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 7 years ago '07        #8781
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Miami Hurricanes returned to practice Monday morning in preparation for their game against No. 17 Ohio State on Saturday.

DT Marcus Forston is back after a 1-game suspension.Miami (0-1) will be looking to avenge a 2010 loss to Ohio State (2-0), falling 36-24.

“We had a good tempo (at practice),” coach Al Golden said. “Having some of our leaders back makes a big difference. It was a good start, we didn’t want to go too long. It looks like we retained our conditioning and we’ll be ready for (Tuesday).”

The Hurricanes will play on Saturday for the first time this week after a Monday opener and a bye week. UM will play their next six games on a Saturday and Golden is looking forward to getting the team into a routine.

“It’s going to be fun,” he said. “It’s been an extraordinary three weeks, let’s leave it at that, that’s what it’s been and hopefully today is a return to normalcy in game week. An hopefully our guys will respond to the consistency of routine.”

Saturday’s game begins at 7:30 and is expected to be UM’s biggest home game of the year.

“I just have a great deal of respect for Ohio State, their six Big Ten championships in a row and it’s a great challenge for our team Saturday night in South Florida,” Golden said. “It should be exciting for us.”

News & Notes

• UM welcomes back five players from suspensions by the NCAA including: QB Jacory Harris, WR Travis Benjamin, LB Sean Spence, DT Marcus Forston, and DE Adewale Ojomo. LB Kelvin Cain was suspended in a separate incident in in the spring and could provide solid play on special teams. In regards to how the suspended players have been in their return, Golden responded, “Pretty sharp. They worked as hard as anybody. We’re talking about leaders now. In addition to guys who have the most experience, they are the glue that holds it together. You can see that evident today with Sean, Forston, and Jacory. It’s nice to have them back certainly.”

• QB Jacory Harris is looking to end his UM career on a positive note after being highly criticized for inefficient play at times and not winning enough (15-9 as a starter). Harris has said that his plan, but Golden wanted to temperate those plans: “That’s probably a good sound bite or headline, but I think he’s approaching it one day at a time. He’s collecting good days since January, he had an unfortunate setback. He’s in a good shape, mentally he’s strong, and he’s been resilient. We need him to play and run the show for us and just compete and to be myself. We don’t need him to be anyone but himself.”

• S Vaughn Telemaque has been impressed with freshman LB Denzel Perryman, who had three tackles in his UM debut against Maryland. “He’s a great freshman, a hungry freshman,” Telemaque said. “He’s out there willing to risk his body and made some plays out there.” With the return of Sean Spence, Perryman’s playing time could be lessened, but Telemaque still thinks he’ll be a valuable a.sset to the team. “Of course and what better leader would you want to be behind than Sean,” Telemaque said. “I think he can learn a lot of great things from Sean. He could give him a breather and not lose a beat. He really showed what he can do and good thing it’s a long season so he can improve a lot more.”

• Special teams were a key last year as Miami returned both a kickoff (Lamar Miller) and punt (Travis Benjamin) for a touchdown against the Buckeyes. “It’s got to help us,” Golden said. “We have to build on what we did (against Maryland). I thought our coverage units were good the other night. We netted 38 on the punt and picked up 12 yards every time we exchanged kickoffs. We need to be better on returns. We did that last year so that’s going to be a challenge. Our playmakers got to make plays, no question.”

• Ohio State is coming off a come from behind 27-22 win over unranked Toledo on Saturday. The Buckeyes were 18-point favorites. “The cage is rattled now,” Golden said. “If they were caught off guard in that game, they wont be in this game. It’s an exciting opportunity for both teams so we’ll get their best. We know that. They are encountering some of the same issues that we have--some of their best players were out for the game. We’ll see, I don’t know who they’re going to have. I finally know who we’re going to have and we’ll move forward.”

• The Buckeyes rolled in the opener, 42-0 over Akron. Golden expected that the coaches held things back to prevent showing everything before the Sept. 17 matchup and he was expecting the same against Toledo, but because it was a close game, he doesn’t think OSU held anything back. “I don’t think they could have held any cards back,” Golden said. “They might have before that, but I think everybody knows Toldeo is a talented team. They have some difference makers on the perimeter. The offensive line played really well. Their returners and skilled kids were very good in that game. And they got probably Ohio State in the right spot/ they’ll regroup.”
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami's second game of the season against Ohio State is less than a week away and that means the return of some of UM's top players.

Travis Benjamin returns a punt for a touchdown against Ohio State last year. Miami will receive an infusion of talent and experience on both sides of the ball.

Back from their one game suspensions are LB Sean Spence, QB Jacory Harris, DT Marcus Forston, and DE Adewale Ojomo--all of who are expected to start against the Buckeyes.

"We are getting stronger as the season goes along," safety Vaughn Telemaque said of the returning players. "It is game two and we will build up our strength from game one. Unfortunately, we lost game one, but we know we need to go out there and get a win."

On offense, the Hurricanes will get their starting quarterback Jacory Harris back. According to coach Al Golden, Harris would have been the starter for the Maryland game. Harris brings valuable experience to the quarterback spot with 24 starts during his career.

“I think he earned it in training camp, his body of work, his experience, and clearly there were some things in the game the other night that his experience and maturity would have helped measurably,” Golden said.

On defense, Miami gets three of their best players in Spence, Forston, and Ojomo. With those players back, the UM defense figures to be more consistent and have better leadership on the field.

"I would like those guys to be our most dependable, I'd like for them to be our leaders, most rugged, I'd like for them to play harder than everybody else, I'd like them to make the least amount of mental errors, and I'd like for them to lead," defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said. "That is what seniors are supposed to do."

"Sean is a guy that knows the defense very well and can make all the calls and Marcus and Ojomo helps us in the short game on the line of scrimmage."

Here is a look at the players that return this week and what they mean to the team.

Career stats: Spence has started 29 games during his first three seasons at Miami. He has amassed 212 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 33 tackles for loss, and 12 passes defended.
What he means to the team: Spence was voted as the team MVP after the 2010 season and his role as being a vocal leader only grew during this offseason. Spence is easily the player that everyone on the team looks up to and respects. He is Miami's most consistent player on the team and he is the player coach Al Golden respects most. Spence is the heart and soul of the 2011 Miami Hurricanes.
How he would have helped at Maryland: Spence would have helped the Miami defense defend against all those bubble screens with his ability to weave through the blockers and shoot through gaps. Miami put linebackers Ramon Buchanan and Jordan Futch in positions to blow up those screens, but had little success. With Spence there, Maryland would have thought twice about making those throws consistently. Spence would have been a steady force on the defense and would have cut down on a lot of those chunk gains by Maryland.
What he did at Ohio State last year: Spence totaled 11 tackles, two tackles for loss, and one pass breakup against the Buckeyes last year.

