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 03-31-2010, 07:21 PM         #7301
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Wide receiver Joe Morrow from Ocean Springs High in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, will arrive in Miami later today for a weekend in South Florida.

Morrow (6-4, 200) left his hometown around midnight to embark on the twelve hour drive it takes to reach Miami by Friday afternoon.

Morrow has a full schedule set up with events such as Miami’s spring practice on Friday, the Miami Nike Combine on Saturday, Miami’s spring game on Saturday, and finally the Miami Nike Camp on Sunday.

Morrow, who had 40 catches for 830 yards and 11 touchdowns last year, has never been to South Florida before so he discussed some of his expectations of how things will be.

“I know it’s going to be a lot of fun because I’ve never been down in that area before,” Morrow said. “I’m probably going to meet some new people, make some friends, and get some (phone) numbers. My mom told me to have fun and she told me how beautiful it is down there and everything.”

Morrow hadn’t heard too much from Cane coaches so far throughout the recruiting process but he did speak with Coach Pannunzio recently.

“Yes sir, I had talked to Coach Pannunzio,” Morrow said. “He was excited to get me down there and he was telling me the competition level would be different then in Mississippi. We didn’t talk about that (an offer) but I hope they give me one.”

Morrow isn’t just coming to see the university but also to participate in events like the Nike Combine and the Nike Camp to prove that he can compete with the best.

“I’m just doing everything I can to get some more schools looking at me,” Morrow said. “I want to get Miami interested in me and maybe get an offer when I’m down there. Other than that, I’m just trying to show off some of my skills. It should be pretty tough but I’m going to do my best down there against some great players.”

Before leaving Mississippi to drive down to South Florida, Morrow received some good news in the form of his biggest scholarship offer to date.

“Yes sir, LSU offered me today,” Morrow said. “It was real nice over there. Academics are important to my mom, like she’s big on grades so I had to see that first. I watched them practice and that was obviously impressive. If I did end up going there, I think I could hang with them.”

LSU is Morrow’s fourth offer to go along with all of the in-state schools including Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss.
A couple weeks ago, Morrow took an unofficial visit to Auburn and came away impressed with wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor.

“I met with coach Trooper Taylor, the wide receivers coach, and he was a real funny dude,” Morrow said. “He’s fun to be around and he said if I went there, I would be part of a family. He said he’s all about family pretty much.”

Morrow added that he is also receiving interest from Notre Dame, a new school on his radar who likes him as a safety instead of a wide receiver. Michigan and Oregon are two other schools that are among the most recent to show interest.
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One of the most coveted linebacker prospects in the entire 2011 class will be St. Augustine, Fla. standout Tony Steward. Steward, 6-2 and 225 pounds, is from Menendez High School. Last week Steward made an unofficial visit with his coaching staff down to Coral Gables to see the University of Miami. According to his head coach Keith Cromwell the trip certainly put Miami in the picture.

<!--Start Image-->
“We really enjoyed the Miami trip and it really went well,” Cromwell said. “Tony hasn't narrowed it down and had only seen FSU and Florida in person. I know that Miami moved up because now he has met the (Miami) coaches. It helps they are in-state.”

There were other things Steward liked in seeing the 'Canes up close and personal.

“I know Miami is up there on his list. Miami is cool and really has a family atmosphere. The players took him in and took him out. Tony sensed there is a sense of family. Former players just come back and he really liked that. He wants to go somewhere where he will fit in and they will take care of him. They did that there.”

Something else that helped was Steward and the Menendez coaches spending time with Miami linebacker coach Michael Barrow.

“We spent a lot of time with Michael Barrow. He is a great guy and down to earth. Coach Barrow is a NFL veteran. He spent two full days with us and our coaches talking football.”

This summer Steward is now scheduled to attend camp at two schools and possibly a third. He plans on camping at Clemson in June and Alabama is late July. Steward will likely camp at Georgia in June.
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OL Horn More Confident Now
Mar. 31, 2010

By: David Lake

Tyler Horn
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Junior center Tyler Horn stepped into the starting role this spring with the departure of A.J. Trump and did a good job getting acclimated to his new role.

Now that the spring practices are finished, Horn (6-4, 300) says he feels more comfortable with being the first team center.

