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 11 years ago '04        #1101
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Cooper, James to share Same Backfield ?

[pic - click to view]

New offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has now had five spring practices to evaluate the kind of personnel the Hurricanes possess.

Javarris James along with freshman Graig Cooper could be a two-headed monster playing together in games this year
And while he's happy with some things he's seen, he says it's still too early to gauge just what this offense is capable of achieving.

"It's hard to tell because they're still learning the offense," he said. "They're still thinking instead of playing, so it's hard. I don't like to gauge guys until they can actually get out there and start playing because we've handcuffed them so much with the thinking part of it that we've been sort of unfair to them, to be honest. We've really put a lot in on them. They've handled it well, they really have.

"I've been impressed with them mentally more than physically probably just because of what we've put in on them and how they've handled it. Hopefully by the time we hit the fall it'll all be a reaction instead of trying to figure out what's going on and everything."

One offensive player Nix knows will have an impact: Tailback Graig Cooper.

Mention Cooper's name and Nix lights up.

"He's made plays with the ball in his hands, knows what to do," Nix said of Cooper, who has busted long runs in each of UM's spring practices. "He's done a great job in pass protection. He's been very, very physical, which for a freshman is usually the biggest problem. He's learning the offense. The great thing for him, I think, is it was new for everybody. He's walking in, it's not just a new thing for him where everybody's out in front of him and he's trying to catch up. Everybody's trying to catch up, which has been good for him. He's done a great job of learning it. He's not a typical freshman. He's very mature, very intelligent. I think that's the biggest thing is his mental capacity has been very, very good for a young guy. That should get him on the field as quick as anything."

Nix says the team will be using Cooper and Javarris James together in the backfield during games.

"Yes, there's no doubt," he said. "They've been on the field the same time this spring. We've done it several times. We did it last year at Tech (with two tailbacks on the field together). You can do anything with them. They can play wide receiver, running back. One plays fullback, one plays tailback. They're good enough athletes to where they can do a lot of different things. The whole point of this offense is to get the best players on the field and put them in position to make plays. Those are two of our best players, so they're going to be on the field a lot, sometimes together, sometimes not together.

"The great thing about them is they give you a lot of depth, give you a chance to have two guys running at you. When you have two backs it's always nice to have two guys that can come and stay fresh and keep working. A back in the backfield on a route, there's all sorts of different things you can do with them."

Nix also spoke about the quarterback battle.

He says both Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman are performing well.

"Both of them have experience, and there's great competition," Nix said. "It's been very healthy and very good; it'll continue to be healthy and very good. Both of them are competing really well, doing a good job. The guys around them are doing a good job. It's all about a team and a unit, and they understand that. There's a magnifying glass on that position and that's the way it is. That's what makes it special, makes it fun."

Nix said it's possible both Wright and Freeman will see action in games next year as part of the game plan.

"It's possible three of them (including incoming freshman Robert Marve) could play in a game," Nix said. "Who knows? There might be a walkon this summer that shows up. Who cares? The guys that make plays are going to play. I don't care who they are. I have one goal and one mission, and that's to win. I don't care if we line up in the wishbone, we just have to find ways to win. That's the most important thing. If that means we have two quarterbacks, it means we go back to the old [Steve] Spurrier system, run plays in with it. Whatever it takes to win is what we're going to do. Winning is the most important. Who plays and how much they play is extremely secondary to winning."

Nix worked with talented offensive personnel at Georgia Tech, including Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson, who Nix calls "arguably the best player -– to me -– to ever play in college football."

So how does the Miami talent stack up with Georgia Tech's?

"There were great players there and we have great players here," Nix said. "Who knows? Time will tell. A lot depends on whether the quarterback will execute, whether the wide receiver will catch the ball, whether the line will execute. There are so many things that go into it that you never can tell, especially this early in the process."

* Marve was watching on during today's drills along with fellow Cane signee Orlando Franklin. Adewale Ojomo and Kayne Farquharson have also been visitors to Greentree Practice Field this spring.
 03-21-2007, 10:55 PM         #1102
Black_Deuce  OP
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been tough since rakim went ghost. nice job by crip pickin the torch up though
 11 years ago '04        #1103
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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 Black_Deuce said:
been tough since rakim went ghost. nice job by crip pickin the torch up though
hope the dude didn't leave for real after the losing that bet.

and damn Cooper is looking good breaking them runs and all.
 11 years ago '04        #1104
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Randy Shannon Unfiltered - Part II

There has been an ongoing arms race when it comes to facilities that schools are constantly improving on, and the reality of the situation is that UM's a small private school that's being left behind in this facilities battle in many aspects. What's the most important thing the football program needs money for?

"The biggest thing we're doing right now is raising money to improve the offices. By May or June (the football offices) will be changed around. The furniture will come in, so will new electronic equipment. A couple of offices will be redone, rebuilt, restructured. Those are things that need to be done as far as football and that's inevitable. We're getting that done, and I want it to be done before May. We've got the money for it, we've raised it and everything is going in the right direction. We're working on the contracts right now to get it done. I'm not even worried about that. Football will be O.K. The (fund-raising sprint) is for UM's entire athletic department. We have to make sure that the academic department gets done (expanded), the training room gets done (expanded) to serve ALL of our sports teams. Those are things we desperately need to upgrade."

