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Looks like deez n*ggas been having fun..

May 19, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

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Demarcus VanDyke bioVanDyke highlight film

Talk about it in The Storm Center

CLICK HERE for CaneSport TV highlights of Demarcus VanDyke's `Welcome To The U' Party

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VanDyke and Farquharson have already forged a close friendship
How excited is Demarcus VanDyke's mother that he's going to be a Hurricane?

So excited that she rented out a hall at the Miami a.ssociation of Firef!ghter's building on Friday night for a "Welcome to the U party" for her son.

CaneSport was on hand for the party, which was also attended by fellow Cane signee Kayne Farquharson.

Relatives arrived from as far away as Jacksonville for the event that lasted until the early hours of the morning.

During the party there was a slide show of VanDyke's highlights on the field.

And he plans to have plenty of more highlights over the next several years.

He's gained seven pounds since his track season ended, currently tipping the scales at 172 pounds.

During track he finished second in the state in the 200 with a time of 21.46 seconds (Deonte Thompson finished first in 21.45 seconds).

And VanDyke's 400-relay team had the best time in the nation at 40.7 seconds.

"I'm real excited to get down to Miami," VanDyke said. "I'll be rooming with Allen Bailey."

VanDyke hasn't received his UM acceptance letter yet but says his grades are in order.

"I'll start out at cornerback at Miami," he said. "I played cornerback my last year and safety the first two years (of high school). Right now I'm talking to coach (Tim) Walton a bit. He just says to learn the plays and just get ready to come in."

VanDyke says he will wear uniform No. 31 as a freshman.

"That's the number I wanted," he said.

CLICK HERE for CaneSport TV highlights of Demarcus VanDyke's `Welcome To The U' Party
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Four months after his criticized departure from the Dolphins, Alabama coach Nick Saban received a celebrity-type reception at one school when he returned here for a recruiting trip last week. ''The faculty was excited,'' Fort Lauderdale Dillard coach Keith Franklin said. Security guards and administrators requested pictures with Saban, and he obliged. 'They said, `We love you here at Dillard,' '' Franklin said.

Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Marcus Fortson and Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna linebacker Jordan Futch -- two of the top junior prospects in South Florida -- spoke with Saban and said he left a good impression. ''Good guy,'' Futch said.

Saban also approached Northwestern offensive lineman Brandon Washington, a UM oral commitment. 'He asked me if my heart was in Miami. I said, `No,' '' Washington said, adding there's a good chance he will sign with UM but wants to take other visits. Washington said the way Saban left the Dolphins ''bothered me'' and ''was on my mind,'' and he might not consider Alabama.

But Saban's request to visit Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas was denied by coach George Smith, who noted it was nothing personal. After Mike Shula was fired, Smith sent a letter to Alabama's athletic director and president stating Bama's coaches weren't welcome on his campus because of how Shula's dismissal ''was handled.'' Saban, who recruited South Florida well as Louisiana State's coach, didn't have a Dade or Broward player in his first Bama signing class.

saban the snake already up to his old tricks
good thing some of these kids see thru his lying
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May 21, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

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Darrell Scott bioVideo highlights

Talk about it in The Storm Center
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Ventura (CA) St. Bonaventure High School RB Darrell Scott will get a long distance visitor at his school today.

"Coach [Randy] Shannon texted me that he'll be here," Scott said. "I got a written Miami offer a while ago."

It's not exactly Scott's only offer.

He lists over 40 offers, including the likes of USC, Florida, LSU and Texas.

"I can't narrow things down yet," the 6-foot-0, 215-pounder with 4.4-second speed said. "It's impossible. Sooner or later I will. Right now I want to enjoy the ride."

What does he want in a college program?

"I have to see how many running backs they have, what years they are, see if I'm going to come out and start as a freshman," Scott said. "My main goal is coming out and starting as a freshman. I want everybody to know I need to play right away. I want to get on the field, don't want to ride the bench.

"If I have to compete, I'll compete. That's no problem. But I want to get on the field."

Scott finished his junior year rushing for an incredible 3,194 yards and 46 touchdowns. His team finished with a 10-3 record and was one game away from playing for a state title.

Scott says he doesn't know much about Miami's program but looks forward to learning more.

"Miami coaches have already come up here once this spring, but I was absent that day," Scott said.

Scott says he hears comparisons in his playing style to Adrian Peterson and Edgerrin James.
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May 20, 2007

Michael Langston

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
Lincoln DB T.J. Bryant is one of the hottest prospects in the nation, but you would think the talented 6-foot-1, 180 pound top corner is just another player battling it out for a position because of his work ethic every day in practice. recently caught up with Bryant to talk about the upcoming season, the spring game and if the talented corner has a leader at this point.

Bryant is considered one of the top cornerbacks in the nation
First off ask any college recruiter about the cornerback position and one of the first areas any top corner must have is a lock down ability to shut down one side of the field. Check. Next, that talented defensive back also must be able to be physical and lay out the big hit. Check again. Finally, speed is always a big concern most recruiters look for in a top corner. Check mate. Simply put, Bryant has all those characteristics and more at the cornerback position. So it's easy to see why this versatile star for the Trojans is right at the top of any schools recruiting board at the defensive back position.

"T.J. Bryant is everything you want from a cornerback. He's extremely physical, very fast and can lock down anyone in one on one coverage. It's rare you have a prospect that brings everything all in one, but Bryant has that so there is really no question that he is one of the top prospects not only in the state of Florida but in the nation," replied National Recruiting Analyst J.C. Shurbutt of and other publications think so much of Bryant that he could ultimately end up the top cornerback not only in the state of Florida, but in the nation. Even with the lofty praise, don't look for Bryant to keep close tabs on where he will be ranked in the next or Top 100.

"You hear people talk about Patrick Johnson is better or that they like me better. Honestly, I have the up most respect for what Patrick does over there at Ely, he is a very talented defensive back. He is doing his thing over there in the south and I'm taking care of things on the northern side of Florida. It doesn't matter to me where I'm ranked or any of that stuff. How I perform is always my biggest concern," said Bryant.

Bryant's talents emerged quickly as a sophomore when the speedy corner was an immediate impact, finishing with seven interceptions, which led Lincoln despite it being his first year on the varsity squad.

"I had a feeling he was pretty special when he first came up to the varsity. Many people know about his talents, but what really stands out about T.J. is how competitive he is out there. He can be hurt and unless you see it clearly he won't go out of the game. He's one of the toughest players we have ever had here at Lincoln," said Lincoln a.ssistant coach Tony Collins.

Several opponents picked up on the talents of Bryant in his junior season as most teams just threw away from Bryant, but the talented corner still finished with three interceptions last season. One moment in 2006 personified Bryant as a player when the talented corner told the coaches this game is about to end.

"We were playing Milton in the playoffs last year and they were driving down for the winning score and T.J. said this game will be over the next play coach. Sure enough on the very next play, Bryant stepped in front of the errant pass to seal the win," explained Coach Collins.

Lincoln is used to Bryant making these type of plays, but the confidence he exudes isn't one that is lack of respect for his opponent, but more of a expectation of himself as a player.

Bryant is his own worst critic
"I'm harder on myself probably than anyone would ever be out there. I'm never really satisfied even if I play well. If I give up one big pass that could be the difference between a win and a loss for us so yeah I'm very competitive when it comes to what I expect out of myself."

His competitive nature probably comes from Bryant's mom who makes it a point to not lose focus on the important things in his life. His mom was a talented athlete in our own right running track for Miami Central high school.

"She means a lot to me and has helped a lot with recruiting and other things. She keeps my focus right and makes sure I don't get too wild and crazy about everything that is going on. She doesn't let up, but that's a good thing. So there is no question she helps me out a lot through everything."