Career stats: Harris has started 24 games and thrown for 6,340 yards with 50 touchdowns and 39 interceptions while completing 58-percent of his passes.
What he means to the team: Harris has been the starting quarterback for the last two years and is a player that has a charisma that draws players to him. Harris is more of a vocal leader than Stephen Morris and that is a factor that the coaching staff views as a big positive in Harris' favor.
How he would have helped at Maryland: Coach Golden felt like Harris could have done a better job of eliminating some of the delay of game penalties and making checks and audibles before the snap. Those type of penalties were the majority of UM's infractions in the second half and an illegal formation penalty late in the fourth quarter in particular took away a Lamar Miller run that would have given Miami a first and goal situation on the four-yard line. Harris has more game experience than Morris and that gives the coaching staff a greater comfort level.
What he did at Ohio State last year: Harris finished 22-of-39 for 232 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions.

Career stats: Benjamin has started 16 games, totaling 90 receptions for 1,537 yards and ten touchdowns.
What he means to the team: Benjamin is Miami's most productive receiver and is instant offense.
How he would have helped at Maryland: Benjamin is easily Miami's number one receiver this year. The word coming out of camp is that Benjamin will be given the ball in multiple ways in Jedd Fisch's offense. Benjamin is a big play waiting to happen each time he touches the ball and any time a player like that has to sit out a game, the offense will be hampered. Benjamin would have been a player that the Maryland defense would have had to track on every play and that type of player opens things up for the other skill players. He is a guy that would have opened up the passing game for the rest of UM's receivers because the Maryland defense would have had to account for Benjamin. Receivers like Allen Hurns, Tommy Streeter, LaRon Byrd, Phillip Dorsett, and Kendal Thompkins would have had more single coverage and opportunities to make easy plays. Benjamin would have drawn a lot of the defense to him.
What he did at Ohio State last year: Benjamin had three receptions for 51 yards and a 79-yard punt return for a touchdown.

Career stats: Forston has started 13 games, totaling 55 tackles, six sacks, and 16.5 tackles for loss.
What he means to the team: Forston stepped up this offseason and really took on a leadership role with the defense. He has become a much more vocal player and commands the respect of his teammates. Forston will demand the best out of the players around him and hold the defense to a high standard.
How he would have helped at Maryland: Miami's defensive tackle depth was so inexperienced that it was scary. Forston had his best offseason as a Miami Hurricane this year and had players and coaches believing this would be the season that he becomes a dominant piece of the defense. Miami played with three defensive tackles that never played on the college level at Maryland. Forston's experience and talent would have made a big difference for the Miami defense. The push he provides up the middle of the defensive line could have helped Miami disrupt Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien.
What he did at Ohio State last year: Forston finished with three tackles and two tackles for loss.

Career stats: Ojomo has started seven games, totaling 60 tackles, eight sacks, and 12.5 tackles for loss.
What he means to the team: Ojomo is a player that brings energy to the defense and will instantly be their best defensive end when he takes the field on Saturday..
How he would have helped at Maryland: Ojomo would have been Miami's most experienced defensive end and would have brought much better size and strength to the position. Starters Marcus Robinson and Andrew Smith are more tweeners as defensive end/linebackers. Ojomo is a much greater physical presence at defensive end. Miami did not total a sack against Maryland and their chance to get to the quarterback goes up if Ojomo is playing.
What he did at Ohio State last year: Ojomo totaled three tackles and one tackle for loss.

glad to have em back
 7 years ago '07        #8783
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The personnel will be different, but safety Vaughn Telemaque still expects to see the same Ohio State.

Ohio State lost QB Terrelle Pryor, DL Cameron Heyward, CB Chimidi Chekwa, LB Ross Homan, and LB Brian Rolle to the NFL.

They also have top players like RB Dan Herron, WR Devier Posey, LT Mike Adams, and DE Solomon Thomas suspended for the Miami game.

Those are a lot of key players from last year's 36-24 Ohio State victory that won't be playing, but Telemaque knows Ohio State is still Ohio State.

"They are still a well coached team," Telemaque said. "The coaches are still there and they have great athletes. When one guy leaves, another one comes in. They will be ready to come out and prove a point."

When you contrast that with the five key players in LB Sean Spence, WR Travis Benjamin, QB Jacory Harris, DT Marcus Forston, and DE Adewale Ojomo, that Miami gets back from a one game suspension for the Maryland game this week's matchup will be interesting.

"We are getting stronger as the season goes along," Telemaque said. "It is game two and we will build up our strength from game one. Unfortunately, we lost game one, but we know we need to go out there and get a win."

Miami's secondary entered the Maryland game as the biggest question mark on the team and after giving up 348 passing yards to Danny O'Brien, those questions remain. Telemaque is confident that the UM secondary will bounce back after the Maryland game and learn from their mistakes as they prepare for Ohio State.

Last year at Ohio State, Miami's secondary allowed the Buckeyes to throw for 233 yards and one touchdown while completing 12-of-28 passes.

"This is a tough group," Telemaque said of the inexperienced UM secondary. "They are out there to get better with each game. They have that want-to about them to get out there and want to get better. They know they can get better and the coaches believe in them. They know that they need to help out the team."

"No position did absolutely great. We have a lot of guys that will improve and that were out there for the first time. We are going to keep on working. We are always looking for ways to improve."

The majority of the passing yards Miami gave up to Maryland came in the first two drives of the game when the Terps surprised the Hurricanes' defense with a quick tempo offense. Once Miami adjusted to that attack, the UM secondary settled down a bit.

"It was just a different pace with the hurry-up," Telemaque said of the opening of the Maryland game. "Once we got adjusted, we started making plays."

The Maryland game was one of the best of Telemaque's career as he totaled eight tackles and one interception. While Telemaque was pleased with his performance, he knows there is always ways to get better.

"There is always room for improvement," Telemaque said. "I can try and get more tackles, more pass deflections, and execute more and keep them out of the red-zone."
VT has spoken
 7 years ago '05        #8784
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Wimbley just r*ped Orlando Franklin.......FSU bi*ch
 7 years ago '05        #8785
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Janikowski kickin 63 yarders n sh*t.....we are now NFL U.....
 7 years ago '07        #8786
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140 Weeks All Im Saying
 7 years ago '04        #8787
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one fsu kicker makes a field goal and a defensive end gets a sack and now all of a sudden fsu is nfl U??

