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 02-09-2010, 04:30 AM         #6221
Dchis  OP
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Miami Hurricanes add FIU running backs coach Mike Cassano

FIU running backs coach Mike Cassano, right, has agreed to return to the University of Miami in the same capacity. JOHN VANBEEKUM / MIAMI HERALD FILE PHOTO
Photo Similar stories:•FIU needs new coordinators
FIU needs new coordinatorsFIU is looking for a new offensive and defensive coordinator.
Golden Panthers offensive coordinator Bill Legg left the team to accept the position of offensive line coach at Marshall, FIU coach Mario Cristobal confirmed Sunday.
FIU defensive coordinator Phil Galiano's contract will not be renewed. Cristobal had no comment regarding Galiano's status, but sources confirmed the Panthers defensive coordinator will not be brought back for the 2010 season.

•FIU offensive lineman Kenny White may return
FIU offensive lineman Kenny White may returnThe offensive line could get a reinforcement Saturday if redshirt freshman Kenny White passes a physical on his left knee. White, who had surgery on the knee last season, will have the test done Friday.
``If he passes, the orange [non-contact] jersey is coming off and he'll be good to go on Saturday,'' coach Mario Cristobal said.
In Tuesday's scrimmage, running back Jonathan Ramirez took a shot to the head and missed practice Wednesday.

•Golden Panthers trying to speed up their building process
Golden Panthers trying to speed up their building processThe FIU Speedway opened for business Monday morning.
During FIU's first practice of the new season at FIU Stadium, there was no mistaking the hulking figure with locks flowing out of his helmet when he lined up at tight end.
On the snap, Dudley LaPorte, a junior college tight end transfer, sprinted past the defense and caught a 70-yard touchdown pass in stride from quarterback Wesley Carroll.

•FIU's Wildcat offense has success
FIU's Wildcat offense has successFIU has had success running its Wildcat package since unveiling it two weeks ago at Middle Tennessee.
Running back Kendall Berry has taken the direct snaps in the scheme and scored two touchdowns in the 35-28 victory over North Texas on Saturday. But FIU coach Mario Cristobal thinks unheralded fullback John Ellis is a big reason for the success of the scheme.
``He is a phenomenal football player, an unselfish guy,'' Cristobal said. ``We got good blocking up front.''

•FIU shuffles roster against Rutgers
FIU shuffles roster against RutgersPISCATAWAY, N.J. -- For the second consecutive week, starting tight end Dudley LaPorte was not cleared by the NCAA. He missed the game against Rutgers.
Sophomore tight end Jonathan Faucher started his second consecutive game and former quarterback-turned-tight end Colt Anderson backed up Faucher.
Last year's starting tight end, Eric Kirchenberg , missed his second consecutive game as well. Kirchenberg was recovering from a knee injury.

FIU running backs coach Mike Cassano is leaving the Golden Panthers to take the same position with the University of Miami.

Cassano, who was also the recruiting coordinator at FIU, coached the Panthers running backs for the past three seasons.

Cassano returns to UM, where he was a graduate a.ssistant from 2005 through 2006. Cassano will be reunited with offensive coordinator Mark Whipple.

At Massachusetts, Cassano was the running backs coach for Whipple, who was the head coach. The two worked together from 1998 through 2004 and won an FCS national championship in 1998.

Last season, Golden Panthers backs rushed for 104.2 yards per game.

With spring practice four weeks away, FIU coach Mario Cristobal will now have to fill the two positions.

Cassano occupied in what has been a busy off-season on the Panthers coaching staff.
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 Dchis said:
QB Bridgewater Might Be A Silent Commit

A source class with Recruiting at Miami has said that All-Everything Teddy Bridgewater is as close to a Silent Commit for the Canes as you can get. Don't expect an early commit and Teddy will go through the recruiting process. The 6'2" 175lbs gun-slinger will take his Max 5 visits and is currently looking at the Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU, Tennessee and his Home Town team the U.

Our Source expects Bridgewater to Follow Fellow Northwestern High School Quaterback to the University of Miami. Currently Teddy is a Top 5 Quarterback Prospect and brings more mobility than current Quaterback Harris. Teddy Will announce his decision on his Birthday on the 10th of November, 2010.
that literally means nothing.

he's basically trying to reserve a spot until he decide to make up his mind.
 8 years ago '04        #6223
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Shannon Talks 2010 Class, Evaluating in South Florida, and Demands to Know What You Mean By "Attitude," Susan Miller Degnan
by The Great Barstoolio on Feb 3, 2010 7:27 PM EST 11 comments

More photos » Phil Coale - AP .
Browse more photos »
Don't trust my transcription skills? Listen here.

I guess it's Wednesday -- another year, another National Signing Day -- a good time for us at the University of Miami. We feel like we got one of the great classes that we feel like can help us get that next step in college football. A lot of these young men on this roster we feel like can come in and establish this program for a long period of time and not a short period of time.

Anytime you look at a class you always say 'What is your need?' and not what...can give you a stat or a number. Our needs -- the ones we feel like -- were offensive line, tight ends and linebackers. We addressed those issues in this class, and running backs for a long time. The more we keep addressing our needs and our issues and going after the players we feel can help fit what we do at Miami we'll be successful.

[Re: six early enrollees] Most of the time since I've been here guys that have come in January have had an opportunity to help us. You look back and see Mike James, Olivier Vernon and Curtis Porter coming in and helping us. And the year before with Sean Spence, Jacory Harris, Marcus Forston and those guys coming in and helping us - anytime that you can get here in January it gets you caught up to the speed of the game and the contact and the physicalness of it and mental phase of it and the learning process. And you get adapted to school, which is a big deal now. Those guys that come in January have a good shot of making it (and helping the team as a true freshman).

Q: Was offensive line your biggest priority in this recruiting class?

No. No, I think that tight ends were, to be honest with you. We have two tight ends returning. That's what we really focused on, getting the tight end situation going. Then we say, okay, now the O-line and linebackers are the next priorities because of the depth issues at those two positions. We feel like the guys we have at offensive line and linebackers for the long-term can help us do a lot of great things, even short term. You never know who can come in and do what Orlando (Franklin) did his first year, come in and play. You never know.

Q: Clive Walford didn't play much high school football. What did you see in him?