That point was further proven in the spring game last night with Bryant. Despite not giving up but one catch for the game, the 6-foot-1, 180 pound star All-American was greatly displeased with his performance. Although Bryant was just coming off the track season, he was extremely critical of his play, even though the Trojans came out on the winning end of the Jamboree.

"I was terrible tonight, and that's unacceptable for me as a player. I know I'm a lot better than that, but I'm not going to say some excuse like track or anything like that it's my responsibility to perform at a higher level but I will straighten that out in the summer."

What was even more surprising about last night was the fact that Bryant also for the first time probably in his career struggled fielding punts.

"The coaches got on me pretty good in not coming up faster to field the punts and I deserved that to be honest because if I'm doing something bad I want them to point that out because that's the only way you are going to learn as a player. I just need to work on that a little more in the summer."

Despite being hard on himself, Bryant was still excited that his Trojans won and the most exciting part of the evening for Bryant came when he got a chance to match up with Chiles WR Daniel Bryant.

"That was pretty exciting. I think Chiles moved him all over the place, but finally the coaches just said go where ever he goes. Daniel is a good player with a lot of speed, but he didn't get a catch so I was happy about that."

Following the final game with Chiles, Bryant was very pleased with the performance of his teammates.

"I thought our other young corners did very well in D'Andre Byrd and Kelvin Young who you guys will be talking about a lot this year. We also got a victory in both games so that's also something to be proud of."

On the recruiting front, nothing has really changed too much in regards to a favorite at this point. The talented corner insist that every school has a solid shot at winning his services.

"I don't have a leader or a favorite. Honestly, I'm not leveling any team out because I want to be in a position where I commit and then there is a team maybe I didn't know as much about. I want to be sure with my decision in where I feel the most comfortable at. Some of the teams I'm looking at right now are FSU, LSU, Alabama, Florida, Miami, and Tennessee."

Besides the schools mentioned Bryant is also very high on Auburn, Notre Dame and the USC Trojans.

Bryant maintains he doesn't have a leader yet
One school that is hoping to gain that signature from Bryant is the home team in the Florida State Seminoles who have built a strong pipeline with the Lincoln program over the past few years. FSU has landed at least one Trojan player for seven straight years.

"I like FSU a lot and it's right here in my backyard. They also have a strong history of putting players in the league. I'm also familiar with what FSU likes to run with it being so close to Lincoln."

LSU is also making a strong push for the talented corner and so far Bryant likes what he is hearing out of the Tiger camp.

"They put players in the NFL as well. LSU is a program that expects the most out of their players in being successful and I feel with LSU they do that. The Tiger program always seems to have one of the top defenses around."

The Miami Hurricanes earlier this year picked up a commitment from Ely DB Patrick Johnson and now they are looking for more in landing Bryant who could very well be the top defensive back in the state this year.

"I like Coach Shannon and the Miami defense. They play very hard nose defense that is up in your face in being very physical which is a strong part of my game as well."

Those are just a few of the teams pursing the talented corner. But as Bryant noted earlier, he is very open to each program and his final decision will just come down to what he feels in his heart about each school and if the system fits him as a player."

Bryant boast well over 40 offers, but the speedy corner hasn't had a lot of time to take any visits just yet. But in the summer, his visit plans could pick-up.

"I went to the Alabama spring game which was wild and I went over to FSU to watch them a couple of times to see what their defense was all about. But honestly, I haven't done much in regards to visits. I know that I'm going to get up with my coaches here at Lincoln and start setting some trips up. I'm not in a hurry to make a decision, but I'm also excited about taking a close look at all the schools."
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May 21, 2007

Jim Martz, CaneSport Magazine

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D.C. Jefferson bioVideo highlights

Talk about it in The Storm Center
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Winter Haven (FL) High School QB D.C. Jefferson had Cane coaches at his school last week.

"I guess they liked me," the 6-foot-5, 237-pounder with 4.76-second speed said. "I talked to one of the coaches the day after they came - he was trying to get me to come for the summer camp so they can look at me more.

"Most likely I'll do that."

Jefferson now lists 12 offers including the likes of Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and Rutgers.

Miami has not yet offered.

But, despite that, Jefferson lists the Canes as recruiting him hardest.

"They send me a lot of mail," he said. "They talk about me coming on campus, recruiting me, that they'd like to see me at their school.

"I really don't have any favorites right now. I'm open. I'll probably make a decision after my senior season, probably in January."

He may have to move that timeline up, though.

"I'm thinking about graduating early," Jefferson said. "I'll just have to take classes over the summer. I want to do that to get to college, get ready early."

As a junior Jefferson passed for 1,148 yards with 10 touchdowns. He also rushed for over 400 yards with seven more scores.
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 05-22-2007, 03:32 PM         #1428
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May 22, 2007

Jeremy Crabtree Football Recruiting
Five-star gallery
Video look at the new five-stars
5-star Search: From the road
Nobody racks up more frequent flier miles than the recruiting analysts.

After months and months of traveling from one corner of the country to another for Junior Days, NIKE Camps, visits to high schools for spring practices and other camps and combines, the first official player rankings for the class of 2008 have been released today.

The first release is for players that have received the prestigious five-star rating and are ranked from No. 27 through No. 21 overall nationally. They're also ranked as 6.1 on the Rivals Rating Scale, which means they're projected to be the franchise players in this year's class.

These players are truly considered the elite prospects in the country and are deemed to have excellent pro potential. They should be high-major prospects with the ability to make an immediate dent in college football next season. will unveil players ranked from No. 20-14 on Wednesday, No. 13-7 on Thursday and No. 6-1 on Friday. On Tuesday, following the Memorial Day holiday, the first official Rivals100 for the class of 2008 will be unveiled. That will be the first time that stars are awarded for those players and they will be ranked numerically from No. 1 to 100.

23. Patrick Johnson
6-1, 193, CB, Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely
Johnson in action
Accolades: A first-team all-state selection by the Florida Sportswriters a.ssociation as a junior after he had 37 tackles and seven interceptions. He also had four kickoff returns for touchdowns and 11 touchdowns on offense.
Why he's a five-star: "I've had the chance to see Patrick Johnson in person, and it's clear that he has the size, hips and speed to be an elite cornerback at the collegiate level. Perhaps the best thing about Johnson's game right now is his recovery speed. He has advanced ability to close on a receiver and the ball. He had seven interceptions as a junior, which shows he has excellent ball skills. Johnson also is an above-average tackler. Given his size and strength, he won't have any issues making plays against the run. Miami fans should be excited about the possibility of Johnson and Class of 2007 recruit Doug Wiggins forming an elite cornerback tandem for the Hurricanes in the coming years." – recruiting analyst JC Shurburtt.
Johnson says: "The way I carry myself on the field is a factor in everything I do. Every time I go out and play football, I tell myself to be the best. I also try to be a great leader by my play. When it comes down to the moment in the heat of the battle, I am sure to take over the game."
Beyond the gridiron: His cousin is former blue-chip recruit and Florida State defensive back Bryant McFadden … Will graduate early and enroll in the spring semester.
Top schools: Committed to Miami on April 5, picking the Hurricanes over offers from Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State and Georgia.
Vote: Should Patrick Johnson be a five star?
 05-22-2007, 03:33 PM         #1429
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May 22, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room

Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Graig Cooper got the nod as Swasey's weight room "freak" this year begins its comprehensive four-part Inside the Weight Room coverage with an overview of what is going on inside strength coach Andreu Swasey's domain. For complete player-by-player results from the last two years, see this month's issue of CaneSport Magazine.


In past years players would joke about "Swasey Time."

