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 10 years ago '05        #1861
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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 RakimAllahNY said:
I got that sh*t on PS3, I'm doing the campus legend sh*t starting QB for Miami freshman. I'm like a young Dorsey but black and can run

And in the game, Cooper>ANY RB IN THIS sh*t. GOD DAMN n*gga is 83 with 95 speed, kids raw as sh*t.. So is Mcknight and Rojo for USC

im waiting until the rosters are available for download so i can begin my dynasty, i dont like that they simulate everything when u not in the game in campus legend, so im not fu*king with campus legend this yr

and i dunno if its me that sucks but i did better rushing wise with james than cooper, cooper kept fumbling for me, altho he was sick when i used him as a receiver

Last edited by Deeangoe; 07-17-2007 at 05:26 PM..
 10 years ago '06        #1862
DEDOS 142 heat pts142
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common brandon harris u next

 10 years ago '04        #1863
C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts
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a guy on one of the websites who has been spot on so far has said..

Aldarius will come public soon(he thinks tommorow) with Streeter and Benjamin to follow and Brandon Harris maybe at the end of the month
 10 years ago '06        #1864
DEDOS 142 heat pts142
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this recruiting class for Wideouts is gonna be sick

just like last year wide out recruiting class

:wow: :wow: :wow:

lets win the acc and we gonna get even more recruits!!!

 07-18-2007, 10:06 AM         #1865
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 18, 2007

CaneSport News Wire

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Freshman quarterback Robert Marve is planning to withdraw from summer school while he rehabilitates injuries suffered from a car crash that occurred early Monday morning, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The newspaper reported that the accident dislocated the ring finger in Marve's left hand, broke his wrist and caused a serious cut between his pinkie finger and ring finger. Apparenty Marve narrowly avoided needing having his pinkie amputated.

"It's safe to say we're pretty much guaranteed that Robert will have a redshirt season," Marve's father, Eugene, told the Tampa Tribune. "It's a setback, but the most important thing is he will overcome this injury. God was with him and kept him protected.

"When you see him, he's hurt, battered and bruised. It's not how most people are used to seeing him," Eugene Marve said. "The healing will be a process. He's young and healthy. This will be a little setback, but I'm optimistic he will recover from this and do well at Miami."

Marve had earned rave reviews in 7-on-7's before the accident.

As a senior at Tampa Plant High School he set a state record with 4,372 passing yards and 48 touchdowns. He was intercepted 13 times.

In the state title game he helped his team to victory with 30 of 46 completions for 305 yard and three scores.

As a junior he passed for 1,813 yards and 14 touchdowns on 103 of 187 passing. He also rushed for 393 yards and three scores.

He began starting as a sophomore, when he threw for 903 yards and seven scores.

His father has indicated that a redshirt year is now likely for his son as Robert rehabilitates the injuries to his non-throwing hand.
 07-18-2007, 10:06 AM         #1866
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 18, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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With Anthony Redd*ck out for the year due to a torn ACL, the Hurricanes are relying on first-teamers Kenny Phillips and Lovon Ponder.

Backing them up right now is the only other safety with any experience on the roster, Willie Cooper.

"We're not worried about the depth," Cooper said. "I came in a couple of games last year and held my own. There was no let-off.

"Kenny and Ponder have played a lot, can handle it. I don't think there will be a let-off if someone else comes in."

Cooper and Tervaris Johnson are battling freshmen Joseph Nicolas, Jared Campbell and Damien Berry to receive playing time at safety.

"Everybody's competing for a position," Cooper said.

Of how he has progressed since last year, Cooper says, "It's coming well. I'm working on the little things like staying low on the back pedal, breaking down defenses, reading combination routes, stuff like that, little things that make a difference in a game."

* Of summer 7-on-7's, Cooper says, "The offense is doing well. They're throwing well, catching well. The quarterbacks and receives seem very in synch right now. The offense is doing real well in 7-on-7's."

The team's last 7-on-7 was this past Saturday.