From this point on i'm gonna act like junior gay doesn't exist. Martian Mar used to make more sense
 7 years ago '07        #8788
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Miami Hurricanes are just four days from their matchup with Ohio State.

Adewale Ojomo strengthens the defensive line with his return.“This is a great opportunity for our football program," coach Al Golden said. "It should be a great environment Saturday night. We have an excellent football team coming in. We will learn a lot about ourselves.”

Both programs have been in the news lately in regards to suspensions handed down by the NCAA, but Golden doesn't believe that has taken away from a matchup between two traditional powers.

“I don’t think so," he said. "Clearly we both have had some missteps here that we’re trying to overcome, but that’s not going to erase the tradition, all the great players that have played here, that’s not going to erase what the institutions mean, and certainly not going to diminish what it means to our fans, alumni, and football fans in the city of Miami and South Florida.”

News & Notes

• Starting QB Jacory Harris has the full confidence of coach Al Golden. Harris will be making the 25th start of his UM career and is 15-9 in his starts. Harris has thrown for 6,340 yards with 50 touchdowns and 39 interceptions during his career. "Jacory is the guy this Saturday. He has established that and had a great camp and has a great demeanor. Sometimes we don't let people grow and develop and we just want to go back and look at the things they did wrong. Lets look at the things he has done right in terms of the offseason program, his approach, and his unselfishness, and his competitive nature. I really believe Jacory is going to show us all on Saturday night. He has done a great job and I just want him to go out and relax and play his game and do what he has been doing since we have been here."

• WR Travis Benjamin is an explosive playmaker UM will be looking to get involved in the offense in his first game back after a suspension. “He’s lost a game already in his senior season,” Golden said. “I’m sure there’s some urgency on his part to go out there--I don’t want him to press--but certainly you can make a case he’ll be the fastest player on the field Saturday night. He’s a guy who can stretch the field, beat you deep. Sometimes when a guy’s fast he’s just a straight line guy, but he’s really not that. Travis can make guys miss and can do things with the ball in his hands and it’s our job to get it to him. Hopefully he’ll come up big for us.”

• OL Seantrel Henderson (back) is still working hard to try to get back as soon as possible this season. There is no timetable on his return, but his rehab is going well. “I think we’re on track with Seantrel….he’s making a lot of progress. I’m pleased with him. I know he’s excited. He can sense that it’s closer than he thought. I’m not really laying games with you, I don’t know what that means because I’m not the doctor and I’m not going to sign off on it. They’ll tell us when he’s ready to go, but you can sense--he’s out there Sunday running around. I think he gets the sense that it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”

• LB Jimmy Gaines has been impressive in fall camp in earning the starting middle linebacker spot and pleased Golden with his 7-tackle game against Maryland. “Jimmy Gaines played like a Miami Hurricane,” Golden said. “His first play and last play looked the same. We looked at play 1, 33, and 72 and they all looked the same. He played with excellent speed, great condition, was relentless to the football and is one of the models for us now on defense. We need more guys to look like that, more guys with that kind of consistency. Jimmy is a cerebral player, a smart player. We’re excited about his future.”

DT Darius Smith had three tackles in his UM debut.• DE Adewale Ojomo will be a key addition to UM's defensive line this week. Ojomo started four games last year and totaled 38 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss and five sacks. "One of the things we talk to Adwale about is knowing who you are. He is a big, strong, and physical player," Golden said. "We want him to be a rugged player and play with great energy and effort and hold the point of attack and not be a finese player. He has had a great week of practice and we are excited to see him."

• The depth chart lists DTs Micanor Regis and Marcus Forston as co-starters at one position and Darius Smith at the other spot. Regis and Forston are returning starters, but Golden said Smith “has been playing well.” All three are competing for a two starting spots and a decision will be made at game time. Freshmen Olsen Pierre and Jalen Grimble are in a battle for the fourth spot.

• DT Marcus Forston, a former five-star recruit, is still searching for a dominant season. When Golden was asked if he could have a dominant season this year, he replied: “Sure, if he had done of the off-season program, if he had participated all summer, if he was full-go all camp, if he wasn’t suspended for the opener and the nine practices that corresponded with that. Hopefully he’s in better condition now than he was and hopefully he’s back in the groove. He’s playing better right now, it’s going to be a great opportunity for him.” Not exactly a glowing recommendation from Golden, but he did say the staff is “excited” to see what Forston can do.

• With five players veteran players in LB Sean Spence, QB Jacory Harris, WR Travis Benjamin, DT Marcus Forston, and DE Adewale Ojomo, returning for the Ohio State game, Golden doesn't expect to have to get on those guys about not pressing in this first game back. "Our philosophy has always been to prepare hard and work hard and go through grueling practices so that the games are fun," Golden said. "The game is for the players."

• Golden was pleased with the way his defense played when it was backed up in its own territory against Maryland, but he recognizes the unit needs to do a better job of getting off the field before those situations. "It is good news and bad news," Golden said. "We did stop them and did have poise down there and made some plays and took some points off the board. The problem for us was that they had too many possesions and converted too much on third down. Those are things we worked on this week."

• After going through one game with his team, Golden feels like he has a better grasp on who he can count on during game day. "We kind of know who is who now and hopefully we got them in the right places and in the right roles," Golden said.

• Getting TEs Chase Ford, Asante Cleveland, and Clive Walford more involved in the offense is going to be a key this week. At Maryland, Cleveland, Walford, and Ford each caught just one pass for a combined ten yards. "We have to get all those guys more touches in the game," Golden said. "After the [Maryland] game, I didn't feel comfortable with how we didn't get Clive and Chase enough touches. Hopefully that will reflect in the gameplan this week."

• Golden on what makes Walford a nice threat for the UM offense: "He is athletic and he can get downfield and he knows how to get open in space and he has good hands. Anybody who was at our scrimmages in the spring would say that is a guy we have to get the ball to and they are right."

Getting Chase Ford and the rest of the tight ends more involved in the passing game is a point of emphasis.• Ohio State is annually one of the top defenses in the country. With the success the Buckeyes have had on defense for the past decade and with former defensive coordinator Luke Fickell now the head coach, Golden expects a similar look from the defense that UM saw last year. "I wouldn't change anything if I was them," Golden said. "I think they have only given up ten 100 yard rushers in the last seven years, which is unheard of. I don't think they will change too much. They protect the ball and have a good plan. They are a physical team that is rugged and tough."