Strength and conditionin coach Andreu Swasey would set the weight room clocks ahead 15 minutes. So if you have a 7 a.m. weight room appointment and you show up at 7 a.m., you're actually 15 minutes late. And Swasey would not look on that kindly.

There are no gimmicks under Randy Shannon, though.

So the time is, well, the time.

The weight room clocks are back to "normal" time.

"Now we just have players come at 6:45 instead of 7," Swasey says.

That's the most superficial of the strength and conditioning changes under the first-year head coach.

The biggest change is a new emphasis on agility vs. strength. Swasey says Shannon wants to emphasize speed more than anything.

"I feel what we're based upon at the University of Miami is speed, strength and explosiveness," Swasey said. "That's what we're based on. You think of Miami, you think of speed and power. You don't think of a big team trying to power people like a plow driver. Yes we are lean, trying to put on muscle mass. But speed, squat and the explosiveness which created our first step is what I went back to as more important than anything this year. I look back to 2001, 2002 - we're way stronger than we were then. I want to stay as one of the fastest and most explosive teams in the country, so we went back to that. The emphasis is more on speed this year."


Despite the subpar 2006 season, it was a record year in terms of strength for the Canes.

So where does the team's strength stack up this year compared to 2006?

Last year the average back squat was a school-record 419.5 pounds, a nice increase over the 2005 average of 398 and the 2004 average of 395.

This year the average was even more impressive at 421.5 pounds.

The power clean average in 2006 was 265.2 pounds, in line with the 267 pounds from 2005 and the 269 pounds in 2004.

This year the team's average power clean was 268.3 pounds.

The bench press average was down, though. It was 299 pounds last year, an increase from 292 pounds in 2005 and a decrease from 2004's 332 pounds.

The team's average this year was 291.7 pounds.

This team certainly compares well strength-wise to the teams of the last few years.

What about agility-wise?

Well, the vertical average last year was 33.8 inches; this year it's 31.8.

The 40-yard dash time is about the same, going from 4.88 seconds last year to 4.89 seconds this year.

Perhaps the best sign of the increased explosiveness of this year's team was the short shuttle. The average time this year was 4.41 seconds, a big improvement from last year's 4.57-second average.

The team's body fat is also down a percentage point, to 13.1 percent.

In all, in every testing event except for the vertical and bench press, the team was virtually identical or better than the 2006 version.

"Looking at the program from 2000 on back, sometimes you can get lost comparing and contrasting programs from year to year," Swasey said. "So my main goal this year - we got a lot stronger last year. The focus point this year is on speed. The lifting part, we did a lot of power/strength stuff previous years.

"You want balance. It isn't all about strength. They've got bodybuilding contests for that. We're talking about training athletes, trying to become the most explosive."


Asked to name one or two leaders in the weight room on offense or defense, Swasey pauses.

"Everything is so team-oriented now that I don't even think it's appropriate to say right now that a guy is the leader," Swasey said. "Coach Shannon has done a great job of building a whole different culture as far as continuity, chemistry, team, and guys work like that. The more you have more leadership across the board as a group instead of one guy being singled out, I think you can see the mold of that. You can see guys working together more, supporting each other more. Coach Shannon's done a good job of that on defense (in the past), and now that he's the head coach he's spreading that among the team.

"Now it's not offense-defense, which is the thing I see more importantly from a strength perspective. Guys will come to the weight room and you'll say, `Well, what do you see different from last year and what do you think went wrong?' You had defense and you had offense. Our goal as a team this year and from now on is to have team chemistry throughout the summer. It's not offense-defense, everyone's as one. You have to continue to have the same team chemistry throughout the season. When one side is ranked fifth and the other is in the 80's, you're talking about a different perspective. You get different emotions. It could have been different than it was, but losing by one point, three points..."

Swasey is willing to point to one guy as the hardest worker in the weight room: "Darryl Sharpton," Swasey said. "Sharpton won it last year, and I don't think that's changed."


Swasey has nominated a weight room "freak" in past years. Devin Hester and Calais Campbell are among those receiving the honor.

Who is this year's freak?

"The guy I've been most impressed with coming in is Graig Cooper by far," Swasey said. "Being a freshman coming in, he can be an instant impact. He's going to be a guy that I think will really surprise a lot of people.

"He has strength and speed. He's back squatting 440 as a freshman. That's pretty good at the size he has. And he ran a 4.43 [in the 40-yard dash]."


Shannon wanted to form some coaching chemistry, so he organized a coaching "retreat" in Las Vegas in early May.

The coaches spent a weekend together and learned a lot about each other.

"It went well," Swasey said. "That's another concept that is great. Just the coaches and some support staff went. What coach Shannon is bridging now is us finding ourselves out of this element at a place where you can just enjoy each other's company, have a few dinners, everyone coming together.

"We just hung out in a different atmosphere. We also met individually with coach, went over things. It was educational and beneficial."


Players don't want to be late for a workout with Swasey, let alone several workouts.

Ask Swasey what happens to a player who is late for the fifth time, and Swasey laughs.

That simply doesn't happen.

"Fifth time, you've got some issues then," Swasey said. "That's too much."

If a player is late once or twice, what is the punishment?

"The punishment is what it is - it can vary from 20 110's, from 200 up-downs to 500 up-downs, there's a lot of variations on what you can do," Swasey said. "But the punishment is not the true issue. You can run somebody, up-down them all you want, but based on have they learned anything is the key message. I want to educate you on responsibility. That's what I feel this room is based on - not just weights, but teaching guys about life responsibilities, accountability.

"It's more of an embarrassment than a punishment [if you are late]. If you educate people about responsibilities and character and accountability - calling people out sometimes in front of the group on top of educating everybody the reason why you're calling them out is to make sure that everybody else doesn't make that mistake. I think the pressure of the peers and teammates to be felt as a letdown is really a hard thing to stomach. I don't think you want to be up in front of the group about that and being called out like that, and at the same time guys understand that and take that in stride because they know it's not about them, it's about the program. And when you educate guys, try to teach them it's more about everyone else than you - that's how we built the University of Miami mystique. It's not about you, it's about the program. It's about the U, not you."

During summer "voluntary" running, Swasey has no say over what goes on per NCAA rules.

"The players are the police of it all, are the rules and regulation of how it's run," Swasey said. "And that's the most important piece of it all, them taking ownership. I think coach Shannon, having been a player, understands that. He's trying to preach the history more and educate them more on what this program was built on. Former players that played here a while back want to keep our tradition and our history up. When you look outside of yourself for that, that's when you can have a lot of success."

* In tomorrow's Inside the Weight Room segment, Swasey breaks down what is happening on the offensive side of the ball.
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Inside the Weight Room Part 2


One quarterback's speed took a big jump while the other slowed down in post-spring testing.

Last year Kirby Freeman was bothered by a sore back when the team tested in the 40 - he ran it in 4.75 seconds.

This year Freeman was healthy when he tested, and he ran an incredible 4.43-second time. That ranked sixth-best on the team, a testament to Freeman's athleticism. His 10-yard dash time of 1.46 seconds tied for second-best on the team behind Glenn Sharpe's 1.45 seconds.

Freeman also had one of the best vertical jumps at 36 inches, and he tied for third-best in the short shuttle with a time of 4.09 seconds.

He has lost nine pounds from last year, weighing in at 202 pounds.

Kyle Wright, by comparison, got slower. Last year he ran the 40 in 4.59 seconds. This year he tested at 4.71 seconds. Wright did turn in a respectable 4.15-second time in the short shuttle.

"With the thumb (injury last year) he wasn't in training as much considering what he could do with his hand," Swasey said.

There's no doubt Freeman was the more impressive of the two in the weight room.

"He's very fast - the numbers don't lie, he's as fast as Graig Cooper," Swasey said. "You can see the numbers. Last year they were both tied at 4.59 [in fall testing]. One went up one way, one went up the other way.