"On defense we came around, started using some coverages that gave the offense a surprise," Cooper said. "But they came around, did well, scored a little bit. It went pretty well for both sides of the ball."

Carlos Armour had an interception in the drills.

Of how the quarterbacks are playing, Cooper said, "They're throwing it right where they need to, the receivers are making a lot of plays, the freshmen receivers are making a lot of plays."

Cooper points to Leonard Hankerson as the toughest freshman receiver to handle.

"He's doing pretty well," Cooper said. "His best skill is his ball perception he'll throw his hands up at the last minute. That's kind of hard for a DB running down the field. He's just got the little tools that make a good receiver."

Of Robert Marve's play (Marve is now expected to miss a few weeks while recuperating a left hand injury suffered in a car accident), Cooper said, "He's been doing pretty well in 7-on-7, throwing the ball to receivers, doing check down routes. He's not trying to go for the deep ball all the time like some young guys do. He's going through route progression, is doing real well."

* Of how the team is progressing, Cooper said, "We're coming along real well. The offense is starting to get more unified. The defense, we've mostly been unified, have been the strength of the team for the last couple of years. The offense is coming around, is catching up with us. I think it's going to be a good season, a good camp for both sides, both competing."

* Glenn Sharpe and Randy Phillips have been getting most of the first group action in 7-on-7's. Glenn Cook and Colin McCarthy are most often running with the first group at linebacker.

Cooper said the team has a good mindset entering this fall: "We just have a mindset that we have to play for ourselves, our self-dignity," he said. "We let ourselves down last year. I think we're going to come around this year."
 07-18-2007, 10:07 AM         #1867
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 18, 2007

Jim Martz, CaneSport Magazine

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Mike Goodman bioVideo highlights

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Miami (FL) Columbus High School OL Mike Goodman has taken three out-of-town unofficial visits this summer: To Boston College, Wisconsin and Wake Forest.

"I like the visits I've taken," he said. "They have a lot to offer, as many of the colleges do. I'm still in the midst of narrowing things down, don't have a top five or anything like that."

Goodman has also visited UM unofficially and says he will be back for another visit this weekend.

"Saturday I'm planning to go back to the campus to see the team work out and things like that," he said. "Coach (Jeff) Stoutland gave me an open invitation along with coach (Patrick) Nix if I ever want to come back to the campus, it's fine to watch the players work out. So I'll swing by. I appreciate the open invitation. I'm going to take them up on it. I'll be around the campus. He also said Dr. (Donna) Shalala, she asked about me because I'd met her."

Of his impression of Stoutland, Goodman says, "I like him as an offensive line coach. I received a letter from him a week or so ago, just the introduction of him as a coach and the offensive line - it was an offensive lineman kind of letter. It was different. I liked it."

Goodman says there are no more out of town visits planned right now.

"I've taken all my summer visits now because I have to get ready for my senior season along with my team," he said. "We're implementing a lot of things now, so it's important for me to be there so I can be the best I can be for my senior season."

Goodman says just because he hasn't visited a school yet, it doesn't mean he won't wind up there.

And he says he truly has no frontrunners.

Therefore he was bothered by a rumor he heard that he'd committed to Boston College.

"I talked to coach Stoutland and I had talked to him because there was a rumor floating around that I committed to BC," Goodman said. "That all probably happened because I was up in Boston for two weeks, went there twice and that probably got thrown around because people were thinking if I went there a second time that I must be committing.

"I've talked to the coaches from BC, and I know the rumor didn't come from them. I liked everything at BC, but the bottom line is I talked to coach Stoutland and told him if I'd committed to BC I wouldn't be talking to him. Me, as a player, if I commit to a college, I stay committed to that college. If you make a commitment you have to stay dedicated to that commitment. I cleared that up."

Goodman says he has no timetable for making a decision.

Asked where the Canes stand in his recruiting picture, Goodman said, "Everybody that's offered me is still in the running, especially Miami."
 07-18-2007, 10:07 AM         #1868
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 18, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

Related Links:
Aldarius Johnson bioVideo highlights

Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Miami Northwestern High School WR Aldarius Johnson says he's not ready to make a commitment anywhere just yet but that "I'm leaning to Miami strong, real strong."

