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 07-30-2010, 03:47 PM         #6801
Dchis  OP
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Eli Rogers clears the rumors
Eli Rogers along with his teammate Teddy Bridgewater both committed to the University of Miami in June. Eli Rogers the talented 5′10 170 lb receiver out of Miami’s Northwestern is a phenom at his position. Rogers came on late at the end of the 2009 season after having to split a lot of his catches with Michael Lee Harris. Rogers ended up finishing the year with 35 receptions for 551 yards and 11 touchdowns.

What impresses me about Rogers is the way he comes out of his breaks and runs his routes. Eli comes out of all of his routes in the same fashion no matter what route he is running. He can run a slant ,curl or a post and the defensive back will never know what he’s doing because his footwork never gives away the route. His short choppy steps enable him to cut and stop on a dime with ease.

Despite Eli’s height, he was still targeted in the red zone on a number of occasions, and he always came through in the clutch. Playing for the Bulls you know he can perform against the best competition in 6A football. I love the way he goes after the ball, and if you leave him in space forget about it your not getting him down.
HSN got a chance to catch up with Eli and ask him a few questions.

HSN: Eli there have been some rumors going around that even though you verbally committed to the Canes you may still end up signing somewhere else at the end of the recruiting process? How would you like to address those rumors?

Eli Rogers: Cane Fans do not have to worry. That is a false rumor. I’m going to the University of Miami. There is nothing else to be said. I’m a Cane.

HSN: Eli, Teddy and yourself appear to be pretty good friends. Can you tell us about a funny experience that the two of you have had?

Eli Rogers: Teddy and I are very close. Every practice Teddy and I make fun of each other every chance we get and we always have a great time.

HSN: Tell us a little bit about your experience during the 7 on 7 camps. Have you met any other players from South Florida? If so have you spoken to any of them about joining you at Miami?

Eli Rogers: 7 on 7 camps are great. You get to know your quarterback even more. The competition is great and you get to go against the best players in the nation, which only makes you better. Teddy and I have met so many great players who are just waiting to take visits to the University of Miami. We are going to have a great recruiting class.

HSN: We are hearing that Teddy Bridgewater is doing his best to recruit for the canes. What are some of the things you’ve seen him talk about with other players.?

Eli Rogers: We basically talk to the same players at the same time. Teddy and I tell them that University of Miami is a huge family and not just a college to play football at. The people we talk to always talk about the “Swag” of Miami and how much they like it.

HSN: In the 7 on 7’s you’ve played with some of the best players across the nation. Who has impressed you from all the talent you’ve seen over the past few months.
Eli Rogers: Demetrius Hart, He was very explosive when he touched touched the ball. Teddy and I talked to him a lot when we were in Oregon for the 7 on 7 tournament. Demetrius, told us that he was leaning towards Alabama.

HSN: Phillip Dorsett just recently committed to the Canes. He is the second receiver in this class besides yourself. Have you gotten a chance to speak with him yet?

Eli Rogers: Yeah me and Phil are really good friends. We always talk about football and life in general. He is excited to come to Miami.

HSN: Tell us the fans something that we may not know about Eli Rodgers? What would surprise people about you?

Eli Rogers: I love being the go to guy in a critical moment in games. I love when the ball is in my hands, I can do so many things with my speed and athleticism. I live for those big moments.

HSN: Do you think you can come in and start right away at Miami? What jersey number do you want to wear?

Eli Rogers: Nothing is promised. I just know that I’m going to come in and work extra hard to try to make that happen. I think I have a good chance of seeing the field. I would like to wear 15 or 1.

HSN: Who was your favorite team growing up and who were some of your favorite players as a kid?

Eli Rogers: I grew up watching the Miami Hurricanes. Devin Hester, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor were my favorite Miami players. I also like watching Jahvid Best, and Desean Jackson, and Percy Harvin. I model my game after those guys.