“I think it went real well,” Horn said of his spring. “I got acclimated with all the guys. I didn’t have a lot of playing experience coming in, but I had a lot of mental reps under my belt with watching the team play for some years now. This spring was a good chance to really put that to the field.”

Horn says the biggest thing he can take from this spring is a big boost of confidence in knowing he can get the job done.

“I am just more confident now,” Horn said. “I am stronger and bigger. Now that I have playing this spring I have no doubt in my mind that I can play with anybody in the country.”

This offseason, Horn’s primary goal is to get stronger.

“I want to work on just getting more powerful,” Horn said. “I feel like athletically I am as good as anyone, but strength-wise I want to get better this offseason so I can blow guys off the ball.”

With offensive linemen like Orlando Franklin, Joel Figueroa, and Brandon Washington not participating in practice for the majority of this spring, Horn says that allowed for the line to jell with new personnel.

“We have jelled together because we had a lot of guys out so a guy like Jared Wheeler got to play with the first team a little bit,” Horn said. “He played a lot of reps with the first team, so he could be a guy that could help us out this fall. It was a good spring for guys to come in and jell with a couple of guys out.”

Defensive tackles Curtis Porter and Micanor Regis are two players who made big improvements this spring. Horn talked about what he saw from Porter and Regis this spring.

“Curtis is as powerful as they come and Regis is shifty and is hard to get your hands on,” Horn said. “Those guys have come a long way this spring and they have gotten a lot better.”

With starting quarterback Jacory Harris out this spring due to a hand injury. Horn talked about working with backup quarterbacks A.J. Highsmith, Spencer Whipple, and Stephen Morris, and the rapport he built with them.

“Because Jacory was out this spring, it gave those guys a lot of reps,” Horn said. “It was a lot more reps than they would have got and that just helped them out a lot. I have snapped with A.J. all last season. With coach Whipple we just snap every day before practice so I can get used to it. Everybody takes snaps differently so it was good to work with everybody.”

“Snaps are something you just try not to think about. If you think you are going to have a good snap before the play then that will happen. If you do it enough then it will become second nature.”

Horn played ahead of early enrollee freshman Shane McDermott this spring and he talked about how the new member of the offensive line did.

“I thought he did a great job,” McDermott said. “He hasn’t even been to prom yet, but he did a real good job playing with college kids. He comes out and flies around and plays so hard, so he is doing real well.”
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No Excuses Says LB Spence
Apr. 6, 2010

By: Christopher Stock

Sean Spence.
MIAMI, Fla. -- Sean Spence is confident in the 2010 Hurricanes.

Spence, a junior linebacker, believes that the team has what it takes to win the school’s first national title since 2001.

“I think the team we have right now can bring a championship back to Miami,” Spence said.

The Hurricanes are coming off a 9-4 campaign, but bring back a lot of key players including a number of standouts, including Spence, from the 2008 signing class, which was ranked tops in the country.

“Everybody has been using the excuses that we’ve been so young, but we’re not young anymore. There’s no excuses,” Spence said.

As freshmen, the 2008 class helped the team to a 7-6 mark before improving last season giving them confidence into the third year.

Miami has not won an ACC title, or a division for that matter, since joining the conference in 2004, but the Hurricane faithful is expecting a conference title this season.

“It’s a big season for us,” Spence said. “We improved two games, but we are just looking to take it to that next level now.

Spence noted that he feels the relative stability within the coaching staff including having the same defensive coordinator from a year ago are additional positive reasons why the 2010 team will be successful.

He also has noticed a change with the way the team has been watching film.

“We are getting guys together, not just one or two guys, but a whole group of guys in there watching film making sure we know our a.ssignments,” Spence said.

The Hurricanes wrapped up spring ball 10 days ago and Spence was pleased with what he saw.

“I think we improved every week as far as effort-wise and everybody being accountable knowing their a.ssignments,” he said. “I think we did it on both sides of the ball.”

The spring game was held at Traz Powell Stadium in front of a packed crowd of 10,000 people

“I felt good,” said Spence, who led the team with eight tackles. “I was happy to see all of the fans that came out, the inner city bands, overall it was fun out there.”