Johnson and his mother, Shantera, have set up a visit with Hurricane coaches on Monday.

"I set that up with coach (Tim) Walton last week, and he said all the coaches are going to be there," Johnson said.

Might he commit at that meeting?

"No," Johnson said. "Probably in the next week or two I'll have a decision."

Johnson says he doesn't want to discuss what factors he's weighing that are causing him to delay any decision.

He says he's choosing between UM, Florida, LSU and Auburn.

Johnson caught 78 passes for 1,354 yards and 19 touchdowns during the 2006 season, leading Northwestern to a perfect 16-0 record and the Florida Class 6A championship.

He set Miami-Dade County records for receptions and receiving yardage in a seaso
 10 years ago '04        #1869
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More details from UM crash revealed

Although he's expected to miss the entire 2007 season after suffering injuries in a car accident, UM freshman is 'happy to be alive.'
More Hurricanes coverage
University of Miami incoming quarterback Robert Marve and fellow freshman Jermaine McKenzie have withdrawn from their UM summer school classes to continue recuperating from a serious car accident, their fathers told The Miami Herald on Wednesday.

Both players are expected back for freshman orientation on Aug. 2, when they will be a.ssigned their dorm room -- they're roommates -- and will prepare for a full fall class schedule as originally planned, Eugene Marve and John McKenzie said.

But both likely will miss substantial practice time and Marve is expected to redshirt. McKenzie, a highly touted wide receiver from Bradenton Academy, has hairline fractures of three bones in his neck, John McKenzie said, and could be sidelined for a few months.

''That's touch and go,'' said McKenzie, whose son is mobile but wearing a neck brace. ``The doctor at Naples [Community Hospital] said it could be up to three months -- or he could be better sooner. It depends on how he heals.''

Marve, a Parade All-American and Mr. Florida Football from Tampa Plant High, was released Tuesday and resting at his Tampa home Wednesday. He underwent surgery Monday to repair a broken left wrist, dislocated ring finger on his left (nonthrowing) hand and severe, ''but straight, not jagged,'' cut that ran between his ring finger and pinkie and extended to his palm, his father said. ``The wrist was a fracture, not a clean break, and the cut didn't destroy anything. The specialist said the nerves went together very well.

''Robert will most likely redshirt, but that's the way it is,'' said Eugene Marve, a former NFL linebacker. ``We had a little setback in our program but he will recover. Even before the accident I went back and forth in my mind whether I wanted him to play or not this season -- whether he could beat out Kyle [Wright] or Kirby [Freeman]. All those questions go through your mind. Unfortunately he was in the best shape of his life and he's really disappointed all that training has gone down the drain. He's the biggest and strongest and fastest he's ever been -- up to 200 pounds.''

Eugene Marve said Robert, more than anything, was hurting emotionally. ``Mentally he's very disappointed. He's very hard on himself about what happened. You go through the could've, would've, should've. Maybe it's like a game you didn't win; you criticize yourself, you analyze, you go through the things you could have done better.''

McKenzie left the hospital at about 9 a.m. Monday, nearly nine hours after the one-car accident on Interstate 75 while Marve, McKenzie and UM sophomore linebacker Colin McCarthy were driving back to UM from a weekend with their families in Central Florida. McKenzie fell asleep at the wheel of Marve's car and the car hit a guard rail and flipped several times.

McKenzie was charged with careless driving.

McCarthy, who sustained cuts and bruises and raspberry-type abrasions, especially on one of his knees, was otherwise healthy and returned to Miami, the fathers said.

While still in the hospital, Robert Marve told The Tampa Tribune on Tuesday, ``I don't care [about not playing football this season]. All I want to do is heal and be functional on my own again.''

Of the accident, Marve, who was initially sleeping in the back seat, told The Tribune: ``We headed out of control. Then everything just seemed to go black. I could feel that I was in the car, but I kept getting thrown around for a while. Then everything just stopped. I remember seeing my arm was bloodied. They told me I got out through the back window, but I don't remember getting out. I don't really remember much else.''