Why has the school outgrown it's resources and fallen so behind?

"We're not a state school, we're a private institution. Everyone always says, 'Well, the ex-football players should be doing it.' The ex-football are donating money back, and they always have. But right now we need other supporters to help out. I'm talking about the people who say they are part of this university, they cheer us on at every opportunity, but are they going to give their money to improve the schools academic department, or to enhance our training department? If you get those two things (which are part of the Hecht Center expansion) done I believe this University can compete facilities-wise with any team in the country. We won't have many frills but we'll have the meat and potatoes and that's what it's all about."

When you put this coaching staff together you talked about creating staff harmony, alleviating the cliques that previously existed. What makes you confident you've achieved that?

"Those guys go out as one. One guy on offense will go out with another guy from defense. Two defensive guys will go out with two offensive guys. The offensive guys will pick up a defensive guy from the airport who is coming in, and vice versa. Everybody has joined in and are now saying we are a family. We're going to do what it takes and I believe in that. We sit around the table and everyone is mixed up and mingling just like we want from this team. They are talking and communicating and that's what it's all about."

Not everyone understands what it takes to be a Miami Hurricane, and that includes some present players. What type of ex-player do you hold up and say: 'This is the type of player and person I hope the players can emulate.'

"I never tell those guys they need to be like such and such. I think they just need to have the standards and understanding of what Miami's all about. This is what Miami's about. As a player, I played three positions for the team. I played strong (linebacker), weak and middle. The one year I started it was because Winston Moss got suspended for the first game. The next game I was on the bench, but because I played both sides I played a lot in the game and NEVER complained. If we were always fresh, me, Winston and Rob Carter were always going to be good on the field. Edgerrin James said it perfectly to me the other day after watching some of practice. He said, 'My nephew isn't the best back right now. (Graig) Cooper is the best back right now and you should play Cooper.' This is a guy talking about his nephew should be a backup. That's what Miami is about! It doesn't make a difference who it is, play the best players and find a way to make them effective. But in turn, Javarris (James) says, 'My job is to make sure Cooper knows enough to beat me out, but I've also got to be the best that I can be to keep Cooper on the bench.' That's the mentality we need to have. In turn, if we've got two guys that are equal we're going to wear people down. That's how it's SUPPOSED to be! It shouldn't be a deal where, 'I'm the starter, I'm not worried about anybody. This is my spot.' That ain't Miami! Miami's about making sure that everybody is a part of it because if somebody gets nicked the next guy has to step up and not miss a beat. That's what we're used to, and what we'll have again."

It seems like the only player I'm hearing about this spring is Graig Cooper. Is he standing out that much?

"He's been doing a nice job of running the football and protecting (pass blocking). What's great about it, realistically he's been stepping up, but all of [the backs] have been stepping it up because of the competition. They know it's not going to be a deal where there are five or six running backs traveling on the squad. If you're in the to deep, or a three deep guy and you don't play on special teams you won't be able to travel, so everybody is starting to pick it up. The competition's there."

While you are all about competition, you have a history of leaning on your veterans on defense and people don't really understand your philosophy of putting more on the older players. Can you explain your theory on why a guy like Glenn Cook, whose not as athletically blessed as some of your other linebackers, is expected to play more and do more than those other guys?

"I expect Glenn Cook to know every position on the football team right now to the point I can plug him in anywhere on the field and he BETTER do good! He's been around long enough. Last year Chavez Grant played one position because he was a young guy. He was the nickel cornerback because he was a young guy, a freshman. This year he's got to play two positions. It's time to step it up a bit. He knows his role is being stepped up and he's doing a great job. With younger guys you identify a role for them and challenge them to get it done. But the older guys have to venture out. When the injuries happen move the older guy. Let the young guy stay in his comfort zone because that's all he knows. I think that's what you have to do as a coach, make sure the older guys know more because if something happens keep the younger guy simple and put the pressure on the older guy."

I hope that gives U a better understanding into Boss Cane.

Come back this weekend to updates and observations from Friday and Saturday's practice.

 11 years ago '04        #1105
KiNgJaMeS305|M 58 heat pts58
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when is the spring game?????????????????

id probably head out there
 03-24-2007, 01:14 PM         #1106
Black_Deuce  OP
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 Cap Peeler said:
hope the dude didn't leave for real after the losing that bet.
yea, he still posts over at itsbx. I gained alot of respect for the n*gga cause he held true to his bet...

*pours out more liquor*
 11 years ago '04        #1107
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Khalil Jones Q&A

[pic - click to view]

Q: What's your take on how the receivers are performing so far this spring?

Jones: We're doing a good job of challenging each other to perform. Our expectations are high because we feel we're a veteran group now and we feel like nothing needs to be said, it just all needs to be done on the field. I know as far as me, I expect a top performance from myself and I'm really challenging myself.