Overall, Spence was pleased with his spring as he’s looking to rebound in 2010 after an injury-plagued ’09 season, which kept him out of three games and affected his production (36 tackles and 3 sacks compared to 65 tackles and a sack in 2008).

“I think I had a pretty good spring,” Spence said. “I do think the goal is to going back and improving. No one’s perfect so I have to keep working to get better.”

Another reason why Spence’s production was not the same was that he moved from weakside, his more natural position, to strongside. He feels that he has improved from a year ago and be more of a factor this season.

“I have just been more of a student of the game,” Spence said. “I am being more accountable now and knowing all of my a.ssignments so I can take charge of the defense.”

In the off-season he’s looking to concentrate on working hard with strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey.

“I just want to make sure I hit the weights hard with Swasey,” Spence said. “Right now we are going to be out of football and I want to take care of my body.”

In the off-season, the mindset with the team will be: “Finishing the game,” Spence says.

“We had a lot of games where we had teams on the ropes, but we didn’t finish those games off.”

Miami will have their fair share of opportunities to close out teams when they begin the 2010 season with road games at Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Clemson in successive games following the season opener against Florida A&M.
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OL enjoyed seeing UM for spring game

Errin Joe is coming off an excellent junior season and has been working hard preparing for the start of spring football.
"Really we had offensive line practice three days a week since January," Joe said. "The two days I don’t have practice, I go to Velocity Sports Performance to work out."

Joe, 6-foot-4 and 285 pounds, has become a major college prospect and is over a dozen offers already.

"Right now it is an equal playing field," he said. "I have 14 offers and they are all equal."

The standout lineman said a few of the schools do stick out to him, though.

"Probably what ones are sticking out are the ones that I took junior visits and got to see," he said. "They're Auburn, Florida State and I went down to Miami not for a junior day, for their spring game."

Joe talked more about his trip down to Miami for their spring game and what he likes about the Canes.

"It was good, I got a chance to talk to Coach Stoutland and Coach Hill. The Hurricanes are gonna be back next year. They have a brotherhood and family atmosphere and I have good relationship with Coach Stoutland."

Joe also took in a practice at Florida State and plans on seeing Florida soon.

"I went to Florida State for a spring practice. I liked it and was talking to the coaches individually and asked them questions. It showed me how practices are ran at a college level. Next Wednesday I am going to Florida."

So which of the Florida schools did Joe follow growing up? All three.

"We really didn’t have favorites, we cheered for all the Florida teams."

Joe talked about the things he'll be looking for when making a final decision on a school later in the recruiting process.

"Education first of all," he said. "A degree will set
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QB Frazier Hearing Often From UM

Kiehl Frazier

Quarterback Kiehl Frazier from Shiloh Christian in Springdale, Arkansas, has more scholarship offers than any junior prospect in the Natural State.

Frazier (6-2, 210) already had schools like Miami, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, and Nebraska, but has since added some more impressive schools to his list.

“I have 24 offers now and some of the last ones were Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, TCU, and Texas Tech,” Frazier said. “I’m still keeping everything pretty even but I’ve talked to some coaches more than others so I’m focusing on those schools I’ve been talking to.”

Frazier talked a little bit more about which schools have been on him the most as well as some upcoming visit plans he has in store.

“I talk to Miami and Florida a lot so I’m probably going to visit them in April or May,” Frazier said. “Arkansas, Kansas State, and UCLA are the other schools talking to me the most. With visits, I’m going to Auburn on April 17th and Oklahoma next weekend.”

Arkansas has historically done a good job of keeping the top prospects in-state and Frazier admits he is very familiar with what the Razorbacks have to offer.

“Arkansas is a good place because I grew up living here in the SEC as a Hawg fan,” Frazier said. “They’re definitely toward the top of my list and they’re in contention. I went up there this weekend to watch their spring game and I talked to a couple of their coaches so that was fun.”

The Auburn Tigers are also a very appealing option for Frazier who said that he has developed close relationships with a couple of their coaches.

“I mean Auburn is just a program that’s kind of on the rise right now,” Frazier said. “They had a really good season last year and a good recruiting class. I have a good relationship with Coach Chizik and Coach Malzahn. I call them about once a week so I’m just trying to get to know them a little bit more.”

