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Props Slaps
 8 years ago '06        #5761
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ya man sucks that he was surrounded by a bunch of bums

jenkins was never the problem
 8 years ago '04        #5762
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here's a post by an insider on a canes board. kinda long, but a good read

Lost my login data & no longer use the same isp. It's really awesome to have football season closing in and a great place to hang with fellow Canes. I'm so happy this board is still in action as the other seems to be an absolute mess.

It's been a rough off-season for a lot of folks and It's good to read a few of you good peoples attended the weekend sessions. My Nephew and I went down Friday night and spent the weekend in Miami, He's (Nephew) a current Hurricane commit and if he keeps his nose clean, he'll be a 2010 signee. We attended the Coaches dinner during the spring as well as the spring workouts & scrimmages. Things were really wide open at that time and a much different atmosphere than what this weekend had on display.

Initially, I couldn't figure out what was so different....then I pulled my head outta my rump and noticed a few new numbers as well as the returning injured. It's always entertaining when the newer kids get tossed into the fire, I get a weird feeling knowing I'll have some bloodlines in that same situation in less than a year, almost surreal.

Coach Whipple and his practices are far superior to what we've witnessed the past several years. It's so evident and noticeable that I'm somewhat perplexed about the lack of reporting on the subject. The media was present much of the spring time as well as this weekend, yet very little on the structure, pace, coordination and overall aura the offensive unit has. The passing drills alone are a thing of beauty, the amount of reps they squeeze in those drills is pretty inspiring.

If a comparison be drawn from a year ago, Coach Whipple's drills are far more coordinated and offer the youngsters (at minimum) three times the reps. Just from a schematic standpoint, it's clear they've really focused on spacing. Much more is being asked of Coach Stoutland and after absorbing some of the Coach Whipple approach, it really exposes how porous Nix was.

Opposing defenses will no longer be able to key on the Cane offensive line. Evidence of this makes itself available on every game replay from the 07 & 08 seasons. I've had to sit through them for long periods of time as my Nephew is addicted to slow motion, we're on our fifth remote.

Poor offensive production has led many of our Cane brethren to question the talent/quality of the offensive linemen. Well, the line was and still is beastly. They're a mammoth bunch and plenty agile for the mountains they are, they've just had several things going against them. Most importantly, the Nix scheme or lack of. The screens, draws and boots were based on petty principles and had the linemen pissing in the wind, the spacing was horrible, formations drawing defenders to the live side, horrid route combos and so on. Heck, Nix was so frightened of throwing outside the hash, those calls weren't made unless it was an endzone route, behind or @ the LOS. There were a few throws made to the sideline while in their own territory but often times the clock would dictate when or it would be the result of a broken play.

Anyway, much of the offensive improvement is heavily dependent on Coach Stoutland. He's got personality, that's for sure...but is he flexible and a good enough line coach to prepare this line? This, I believe to be the key to the Canes offensive production. They'll run a play with only the center, then add the guards, replace guards with the tackles, just to let the QB's get a feel for how quickly decisions need to be made. I reckon one could speculate on a number of different things that they were doing with the line this spring but whichever's better...far better than what they've known. It really does mirror a pro-style and the line splits appear to be the same depending on the personnel.

So, I doubt Coach Foster up @ Tech is going to be able to pre-program his lineman to key on this Cane group. It'll be kinda neat to attend a game where an entire section of fans aren't calling the plays pre-snap...oh man did last year suck in that dept. As far as a detailed weekend report? Two days of glory..just being there absorbing it all was awesome. Roster speed was the most noticeable of all things, a far far cry from not too long ago, when flyin around didn't really mean much. They're legitimately flyin around!!

Big fan of Jacory, in fact I favored him before Marve started that UF game last year, just have to be honest about that as I thought he won (ever so slightly) during the off season..but Cook. Man, does Cook look good @ QB, it just doesn't look like the Coaches are going to be able to get him shirted. Something tells me that Coach Whipple won't hesitate calling his # if Jacory isn't getting his reads. Anyone that says it's J12 and Cook a distant second will be as guilty as I was last's much closer than that. The height and point of release play a factor in how well he looks and if there is one thing that will keep him behind...that would be his release.

