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Signs of Life

For once this spring there was a huge smile on every offensive players face at the conclusion of practice.

Victory was in hand, if only for a day.

Javarris James broke a couple of big runs, Charlie Jones made his presence known I'm told, making up for a disappointing scrimmage showing. Lance Leggett made some nice catches again, following up on his standout performance on Saturday. And it sounds like Sam Shields is finally getting over what appears to be the early signs of a sophomore slump.

Leggett's finally practicing with the team on a regular basis, putting the track season on the back-burner for the final two weeks, and his presence has helped Shields. Patrick Nix said the defense was rolling their coverage to Shields' side the past few practices, but now they are more concerned with Leggett and Shields is starting to be productive again.

Defensive coordinator Tim Walton said Lance Leggett is a BIG concern when he's on the field, as is Graig Cooper, Baby J, and tight end Chris Zellner, who he labeled "a pretty good player." Walton also said a big concern has been the QB's running with the ball, and I'm told Kyle Wright had a big run Tuesday.

"We have to prepare for them and that makes it tough because they can hit you with a lot of different things," Walton said of the new offense. "We have to stay well balanced on [our] side of the ball because they do have some weapons."

As for how his defense has performed this spring, Walton said: "We’re getting better."

"They are working hard. We still have a lot of things to improve on. Right now we want to work on them playing hard, getting in football shape and giving maximum effort," Walton said. "This is the time you learn what to do and make corrections. We just have to keep playing at a high energy. Keep it going and maintain it."

Walton said the veteran players are doing real solid this spring and he's counting on their continued leadership. He singled out Calais Campbell, Kenny Phillips, Lovon Ponder, Anthony Redd*ck and Doug Wiggins are some of the players who stood out in UM's first mini-scrimmage, and he's labeled Colin McCarthy, Wiggins and Eric Moncur as three of the pleasant surprises of the spring.

I'll be back in a bit with more.
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RB's Coach See's NFL Caliber backs


Q: You've coached Tatum Bell, Emmitt Smith and Ladainian Tomlinson. Do you see NFL potential with these backs you have now?

Robinson: Oh, no doubt. We have some guys here with NFL potential. They all have different things. Charlie Jones is savvy, is a savvy back like an Emmitt Smith. Graig Cooper is explosive. We had Tatum Bell at Oklahoma State and he was explosive like Cooper. Javarris James, he's kind of an in between a Charlie Jones and a Graig Cooper. He can do a little bit of everything, isn't quite as fast or explosive as Cooper, has a lot of savvy about him. He's a good back, a workhorse like Tomlinson -– not talentwise, but he works like LT when we had LT in school. You find some similarities to guys you've coached in the past somewhere when you've been coaching as long as I've been coaching.

Q: In terms of getting all these guys carries, do you look for one workhorse or two or three backs that split carries?

Robinson: We'll let that take care of itself, kind of sort itself out. We'll try to do the best job we can to utilize our talent. We'll get them on the field and get them carries, get them touches. That stuff normally works itself out. I don't have any preconceived notions of `We've got to get Charlie Jones this many carries or Kylan Robinson this many carries or Graig Cooper this many carries or Javarris James this many carries.' I don't know. Coach (Patrick) Nix and I, the offensive staff, will get together and come up with a plan that will be conducive to win and it'll be what's best for those kids.

Q: Has there ever been any thought to putting Charlie Jones at fullback? He has some size to him.

Robinson: No, Charlie's doing a good job where he is. We've got plenty of guys for the fullback position. Our tight ends can be fullbacks -– Dedrick Epps, Chris Zellner and DajLeon Farr. And we have Jerrell Mabry and (walkon) Gabriel Diaz, who is doing a good job for us. I'm very pleased with him.

Q: At fullback, how are those guys being used?

Robinson: Our fullbacks have to be multiple players –- blockers, pass catchers, be able to run the ball here and there, but not a lot. They have to be very versatile and very physical. I'm not disappointed with what we have. We'll also use our tight ends sometimes at fullback, so we have a lot of bodies to work with. But Jerrell Mabry is doing a really good job for us, a really good job.

Q: Kylan Robinson is a young kid nobody's seen get a carry yet. What do you see in him?

Robinson: Kylan is still learning. He's to the point right now where he's still learning, him being a younger kid. The difference between him and Cooper is Cooper went to that prep school [Milford Prep in New York] and he played. Kylan didn't. Cooper's got a little experience under his belt. Kylan, he's coming along, has a lot of talent. They did a great job recruiting that kid. If he keeps coming, he'll be fine. He may be a future guy. I really like him.
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Walton: Right Now we Feel Good About Defense


Q: Is this pretty much the same defensive system as last year or do you put your own tweaks in as the new defensive coordinator?

Walton: No, it's the same stuff.

Q: How have your responsibilities changed?

Walton: I just help oversee. But it's the same thing. I'm just helping out, running around, trying to a.ssist wherever I can, help coach (Randy) Shannon. He helped me out a lot with it, has done it for a long time. He's helping me with it and I'm trying to help the other coaches with the stuff that I know and the stuff that he teaches me and teaches them. We're trying to put it all together. It's one big unit over there.