Frazier has also kept in close contact with Miami whose biggest selling point is the opportunity to take over following the departure of rising junior Jacory Harris.

“I talk to Coach Whipple and Coach Gonnella, probably about once a week too,” Frazier said. “The tradition they have down there with the ‘U’ and Miami’s location makes it a great place to live. They said after Jacory is gone, then I’ll have a chance to compete for the starting job.”

Frazier admits he would like to learn more about Miami’s program but he does remember watching Willis McGahee and the Canes of the early 2000s.

“I know a few things about Miami but there is still a lot I can learn about them,” Frazier said. “I mean Willis McGahee is like my favorite player ever and when they won the national championship, they were my favorite team. Other than that, I don’t know too much so I’m going to look things up on the internet to learn more.”
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WR Watkins Likes UM's Depth Chart
Sammy Watkins

South Fort Myers High School wide receiver Sammy Watkins likes how the wide receiver depth chart will shake out after the 2010 season.

Watkins says he has started looking at the depth charts of schools around the country and that he knows that most of UM’s receivers are entering their third year on the team this season.

“I have learned that they won’t really have many receivers after the next year or two and that they only brought in one receiver this year, so the depth chart is straight,” Watkins said. “I like how their depth chart looks at receiver right now.”

Watkins had planned to take an unofficial visit to Miami in March, but he couldn’t make the trip due to a track meet he had scheduled that same day.

“I was supposed to come visit Miami on March 24th, but I had a track meet on that day, so I couldn’t make it,” Watkins said. “I plan on getting over to Miami though some time in May.”

Watkins estimates he is now up to about 28 offers with his most recent offers coming from North Carolina, Iowa, and Michigan. He also has offers from Miami, Florida, Florida State, USC, and Georgia.

Miami has done a good job of keeping in touch throughout the recruiting process, Watkins says.

“I keep in good touch with Miami,” Watkins said. “I just recently talked to wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill so that is good. Miami lets me know that they like me a lot,” Watkins said. “They say that I can come in and make an impact right away if I work hard.”

Watkins finished his junior season with 1,256 yards and 17 touchdowns on 56 catches at receiver while also totaling 50 tackles and five interceptions on defense.

According to Watkins, Miami is also recruiting his teammate at South Fort Myers, cornerback Dallas Crawford, who finished with 43 tackles and 10 interceptions on defense while throwing for 2,629 yards and 25 touchdowns while rushing for 422 yards and five touchdowns at quarterback.

“I think Miami is recruiting him,” Watkins said. “We are pretty close, but what schools we go to will be our own different decisions.”

Currently Watkins is participating in track and he is having a very strong year running the 100 and 200 meters.

“It is going pretty good,” Watkins said of his track season. “Recently in the 100 I ran a 10.6 and I ran a 21.7 in the 200. Those times were pretty much my goals going into the season, but I think I can go faster. I want to run close to a 10.4 in the 100 before the season is over.”

Watkins says he is interested in also visiting Clemson and Michigan this summer.
 04-07-2010, 01:27 PM         #7312
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Offer List Doubles for WR Dorsett
Phillip Dorsett

St. Thomas Aquinas wide receiver Phillip Dorsett thought he had already struck gold when he received offers from the likes of Ohio State, Florida, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Dorsett (5-9, 167) found out soon after that those first five schools were just the start, and he has added five more schools to his list since that time.

“Now I’ve gotten offers from Georgia, Rutgers, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Wake Forest,” Dorsett said. “I’m keeping things pretty open but I’m probably going to have some top schools after our spring football is over. After that is when I’ll start narrowing it down.”

Dorsett has only been to two schools before, one being Miami for a spring practice. The other was Florida but he mentioned he didn’t get to see much about the school because he was in Gainesville for a track meet.

In the near future Dorsett is planning a trip to Athens to check out Georgia and a return trip to Florida to learn more about the Gators.

With the new offers rolling in, Dorsett has more and more schools in common with close friend and fellow Raider wide receiver RaShad Greene.

“It feels great to have a lot of schools that want both me and RaShad to come up there,” Dorsett said. “A lot of schools want us to play together just like we play together now at St. Thomas. We haven’t talked about it much but if it came down to that, we probably could pick the same school.”