"Like I tell the guys, each year you have to come prepared to work and train, and if you don't use it you lose it. The program is set. There are about four to five guys that didn't go up because of injuries, like Kyle, Joe Joseph, guys like that. That shows me the program works - if you're not working in it, you're going to get left behind. The numbers show that."


Graig Cooper wowed with his moves on the football field this spring. And he's already showing his stuff in the weight room.

He tied for the best vertical jump on the team at 38.5 inches, and the 192-pounder also had a 440-pound squat and was tied for second on the team with a 1.46-second time in the 10-yard dash. He tied for third with a 4.43-second time in the 40.

Cooper's 308-pound power clean tied for eighth-best on the team.

Javarris James didn't test in running events due to injury, but he ranked No. 5 on the team with a 525-pound back squat. He weighed in at 213 pounds with 7.2 percent body fat.

"That 525 is crazy impressive," Swasey said. "I didn't get the 40 or vertical on him because he [had a minor knee] injury. His bench went up, so his shoulder thing [from last year] is perfectly fine. He went up 25 pounds in his back squat from last [fall], 66 pounds in his power clean and 30 pounds in his bench."

Charlie Jones impressed in the strength events.

Last year he squatted 490 pounds, had a 274-pound power clean and benched 300 pounds.

He improved all those numbers. He squatted 525 pounds, had a 286-pound power clean and benched 315 pounds.

Jones has gained four pounds since last year, currently weighing in at 219 pounds. He's working to improve his speed, as he tested at 4.65 seconds in the 40. His 37-inch vertical was tied for seventh-best on the team.

"His back squat went up 110 pounds since he got here," Swasey said. "He came in at 415."

Jerrell Mabry improved his back squat from 515 pounds last year to 545 pounds, No. 3 on the team, and he turned in a nice vertical of 36 inches. But he weighed in at 283 pounds and ran a 4.83-second time in the 40. Swasey said he needs to decrease his 22.6 body fat percentage to improve all of his numbers.

Derron Thomas did a nice job improving his short shuttle time from 4.28 to 4.13 seconds, but he ran a disappointing 4.65-second time in the 40. Last year he tested at 4.50 seconds.

Shields earned the title of Fastest Hurricane with a 4.26 40 time


What did the receivers learn about themselves in pre-spring and post-spring testing?

Perhaps the biggest thing is that sophomore receiver Sam Shields can flat-out fly.

He was the fastest Hurricane, and not just by a slim margin. Shields tested at 4.26 seconds. No. 2 on the team was Bruce Johnson at 4.34 seconds, and behind Johnson were several Canes at 4.43 seconds.

Shields also ranked No. 10 on the team in the short shuttle with a 4.14-second time, and he had a 1.50-second time in the 10-yard dash, which ranked No. 7.

"He's very fast," Swasey said. "He ran one of the fastest times I've seen. He's very talented, is athletic. He's got speed."

Lance Leggett weighed in at 190 pounds, up four pounds from a year ago. He did not test in the running events due to a knee injury. Last year he ran the 40 in 4.50 seconds.

"This summer he'll catch up," Swasey said. "It's just a case of him healing.

"With Lance, our thing is we want him to put on as much mass as he can. In all reality it seems it's bad [he's missed agility work due to injury], but it's not as bad as it seems because it's allowing him to continue to pump up [his weight]."

Khalil Jones was the 10-yard sprint champion last year with a 1.40-second time. But this year he slipped out of the top 10 with a 1.53-second time. Jones went from a 40-inch vertical last year to 38.5 inches this year, tied for best on the team. Jones was tied for No. 3 on the team in the 40-yard dash with a 4.43-second time.

Ryan Hill finished with a disappointing 40 time of 4.56 seconds, but he was tied for third on the team with a 4.09-second short shuttle performance.

* Darnell Jenkins did not test in events other than the squat, power clean and bench because he was off campus most of this spring due to family issues. Last year he tied for second-fastest on the team with a 4.37-second time in the 40-yard dash.

Dajleon Farr ran a 4.67-second 40 and had a 1.50-second time in the 10 and a 4.34 time in the short shuttle. He's gained 22 pounds since arriving at Miami, currently tipping the scales at 252 pounds. And he posted an extremely impressive 340-pound power clean, second-best on the team. His back squat of 525 pounds was fifth-best on the team.

Dedrick Epps turned in one of the better vertical jumps on the team at 36 inches and had a 4.54-second time in the 40. That ranked No. 11 on the team.

"Dajleon's strength levels are good, has done a good job, but who really surprised me was Epps," Swasey said. "That 4.54, and his numbers went up. He went up within this year 100 pounds in the back squat, from 375 to 475, went up 54 pounds to 274 on the power clean and went up 30 pounds on the bench to 310."

Chris Zellner also remains impressive in the weight room.

He was one of the top Canes in the bench press last year at 360 pounds, and this year he tested at 370. That ranked fifth-best on the team.


Andrew Bain remains the strongest Hurricane.

Last year he was No. 1 on the team with a 600-pound squat. And this year he increased that to 625 pounds. That blew away the competition - No. 2 on the team in the back squat was Spencer Adkins at 550 pounds.

Bain also had the No. 1 bench press this year at 445 pounds, up from 385 pounds last year.

"He's the strongest guy on the team," Swasey said. "When he got to 625 I just stopped him. He could have probably gotten close to 700, but I don't want to mess with him."

Reggie Youngblood has increased his strength dramatically in the weight room.

Last year he squatted 385 pounds and did 286 on power clean.

This year he squatted 425 pounds and did 318 on power clean.

Youngblood has also cut some weight. He weighed in at 304 pounds last year and is now at 298 pounds.

Weight remains an issue for several of the linemen.

Chris Barney arrived at UM at over 370 pounds, but he cut that to 347 last spring. But he's back up this spring, weighing in at 362 pounds.

Cyrim Wimbs is also trying to cut weight. He weighed in at 344 pounds last year and is at 336 this year.

Wimbs tied for fifth-best on the team in the squat at 525 pounds.

Ian Symonette weighed in this spring at 366 pounds, and he's working to drop a lot of that.

Chris Rutledge did a nice job dropping weight. He's lost 15 pounds since last spring and is now a 310-pounder.

"Really I don't care if Rutledge loses weight anymore - he's right where he needs to be," Swasey said. "I've been overly impressed with Rutledge and his weight drop, his 33-inch vertical."

Joel Figueroa has also dropped a lot of weight. He checked in last year at 334 pounds. He's now at 317 pounds.

* A.J. Trump tied for third in the bench press at 375 pounds. He did not test in the squat or power clean due to injury.
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Family of slain Hurricanes player to get $2 million settlement

MIAMI (AP) -- The family of slain Miami Hurricanes player Bryan Pata will get $2 million from the insurance companies of the apartment complex where he was murdered, family attorneys said Wednesday.

Pata was fatally shot outside The Colony Apartment in Kendall on Nov. 7. The apartment complex did not provide the 24-hour security it had advertised, and several outdoor lights were obscured or not working, particularly where the shooting took place, said the family's attorneys.

"It was basically pitch black where it happened," attorney Douglas McCarron said.

Pata's parents will receive two $1 million payouts, the full policy limit from both of the complex's insurance companies.

Relatives said Pata had promised to help financially support his family once he signed an NFL contract

at least his peoples will get a lil sumthin to live off of, R.I.P.
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Inside the Weight Room---Part 3


Calais Campbell is one of the team's biggest freaks in the weight room. At 279 pounds and with 10.8 percent body fat, he squatted 515 pounds and power cleaned 330 pounds, tied for fourth-best on the team. He also verticalled 37 inches and ran a 4.88-second time in the 40.