Q: Does Shannon hang out more on the defensive side of the field in practices?

Walton: No. Coach hangs out on both. He's head coach now, so he splits it up. He oversees the whole team. But I ask him a lot of questions to get help on some of the stuff, make sure I'm on the same page with him. We're all gelling together in this thing -– O and D and special teams.

Q: Do you have a sense yet from this spring as to how talented this defensive unit is?

Walton: It's too early to tell right now, really. You have some young guys still growing, some guys out. So we have to wait a while. We're just trying to improve every day, taking it one day at a time.

Q: If you had to pick a concern area on defense where you may have to develop some guys quicker than other spots, what would that position be?

Walton: None right now, because you never know –- these young guys step up all the time. So it's too early, but we'll know later on in the spring and going into the summer how these guys finish up. We have some young guys that can play great for you, and sometimes the older guys don't play as great for you. So you never know. You just have to sort of play it by ear and see how it goes, evaluate it as it comes up. Right now we feel good about all the guys and keep trying to get improvement out of them.

Q: What have you seen from freshman Doug Wiggins so far?

Walton: He's doing well. He's working hard, is a very coachable kid. He's giving great effort He's still learning, has a lot to learn. But all we ask is that these guys come out and give it their best, and he's doing that. He'll hopefully keep growing.

Q: What about Steven Wesley?

Walton: The same thing. Steven missed last year due to injury and now he's back and is getting a lot of reps. He's improving every day, is very coachable, has a great work ethic. If they keep improving every day we hope these guys will all progress the way they need to.

Q: Have you determined yet if Richard Gordon will be an end or tackle?

Walton: Not yet. We're just moving guys around and trying to see the best fit. We don't know. They might all flip around this week. We'll evaluate them.

Q: How has Colin McCarthy been performing?

Walton: He's doing well, is growing. He's a young guy that continues to grow, is working hard and has great football instincts. We have big hopes for all these guys and I know they're going to continue to work hard and do well for us.
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OC Patrick Nix Interview

* Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix was asked about the quarterback play from the scrimmage now that the film has been evaluated.

"Both of them [Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman] had some poor decisions, had some really good throws, really good decisions, did some really good things on third and fourth downs," Nix said. "Both of them had some critical drives where they did good jobs. But obviously we still have work to do, a long way to go. We treated it like a game, signaled every play and really didn't have any problems with it, bad calls, delays of games, mess-ups with that. They did a really good job of that."

Asked if either quarterback performed better than the other in the scrimmage, Nix said, "No. Both of them performed very similar, made good plays, made bad plays. Both of them led the team, I thought, pretty well. Both of them are doing well."

Nix said both Freeman and Wright are working well together.

"I've been very pleased with their attitudes, personality, everything," Nix said. "I think we've all worked well together."

Nix was also asked about Sam Shields.

"Sam's doing well," Nix said. "So far this spring they've rolled most of the coverages to him. Today he had two or three big catches for us. Now they're starting to roll the coverage the other way for their installation and he's the guy that should be getting more of the throws. Sam's a very good player and will do a very good job for us in the future."

* With Derrick Morse out this spring, Matt Pipho is getting most of the reps at center.

And he hopes he's showing he can get the job done.

Pipho had never played center before. He was a tight end in high school and played guard last year.

"Guard and tackle there are similarities, but center has a lot of differences you have to learn," Pipho said. "Coach (Jeff) Stoutland has helped me out a lot, and I think I've made a lot of progress.

"The (starting center) job is up for a f!ght. It's nobody's job right now."

Pipho says he is happy with the way the line is playing this spring.

There were no sacks allowed in Saturday's scrimmage.

"I think we played real physical," Pipho said. "We had a couple of mentals we have to fix where we're inches away from making a play. Today we did real well. We fixed the mistakes we made on the weekend."

Indeed, the offense had several big plays in today's practice.

Javarris James had three plays on which he broke through the line on inside run, and Graig Cooper also had an occasion where he broke through the line.

Charlie Jones and Lance Leggett made the plays of the day in team drills. Jones caught a short pass, made a defender miss and then lowered his head to bowl into the end zone past two other defenders for a 20-yard touchdown. And Leggett took in a 40-yard bomb from Kirby Freeman.

"I just made a play -- he threw it up and I had to go get it," Leggett said.

DajLeon Farr had a couple of dropped passes after enjoying a strong scrimmage on Saturday.

"I feel the offense won today," James said.

Leggett added, "We had a good practice. We have to play like we have a chip on our shoulder all the time."

* The team will practice Tuesday and Thursday of this week with an open scrimmage held Friday in North Miami (at Traz Powell Stadium, 11380 NW 27th Avenue) beginning at 6 p.m.

