Top 10 Rappas NY VS Top 10 Down South. Forreal fu*k NY Rappas! Who Want it?

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what rappers came and went
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Name some Rappers who should've been bigger

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 11-19-2006, 10:30 PM         #141
*Missy*  OP
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 doczdaname said:
why does it matter where the rapper is from? does that make YOU more credible as a person? its hiphop, fu*k where the rapper is from.
Real Talk.

Why does it even matter where the rapper is from?There are rappers from all regions that are talented with wordplay,flow,subject matter and delivery skills.Theres lyricist from everywhere.The South has just as many "lyrical" rappers as the north does.Eastcoast have rappers such as AZ,Cormega,and GZA.South has rappers such as Scarface,T-Rock,and K-Rino.Westcoast
has rappers such as Planet Asia,Ras Kass,and Crooked I.Mid-West has rappers such as Vakill,Common,and Lupe. Everybody has their share.YOU
JUST HAVE TO LOOK FOR THEM.The diversity of a person's mind determines the diversity of the music they listen to.Expand your mind,just listen to the music and get off the bias region stuff.
 11-19-2006, 10:58 PM         #142
ItsYaboyJay  OP
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 Southern_Boi said:
you just named lil wayne, i still dont understand why yall dont like the man. He make some wack sh*t some times but that only be on albums. Yall need to hear his mixtapes. That young money mixtape got me hooked when it dropped bout 2 years ago, his SQ sh*t was crazy

Never said he was wack, he's just overrated, he's great at times, but mostly I just don't like him because he's not real, but as an artist he's nice, but not what people hype him up to be.
 11-20-2006, 03:41 AM         #143
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Mos Def
Talib Kweli

End Of Story
 12 years ago '04        #144
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This thread is dumb. People from the east are going to say they better and people from the south are going to say they are better. There is rappers in the east can spit both mainstream and underground and the same goes for the south. Now i will say there is more rapper in the east but as far as who is the best that would never be figure out.

But come on there are rappers in the south that can spit. Some of yall acting like there is no rapper in the south that can spit.

Just like the south there are some east coast people be saying some weak sh*t as well like camron

Last edited by skillz231213; 11-20-2006 at 04:03 AM..
 12 years ago '05        #145
Angry_Black_757 1 heat pts
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 INJ said:
ur list is 1.SCARFACE
6.Young Buck
7.The Clipse (we will treat as 1)
9.Andre 3000

n my list is (ny)

Masta Ace
Big L
Method Man
Krs One

Rakim >>> Scarface
paid in full >>>> anythin by scarface and geto boys

GZA vs BUN B hahaha


NY >>>>>>>> SOUTH
none of the rappers on your list been sh*t in the past ten years with the slight exception of nas
 12 years ago '05        #146
Angry_Black_757 1 heat pts
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 *Missy* said:
Well ... if I had to choose any 10 rappers from the WHOLE south to go in a cipher I would bring ....

3.Deacon(from cunninlynguist)
4.Kno(from cunninlynguist
5.Shawn J(from Field Mob)
6.8 Ball
8.Cise Star(from Eyce)
9.Akin(from Eyce)

... but if you wanted me to choose 10 rappers by state I would bring

For Georgia:

2.Witch Doctor
2.Big Gipp
3.Aundre 3000
4.Killer Mike
5.Shawn J
6.Big Rube
7.Sho Nuff(from the Backwudz)
8.Stat Quo

For Texas:

2.Gangsta Nip
3.Murda One
8.Crime Boss
9.Big Mike (from Geto Boyz)

For Tennessee:

2.Lord Infamous
3.Evil Pimp
4.Playa Fly
5.8 Ball
7.Gangsta Black
8.MC Mack
9.Playa G
10.Tommy Wright III

For Missisippi:

2.David Banner(David Banner used to rip n*ggas in ciphers back in the day)
3.Sir Raskle(from Southern kreation)
4.Southbound(from Southern Kreation)
5.Raw D
6.Blaq Steel

and that will be all thats needed as far as battles or ciphers go.

Theres plenty of rappers out the south that are lyrically more advance than or are on the same
level as some rappers from up north.They simply don't get the recognition they deserve.To Judge
a whole region based on rappers such as D4L or Dem Franchize Boyz is ignorant ..... and I'm disappointed
in the fact that some people think that there are no talented lyricist or story telling skilled
rappers in the south other than Scarface,Outcast,T.I,Cham,& Lil Wayne.

I don't know how to upload songs,but if anyone questions the skills of the rappers I listed I will
be happy to post some lyrics or video links.Be open minded yall.The diversity of a person determines the diversity
of the music they hear.