One of those schools interested in both of them is Georgia, and the Bulldogs appeal to Dorsett due to their lack of depth at wide receiver.

“They don’t really have a lot of depth at receiver and I like the program because they have a lot of tradition,” Dorsett said. “It sounds like they’re going to be good for a few years to come. RaShad knows about Georgia because he used to live up there. He said if we both go up there, we have a chance to play early together.”

Dorsett, who had 30 catches for 594 yards and 9 touchdowns last year, said he is getting a lot of interest from Miami even though they haven’t offered yet.

“I talk to Coach Stoutland often and he’s been telling me a lot,” Dorsett said. “He talked about their spring practice and the pro-style offense that I like. In another year, they’re going to need more receivers to come in and it’s just a great program for me to be at. They probably will offer but I don’t know. They might offer me during spring football.”

The best part about watching the documentary ‘The U’ for Dorsett was getting to learn more about the Canes of the 80s since he didn’t start following until the late 90s.

“I like the part when they first started becoming the ‘U’ after Coach Schnellenberger got there,” Dorsett said. “It was just great to watch and it was a lot of new information for me. I didn’t know all about what they did in the 80s because in the late 90s and early 2000s is when I really started to find out more about them.”
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LB Bragg On the Rise
MIAMI, Fla. -- It was his chance to show what he was made of.

Orlando University School linebacker/defensive back Brandon Bragg got to show his skills.

He got a chance to show that his great stats in 2009 were no fluke, that despite the fact that his team went 2-8 that he is a player that could bring it every down in every game.

Bragg competed in both Nike events last weekend, first having an excellent performance in the Nike Combine when he recorded the second best Sparq rating with 113.07. The 6-1 ˝ 182-pounder is a projected safety on the next level, but as a junior at University he was a starting linebacker.

He had very impressive numbers with 103 tackles, 2 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles, 7 fumble recoveries and 2 sacks.

How does he manage this while playing on a team that hasn’t been all that successful?

“You know working hard every day, coming to practice every day, speed workouts, trying to get better day-by-day,” Bragg said.

At the Nike Combine he ran a 4.67 in the 40, 4.18 in the shuttle, had a good power ball throw of 35-feet, 5-inches and had a remarkable vertical leap of 40.7.

Surely, the fact his team was 2-8 has affected his recruitment, but that’s not stopping him from continue to work hard to get better and show that he belongs with the elite.

Bragg has received little interest from any schools, but he’s hoping his performance at the combine and camp will make a difference.

“I get to come out and show my talent, show all the work I’ve been putting in, it has to come out,” Bragg said.

He mentioned schools he had interest in, but naturally not having any interest from any schools yet, he’d be open to anyone. He specifically mentioned interest in Miami.

“I am interested in UCF, Miami, West Virginia, Virginia Tech. Not a Gators fan. Yeah, I like Miami a lot,” Bragg said.

The next step for Bragg is for his high school team to turn it around and get on the winning track which will start in the Spring.

“Coming together, everybody needs to work hard, not just certain people on the team. We all put in the work day after day after day, we’ll be good,” Bragg said. “Yes, I am really excited about spring football, being in the weight room, doing speed drills every, get to show it on the field every day.”
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Gorman: UM Felt Like Home
Jabari Gorman.

MIAMI, Fla. -- Monsignor Pace’s Jabari Gorman is one of the most well-rounded recruits in South Florida.

He’s a supreme defensive back with athleticism and aggressiveness, who gets it done in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA. His teammates look up to him and his coaches praise how coachable he is.

Gorman is in the mold of what head coach Randy Shannon is looking for at the University of Miami.

And after an unofficial visit to UM last weekend, Gorman felt even stronger about UM.

“It felt like home. It really felt like home,” Gorman said. “All of the coaches and players really showed me love and that’s really something I’ve been looking for in every school. I talked to coach (Wesley) McGriff and coach Randy Shannon and they just tell me good things about me about how they want me to be a part of the family.”

Gorman (5-11, 170), who holds 23 offers, had the opportunity to talk with Shannon during his trip and the fourth-year coach at UM gave Gorman advice he plans on taking with him throughout life.