Streeter..a gazelle, long strides and boy does he cover ground with those sticks of his. A similarity exists on the defensive side and that would be Telemaque. His strides aren't quite as long but he gets from one hash to the other in a heartbeat, the kid has starter written all over him. I know it's gonna seem weird but he's kinda like Bubba McDowell..if you haven't been able to eyeball this new-comer then pop in an ole Canes game. Although, Bubba was quite polished in 88 but they share that unique way of covering ground so quickly and break off coverage to come in for run support. So many NFL's kind of refreshing to see a couple of the scouts back, so early too.
Damn..gotta hit the road, wanted to type more on the offense, very exciting improvements. If anyone wanted to know anything specific, I'll be happy to recall it because didn't really get started on the weekend time for spell check, don't go k!llin me. Cya's soon


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 8 years ago '05        #5763
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Aug. 11, 2009

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Day four of the University of Miami football team's 2009 fall camp was highlighted by several big runs from freshman running back Lamar Miller as well as a strong showing by the tight ends in 7-on-7 action.

The Hurricanes donned shells for the second straight day. After a slow start to practice, the team picked up its pace as practice wore on.

"As a group, we started off slow today; but we finished up fast," head coach Randy Shannon said. "We can't come out and start off slow and then try to pick it up at the end. That is part of practice. We have to get focused tomorrow and stay focused on the big picture."

Temperatures remained consistent with the first three days of practice, with hot, humid conditions on the Greentree Practice Fields.

The team will return to practice Wednesday morning wearing full pads for the first time in camp.

Practice Highlights
• Freshman defensive linemen Olivier Vernon and Luther Robinson each recorded a sack in 11-on-11 action.
• Sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris hooked up with sophomore Travis Benjamin and freshman Kendal Thompkins for deep balls in 11-on-11 play.
• Freshman Lamar Miller had two big runs on the morning, one that went for a 60+ yard touchdown.
• Jordan Futch forced and recovered a fumble in full team action.
• Tight ends stood out in 7-on-7 play, with seniors Jimmy Graham and Richard Gordon and freshman Billy Sanders all recording a catch in the 20-25 yard range.
• Freshman quarterback Taylor Cook found Thearon Collier for a long touchdown in 11-on-11.
• Freshman defensive back Jamal Reid broke up a pass intended for freshman tight end Billy Sanders.
• In red zone drills, sophomore Aldarius Johnson, senior Javarris James and sophomore Travis Benjamin all found pay dirt.

Miller Post-Practice
After practice, head coach Randy Shannon and several players met with the members of the media. Freshman running back Lamar Miller was among the group that was made available. He discussed a number of topics, including his expectations for the year, the toughest part about being a freshman and his strong showing in today's practice.

On his touchdown run in practice - It felt great. I read the offensive line, cut back and made one person miss. I tried to take advantage of my speed and my timing.

On his expectations for his freshman season - My expectation is to get in here and help the team win. Win games and get the University of Miami back to how it used to be.

On practicing in pads for the first time tomorrow - It will be a wake-up call for me, because it will be my first time in full equipment. I need to get adjusted to the blocking schemes, along with the running and the hitting.

On expectations of being a local player going to Miami - I get motivated sometimes but I am trying to stay focused, stay humble, compete and help my team get better.

On his toughest part of picking up the college game - The toughest part would probably be the blocking. I need to get adjusted to it, know my a.ssignment, stay focused and do the right thing.

On learning a new offense - It's a very difficult play book. You've got to get adjusted to it and just study. I try to focus on the play book, read it every night and know my a.ssignments.

Getting to Know The "U" Freshmen - Jared Wheeler
Hometown: Miami, Fla.
Position: Offensive Line
Favorite Food: Anything with meat in it. I like any kind of meat that's marinated well or is very tender.
Led Zeppelin is in my iPod right now
I'm a `Cane because: This is my community.
My training camp roommate is: Billy Sanders
My first four days of practice have been: Hot and humid
Favorite post-practice thing to do: Sleep
A.J. Trump keeps me laughing
I have learned so much from Coach Stoutland
My most freshman-like moment was when: I walked into the weight room in completely the wrong outfit and everyone else had on the right one.
Jason Fox or A.J. Trump in a wrestling match: Fox
If I could play any other position, it would be: Quarterback
Favorite sport besides football: Rugby

Post-practice notes
• Tuesday's practice was the team's fourth of the fall, third on the Greentree Practice Fields and second in shells.
• The session lasted approximately two hours.
• Practice temperatures: Between 85-88 with a heat index consistently in the mid-to-upper 90's.
• Former players Romeo Davis and Khalil Jones were in attendance at Tuesday's practice.
• The Hurricanes' season-opener at Florida State on Mon. Sept 7 is 27 days away.