He's like Dedrick (Epps). Clive played receiver, let's face it, that's what he did. Dedrick did the same thing in high school, played receiver. You're trying to find big guys like that 'cause a lot of times you don't find true tight ends. Like Clive played receiver, Tallman played tight end -- and you see these guys are out of the state of Florida. Asante [Cleveland], he played tight end and also flexed out at receiver. You have to go out and find those guys throughout the country - you're projecting guys to be like a Dedrick Epps or a (Kellen) Winslow, guys that are big, fast, that can run. And you just coach them how to block. This time and age everyone is in the spread, but if you can get a big guy, 6-4, 6-5 that's in high school that is 215 to 230 then again you know he'll be a tight end for you.

Q: He didn't play much football growing up.

Not growing up, not growing up. Toward this year he started playing. We saw him in the spring jamboree, and then watched him a little bit during the season. Those are things you actually see.

You know, you look at it like Santana Moss. A lot of people didn't know what Santana Moss was, a lot of people didn't. I was the one that was fortunate enough, because Carol City was my high school. They ran the wishbone. Now, if you didn't go to the games -- they may throw the ball once or twice. But those once or twice those footballs were thrown to Santana. And Santana his senior year caught maybe eight passes but seven were for touchdowns. If you didn't go to the games and evaluate then you couldn't get a perspective of how good this player actually was.

I think that's one thing we try to do our best is in South Florida, is the evaluation. We evaluate the kids in South Florida more heavily than anybody else does. And you have to do that because you have a guy like Tavares Gooden comin' up from St. Thomas Aquinas that played defensive end all his life. We had him projected to play linebacker - well, he did a great job for us here. So those are things you have to do, and you have to count on what you believe in.
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Q: Is that how you look at Delmar Taylor?

Yeah, same situation with Delmar. Delmar played five games this season at Miami Beach and we got some film. But now, if you didn't catch those first five games, you wouldn't be able to evaluate it. And that's the thing that we did; we evaluated what he did, his hips, he had explosion coming off his hips. He's a tough kid, smart kid. You evaluate that way.

When I was in the NFL, it was always had these things you had to look at. You want to see a running back's yards after contact. What we look at in South Florida, when you're a running back in South Florida from Palm Beach on down, you know the teams that have the great athletes, the tough teams, and the teams that are not very tough. You're gonna find some players that play hard against some teams; some teams they don't play very hard against. Now you have to say to yourself: When you're playing a real good team why is he not playing really hard? Why are his rushing yards not up? As coaches you have to evaluate it from that standpoint. And I think we do a great job of that, of evaluating South Florida, but also in the state of knowing who played who. Because some teams are not very good. Maybe a football player when they play that team that is not very good is unbelievable. You play one of these teams that's very good and he don't even show up. As a coach you have to say to yourself, 'Why?' Is this what you need at your program or is this a guy that when things get tough he's not going to play very hard? So you gotta be careful when you start recruiting in things like that.

Q: Did you want two quarterbacks in this class?

No. We're fine right now. We have an opportunity next year to recruit some great quarterbacks in the South Florida area and throughout the country. With Jacory you have two years left, maybe we get a guy in next year who sees his chance as better. It's hard. For some reason at Miami, even when we had Dorsey - nobody would come here when Dorsey was a freshman, sophomore. It kind of waited a little bit. Those are things that are kind of different here.

Q: How important is it to have Stephen Morris here for the spring?

Very important. He can learn the offense. Anybody who comes in January is going to learn the offense, learn the defense and you get ahead instead of coming in August and trying to learn the snap count, or you're trying to learn how to line up on defense. You get those things done in the spring and when the fall time comes it's just like second nature to you.

Q: You went to Buffalo, California to get guys.

Big athletes that are fast that can help us win. We feet like those are guys of need. It's not going out of the state that's the key. We've always -- for years -- at Miami our areas have always been New York, New Jersey, Chicago, California, Louisiana and Texas. If you wanna look at Miami history, that's where we've gotten players from. So nothing has changed. We went to California, same as D.J. and Winslow and Dorsey. Danny Stubbs, Leon Williams is from New York, Russell Maryland is from Chicago. Anything we've done this year is just our format of doing things in the past because that's where we've gotten great players from.

Q: Did you consider recruiting Jeremy Davis as an offensive player?

We're impressed with his ability. I've been knowning Jeremy since he was a little runt because of his brother Phillip [Buchanon] and I've been knowing his mom for all those years Phillip was here. He's a great athlete, a great talent. A guy like him, you look at our secondary with Jeremy Davis, Kacy Rodgers, Keion Payne and Devont'a (Davis), they've all played both sides of the football. Keion didn't play (offense) this year at St. Thomas, but you look at his past in his film from Dillard he's played both ways. You look at guys that can do a variety of things, and they know the offense. Like Edward Reed in high school and Sean Taylor, and even Ray Ray (Armstrong) is the same way - they played quarterback, receiver, things like that. When they went to defense it was just natural. So you're trying to find guys who did more than just one position just as a defensive back, that's where you get your better players from.

He's a phenomenal athlete; he's fast, now. He'll probably be trying to compete for the state track (title).

Q: Did you ever think you'd have Jeremy on your team when he was little?

I didn't expect he was gonna sprout up that tall. I always thought he was gonna be like Phillip. But he really sprouted up. Excited to have him part of this football program; we're really excited about him.

Q: As far as attitude and commitment, were you looking for anything specific in these recruits?

[Dryly, warily, hilariously:] What do you mean by "attitude"? ...

One thing that we do, we try to follow up as much as we can on doing background checks on kids. That's the one thing we have to do, make sure they're part of what Miami is all about. And we have to find guys who like to win, who like to play the football game. You can tell a lot on film.

Like I said earlier, some guys no matter if it's a good football team or bad football team they're going to play at a high level. I went to a basketball game this season, one kid we were recruiting, he played the game and made one guy just quit, get out the game, shut it down, go on the bench because of what he did on the basketball court, his physical mentality on the basketball court. Eventually they won the game because the other guy went out of the game. Those are the things you look at, the competition.

Like Eduardo Clements, I've been watching him play since ninth grade at running back, but he's also a kickoff return and punt return guy. Matter of fact, this year, as crazy as it sounds, he even played some defensive line on goal line. He's a guy that no matter what happens, "I'm going to help us win," and those are the kind of players you look for.

Q: What is it that made James Gaines stand out? And how did you find him in upstate New York?

Most of the time when you find guys like him you find 'em through coaches or a friend. A lot of guys we have in this class, friends have called myself or called coaches on the staff, 'Here's a player in this area you may want to take a look at.' He was one of the players in the last two weeks of recruiting, last week of recruiting that we found that is physical, fast.