* QUOTE OF THE DAY: Asked to describe first year line coach Jeff Stoutland, Matt Pipho said "He's a hybrid between coach (Mario) Cristobal and (Art) Kehoe. They're all offensive line coaches, so they're all crazy, which is good. That makes you learn under fire. That's the only way you can simulate a game is having a crazy coach screaming fire down your neck."
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did legget get hurt in practice today?
 11 years ago '04        #1127
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sh*t please no^^

CRIP is that true?
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From Rivals...

* WR Lance Leggett injured his right knee toward the end of practice today and hobbled to the locker room with an ice bag around it. There is no word yet on the severity of the injury.
If he's out the remainder of the spring it will leave UM with only three healthy scholarship receivers: Sam Shields, Khalil Jones and Ryan Hill.
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Im not a Hurricane nor any NCAA sport fan but thanks for Frank Gore:)

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 BoSox84 said:
From Rivals...
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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CB Armour: This is My Year

[pic - click to view]

The way cornerback Carlos Armour sees things, this is his year.

He redshirted last season after suffering a torn ACL, and two years ago he only got a chance to play off the bench in the final month of the season.

But now Armour is showing what he can do.

With Glenn Sharpe out with an injury, Armour is working with the first group.

"I'm healthy and I'm doing my part, playing my role," Armour said. "I just want to give us the opportunity to win games."

This is the same player who, when he was recruited by UM out of Memphis (Tenn.) Melrose High School, was checked out by St. Louis Rams receiver Isaac Bruce and received high praise.

"Isaac Bruce came here with the coach at Oklahoma State (they're friends from college) to check out film on Carlos –- Isaac had heard about the talent that we have and just wanted to come over to see," Melrose High coach Kenny Ingram said. "Isaac gave Carlos his highest compliment, said, `This kid is doing things that guys in the NFL aren't doing.'"

Now Armour is trying to live up to his potential.

He's been matched up against all of Miami's receivers this spring.

And he wasn't beaten during UM's scrimmage on Saturday.

"It feels good to be out there running around, having the opportunity to make plays," Armour said. "The defensive line got exceptional pressure up front which allowed me to make plays (in the scrimmage). The linebackers read their keys and flowed to the ball which allowed me to be in position to make the play."

Asked the toughest receiver on the team to cover, Armour evades the question.

The way he sees it, there should be no receiver he can't cover.

"I just read how they transition coming out of their breaks, what move they give off the line, and I just do my part," he says. "I just play my technique.

Armour says he thinks the UM defense this year will be "exceptional."

"There isn't another defense I've seen that runs like ours in college football," Armour said. "If everybody reads their keys, does their job, plays their role, there aren't any points to be scored on us."

Armour says he thinks he'll get a lot of playing time this season.

"This is my year," Armour says.

Then he repeats himself softly, almost to himself, "This is my year.
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Thursday Randy Shannon Q&A


Q: What is the timetable for naming a starting quarterback?

Shannon: They will not be announced until the Tuesday before Marshall.

Shannon: I don't even know what the quarterbacks are doing. I'm trying to build up a team, and that's the one thing we're concentrating on. People don't understand this: Lance Leggett caught a ball in the scrimmage the other day (and celebrated). That's 15 yards. Down here today Khalil Jones scored a touchdown, threw the ball up. Instead of from the 3 on the extra point, we're on the 18. Those are things we've got to stop, and that's why I'm concentrating on the team aspect. When we start playing as a team, have a total team concept, then I'll worry about talking about other guys. Until then I can't.

Q: How is team morale right now?

Shannon: It's going well. There's a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm. The guys are staying positive, and that's what we've tried to work on, building the chemistry of what we're trying to build as a team. Today we put the defense in some situations and they responded to some things and they didn't respond to other things. That's part of football and part of learning.

Q: Calais Campbell, talk about his play.

Shannon: I'm really not concentrating on Calais. I'm concentrating on the team, so when people ask about Calais, this person, I'm talking about the team. The more we keep pushing that way, the team will become pretty good.

Q: Is the offense or defense farther ahead right now?

Shannon: The defense is always going to be ahead because you have a new offense coming in, new players, a new scheme, new coaches. But they're doing fine. We're excited about what the offense is doing. We're giving them a lot of different looks, and we're keeping them thinking. Right now it's all about mental toughness. I'm trying to develop what we do as a team. The more we keep pushing that way, the team will become pretty good. When we start playing as a team and have a total team concept, then I will start talking about individual players. Until then, I can't.

Q: What are you looking for in the scrimmage tomorrow?

Shannon: Guys will just play, see who responds to what we've been working on this week. We've treated this week like a game week.

Q: What areas do you want to see improvement in?

Shannon: I want to see improvement in all areas. We have to improve on running the football, but we have to be consistent. When we have a chance to knock the defense out, we have to do that. And when the defense needs to control the offense, they have to do that. We can't play good for 30 plays and then for two plays not play good. Consistency is a big part of what we're doing.

* The tomorrow begins at 6 p.m. at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami. The scrimmage is open to the public and is free. Traz Powell Stadium is located at 11380 NW 27th Avenue. Fans should park on the west side of the stadium.