• Senior JoJo Nicolas impressed coach Golden with his play at Maryland so much that it is unknown right now if he will move back to cornerback when Ray Ray Armstrong returns from his suspension. Nicolas finished the Maryland game tied for the team lead with eight tackles. "The corner play will determine if he goes back," Golden said of Nicolas. "If the corners continue to improve, then we will keep JoJo at safety."

• Freshman CB Thomas Finnie received heavy playing time at Maryland and finished with three tackles. He is almost up to 180 pounds now after arriving at UM weighing close to 160 pounds. "He has made a commitment and is a tough kid," Golden said. "He loves football and I think his reps are going to increase as the season moves on."

• After helping the depth at defensive end for the Maryland game, David Perry has moved back to tight end.

• The UM offensive players have pointed out Ohio State DLs Nathan Williams (No. 43) and John Simon (No. 54) as being two keys they will have to keep their eyes on.

• CB Brandon McGee gave up the big pass play against Maryland, which led to a go-ahead field, but Golden was pleased with his performance. “He’s made a lot of progress,” Golden said. “He got beat off the press late in the game the other day and the (Danny) O’Brien kid made an absolute perfect throw, but McGee’s made a lot of progress. He’s working hard, a little more mature, f!ghting through discomfort, which is helping his game.” At the other cornerback position, Lee Chambers and Mike Williams are in a “good” battle.

• UM announced that boosters will not be able to be on the sidelines during home games. Golden’s thoughts? “That’s an administrative decision. I’ve got enough to worry about. You saw the tape, right? I’ve got a lot of things that we have to fix here so I’m not really worried about that.”
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Mike James has been waiting impatiently to get the bad taste from the Maryland game out of his mouth.

Not only has Miami's 34-26 loss to Maryland been sticking in James' mind, he also can't get his fumble that was returned for a touchdown just before halftime out of his head.

It was the first fumble of James' UM career. He also finished with 12 carries for 34 yards and one touchdown.

"I have been mad for 12 days and every night I go to sleep, I think about it," James said of the fumble. "I wake up and go to class and think about it. I am ready to go and ready to just play the game."

"I hold on to things because I am a perfectionist and I hate making mistakes."

James has already began his method to cut down on his fumbles in the future. Ever since the Maryland game, James has wet himself down with a water bottle and been practicing with wet balls to simulate playing in the rain.

As a freshman James, says he used to practice this way all the time. After the rainy game at Maryland, James is back to this method.

"I wet my arms and give myself a wet ball, just in case it rains or I am too sweaty, then I am ready for that," James said.

James is doing his part to correct the costly mistake he made at Maryland and the rest of the team is also focused on cutting down on the four turnovers and ten penalties they committed against the Terps.

"We can't have mistakes, we can't have penalties, we can't have things that won't help us win," James said.

Miami's bounceback game after their season opening loss at Maryland won't be easy as Ohio State comes to town this weekend. Last year, Ohio State beat Miami 36-24 and getting revenge on the Buckeyes would be the best way to put the Maryland game behind them.

"I can't wait to get ready to go," James said. "We have one goal this week and that is playing Ohio State and coming out and doing everything we can to beat them. The only thing I am worried about is coming out and getting this team to play as hard as possible and winning this game."

In last year's game, the Miami offense committed four turnovers--all off interceptions--and while that is an area that UM has worked hard to fix, James can't get over the final result of that game.

"We lost the game," James said. "That is what bothers me most."

Ohio State is coming off a narrow 27-22 win over Toledo this week, but James still expects a tough game from the Buckeyes.

"We always get everyone's best game," James said. "Toledo was last game and we are looking to playing them this week."
Lets Get IT Mike James
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Travis Benjamin is back.

And that’s great news for Jacory Harris and the Miami offense.

Benjamin, a senior wide receiver, is UM’s current leader in all-purpose yards with 2,550 and 12 touchdowns.

He missed the first game due to a one-game suspension by the NCAA and is looking to make an impact Saturday against No. 17 Ohio State.

“I haven’t looked at it like a negative thing,” he said of missing the opener. “I looked at it when my opportunity comes the next game I’m going to take advantage of the situation.”

And UM needs him to take advantage of the situation.

Last year against the Buckeyes, Benjamin caught three passes for 51 yards and returned a punt 79 yards for a touchdown in a defeat.

But he had a pair of negative plays that resulted in highly criticized interceptions.

“Everything last year I put behind me,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin, like the rest of the suspended players, watched the opener against Maryland with their family as he returned home to Belle Glade.

“It was kind of tough knowing that you can be out there in certain situations you know what the play is and you picture yourself making a play,” Benjamin said.

Following the loss, a number of teammates texted Benjamin wishing him back.

“After the game everybody shot me a text saying they were happy to have me back,” he said. “We are going to look at Ohio State and put that game behind us.”

The loss came in the coaching debut of Al Golden, who will look to even his record Saturday.

“We have to get the first win for coach Golden,” Benjamin said. “He has gave us everything, he has been a great coach. Being it is our first home game we want to come away with a ‘W’ for coach Golden.”

Benjamin is expected to be used in a variety of ways including at punt and kick returner. He’s also expected to be used at the different receiver spots too and could be used on running plays.

As for his senior season goals, he’s keeping it simple:

“I expect to go into every game, have a great outcome, finish every game at the best my ability, and do as much as I can for my team.”
Welcome Back TB3
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It's finally Ohio State week.

Before we move forward to this week's game though, let's take a look back at UM's tough 36-24 loss to the Buckeyes last year.

In this article we take a look at the offensive short comings from Miami in the 2010 game, how the UM defense matched up, and why this year's game will be much different just from a personnel standpoint.

Read on for an in-depth breakdown.

The Interceptions

Any look back at the 2010 Ohio State game has to start with quarterback Jacory Harris, who took a lot of criticism for his performance in last year's 36-24 loss to Ohio State--and in a lot of cases rightfully so.

Harris had one of his toughest games at Ohio State last season, tying his career high for interceptions with four on the day. Harris finished the game going 22-of-39 for 232 yards and one touchdown to go along with those interceptions.

All four of the interceptions proved costly as three of the four picks came in Miami's own territory and the fourth interception came on a potential UM scoring drive and was returned deep in the Hurricanes' side of the field.

The Buckeyes had an average starting field position at Miami's 21-yard line off those turnovers and scored 20 points on those drives. In the end, those types of chances given to an opponent would be hard for any team to overcome.

WR Travis Benjamin will have to execute better than he did last year. Here’s a close look at each of his interceptions and what went wrong.