HSN: Are you a weight room warrior or do you prefer to get your reps on the field instead?
Eli Rogers: I’m a weight room warrior. I love lifting weights and watching how it takes effect on the field in key moments.

HSN: As you know there are a number of Northwestern players on the current Miami roster are you friends with any of them? Do you have any stories about some of the current Miami players when they were still Northwestern Bulls.

Eli Rogers: I’m very close to all the former Bulls on the Cane roster. I can’t wait to be along side of them again. All the former Bulls still on keep in contact with us making sure that we are working hard. I remember there was a time in the locker room at half time when Jacory and others took charge and really made everyone push themselves to win the game.

HSN: Talk a little bit about last years game against Central on ESPN? Was it fun to play on National Television. Supposedly Vernon Carey (the dolphins linemen) went crazy in your locker room. Can you talk about that?

Eli Rogers: I love playing in the spotlight. Especially when the whole nation is watching you. I liked playing Central, but I really didn’t care who my opponent was that night. We had a mission to win and that is what we did (Miami Northwestern 22 – Miami Central 14). Veron Carey was very emotional at half time when he found out that we were down. He came into the locker room and gave us a very good talk and got us all hyped up. Veron really helped us out.

HSN: Miami will be playing Florida, Ohio State, and Notre Dame in the next few years as well as FSU and Virginia Tech. Is there a game that you are really looking forward to playing in?

Eli Rogers: 2013. Enough said. I can’t wait to play the University of Florida. They are a huge instate rival and it should be a great game.

HSN: Will you still be taking your visits or is it a done deal?

Eli Rogers: I’m a Cane. The rumor is totally false! I’m still going to take my visits because I want the experience.
HSN: Do you think Northwestern can go back to the State Championship this year?

Eli Rogers: Yes, I think we need to work even harder because everyone is aiming for us. We defintely have the talent to win the state championship again. We just need to continue to work hard at practice.

HSN: Thank you Eli for your time and good luck at the University of Miami!

Eli Rogers: Thanks Kyle.
 07-30-2010, 03:51 PM         #6802
Dchis  OP
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Todd Barr Talks Schools
Todd Barr is a highly rated defensive end from Lakewood,CA. He has a quick first step and is a threat to every quarterback he faces. He really fires off the ball hard and has an arsenal of pass-rushing moves. His lateral quickness allows him to slide down the line and make plays. Barr had 87 tackles and 32 of those were for a loss of yards. He put the quarterback on his back 12 times.

Todd Barr doesn’t have the ideal size of a defensive end or tackle, but he defnitely is a threat no matter where he lines up on the D-line. Here is a video we found that explains what we are talking about.

HSN caught up with Todd Barr and asked him a couple of questions.

Thank you for sitting down with us at HSN. “It is a pleasure”

HSN: You have 27 college choices according to rivals. When do you decide to name a top 10 or top 5? Is Miami in the top 10?

Todd Barr: I’m actually in the process of doing it now. I’m going to announce it real soon. I have been talking about it with my parents and my coaches. Yes, Miami is definitely in the top 10 no doubt.”

HSN: When wil you be visiting Miami? What draws your interest towards Miami?

Todd Barr: Sometime in August, I think my mom already has the plane tickets. I waited because coach Petri asked me to wait for all the coaches to come back before I come for a visit so I think it is sometime in late August. I like coach Barrow a lot, and coach Petri is a real nice guy.

HSN: Does the city life help make your decision?

Todd Barr: Yes it does.

HSN: Do you like the direction Miami’s program is going in right now?

Todd Barr: I didn’t get a Chance to watch them this past year , but I know from previous seasons that they have always been good.

HSN: Do you play Xbox? NCAA Football? What team do you pick?

Todd Barr: Yes I play. I pick Miami because of their fast defense. I also play with Texas and LSU.

HSN: You’re the 8<sup>th</sup> best defensive end according to rivals. What is holding you back from being #1?