"It'll be great (for the fans)," Shannon said. "We're trying to get the fans out for support."

* The annual spring game and BankUnited CanesFest will be Saturday, April 7 at the Orange Bowl. The game begins at 10 a.m., and in addition to watching the 2007 version of the Hurricanes, fans will be able to select-a-seat and get autographs from their favorite players. Sebastian the Ibis and cheerleaders will be on hand to entertain fans, who can also purchase the latest apparel and merchandise. Gates open at 9 a.m.
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WR Hurt, Shannon makes Team Run

[pic - click to view]

* WR Lance Leggett injured his right knee toward the end of practice today and hobbled to the locker room with an ice bag around it. There is no word yet on the severity of the injury.
If he's out the remainder of the spring it will leave UM with only three healthy scholarship receivers: Sam Shields, Khalil Jones and Ryan Hill.

* Coach Randy Shannon wasn't happy with a defensive breakdown during practice today.

So he gathered the team together.

And had them run.

Something else Shannon wasn't happy with today: After a long touchdown grab by Khalil Jones, Jones celebrated by tossing the ball up in the air. That would merit a 15-yard penalty. But Shannon had his own punishment: Jones stayed on the field after practice for additional work.

"We had a hard practice," cornerback Randy Phillips said. "But all is well at the end of the day."

* The play of the day: A linebacker deflected a pass that appeared headed for an incompletion. But Kenny Phillips dove and batted the ball up just before it touched the ground. Colin McCarthy came up and ran back the interception.

That was one of McCarthy's two interceptions on the day. His second one was thrown right to him by QB Kirby Freeman, whose father had flown in from Texas to watch the team work out.

Graig Cooper had a pair of nice runs today.

"He's been just excellent," safety Lovon Ponder said. "He's breaking runs every day. He's just a good, smart player.

"He can help us a lot during the season. He's like a Devin Hester. I think he could play cornerback also. He's fast. It's hard to get him down once he gets moving."

* Offensive lineman Andrew Bain says the offense is doing well this spring.

"The offense as a whole has done a great job taking on the challenge of learning a new system, getting to know new coaches and a new staff, their philosophies and things like that," Bain said. "We hit the ground running from Day 1, understand where we need to go."

* Safety Lovon Ponder says of the secondary's play, despite missing injured Bruce Johnson and Glenn Sharpe, that "There's really no letdown. It's just other guys stepping in and making plays."

He says of the offense that "they can be real good. They have nice sets in. They've been moving the ball."

* Anthony Redd*ck has begun playing some cornerback in addition to his safety duties.

* The team will hold a scrimmage tomorrow at Traz Powell Stadium beginning at 6 p.m.

"We're going to go out and do what we're coached to do, play real hard," cornerback Randy Phillips said. "The fans, they'll like it because we're giving a lot of effort. It's like game time for me tomorrow. I have to strap it up and let the fans give a little glimpse of what they'll be getting during the season.

"It's another day to get better."
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UM freshman's hair, fleet feet make early impression

By Omar Kelly
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted March 30 2007

CORAL GABLES – Graig Cooper is trying his best to fit in with his new University of Miami teammates, but the highly touted freshman tailback can't help but stand out.

For one thing, he's the only Hurricane freshman with dreadlocks, which is unprecedented considering it's a long-standing tradition for UM's newcomers to have their heads shaved.


Since Cooper showed up a semester later than he signed after having to attend prep school in the fall, the team's veterans haven't gotten around to his rite of passage yet. But he knows it's coming.

More importantly, Cooper's performance this spring has been so impressive new offensive coordinator Patrick Nix admits he's already working on special plays and formations to take advantage of Cooper's skills. He is being compared to former UM standout Devin Hester because of his ability to accelerate.

"That boy right there is explosive," defensive end Calais Campbell said of Tennessee's Mr. Football in 2005. Cooper's skills will be on display tonight at UM's open practice at Traz Powell Stadium.

"He's definitely a special guy," said projected starting tailback Javarris James, who seems excited about sharing the backfield with Cooper.

"He goes from zero to five fast. He's got that good explosion and excellent hands. We've already got sets where he's going to line up at receiver."

Cooper says having to attend prep school was humbling but has helped him mature. He said his focus is to make sure he takes care of academics, learns Miami's new offense and gains the trust of his teammates and coaches.

"This is a lot different from high school. I just have to learn a lot of the small things," said Cooper, who averaged 12.5 yards a carry at Milford Prep (N.Y.) while improving his test scores and raising his grade point average to gain acceptance into UM. "In high school, you only have to learn what you have to do. In college, you have to learn what everyone's got to do."


Receiver Lance Leggett hurt his right knee during Thursday's practice and will likely miss today's practice, if not the rest of the spring. The extent of Leggett's knee injury won't be known for certain until an MRI is taken.
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Player Ranking Index
The Boss might not talk about individuals on his team but no one can stop me from doing it, especially since some of U have spent the past week debating how much talent this team has.