Q: What are you working on most right now?

Jones: Me coming from high school, catching was something I had to work on a lot. I feel like now it's really easy. When coach (Curtis) Johnson was here he told me all catching was was repetition – the more you catch, the better you get. So I made sure I caught as many balls as I could every day, and I'm still doing it. I just feel like right now I'm ready to put everything together as far as getting prepared for the season.

Q: How many catches do you have in 11 on 11 so far this spring?

Jones: Three. I'm just working to get open. If I feel I'm open I did my job, if I block I did my job. I know when the season comes around I'll get looks. Right now it's about beating the man in front of me.

Q: Who is the toughest cornerback for you to go up against in practice?

Jones: Glenn Sharpe. He's an older guy, a guy that started his first year in the national championship. He's an all-around cornerback, can do pretty much everything. He's fast and physical, he gives you different looks. He pretty much knows what he's doing.

Q: The offense has made some big plays this spring, which is something that didn't happen much the last few years in spring practices. Is the offense doing better than expected at this point?

Jones: We're doing very well. I think coach (Patrick) Nix and the rest of the offensive coaches are doing a good job at each position. We're learning our plays, are working in synch with each other. But we still have a long way to go. Against our defense over the past years they have always been the dominant team, so it's good to get a change around. We have a long way to go, but we know beating our defense is a good thing because we know that's the No. 1 defense we're going to play against the rest of the season.

Q: With four scholarship receivers competing right now, are you guys basically being run ragged in practices?

Jones: We have walkons. We're getting a lot of work, but that's normal for spring. Someone always goes down, so you always get a lot of reps in the spring. You want the reps, but it does wear on your body – I know I get in the ice tub every day.

Q: What is the biggest difference with Randy Shannon as head coach?

Jones: Mindset. I think he brings that defensive mentality, that relentlessness, that discipline, that accountability. He brings everything to the table and really challenges you as a player to give it all you've got. And with quick anticipation – right now, it's not tomorrow. It's do your best today. He can be hard on you, but he also understands that not everything is going to be perfect. He's an all-around guy and I love playing for him.
 11 years ago '04        #1108
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[pic - click to view]

Q: How was practice today?

Shannon: We worked on a lot of two minute, situational stuff that can happen in a game. We had a two minute situation where we had to score a touchdown and a two minute situation where we had to score a field goal. We got a lot of third down work in also.

Q: So did you score in the two minute drill?

Shannon: I don't remember. You get amnesia as a coach sometimes.

Q: There's a scrimmage open to the public tomorrow at 10 a.m. on Greentree Practice Field. What will the format be?

Shannon: Ones against ones, twos against twos, special teams, ones against ones, twos against twos. We'll have another two-minute drill full speed live, which now we can see if they can tackle when they're tired. We'll get a lot of work done tomorrow.

Q: How much of the offense will the fans see?

Shannon: I don't even know. It's like this: Everybody runs the same offense. I mean, come on now. Everyone thinks you're running this, that. A zone is a zone. A power is a power. A quarterback keep is a quarterback keep. A fade route is a fade route. A screen is a screen. It's just what formations you do them out of. So don't think everybody's inventing this new offense.

Q: How many plays will you run?

Shannon: I don't know. It depends on numbers. We'll just go till we can't go any more.

Q: Who will get the first team snaps – Kyle Wright or Kirby Freeman?

Shannon: We don't know. We don't have a first team.

Q: Do you still expect Darnell Jenkins back at some point?

Shannon: Yes. He has his family situation right now. He won't be back until after spring football, until the fall. When you have problems with family, those are serious issues. You have to make sure you're delicate with them.

Q: With the quarterbacks, what have you seen from them?

Shannon: You know, the one thing that was real positive today, we had the two minute drill, they didn't take a sack. They threw it away. A screen was stopped, just throw it in the ground. Those are things they improved of off the past. A couple of times we got to the 30 on the two-minute drill, which is good when you start at the 20.

Q: What would you like Javarris James to improve on from last year?

Shannon: Improve his overall game. If Javarris doesn't improve we'll play the next guy. It's up to him to keep moving his game up protection-wise, running skills and what he has to do.

Q: What have you seen from Antonio Dixon?

Shannon: A big guy that pushes the pocket. He's maturing more mentally and physically. People have to realize Dixon, really his first year playing was last year. He's improved a lot, is having fun now.

Q: How is his conditioning?

Shannon: He's fine right now.

Q: What is the importance of the SPRINT fundraising campaign?

Shannon: You're trying to raise money that state schools that me you and everybody pays for. We pay taxes and are helping Florida and Florida State out. When you are a private institution you have to raise money for your institution.

Q: What are your thoughts on the team so far this spring?

Shannon: I don't know. It's still early.

Q: What do you want to see in the scrimmage?