“He was just telling me that when he saw the film and saw a couple games, he’s very happy about me just being interested in the school,” Gorman said. “He just talked about being hungry and being humble. That’s one thing that I’m going to take for life.”

In addition to meeting with coach Shannon, Gorman also met with McGriff, who coaches the defensive backs.

“He said he likes that I’m a ballhawk and that I’m an athlete,” Gorman said.. That’s one thing UM requires is to be a top athlete on the field. That’s one thing I have. Plus, my grades are good. I’m very athletic and I have the brains to go with it. That’s one thing that UM always preaches about each and every day. I had fun there, it was a great time.”

He has been to UM before, but his recent trip was different.

“I’ve been there before, but it wasn’t the same,” he said. “I was able to actually feel like one of the students at UM where I could walk around anywhere without anyone telling me anything. It was like where I live at already.”

There were a pair of things that caught Gorman’s eye and made him think about the future if he were to be a Hurricane.

“When I saw the weight room my eyes rolled back into my head because if you see my weight room compared to that, I know that a weight room like that I would get everything I need to get done,” Gorman said. “I know that you have to be strong to play on the next level. And just walking through the halls you see all of the past players—the Reed’s. the Hester’s—and when I walk through that hallway, I thought if I come here I want to be on that wall. That’s my mindset, that’s my goal.”

Because he had a good visit to UM, a school he grew up watching, Gorman admitted that giving a verbal commitment was something that crossed his mind, but he held back and wanted to make sure he saw other options.

“Coach McGriff and Coach Shannon told me that people, like me for example, who have a lot of offers early kind of get side-tracked and you still have to compete and show up,” Gorman said. “That was one thing they told me and not to worry about (recruiting) and just go out there and play, everything else will take care of itself.”

Former teammate Stephen Morris, a freshman quarterback at UM, and fellow Monsignor Pace standout DeMarcus Van Dyke****, a senior cornerback at UM, have talked to Gorman about what it’s like to be at UM.

“Morris and DeMarcus came up to me and let me know how it really is,” Gorman said. “They didn’t sugarcoat anything. They told me the truth. They said that it is good to be at UM, they will make sure all of your work is done, all of your school is done, and you have to do it on the field. That’s one thing I want to do, I want to get better. I’m the humble person, I want to do everything right. I chase perfection.”

Senior Year

Heading into his senior season, Gorman is focused on two personal goals that he would like to work on before he enters the college ranks.

“My goal is to be leader,” Gorman said. “I have to be a leader on and off the field. Even if someone is cutting up in class, I’m going to get them. I’m not the coach, but I have to be the leader and that’s what a leader is, like another coach. I also want to get my stats right for this year, My goal for offense is to get over 1,000 yards and I want to try to get two picks a game or some big hits, something because I want people to think I’m ready for the next level.”

As a junior, he accounted for over 400 yards and four touchdowns on offense. He had big role on the team playing safety recording two interceptions and being a leader by example.

“Last year I was a leader, but I was more of a leader on the field, I wasn’t very vocal,” Gorman said. “That’s the one thing, I’ve always been a quiet good boy all of my life because my mom always told me that you don’t have to talk about how good you are, just show it. But to be a leader, you have to be vocal and that’s something I wasn’t doing. Now I’m learning, I’m not there yet, but I’m learning. Morris would tell me every week to make sure the defense was there and that they don’t have to be the best player, but to make sure their effort was there, effort counts more than anything.”

Monsignor Pace will have a different look this season with a number of players headed off to college including Morris, Isaiah Williams (Purdue), Isaac Dixon (Oregon), De’Andre (Iowa), Jon Ragoo (Minnesota), and Zachary Soto (UCF).

Gorman is the top player returning and will look to lead a new group of up and coming players.

“It’s a challenge (to be a leader), but my teammates look up to me,” Gorman said. “I’m like the big brother of the team. Coach Slaughter tells them to look at Jabari Gorman, you think he just comes on the field and that just happens and I just tell colleges to offer him. No, I’m working hard every day in class and practice and when they see me working hard, that makes them work hard. We are developing right now, people might doubt us, but I like our chances.”