We evaluated more than one tape -- some coaches on the staff know the New York area. So he went and got a tape of a team that's really good and a team that's really bad, and we compared them. We liked what we saw on film because he was a big, fast guy that was making a lot of plays, hitting, tackling, and he was a big-time athlete because he did some other things beside just play defense. You look at the great ones that have been around here - Ray Lewis was a free safety and tailback in high school, Jonathan Vilma was a tight end/linebacker, DJ was a running back/linebacker, Dan Morgan was a free safety/tailback in high school, Jon Beason was a fullback and strong safety. So those guys you always try to find because most of your big safeties or tailbacks that are not really great ones are going to be great linebackers. Those are the kind of things we're trying to find when we look at the linebackers.

Q: Who is going to be in charge of recruiting now that Coach Hurtt is gone?

Coach Hill.

Q: Are you concerned at all about the national rankings?

No. We won't be ranked - we don't have the athletes in this class.

I can't go out there and say 'Let's recruit five receivers.' We can recruit five receivers to get us in the top five in the country, go out there and recruit a a certain position. We felt that we had to fill our needs on this team. We have receivers on this football team. We have Allen Hurns and maybe one or two guys still out there. But you don't want to go and cut yourself short on maybe a need that's at tight end. Because that's a big-time need for us.

That's things you always have to find, what's your need for this program on offense, defense and special teams. Once you address those situations, then you become a better football team. Everybody says `Well, you have all these running backs.' We have all these running backs, but you don't know the extent of Cooper's (injury), Damien Berry's a senior and then you have Lee and Mike James. So you better get some guys in this class for the future and not just sit back and say, 'Well, we'll wait and see if Cooper comes back and this guy comes back. You never know what's gonna happen. So we tried to address the issue now like Cooper wasn't coming back. We're one play away from maybe Damien Berry or Mike James getting hurt and then now you're left with just Lee Chambers. And we don't want to put ourselves in that situation.

Q: You got good size in this class.

Big, fast guys, that's what we needed. We feel if we get big, fast guys on this football team that we'll be a good football team, we'll be a great football team. You take Brandon Linder from St. Thomas Aquinas, he played guard, center and tackle. In the Army All-American game he might have been center the whole entire game. That tells you something about him, that he's got variety, brings value to your football team because he can do three different things.

You go down the list. Chase Ford the tight end, you look at his size, you look at what he did on film. He lined up at receiver, tight end, dominated at tight end, caught the ball, got in open space, was very physical, had ability to escape and get away from people. Asante Cleveland played receiver, tight end, some defensive end. We have a lot of variety on this football team that will help us be where we need to be at.

Q: How much easier is it for the spring with no new coordinators?

It'll be fun. It'll be'll be'll be fun.

Q: Clive Walford's a good basketball players. A lot of these guys are good athletes.

All these guys like (Jermaine) Barton, he played basketball. Jeffery Brown is a great wrestler, I think he's 39-1 and going for state playoffs right now. Unbelievable wrestler. All these guys - Kelvin Cain is real good basketball player. Asante, decent. All these guys have played basketball. Andrew Tallman is a discus thrower and we found him because he ran the 400 hurdles. We went out in May, coach (Jeff) Stoutland watched him run, you see a big guy run the hurdles and then throw the discus, then you turn on the film and you say `Well, we have an athlete here.' He'll be a tight end.

Q: Darion Hall's production dipped this year.

We watched his junior year, things he did as a junior, because they graduated a lot of guys. They didn't have the players around him like the year before, especially on the offensive line. We just liked the way he ran the football. When you turn on the film, talk to other teams in that area, they talked about him. They didn't talk about him like "he had a bad season," they talked about him as a young man, as a football player, when game times are tough they still see him on the sideline cheering guys on.

His mom is the one, she's unbelievable. Sitting in the home, this guy's studious and sitting up, and she says, `Coach, what made you like him?' I said, `Look at him!' I go in the home and sometimes guys are slouching back, hands on top of their head, got the TV on, watching the tv, not paying attention to you. He's at the edge of his seat sitting up straight and tall and talking. He's not slouching back, leaning back. She says, `You know what coach? That's my boy, because he knows I'll just get into him if he don't.'

Guys like that want to be a part of something. Their mindset is I wanna be a part of something. And that's what you have to go out and recruit, and recruit good football players. If you get great football players that have the structure, that understand the importance of presenting yourself, get ready to take that next step...when a young man like that comes into your program it reminds me of a Mike James.

Mike James' mentality was `I'm going to play at the University of Miami, I'm going to take that next step. I'm not going to rely on what I did in high school.' If you rely on what you did in high school you're going to get left behind. And I can see in him that his mindset was I'm going to Miami to take that next step, to try and get in the lineup. I'm not going to Miami to try and back anybody up. Those are things I really admire about him.

Q: Did you find you have kids you recruited that don't want to wait a couple of years to play?

In recruiting, yes. One thing I will never do, I will never tell a young man or a kid they'll start at the University of Miami. I'll say I'll give you an opportunity to play. The only thing that can stop a freshman from playing is mentally and physically. Mentally if you're not able to handle it and learn what you're doing you won't make it. And physically, any young man in high school says I'm going in and starting, let's be realistic. I can tell him that because we have spring football coming up. If I go and say you're going to start at free safety, I promise you that, some high school kids: Yeah, I'm starting there. But they keep forgetting spring football. Somebody has to start in spring football. Spring football, someone has to line up, learn the defense, learn the offense. If I promise you that, once I tell you that I'm lying to you, now you'll never be able to trust me. But now I tell you I'll give you an opportunity if physically and mentally you can handle it.

And I tell them the physical part of it. I go back to Marcus Forston his freshman year. His mindset was I'm the man, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that. He didn't play against Florida State his freshman year. His body was sore. He wasn't used to banging against 300 pounds in practice, banging against 300 pounds in games, wasn't used to tackling guys 220, 215, 205. He was always going against guys about 160 in high school, so it's a different ball game. He was beat up because his body couldn't handle it. I tell most high school guys that if you want to play at Miami, mentally and physically you gotta be ready to play. I give them that Marcus Forston story all the time, and then they realize that's how it is.
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Q: Looking forward to the spring, how is Jacory Harris' hand?

He's fine.

Q: He won't practice due to the injury?

It's good for the other young guys. They get to learn the offense, get to practice a lot, get three scrimmages they get to get in, 15 days of practice. It'll be good for the young quarterbacks. They have to learn. It's good because now one of those guys have to emerge as Jacory's backup. Jacory is not getting reps but those guys are, so we can see who can actually run the offense.

Q: Talk about the hiring of Rick Petri.