Practice Schedule
Miami will hold approximately 18 workouts prior to the first day of class on Aug 26. Four of those workouts have been completed. The Hurricanes open the season on Labor Day Monday Night at rival No. 19 Florida State. Hurricanes' practices will start at 8 a.m. daily, with the exception of off-days on Aug. 14, 16, 20 and 22. Miami's first day in full pads is slated for Wednesday Aug. 12. Four two-a-day practices are slated for preseason camp with the first taking place on Thurs., Aug. 13 at 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. UM's other two-a-day practices are Mon. Aug. 17, Wed. Aug. 19 and Sun. Aug. 23. The schedule is subject to change.
 8 years ago '06        #5764
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lamar miller is gonna be special man

tommy streeter is gonna be a problem :rasta:
 8 years ago '05        #5765
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All the good work that was done during the spring sessions has definitely carried over. Most importantly the defense, I truly believe Coach Lovett had a little trouble jumping right in with such little preparation. After all, he was replacing a highly respected coordinator in Young. Where Coach Whipple took charge of a unit that was starving for quality.

There was no doubt that the offense entered spring with a very high excitement level. It most likely took that unit all but 5 minutes to gauge the level of quality between Nix and Whip.

Unsure would best describe the impression the defense gave off that first week of spring work. This past Sat & Sun was 10 times better than how the spring opened up. The preparation level alone was noticeable..big time. The proof lies ahead though, if the offense comes out and successfully nickels and dimes the defense...well, I don't really know.

I almost get the feeling that the offense isn't going to dedicate these limited number of practices to short passing schemes. That's primarily where the excitement lies, watching these units define themselves.

As for how the spring got started. Coach Shannon was going back and forth between the fields. He would spend time wandering around the defensive side and then cross back over to the offensive side. By the end of the third day Coach Shannon spent 90% of his time on the defensive side, venturing over to the offensive side for the sole purpose of having private conversations with different staff members.

The offense was so overwhelmingly ahead of the defense it simply wasn't fair, nearly anything and everything that the offense did was effective. It was predominately the short passing game that made things so lopsided. To be honest, the second day of spring was when we really focused on Coach Whipples passing drills. They certainly aren't extraordinary nor revolutionary...but It's been so long since I've seen that caliber of athlete @ both the WR and QB position running that drill @ UM. It damn sure hasn't been the past 4 years, that's for sure. That day stands out because nearly everyone that was watching had something to whisper to the person that stood next to them.

At the time, I had zero knowledge that both coordinators had a good relationship, I certainly couldn't tell. Personally, I got a sense of animosity as the offense continued to embarrass their counterparts.

It all kinda peaked a few days after the first scrimmage, my memory isn't perfect but it was another embarrassment for the D and the QB's had some ungodly completion % and had a string of nearly 20 straight completions inside of that performance. Then things changed, the D went stone cold on formation drills and went almost exclusively to tackling.

The offense on the other hand put short passing work on the shelf and went intermediate and the ground. That's what made the spring game so interesting, where I didn't see a 1/4 of the passing that we had seen earlier in the spring sessions.

As we all know, the offense still went on to hammer the D by Man, I still cringe. We've always liked the scoring system because the goal of the spring work lies between the 20 yard lines and damn they did a decent job.

Another thing my Nephew and I spoke about was the absence of factions. Not saying last year was bad, in fact it was significantly better but the residue of previous years screw up my recollection of last year. Most noticeable, is the nucleus of this team. They were brand new faces last year and this year they're like veterans.

Kinda hard to describe because everyone seems to walk away with a slightly different impression. I equate mine to factions, where a group of players will always migrate to one another between drills, water or before/after practices...then you get a feel for who the recluse are. In either case, that nonsense is gone...long gone.

We missed today but we're definitely going down this week, the young fella has a bunch of friends he's meeting there and apparently a couple of the more popular recruits are coming on visits this week. Wish I knew more but I'm not quite as hip as I used to be. I can't threaten the kid anymore and if I p!ss off my sister, I might miss a bunch of practices while I repair stuff.