Shannon: Guys have to execute on offense and defense, fly around and have fun. One thing in the first scrimmage is you have to improve from that one to the next one to the next one. That's our goal, to improve every day in practice.
 11 years ago '04        #1109
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News & Notes from Friday

* The Hurricanes will hold a scrimmage open to the public tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m.
on Greentree Practice Field

Fans can get their first up close glimpse of Graig Cooper in action at tomorrow's 10 a.m. scrimmage
"Tomorrow's a real big day," defensive end Calais Campbell said. "Anytime there's a scrimmage it's a game situation, a chance to really go out, have fun and go 100 percent.

This will be the first chance for fans to see for themselves what highly touted tailback Graig Cooper brings to the table.

"That boy, he's explosive," Campbell said. "He reminds me of (Devin) Hester, how explosive he is. He's got great hips. I think he's going to be a tremendous player here. He might have an impact fast."

* Safety Anthony Redd*ck said he's fully healthy for the first time in almost two years.

"I've been in the right spot at the right time, doing my job," he said.

Of the overall defense, he says, "I think we're going to be better than last year. We're working to get better than every defense that's been through here."

* Ian Symonette has returned to full practice from injury.

* James Bryant missed practice today and won't be at practice tomorrow because coach Randy Shannon said he has academics he is working on.

* Calais Campbell says the players getting the most reps along the line varies depending on who is playing best.

"Most of the time it's been me, Eric Moncur, Antonio Dixon and Teraz McCray," Campbell said.

Campbell also said he's been surprised at how well the offense is playing.

"They're playing real well, especially yesterday they had a real big day, made us look bad," Campbell said. "We came out today and tried to redeem ourselves they moved the ball on us but we buckled down and stopped them when it counted."

* Cornerback Chavez Grant is learning cornerback for the first time this spring.

Last year he played nickel and dime.

"I feel I'm picking up things real well," Grant said. "Last year I learned a little bit of it, but this year they're trying to do more with me. I'm playing corner and nickel right now."

He says freshman Doug Wiggins is working in at nickel.

"He's looking pretty good," Grant said. "He's doing well. Everybody's improving. It's looking real good."
 11 years ago '04        #1110
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Suprising DL Emerging this Spring

[pic - click to view]

Defensive end Steven Wesley sat out his freshman year following a torn labrum in his shoulder suffered during two-a-days.

He underwent surgery in September.

Now he's proving this spring that he deserves a role on defense.

He is working with the second team and has done well.

"I haven't played football in seven months, so it was hard to come in and try to compete when everyone else had played," Wesley said. "Considering that I think I've done pretty well.

"I've been talking to the upperclassmen about how to play defensive end. Everything they tell me I try to put into practice. They tell me I'm getting the opportunity to play, so make the most of it."

Wesley has impressed his teammates.

End Calais Campbell says Wesley is in the four-end rotation and adds, "He's real explosive, has a lot of potential. He picks things up fast. He's going to definitely be a force this year. He's a pass rusher and run stopper.

"He's not a surprise to me, but for everyone else who doesn't know who he is, he's going to be a surprise to them."

Wesley says he's mostly been going up against Ian Symonette in practices.

"On pass situations I do well, and on running situations I have to bring all my power and do my best to make him vertical," Wesley said.

Wesley said he considers his specialty to be rushing the passer.

Asked how well he think this defense can do compared to last year, he said, "I think we can do real well. We're all working hard, are being disciplined."
 11 years ago '04        #1111
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Scrimmage Unveiled- The Play by Play

* The first offensive group to take the field: QB Kyle Wright; OL Reggie Youngblood, Chris Rutledge, Matt Pipho, Chris Barney, Andrew Bain; WR Sam Shields, Lance Leggett, Ryan Hill; TE DajLeon Farr; TB Javarris James.

* The first defensive group to take the field: DL Calais Campbell, Eric Moncur, Teraz McCray, Antonio Dixon; LB Glenn Cook, Colin McCarthy, Spencer Adkins; DB Lovon Ponder, Kenny Phillips, Chavez Grant, Carlos Armour.

* The second offensive group to take the field: QB Kirby Freeman; OL Joel Figueroa, Ian Symonette, Jonathan Teske, Chris Barney, John Rochford; WR Khalil Jones, Joe Tolliver; RB Charlie Jones; FB Jerrell Mabry; TE Eric Kirchenberg.

* The second defensive group to take the field: DL Steven Wesley, Joe Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks, Courtney Harris; LB Spencer Adkins, Eric Houston, Tavares Gooden; DB Willie Cooper, Anthony Redd*ck, Carlos Armour, Chaves Grant.