I've been knowing coach Petri a long time, worked with him here when I was here. He coached Warren Sapp, Kenard Lang, Kenny Holmes, Kevin Patrick and all those guys. Great technician, great coach, done a great job wherever he's been.

You look up his record at Ole Miss, South Carolina, the guys he's coached, he's coached some first round guys. At Kentucky those guys have been making first team all-Southeastern conference. That tells you what type of coach he is. He's very well respected. We're happy to have him on board, and we're gettin' ready to start up.

Q: The Pro Bowl was in Miami during your final visit weekend, and the New Orleans Saints are using your practice field. Is there a benefit to that?

You can use it in recruiting, that's the best thing about it... They see it for themselves. We had a lot of recruits call us. We had recruits that honestly called this morning that wanted to come to Miami and we had to tell them we don't have any scholarships. It's unfortunate, but our numbers at this position, there's not one for you; if you were at another position, yes.

We normally recruit about 36 guys, that's about all we recruit. The first year we signed 34, recruited about 44. That was it. We don't try to recruit 100 guys. We get our little section, those are guys we grind and stay on, and when it usually comes down to it, we usually get our quota and miss on about eight of them.

In those terms we don't waste a lot of money, waste a lot of time. We just concentrate on those guys that we feel we have a great shot at and that we can spend more quality time with. We can recruit 60 guys, but trying to give quality time to 60 guys is very hard.

Q: Any update on Graig Cooper's health?

No. Nope. No update. That's the update.
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I sure wish he would stop using the damn santana moss comparison....every kid is not gonna turn out like that.
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OL Jackson Performs Well At Lineman Camp
Feb. 11, 2010

By: Nate Adelson

Marcus Jackson
Vero Beach offensive lineman Marcus Jackson became Miami’s first 2011 commitment back in December, and he remains the only one in the Canes current class.

Jackson recently took his talents way up north to New Jersey where he took part in the BadgerSports Elite Linemen Challenge held at Rutgers.

Jackson (6-3, 300) received high praise as one of the surprises at the event as he displayed advanced footwork for a lineman of his age.

“My coach told me about it and I thought going up there would be a breakout opportunity,” Jackson said. “I wanted to see how good I really was compared to some of the best in the country. I thought I performed great and I did a good job. I got to see my strengths, my weaknesses, and what I can improve on but overall it was good. I met a lot of guys up there in New Jersey and I made a lot of new friends. We were just talking about our high school teams, we really didn’t bring up college too much.”

Jackson said that his recruitment has picked up slightly, and he explained how he is dealing with schools who have been showing interest since his commitment.

“It’s been the same amount, I guess some schools have come on a little bit harder since I committed but generally the same,” Jackson said. “FIU and South Carolina are still my only offers besides Miami of course. I tell other schools that I’m committed to Miami but if I think a better opportunity is open, I’ll give them a little bit of interest. I’m committed right now and I think it would take a lot to change my mind but if there is something out there, I want to see it.”

Jackson went on to explain what type of player he feels Miami will be getting when he does arrive in Coral Gables.

“I think personally what I need to work on is my conditioning and my pass protection,” Jackson said. “Footwork can always be improved too but I’m more happy about that.”

Jackson has always been in contact with Coach Barrow, and he hopes to check out Miami’s campus for the first time by attending one of their spring practices.

“I haven’t talked to Coach Barrow in a little while but it’s nothing really,” Jackson said. “When we do talk, usually it’s about the basics of football and how everything is going with my grades. I haven’t been down there yet so I think I’ll make it down when they have spring practice. I really want to get down there because I know about the football side of Miami but I can learn a lot about the school side of Miami.”
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[pic - click to view]

 02-12-2010, 01:42 PM         #6229
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Barrow to coach UM's linebackers again
A few internet reports surfaced Thursday saying UM a.ssistant Micheal Barrow had been flown up to Gainesville to be interviewed for the Gators' co-defensive coordinator job. No word yet if it really happened, or if Barrow has been offered any job with the Gators.

But as far as the Miami Hurricanes are concerned, Barrow will be coaching linebackers in Coral Gables when spring football begins Feb. 23. The Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian first reported Thursday that Barrow, who was UM's linebackers coach in 2007 and 2008, was returning to those duties after spending last season as a defensive a.ssistant. Defensive coordinator John Lovett, who coached the linebackers while Barrow worked with the defensive ends and special teams last year, will concentrate solely on his primary job.

I spoke to someone at UM Thursday night who told me Barrow's move last year was made in attempt for him to learn more facets of the defense, and make him a stronger candidate to become a defensive coordinator down the road. Barrow spent 13 seasons in the NFL after winning two national titles at UM in 1989 and 1991 and was the defensive coordinator at Homestead High in 2006.
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 KiNgJaMeS305 said:

[pic - click to view]

 02-14-2010, 12:56 PM         #6231
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Focus on the future: Teddy Bridgewater

by Florida Varsity

Unlike a year ago, the state of Florida should have a lot more talent at the quarterback position. Talented standouts include Jeff Driskel and Jerrard Randall. However, the one prospect everyone is chasing is Northwestern all-everything Teddy Bridgewater. The 6-foot-3, 180 pounder is the total package at quarterback.

Even as a sophomore, you could tell Teddy Bridgewater was eventually going to be a unique talent that doesn't come around too often. He has the ability to strike both through the air and on the ground. As a junior, Bridgewater had very little trouble showcasing his passing skills - throwing for 2,546 yards and 32 touchdowns. A year earlier as a sophomore thew threw for 1,560 yards and 16 touchdowns. This year, the potential five-star standout could be the all-time leading passer in Dade County with a solid senior campaign. Overall, there isn't a bigger threat across the state of Florida than Bridgewater, especially with the game on the line.

When the game on the line, Bridgewater is the guy everyone turns to. There are so many intangibles this Dade County star brings to the table, the most notable being there's nothing that rattles this kid. He's always under control and never gets away from his strengths. At 6-foot-3, 180 pounds Bridgewater possesses perfect size for a huge impact on the next level. But even more so than his clutch ability in tough situations, he can take over the game with his athletic ability when the breaks down or make the perfect read and find that open receiver for a last minute score.

As a passer, Bridgewater has very good technique with his release point and has an extra zip on the football to fit the ball in tight passing windows. He also has a great touch on the long ball. He never gives up on the play and most of the time just keeps the play alive, letting his playmakers get open and develop a bigger play than what it would be if he just scrambled for a few yards down field.

Bridgewater is a very intelligent player that understands and feels the position well. If that wasn't dangerous enough, he has the ability out in open space when the play breaks down to dominate with his amazing elusiveness and top end speed. These areas alone make Bridgewater a threat anytime he's on the field, more so than probably any athlete in the state of Florida.