Todd Barr: Size is a big deal. For one a lot of analysts have said that I lack the ideal size for either defensive end or a tackle. I’m not the 6’5 or 6’6 type of guy, and I’m not the 315 lb guy to be a defensive tackle either. I’m more in between.

HSN: It is the offseason. What does Todd Barr have to improve before next season or before college?

Todd Barr: Speed, I wan to to get faster of course, because the faster you are the faster you can make plays. Pad level, and Strength are very important.

HSN: Will you be fully qualified to gain academic acceptance? Are all your test scores where they need to be?

Todd Barr: Yes I will be, I have a 3.75 GPA. I’m still waiting on my SAT score.

HSN: “Barr does not have the ideal height to play defensive end, and he may not have the frame to add enough weight in the power base to switch to defensive tackle. Barr definitely needs to be more consistent with his pad level at the point of attack.” What is your response to this?

Todd Barr: I know I have to work on my pad level. I have a fast jump and I’m always quick to stand up and react to where the ball is at. It is a habit. I need to work on that knowing I will be double teamed next year.

HSN: People are saying if you went to Miami that you would play defensive tackle. What position would you like to play? defensive end or defensive tackle?

Todd Barr: “3 technique defensive tackle, because coach Barrow told me that is where they will be needing help and I would love to help the team anyway I can.”

HSN:Have you been to any camps over the summer Has there been any other players that have stood out to you?

Todd Barr: I have been to the USC O-Line and D-Line camp. Marcus Martin from Crenshaw stood out to me. He has a lot of strength and he is a great pass blocker. He has long arms and once he gets those hands on you he just keeps his extension and it is very hard to go anywhere.

HSN: What are your Goals for this upcoming season?

Todd Barr: I want improve my stats, and lead my team to a State Championship”

HSN: If I went to Lakewood, California where should I go to eat? hangout? shop?

Todd Barr: To eat I would go to Blue Seals and the hangout would probably be the beach. Every one loves the beach. Oh and I would shop at Jack’s Sports Shop.

HSN: Should we be Expecting you in a Miami Uniform?

Todd Barr: I wish I had an answer. But right now I do not.

HSN: Thanks for sitting down and answering some questions for us.

Todd Barr: No problem.

Now That we know that Miami is in his top 10. I’m pretty confident that we will be in his top 5 and be one of the final schools that he chooses between at the end.
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Dchis  OP
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Jabari Gorman interview
HSN got a chance to spend some time with Jabari Gorman this past week. Jabari could very well be the best defensive back in all of Dade County. Here is a transcript of an interview with the star.

HSN: Jabari when do you think you will be making your decision on your future school?

Jabari Gorman: I’m not sure whenever I feel its the school for me

HSN: I know you play mostly safety at Pace, apparanetly Miami is recruiting you more as a corner. Do you have any problem making the switch?

Jabari Gorman: No I’m comfortable playing either position.

HSN: What position do you feel you are better at corner or safety?

Jabari Gorman: I feel I can play either position without any problems.

HSN: What is your 40 time ?

Jabari Gorman: I run between a 4.4 and a 4.6.

HSN: Miami has a long history of defensive backs from Pace. Maurice Sikes, Lovon Ponder, and Damarcus Van Dyke**** all wore the orange and green. Could you see yourself as the next player on that list?

Jabari Gorman: If I sign with Miami I feel I could continue that streak, but I feel I can be great at whatever school I choose.

HSN: Who is your favorite player and someone you compare your game to?

Jabari Gorman: Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, and Asante Samuel

HSN: What is your relationship with Stephen Morris? Do you have any friends on the current canes roster besides Stephen?

Jabari Gorman: Yes, I’m great friends with Stephen Morris, I’m also friends with Allen Hurns and DVD.

HSN: Who do you think is the hardest receiver in Dade County to lock down?

Jabari Gorman: Probably Eli Rodgers

HSN: Do you want to wear a specific number in college?

Jabari Gorman: I’d like to wear either #1 or #8.