His vertical tied for seventh-best on the team and is especially scary for opponents considering the fact that he's 6-foot-8 with long arms.

Richard Gordon continues to be one of the most impressive Canes with his strength and agility. He increased his vertical from 34.5 inches last year to 35.5 inches, and he decreased his 40 time from 4.59 seconds to 4.51, ranking No. 7 on the team. He also increased his back squat from 475 pounds to 500 and his power clean from 264 pounds to 301. His bench press went up 25 pounds to 345. Not bad for a 263-pounder with 13.8 percent body fat.

He has gained 12 pounds since last spring.

"Campbell and Gordon are freakish," Swasey said. "You're talking about freakish numbers. What Calais is doing is off the charts with his body fat percentage. He came in about 230 pounds, is now at 279. And we're talking about a junior. To do that with this body fat, I'm overly pleased. A 4.2 short shuttle and 37 inch vertical at that height and size? Those are some weird numbers."

Eric Moncur remains one of the strongest Hurricanes. He increased his 500-pound squat from last year to 525 pounds, tied for fifth-best on the team. He also made one of the biggest jumps in the power clean, going from 301 pounds last year to 340 pounds this year, tying for second on the team behind Bain.

"Moncur is very powerful, explosive," Swasey said. "He had a 335-pound bench, is probably more of a 400-pound bencher. But with a strained pec I didn't want to risk it, do anything crazy."

Teraz McCray did a nice job increasing his squat from 515 pounds last year to 545 pounds, tied for third-best on the team, and his power clean went from 313 pounds to 330, tied for fourth-best on the team.

Courtney Harris is a player who hasn't improved significantly in the weight room. He weighs virtually the same as he did a year ago at 251 pounds, but his results weren't up to par with 2006. Last year he ran a 4.75-second time in the 40 with a 33.5-inch vertical. This year he ran a 4.83 time in the 40 with a 31-inch vertical.

Harris' most impressive performance was in the 10-yard dash where he showed his quick first step with a 1.50-second time. That was best among linemen and tied for No. 7 on the team.

A player dealing with weight issues on the line is Antonio Dixon. He came into Miami at 360 pounds and was at 343 pounds last year. He's now down to 334 pounds.

"The goal for Dixon - his body fat is 26 percent," Swasey said. "The goal for that is in the teens, 18 or 19. For him to get there it would put him at 320, 325 pounds. If he loses 10 pounds I'm overly pleased."

Dixon improved his bench press this year, going from 365 pounds to 375 pounds, which tied for third-best on the team.

The lost weight award goes to Joe Joseph, who has dropped 24 pounds from last season and is now at 273 pounds.

* Luqman Abdallah was one of the top Hurricane performers in the bench press last year at 365 pounds, but he did not test this year due to injury.


Spencer Adkins is one of the most impressive physical specimens on the team. He improved his power clean from 330 pounds to 345 pounds, which was best on the team. He also squatted 550 pounds, which was second on the team to Bain, and he improved his bench press from 385 to 410 pounds, also ranking No. 2 on the team to Bain.

"Adkins may be, pound for pound, the strongest guy on the team," Swasey said.

Swasey points to Colin McCarthy as one of the most impressive Canes in the weight room.

McCarthy squatted 390 pounds, ran 4.18 seconds in the short shuttle, among the best on the team, and verticalled 37 inches, tied for seventh-best on the team.

"What people don't realize about Colin is that he didn't train ever in high school," Swasey said. "He never trained. So the numbers we're getting now, really he just started training. These kids come from so many different backgrounds. Spencer Adkins, a D.J. Williams, had done so much training in high school, Javarris James also. Those guys came in squatting 500. So you have to put that in perspective."

Eric Houston continues to make strides in the weight room. He went from a 475 squat to 500 and from a 264-pound power clean to 286.

Tavares Gooden is the fastest linebacker at 4.43 seconds in the 40, and that time tied for No. 3 overall on the team. Last year he tested at 4.46 seconds in the event. Gooden also improved his short shuttle time from 4.28 to 4.09 seconds, which ranked No. 3 on the team.

Gooden was one of three Canes to break the 40-inch barrier in vertical testing last year (along with former Canes Willie Williams and Rashaun Jones). This year he managed 38 inches, a half-inch off the best on the team.

"When you really get to freakish kind of bodies, guys within that 225, 250-pound range and they're more lean and powerful, you're talking about Jonathan Vilmas, T-Good's," Swasey said. "And you start hitting 4.1's ... my most concern is that 40, vertical, short shuttle and body fat, because that's what speed is all about."

* Darryl Sharpton did not do weight testing due to injury, but last year he was one of the strongest Canes with a 500-pound back squat

Chavez Grant improved from a 4.7 last year to a 4.56 this year in 40 testing


A big issue for Swasey among the defensive backs is trying to get Randy Phillips' body fat percentage down.

Phillips' body fat is at 9 percent, and Swasey would like to see it closer to Kenny Phillips' 5.2 percent.

Randy Phillips ran a 4.53-second time in the 40 last year, but ran a 4.61-second time this year.

He has gained 12 pounds since last spring and is now at 202 pounds.

"He has to lose body fat," Swasey said. "It sounds crazy, but I've got to get that down a little bit. It equates to the 4.61. The more leaner, the more explosive you are. I need him at a good 195 pounds. That five to seven pounds is going to make a difference. If he's 6 percent body fat running 4.48, 4.50, that's a big difference. Because he's squatting 470, he's got explosive power."

Swasey said the defensive back that surprised him the most was Chavez Grant.

Grant ran a 4.56 time in the 40 this year and tied for third on the team in the short shuttle with a 4.09-second time. Last year Grant was running a 4.7 in the 40.

"I'm really impressed with him dropping his 40 and running and doing better," Swasey said.

Last year Glenn Sharpe was tied with Jenkins as the second-fastest Hurricane with a 4.37-second time. This year he ran a 4.56-second time.

But not to worry.

"We jogged a 4.56 - I told him just to get a time for me, because he had an ankle [injury]," Swasey said of Sharpe, who tied for best on the team with a 38.5-inch vertical. "I wanted him to test just to tell me where he's at. He's run a 4.3 flat."

Despite the injury Sharpe can claim the team lead in a couple of categories: In the short shuttle he finished in a team-best 3.92 seconds, and he won the 10-yard dash competition in 1.45 seconds.

Bruce Johnson was the fastest Hurricane last year at 4.34 seconds in the 40. He gave up that title to Shields this year.

But Johnson hasn't exactly slowed down. He tested at 4.34 seconds again, No. 2 on the team.

And he was No. 2 in the short shuttle at 3.95 seconds.

A player who has made some strides is cornerback Carlos Armour. He went from a 365-pound squat last year to 415. And he improved his power clean from 257 pounds to 264 and his bench from 265 to 275 pounds.

Kenny Phillips also tested well. He squatted 415 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.53 seconds.

True freshman Doug Wiggins ran a disappointing 4.76-second time in the 40, but he was among the top performers in the short shuttle with a 4.18-second time and he was sixth in the 10-yard dash at 1.48 seconds.

"That's like Chavez - he came in running a 4.7 and this year ran a 4.5," Swasey said. "We have guys that get faster."
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May 24, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine

Related Links:
Malcolm Johnson bio

Talk about it in The Storm Center
Never miss breaking news on Miami sports and recruiting. Sign-up for Wireless Text Alerts sent right to your cell phone!

Bartow (FL) High School WR Malcolm Johnson lists a Miami scholarship offer.

And he's got a close tie to the Canes: His cousin is UM receiver Lance Leggett.