Impressions on Bridgewater

Larry Blustein of the Miami Herald gave us his thoughts on the top junior in Dade County

Overall thoughts
He has the confidence, athletic ability and belief he can do anything. He comes on the field and knows inside that he is as good as anyone or better on the field. He can play any number of positions - quarterback, safety, wide receiver and make a major impact. Whether it is on the football, baseball or track field he has the confidence level. He can rally his team from anywhere. He is right up there with James Wilder, Jr. as the best in the state.

On what makes Teddy such a special quarterback
He has great mobility to open up the passing lanes and has tremendous accuracy. He can throw on the run as well as anybody. Running the ball, he is always moving north and south and has great body control. Teddy is a team player, you'll never hear him say 'I'. Everyone plays off of him. He's won 97% of his games as a starter. He does so much to help the team win, he's not an individual, but a team player.

On what position will he'll end up on the next level
It depends on where he goes. I think he'll play quarterback. He is every bit as good as Jacory was. Teddy reminds me a lot of Vince Young because of his athletic ability. He's not 6-foot-5, but Vince Young couldn't play receiver or the secondary. He is the type that you want to get on the field as soon as he gets there.
 02-14-2010, 12:56 PM         #6232
Dchis  OP
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ESPN Insider Recruiting Blog
by: JC Shurburtt

Dantzler has 11 strong
ESPNU 150 Watch List offensive tackle Watts Dantzler (Dalton, Ga./Dalton) told that he has a top 11 broken into two tiers. His first five consists of Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. His second group is Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, Miami, South Carolina and Florida State.

Dantzler's father played at UGA, so the Bulldogs are the team to beat, but watch out for Auburn. The Tigers made a good impression on the 6-7, 314-pounder during some unofficial visits this past season.
 02-14-2010, 12:57 PM         #6233
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Lakeland OL emerging
Offensive lineman Errin Joe (Lakeland, Fla./Lake Gibson) has scholarship offers from Florida State, Miami, West Virginia, Iowa State and Florida International. The 6-4, 285-pounder also attended a junior day at Auburn last month.

Joe is a prospect to keep an eye on out of traditionally talent-rich Polk County in Central Florida. He was a second team Class 4A All-State selection as a junior and has been named to multiple early rankings of top prospects in the Sunshine State for 2011.
 02-14-2010, 12:57 PM         #6234
Dchis  OP
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Cornerback Andrew Johnson (Miami/Southridge) picked up a scholarship offer from Texas Tech on Thursday. The Red Raiders join Florida International in the chase for the 5-foot-9, 160-pounder. This offer is not surprising because Texas Tech signed two prospects from Southridge High School in the Class of 2010 -- defensive backs Phillip Warren and LaVaughn Whigham.

"It was exciting to get that offer," Johnson said. "They offered and signed two of our defensive backs in the last class, so if I ended up going there, I would have some players that I know out there."
Miami, Florida State, Alabama and Southern California have also shown interest. He plans to camp at Florida State, Michigan, Alabama and Tennessee this summer.

If the Hurricanes end up offering Johnson, they will be the clear frontrunners.

Johnson had 56 tackles and seven interceptions in 2009 and took three of those back for touchdowns. He played safety for most of those games, but projects best as a cornerback. Observers of South Florida high school football feel that Johnson was outstanding both in the box against the run and playing the pass last season.

"I thought I had a good year last year as far as interceptions are concerned, but if I could have just had more tackles," Johnson said.

However, Johnson isn't the only Division I prospect in the Southridge secondary for the 2011 class. Safety Gerrod Holliman (6-1, 190 pounds) should get plenty of scholarship offers soon.
 02-14-2010, 12:58 PM         #6235
Dchis  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
2011 quarterback Christian LeMay (Mint Hill, N.C./Butler) is now only considering 10 schools from his long list of suitors, ESPN's Brian Stumpf reports.

Florida, Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Miami-FL, Mississippi State, Florida State, Virginia Tech and North Carolina will battle for the ESPNU 150 Watch List prospect.

Additionally, the 6-foot-2, 187-pound talent hopes to narrow the field down to five by May and three by July and eventually name a "leader" instead of making a verbal commitment. LeMay will enroll at his school of choice January 2011.

Maryland, N.C. State, Oregon, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee and Michigan have also offered.

As a junior, he completed 170 of 248 attempts (68.5-percent) for 3,396 yards, 44 touchdowns and just two interceptions, leading Butler to a 15-0 state title.
 02-15-2010, 02:32 PM         #6236
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QUARTERBACK: Coach Randy Shannon said last week that he doesn’t “forsee” starting quarterback Jacory Harris participating in any part of spring drills after undergoing thumb surgery. That means that rising sophomore A.J. Highsmith, walk-on Spencer Whipple and true freshman Stephen Morris will divide snaps evenly. “Each guy is going to get reps with the ones and reps with the twos,” Shannon said. “That will help us out because one of those guys will eventually establish himself as the No. 2 guy. It’s kind of bad because Jacory is out, but the good thing is the young guys will get a chance to develop.” Highsmith was Harris’ backup last season, but don’t be surprised if Whipple, son of offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, makes a serious run for the No. 2 job. “The guys on the scout team all said they really liked him because of his leadership ability,” Shannon said. “He’s fiery, competitive and gets guys going.”

RUNNING BACKS: The best news is that fullback Patrick Hill, who missed nearly all of last season with an ankle injury and redshirted, will participate in spring practice. With Hill back, Mike James will return to tailback where he will compete with Damien Berry, Lee Chambers, Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson. There’s a lot of excitement around Miller, who redshirted last season but impressed teammates while participating with the scout team. “Very fast, good hands, very athletic,” Shannon said of Miller. “He’s got to take that next step in maturity. When you’re on scout team, you can get away with almost anything. You don’t have to worry about protections and all those kind of things. Now he has to learn about the blocking aspects, being able to stuff a linebacker when he blitzes.” Graig Cooper, who blew out his knee in the bowl game loss to Wisconsin and underwent surgery, will attend meetings and continue rehabbing. Asked if Cooper might play in 2010, Shannon said, “Don’t know. It’s hard to say.”

