schmidt, Yale Lary and Lou Creekmur.

But some at Ford Field and watching on TV might also discuss one lingering question: Why have the Lions struggled so much for so long?

Detroit has won one playoff game since winning its last title. Only the expansion Houston Texans have won fewer.

The a.ssociated Press interviewed a handful of Lions players from different eras, attempting to analyze why Michigan's most popular team hasn't had more success over the last half-century.

"I think the No. 1 reason is poor draft choices, and I'm not just talking about the guys that didn't work out recently," said Schmidt, a star linebacker who went on to be Detroit's coach from 1967-72. "It's not an exact science and there's some luck involved, but the Lions just haven't added enough players with the right combination of talent, character and passion over the years."

Team president Matt Millen has been criticized for his first-round busts -- Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers and Mike Williams -- that played a part in Millen's teams going an NFL-worst 26-73 since 2001.

But despite Detroit's 9-7 record the season before Millen arrived, he didn't exactly inherit a franchise set up for success.

Detroit's previous top executive, Chuck Schmidt, missed on five straight No. 1 picks: Bryant Westbrook, Terry Fair, Chris Claiborne, Aaron Gibson and Stockar McDougle. If some of those picks had panned out, it might've helped the Lions avoid one of the worst stretches in NFL history.

Harrington, who might lose a starting job for the third straight year with a third different team, was just the latest player Detroit drafted desperately hoping he would be a franchise quarterback.

During the past 50 years, the Lions have drafted at least one QB in the first-round in each decade other than the 1970s.

Not coincidentally, Detroit has the same number of playoff wins as Pro Bowl QBs since 1957.

One: Greg Landry -- 35 years ago.

"The thing I'll say in the organization's defense is, the Lions have not been bad for 50 years," Landry said. "But beyond that, the organization has not been able to make the proper moves to sustain the brief spikes in success that it has had each decade.

"We've had great players, Barry Sanders being the most recent, and it's too bad they were not surrounded with the player they needed to have success in the playoffs."

Before Millen and Schmidt ran the Lions, Russ Thomas was in charge from 1967-1990 and for many years people wondered why team owner William Clay Ford didn't fire him.

Ford, who took over as sole owner in 1964, has been the one constant for most of the lackluster half-century.

Nobody interviewed blamed Ford for the franchise's shortcomings, but ultimately he has hired -- or didn't fire -- the executives and coaches who drafted, acquired and developed the players.

"I don't care what era you're talking about over the last 50 years, we have not figured out the pieces we needed until it was too late," said Charlie Sanders, who played tight end for the Lions from 1968-77 and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. "Also, we would hire a new coach who didn't agree with the vision of the previous coach and that would lead to another step back.

"The years with Barry, we had our best opportunity to do something, and we wasted it."

Sanders graced the Lions with his talents from 1989-98, and one of the NFL's all-time greats helped them rout Dallas 38-6 on Jan. 5, 1992.

Erik Kramer didn't realize that was Detroit's only win in the playoffs since its last championship.

"Wow. That's amazing and not in a good way," Kramer said. "It's really been an unfortunate run."

Jason Hanson agreed.

"It's sad for those of us that have a real attachment to the organization," said Detroit's kicker, playing in his franchise-record 16th season. "But for a lot of new guys, they don't care and that's probably a good thing.

"They're all about this year and getting something good going. There is a dynamic to this team that has been missing -- the intangible of chemistry. But it's early and it doesn't matter what people say. It's about what we do, and until we're in the hunt and it's past midseason, I don't really think we have much to talk about."

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Not coincidentally, Detroit has the same number of playoff wins as Pro Bowl QBs since 1957.

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I'd like to say fu*k the haters

If you look to see who started this topic I am a Lions fan through the good and bad

which also reminds me to say fu*k the bandwagon jumpers or fair weathered fans

There's A LOT of you so don't act innocent

Lions scoring 34 points in the closing quarter = impressive, any way you cut it

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