"I get compared to him, and I'm real close with Lance," said Johnson, a 6-foot-2, 165-pounder with 4.4-second speed. "I see Lance when he comes back, and I talk to him every week. He wants me to go to Miami, but I don't have my mind made up yet."

Johnson lists 10 offers, including Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Kansas and Arizona State.

What's he looking for in a program at the next level?

"Playing time's most important to me," he says. "Location isn't a problem."

Johnson says he regularly receives text messages from Cane coach Marques Mosely.

He lists his favorites as Miami, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Florida and Florida State.

"Virginia Tech is ahead because they have four senior wide receivers this year coming up, but it's not a big lead," Johnson said. "No. 2 after them would be Miami and No. 3 is Florida State.

"It'll be a while before I decide anything."

Johnson plays both ways at Bartow and says the only college recruiting him for defense as well as offense is Rutgers.

He plays free safety, cornerback and receiver at Bartow High.

"I don't care which side of the ball I play on in college," Johnson said.
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Its only May :(
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Inside the Weight Room---Part 4

1. Andrew Bain, 625
2. Spencer Adkins, 550
3T. Jerrell Mabry, 545
3T. Teraz McCray, 545
5T. Dajleon Farr, 525
5T. Javarris James, 525
5T. Charlie Jones, 525
5T. Eric Moncur, 525
5T. Cyrim Wimbs, 525
10. Calais Campbell, 515

1. Spencer Adkins, 345
2T. Dajleon Farr, 340
2T. Eric Moncur, 340
4T. Calais Campbell, 330
4T. Teraz McCray, 330
6T. Reggie Youngblood, 318
6T. Chris Zellner, 318
8T. Glenn Cook, 308
8T. Graig Cooper, 308
8T. Jason Fox, 308
8T. Tavares Gooden, 308
8T. Dwayne Hendricks, 308
8T. Jerrell Mabry, 308
8T. Derrick Morse, 308

1. Andrew Bain, 445
2. Spencer Adkins, 410
3T. Antonio Dixon, 375
3T. A.J. Trump, 375
5. Chris Zellner, 370
6. Teraz McCray, 365
7T. Joel Figueroa, 350
7T. Tavares Gooden, 350
7T. Dwayne Hendricks, 350
7T. Derrick Morse, 350

1T. Graig Cooper, 38.5
1T. Khalil Jones, 38.5
1T. Glenn Sharpe, 38.5
4T. Tavares Gooden, 38
4T. Randy Phillips, 38
6. Carlos Armour, 37.5
7T. Calais Campbell, 37
7T. Charlie Jones, 37
7T. Colin McCarthy, 37
10. Eric Houston, 36.5

1. Glenn Sharpe, 3.92
2. Bruce Johnson, 3.95
3T. Spencer Adkins, 4.09
3T. Kirby Freeman, 4.09
3T. Tavares Gooden, 4.09
3T. Chavez Grant, 4.09
3T. Ryan Hill, 4.09
3T. Randy Phillips, 4.09
9. Derron Thomas, 4.13
10. Sam Shields, 4.14

1. Glenn Sharpe, 1.45
2T. Graig Cooper, 1.46
2T. Kirby Freeman, 1.46
2T. Bruce Johnson, 1.46
2T. Anthony Redd*ck, 1.46
6. Doug Wiggins, 1.48
7T. Ross Abramson, 1.50
7T. Spencer Adkins, 1.50
7T. Dajleon Farr, 1.50
7T. Tavares Gooden, 1.50
7T. Courtney Harris, 1.50
7T. Ryan Hill, 1.50
7T. Eric Kirchenberg, 1.50
7T. Lovon Ponder, 1.50
7T. Sam Shields, 1.50
7T. Terrance Thomason, 1.50
7T. Chris Zellner, 1.50

1. Sam Shields, 4.26
2. Bruce Johnson, 4.34
3T. Graig Cooper, 4.43
3T. Tavares Gooden, 4.43
3T. Khalil Jones, 4.43
6. Kirby Freeman, 4.44
7. Richard Gordon, 4.51
8T. Eric Kirchenberg, 4.53
8T. Kenny Phillips, 4.53
10. Joe Tolliver, 4.53
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 Black_Deuce said:
Its only May :(
i know dying right now. i need football
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Weekend Wrap-Up: A chat with Coach Shannon & more

I went out Thursday night to watch the high school football jamboree at Traz Powell Stadium and to check out some potential recruits. I got much more. I caught up with Coach Randy Shannon, who was there scouring the field for talent along with defensive coordinator Tim Walton. Coach was cool enough to provide me enough content for an unexpected Q&A. The topics we covered: recruiting and the new emphasis UM has in making South Florida feel loved by the Canes, why he wants the team to get faster this spring, his feelings on the OB, Paul Dee's departure and more.

Before we get to the Q&A, though, I want to fill you on what else is in store in this blog: A new video highlight reel of Canes basketball recruit Edwin Rios, my thoughts on the recruitment of Devin Ebanks, the top kids I saw with my own eyes Thursday night (got some photos I shot too), my conversation with Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe and why he took former Cane Willie Williams and of course another poll. I also wanted to thank The Eye on The U family for participating in the last three polls I've posted as well as your comments. Any more messages after this are greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave me a question. When I get enough good ones, I'll put together an Ask Manny Q&A session.

Thanks. And now to the Q&A with Coach Shannon. (By the way, doesn't the picture I snapped look like he's saying 'South Florida, this is my turf!')

Q: So I know you've obviously been out recruiting, where have you been focusing on mostly since the end of the spring?
A: Basically, I've been staying locally. Schools in the Florida region from Tampa to Orlando down and kind of concentrating on doing what we're doing in South Florida.

Q: I know you can't talk about specific recruits, but it seems this year the talent level has picked up a little bit with the Class of 2008 -- especially in South Florida.
A: There is a lot of talent in South Florida and that's the one thing everybody knows and everybody is coming down for. It's like I tell everybody in our coaching staff as long as we do right by coaches, the parents and the kids, we'll be fine and we'll get the players that want to be at Miami. But if you don't do right by the coaches across Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and by the kids, you won't get them.

Q: Is that why you feel the need to be out here showing your face instead of just having your a.ssistants out here? To show the community you guys are serious about keeping the talent at Miami?
A: Yeah. It is. It's like I tell everybody, I'm still the same coach. I'm not going to change. I went to a couple of schools today and mingled with a couple coaches, joked around with them like when I was an a.ssistant. I don't want to be put on a pedestal and I never will. Because I think even though I'm the head coach we should always be treated the same way.

Q: Knowing the community and covering it the way I did as the high school writer in Dade for five years I got the sense from some local coaches that they didn't feel UM was making the effort recruiting locally as it should have been before you became coach. Did UM not put enough emphasis on South Florida in the last couple of years?
A: No. I was out [recruiting]. I had North Florida up. From West Flagler up. I was always at the jamborees and doing the things I was doing. I guess some people get used to seeing me all the time, they're like well, we need to see other people. But everybody had a part of a recruiting area. Myself, I'm not able to go on the road as much as I used to. But now we've put four coaches in Dade County. Four coaches in Broward County. Palm Beach has three coaches. We're kind of concentrating now on having a lot of coaches being seen. And I think that's one reason people might have felt that way because they didn't see Miami, but they saw me all the time. And now it's more faces. And when you got more faces, more coaches in one area and you have a chance for one coach to focus on 12 schools instead of having 28 schools or 24 schools and now this coach can really spend time with those high school coaches.

Q: I know you've seen some pretty great teams come through here. Northwestern could be No. 1 in the country next year, not talking about players, but have you seen a team that talented here in Dade before?
A: There's been some teams that were talented in Miami. A lot of teams. I would never count no team out in Dade County. Northwestern, Central, Norland. Talent isn't always going to win the game. And I think the coaches in Dade County understand its going to come down to those one or two plays in the season where a kid has to be disciplined to win the game. And that's where winning all comes from.