1-10-35: Calais Campbell tackles Javarris James, loss of 6

2-16-29: James gains 5

3-11-34: Wright scrambles for short gain


1-10-35: Run by James gains 8

2-2-43: James up left side for gain of 10

1-10-opp 47: James breaks free on right, gain of 12

1-10-opp 35: James runs up middle for 2 yards

2-8-opp 33: Cooper catches short pass. Penalty – false start

2-13-opp 38: Incomplete intended for Dedrick Epps

3-13-opp 38: Pass overthrown intended for Sam Shields


1-10-35: Cooper breaks tackle up middle, gains 10

1-10-45: Penalty – offsides

1-5-50: Cooper catches pass, no gain

2-5-50: Glenn Cook tips pass, incomplete

3-5-50: Split backfield with James and Cooper. Pitch goes to James on right, no gain


1-10-35: Eric Houston hits Charlie Jones for no gain

2-10-35: Jones gains 1

3-9-36: Jones runs for 10 yards, fumbles, recovered by offense at 47

1-10-47: Jones swarmed, loses four yards

2-14-43: Jones loses two

3-16-41 Freeman scrambles, short of first down


1-10-35: Run by Derron Thomas gains 1

2-9-36: Wobbly pass intercepted by Carlos Armour. Freeman threw it up for grabs with penalty vs. defense – offsides

2-4-41: Thomas trips, loses 2

3-6-39: Short pass to Thomas, he breaks free and runs for 21 yards

1-10-opp 40: Dwayne Hendricks tackles Thomas for a loss of two

2-12-opp 42: Short pass to Thomas, he turns it into 7 yards

3-5-opp 35: Jerrell Mabry catches short pass over middle, rumbles in on right side for a touchdown. Matt Bosher extra point attempt sails wide left


1-10-35: Cooper loses 1

2-11-34: Cooper gains 2

3-9-36: Epps makes short catch on left side for five yards


1-10-35: Cooper gains 6

2-4-41: James gains 2

3-2-43: Leggett makes a great catch in double coverage at the 14. But he draws a flag for taunting.

1-25-opp 29: Penalty – offsides

1-20-opp 24: James sweeps right, gain of 9

2-11-15: James up middle no gain

3-11-15: Cooper delay handoff up middle, gains 6

4-4-9: James wrapped up in backfield for loss. Penalty – unsportsmanlike vs. offense

Field goal try by Bosher from 42 yards is way off to the left


1-10-35: Kylan Robinson catches short pass for gain of 3

2-7-38: Gabriel Diaz drops short pass in his chest

3-7-38: Khalil Jones makes catch for gain of 6

4-1-44: Robinson lowers his head, bulls ahead for first down

1-10-45: Robinson wrapped up in backfield, loses 2

2-12-43: Wright throws it away

3-12-43: Wright scrambles for gain of 7


1-10-35: Ball slips out of Wright's hand. Fumble recovered by offense at 22

2-23-22: Richard Gordon levels Thomas at the 24

3-21-24: Thomas gains six up middle


1-10-36: Charlie Jones loses four on sweep right

2-14-32: Anthony Redd*ck hits Jones in backfield, loss of 2

3-16-30: Charlie Jones makes short catch over middle for five yards


1-10-5: Wright runs to the 10

2-5-10: James slips down at the 8, loss of 2

3-7-8: Randy Phillips drops interception chance at the 15

4-7-8: Leggett makes first down catch at 17

1-10-17: Leggett makes catch at 26

2-1-26: James short catch to 32

1-10-32: Farr makes catch on left side for gain of 2, doesn't get out of bounds

2-8-34: 34 seconds on clock, pass to Leggett on right side incomplete. Penalty on defense.

1-10-48: Wright pass overthrown intended for Ryan Hill, intercepted by Lovon Ponder at the 30


1-10-45:Farr catches short pass on right side, turns it into 11-yard gain

1-10-opp 43: Farr catches pass over middle to the 38

2-5-opp 38: Freeman spikes ball to stop clock

3-5-opp 38: Pass thrown away, penalty against defense

3-5-opp 33: Scramble, no gain

4-5-opp 33: Scramble doesn't pick up first down


1-10-45: Pass incomplete out of bounds

2-10-45: Pass incomplete on left side

3-10-45: Pass caught by Leggett for gain of 8

4-2-opp 47: Farr makes first down catch on left sideline, gets out of bounds

1-10-opp 38: 11 seconds left, pass dropped by Chavez Grant. Should have been intercepted at the 30

2-10-opp 38: Leggett catches pass and gets out of bounds at the 17, gain of 21

3-10-opp 21: Daly field goal from 38 yards out splits upright

NEW SERIES, WRIGHT AT QB, 1:55 on clock

1-10-35: James run, no gain

2-10-35: James catch for gain of 6

3-4-41: Doug Wiggins breaks up pass, but called for pass interference

1-10-45: James runs for gain of 2

2-8-47: Pass too far for Mabry, incomplete

3-8-47: Mabry catch for gain of 7

4-1-opp 46: James breaks tackle try by Courtney Harris, plunges ahead for gain of 7

1-10-opp 39: Willie Cooper breaks up pass

2-10-opp 39: 35 seconds on clock. Khalil Jones can't handle high pass, incomplete

3-10-opp 39: Jones can't handle high pass over middle. He's leveled by Anthony Redd*ck as ball sails by