Heres some examples:

Conceive a procedure for n*ggaz to bleed from the busting
Putting heads on platters slip the heat wit 3 G's and we bushing
Triple X-rated tramps I gotta show reefer for fu*king
lead them to sucking with my intimate ego seduction
my habitat Atlanta tracks, the seed of corruption
constantly playing and engaging in meaningless fu*king
fatal intentions breaking n*ggaz jaws and facial tendons
ballistic verbal and controversial like racial lengents
scandalous traders get erased by a vandalis playa
trample a fakeuh with more game then Los Angeles Raiders
I puff an L and get high as hell from the cannabis vapors
you can try your crime a million times it wont manage to fade us
a drout is coming so I'm hustling frantic for paper
superior dope and caliber smoke is what vanish invaders

- T-Rock

I got a mind for murder, leave n*ggaz with stitches
Bloody kick in the crown for thinkin this is fictitious
I'ma live for this and I'ma die for this
Eye for eye for this, flip a pie for this
This sh*t is love and hate, n*ggaz love to hate it
A piece of paper and a ink pen made me straight
God knows I try, every breath I take
Every song I make, is from the heart to the tape
I break and crack flows, build and stack flows
Attack the track flows, back to back flows
You know, I do whatever to get the cash flow
Bust and mash fo' eights in the slab ho
Southern distributer, narcotic deliverer
This sh*t I be throwin up, combustin and blowin up
I told you n*ggaz this, see now you done got me pissed
Eightball - Fat Boy - murderous lyricist

- 8 ball

The music makes me high
even though I stay away from canibus, like Wyclef
Deacon and Kno, fry sets.
Similar to Christ,
we got divine reps so tell me
If you know your gonna die why step?
Show no mercy
For rules and crews
You hit with more bricks than new ?
Riddles confusing fools, like Confucian rules
Cos most cats are more squared than Rubik's Cubes
We spit raps that are totally murderous
The rhymes are like an anaconda serpent clutch
So check out how these herbs get touched
Unless your broads giving us brains
n*gga you ain't servin us
Deacon and Kno,* cunning lynguists with stunning English
Our true lies bring more pumps than Harry Rehnquist
Every week with the best speech
Roll with cats who smoke more trees than the flash and burn techniques
s3x, beats, between bed sheets
Red fleets, Pulp Fiction style
leaving your car with red seats
We make like fly swatters and smash pests
Put peeps under more pressure than a Kelly Price bed set
Keep your bodies looking like samples for the Rorscach Test
Ink blots,so fu*k around and get your team rocked
Jugga's in the back with the beam c*cked
Gots to have everything between L.A. and Queens locked

- Deacon the villian(from Cunninlyguist)

sh*t we comin' after the whack rappers
Studio gat-clappers slash jackers
Them braggin' back-stabbin' non-rappin' autographers
And I'm backed up like brake lights don't beep me
That's some sh*t you ain't gon' see like a punch in a snake f!ght
Or a preacher that play dice
It's another level bi*ch
And I'm sick of rappers braggin' bout they diamond bezelled wrists
My ice this, my ice that
I bet I'll melt yo sh*t
Cause Shawn J come hotter than the Devil's d*ck
Couldn't beat me if I was yo d*ck
We were in the movies
Watchin' pr0n flicks in 3D
And you were PeeWee
I don't blow sh*t out of proportion
I'll stuff you in yo mama's stomach
Rap her then make her have an abortion
The Vince Carter of rap, Shawn tall and brown skinned
Dunkin' d*ck in yo bi*ch with my arm in the rim
Keep yo hoe I chase dough
Burnin' rappers till sun-up
And jackin' off layin' on my back tryin' to come up
To get grip
Shawn slick with bricks for chips
I flip one-fifth of a brick
Nicks go for 6
Tug a four-fifth with more glits than 6 twists
I don't sniff but I spit
Catch a whiff nit-wit
Slick 6 style switch
Like a whip stick shift
I stole rap like the grinch stole Christmas
My clique pissed tryin' to hit licks to get grip
Tryin' to make more bread than Bisquick Biscuits
This misfit pissed cause I hit his chick
He mad cause I'm Indiana like Rik Smits
But he don't know I'm underground like the Ninja Turtle
He wanna f!ght but he type that couldn't injure Urkel
I play the cut though
Mr. Nice guy slash cut throat
Spit doo-doo like you butt blow
UH-OHHHH y'all best to get runnnin'
Why? Shhh! I hear Field Mob comin'

- Shawn J (from Field Mob)