Q: But are they the best team, you think?
A: I don't know. That's the thing about Dade. There's always a sleeper team out there. That nobody don't know about and they come up and get you.

Q: I know from talking to your players there's been a different focus in the weight room this spring -- speed, speed, speed -- is that something you wanted them to focus on?
A: Yeah. Because that's the one thing we want to do. We want to be a fast team. A fast paced team. We want to play fast, think fast and never get in a lull where you are just going through the motions and I that's when your going to fail.

Q: Is that something you think you guys got away from?
A: I don't know about all that. The past is the past. I don't worry about that. I just concentrate on what I believe in and what we're doing. And we'll be successful that way.

Q: Any specific rules to the guys as far as what you want them doing and what you don't want them doing this offseason?
A: No. I just told them to enjoy football. That's what they're there for and to go to school and enjoy life. If you don't enjoy football and don't enjoy school, don't go to college. That's just like you wake up everyday and enjoy what you're doing and I wake up everyday and enjoy what I'm doing. If I can't enjoy it, I got to do something else.

Q: There's been a few things that have happened since the end of the spring, Paul Dee of course, stepped down. Can you talk about that and what he's meant to the university.
A: Paul's done a lot of great things at the university as far as getting facilities built on campus, fund-raising and doing things I think the campus is proud of. He felt like it was time for him to move on and find a new role to find something he could get done. But the university is excited about it. They're proud of what he's done. Sometimes it's a sad situation, but sometimes change is good.

Q: There is obviously the issue with the Orange Bowl, I know its a question many people at The U are trying to sidestep, but how do you feel about it?
A: I don't even worry about it. You can't control it and you can't do anything about it. When that decision is made by the President, and Paul Dee and everybody that is involved with it, it will be. Until then, I don't worry about.

Q: But what do you like about the Orange Bowl as far as home field advantage?
A: I don't even like talking about it to be honest with you. For me as a player, it was great for me to play there, but I can't... wherever your going to play your going to play. Being here at Traz Powell, this is a great to play, but I never got a chance to coach back at Traz Powell. So, you got to move on.

Q: We didn't really get to talk to you after the spring and when you and your staff made your evaluations, but who were you excited about as a coach?
A: All the guys competing and not relying on their laurels and thinking they're really good when they're really not. And I think we did a good job of that and we're going to keep doing that.

Q: Any guys have any injuries that might keep them out of the fall?
A: No. Only one guy is Redd*ck. Other than that, everybody else is fine.

Q: How is Anthony? How are his spirits?
A: He was great. He was cracking jokes today. Good spirits. It's part of things that happen. Sometimes you can't control things and he's not worried about it.

Q: How is your son, Xavier, doing over at FIU?
A: He's doing alright. He likes the new staff over there. He loves Coach Cristobal and the staff. They're excited and he thinks they're going to be pretty good and going in the right direction. And that's how he feels.

Q: So what are the next couple of months are going to be like for you? You going to take a break?
A: I'll take a break. But for now I just worry about what I got to do each day and I only got a few days left with recruiting. And when the summer comes, I'll go to the next job and get it done. There's no doubt there is a different feel now in Dade about the Canes with Randy as coach. I know when Susan Miller Degnan and I wrote a story a few years back about coaches in South Florida feeling ill toward the Canes' recruiting habits, there were a few people who criticized us for writing it. They said we were crazy. But after talking with Randy, I feel a bit vindicated. There's no doubt The U wasn't doing enough locally in trying to nab talented football players. The fact Randy has now a.ssigned four coaches to Dade and Broward each and three to Palm Beach tells you he was feeling a need for Miami to resupplant itself in South Florida. He's just not the type of guy to call Coach Larry Coker out on it. That's not his style. Just look at some of his other responses. Randy knows what to stay away from, but he also knows how to get his point across in other ways when you read between the lines.

As for Randy himself, what he did Thursday at Traz was not a drive by hello. He spent several hours talking to not only coaches, but parents, school administrators and people in the community. I actually left the stadium before he did. I was impressed.

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Summer workouts with Doug E. Fresh
The Class of 2007 at the U is expected to be one of the best in quite some time. And at the top of that list is cornerback Doug Wiggins, who left high school early and enrolled at UM in January along with running back Graig Cooper. I caught up Wiggins -- whom fellow Cane Kayne Farquharson has dubbed Doug E. Fresh -- Tuesday afternoon while he was working out at North Miami Beach High with his former teammates. We talked about what he got out of the spring, what he's working on now in the offseason, where he thinks he'll play in the fall, what he does away from the field, his relationship with Randy Shannon and some of his best Shannon stories from this spring.

Here's some background. Wiggins, 5-11, 180 pounds, was a three-year starter at NMB at quarterback, safety, kicker, punt returner and kick returner and is one of the most likable kids you'll meet. His high school coach Jeff Bertani was named Dade's Football Coach of the Year in Class 6A-4A after taking a team with only 33 players to the state semifinals. He wouldn't have done it without Wiggins. Last Friday, Wiggins was honored by The Miami Herald when he was named the most Outstanding Senior in the Class of 2007 in the county. Bertani says Wiggins will be a great one at UM and likely leave among the best to ever play the cornerback position. I believe him. He and Chavez Grant, another Miami kid, could form a formidable tandem in the years to come.

Q: Last week you were honored by The Miami Herald with the Outstanding Senior Award in Miami-Dade County. How did you feel about receiving that?
A: It felt great. Any award I received over the end of the school year is great. I'm looking to bigger and better things now.

Q: You got to enroll at UM early. What do you think you got out of the spring?
A: I got a lot out of it. It was good for me to stay in shape because the time I had off after the Northwestern game [the loss in the state semifinals] and traveling and eating I got a little out of shape and put on some weight. I'm back to my playing weight now. I'm good to go. I learned the plays. I got acclimated with the school, the coaches and the plays were the big thing. I'm still trying to get them. They are way different than high school.

Q: What do you think has been the toughest adjustment for you to the college game?
A: The speed of the game is way much faster. I don't know if its from not knowing the plays and can't go full speed because you are second guessing yourself. That's the only the thing that was kind of stopping me. At times I felt I couldn't go around making plays because I was trying to figure out where to be at. But I carry my playbook with me every where I go. I got it with me now practicing here at school and I look at it all the time.

Q: How hard are you working to learn those plays and how much are you working out right now in your off time?
A: I work out two times a day. At 6:45 in the morning I do it at UM. And then I come out and workout with my teammates at North Miami Beach in the afternoon.

Q: How did the first spring under UM strength and condition coach Andreu Swasey go for you? Are you lifting more weight and are you faster?
A: I'm way bigger, way stronger. I've come back to the weight room and I'm a beast now. My bench went up 15 pounds. I'm at 275 now. I came in lifting like 260s. My squat has gone up. I came in at 405. I'm at 435. I've learned different techniques now and working out muscles now I didn't even know I had. The workouts seem like forever. It's real intense. That's the difference between college and high school. You got to get the same amount of work you used to do in 2 hours in about in hour and a half. You can't sit down like you do in high school and take a break. He makes us do various things. We work our upper body or lower body or a mix of both.

Q: I've heard this year the focus of the spring workouts is speed, getting back to what the Canes have always been known for. Is that the case?
A: Yes. Speed, speed, speed. Last year, the guys said they felt like they were conditioning or training for cross-country. Now, it's speed and getting in the place at the right time. He said he's going back old school. I think the last time they did this was before Larry Coker became head coach. He said we were running long distances, things like that. Now, we're basically doing 100s, 200s and things like that. I guess they were running thousands and thousands of laps to get their conditioning up. I'm in excellent shape right now. I feel I'm in better shape than I ever was in high school.