HSN: What part of your game could you use work on?

Jabari Gorman: I always want to improve on every part of my game. Thats why I feel I’ve been so successful.

HSN: Do you prefer to break up a pass or to lay the wood over the middle?

Jabari Gorman: I prefer to hit someone because its in me.I feel if you come through my way its disrespectful to me so you pay for that.

HSN: Do you consider yourself a finesse player or a physical player?

Jabari Gorman: Strictly physical

HSN: What are your top schools that your considering right now?

Jabari Gorman: The U, Alabama, Ohio St, LSU, but all of that can change its real hard to make a decision.

HSN: Well thank you for your time Jabari and good luck this upcoming season
 07-30-2010, 03:54 PM         #6804
Dchis  OP
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Q&A with Phillip Dorsett
Phillip Dorsett out of powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas is a shifty slot receiver that has a second gear. Dorsett’s style of play is very similar to Tacoi Sumler, a receiver prospect previewed earlier. Dorsett finished the 2009 season with 30 receptions 594 yards and 9 touchdowns. He also made a number of big plays in some nationally televised games this past season.
HSN: Phillip who is your current leader in the recruiting process?

Phillip Dorsett: Miami is my current leader.

HSN: Do you see yourself playing at the same school as your teammate Rashad Greene?

Phillip Dorsett: Rashad and I talk about it so its a possibility

HSN: . Former St. Thomas Aquinas alumni Leonard Hankerson will probably be a first day draft pick. Could you see yourself following in his footsteps as the next great receiver from your school?

HSN: You have a knack for making big catches over the middle of the field with no fear. Is that your biggest strength?

Phillip Dorsett: My biggest strength is making plays with the ball in my hands I like to break tackles and get in the endzone.

HSN: What coaches at Miami are involved in your recruiting process?

Phillip Dorsett: I talk to coach Hill and coach Stoutland a lot.

HSN:Do you have any friends on the current University of Miami team?

Phillip Dorsett: We have 4 players on the team that are going to be freshmen. I’m close with all of them.

HSN: Teddy Bridgewater is now a Cane would you like the opportunity to play all four of your years with a quarterback of his caliber?

Phillip Dorsett: It would be great to play with a QB of that caliber because he is similar to Jacory Harris.

HSN: Who do you model your game over?

Phillip Dorsett: I model my game after Percy Harvin and Desean Jackson.

HSN: There are a number of D1 prospects at St. Thomas Aquinas this season. Have you guys talked about all signing together with the same school?

Phillip Dorsett: We talk about it but its not likely.

HSN: What do you currently have playing in your ipod?

Phillip Dorsett: Gucci Mane

HSN: Phillip good luck this season, and I hope to see you in a canes uniform.
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props given
 8 years ago '05        #6806
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 P. Dedos said:
Shoddell says that Collier and Wesley have been kicked off the team

:wow: :wow: :wow:

sad to see Pimp Go but he got so many chances off the feild

even tho i thought he was a problem and made some nice plays for us

we got Streeter, Thompkins and Davon Johnson ready
word on rivals is that its becuz they were academic ineligible but damn didnt know know they were gonna get kicked off
 8 years ago '05        #6807
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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Collier: Staff is weighing options for Collier. It has been known for quite some time that kid had academic related problems in Spring BEFORE the death of his son. 2 options. RS or take year off.

Wesley: He is a 5th yr Senior. Was 6th DE in Depth Chart. Grade Rumor not confirmed but if the kid has graduated he is gone. No one has any credible info on the Grade Rumor which was started by only one person. If I were to GUESS, I would say he has graduated after this summer and kid was asked to leave to make room.

Futch: Rumor that he missed several classes which Randy hates. Not Grade issure but missing classes. Will miss FAMU game.