4-10-opp 39: James tips ball to himself on errant pass, short gain


1-10-opp 18: Run up middle by James loses 2

2-10-opp 18: Wright throws ball right to Kenny Phillips for interception


1-10-opp 18: Run up middle by James loses 1

2-11-opp 19: Pass incomplete to Epps near end zone – he was double covered

3-11-opp 19: Pass short-hopped to Sam Shields on right side

4-11-opp 19: Daly misses 36-yard field goal wide left


1-10-opp 12: Blitz, Campbell wraps up James for loss of 7

2-17-opp 19: Farr breaks a tackle on right side, gain of 10

3-7-opp 9: James runs up middle for 1 yard

4-6-opp 8: Bosher field goal from 25 yards is good


1-G-3: Cooper loses 1

2-G-4: Cooper run on right side loses 2

3-G-6: Cooper takes option pitch on left side to the one-yard line

4-G-1: Wright throws it out of the end zone under pressure


1-G-3: Jones up middle to the 1

2-G-1: Jones sweep left loses 7

3-G-8: Brian McNeil has pass bounce off his fingertips in back of end zone

4-G-8: Daly field goal from 25 yards is good


1-10-opp 15: Wright lofts pass to Joe Tolliver in end zone incomplete

2-10-opp 15: Pass interference on Eric Houston at 11-yard line

1-10-11: Wright scrambles for 8 yards

2-G-3: Houston bats down pass in end zone

3-G-3: McNeal gets step on Grant for TD


1-10-40: Deep pass incomplete

2-10-40: Randy Phillips misses interception chance on 30 yard pass

3-10-40: Deep pass overthrown


1-10-40: Thomas runs for 5 yards

2-5-45: Thomas has no room on left side. Penalty – holding on Chris Barney

2-13-37: Pass dropped by Eric Kirchenberg on short route

3-13-37: Deep pass on left side overthrown intended for Shields


1-10-40: Cooper takes pitch on left side for six yards

2-4-46: Offsides on Antonio Dixon

1-10-opp 49: False start on Andrew Bain; unsportsmanlike conduct on defense

1-10-opp 40: Cooper runs for one yard

2-9-opp 39: Wright scrambles, loss of 1

3-10-opp 40: Leggett makes catch at 34

4-4-opp 34: Hill makes catch at 28

1-10-opp 28: Cooper breaks free on left side for nine yards

2-1-opp 19: Leggett can't handle pass in end zone lofted to him with Armour in coverage

3-1-opp 19: Pass into end zone incomplete. Penalty – pass interference on Armour

1-G-5: James up middle for 1 yards

2-G-4: Penalty – unsportsmanlike conduct on offense and defense. Penalties offset

2-G-4: Pass incomplete in back of end zone. Penalty – illegal man downfield

2-G-9: Leggett makes sliding catch in middle of end zone for touchdown

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Kicking Game pulls Switcheroo

Entering this year it was expected by many that Matt Bosher would be the team's new kicker and Daren Daly would be the new punter.

After all, those were the respective positions at which each player was recruited coming out of high school two years ago.

But that's now been switched up.

Daly has been told to only work on his kicking game in practices
Daly says he's been told only to concentrate on his field goal kicking and not to work on punting anymore this spring.

And Bosher says he expects to be the team's punter.

"They've switched me over to just kicking now and Bosher's doing most of the punting," Daly said.

Daly has hit on 21 of 23 field goal attempts in live drills this spring, including two of three today (he hit from 25 and 38 yards, missing from 36 yards).

Of his miss, he said, "The wind just took it."

Bosher has missed six of his attempts this spring, including a pair of misses today and yesterday. He also missed an extra point attempt wide today.

Daly's long made field goal this spring is from 51 yards out.

Bosher says, "I'm the leading candidate to punt. I'm really pleased with my punting."

Despite the misses by both kickers today, each said there's nothing to worry about in the kicking game.

"It's the spring and we're all working hard on getting everything down," Bosher said. "We'll be fine. No need to worry."

Coach Randy Shannon said of the kickers that "It was their first time; they're freshman. That's what people need to realize. They're not going to be Olindo Mare or Adam Vinatieri. These guys have never kicked before. They made some and they missed some, but they'll work to get better at it, and I think they will."

Special teams coordinator Joe Pannunzio added, "I'm not disappointed. We've got good guys, but everything's a work in progress."
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Canes Show off in Public Scrimmage

[pic - click to view]

Miami's first public scrimmage under coach Randy Shannon drew approximately 1,000 onlookers at Greentree Practice Field this afternoon.

And they saw a spirited competition that saw the defense control most of the action.

"[The defense] did well," Shannon said. "They played the run game sometimes well and sometimes they didn't. Sometimes the quarterbacks did a nice job of threading the ball in there."

The offense managed three touchdowns, and Daren Daly and Matt Bosher combined to make three of six field goal attempts.

Leggett ended the scrimmage with a 9-yard TD grab
"The defense did a lot of good things out there," end Calais Campbell said. "Everybody swarmed to the ball. I'm excited about what we can do, because we looked good. The whole D line played well. We got pressure on the quarterback, stopped the run. A lot of young guys are stepping up. If we keep fine-tuning it I think we'll be able to top last year's defense. I'm excited. I can't wait."

