Dec 3 - Turf War: Hells Angel "White Dread", former Mount Olive Crips member shot dead

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Dec 3 - Turf War: Hells Angel "White Dread", former Mount Olive Crips member shot dead

December 3, 2006
Biker slain in bar
2 other Hells Angels shot on Bandidos turf


VAUGHAN -- The fatal shooting of an influential Hells Angel and the wounding of two others in a Bandidos-run strip club raises the spectre the three were challenging the rival biker gang, raising fears of a "nasty" escalation of violence.

"It certainly has the potential for something nasty for the next couple of months," a police source said. "You don't take out a (Hells) sergeant-at-arms and not expect some retaliation of some sort. He was highly respected."

Reputed gun dealer

David "White Dread" Buchanan, who turned 33 on Wednesday, was shot just inside the front doors of the Club Pro Adult Entertainment on Doughton Rd. near Jane St. and Hwy. 7. Medics pronounced him dead there.

The Hells' website claims Buchanan was celebrating his birthday at the strip bar.

A police source said Buchanan, the sergeant-at-arms of the Hells chapter based on Algie Ave. in south Etobicoke, was reputedly a supplier of firearms to street gangs in Rexdale.

Fellow full-patch West Toronto member Dana Carnegie, 33, suffered minor injuries. West Toronto prospect Carlos Virrilli, 28, of Maple, is in serious condition at Sunnybrook hospital following the early-morning shooting.

Francesco "Cisco" Lenti, 59, leader of the Bandidos in Toronto and manager of Club Pro, is charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder and weapons offences, York Regional Police said.

He is scheduled to appear in Newmarket court today.

A source said the shootings were captured on surveillance cameras.

Homicide Det.-Sgt. Kevin Torrie said what sparked the deadly violence remains unclear, but investigators are concerned that the Hells intentionally showed up at the club to provoke or challenge their rivals.

In Project Tandem, which ended in September with the arrest of more than a dozen Hells Angels and one Vagabond, police had discovered a plan to murder a man recruiting new members for the Bandidos.

"We're looking into any connection with that obviously," Torrie said. "We don't have all the (information) on that yet, but it's certainly something we're cognizant of."

Buchanan, a native of Jamaica and a father of three boys, was recruited into the Hells earlier this decade after being a member of the Mount Olive Crew, a street gang based on Mount Olice Dr. in north Etobicoke.

"He was certainly a source (of weapons) for the street gangs in the Rexdale area, his roots," the officer said.

"He was certainly very well known in the Etobicoke area, that's for sure. He certainly had no problem flexing (muscle) when he was younger."

Police suspect the weapons were coming from the Niagara area, possibly the Hells chapter, which Project Tandem has since shut down.

Last year Carnegie suffered severe injuries in a traffic accident.

The Hells' Toronto website says the group is reeling over Buchanan's slaying and the wounding of two others.

"Dread was a popular member of the West Toronto Hells Angels, who was very dedicated to his three young sons, who were regulars at the clubhouse pool," it says. "Members and friends are keeping a vigil for Carlos (Virrilli), as his condition is described as extremely serious."


Guy Oullette, a former biker gang investigator with Surete du Quebec, said Lenti "is one of the important guys in Ontario, to put the Bandidos on the map, to recruit and make sure they will give opposition to the Hells Angels.

"Depending if it's related to bikers, retaliation for sure," Oullette said. "It will be Bandidos hunting for now."

But he said if was a personal argument, retaliation is unlikely.

"Why (do the) Hells Angels have something to do in a Bandidos' bar?" he wondered, speculating whether the Hells were pressing their rivals to close the bar or move it.

Lenti has a long history with GTA biker gangs, bouncing from from one to another.

He had been the president of the Loners, a gang he helped form. When he defected to the Satans Choice in mid-1990s, his truck was rigged with a bomb.

It exploded outside his Kipling Ave. home in August 1995 and he was severely injured, suffering a shattered pelvis and shrapnel wounds.

While a Loner, he was courted to join the Hells by Quebec Hells' Nomad chapter. When that fell through, he was the target of a hit.

Lenti is a well-known underworld figure, who has been living modestly although he was "well off," a police source said.

The centre of his universe was the strip club, where he's listed as a manager but police suspect he has a financial interest.

OPP Det.-Insp. Dan Redmond said biker unit is "liaising" with York detectives.

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