Reliable poster on scout boards...tifww
 07-30-2010, 10:37 PM         #6808
Dchis  OP
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DB Wayne Lyons Looking to Trim List
July 25, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Dillard High School DB Wayne Lyons says he's narrowed down his list of favorites. But, for Lyons, "narrowed down" is a relative term. "I've narrowed it down to a top 14," Lyons said. "It was by the interest level I have in the schools, are they schools I'll still consider." Lyons has the 14 listed in alphabetical order tacked to a board in his house.

The lucky 14? He rattles them off by looking at the board. "Miami, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, UCLA, Stanford, USF, South Carolina, Mississippi, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt," he says. "They're all pretty even. I've seen most of the schools already." The ones he hasn't seen: Auburn, Nebraska and UCLA. "I'm not sure how I'll visit there - it could be official or unofficial," Lyons said. He also says he may get to Miami soon - "probably for a practice," he says.

Lyons lists 50 total scholarship offers. He says the next step in his recruitment is cutting his list to a more manageable five schools. "I want to do that during the season when I decide what visits I want to go on," he said. Asked if Miami will be in there, he says, "I'm not sure." What's most important to him in a college? "Just the feeling I get - the environment," Lyons said. "That's most important. And the chance for playing time - that's not a huge factor, but I don't want my position to be stacked."

* Lyons says he's "really cool with" current Canes Brandon McGee and Keion Payne.

" They tell me it's a good place to be, they like it a lot there," Lyons said.
 07-30-2010, 10:38 PM         #6809
Dchis  OP
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OL Max Lang Wants to Stay in the South
July 30, 2010

Orlando (FL) Boone High School OL Max Lang lists the Hurricanes among his 16 scholarship offers.

"Miami is in the picture," he says. "We're thinking about taking a visit to Miami, but I'm not sure when."

Lang has already taken several other visits.

"I'm visiting schools all over the place to figure out (which schools to narrow it down to)," Lang said. "I just went to South Florida and Duke, went to Texas Tech, will visit Louisville and Miami. I've also visited other schools for junior days."

Of what's important to him in a college program, Lang said, "the main thing for me is the coaching. I want to meet the coaches and see who I'll be with for a while. That's the main thing for me. And facilities are important, things like that. I like to hear how they sell the school. It's a business, so it's a big deal to have one on ones, especially with the head coach."

Lang says he's getting plenty of mail from UM, but hasn't talked much with the coaches.

He says he's looking for a college not too far from his hometown.

"I'd like to stay in the south," Lang said. "Oklahoma or Texas is the farthest I'd go."

Lang says he landed his UM offer in the spring.

"Their offensive line coach (Jeff Stoutland) came down and watched me practice," Lang said. "They were impressed, I guess, so they offered off that."

Lang says he has no frontrunners right now.

"I'll take my visits, take them all in and see what I like and don't like and write it down on paper," he said. "Then I'll have my frontrunner."

How will he arrive at a final decision?

"I'll take as many unofficial visits as I can, take my officials to the better schools and then that'll be it - after the five officials, I'll decide like that," Lang said. "But (a decision) might come earlier than the official visits. It just depends."
 8 years ago '08        #6810
904Nole 1 heat pts
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How ya'll feel about O'Leary? Ya'll think he's UM's or ours?
 8 years ago '05        #6811
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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Are Thearon Collier, Steven Wesley off the team?
Rumors began spreading this afternoon on University of Miami fan internet message boards that receiver Thearon Collier and defensive end Steven Wesley have been dismissed from the team for academic reasons.

The Miami Herald has made multiple phone calls and sent text messages to UM officials regarding the matter, but had not received an answer from anyone at the school as of 9 p.m. Friday. UM spokesman Kerwin Lonzo said he was looking into the matter.

However, we've learned through sources, Collier, a junior from Miami Booker T. Washington High, is expected to meet with the coaching staff on Monday regarding his future. We are unsure if the issues are related to academics or other matters. Booker T. Washington coach, Earl Tillman, said he hadn't spoken to Collier since February but had heard he had been battling some personal issues in the offseason.