There were numerous penalties on both sides of the ball, with several unsportsmanlike conduct calls for taunting along with offsides, false starts, illegal man downfield and pass interference calls.

"This was just the first scrimmage," Shannon said. "We don't want to be ready to go or be in tip-top shape until the first game. And we want to play our beat game the last part of the season, so we're on a steady move going forward. Guys are doing a good job, but we need to improve a lot. The defense did a lot of good things, and a couple of running backs made some nice runs, but now we have to finish it."

Quarterback Kyle Wright began the scrimmage working with the first team. But he hit on 15 of 33 passes for 89 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. His best pass was a nine-yard touchdown pass to Lance Leggett that ended the scrimmage.

"The best thing of the whole day is the last drive we go down and score," offensive coordinator Patrick Nix said. "For us that's winning the whole scrimmage. I was very proud of them for that.

"We have a lot of work to do, made a lot of mistakes."

Kirby Freeman, who is in an even competition with Wright for the starting job, hit on his first seven passes of the day and finished throwing for 189 yards with one touchdown.

Shannon would not address the play of the quarterbacks after the scrimmage.

"We're not worried about the quarterbacks; we have to worry about the team," Shannon said.

The leading receiver was Leggett, who had six catches for 96 yards and a touchdown.

"He's a difference-maker," Nix said. "There's no doubt. When you have a great wide receiver, that changes a ball game. Lance can fly, is big enough to get off press coverage."

Leggett had missed several practices this spring due to track meets.

But he didn't miss a beat today.

"This is my third practice, so I have to get in shape -- I'm in track shape right now," Leggett said. "The reason I'm getting the ball is because the line is blocking real well.

"I'm coming along real well, but I've still got a lot to work on. The offense, we still have a lot to work on. We have to work on route running, blocking, everything."

Freshman tailback Graig Cooper showed off his explosiveness in the scrimmage with a couple of nice moves and runs.

"I just make sure I do what I have to do," Cooper said. "It's the same offense I ran in high school, so I just have to learn the little things."

One of Cooper's runs ended at the one-yard line.

"It was k!lling me, man," Cooper said.

A few times Javarris James lined up in the backfield together with Cooper. And the team also ran some option pitch plays.

Of lining up with James, Cooper said, "It's cool, me and JJ have a good relationship."

Impressing in the scrimmage was fullback Jerrell Mabry, who had a 35-yard touchdown catch and run, and tight end DajLeon Farr, who had several key catches.

Of his touchdown, Mabry said, "It was a little angle route. Tavares Gooden got on my back hip, and once I got in front of him I knew I was gone. The only person there was Anthony Redd*ck. He was going to hit me, but I cut it up just before he could. Khalil Jones gave me a good block to get me in the end zone over Willie Cooper."

With two starting offensive linemen not involved in the scrimmage due to injuries, the offense relied on a lot of quick passes.

"We have some nicks, but I was just happy that nobody fell out," Shannon said. "Every player rotated because they'd done a nice job in the strength and conditioning program losing weight. That's most important -- if those guys keep banging away, everybody else will see that, that there's only six or seven guys for the whole spring, we can push to get better, also."

Shannon says he likedthe team's spirit today.

"Guys were high-fiving each other and jumping around, and that's what it'll take to get things done," he said. "We need to keep focusing on that. We want to come together as a team and stay focused and keep competing and f!ghting to the end."

Some of the highlights of the scrimmage:

-- Kirby Freeman threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to fullback Jerrell Mabry

-- Kirby Freeman threw a 60-yard non-scoring pass to Lance Leggett

--Safety Lovon Ponder made an interception of Kyle Wright in the two-minute drill

-- Daren Daly kicked field goals of 25 and 38 yards

-- Matt Bosher connected on a 25-yard field goal

-- Kenny Phillips made a diving interception of Kyle Wright

-- Kyle Wright threw a five-yard TD pass to Brian McNeil in the goal-line drill

-- Wright ended the scrimmage with a nine-yard TD pass to Lance Leggett
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Local DB: I'm planning on going to Miami

[pic - click to view]

Pompano Beach Ely High School DB Patrick Johnson is in Tallahassee for Florida State's Junior Day.

But he's talking up the Canes.

"I'm planning on coming to Miami because I got a Miami scholarship offer in the mail," said Johnson, a 6-foot-0, 187-pounder with 4.47-second speed. "Miami's always been a dream of mine. I've been a Canes fan and I wanted to play for Miami since I was kid. It looks like fun playing for Miami."

Johnson says that the plan for now is to keep any official commitment silent until signing day.

He says he's also looking at FSU and Florida.

He no longer is high on Georgia -– "I was looking at Georgia, but since I got the offer from the U I'm kind of looking at the U now," he says.

Last year Johnson had 54 tackles, seven interceptions and ran back three kickoffs for touchdowns.
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2 Locals Commit to Hurricanes

Two locals commit to Hurricanes

By Omar Kelly
Posted March 24 2007, 7:38 PM EDT

CORAL GABLES - Pahokee defensive tackle Micanor Regis and Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson became the first two prospects to commit to the Hurricanes for the 2008 signing class.