Both fathers visited the tow yard where the totaled car now sits.

''Scary,'' Eugene Marve said. ``Way scary.''

Said John McKenzie: ``For those three gentlemen who made it through that accident, there's no doubt God has a plan for them. You just don't walk out of an accident like that with a minimal amount of injuries.''

Jermaine McKenzie is mobile and was walking around his house Wednesday, his dad said. When he returns to Miami, he will have with him DVDs of the MRI and CAT-scan to give to UM doctor John Uribe, who McKenzie said will be back in town next week.

''I talked to [offensive coordinator] Coach [Patrick] Nix and spent a lot of time with him,'' John McKenzie said. 'He told Jermaine, `Go home and rest up. Don't put any pressure on yourself. Don't even think about football. Come back on August 2. Just get well, that's the main thing.' ''
 10 years ago '04        #1870
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damn didnt know it was Marve who was in the accident...
 10 years ago '04        #1871
C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts
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rumor has it that Travis Benjamin might go public tommorow with his commitment to Miami
 07-19-2007, 12:15 PM         #1872
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 19, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Q: How are you progressing?

Stewart: I'm doing real well. I'm going through workouts, all my weights are getting better, I'm getting stronger, getting healthy. I'm at both the outside linebacker spots right now.

Q: Your progress has been slowed by injury?

Stewart: First I had shoulder surgery, then I dislocated my knee and only got to play in the Spring Game. I did pretty well in the game, had five solos and 13 a.ssists. That's the game coaches told me I did the best in. They said I did real well.

Q: So what do you see your role being this season?

Stewart: I'm trying to get in games. Last year I got to come in at the end of the season and play a lot, the Virginia game I played a lot.

Q: In 7-on-7's how is the defense doing?

Stewart: The offense is giving us a challenge, is starting to get together, the receivers are catching the ball. But we're starting to lock down receivers. Everything's going well.

Q: Are the running backs hard to handle coming out of the backfield on routes?

Stewart: They're quick. We've got a lot of quick running backs that give you a little move and get open. But the linebackers are handling them right now.

Q: What about Richard Gordon at tight end, is he tough to handle?

Stewart: He's looking good. He was doing that when he got here, has always been good at tight end. He's doing real well.

Q: Have any of the freshmen stood out to you?

Stewart: The receiver from St. Thomas (Leonard Hankerson), he's real good. He goes up and gets the ball. I've seen him catch the ball over our DBs. He looks real good.

Q: How about Allen Bailey?

Stewart: He's looking good, he just has to get the defense together. It's kind of complicated figuring out picking up guys when they cut and all that. He's like 278 pounds right now, is big. He can move, too. Physically he's big, man.

Q: Any of the other freshmen on defense stand out to you?

Stewart: At safety Damien Berry is doing real well. The corners are doing well, too.

Q: Do you think the freshmen can help this team right away?

Stewart: I think they can help right now.

Q: How good can this defense be compared to last year?

Stewart: I think we'll be up there again. We're trying to be consistent, that's the main thing. We lost a couple of good guys, but we have other good guys stepping in. We should be real good.

Q: What were some highlights from this past Saturday's 7-on-7's?

Stewart: Well, after we do 7-on-7's we do 1-on-1's, and that was the best highlight. At the end Kenny Phillips went against Kayne (Farquharson). And Kayne was talking a whole bunch of mess. Well, KP got him. They went up two times against each other and KP got him both knocked them down.

Q: What is the team's level of enthusiasm?

Stewart: We're getting excited. Everything is real fun right now.
 07-20-2007, 12:23 PM         #1873
Hurricane Ra  OP
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Hurricane warning

How big of an impact will Graig Cooper have on the Miami offense this year?

Alex in Chicago

Javarris James will have to share his space in the backfield.
His impact should be significant. Cooper is so fast and elusive that tackling him is like trying to catch a fly with scissors.