Who that comin' gunnin' flizi comin' gunnin' feel the vibe
Deep off in my chest where buddah rest the vocal uzi lies
Loaded and im holding it and aiming every single shot
Blasting much to fast for you to run so its just pop then drop
Flopping on the concrete in the strizeet in a bloody puddle
With no one to cuddle with ya but the dudy devil sucka
Everything fly say is smooth, even when fly wild and rude
Dont you lose your cool and busters bet not catch an attitude
Stop the balling scalling our ya squealing like a wounded pig
Causing mess goin cause your rest and you must lay before fly quit
After Frank Fly chicken sticka handling ebbin buisness man
Who been stumbling boulders right on over with my cunnin' game
Neglegence of ignorence, mista be afraid of this
What you do not know can certainly cost you fore its over with
Pay me some attention close, as you flex and flodge and boast
Who that comin' gunnin' flizi comin' and I told you so

- playa fly

You under estimate K cuz you feel certain
now you hurting for going head up with the steel curtain
flirting wit death
run your game I'll k!ll it
couldn't burn me if we battled on a stove in a fu*king skillet
pass the broom I'll act as a janitor
sweeping remains from Southpark to Canada
weigh 'em up
grab the Black Book and sley 'em up
fastbreak bounce pass his and lay 'em up
hard as steel mc's prepare for the hollow k!ll
then place my face on a 400 dollar bill
mc's bug me
they mentally drug me
as a child all I needed was somebody 2 hug me
first I'll meditate
then release a karate shout
mentally lock doors
nobody in nobody out
back in school I was known as a creeper
graduated with the shadow of death and the grim reaper
suckers never wake up
they try to kiss and make up
but I don't shake up
I'll take my fist and break up
and then crack is all that's left 4 me 2 do
You came to get this whooping that was so sweet of U
beat a crew 2 death take you deep in the tunnel and buck
if you were smart you would make like Donald and duck
cuz if you don't I'ma leave you sharper than peward
i'm like a k!lla leopard mixed wit a german shepherd
silent torture but still the unknown here it
I had a seance and summoned my own spirit
K-Rino the mercenary millotical wiz
You got 1 second 2 pass a 3 hour quiz
a) is guns b) is gas c) is knife drilling
pick a death cuz it's a multiple choice k!lling
with my thoughts K-Rino can deliver a nation
inside my brain lives a whole nother civilization

- K-Rino

If you think that aren't ANY lyrical rappers out the south then you have lost your mind
or you're just hater .... straight up.

1, 2, 1, 2, microphone check, 2
somebody better tells these mothafu*kers how we wreck fools
Disrespect fools
Check and snap necks too
Chrushin' duos
Sittin', waitin' on the next 2
n*gga, me and Bun got the extra clips and bullet proofs
Gone off illegal sh*t, bustin' out the sunroofs
Scatterin', n*ggaz chatterin'
About where they been
Where they from, why they hate me, and relate me with
Stereotipical, down South country sh*t
On the real, we on the hustlin' makin' money sh*t


thread closing
 11-20-2006, 06:41 AM         #147
TX_Country_Boi  OP
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 daliff89 said:
but im sorry to let u know that Bun B is not a lyricist......
damn... then who is...
 INJ said:
Rakim >>> Scarface
paid in full >>>> anythin by scarface and geto boys
Mind is playin tricks on me>>>>>>>>>>you
 11-20-2006, 08:02 AM         #148
renagade281  OP
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k-rino would lyrically sh*t on any east coast rapper
 12 years ago '06        #149
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this thread is so stupid i can't believe this corny bastard made it up. NY as a single state versus a confederation of southern states is not even an equal battle, and still the difference between new york and the south is huge. New york would body the whole of the south, i mean i can't think of even one emcee that is better than Nas, so how can you compare the south to new york.

Nas is better than every down south emcee as 2pac said "breathin' or dead". And that is one emcee.

The south needs to be given their shot and all, but lets not forget who really runs hip hop. and that is NEW YORK
 12 years ago '04        #150
Big Moon Dawg 
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EVERYONE knows that NY has always come through with the best rappers. The South can't fu*k wit this list:

Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, GZA, KRS One, Kiss, Guru, Ghostface, Big L + Jigga

Scarface, Cunninlynguists, Outkast are nice but seriously u can't even compare the 2 cause NY is so far ahead. I know in their hearts southern cats know this aswell
 11-20-2006, 10:08 AM         #151
ktbballplaya  OP
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 Down-N-H-Town said:
I'm from Houston. We don't dance or cut for Laffy Taffy. Its cool to do it in the club sometimes, but that's too much movement for us. Anybody that's been to Texas or Houston for that matter can tell you that we don't come out with dance tracks. All of the artists on my list are all about that G ish. We're not saying that yall don't have lyrical artists, as a matter of fact, yall and Chicago are the closest to the way hip hop used to be, but that doesn't mean its better. We don't get krunk about delivery, down south, we care about the beat, f!ght music, and stories.