I see a bunch of responses but if I read em all, It'll tempt me to respond...just got in and it's like 2am so I gotta get sleep if I'm going to be worth a damn. Looking forward to jumping back on when we get back and I settle in. I'm hoping the skeeters aren't so bad at night..we want to find a nice cozy spot to drop a line in the water without being eaten up.

[pic - click to view]

heres the follow up about that cane poster madness posted up
 8 years ago '04        #5766
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lamar miller's gonna be the real deal...everyone talks about mike james, but miller's gonna end up being better. he carved up miami dade 6-A defenses in high school, so he's battle-tested.

put him and benjamin back there for kick returns and let them fly
 8 years ago '04        #5767
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RB Miller Has Big Day, Breaks Two Long Runs
Aug. 11, 2009

By: David Lake

Lamar Miller
Today, freshman running back Lamar Miller had his first big practice of his Miami career.

Miller broke off two long runs today of 50 yards and touchdown run of 70 yards and was the star player at practice today.

“It felt great,” Miller said. “I just ran behind the offensive line and I just cut back and made one person miss and then I just tried to use my speed and my talent.”

Miller (5-11, 205) is one of Miami’s top true freshmen this year. He ran for 1,749 yards and 22 touchdowns for Miami k!llian High School and has been clocked at a 4.32 in the 40.

“Early on he is doing a nice job of running the football and picking up the offense and doing a good job of understanding what we need out of him.” Coach Randy Shannon said. “He is not trying to press and trying to not make nothing happen and be the guy. He is just trying to step in and do a good job and he has been.”

Miller’s long runs impressed teammate DeMarcus Van Dyke as well.

“He has vision,” Van Dyke said. “The play was going one way and he cut back and was in the open field and I thought he is going to play this year. He is big and he has vision and he holds the ball high and tight. I thought he was a 4.5 40 guy, but he was pulling away from guys. He is special.”

While today’s big runs came in just shoulder pads and shorts, Miller says he is looking forward to UM’s first practice in full pads tomorrow.

“It is going to be a wakeup call for me because it will be my first time in full equipment,” Miller said. “I will have to get adjusted to the blocking schemes and the hitting.”

Miller says the toughest part to pick up during fall camp has been the blocking that is required of the running backs and knowing the a.ssignments that come with pass protection. He talked about what his expectations are for this season.

“My expectations is to get and help the team win and win games,” Miller said. “I want to get the University of Miami back to how it used to be.”

“It is kind of hard with the blocking, because you have to know who to block. In high school you just focus on blocking one man. The blocking is very difficult, but with the running, I am very adjusted to it, so I want to just stay focused.”

Miller is also working as Miami’s kick and punt returner this fall.
 8 years ago '04        #5768
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Practice Report: 8/11
Aug. 11, 2009

By: David Lake

Brandon Washington
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The University of Miami completed their fourth practice of fall camp today.

Miami wore shoulder pads and shorts today with tomorrow’s practice being the first in full pads.

Read here for how today’s practice went and what the players and coach Randy Shannon are saying following the practice.

************************************************** ********************

Randy Shannon Opening Statement

“Today started off real slow. There wasn’t the same tempo that we had the last couple of days, but that comes and goes when you get four days in. I think as a group we started off slow, but we finished up fast.”

“We can’t come out and start off slow and then pick it up at the end. At Florida State last year we started off slow and had to play catch up and it got us in the end. We have to get better tomorrow and stay focused on the big picture.”

News & Notes

• Freshman running back Lamar Miller had the best practice of the day and broke off longs runs of 50 and 70 yards. “Early on he is doing a nice job of running the football and picking up the offense and doing a good job of understanding what we need out of him.” Coach Randy Shannon said. “He is not trying to press and trying to not make nothing happen and be the guy. He is just trying to step in and do a good job and he has been.”

• Freshman offensive lineman Brandon Washington is taking some reps at center this spring with the third team offensive line. “He is playing guard very well and he is playing center very well. He is playing two positions and when you don’t have depth that tends to happen. We like the way he is picking things up.”

• Miami forced just four interceptions last year and Shannon says that has been a point of emphasis going into this season. “We have been emphasizing creating turnovers before practice and in any periods that we have things to get done, we are trying to get turnovers whether it is 7-on-7 or inside run. Everything we are doing is to create turnovers and then on offense that helps us learn to protect the football.” Shannon said one reason for their poor interception numbers was because teams didn’t have to throw the ball because UM’s run defense was subpar.