Adding his speed to the offense can only be a plus. Last spring running backs coach Tommie Robinson said that Cooper and probable starting running back Javarris James will be on the field together in some sets.

Cooper also projects as a Devin Hester-type threat on kick returns, which will shorten the field and provide more scoring opportunities for the offense.

With Hester returning punts in 2004, Miami ranked second nationally with a 16.6-yard average. The Hurricanes also averaged 31.67 points per game.

Last season, the Hurricanes averaged just 7.2 yards per punt return and only 19.94 yards on kickoff returns and averaged just 19.62 points per game. Obviously, other factors were involved, but the fact remains a productive return game enhances the offense.

I anticipate Cooper will enhance Miami's offense.
 07-20-2007, 12:24 PM         #1874
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 20, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

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Preston Bailey bioVideo highlights

Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Nashville (TN) Montgomery Bell Academy OL Preston Bailey is busy researching all the colleges that are recruiting him.

And some that aren't.

"I'm researching other schools as well, because I feel at this point I will be receiving more offers the more I put myself out there this upcoming season," Bailey said. "I have no top five or 10. I'm still seeking more information that I need, so when I sit down and make a top five or a final decision I'll have all the tools I need."

So far he lists eight offers: Miami, Tennessee, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Middle Tennessee State

He says he has no clear frontrunners.

What has he learned about UM?

"When you think of the powerhouses of college football you have to think about Miami," he said. "It's a private college with great academics. A lot of people don't know that because football is so dominant there.

"Miami coaches are text messaging me every now and then, telling me things about the school and giving me a million and one reasons why I should come there."

Bailey has visited Georgia Tech unofficially this summer and will also visit Michigan.

He says he plans to make a final decision after his senior season ends.

"After I take my five visits I'll sit down with my parents and mentors and decide then," he says
 07-20-2007, 12:24 PM         #1875
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 20, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Q: How are you coming along?

Barney: I'm coming along well. My running's getting better, the weight room is coming through fine. It's going well right now.

Q: Are you ready to go physically?

Barney: I'm not 100 percent, but I'm not that far from it - 90 percent. I'll be doing full contact (in two-a-days).

Q: Will you be playing guard or tackle this year?

Barney: I don't know. I've been working at tackle, though, mostly second team left tackle.

Q: How much depth is there on the offensive line?

Barney: We've got a good number of people. We're fine depth-wise.

Q: Might freshmen Harland Gunn and Tyler Horn be able to help out right away?

Barney: I'm not sure. They have certain things they're working on. Harland came from a run-based team ... they have work to do.

Q: What does coach Jeff Stoutland stress you guys do in the summer?

Barney: Just work hard, push hard and try to get better every day.

Q: How hard are summer workouts?

Barney: They progressively got better. When you first start it depends on what kind of condition you're in for how hard they are.


Q: You were limited this spring due to injury. How are you doing health-wise?

Symonette: I feel pretty good. I'm ready to go.

Q: Players have mentioned you as a very strong pass blocker.

Symonette: I've been working with the coach (Stoutland) on that. We're all good pass blockers, are all pushing each other. We all do the best we can.

Q: You look leaner. You've lost some weight?

Symonette: Coaches haven't weighed me officially yet. But I'm lifting hard, running every day.

Q: What have you lost, 20 or 30 pounds?

Symonette: Maybe more than that. But nothing officially for sure yet. I think I'm in better shape than I was before. We'll just see how I respond with practices.

Q: What position are you working at right now tackle, guard?

Symonette: I'm learning all the positions so I'll be ready to play whatever position they need me to. I don't expect to play at a specific position. We have a great O-line, guys that can go in anywhere. As a team we need to be able to go in anywhere we need to. Right now I'm working with second team, third team - I'm moving around and trying to get better.

Q: How good is this offensive line?

Symonette: Our line can be as good as we want to be as long as we work at it.

Q: What is the philosophy under coach Stoutland?