Interception #1
Situation: 1st Quarter, 8:50, 3rd-and-9, UM 22-yard line
Score: Miami 0, Ohio State 0
The Breakdown: The shotgun play had four wide receivers, two split to each side, with a running back (Damien Berry) lined up to Harris’ right. OSU countered with three down lineman and stood up another (Nathan Williams) along with two linebackers and five defensive backs.

As soon as the ball was snapped, Williams, who was lined up against Leonard Hankerson in the slot to the left, immediately dropped back into zone coverage. He released off Hankerson, who ran a 10-yard curl route, which was picked up by safety C.J. Barnett. Harris locked in to his go-to receiver despite tight coverage by Barnett who wrapped his hand right in front of Hankerson and deflected the pass, which bounced right into the hands of Williams.

Harris tried to thread a ball into tight coverage, which was probably a bad idea, but it was a great play by Barnett and a great heads-up play by Williams.

Interception #2
Situation: 2nd Quarter, 6:56, 1st-and-10, UM 21-yard line
Score: Miami 10, Ohio State 13
The Breakdown: This play was at the center of plenty of criticism as Harris was not on the same page as wide receiver Travis Benjamin, who was run blocking on the play, but let’s take a look at why.

UM came out in trips left with a designed lead run, however Harris read the play as a key read thus becoming a hot route. The play was called as a run up the middle for Damien Berry. However, because of the way OSU lined up, particularly with the cornerback (Chimidi Chekwa) playing 7 yards off of Benjamin, who was alone on the right, Benjamin was expected to read the cornerback and run a hot route, which would have been a slant pattern.

With this key read, there is no visible audible on the play or signal. It was supposed to be understood between Harris and Benjamin. The rest of the players are expected to remain in the original play called, which did happen as the other receivers (Leonard Hankerson and Aldarius Johnson) also went out to run block. Berry opened his hands to take the hand-off expecting to run and RG Brandon Washington down-blocked to open a hole for Berry.

While Benjamin did not make the same key read as Harris, it was evident he was not running a route as Harris was locked in on him from the moment of the snap even pump-faking as he noticed Benjamin had his back to him. However, Harris had plenty of time in the pocket and should have just thrown the ball away or to his feet or even taking a sack instead of throwing the ball in Benjamin’s way.

Interception #3
Situation: 2nd Quarter, 0:57, 1st-and-10, UM 33-yard line
Score: Miami 17, Ohio State 23
The Breakdown: With the UM offense sputtering at this point it seemed like running the clock out in the first half and going into the break only down six appeared like the best choice.

But Randy Shannon, with one timeout left, decided to come out and try to put together a drive before the break. The decision clearly backfired.

The play was a trips left shotgun pass with OSU countering with three defensive linemen similar to the first interception. And like the first pick, OSU dropped a stand-up defensive lineman, this time Soloman Thomas, into zone coverage. Harris saw Thomas, who was in the line of sight of Travis Benjamin on the play, but threw it just past his outstretched arms towards Benjamin on the sideline. Thomas’ hands clearly distracted Benjamin, who bobbled the pass and was scooped up by Chekwa for his second pick of the day.

Interception #4
Situation: 3rd Quarter, 11:27, 3rd-and-Goal, OSU 9-yard line
Score: Miami 17, Ohio State 26
The Breakdown: UM came out in a 4-wide receiver set with Harris in the shotgun while OSU once again showed three down lineman, this time it was Cameron Heyward’s turn to make a play. Harris elected to throw to Damien Berry coming out of the backfield running an angle route towards the middle of the field. However, Heyward stepped right in front of Berry for the pick and returned it 80 yards.

Berry said he didn’t see Heyward and Harris said he just led Berry too much, both of which took the blame for the pivotal play. Even if Heyward wasn’t there, the pass looked too far away from Berry to catch.

Final Analysis: There is one common theme for all four of Harris' interceptions--each one came against zone coverage. Ohio State's defense ran a variety of zone blitzes and zone coverages throughout the game and those looks clearly confused Harris and his receivers. With last year's defensive coordinator, Luke Fickel, now the head coach at Ohio State, I would expect some similar looks on Saturday. After watching last year's film against Ohio State, the UM coaching staff will surely put in some zone busting routes and looks for Harris to throw to.

Missed Touchdowns

The UM passing game not only turned the ball over far too much against Ohio State, they also missed some critical chances to make big plays and gain some momentum. In the second quarter, Harris misfired on two passes, which would have been touchdowns, and could have made a big impact in the game.

RT Brandon Washington and the offensive line will look to play a key role this Saturday. With 13:15 left and UM ahead 7-3, Miami had the ball on the OSU 34-yard line. On third down, Travis Benjamin lined up out wide and beat OSU’s top cornerback Chimidi Chekwa, who zeroed in on Harris’ pump fake. Meanwhile, Benjamin blew by Chekwa, but Harris’ pass was a second too late allowing Chekwa to close the gap resulting in an incomplete pass in the end zone.

A better pass likely would have resulted in a touchdown, which would have given UM a 14-3 edge as well as momentum on the road. Instead they settled for a 51-yard field goal.

Then, with 5:05 left and OSU leading 20-10, Leonard Hankerson broke free off the line of scrimmage, again against Chekwa. UM lined up on the OSU 28 and Hankerson immediately got Chekwa off-balanced as he went to jam him. Hankerson, then ran up-field faked inside, got Chekwa trailing him, and bounced his route outside into the end zone, but the pass was overthrown. Miami missed a 46-yard field on that drive.

Oddly enough, both plays were passes to the right, which Harris was noticeably different than his passes to the left (6-for-15 compared to 10-for-13) throughout the day.

A Look at Miami's Defense

Considering the fact that Ohio State was given such good field position from all of Miami's turnovers, the UM defense held up well for most of the game. That being said, Miami's defense struggled with covering the big passing play and containing Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor on the ground.

Pryor was an inefficient 12-of-27 against Miami, but he did throw for 233 yards (an average of 19 yards per completion) with one touchdown. Pryor completed three passes greater than 25 yards on three separate drives and those plays were a part of drives that accounted for 13 points for the Buckeyes. Those three drives averaged a starting spot on Ohio State's own 40-yard line.

On those drives, Miami's decent starting field position quickly got flipped on a big play by Ohio State.

The defensive gameplan for Miami was to stop the run and make Pryor win the game with his arm. The problem with that plan was that Pryor's ability to be a dual-threat and pick up yards on the ground gave the UM defense fits. Pryor finished the game with 20 rushes for 113 yards and one touchdown.