• The development of the tight end group will be key this season with starter Dedrick Epps coming off an ACL injury and Richard Gordon, Jimmy Graham, Billy Sanders, and Stephen Plein all battling for playing time and building depth. Shannon said the tight ends has a very solid day as a unit. “The tight ends did a nice job during the 7-on-7 period catching balls and making plays.”

• Linebacker Jordan Futch forced a fumble.

• DE Gavin Hardin sat out today’s practice.

• Coca Cola and McDonalds each had their logo painted on the Greentree Practice Field today as Miami is making an effort to gain sponsorships this year. “We had some banners and we had them in the spring time and people lose them, so we did it that way.”
 8 years ago '06        #5769
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cant wait till kick off man
 8 years ago '04        #5770
KiNgJaMeS305|M 58 heat pts58
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im trying not tog et tooo exited cuz i been dissapointed the last couple years
 8 years ago '07        #5771
Kinglew88 13 heat pts13
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f**kKKKKKKK SEPT 7th come on

im dying over here
 8 years ago '04        #5772
C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts
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 L-E-Dub b**ch said:
f**kKKKKKKK SEPT 7th come on

im dying over here
boy you aint super f**kin amped.

FSU is going down
 8 years ago '04        #5773
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Hurricanes Practice in Full Pads for the First Time

Brandon Harris, Colin McCarthy each record two interceptions Wednesday

Aug. 12, 2009

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - On the fifth day of fall camp, the University of Miami football team practiced in full pads for the first time, working out for nearly two-and-a-half hours Wednesday morning on the Greentree Practice Fields.

After working in helmets and shorts on Saturday and Sunday and shells on Monday and Tuesday, the Hurricanes moved into full pads and had increased contact in certain drills on Wednesday.

Brandon Harris and Colin McCarthy stood out defensively, with each recording two interceptions on the morning. Offensively, Leonard Hankerson made a few big catches while Graig Cooper, Damien Berry and Mike James each had a few big runs.

Temperatures again held consistent, ranging from 85 to 88 degrees throughout.

The team will return to practice Thursday with its first two-a-day of camp. The `Canes will practice in full pads at an 8 a.m. session before coming back out at 3:45 p.m. in shells.

Practice Highlights
• Brandon Harris and Colin McCarthy each recorded two interceptions on the morning. Harris made the first pick of the morning in 11-on-11 action before McCarthy recorded his first in 7-on-7. Both players then wrapped up the morning with back-to-back INTs during the two-minute drill in 11-on-11 play towards the end of the session.
• Vaughn Telemaque (7-on-7), Ryan Hill (11-on-11) and Brandon McGee (11-on-11) also recorded interceptions Wednesday.
• Leonard Hankerson made two catches of 30+ yards in 11-on-11 action.
• Jacory Harris connected with LaRon Byrd for a deep ball in 11-on-11.
• Jimmy Graham and Damien Berry each scored during red zone drills.
• Damien Berry, Graig Cooper and Mike James all picked up significant gains in middle drills.
• Dedrick Epps, Tervaris Johnson and Aldarius Johnson all recorded catches of 20+ yards in 7-on-7 play.

Graham Post-Practice
After practice, head coach Randy Shannon and several players met with the members of the media. Senior tight end Jimmy Graham was among the group that was made available. He discussed a number of topics, including how his first day in full pads went, how his transition to football is going and his thoughts on going up against the defense in practice...

On being in pads for the first time - It's like having 30 more pounds on you, but it felt great. I'm getting used to it. I got lit up a couple of times, but I'm just trying to get better every day.

On how basketball helped prepare him for football - My footwork and quickness. Also getting up for balls in the endzone.

On facing the defense - They are really quick out there. I think we have one of the best defenses in the country. They are just really quick.

On which defenders made contact with him today - A few of the safeties. Jared (Campbell) got me one time. I'm just really excited though, happy to be out there.

On whether he is sore from contact - Yeah, I would say my hips may be a little sore. I've just got to get used to getting low and blocking those D-Ends. We got some big boys at the ends but all in all, I feel pretty good.

How has practice gone as the week progresses - Aggressive, much more aggressive, but it's getting better day by day. I'm getting more used to the DB's and the linebackers.