Regis, a 6-foot-3, 296 pound standout who contributed 47 tackles and 13 sacks last season, informed head coach Randy Shannon of his intentions after Saturday's practice, which he attended.

"I've wanted to commit for a while but I wanted to see some more evidence that the program was headed in the right direction," said Regis, who is being recruited by Florida State, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia Tech.

Johnson, who established himself as one of the state's top athletes by contributing 54 tackles and seven interceptions last season , says he picked UM over FSU and Florida after getting a scholarship offer from UM in the mail this week.

Commitments aren't binding until an athlete signs a letter-of-intent in February, but it's unusual for South Florida athletes to commit so early in the recruiting process.

Earlier this week Shannon said an early commit merely means UM's in the lead for a prospect, he then acknowledged recruiting is a long and arduous process.
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[pic - click to view]

Patrick Johnson DB Ely
6'0" 4.47 40


[pic - click to view]

Micanor Regis DT Pahokee
6'2" 296
5.06 40
23 Bench Reps

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Commitment #1 a 95% done deal

[pic - click to view]

Pahokee (Fla.) High School DT Micanor Regis says he's never followed college football closely or rooted for a particular college team.

But that's all changing.

Regis attended Miami's first spring scrimmage March 24 and committed on the spot.

"I committed to coach (Clint) Hurtt," Regis said. "I just told him `I'm going to commit.' He was excited. Then I talked to coach [Randy] Shannon and he just said `Congratulations.'"

Regis said the scrimmage made him realize he wanted to be a Cane.

"Just watching practice, how it was organized, I knew I wanted to go there," he said. "Before that I'd been to Miami a couple of times. Miami was one of my top choices, was one of the places I wanted to go.

"I'm friendly with Randy Phillips, played against him in high school and we talk -- he just tells me Miami's a great place to be, that the team's like a family. I know Miami produces some good defensive tackles. I knew I'd be a perfect fit for them."

Regis says he first received a verbal Cane offer last year.

"I talked to coach Hurtt back then, he gave me the offer -– we have a strong relationship," Regis said. "When I call him he just wants to make sure I'm alright, see how I'm doing in school. He just checks on me."

A 6-foot-4, 300-pounder with 5.0-second speed, Regis had 47 tackles and 13 sacks as a junior.

He lists other offers from Florida State, South Carolina, Penn State, Alabama, Clemson, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Virginia.

"It was always just Miami for me," he said.

Regis says he "probably" won't take visits to any campuses other than Miami as recruiting progresses.

Asked if it's a 100 percent done deal for the Canes, he said, "This is about a 95 percent done deal."
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UM Lands Big-Time Commitment #2

[pic - click to view]

Stud line prospect Brandon Washington remembers jumping up and down as a little kid watching the Hurricanes play big games against teams like Florida State.

"One of my dreams was always to be a Miami Hurricane," Washington said. "It's not a just now thing, being a Hurricane is something I wanted to be all my life."

Now he will be.

The 6-foot-4, 314-pounder with 5.2-second speed had planned to commit to UM after the Spring Game. But, with some urging from a friend, he decided to get it over with earlier.

"Having a guy like me commit, maybe that will make a lot of other guys commit also," Washington said.

So he called coach Randy Shannon last night. On the first try he got Shannon's voicemail.

"Coach, this is Brandon Washington. I'm committing to Miami," Washington said.

Washington called back an hour later and got Shannon in person.

"I said `I want to commit,' and he was excited," Washington said. "It was `Wow, I have Big D, he wants to be a Cane."

Washington received a Miami offer Sept. 1 of last year.

He played a game that night against Miami Norland and finished with two sacks and six tackles along with several pancake blocks on offense.

"I was excited," Washington said. "Every break I had off the field I was thinking `I got a scholarship from Miami, that's what I wanted.'"

Washington played at Miami Edison last year but is transferring to Northwestern High for the coming season.

"Everyone's saying we're going to be shocking how good we are with the top guys we have," Washington said. "I'm not coming to be a leader. It's my last year, so I want a smooth last year."

He says he will continue to play both ways at the new school.

And he could play on the offensive or defensive lines at the next level. He says he has no preference.

"That's up to coaches," he said. "I just want to come and be one of the great players that came out of the University of Miami. I'm going to go in, work hard. If I play offense I want to be another Bryant McKinnie or Vernon Carey. If I play defense I want to be a replacement for Bryan Pata.

"I just want to be on the field."

Washington says he may take visits to other colleges but that "I'm committed, I'm going to be a Cane."

He finished last year with seven sacks.

He lists nine current offers, including Alabama, Boston College, Ole Miss, Auburn and FIU.
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 P. Dedos said:
i heard patrick johnson made a statement that he never commited

its too early anyways, hopefully at the end of it he decides to stay with the U
PJ is a hibitual liar
 11 years ago '05        #1120
dipset kid0221 1 heat pts
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You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to C.R.I.P. again.

props C.R.I.P. when i can for keeping the thread going.


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