Collier (5-9, 191) caught 18 passes last season for 250 yards and a touchdown. But he made his biggest impact on special teams, returning two punts for touchdowns. He caught 26 passes for 324 yards and two scores as a freshman.

Wesley, a 6-2, 250-pound senior from Bartow, Fla., has made 17 starts the last two seasons and has 44 career tackles, 10 for loss. He had three sacks last season.

Read more:
 8 years ago '04        #6812
madness 17 heat pts17
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not worried about losing wesley, we're DEEP on the d-line....might mean we get to see dyron dye

pimp collier is nice, but kendall thompkins might be even better plus we're deep as hell at WR too
 07-31-2010, 12:39 PM         #6813
Dchis  OP
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One of the top overall athletes in the 2012 class early on is Miami Beach quarterback Ricardo Louis . At 6-foot-2, 190-pounds Louis has blazed a 4.55 second laser timed forty and nearly a 38-inch vertical leap. That combination of size and athleticism certainly help the running quarterback on the field.
“My strengths on the football field are my speed, the way I break tackles, get away from defenders, being able to throw the ball and run the ball,” said Louis.

While quarterback is the position he plays in high school, Louis very well may see a position change in college.

“I really like playing quarterback a lot, but I’ve been working at receiver a bit lately so I think that might be my position,” explained Louis.

Schools are already starting to notice the physical gifts Louis possesses. He has received four verbal offers from in-state schools.

“UM had verbal offered, FIU, UCF, and USF,” said Louis on the schools to offer.

Growing up a fan of the Hurricanes, as well as the Florida Gators, the offer from Miami was one that excited Louis.

“I was really happy when they told me, because I ain’t ever thought I was going to make it this far,” said Louis. “For me to get that offer really meant a lot to me and my family.”

The ‘Canes have another position in mind for Louis at the next level besides quarterback or wide receiver though.

“UM they want me to play safety, but since I play quarterback during the season I don’t really know. If I go there and they want me to play safety, I’ll play safety.”

This summer Louis camped at Tennessee, Georgia, and Clemson already. His plan is to attend Florida’s Friday Night Lights this week as well. After getting to see a few campuses and talk to several coaches, Louis knows what he is looking for in the program he decides to pick.

“Top priority for me is academics, because during the school year I really need as much help as I can get to keep my GPA up so I can play. Second is depth chart. I want to play as soon as possible. Tradition, I want my team to win.”

With the season around the corner, Louis wants to improve his play at the quarterback position to help his team. He talked about parts of his play at quarterback he wants to improve on.

“My footwork, dropping back and throwing the ball, my decision making. I can’t take any sacks, I got to get rid of the ball. I need to work on my speed some more, I’m fast but I want to get faster.”
 07-31-2010, 12:39 PM         #6814
Dchis  OP
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2012 Palm Beach Central Angelo Jean-Louis Gets UM Offer

July 30, 2010

Palm Beach Central 2012 wide receiver Angelo Jean-Louis is one of the best in what looks to be shaping up as another talented group of South Florida pass catchers.

Jean-Louis (6-0, 185) sees himself as the complete package at his position and he aspires to be the next Michael Crabtree.

“Basically I’m a double threat receiver because I like to make plays whenever I can,” Jean-Louis said. “At the same time, I like to block a lot and help create big plays for our running backs. Whatever my coach wants me to do; I just go hard and put one hundred percent into every play. I’ve always liked Michael Crabtree and he’s a receiver that I want to be like physically.”

Jean-Louis might not get the respect he deserves coming from a school that doesn’t have much of a winning tradition or a history of producing top recruits.

“Yea that’s what we’re basically working on now because we haven’t won a lot of games like some other schools,” Jean-Louis said. “They might have the big prospects but I feel like we work harder than a lot of teams. We haven’t had the ability to win big yet but we hope that this season is a big one for us.”

Jean-Louis has picked up some top level verbal scholarship offers and he has interest from plenty of other schools to boot.