Q: Who did you become friends with over at UM and who took you under their wing over there?
A: Pretty much the whole defensive backfield took me in. They knew I was young, going to make mistakes, but they took me under their wing. Safeties and all. But they taught me the easiest ways to remember plays. I got close with Kenny Phillips and Chavez Grant. They're from here, so they can relate to me. Me and Chavez play the same position, so he taught me little tricks to get in position and be a good defender.

Q: What have you been doing as far as hanging out now that you have some time off from school? What are you doing at night? Are you studying the playbook, going out with the guys, watching TV?
A: Well, we don't start class until June, but I'm not a going out person. I pretty much stay home with the fam and look over the playbook once and a while. I'm pretty much staying home with my little brother. I'm not a parent yet. I'm not planning to be for awhile. I pretty much sit and watch TV, talking to my family, my girlfriend comes over every once and a while. We sit home or go out and catch a movie or eat with the family. I'm a BET guy all the way. When I'm not watching that, it's ESPN or Jamie Foxx or the Wayans brothers, all those episodes that come in the morning.

Q: What would you say people would be surprised to learn about you personally?
A: My work ethic. I'm real serious about football. I'm real serious about it now. I don't think I took football this serious before. I know if I don't produce and coming from Miami, I know my job can be taken in a minute. I'm out working everyday, trying to get better.

Q: Where do you think you got that work ethic from, coach Shannon, your teammates?
A: Pretty much its everything. I sit back and analyze. I read the paper. I read And I see people are ranked real high and one day I want to be just like Kenny Phillips and be a potential top 10 draft pick just like Calais Campbell is gonna be. I know in my heart if I stay around the right people I can do that. I got a long way to go. I'm not trying to do it all in one year. But by my junior or senior year, I should be ready to lead and be in the ranks like some of those guys like Kenny and Calais.

Q: What did coach Shannon or defensive coordinator Tim Walton tell you about your role next season? Are you going to redshirt? Are you going to play a lot, nickel packages, dime packages? Could you return some kicks, punts?
A: Coach Shannon told me I was going to be in the dime package. He said I'm the dime back. Dime and nickel is where I am at. In the special teams, kickoff returns and punt returns, that's still up for grabs, pretty much. But Dime and Nickel packages. In dime I think I'm the only dime pack. In the nickel its me and Chavez Grant. The starting corners I believe are Randy Phillips and Glenn Sharpe. That's how it began. There's still a lot of shuffling to do. As far as the returns, its pretty much everybody. It's me, Graig [Cooper], Darnell [Jenkins], everybody is back there. I know we got a lot of freshman in the Class of '07 that's coming and going for that. It's going to be a lot of competition right there.

Q: Are you good friends with any of the other incoming freshman? You talk to them much?
A: Me and Demarcus Van Dyke got a cool relationship. We text message each other all the time. I couldn't get to his party last Friday because I had to do something with my family. But he told me it went well. We chatted a little bit before the All-Dade banquet and I pretty much told him what we were doing over the spring and what he needed to work on. He asked me what's the hardest thing and we talked about that. Hopefully, next year, we'll be roommates if things go right.

Q: In the spring you were living with running back Graig Cooper on campus right? What was that like?
A: It was awesome. It's good to room with somebody who is not from here. You like to see what they do, what type of music they like to listen to and it was pretty much that we're the same type of people. He don't like to go out that much, I don't either. We went to sleep at the same time. We like the same people. It wasn't I want to watch this and he want sto watch that. It was pretty much what he liked, I liked.

Q: What we're you impressions of him on the field?
A: He's going to be a great back, the recruiting class that is coming in and the young guys we have like receiver Sam [Shields]... woo... I don't know even know what to say. It's going to be awesome man. It's kind of like the old UM. It's something I've never seen before. The guys we got coming in and the young guys out there playing right now, it's going to be scary.

Q: Are you helping recruit some of those guys in the Class of 2008? I know you know a lot of them.
A: I know some of the guys over at Northwestern, since the game, I talk to them on the computer and they seem real excited. I know its a recruiting process and I told them to make their own decisions. But if we get those guys, man, scary ain't the word. UM should be good for the next 30 years. I know the recruiting is only going to get better. It got good in 2007 and it's only going to get better.
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Q: Before we hang up, give me your best Randy Shannon stories from the spring and from when you were being recruited.
A: Well, every week we have team meetings and everybody gets nervous because he has a list. And if you on that list because you missed a class or a teacher said something about you, you can't take your shoes off, your clothes off, you got to go back outside and receive your punishment. I remember one time, the whole team was on that list because there were some towels that was missing out of the locker room. It was pouring down rain and we were all outside doing sit-ups and push-ups. He's real strict. For towels, man. For towels. It was fun, though, being out there with the guys. We all kind of laugh about it now.

Q: And as far as him recruiting you, what did you like about him so much? I know you told me before you really weren't feeling the Canes until he became coach.
A: The relationship me and Randy had when he was recruiting me was awesome. I didn't know his job situation being at UM because I knew Coker was on the hot seat. As soon as he got fired, I didn't talk to Randy much. But then, when I was in Michigan and I heard Randy got the job, I called my dad and told him I'm going to be a UM guy but don't tell nobody, I want to announce it at the banquet. I know Randy we're the same type of guys. He wants the same things I do. He wants to win and I want to win and he wants to push you to the limit so you can achieve that. And that's me.

WHO IMPRESSED ME THURSDAY: I didn't stay for the entire jamboree, but long enough to talk to the coaches and players from Carol City, American, Central, Norland, Krop, Jackson, North Miami Beach and Edison.

Without question the most impressive specimen was Krop linebacker Etienne Sabino. The kid not only has size, 6-2, 230 pounds, but he was quick and had a tremendous nose for the football. I spoke to Sabino earlier this week and he told me he has more than 30 offers. I believe it. He's legit and a high priority for the Hurricanes in my opinion considering they could use some talented linebackers. I'm not sure where Sabino will eventually end up, but his defensive coordinator is former Southridge and Florida State linebacker Lamont Green. Sabino told me he grew up a Canes fan after he and his family moved down to Miami from New York. But that won't play a role he says in his decison.

I got a good look at some other kids including Carol City safety Robert Sands, who at 6-5, 200 pounds looks a lot like current Canes safety Kenny Phillips. He even wears No. 1 like Phillips did when he was playing for Walt Frazier. But just because he looks like Kenny, doesn't mean he plays like Kenny. Sands is a nice player, he starts both ways at tight end and safety. But he doesn't have that special quality Phillips had when he was a senior. At least not from what I saw from two quarters Thursday.

There were a few other guys who looked good. American 6-4, 190-pound receiver Marquise Law, whom scout Larry Blustein told me did well at a few combines and is being looked at by South Florida and Louisville. American had a tough defensive end, though, that I liked a bit more, 6-2, 220-pound defensive end Oliver Vernon, a 2009 recruit, who has long arms and a nose for the football.
--> Also on my spotted list, Norland's 2008 class of 5-11, 170-pound corner Emmanuel Sourin, 6-4, 220-pound defensive end Sean Ferguson and 6-4, 250-pound offensive tackle Kenneth White. Ferguson was the most impressive and from what I heard has lots of schools looking at him. He's tough and plays both ways. Sourin is a good, quick corner.
--> Central had a handful of kids I liked including 6-1, 200-pound linebacker Matt Darden-Sims, who made at least 15 tackles. He's got Louisville, UCF and USF on his tail. Central has a 2010 graduate in quarterback Jeffery Godfrey who has as strong an arm as I've ever seen on a kid his age. He's certainly one to watch in the future.


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