RECEIVERS: The deepest position on the Hurricanes’ roster. Shannon said he’s already warned that his rotation will be limited to a core of four or five receivers. “We’re not going to play eight guys,” Shannon said. The coach would like to see further development from rising junior Travis Benjamin, who finished second on the team with 501 receiving yards. “He has speed and everything else,” Shannon said. “But sometimes guys have to mature and understand it’s not all about speed. It’s technical stuff. Now has Travis come a long ways? A long ways. But it’s like Santana Moss’ first year. You would see glimpses one minute then you would be wondering, where is he at? Guys get into it after their second year because they understand the whole concept. I can see him blossoming and taking that next step.” Shannon is also high on rising 6-foot-6 sophomore Tommy Streeter, who shined in limited action last season. Shannon said he loves Streeter’s attitude. “You can’t tell Streeter, ‘Great job,’ because he’ll look at you like, ‘Why is that a great job? I’m supposed to do that,’” Shannon said. “That’s his mentality. We expect big things for him this spring.” By the way, Kendal Thompkins is sticking at receiver even though he would have a better shot to play if he switched to defensive back.

TIGHT ENDS: The only players at this position currently on the roster are senior Richard Gordon and redshirt freshman Billy Sanders. Gordon, who redshirted last season, has a chance to secure the starting position with a good spring. “Richard has grown up, he’s graduated,” Shannon said. “He’s matured a lot. You don’t seem him being on a lot of different lists like [missing] study hall and things like that. He’s attentive, he’s understanding, he’s on time. His mental maturity has caught up with his physical maturity. Physically, he’s god. He’s not as fluid as Jimmy Graham, but he’s a bigger version of Dedrick Epps. He’s just got to prove it on the field now.”

OFFENSIVE LINE: Center, Shannon admits, is “a real concern.” Rising junior Tyler Horn has played little and back-up Shane McDermott, the Palm Beach Central grad, is a true freshman who enrolled at UM in January. “One of those two guys has to prove it,” Shannon said. “If they don’t prove it, then we have to draft somebody from another position.“ That somebody would likely be rising sophomore Brandon Washington, who will initially compete for a starting job at guard with Joel Figueroa (out this spring while recovering from shoulder surgery) and Harland Gunn. The other opening on the offensive line is at right tackle where Ben Jones and Jermaine Johnson will compete. “One of those guys has to step up,” Shannon said. “Both are big, athletic and been in the system. They’re physical, tough kids but [have] virtually no experience. Those kids have something in them, the mindset of, ‘I may not have much experience, but I’m not going to let my teammates down.’ I kind of see that in those two guys.” Orlando Franklin will remain at left tackle, where he started twice last season. Asked what Franklin proved in his short stint at tackle, Shannon replied, “Really nothing. Sometimes he would get beat, sometimes he didn’t. It wasn’t like [Jason] Fox who stuck there from the first day he got here. Orlando is a big kid, athletic and everybody knows he can run. Now he just has to learn the technique part of playing tackle.”

DEFENSIVE LINE: Without question, this should be the strongest part of UM’s defense. There is no shortage of players with starting experience, including end Adewale Ojomo, who returns after missing all of last season following a locker room f!ght that left him with a broken jaw. “He’s gotten up to 255, 260 [pounds],” Shannon said. “He has really, really matured. Defensive linemen live on the edge. I’m okay with that. Just don’t fall over the edge.” There’s also plenty of candidates for the starting jobs at defensive tackle. Key to the line’s success will be the return of Marcus Forston, who was redshirted last season because of a series of nagging injuries. Eight returning defensive linemen have started previously at UM.

LINEBACKERS: This could be a real trouble spot for the Hurricanes because of a lack of depth. The coaching staff toyed with moving Colin McCarthy to the middle, but will keep him on the outside because of the absence this spring of outside linebackers Ramon Buchanan (shoulder) and Jordan Futch (knee). Shayon Green is the only middle linebacker on the roster who is on scholarship. Green, whose backup this spring will be a walk-on, missed all of his freshman season with a knee injury. Shannon said there is a possibility McCarthy will shift to middle linebacker in the fall following the expected returns of Buchanan and Futch.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Depth is also something of a concern with this position group which lost several key contributors including Randy Phillips, Sam Shields and Chavez Grant. Some of that will be offset by the return of senior Ryan Hill, who will battle for playing time at cornerback with Brandon Harris, Brandon McGee and DeMarcus Van Dyke after redshirting last season. Safety is “a position where we have to get more bodies,” Shannon said. Vaughn Telemaque, Ray Ray Armstrong, JoJo Nicolas and Jared Campbell will compete for starting jobs.

KICKER/PUNTER: The Hurricanes have one of the best in college football with Matt Bosher. Jake Wieclaw will get a chance to handle kickoff duties again.
 8 years ago '04        #6237
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Premium Stock Report: 2/15
Feb. 15, 2010

By: Christopher Stock

Micheal Barrow (left) and Lamar Miller.
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- There is plenty of buzz around the program with spring practices approaching, players changing numbers, Randy Shannon's extension, coaching changes, recruiting, and more.

So let’s get right into what we’ve been hearing from credible sources inside the program as we bring you “Inside The U”.

************************************************** ************************

Spring Practice Update

Spring practices will begin earlier than ever this year with the first practice on February 23 with 15 practices.

The spring game will be held on March 27 at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami with an open mid-spring scrimmage on March 11 that will be held at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

Quarterback Jacory Harris is expected to miss the first two weeks of spring practice as he's recovering from thumb surgery on his throwing hand.

OG Joel Figueroa (shoulder) and LBs Jordan Futch (knee) and Ramon Buchanan (shoulder) are expected to miss spring ball.

Newcomers Get Jersey Numbers

There are six early enrollees of the 2010 recruiting class that will be participating in spring practices this year.

The six freshmen have been given their jersey numbers.

Top recruit RB Storm Johnson will wear number 24 after wearing number 5 at Loganville (Ga.) High School. Johnson's roommate LB Tyrone Cornileus will wear No. 50.

Quarterback Stephen Morris will wear No. 17 after wearing No. 12 at Monsignor Pace. Carol City WR Allen Hurns will wear No. 80, Palm Beach Central OL Shane McDermott will wear No. 62, and Milford (N.Y.) Academy OL Malcolm Bunche has been given No. 79.

Running Backs Changing Numbers

Second-year running backs Mike James and Lamar Miller have changed their jersey numbers.

James, who started seven games at fullback last season rushing for 46 yards and catching 15 passes for 105 yards and scoring one touchdown, has changed his number from No. 22 to the coveted No. 5 after the graduation of Javarris James. James will also be switching back to tailback in the spring as 2008 starter Patrick Hill has returned from injury.

The No. 5 jersey was up for grabs and a number of players including WR Tommy Streeter were vocal about wanting to get it after James left, but it was awarded to James.