LSU, Ohio State, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennese, Minn, Mary, UCF, USF, Purdue, Louisville, and Boston College are amongst the other schools that have extended offers to Gorman.

He said he would like to study either business or forensic science in college and academics have always been important to him.

“With my family education comes first always,” Gorman said. “My mindset is that if my GPA is this high and I know I’m not the best test-taker in the world so let me make sure I get my grades right so I wont have to have that much stress on me about taking the test or taking it more than once. So I just make sure I do good in class, not talk very much, and listen to the teachers—all of my teachers love me.”

Off-Season Camps, Combines, and Workouts

Gorman has been busy in the off-season, which is something you like to see as he’s a player that wants to continue to improve.

He attended the Miami Nike Combine in March and ran a 4.67 laser-timed 40, which is an improvement from last year as he wanted to prove to college coaches he could excel.

He also participated in the Miami Nike Camp at UM and was one of the top cornerbacks at the event competing against plenty of top-level competition.

And he’s busy playing for the South Florida Express, an all-star 7-on-7 team with some of the top players in the area.

“Playing for the Express builds confidence because you are going against some of the best athletes in South Florida and as long as I’ve been living here, the best athletes come from South Florida,” Gorman said. “That’s something I take into consideration in saying that ‘Yes, you’re good, but what are you going to do to be better than the other players’. I put that first and everything else comes to me. It’s a good experience. Pretty much all of the top players that I see on the internet I see every day, I see them in person and they don’t seem like the top athletes because we’re cool, we’re friends, we’re together. We are teammates and I don’t look at them as a top athlete, I look at them as another person competing for a job.”

He picked out two receivers, who have stood out to him while playing for the Express.

“The best was Tacoi Sumler and Eli Rogers, they were my main people I went up against,” Gorman said. “I talk a lot of smack to them, but they still bring it. Those two stood out a lot.”

Gorman is on the right track in continuing to be successful and UM coaches are hoping he will continue his success in Coral Gables.

Time will tell if Gorman will be a Hurricane.
 04-07-2010, 01:28 PM         #7315
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DL Grimble: UM is Selling Hard
Jalen Grimble

Defensive lineman Jalen Grimble from Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas, Nevada, had a pretty productive junior year with 62 tackles, 8 sacks, and 3 fumble recoveries.

Grimble (6-4, 252) discussed his style of play which helped lead him to currently being one of the most in demand prospects out West.

“As far as my play, I kind of go with the flow of the game and I let the game come to me,” Grimble said. “I don’t try to make a play if it’s not there, I just make plays as they come. I would say that what I need to work on the most is making that second effort. If I don’t make the tackle, instead of getting up, I’ll get mad at myself. Sometimes I’ll be frustrated instead of chasing him down.”

Grimble is up to twenty offers in total so he talked about some of the latest ones as well as the date he has selected for when he will make his decision.

“I’m at exactly twenty offers and the newest are Illinois, Arizona State, and Alabama,” Grimble said. “This weekend, I visited USC and UCLA but those schools are the first I’ve been to in awhile. I’m going to Nebraska pretty soon too, I don’t know exactly when though. I have set the date of August 10th for me to commit and that’s my birthday.”

Grimble has long held a Miami offer and he mentioned that he has had plenty of recent contact with a couple Cane coaches.

“Yes sir, I’ve been talking to Coach Gonnella ever since they offered and I talk to Coach Petri when I can,” Grimble said. “They sell as hard as they can, just like every other school out there. They want me to get down there and see the facilities. They want to be able to back up their words so they want me to come see what everything is about.”

Grimble isn’t sure if he will be able to make it to Miami, not so much because of the obvious distance, but because of how busy his schedule is.

“I don’t want to say it’s not a possibility that I could visit them because I’m not sure yet,” Grimble said. “The hard part is finding the time in my schedule because not only do I have spring football coming up, but I’m also doing summer school. I don’t know how hard it will be to squeeze things in.”

Grimble enjoyed the documentary ‘The U’ so much that he has watched it multiple times since he originally decided to record it.

“Yea I have recorded it off my DVR and I’ve watched it many a time so I have to say it is incredible,” Grimble said. “My favorite part is seeing all the history and the tradition. A lot of schools are up and coming and they are good now. Miami is a school that was doing it before them back in the day.”