I must admit, it was a struggle trying to identify UM's 20 best players. I initially wanted to do a list of UM's top 25 players, but the field got so thin around 16 I had to cut the list down to 20.

That should tell U where this team is talent wise. It's not that Miami doesn't have good athletes. It's just that a lot of guys haven't panned out for whatever reason over the past three years. And for the record, not all of it can be blamed on coaching.

Take for instance James Bryant, who is a freakish athlete, and my favorite Hurricanes based on what I saw him do three springs ago freelancing on the field when he was first moved to fullback.

In my opinion Miami's offense never looked better than that one game he had an impact (FIU). But Bryant hasn't proven he can be trusted or counted on yet to his coaches (he's working on his third set of coaches by the way) or team. Maybe he will put it all together this fall. While I'd love to bank on it, it's not a safe bet. But you never know, and the same applies for a number of players.

Andrew Bain's weight loss could make him the dominant guard he was expected to be. Could Matt Pipho blow the coaches away in his tryout as the first-team center this spring while Derrick Morse and A.J. Trump are sidelined by injuries? He certainly could. Could Khalil Jones, who I'm told had a strong showing during Thursday's practice, finally put it all together and start catching passes on a consistent basis? He sure could. And for all we know Colin McCarthy, the spring surprise, could be UM's top linebacker next season.

But this rating system - my own, and the second installment of it - is NOT based on potential. It's based on PRODUCTION, proven track record, and information I've gathered from people I trust. This rating index focuses on a PLAYER'S VALUE TO THE TEAM, HIS POTENTIAL IMPACT, and HOW IRREPLACEABLE he is to UM. The easier it is to replace you and what you bring to the team the lower you are on my list.

1. Calais Campbell - He's the most dominant defensive player I've covered as the Hurricanes beat writer since Sean Taylor. He changes the game with his combination of size, speed and strength. Every offense must spend time planning for him.

2. Kenny Phillips - I'm troubled by the fact I can't really find a flaw in his game. If he wasn't injured for the second half of last season he would have been the Hurricanes leading tackler for sure. He should take away one-third of the field this season if he stays healthy. Quarterbacks must check for him before every snap.

3. Jason Fox - Grade them however you want to grade UM's offensive linemen, but from where I sat he was the most consistent and productive, and that was as a true freshman. UM better hope his foot heals well. As a left tackle his value goes up significantly.

4. Javarris James - You've got to love the bloodlines and the production (1002 total yards - 802 rushing, 200 catching, five touchdowns) he showed off in his freshman season. But does Baby J have what it takes to become an every down back, and will he take his game to the next level, rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring 10 touchdowns?

5. Lance Leggett - He's still not making any catches over the middle, but then again Randy Moss doesn't either. That doesn't mean I'm comparing him to Moss because he's not that good as a deep threat, especially when Miami's QB's are scared to throw deep. But Leggett career numbers (70 catches, 1,137 yards, 10 TDs, 16.2 yards per catch) says he's good. UM better hope his knee injury isn't too serious or else the offense will be further handcuffed.

6. Glenn Cook - He's small but instinctive. He knows exactly where to be, but does he have the physicality to make the play? Last season he did O.K., recording 64 tackles (32 unassisted) despite playing more snaps than every other linebacker, including Jon Beason. He'll need to improve on those numbers and stay healthy if this defense is going to be dominant yet again.

7. Darryl Sharpton - He came on strong at the end of last season, finally living up the praise that has long followed him. He was supposed to take the next step towards locking down that middle linebacker spot this spring but a shoulder injury has him on the IR. We'll see if he picks it back up come the fall and holds off McCarthy for one of the three starting linebacker spots.

8. Teraz McCray - His spring performances have been much better than his fall showings. However, I haven't heard one word about this senior this spring, which is a bit surprising. Miami's going to need more than 25 tackles and two sacks from McCray this season considering the interior of the defenses front line is UM's biggest concern on that side of the ball.

9. Glenn Sharpe - A lock-down cornerback has a tremendous amount of value to his team. Sharpe wasn't that last season (two interceptions, 14 pass breakups) but he did show he's on his way back to being dominant by establishing himself as UM's most reliable cornerback last season. The question is will he ever let it all loose, playing without fear of suffering another serious injury? Truthfully speaking, I don't know if I could if I were in his shoes.

10. Derrick Morse - He's been with the IR crew most of the spring, derailing his transition to center, but Morse has proven his worth to me and his coaches over the years. He's tough, physical and rarely backs down from anyone. That's a combination you have to like. At center he'll have a lot more freedom to be the "bull in a china shop," which is how Art Kehoe often described him. But can he read a defense and make the right line calls?

11. Sam Shields - He had a very productive freshman season (37 catches for 501 yards and four touchdowns) but it'll be interesting to see what kind of numbers he can put up when he's finally comfortable with his understanding of the offense. He isn't having a sensational spring, but it's not like UM has many other options. At least not till the fall.