“Right now, my offers are Ohio State, West Virginia, Florida, and Miami,” Jean-Louis said. “I got interest from Florida State, Marshall, Texas Tech, and a little from Oregon and Wisconsin. So far, I’ve been to Florida and Miami, and I’m going up to Ohio State in about a week.”

Jean-Louis attended Miami’s spring game back in March and the Cane coaches let him know about their intentions not too long after.

“I went to the Nike Combine in Miami and then the Miami inter-squad spring game was the same day,” Jean-Louis said. “I talked to the coaches a little after the game and a few weeks later I found out that they were pretty interested. I was excited when they offered me because my whole family is pretty big Miami fans. A lot of people like the Gators since they’re winning bowl games and whatever but we’ve been watching the ‘U’.”

Jean-Louis also hears all about Miami from one of his former teammates, true freshman offensive lineman Shane McDermott.

“Miami is doing fine to me and they’re still a hard working team,” Jean-Louis said. “They have some good receivers and those guys really put in the dirty work to be successful. Shane told me that he loves it there and things are going good for him. Actually he said it would be a good school for me too and if I do go there, I would definitely become a better football player.”

Jean-Louis finished his sophomore season with 9 catches for 197 yards and 2 touchdowns to go along with 16 carries for 88 yards.
 07-31-2010, 12:41 PM         #6815
Dchis  OP
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2012 Palmetto WR Eldridge Wilcox Loves The U
July 31, 2010

Palmetto 2012 wide receiver Eldridge Wilcox is simply more physically developed than most prospects at his position coming out of high school.

What’s even more impressive is that after a productive 2009 with 16 catches for 301 yards and 3 touchdowns, Wilcox (6-2, 200) still has two seasons left to play.

“Well I would say I’m real confident and really sure about myself on the field,” Wilcox said. “I play the game and I play to win every down, every snap. I need to improve my focus because I do get a little distracted in the trash talk. Most people compare me to Dez Bryant so that’s really my idol right there. I like Andre Johnson too because he’s big, fast, and physical.”

Wilcox is looking to help the Panthers make a big statement in 2010 as they open the season against a Dade County power, the Columbus Explorers.

“It’s really hard to get respect and people don’t know what we go through here,” Wilcox said. “Nobody ever says they’re scared of Palmetto and I hear that every day from my friends that play at other schools. We have to make a statement in the first game of the year against Columbus. Palmetto ain’t no pushover and we’re coming to play this year. We haven’t scored on them (Columbus) in two years so I got to break that.”

Wilcox hasn’t picked up any verbal offers to this point but he has heard from a couple of his favorites, Miami and Ole Miss.

“I haven’t got any verbal scholarship offers but I have a lot of schools saying they’re interested in me,” Wilcox said. “Miami said they have big interest and that’s my main school, like where I want to go to. Ole Miss showed very high interest and I get some mail from them. Those are my top two colleges but a lot of other schools send mail.”

Wilcox added that Ole Miss got involved with him so early after signing his former teammate, 2010 star athlete Delvin Jones.

Wilcox has been a long time fan of the Hurricanes and it’s safe to say that he remembers some of the great teams from the early 2000s.

“I like their style of play because they play like they know they’re going to win,” Wilcox said. “I’ve been watching Miami since I was a kid and I love them. I love the colors, the atmosphere, what they bring to the game, the respect they have, just everything. The guys they put in the NFL are straight playmakers.”

Wilcox went on to say that not a lot of people outside South Florida realize what the 2010 Canes are capable of doing.