Symonette: Work hard every day and get better. Just keep working hard.
 07-20-2007, 12:25 PM         #1876
Hurricane Ra  OP
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July 19, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

Related Links:
Aaron Boyd bioVideo highlights

Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Lexington (KY) Henry Clay WR Aaron Boyd doesn't publicly list any favorites or even a top five.

But he does know one thing.

"I plan to take an official visit to Miami," he sys. "I haven't narrowed the others down yet."

Why does he have UM slotted in for a visit?

"I just want to see what it's like, what the atmosphere is like," Boyd said. "I know for a fact they're a good team. I just want to see more of them."

Boyd has built a strong rapport with Cane coach Wesley McGriff.

"He just talks about the alumni, how great a program it is and how they're going to rebound," Boyd said. "Coach McGriff, he's a real good guy, is a southern dude from Kentucky. I just like his energy. He's like me, so I get along well with him. He's not really a coach to me, he's like my friend. We talk a couple of times a month."

Boyd adds of UM that "I like the tradition, they're known for a lot of players going to the NFL, a lot of winning streaks, national championships. It would be great to be a part of a team like that."

Boyd says he "might" announce a top 10 midway through his senior season.

As a junior Boyd finished with 40 receptions for 730 yards and five touchdowns.

He lists 20 scholarship offers, including UM, Virginia, Tennessee, LSU, Louisville, Alabama and Auburn.