12. Reggie Youngblood - Despite his injury plagued sophomore season Youngblood proved he's one of the building blocks of this offensive line when healthy. I'm not sure what brought about the move from left to right tackle, but if he can stay healthy the tackle spots will be one less position Miami will have to worry about for the next two years.

13. Eric Moncur - If you've seen his father, who is figuratively a living giant, you'd know Moncur (6-2, 260) still has plenty of growing to do. This junior is having a productive spring and should lock down the starting spot opposite Campbell, but can he be a pass rushing threat or will UM need to call on Courtney Harris and Steven Wesley for that.

14. Kyle Wright - The fact that he's not in the top 10 of this list is a crying shame. While I'm not as down on Wright as most UM fans are (he did lead the ACC in touchdown passes in 2005 people) he still hasn't reached his potential, and I continuously debate with myself if it's poor coaching, or is he really broken and can't be fixed. The jury is still out.

15. Graig Cooper - The last player I know who truly had this much player-driven buzz surrounding him was Devin Hester, who ironically Cooper is often compared to because of their quickness (CLICK HERE FOR MY GRAIG COOPER STORY). Now the only question is: Can he learn an offense and retain it, which is what handcuffed Hester. I also wonder about his durability.

16. Antonio Dixon - Of everyone on the team I believe his development this off-season will be the most critical to Miami's success. Big Dix is real good when he's fresh, routinely collapsing the pocket. But he's real average when he's not. He probably has to get down to at least 320 to reach his potential.

17. Lovon Ponder - His ball skills, which has helped him corral four interceptions in two seasons, is what's keeping him in front of Anthony Redd*ck, for now. This junior showed a great deal of improvement last season but he must continue to get better to keep that spot because a healthy Redd*ck is a stud.

18. Randy Phillips - Defensive coordinator Tim Walton calls him "Big Man," and he's not kidding. He's naturally grown to what he was recruited to be, which is a safety. But he still has value as Miami's best press corner. However, he's got to work on his speed and lateral moves to defend those small, quick receivers who exposed him a bit last season.

19. Kirby Freeman - He might very well end up as Miami's starting quarterback because the junior potentially has more upside than Wright, who is a senior. The truth is investing in Freeman for the next two seasons makes more sense. But Freeman has yet to prove he can he anything more than a stopgap. He's good at freelancing, but limited in most other aspects as of now.

20. Darnell Jenkins - Most of U overlooked the value he had to Wright until he went down. Jenkins is savvy and smart, but is he fully healthy, and will he be in the fall? He'll likely have a significant role as Miami's possession receiver. That is unless one of the incoming players beats him out, which is possible, but unlikely if he's healthy.

This list will be revisited when fall camp concludes.
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damn crip ur that fu*king dude...i wasnt able to watch the game cuz i was fu*king work...thnx
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Scrimmage #2 Report

* First group offense: QB Matt Perrelli; Linemen Reggie Youngblood, Chris Rutledge, Matt Pipho, Andrew Bain, Cyrim Wimbs; RB Javarris James; H-back Chris Zellner, TE DajLeon Farr; WR Sam Shields, Ryan Hill

* First group defense: Linemen Calais Campbell, Dwayne Hendricks, Josh Holmes, Eric Moncur; linebackers Colin McCarthy, Glenn Cook, Spencer Adkins; defensive backs Kenny Phillips, Lovon Ponder, Carlos Armour, Randy Phillips

March 30 Scrimmage Play-By-Play


1-10-35: Handoff up middle to Javarris James. No gain

2-10-35: James gets nice hole up middle for 7 yards

3-3-42: Graig Cooper runs up middle to pick up first down

1-10-45: Cooper loses 2 on left side

2-12-43: Run by Cooper loses 4. Tackle by Eric Moncur

3-16-39: Botched snap, fumble, Josh Holmes recovers


1-10-35: Bootleg right by Wright to 42

2-3-42: James gets big hole on right side and rumbles to the opposing 36-yard line. Gain of 22

1-10-opp 36: Wright finds Farr on right side. Farr rumbles down to inside the 1 before being pushed out of bounds. He got wide open, nice play

1-G-opp 1: James busts in for touchdown. Matt Bosher makes extra point


1-10-35: Cooper hammered in backfield, tries to break free but loses it and Lovon Ponder for a touchdown


1-10-35: Pass too high for Ryan Hill, incomplete

2-10-35: Spencer Adkins breaks up pass over middle

3-10-35: Chris Zellner gets open but Wright misses him 20 yards downfield. Incomplete


1-10-35: Loss of four yards on run by Charlie Jones

2-14-31: Tavares Gooden makes tackle of Jones for loss of six

3-20-25: Pass into double coverage incomplete. PENALTY: Pass interference. Offense takes over at 40