Pryor kept the chains moving with his feet, picking up eight first downs with his rushing ability and that was enough to keep the UM defense off balance. Pryor may not have hurt Miami too bad with his arm, but his ability to pick up yards on the ground and hit a few big pass plays kept the UM defense always guessing.

Why This Year Is Different...

...Last year the Miami offense was a pass happy team that figured their strength was Harris and the bevy of returning receivers he had at his disposal. It wasn't until a few games later when Miami realized their best offensive attack was running the ball behind a big and talented offensive line. This year you can count on Miami pounding the run with Lamar Miller and putting Harris in position to make easy throws.

...Limiting the turnovers will be a focus. The number one objective for the UM offense will be protecting the football. Last year's four interception game is still in the minds of all the Hurricanes players and they know if they are going to win the game on Saturday the turnover battle will have to be in UM's favor. Ohio State is a team that doesn't make many mistakes. Miami can't give them easy scoring opportunities like they did last year.

...Ohio State has lost some key players that had a big impact in last year's game. Players like WR Devier Posey, LT Mike Adams, RB Dan Herron, and DE Solomon Thomas are all out for the game while starters in CB Travis Howard, CB Corey Brown, and RB Jordan Hall have been suspended in Ohio States first two games and have not bee re-instated yet by the OSU program. These are all players that would be starters and are guys that are tough to replace.

...Easily the biggest difference in this year's game is the absence of Pryor. As discussed above, Pryor was the most impactful player Ohio State had on last year's team and this year they don't have anybody close to his level at any of the offensive positions. The way Pryor could extend passing plays with his legs and then take off and run for yards when needed was something no defense could gameplan for. The absence of Pryor will make a big difference in this year's matchup and this can't be stated enough.

...With many of their key offensive players suspended for the game, Ohio State will depend heavily on TE Jake Stoneburner, who has caught eight passes for 93 yards and one touchdown. Stoneburner is one of the top tight ends in the country and is a player that Ohio State lines up all over the field to create mismatches in the passing game. At 6-feet-5 and 245 pounds, Stoneburner is a big target that runs very well. He is a player the Miami defense will need to track. OSU starting quarterback Joe Bauserman has thrown all four of his touchdown passes to Stoneburner.

Im hoping this game is a complete turnaround.....last yr was sad to watch and we still coulda won
 7 years ago '07        #8792
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As opposed to being regarded as just one of the best tight ends in the state, Citra North Marion’s Sean Price is now considered one of the best in the nation.

Price (6-3, 235) helped his national recognition with his impressive performances at the Opening in Oregon and Gridiron Kings in Orlando.

“The reason I went to those big time camps was to go against the best players, get some work in, and have some fun in the summer,” Price said. “Of course that helped me out. I strongly believe they got me more nationally recognized.”

That national recognition has only raised the expectations for Price’s senior season.

“As far as my senior year goes, I want to continue to improve on every skill relating to my football abilities,” Price said. “Every level, every technique, I want to get better. As a student, I need to stay in the books and get smarter as far as education. I want to stay humble, be a better leader, and a better people person around campus. All of those skills will help me be successful in the future.”

Part of that future is slated to be spent in Tampa as Price committed to the South Florida Bulls back in June.

“Like I said when I first committed, people are talking about how young USF is and what they haven’t done,” Price said. “They don’t know what they’re building and what’s going on there. I see through the critics and the big name colleges towards what USF is going to do in the near future.”

Despite his commitment, Price still plans official visits to Arkansas, Miami, and Tennessee although he doesn’t have any dates setup yet.

Price has been considering the Hurricanes ever since they offered him over six months ago and the Nevin Shapiro allegations have done nothing to change that.

“Not at all, what happened is what happened and that has nothing to do with me,” Price said. “It would not affect my abilities if I went there and I would play as long as I had the right attitude. The school is still good and they still have great coaches. It won’t affect my decision at all, no sir.”

Price spoke with tight ends coach Brennan Carroll recently where he was filled in on Miami’s prestigious history at his position.

“I talked to Coach Carroll like a week ago but we didn’t really bring up the NCAA situation because that’s not important to us,” Price said. “He wants to get to know me better and he said we should have weekly conversations. He said he can’t wait to get me down there to the ‘U’. Then I could work on my craft and become one of the first round draft picks they’ve had at tight end.”

Price also watched the Canes’ season opening loss to Maryland but he took away positive conclusions as opposed to anything negative.

“Yea I watched the game and they held it together pretty well,” Price said. “The tight ends were pretty good and they run most of the same stuff as we do at my school. I definitely could see myself playing at the ‘U’. They just have a young quarterback and he threw a bad pick late in the game. They had a bunch of guys suspended so I know Miami still has a strong program. Maryland had everyone healthy, going strong and they still barely came out on top.”
We will be in a f!ght with USF till the end for him
 7 years ago '07        #8793
Kinglew88 14 heat pts14
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$13,822 | Props total: 1748 1748

[video - click to view]

Duke is a fu*king beast...he makes it look so easy

Amari Cooper also has a couple highlights in here
 7 years ago '05        #8794
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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$13,089 | Props total: 706 706
king lew for keeping us in the loop

especially me, damn, school and keeping up the market my head be spinning literally
 7 years ago '04        #8795
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$5,472 | Props total: 2024 2024
good sh*t dub
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Ohio State game is just days games away and the Hurricanes are ready for a dog f!ght.

Miami coach Al Golden has prepared his team for a physical game on Saturday.

"It is as physical a team as we will see," Golden said. "They are extraordinarily physical and rugged and high motor guys and excellent in hand to hand combat."

Miami has to particularly match Ohio State's physical style on the offensive and defensive lines. Golden has said the play of the offensive line was not at the standard he wanted at Maryland and he will look for improved play this week.

"We have to play a physical brand of football," Golden said. "That is there strength in addition to the speed they have on the perimeter."

Read on for more notes to come out of today's practice.

News & Notes

Some interesting movement on the offensive line this week. Brandon Washington has been moved from right tackle to left tackle while Jon Feliciano was wearing the first team offense practice jersey and working at right tackle. Feliciano played guard on the scout team last year and has yet to start a game, but he has the full confidence of his teammates. When Im not in the game and watching him, hes a real good pass-blocker, tight end Asante Cleveland said of Feliciano. Hes really physical with his hands and really protects the line. Hes real good.

Another interesting move on the depth chart is the promotion of WR Tommy Streeter. Streeter was working with the first team along with Travis Benjamin and Allen Hurns. Senior LaRon Byrd was working with the second team after starting the Maryland game.