Johnson wore No. 5 at Loganville and as Miami's top recruit appeared to be in line to receive his high school number after rushing for a school-record 1,937 yards and 31 touchdowns. Fellow standout signee LB Kevin Nelson also wore No. 5 in high school, but will wear No. 52 at Miami.

Miller wore No. 27 last season at UM, but redshirted. He has changed his number to 6 after wearing No. 7 in high school.

James, Miller, and Johnson will be in a heavy competition at tailback this spring with Damien Berry, who led the team with eight touchdowns last season.

Thompkins Staying at WR

Following the season Kendal Thompkins was approached by the coaching staff about switching from wide receiver to cornerback, a position he did not play in high school, and would be playing there this spring.

Rumors began to circulate that Thompkins was against the move and would transfer as opposed to switching to corner like former wide receivers Sam Shields and Ryan Hill did in each of the previous two seasons.

However, Thompkins is staying at wide receiver and staying at UM, for now at least. But given Thompkins' spot on the depth chart--seventh--catching just two balls in each of his first two years and considering how close his decision was in coming to UM, he'll be one to keep a close eye on.

Last spring Thompkins was the biggest surprise catching a number of passes, making a number of guys miss, and scoring a number of touchdowns.

Disappointed About Arthur Brown Situation

It's disappointing to learn that LB Arthur Brown, Miami's top recruit in 2008, has transferred to Butler (Kan.) Community College. The reasons were listed as personal and will now be near his hometown of Wichita.

This is disappointing to hear, not only because Brown did show promise at times in his two years at Miami although he did not see substantial time on the field, but also because of the personal connection I have with a fellow Kansas native. I grew up two hours from Brown and lived in Wichita for a short time so I personally rooted for him to succeed. I developed a very good relationship with his brother Bryce during the recruiting process, I've been to his high school, and have went to their mentor Brian Butler's training programs.

I wasn't the only one pulling for Arthur to succeed as Kansas doesn't produce many Division I athletes so when someone makes it out, they tend to represent the community, the state.

I still wish him the best of luck at Butler, where I've spent plenty of time there as well as my sister went there, but the community colleges in the state are typically where are all in-state athletes go. Arthur was an exception. Hopefully he still is.

Shannon's Extension and 2010 Expectations

Randy Shannon signed a four-year deal when he took over as head coach in 2007.

Since taking over, Shannon has went 5-7, 7-6, and 9-4 for a combined record of 21-17 and has yet to receive an extension yet.

It has been a bit of a surprise that Shannon has not signed a new deal yet as the buzz has been that it would happen after the regular season and even after the bowl game before national signing day.

The reason I'm hearing that Shannon and UM have not come to agreement is that UM's offer would keep him as the lowest-paid coach in the ACC, which Shannon isn't thrilled about. However, look for the two parties to come to some sort of an agreement with a short extension--either two or three years--in the near future.

Shannon has improved the team's win total in the last two years and created plenty of buzz with the program getting the team in the Top 10 rankings during this past season.

However, his 11-13 ACC record and 0-2 bowl record leaves more to be desired at a program with five national titles in the last 30 years and looking for their first BCS bowl-bid since 2003 after four consecutive appearances.

According to sources close to the program, if the Hurricanes don't win their first ACC title this season, then the administration will be looking for a new regime.

New Coaches on the Staff

For the fifth consecutive season, there have been changes on the coaching staff. But at least the coordinators are staying put.

Miami has hired Rick Petri to take over the defensive line coaching responsibilities after Clint Hurtt left his alma mater to coach at Louisville. In talking to people at Kentucky, Petri's last spot, he is going to be a guy that people enjoy and he works hard at his job.

In addition to replacing Hurtt, Shannon brought back Mike Cassano to coach the running backs after Tommie Robinson took a job with the Arizona Cardinals. Cassano was most recently at FIU, but spent three seasons at UM from 2004-06. He also coached with offensive coordinator Mark Whipple at UMass.

With Hurtt out as the recruiting coordinator, wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill, 37, steps in to fill that role. Hill, a former Carol City grad and Florida alum, is in his third year at Miami. He'll be extremely busy this upcoming year with getting a talented group of receivers to play at their potential and looking to sign at least two top-tier wide receiver recruits after only signing one receiver in the past two seasons.

Shannon has stated publicly that Micheal Barrow will be back at UM for his fourth season after flirting with the possibility of coaching at Florida. It would have been a blow to UM if Barrow skipped town for rival UF as Barrow is one of the greatest linebackers to have ever played at Miami and is also a great recruiter. After one year as a defensive a.ssistant coach, he'll resume his role as a linebackers coach.

Recruiting Buzz

With the 2010 signed, sealed, and delivered--assuming there are no academic casualties--it's time to focus on the 2011 class.

While the 2010 recruiting effort has taken a lot of heat for not getting on guys early enough, there has been a lot more emphasis on getting to know the 2011 kids earlier, which UM should be commended for. Now, it's just a matter of staying on guys early as other schools are doing all they can to real in elite talent especially in Miami's backyard.

In my opinion, the top three 2011 prospects in Florida are Tampa Plant ATH James Wilder, Glades Central WR Kelvin Benjamin, and Northwestern QB Teddy Bridgewater. All three have UM offers and all three are highly considering UM. Wilder and Benjamin have stated Miami is either at the top or near the top and Bridgewater is Miami's top 2011 target.

Quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive line are the three main focuses for the 2011 class.

Roster Limit

With the guys Miami has signed combined with the guys returning, Miami would be at 90 players, five more than the NCAA limit of 85 scholarship players, which means more changes to the roster will happen over the next seven months.

Former Canes Ready to Box

Former Miami Hurricane football players Quadtrine Hill and James Bryant have taken their athleticism to the boxing ring and will be in action Tuesday, February 16 at the Hard Rock Live Arena in Hollywood, Fla.

Hill and Bryant are part of The Heavyweight Factory, an organization that is on the mission to take former athletes in other sports and turn them into heavyweight boxers.

"The heavyweight division is ready for something like this," Hill said. "No one has seen the art, technique and quickness that we have."

The two are part of a f!ght card with eight scheduled f!ghts on Tuesday night, which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. with Oliver McCall (54-9) as the main event.
 8 years ago '07        #6238
Kinglew88 14 heat pts14
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Im jus praying for jacory to come back 100% and to make it thru the season

Also praying for minimal injuries thru this offseason......

2010 is our time will we grab it
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Five Questions Going into Spring Football
Feb. 16, 2010

By: Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

Orlando Franklin has to lead a young offensive line.
It seems like just yesterday the University of Miami was playing in a bowl game in December. Even more recently was signing day and just like that, guess what is quickly approaching?