Getting to Know The "U" Freshmen - Dyron Dye Hometown: Sanford, Fla.
Position: Defensive End
Young Jeezy is in my Ipod right now
I'm a `Cane because: It's a "U" thing. It's family here.
My training camp roommate is: Ray-Ray Armstrong
Favorite part about being at the U right now: Being around all the talent
The first day in full pads was: Okay. A lot of guys flying around.
Darryl Sharpton keeps me laughing
I have learned so much from Eric Moncur and Steven Wesley
My most freshman-like moment was when: Coach Hurtt got on me
Favorite post-practice thing to do: Eat
One word to describe fellow Sanford Seminole Ray-Ray Armstrong: Athletic
Favorite sport besides football: Fishing
Toughest Offensive Lineman to face thus far in practice: Orlando Franklin
Eric Moncur or Adewale Ojomo in an arm wrestling match: Eric Moncur
Loudest player on the defense: Randy Phillips
 8 years ago '05        #5774
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A drill the entire team focuses on the first day of full pads: Inside run.

And the offensive line more than held its own today in that drill, breaking open plenty of holes for the running backs to go through for big yardage.

"We were running it down their throat," OL Jason Fox said. "It was full tackle, and half the plays we didn't even get tackled."

The defense got back at the offense, though, with several interceptions.

Colin McCarthy had a pair of interceptions. Brandon McGee, Brandon Harris and walkon DB Corey Nelms also had interceptions as quarterbacks struggled keeping the ball away from the defense.

Of his picks, McCarthy said, "I had one in the two-minute (drill) - coach (John) Lovett made a good call, the D line got a good pass rush and they threw the ball up and I was able to come down with it. In seven-on-seven it was a regular drop, I broke on it and got a pick.

"It felt good to help the team out. We're getting turnovers. We're focusing on turnovers, because the last couple of years we haven't been able to force turnovers. We're continuing to focus on getting turnovers and making big plays."

There were also sacks on defense from Olivier Vernon and Adewale Ojomo, who also had tackles for losses.

Jeremy Lewis was also a standout in run defense.

A highlight on offense aside from Jimmy Graham's sliding TD catch: LaRon Byrd had a pair of nice catches in 11-on-11 work. Graig Cooper had a pair of scores in 11-on-11.

* First day in full pads? That's a welcome-to-the-next-level day for UM's freshman.

"It's a big difference, completely different for high school," freshman OL Jared Wheeler said. "In high school you have a bunch of little kids running around. Out here it's the big dogs. This is where it happens, man."

Wheeler's welcome to Miami moment?

"On an interception I was looking to trail the defensive back that caught the ball, and a defensive lineman, (Micanor) Regis, caught me - it was a little `Welcome to Miami' for me," Wheeler said.

* DT Marcus Forston says "I'm in the best shape of my life right now."

He adds, "I'm running to the ball better, using my hands better, getting off blocks better."

Forston said a big focus this off-season was losing weight, and he feels much lighter on his feet.

* Freshman TE Billy Sanders says his first day at UM in full pads "Went pretty well. My blocking's getting better, so that's good, but I had a few missed blocks. And my route running is doing well."

Of the hitting today, Sanders said, "I got hit a few times by the D line, but it was fine. It's faster (than high school)."

Sanders had one reception today in 7-on-7 work for an eight-yard gain.

Sanders says he hopes to play as a true freshman, but that coaches have given him no indication of his chances of playing yet.

* OL Harland Gunn says "The big thing about our O line is we have good chemistry. It's not `Who is going to start?' We're just working as a collective unit. Everyone is selfless. It's good competition at the same time, but there's no bad chemistry."

* Jason Fox said of the offensive line that "We have a lot of potential. I think we have a lot more experience (than last year). I think we are a really tight group, and we play well together. We've been playing together for three years, some of us. Half of us now, when we play our own guys (in practice) either we make fake calls or we don't say anything - we know each other so well that we don't need to make calls, and that way the defense doesn't know what play we're running. Otherwise when you play the same team every day they sort of figure out what play you're running.

"When you come that close, know what the other player is doing without saying it, that's special."

Fox also praised freshman DE Olivier Vernon.

"He has a lot of raw talent," Fox said. "He's coming in out of high school, and the guy can play football. He's fast, he's strong, he's got several different ways to beat you. That's not normal for a freshman. He has a lot of potential."