RB Mike James has worked hard to fix his fumble mistake at Maryland by wetting himself and the ball down before each practice. Golden says he likes that James has taken the initiative to fix the problem on his own, but he feels like that fumble was not the norm for James. "That was unfortunate and I feel badly for Mike, but that is a lesson for the whole team to learn," Golden said. "We are not going to change anything we do. We have not seen [a lot] of that [fumbling] for 45 practices. Hopefully the guys get their focus back."

Due to the circumstances of the Maryland game, the Miami offense wasn't as balanced between running and passing as Golden would have liked. "We weren't as balanced as we could have been because of the way it ended up going," Golden said. "We didn't get as many possesions and stops. The defense rarely made them punt. Collectively between not stopping them and our mistakes on offense, it came unraveled for us a little bit."

With the return of QB Jacory Harris, LB Sean Spence, and DT Marcus Forston, Miami has some of their key leaders back against Ohio State, but Golden is looking for more guys to step up. "Clearly there was a [leadership] void [against Maryland]," Golden said. "I think JoJo has stepped up and we need other guys to step up. We need Tyler Horn and Harland Gunn to step up. We need LaRon Byrd to step up and lead."

This week's home game against Ohio State figures to be a big recruiting weekend for Miami with many of South Florida's top players visiting the game. Recruits who attend the game will be able to view warm-ups, eat a mean provided by UM, meet the coaches and staff, and then watch the game. "It should be a good weekend for us," Golden said. "A lot of kids in South Florida play on Friday night and we should have a good group there on Saturday."

Golden on QB Jacory Harris: "Jacory has established he is the starter right now. He is mature and has worked really hard for this opportunity. I am excited for the opportunity the team has with him leading us on Saturday."

Golden is not a fan of Miami having a bye week so early in the season. "We got some things fixed, but it is not good to have a bye week early."
3 days fellas
 7 years ago '07        #8797
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Brandon Washington moved to left tackle in Wednesday’s practice.

Washington, who started at right tackle against Maryland in the opener, is looking to start Saturday against Ohio State in place of sixth-year senior Joel Figueroa.

"We work all kinds of combinations during the week," coach Al Golden said. "We've had Brandon on the left and on the right, we've had Fig at left and right, we've had Feliciano at right guard and right tackle and Malcolm Bunche at left and right tackle. We've worked a number of combinations, we'll continue to do that and the coaches will choose the starting lineups here tomorrow and then we'll go from there. Brandon will continue to work at both left and right."

Figueroa was moved to right tackle and was in a white reserve jersey. The starter at right tackle in the orange jersey was red shirt freshman Jon Feliciano.

"Feliciano is playing good football right now," Golden said. "If he's not in the top five (offensive linemen), he's probably in the top six or seven. He's made a lot of progress in the off week, has had a great approach. Certainly he's going to earn more time."

Feliciano, a 6-foot-5, 320-pound native of Davie, Fla., played guard on the scout team last season and was moved to tackle after the Maryland game where he made his UM debut.

“When I’m not in the game and watching him, he’s a real good pass-blocker,” tight end Asante Cleveland said. “He’s really physical with his hands and really protects the line. He’s real good.”

He has been praised recently by teammates and coaches for his development so while it might be a bit surprising he’s vaulted himself onto the first team, it’s not a complete shock.

“He’s came along way,” Cleveland said. “He had a problem with his knee, but he’s battled back from that and is playing real tough for us. I think he’s starting this week and that’s big. He’s played really well and he deserves it.”

Jon Feliciano is looking to make his first career start on Saturday.Washington was an All-ACC selection last season and has played all three positions--guard, tackle, and center--during his three years at UM. He’s considered UM’s best lineman so it makes sense that he would take over at left tackle.

If Figueroa loses his starting job, it would be another setback in his career. He was a reserve guard for most of his career before starting the first four games of the 2010 season at right tackle, where he struggled before suffering a season-ending back injury.

Seantrel Henderson was expected to be the team’s starting left tackle this season, but he had back surgery in early August. Henderson has been working hard to get back this season. He’s been eyeing a return by October 1.

“I think we’re on track with Seantrel….he’s making a lot of progress,” Golden said. “I’m pleased with him. I know he’s excited. He can sense that it’s closer than he thought. I’m not really laying games with you, I don’t know what that means because I’m not the doctor and I’m not going to sign off on it. They’ll tell us when he’s ready to go, but you can sense--he’s out there Sunday running around. I think he gets the sense that it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”

Shakeup at Wide Receiver

Travis Benjamin and Allen Hurns remained the first-team wide receivers in the orange jersey, but a third guy has made a jump.

Tommy Streeter, who caught three passes for a career-high 55 yards against Maryland, is looking to start over LaRon Byrd.

Byrd has started 19 games in his career with 98 receptions. In comparison, Streeter has nine receptions to his credit.

shaking up the oline already.............SH is needed badly
 7 years ago '07        #8798
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So what’s on tap right now? There is nothing that I can say I don’t get to as the ‘Canes didn’t play this past weekend, but there are certainly plenty of questions to pose as the ‘Canes get ready for the big home opener against Ohio State Saturday night in the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie.

Jacory Harris was named the starting quarterback the exact day my Wednesday’s Questions piece came out last week, so guess what – Al Golden was listening to me.

Just like Randy Shannon heard me last year when I said to ban Twitter, Golden and his staff have proven, they read what we say at

I know, that’s probably not the case in terms of Golden, but I am convincing myself that it is the case because great minds think alike and I do think Golden has a great mind and everyone knows I am brilliant so we were certainly on the same page.

But here are some things to think about going into the Ohio State game.

• So Harris is the starting quarterback now. He’s not exactly getting a cake walk to start his season. He will definitely be challenged by a tough Ohio State team that put a beating on him last season in Columbus. Is Harris the difference between winning and losing this game? Do you think that if Stephen Morris was the quarterback Saturday the ‘Canes would have a better chance? Certainly, your opinions are welcomed, but I say that Harris is not the difference in this game. The difference is the ‘Canes defense. If they get sliced and diced like they did at Maryland it won’t make a difference unless Harris throws for 400 yards, four touchdowns and no picks, and we all know that will probably not happen. I do think Harris is the better quarterback, but he's not the difference. Heck, had the defense not gotten shelled, Miami probably would have won at Maryland.