For those of you in need of a University of Miami football fix, it’s already here – Spring football.

The ‘Canes are just a week away from the start of Spring football and there are definitely questions that need answering. One question that is has nothing to do with this list is who would become the ‘Canes running back coach. That question was answered last week.

Now, there are far more important things the ‘Canes have to worry about going into the Spring. Here are the top five things to look at.

5. What is going on with the situation at cornerback?

The University of Miami enters the Spring with three legitimate corners on the roster in Brandon Harris, Demarcus Van Dyke and Brandon McGee. The reality is, there is only one solid corner and that’s Harris. Van Dyke has had plenty of ups and downs and McGee struggled to get on the field as a freshman, which shows that he simply wasn’t ready since corner was a position where the ‘Canes had problems at. Anyone else who ends up playing corner in the Spring will be out of necessity and not the reality that anyone on this team is a corner right now, not until the four corners that signed just a couple of weeks ago. Jamal Reid could end up being moved to corner during the Spring, but at the same time, he is needed at safety as the ‘Canes are not tremendously deep at that position either. And how much would it help him to flip flop from position to position? There had been talk of Kendal Thompkins moving to corner, but that seems rather absurd considering he’s probably Miami’s best option at slot receiver and is simply not going to happen. The key will be for the three corners to stay healthy in the Spring and get in plenty of reps and they will because there is no one else who will take reps from them.

4. Will Aldarius Johnson return to his freshman season form?

That’s the all important question. With the emergence of Leonard Hankerson as a solid number one receiver after a fantastic junior year, the ‘Canes need a 1A and there is no 1A at this point. LaRon Byrd is tremendously inconsistent and is simply not aggressive enough right now. Travis Benjamin disappears at times and is really nothing more than a deep threat. He’s certainly not someone most people feel comfortable running over the middle with. Tommy Streeter showed separation ability in the Wisconsin game when he finally got a chance, but the X-factor is Johnson. He had a great freshman year leading the team in receiving, but he simply got too big. There were so many comparisons to Andre Johnson that he literally ballooned to Andre Johnson’s size at around 225-230 pounds, but he has a completely different frame and needs to play at 200-205 pounds. A.J. doesn’t have tremendous speed, but he does have excellent hands. The injury bug plagued him as well this past season. If he can’t stay healthy, obviously he can’t be the 1A guy Miami needs to step up, but if he can stay healthy and get back down to his proper playing weight, hopefully he will relive his freshman year.

3. With the ‘Canes having lost Arthur Brown and two other linebackers expected to miss Spring practice, what will the ‘Canes do at linebacker?

The linebacker position is another mess. It’s been a mess since Randy Shannon’s first recruiting class that saw him sign nine linebackers. As of today, only three are still linebackers – Sean Spence, Jordan Futch and Ramon Buchanan (and that was after Buchanan originally moved to safety as a freshman). Of that class, Zach Kane and Antonio Harper never made it, Brandon Marti was thrown out, Arthur Brown went back home just a couple of weeks ago, Marcus Robinson is playing defensive end (not surprising), and Gavin Hardin is a defensive end. Going into the Spring, Colin McCarthy will move to the middle more so out of necessity than anything, Sean Spence will hopefully go back to weak side linebacker, but with Ramon Buchanan and Jordan Futch expected to miss the Spring with injuries, the strong side spot is wide open to whoever wants it bad enough. This is when you will find out if the ‘Canes are really back or not. Old school Miami, a player steps in and takes the job and the other guys never get it back or even get a chance. The only other two linebackers on the roster are Kylan Robinson and C.J. Holton so whoever doesn’t win the strong side job will be everyone’s backup. Depth is an issue at this position and it is likely that one of the Miami’s 2010 signees will have to ready to play. My expectation is that Kevin Nelson will have to learn on the fly at middle linebacker once he arrives in the Summer, albeit he has to gain at least 20 pounds and get to about 220 pounds.

2. Will Damien Berry finally be the main guy at running back?

What’s going to happen there? There have been reports that Graig Cooper’s injury wasn’t as bad as originally thought and that he could be ready for the Fall. If that’s the case, that is really actually a bad thing because if you polled ‘Canes fans, most of them would prefer that Damien Berry get the majority of the carrier. People are clamoring to hand him the ball 20 times a game and use him as the horse in the backfield he can be. Cooper’s return will also stunt the growth of Lamar Miller who was expected to battle Lee Chambers for the second spot. Miller is a flat out home run hitter. He’s explosive and a game changer who has the ability to be to this team what Frank Gore was as a freshman. If Berry gets the carries he deserves, you will see a reincarnation of Willis McGahee’s magical 2002 season. At the very least, Berry should break 1,000 yards as a senior. But the key is Cooper’s health. Randy Shannon has already shown an affinity to Cooper even though it’s clear who the better more aggressive running back is – Berry. The spring though will more than likely have Berry entering as the number one, Chambers number two and Miller number three. Mike James did a great jump at fullback and truthfully, he should stay at fullback although he is likely going to get reps at running back again with Patrick Hill’s return.

1. The offensive line is obviously the most important part of this team. What is happening there? Who will step in?

This is where it starts and ends. If the offensive line isn’t good, the ‘Canes will be an average team and that’s the reality. The ‘Canes are losing three starters off of last year’s offensive line that probably took 90 percent of the snaps in Jason Fox, A.J. Trump and Matt Pipho. Now, Pipho was the worst starting right tackle the ‘Canes have had in at least 30 years. That draws concern because if there wasn’t a backup that could unseat Pipho, the ‘Canes clearly have an issue there. Tyler Horn is the likely starter at center, but he’s truly green. Orlando Franklin should move to left tackle and lined next to him should be Joel Figueroa, but Figueroa is constantly hurt so if he can’t stay healthy, the guard next to Franklin should be Brandon Washington. And as of right now, Figueroa is likely to miss the Spring. On the right side, if Figueroa is healthy, Washington should line up at right guard with Jermaine Johnson and Ben Jones battling at right tackle. Johnson has all the tools to be really good. Freshman Malcolm Bunche will hopefully be ready to compete immediately as he is already on campus and was a prep school player last year. Other than that, just throw it all in a bag and hopefully someone decides he wants to be a player.
 8 years ago '07        #6240
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i love coop to death but he has to see that berry starting is better for the team also he would benefit because berry would wear down the defense and then he can come in and be the change of pace back.

coop will go no later than the 3rd rd anyway


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