Basically, this North vs South stuff is not going to get settled because it comes down to preference and how you were brought up. We were brought up on Geto Boys and UGK, while yall were brought up on Biggie, Wu Tang, and Rakim.
THATS REAL the city of h-town yea we like it slow..but dont get it twisted we are the most versatile n*ggaz in the game..ny got so much weak sh*t i dont understand how yall say are still ne good..jay-z put out that weak sh*t show me what u got,jim jones got we fly high which i still dont like, fat joe had to get lil wayne just to make his song somewhat hot on make it rain..and to an earlier post about jay-z puttin ugk on big pimpin..ugk k!lled jayz on his how own sh*t..yall n*ggaz came out first dont mean yall is if i was to put a starting line up together it would be like this

shooting-lil wayne
small forward-z-ro
power foward-ludacris

6th man-chamillionaire/lil keke
 11-20-2006, 10:10 AM         #152
ILLmag 7  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Andre 3000 should be #1

Andre 3000>>>EVERY souther rapper

anyway...NY runs hip hop
 11-20-2006, 10:26 AM         #153
Tight_Grip  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
The South might have a few lyricists and thats all nice and dandy, but put Canibus against any of your top 10 and he'll rip there head off

Canibus is a true lyricist...he might not sell the most but put him in a rap battle or a diss track battle and he will definately take a gorrilla sized Dump on all you Southern cats
 11-20-2006, 10:55 AM         #154
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Im tellin u . I like some of south rappers

but there r just few good rappers / groups ..

NY is like 20 times better
 11-20-2006, 11:10 AM         #155
bigteezy  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Originally Posted by `·.¤KINGGS¤.·´
New York's ARROGANCE k!lled hiphop!!!!!!!!

go back and read some of theses replies and tell me I'm wrong yall act if no one else should touch a mic but New York rappers

 daliff89 said:
he's trying to impress his fat e-girlfriend by making a witty statement on so maybe she'll switch on her webcam for 45 seconds so he can masterbate to her showing her seatbelt sized bra straps........
You are by far the most pathetic mafuka on Boxden you been here since Feb 05 and aint contributed sh*t and you have more post then most get off your computer and get a girlfriend dalimp89 you high school prom queen!!!
 11-20-2006, 11:15 AM         #156
bigteezy  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
A tight grip thx for the hate homie, I hope you got yours in the mail as well!!!!!!:finger:

 11-20-2006, 11:25 AM         #157
Tight_Grip  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
I give hate out like your momma gives out pus*y

 12 years ago '05        #158
bigpinero 3 heat pts
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$5,703 | Props total: 788 788
Nas >>>>>>>> your top 10 south rappers
 12 years ago '05        #159
daliff89 1 heat pts
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$13,412 | Props total: 46 46
 missangel222003 said:
How are you going to dispute my OPINION?? Get a life. You gotta have better things to do with your time...
im not 'disputing your OPINION' voicing my opinion.......u notice how i said 'i THINK...' yea......thats makes it an opinion bud

LOL you want people to respect your opinion yet always have sh*t for others opinion.
Come on man, you're a contradiction man.
i dont care if other people respect my opinion or doesnt matter to me.........but me saying i feel those 3 rappers are better than Wayne isn't contradicting voicing my opinion......stop misusing words.....

and so u both know..........the message in my sig about Lil' Wayne is directed at the d*ckriders on this forum......if thats not u then disregard it......if it is you then follow it......

 bigteezy said:
You are by far the most pathetic mafuka on Boxden you been here since Feb 05 and aint contributed sh*t and you have more post then most get off your computer and get a girlfriend dalimp89 you high school prom queen!!!
for the record, i upload things, u just dont download em..........but even if i didnt upload, not contributing wouldnt make me pathetic......

and through all of this..........NY > The South lyrically......
 12 years ago '04        #160
tazbk 1 heat pts
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$7,686 | Props total: 17 17
All of this is funny considering that there was only ONE artist to go platinum last year and that was T.I. Yeah he from the south but NOONE is moving numbers. That should change with Game, Hov, Snoop and Nas but then that would be 2 New Yorkers, 2 Californians and 1 southern artist. Hip-hop/rap overall is in a slump. fu*k the radio I don't even listen to that sh*t. Obviously all of that radio airplay didnt help Yung Joc, Banks, Rick Ross and a host of others who either barely hit or didn't go gold.


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