* OL A.J. Trump spoke about the progress he's seen in QB Jacory Harris.

"He's gotten a lot better - he's learning," Trump said. "Coach (Mark) Whipple is doing a great job with all the quarterbacks. I've seen an improvement just from the spring - those guys making reads, standing in the pocket, getting more confidence in the offense. As a whole the quarterback unit has improved."

Trump also spoke about freshman Brandon Washington's progress at learning the center position.

"He's doing a good job," Trump said. "He's picking things up quickly for just being here one spring. He's getting there. He's probably a guy that's going to play for us this year; that wouldn't surprise me at all."

* LB Colin McCarthy put on pads today for the first time since early last season, when he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

"It felt good to get out here, run around and hit people," he said. "It's been a little while, but it went well. It felt great."
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The Miami Hurricanes practiced in full pads Wednesday for the first time since the end of last spring. For linebacker Colin McCarthy, it had been a little bit longer than that.

The last time McCarthy was in full gladiator mode was 11 months ago. That day, against North Carolina, he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury. So, how did the first real lick McCarthy's taken since then feel on Wednesday? Well, it didn't hurt.

"The first hit, I was a little nervous," McCarthy said. "But my shoulder felt great. All summer I’ve been hitting bags with my shoulder getting ready for this. I really didn’t have any problems. Knock on wood, hopefully, it stays strong."

There isn't a player who more profoundly affected UM's run defense last season than McCarthy (in case you missed the Top 60 profile I used the following stat the other day). When McCarthy was in, the Hurricanes were good at stopping the run. UM's run defense led the ACC and ranked seventh nationally (65 ypg) through its first four games. But once McCarthy went out -- along with defensive end Eric Moncur -- UM had to turn to its younger players to hold the fort. Miami's run defense slipped from finishing 40th nationally in 2007 (133.75 yards per game) to 75th last season (151.85 ypg) and last in the ACC.

Wednesday, what UM focused on primarily was inside running drills. McCarthy said he was in the middle, learning and listening to defensive coordinator John Lovett closely. From what we heard, the offense had a nice day. But the fact McCarthy, who has played outside linebacker the majority of his career, is spending more time in the middle these days tells you two things: One, coaches probably aren't 100 percent confident Darryl Sharpton can handle being the sure-fire tackler in the middle they need. Two, Ramon Buchanon and Jordan Futch are probably making strides on the outside.

Needless to say, having a healthy and strong McCarthy in the middle will be huge for this defense. And at least after one day of hitting, that shoulder is still OK.

GRAHAM HANDLES HITS: The other player I wanted to hear from Wednesday as far as hitting goes was power forward turned tight end Jimmy Graham. Like McCarthy, so far, so good.

“It felt great. It was what I was anticipating,” Graham said. “We got some big hitters on the team. They’re real quick. You just have to put your head on a swivel.”

Graham said he took several licks. But nothing as hard as what he took Monday when he was hit by a trio of defenders on a crossing route over the middle. But he said he popped right back up and ran to the huddle.

“I was hit pretty hard out there. But I’ve been hitting guys in basketball like that for four years,” Graham said. “It doesn’t bother me at all. Next time, I’ll point at them and tell them to keep on coming.”

At 6-8, 260 pounds Graham can lay the wood himself. And he said he has. He said he’s been learning two positions – H-back and tight end and is practicing about 15 new plays a day. He said although it feels like “50” he’s coming in early in the morning to watch extra film and he feels he’s getting a grasp of it. Wednesday, he made a sliding catch in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. It was his second touchdown of the spring.

“It’s like dunking on somebody,” Graham said. “But in college, there is no showboating. So, I just toss it to the ref and keep running. Hopefully, there will be more to come.”

> Be sure to check out Susan Miller Degnan's feature on Graham in Thursday's paper.

Here are Wednesday's pactice highlights according to UM's sports info staff...

> BIG DAY FOR PICKS: Brandon Harris and Colin McCarthy each recorded two interceptions on the morning. Harris made the first pick of the morning in 11-on-11 action before McCarthy recorded his first in 7-on-7. Both players then wrapped up the morning with back-to-back INTs during the two-minute drill in 11-on-11 play towards the end of the session. Vaughn Telemaque (7-on-7), Ryan Hill (11-on-11) and Brandon McGee (11-on-11) also recorded interceptions.