He says what he's working hardest on for his senior season is "improving my mechanics, route running. I'm practicing hard catches."
 07-20-2007, 06:50 PM         #1877
Hurricane Ra  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
[CODE]No. Name Class. Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown/High School/College
1 Kenny Phillips Jr. S 6-2 210 Miami/Carol City
2 Graig Cooper Fr. RB 6-0 194 Memphis, Tenn./Melrose/Milford Prep
3 Kyle Wright Sr. QB 6-4 225 Danville, Calif./Monte Vista
4 Glenn Sharpe Sr. CB 6-0 185 Miami/Carol City
5 Javarris James Soph. RB 6-0 211 Immokalee/Immokalee
6 Randy Phillips Jr. CB 6-0 204 Belle Glade/Glades Central
7 Kirby Freeman Jr. QB 6-3 214 Brownwood, Texas/Brownwood
8 Darnell Jenkins Sr. WR 5-10 188 Miami/Central
9 Lance Leggett Sr. WR 6-3 192 Bartow/Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep
11 DajLeon Farr Jr. TE 6-5 252 Houston, Texas/North Shore
12 Jorge Fernandez Jr. QB 6-4 215 Miami/Westminster Christian
12 Robert Marve Fr. QB 6-1 198 Tampa/Plant HS
13 Ryan Hill Soph. WR 5-11 195 Tallahassee/Rickards
14 Kris Kimball Jr. WR 5-9 190 Flourtown, Pa./Chestnut Hill Academy
15 Jake Byrne Jr. QB 6-4 208 Miami/Gulliver Prep
15 Jermaine McKenzie Fr. WR 6-2 170 Bradenton/Bradenton Academy
16 Matt Perrelli Jr. QB 6-3 240 Jupiter/Jupiter
17 Daren Daly Jr. PK/P 6-1 179 Coral Springs/Taravella
18 Dedrick Epps Soph. TE 6-4 248 Richmond, Va./Huguenot
19 Daniel Adderley Fr. WR 6-6 215 Simpsonville, S.C./Southside Christian School
19 Terrance Thomason Soph. WR 6-0 165 Riverdale, Ga./Riverdale
20 Doug Wiggins Fr. DB 5-11 188 North Miami Beach/North Miami Beach
21 Derron Thomas Jr. RB 5-9 202 Edgard, La./East St. John
22 Bruce Johnson Jr. CB 5-11 174 Live Oak/Suwannee
23 Tervaris Johnson Soph. DB 6-2 226 Miami/Monsignor Pace
24 Chavez Grant Soph. DB 5-11 177 Miami/Booker T. Washington
25 Matt Bosher R-Fr. PK/P 6-0 195 Jupiter/Jupiter
26 Anthony Redd*ck Jr. S 6-0 205 Ft. Lauderdale/St. Thomas Aquinas
27 Carlos Armour Jr. CB 6-3 204 Memphis, Tenn./Melrose
28 Willie Cooper Sr. S 6-1 214 St. Augustine/St. Augustine
29 Joseph Nicolas Fr. DB 6-1 190 Homestead/Homestead Senior HS
30 DeMarcus Van Dyke Fr. DB 6-1 170 Miami/Pace HS
31 Joe Lucking Fr. FB 6-0 230 Cincinnati, Ohio/Anderson HS
32 Lee Chambers Fr. RB 5-10 180 Coffeeville, Miss./Coffeeville HS
33 Shawnbrey McNeal Fr. RB 5-11 190 Dallas, Texas/Madison HS
34 Charlie Jones Sr. RB 5-10 219 Homestead/South Dade
35 Lovon Ponder Jr. S 6-0 209 Miami/Monsignor Pace
36 Kylan Robinson R-Fr. RB 6-1 215 Anchorage, Alaska/Tampa Chamberlain
37 Jared Campbell Fr. DB 6-0 195 Aurora, Colo./Overland HS
38 Damien Berry Fr. DB 5-11 198 Belle Glade/Glades Central HS
39 Grant Brown Sr. P/PK 6-2 190 North Versailles, Pa./East Allegheny
40 David Strimple Sr. PK/P 5-10 180 Los Angeles, Calif./Beverly Hills
41 Jerrell Mabry Soph. FB 6-1 275 Columbus, Ga./Shaw
42 Gabriel Diaz Sr. FB 6-0 232 Miami/Southwest
43 Alex Uribe Jr. PK 6-1 170 Miami/Gulliver Prep
44 Colin McCarthy Soph. LB 6-3 223 Clearwater/Clearwater Central Catholic
45 Joe Tolliver Sr. WR 6-2 200 Miramar/Dr. Krop
46 John Rochford Sr. G/C 6-2 273 Linwood, N.J./Mainland Regional
47 Vegas Franklin Sr. DL 6-3 255 Reserve, La./East St. John
48 Spencer Adkins Jr. LB 5-11 230 Naples/Naples
49 Courtney Harris Soph. DE 6-3 254 Jupiter/Jupiter
50 Darryl Sharpton Soph. LB 5-11 240 Coral Gables/Coral Gables
51 Romeo Davis Sr. LB 6-3 231 Miami/Northwestern
52 Tavares Gooden Sr. LB 6-2 238 Ft. Lauderdale/St. Thomas Aquinas
53 Benny Fernandez Jr. TE 6-4 212 Miami/Sunset
53 Patrick Smith Jr. LB 6-0 235 Fairfield, Calif./De La Salle HS/Solano JC
54 Teraz McCray Sr. DT 6-1 286 Pompano Beach/Ely
55 Glenn Cook Sr. LB 6-0 220 Hollywood/Chaminade-Madonna Prep
56 Luqman Abdallah Soph. DT 6-3 307 Princeton, N.J./Trenton Central/The Hun School