1-10-40: Byrne has no time to throw and is sacked. Loss of 8

2-18-32: Jones gains 2

3-16-34: Screen pass bounced incomplete


1-10-35: Snap is fumbled. Offense recovers for loss of 6

2-16-29: Derron Thomas finds a small hole on the left side, runs to the 34

3-11-34: Joe Tolliver drops first down pass on the left sideline


1-10-35: Thomas bottled up, loses 2

2-12-33: Pass overthrown incomplete

3-12-33: Nice pass bounces off hands of Terrance Thomason 15 yards downfield


1-10-50: Wright pressured, defense takes away screen option to James, he throws it away

2-10-50: Glenn Cook makes shoestring tackle on James, but not after James catches pass for gain of 15

1-10-opp 35: Pass too high intended for Khalil Jones, who was open

2-10-opp 35: Matt Pipho snap sails over Wright's head. Wright falls on fumble at 49, loss of 16

3-26-49: 21 seconds remain. Wright scrambles to the opp 43

4-19-43: Time runs out before offense gets snap off


1-10-50: Pass incomplete intended for Jerrell Mabry on short route. Tavares Gooden had tight coverage

2-10-50: Pass to Terrance Thomason incomplete, pass interference on Doug Wiggins

1-10-opp 43: Miscommunication, pass sails incomplete

2-10-opp 43: Pass incomplete intended for Thomason

3-10-opp 43: Screen pass too high for Charlie Jones, who can't handle it

4-10-opp 43: Ponder almost intercepts pass into double coverage


1-10-40: Run by James nets nothing

2-10-40: Pass to Farr almost intercepted by Randy Phillips, who had excellent coverage

3-10-40: Pass thrown at Zellner's feet incomplete 15 yards downfield over the middle


1-10-40: James makes nice stutter step to avoid a tackle in backfield, surges forward for gain of seven

2-3-47: James runs for two yards up middle. PENALTY: Offsides on defense

1-10-opp. 47: James gains three. PENALTY: Illegal block against offense

1-20-43: Pass thrown behind open Farr over middle, incomplete off Farr's fingers as he tried to come back to the ball

2-20-43: Screen pass incomplete.

1-10-46: Canes start new series. James runs up middle to the opp 45. Gain of 9

2-1-43: Run loses six yards. Tackle by Glenn Cook

3-7-37: Wright is sacked


1-10-40: Pass complete on left sideline to Sam Shields. Gain to opp. 44

1-10-opp 44: Jones runs for no gain. PENALTY against defense puts offense at the opp. 41

1-10-opp 41: Short pass to Zellner, who is tackled by Spencer Adkins after a gain of three

2-7-opp 38: Pitch to Jones on the left. He runs for a gain of twotwo

3-5-opp 36: Defense swarms to Jones after he gets the ball. Loss of two

4-7-opp 38: Jones runs on right side for short gain. PENALTY: Richard Gordon called for roughing Wright – he ran into him hard after Wright threw the ball

1-10-19: James runs for a gain of six

2-4-13: Run by James gains two

3-2-11: Pass to Shields incomplete

4-2-11: Bosher field goal misses wide left. PENATLY: Illegal substitution

1-G-8: Shields catches pass lofted to him in end zone. Bosher extra point good.


1-10-40: Pass complete to Ryan Hill. Gain of six

2-4-46: Run up middle by Kylan Robinson nets one

3-3-47: Byrne scrambles for the first down

1-10-50: Robinson finds a gap in the line and gets a big hole. He rumbles down tt the opp. 32. Gain of 18

1-10-opp 32: Run up middle by Robinson nets one

2-9-opp 31: PENALTY: Delay of game against the offense

2-14-opp 36: Robinson sweeps left, makes a man miss and rumbles down to the 14. Gain of 22

1-10-opp 14: Robinson run loses two. PENALTY: Holding against the offense

1-20-opp 24: Byrne sacked

2-26-opp 30: Robinson sweeps left for eight yards

3-18-opp 22: Byrne scrambles, touched down for loss of three

4-21-opp 25: 42-yard field goal try by Daren Daly is well short, lands in middle of end zone


1-10-opp 18: Pass to Farr gains four

2-6-opp 14: Run on right side by James nets nine yards

1-G-opp 5: James breaks free up middle virtually untouched for a touchdown


1-10-opp 22: Penalty against defense for illegal substitution declined. Four yard gain on run

2-6-opp 18: Pass complete to Zellner to the 11.

1-10-opp 11: Run on right side by Jones goes nowhere

2-10-opp 11: Pass thrown into double coverage intended for Khalil Jones in left side of end zone intercepted by Glenn Cook


1-10-opp 22: Jones runs up middle to 17

2-5-opp 17: Jones pushes a big pile ahead on the left side, gain of six

1-10-opp 11: Pass in end zone lofted up and broken up by Kenny Phillips

2-10-opp 11: Pass perfect to Shields in middle of end zone running slant for touchdown. Extra point by Bosher is good.