“I watched every one of their games and went to their three day camp this summer,” Wilcox said. “I think we got a lot of playmakers that nobody really knows about yet. A lot of teams are sleeping on Miami and they’re going to make a statement this year too. I know we have the talent to get it done.”
 8 years ago '09        #6816
MOTM 72 heat pts72
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$1,342 | Props total: 384 384
Losing Wesley sucks, but we have depth
 8 years ago '05        #6817
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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$13,094 | Props total: 709 709
With UM football practice beginning Thursday, intriguing position battles loom. Stacking them up:
• Defensive line: UM still has good depth even after Saturday's confirmation that Steven Wesley is off the team for academic reasons. ``We can't be selfish,'' Adewale Ojomo said. ``Each of us has to wait our turn.''
The starting spot opposite Allen Bailey is up for grabs; many believe Ojomo has the most upside of the contenders, but Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith (a first-teamer for most of the spring) and Olivier Vernon will challenge.
Ojomo, sidelined in 2009 by a broken jaw from a walk-on's punch, had three sacks in '08 and is skilled against the run. ``This job is open because Ojomo hasn't played in a year,'' WQAM-560 UM analyst Don Bailey Jr. said.
Robinson had four sacks in 2008 and '09, but his tackles fell from 35 to 17. ``I wasn't myself because of hamstring injuries. It was totally not what I expected.''
Smith didn't have a sack in '09, but coaches like how he sets the edge on running plays, and his pass rushing improved a lot in the spring. Vernon, who had seven tackles for loss as a freshman, has too much talent to keep off the field, a UM official said.
How many defensive ends can play? ``Four for sure and maybe more,'' defensive line coach Rick Petri said. That probably doesn't leave much time for Dyron Dye, barring injuries.
The top four tackles appear clear-cut, though competition will determine the order: Micanor Regis (``dominant day in and day out'' in the spring, Ojomo said), emerging Curtis Porter, Josh Holmes and Marcus Forston. Teammates say Forston is committed after redshirting with injuries in '09. ``He's a momentum changer,'' Brandon Harris said. ``Everyone can see his hard work and determination are ready to pay off.''
• Linebacker: Colin McCarthy and Sean Spence are set, and coach Randy Shannon hopes Kylan Robinson can build on a strong spring and keep the middle linebacker job. Privately, though, other UM staffers are far from convinced about Robinson and said McCarthy could move inside, with Ramon Buchanan or Jordan Futch starting outside.
Before a knee injury in October, UM people thought Futch was the team's fourth-best linebacker behind graduated Darryl Sharpton, McCarthy and Spence. Freshman Kevin Nelson eventually could challenge for time at middle linebacker, which ``is the Achilles' heel of this defense,'' Don Bailey said.
• Defensive back: One open job, with Ray-Ray Armstrong the slight favorite over Jamal Reid to start at safety opposite Vaughn Telemaque. ``Jamal is a good cover guy and rangy,'' Armstrong said. ``I'm physical. My coverage skills are decent, but they can get better.''
Defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff said this offseason that Armstrong must improve at ``being in the right spot.'' With Reid, ``I want to see his tackling improve,'' McGriff said. . . .
Shannon said starters Harris and DeMarcus Van Dyke can ``be shutdown cornerbacks and do the things'' former Canes Antrel Rolle and Kelly Jennings did, though Van Dyke isn't in their class as a pro prospect.
• Running back: Expected starter Damien Berry gained 13 pounds (to 220) to handle a bigger workload. Lamar Miller and Mike James will get regular work, but one UM official said it's a conundrum about how to incorporate Graig Cooper, if healthy. UM prefers to redshirt Storm Johnson, but that isn't definite. Shannon warned not to overlook Lee Chambers.
 8 years ago '04        #6818
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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Damn that cooper injury is kind of a messed up situation... the kid did nice things for us in his career but it was time for him to move on and let the future take over... now Shannon needs to incorporate Coop into situations just because of seniority and all that s**t..... that's gonna take important carries from MillerTime/Berry/Mike James.
 8 years ago '04        #6819
madness 17 heat pts17
$13,132 | Props total: 3959 3959
damn sounds like collier cant catch a break
 8 years ago '05        #6820
Junior G 116 heat pts116
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$54,507 | Props total: 7794 7794
bye bye Collier


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