• Which brings me to the defense, or lack thereof. I, for one, don’t think any of the players that missed the opener at Maryland would have made much of a difference in the game at Maryland with the exception of Sean Spence. However, I don’t think Spence would have made a difference in the ‘Canes pass defense which was simply atrocious. The ‘Canes were out coached. Period. They tried valiantly. I never saw any quit in the players on the field which is good, but they were simply never in position to make plays -- that's coaching. Will the returning defensive players make a difference against Ohio State? In terms of depth, it will help certainly, but there isn't a huge difference between our first and second team defensive players besides Spence. I think they will make a difference as long as the scheme makes sense, but if the defensive line cannot pressure the quarterback, the linebackers and secondary will be embarrassed again as they were last week. Simply putting pressure on the quarterback goes a long way to making a defense look good. And last week, Miami put zero pressure on Danny O’Brien making him look like the next Heisman Trophy winner.

• Lamar Miller had a nice game at Maryland, but he didn’t get enough touches. Golden and company said they wanted him to get 25 touches a game. He did not get that many. And just getting a few more touches could be the difference between touchdowns and not scoring. Do you think Miller getting more touches will help the offense or is something else? I definitely think he needs more touches. I would like to see him get 25 carries a game. He is levels better than Mike James. James is a good player, but Miller is simply a serious playmaker and a danger to go the distance every time he touches the ball, so he should get at least 25 carries and then also have the ball dumped out to him in the flat at least five times.

• On another note, I saw Miramar play Ely Friday night in Pompano Beach. Miramar won the rain and personal foul shortened game 25-9, but I wanted to see what Miramar corner Tracy Howard would do against Ely wide receiver Avery Johnson. Let’s just put it this way – Howard would probably start at corner right now at Miami. He’s that good to me. Definitely brings me memories of Brandon Harris, and probably a bit stronger. He flat out made Johnson disappear to the point where Johnson had a near temper tantrum on the field at one point. Howard simply punked Johnson. So what do you think it will take to get Howard to Miami? I think it’s simple – win games – because he knows he can play at Miami right now. He’s that good.
 7 years ago '07        #8799
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami coach Al Golden doesn't want you to judge Jacory Harris on what he has done in the past.

Golden has seen Harris through spring football and fall camp and is confident that he's a different quarterback than the guy who threw 17 interceptions last season.

That's why after the Maryland game in which Stephen Morris managed the game for 195 yards and completing 19-of-28 passes with two late interceptions, Golden wasted no time naming Harris the starter.

Golden believes in Harris and after the Ohio State game, he is confident you will too.

"Jacory is the guy this Saturday," Golden said. "He has established that and had a great camp and has a great demeanor. Sometimes we don't let people grow and develop and we just want to go back and look at the things they did wrong. Lets look at the things he has done right in terms of the offseason program, his approach, and his unselfishness, and his competitive nature. I really believe Jacory is going to show us all on Saturday night."

Harris has done all the little things this offseason that has made him one of UM's key leaders during the coaching transition from Randy Shannon to Al Golden. It has been the leadership of players like Harris that has held the team together during what could be a difficult time.

"Since the spring, he hasn't worried about starting," defensive tackle Marcus Forston said. "He has just come out here with a positive attitude and worked. He has led by example. When he was with the scout team [last week], he was giving the defense a good look. Coach always stresses to be the same guy every day and he has been doing that."

The main reason Harris has the confidence of his UM teammates this year? He has a defined role and will run an offense that is built around his strengths. Harris won't be counted on to win the games this season, he will look to manage them.

"I needed to lead the offense and put my playmakers in the best position and I didn't get that done," Harris said.

Last year's game against Ohio State was one to forget for Harris, who threw a career high four interceptions against the Buckeyes. Each one of those interceptions resulted in points for Ohio State and directly affected the Hurricanes' chances with winning the game.

Now that Harris has watched the film of that Ohio State game, he knows the mistakes he needs to correct.

"I know what I need to do," Harris said. "I need to protect the football and get the ball to our playmakers so they can do all the work for us. I know I don't need to go out and win the game. I need to just make the easy throws."

Also returning to the offense this week along with Harris is wide receiver Travis Benjamin. Last year's game at Ohio State was also tough for Benjamin, who played a part in two of Harris' four interceptions and was criticized by then head coach Randy Shannon for his execution on those plays.

"He took it pretty tough," Harris said of the criticism that was heaped on Benjamin. "Me and him talked about it. I didn't know that is what was said when coach Shannon said that, but that is in the past and we are going into this game ready to play."

Both Harris and Benjamin will look to have bounceback games against Ohio State after their disappointing play last year.

"Travis is someone that makes defenses expand the field," Harris said. "If Travis is on the field, people tend to drop deeper or they will cover him and leave somebody else open. He can just find the holes and find the weaknesses and his impact doesn't have to be just catching passes or taking reverses. He can run a vertical every play and be a big factor in the game."

Lets hope jacory k!lls it this season......we need him to BADLY
 7 years ago '07        #8800
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- It's been a hard road to get to this point, but defensive tackle Marcus Forston is fully healthy and ready to start his 2011 season.

Forston has worked his way back from offseason knee surgery and served his one game suspension against Maryland.

Now Forston's looking forward to kicking off the 2011 season against the Ohio State Buckeyes in what many pundits feel like can be a breakout year.

"Its good to be back," Forston said. "I just tried to stay patient and do whatever I had to do to get back on that field. It started with my rehab and after that I started walking, then jogging, and now I am running and cutting. I feel great right now and I am ready to go."

The UM defense could have used Forston's presence during their 34-26 loss to Maryland. The Hurricanes struggled to get pressure on Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien and did not come up with a sack. With Forston back and available, that frees up the rest of the defensive line to win their one-on-one matchups.

Forston gets to open up the 2011 season with Miami's biggest home game of the year against Ohio State.

"With your first home game, you always want to go out with a bang," Forston said. "You always want to go out there and fly around and play with passion and get the crowd into it early. Once you get the crowd into it early, everything else is history."

In last year's game at Ohio State, Forston totaled three tackles and two tackles for loss against the Buckeyes. The stat that stands out most though when he looks back at the 2010 game is the four turnovers Miami committed and the zero turnovers Ohio State made.

"They didn't have that many turnovers or penalties," Forston said. "That is something their coach and organization stresses and they executed."

Though Ohio State pulled away from Miami in the fourth quarter and won 36-24, Forston says he thinks the UM defense sent a message last year with the effort they played the entire game with.

"Even though we had a lot of turnovers, we played hard for four quarters," Forston said. "Those guys know we were out there and we going fast and flying to the ball like a defense is supposed to be."
Welcome Back BOOOM


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