57 Allen Bailey Fr. LB 6-4 270 Darien, Ga./McIntosh County Academy
57 Chris Hayes Soph. DB 5-9 160 Sarasota/Out-of-Door Academy
58 Demetri Stewart Soph. LB 6-3 213 Oakland Park/Northeast
59 Eric Houston Jr. LB 6-2 228 Miami/Coral Reef
60 Chris Ivory Fr. LS 6-2 230 Belleview/Belleview HS
61 Joel Figueroa R-Fr. OL 6-5 322 North Miami/North Miami
63 Tyler Horn Fr. OL 6-4 290 Memphis, Tenn./University HS
64 Jason Fox Soph. OT 6-6 290 Fort Worth, Texas/North Crowley
65 Matt Pipho Soph. OL 6-7 302 LaPorte City, Iowa/Union
66 Harland Gunn Fr. OL 6-2 300 Omaha, Neb./Central HS
66 Daniel Warren Soph. DB 6-0 180 West Chester, Ohio/Culver Military Academy
67 Tyrone Byrd Jr. OL 6-5 298 Sugar Land, Texas/Houston Hightower
68 Ian Symonette R-Fr. OL 6-9 356 Nassau, Bahamas/St. Pius (Houston)
69 Jonathan Teske Sr. G 6-0 253 Gaithersburg, Md./Gaithersburg
70 A.J. Trump Soph. G 6-3 294 Clearwater/Central Catholic
71 Derrick Morse Sr. G 6-4 320 Fort Myers/Estero
72 Andrew Bain Sr. G 6-3 344 Pompano Beach/Ely
73 Cyrim Wimbs Sr. OT 6-3 330 Pompano Beach/Ely
74 Orlando Franklin Fr. OL 6-7 320 Delray Beach/Atlantic HS
75 Chaz Washington R-Fr. DL 6-4 310 Destrehan, La./Destrehan
76 Chris Rutledge Jr. OL 6-5 302 Miami/Dr. Krop
77 Reggie Youngblood Jr. OT 6-5 302 Houston, Texas/Booker T. Washington
79 Chris Barney Soph. OT 6-5 340 Miami/Northwestern
80 George Robinson R-Fr. WR 6-0 184 Miami/Miami Central
81 Calais Campbell Jr. DE 6-8 280 Denver, Colo./South
82 Kayne Farquharson Jr. WR 6-2 185 Homestead/Homestead Senior HS/El Camino (Calif.) JC
83 Sam Shields Soph. WR 6-0 175 Sarasota/Booker
84 Richard Gordon Soph. TE 6-4 260 Miami/Norland/Milford Prep (N.Y.)
85 Leonard Hankerson Fr. WR 6-2 199 Fort Lauderdale/St. Thomas Aquinas HS
85 Brian McNeil Jr. WR 6-3 224 Lighthouse Point/North Broward Prep
86 Ross Abramson Sr. LS 6-0 218 Franklin Lakes, N.J./Ramapo
87 Khalil Jones Jr. WR 6-2 217 Miami/Northwestern
88 Chris Zellner Jr. TE 6-2 242 Sarasota/Booker
90 Steven Wesley R-Fr. DE 6-3 245 Bartow/Bartow
91 Joe Joseph Soph. DT 6-3 271 Orlando/Oak Ridge
92 Josh Holmes R-Fr. DT 6-0 276 San Diego, Calif./Point Loma
93 Dwayne Hendricks Jr. DT 6-4 287 Millville, N.J./Millville
94 Eric Moncur Jr. DE 6-2 255 Miami/Carol City
96 Antonio Dixon Jr. DT 6-3 331 Miami/Booker T. Washington/Milford Prep
97 Adewale Ojomo Fr. DE 6-3 236 Hialeah/Hialeah HS
98 Chris Perry Fr. DT 6-3 309 Keller, Texas/Fossil Ridge HS[/CODE]

updated numbers
 07-20-2007, 11:53 PM         #1878
Hurricane Ra  OP
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Everyone should go pick up the new ESPN the magazine or maybe its a later one with a story on Darnell Jenkins in it. Its about his life living in Liberty City and anyone from around there knows how tough that sh*t is.. Some interesting sh*t tho, esp two new rules. Anyone caught with a gun on the team is automatically kicked off. And you can't live off campus without a 2.5 GPA
 10 years ago '05        #1879
dipset kid0221 1 heat pts
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Heard we was supposed to have a big day tomorrow (well later today). Hopefully this is true.
 10 years ago '04        #1880
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Yeah I heard y'all supposed to be getting 4 commits tomorrow or something. Shannon is cleaning up the kids that should go to Miami in South Florida, he's doing a great job with recruiting. I still think the team struggles though but I can't deny his ability to lock down his area. I do think that Ramon Buchanan will wind up in the Gator class though, Reggie Nelson and Meyer was all in his ear at FNL and he's definitely still open and has stated as much and I expect the switch. Plus he from a fertile Gator pipeline in Palm Bay.


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