When it comes to Grimble’s priorities, he explained why academics will play the biggest role in deciding where his recruitment takes him.

“I have to say that my number one thing is academics because it’s everybody’s dream to make it to the NFL,” Grimble said. “That’s a great thing but football can only last so long. I don’t want to ever wish bad on myself but if an injury came up, I want to be able to have a plan to fall back on. Then I wouldn’t have to worry because I went to school and got my degree. I would have a career to follow after football.”

Grimble also added that playing as a true freshman is not a necessity because he knows he would still have four more years to play if he was to redshirt.
 04-07-2010, 01:29 PM         #7316
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LB Gause: UM A Dream Fit
Quentin Gause

Rochester Bishop Kearney High School linebacker Quentin Gause couldn’t make it down to Miami for the UM spring game, but he does plan on participating in the Miami summer camp in June.

Gause (6-0, 210) hopes that participating in the summer camp will be a good opportunity to impress the UM coaches in person.

“I definitely plan on going down to their summer camp and show them the type of player and the type of work ethic I have,” Gause said.

Gause says he would like to work out for the coaches in person at the summer camp because he could show the type of player he is.

“A lot of coaches don’t get to see that side of players because all they can see is their highlights on the internet, but I want to go down to Miami and show them how I am in person,” Gause said. “My work ethic is what puts me over the top of some athletes because I like working my tail off. My work ethic pushes me to new levels.”

The Miami coach Gauase says he talks regularly with is defensive coordinator John Lovett.

“Coach Lovett is a good guy,” Gause said. “He is just straight up real when he talks to you and I like that a lot. I like how honest he is.”

Though the Hurricanes have not extended an offer at this point, Gause says he is very interested in Miami.

“Miami is definitely on my top list,” Gause said. “I went to their camps in the 8th grade and I have family down there, so it would be a dream fit. I know Miami has offered other linebackers, but I am going to keep pushing myself. God has blessed me for a reason, so he has a plan for me and I am not too worried. We will see what happens.”

Gause currently has offers from Louisville, Akron, Duke, Syracuse, and Rutgers. He hopes to gain more interest from colleges in the coming weeks. Gause says he plans to take unofficial visits to Rutgers and Syracuse some time this spring.

“I know in April the coaches can call you, so it should pick up soon for me,” Gause said.

Gause recently participated in a 7-on-7 tournament in Michigan and he said taking part in that tournament helped him get better defending the pass.

“Playing in that 7-on-7 tournament got me better with the little things in defending the passing game like jamming receivers and watching routes develop and watching their hips to see where they wanted to go. It just got me better in that particular area of my game.”

As a junior Gause finished with 118 tackles and three sacks on defense while rushing for 800 yards as a running back as well.
 04-07-2010, 01:29 PM         #7317
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2011 Prospect: South Fort Myers CB

Read on to get to know South Fort Myers (Fla) standout cornerback prospect Dallas Crawford.
Player: CB Dallas Crawford
School: South Fort Myers (Fort Myers, FL)

Measurables: 5-9/180

Grades: 3.47 core/21 ACT

Junior Stats: 2,629 passing yards and 28 touchdowns, 8 rushing touchdowns; 10 interceptions on defense, 4 returned for touchdowns and 43 tackles

Top 5 college choices: Miami, Wake Forest, Michigan, Iowa, and North Carolina

Childhood favorite: Miami

Scholarship offers: Miami, Wake Forest, Ole Miss, USF, Purdue, Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, and North Carolina

2 most important factors: Academics and Atmosphere

The Skinny: There may not have been a bigger playmaker anywhere in Southwest Florida last season than Crawford. Offensively, he was accurate with the ball and threw and ran for a whole lot of yards and touchdowns. Defensively, he played mostly safety and had 10 picks – one of the best numbers in the entire state. He has excellent instincts and ball skills on that side of the ball. He projects as a cornerback at the college level. At 5-9, he lacks good size but he runs really well, he has great ball skills, and he’s been very productive at this level. Those are just some of the reasons why he’s emerged as one of the state’s most heavily recruited cornerback prospects already.
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