1-10-opp 22: Thomas gains 4

2-6-opp 18: Thomas rushes, no gain

3-6-opp 18: Thomas gains two on left side

4-4-opp 16: Daly field goal good. PENALTY: False start on offense

4-8-opp 21: Daly hits 37-yard field goal


1-10-50: Pass incomplete

2-10-50: Run on left side by James nets 3

3-7-opp 47: Pass incomplete intended for Zellner. Penalty: Pass interference. New set of downs

1-10-opp 47: Run by James goes nowhere

2-10-opp 47: James runs for gain of 5

3-5-opp 42: James runs up middle, no gain

4-5-opp 42: Shields makes nice grab for gain of 9

1-10-opp 33: Wright scrambles to 28

2-5-opp 28: Run on left side by James gains 3

3-2-opp 25: James goes up middle for gain of 1

4-1-opp 24: James picks up first down, pushes way down to the 21

1-10-opp 21: James hammered on run up middle, no gain

2-10-opp 21: Wright forced to keep, no gain

3-10-opp 21: Pass incomplete intended for Khalil Jones

4-10-opp 21: Field goal attempt by Daly from 38 yards misses wide left
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WR on Crutches in Knee Brace

[pic - click to view]

Receiver Lance Leggett was sparkling this spring with numerous big plays.

But he went down with a knee injury toward the end of yesterday's practice, hobbling to the locker room with an ice bag around his right knee.

Tonight he attended the team's scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium. He spent the scrimmage on the sidelines on crutches with a bulky knee brace protecting the injury.

After the scrimmage coach Randy Shannon wouldn't specify the details of the injury.

But he did say it's not severe.

"He'll be back for August," Shannon said.

Shannon said he's not worried about only having only three scholarship receivers healthy for the rest of the spring.

"Lance will be back," Shannon said. "We're okay."

In other injury news, OL Derrick Morse suited up but didn't play. Shannon said he may return in time for the Spring Game.

Reserve defensive lineman Joe Joseph suffered an ankle injury early-on in the scrimmage but was able to hobble off under his own power.

"He'll probably be back Monday or something like that," Shannon said.
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No Freeman as Canes Practice at Traz Powell

[pic - click to view]

he Hurricanes held their second spring scrimmage tonight at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami.

Shannon did not use Freeman at all in the scrimmage
And coach Randy Shannon shook things up by starting walkon quarterback Matt Perrelli with the first group.

The walkons and Kyle Wright were the only quarterbacks to see action. Kirby Freeman, who Shannon said afterward is not hurt, did not see a single snap.

Why was that?

"All the quarterbacks are going to get a shot, so today it was Kyle and the other guys getting an opportunity," said Shannon, who did not make players available for interviews after the scrimmage.

Asked by a reporter if he was sending a message to Freeman, Shannon responded, "Y'all don't listen, huh?"

Another reporter added, "He didn't get a rep," to which Shannon said, "The first scrimmage the other three guys didn't get a rep. Everybody's going to get a rep, get an opportunity, because you never know who can help you."

The defense had numerous tackles for losses in the scrimmage, and there were few big plays on offense. The receiving game was hurt by the loss of Lance Leggett, who is out the rest of the spring with a knee injury. He's expected back in the fall.

The offense's best drive was on the second series. A 22-yard run by Javarris James was followed immediately by a DajLeon Farr 35-yard catch from Wright to the one-yard line. A play later James had a touchdown.

"Javarris did well today," Shannon said. "He did some good things, and the offensive line did a great job blocking for him. They did a great job today also."

On the first play of the next series Lovon Ponder had a 35-yard fumble return for a touchdown. Graig Cooper suffered the fumble, and he did not get more carries the rest of the day.

The offense didn't get moving again until toward the end of the scrimmage, starting when Wright led a 60-yard drive. It appeared to end with a 28-yard attempt by Matt Bosher that missed wide left, but an illegal substitution penalty kept the drive alive. On first and goal from the eight-yard line Wright lofted a scoring pass to Sam Shields in the right side of the end zone.

On the next drive walkon QB Jake Byrne led a drive that reached the opposing 14-yard line before stalling. Kylan Robinson had runs of 18 and 22 yards. A holding penalty and delay of game pushed the offense back and the drive ended with a 42-yard Daren Daly field goal falling well short.

Of Robinson's running today, Shannon said, "I was pleased. He came in last year, we had high expectations of him, he was nicked. He came back and responded this spring. He has to keep being consistent."

The scrimmage's final drive, engineered by Wright starting at midfield, ended with a Daly field goal going wide left. Daly hit a 37-yard field goal the previous drive in red zone drills.

Those were the only lengthy drives of the hour-and-a-half scrimmage.

"There were some good and bad things," Shannon said. "I think defensively we came out here and started playing well, but then the offense had a couple of big plays. We put points on the board. It was a good scrimmage for what we're trying to get done right now."

* Asked about the kicking game with the missed field goals and one made attempt, Shannon said, "They did okay tonight, better than what it was last week. This week I was pleased. But we still have work to do. We say if we're inside the 30 it should be automatic, and we're going to keep pressing those guys."

* The UM Sports Information Department said there were 1,004 fans in attendance at the scrimmage.

* Signees Damien Berry and Kayne Farquharson attended the scrimmage


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