> GRAHAM, BERRY SCORE: Jimmy Graham and Damien Berry each scored during red zone drills... Leonard Hankerson made two catches of 30+ yards in 11-on-11 action... Jacory Harris connected with LaRon Byrd for a deep ball in 11-on-11... Damien Berry, Graig Cooper and Mike James all picked up significant gains in middle drills... Dedrick Epps, Tervaris Johnson and Aldarius Johnson all recorded catches of 20+ yards in 7-on-7 play.
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Rebuilding is one of those ideas that sound a lot easier than it actually is. It's like one of those infomercials that guarantee you language fluency in 15 minutes a day. Those look simple, too, until you've been at it for a couple of years.

Two seasons ago, Randy Shannon moved into the big office at the University of Miami and talked about rebuilding the football program. He knew the inheritance: The old stadium was gone; a new athletic director was coming; the on-campus facilities were so dilapidated he wrote NFL players begging for money; and all opposing recruiters had to mention were Bryan Pata's murder and the on-field riot with Florida International.

Parents of recruits hung up on him. Doors closed. He couldn't get close to the recruits he needed, really needed, especially with just a few weeks to recruit after being hired and a roster left so bare that only four players were taken in the past two NFL drafts, the worst Miami showing since the 1950s.

"Here's what I did," Shannon says.

He slides a sheet of paper across his office table.

"This is what helped," he says.

The paper is covered with statistics, multi-colored bar graphs and top-10 rankings. Florida and Florida State are on there. So are Ohio State and Alabama and other major programs that have been raiding South Florida of talent.

Maybe this will explain how Shannon works, even if it won't convince everyone his program is getting closer today. Because these statistics don't involve total offense or scoring defense or win projections.

They're homicides, murders, r*pes and a.ssaults in the college towns.

"When I called a parent and they had no interest in Miami because of the murder and the riots, I asked if I could send them something," he says. "I sent them these statistics right here."

He encouraged the parents to look for themselves at Coral Gables, home of Miami's campus, had one murder in 2007, the last year reported. Gainesville and Tallahassee had five. Coral Gables had eight r*pes; Gainesville had 93 and Tallahassee 136. And so on.

"Then I'd wait a week and call back and go over it with them," he says.

Yes, it's convenient to his argument, isolating Coral Gables from greater Miami. Pata, after all, was murdered at his Kendall apartment. And there was no talk of the Sodom called South Beach. But Coral Gables isn't Gomorrah, either.

So the larger point is how Shannon tackled an image problem at the university with information. When he called back, he says, he began getting into recruits' homes. That helped him a.ssemble two of the best recruiting classes in the country.

He also sent a similar sheet with graduation rates and grade-point averages. He told the parents to look it up for themselves at, again giving them the place for research.

"It's not negative recruiting the other schools," Shannon says. "It's giving them information in place of misinformation. Forget about the football thing. The football sells itself here.

"Nobody was beating us about football or how we helped players with all the people I coached on defense that were taken in the first round."

It's Year Three for Shannon. No one has more riding on this season than him. He won't talk about what a source said: That near the end of last season he was offered a contract extension that would bump up his financial deal that ends in 2010 a little.

He didn't take it. The thinking is he's gambling on a better 2009, bigger money.

There are all sorts of ways to measure what Shannon is doing at Miami. But the question becomes when you measure it. Is it this tough four-game trial of fire at the start of the year? Is it whether it improves on the six- and seven-win totals of the first two years?

Is it Year Three at all?

Florida has a great program under Urban Meyer. Florida State is trying to come back under Bobby Bowden.

Miami under Shannon? It's an image in the fog, there, but not there. No one talks of murder or riot much around it anymore. That's a good start. But rebuilding isn't something you take sell on infomercials. It takes time. He deserves some more.
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Ray Ray Armstrong is too good. He's too big, he's too fast, and he certainly has too much potential.
Many fans a.ssume that it's easy to be a great player when you break the mold, but Armstrong's path to stardom isn't quite so clear.
If you're not familiar with the Miami Hurricanes' top recruit, Aravious "Ray Ray" Armstrong is a 6'4", 218-pound freak of nature slated to start out his career at the U at safety.
A lot of fans out there are thinking, "Oh wow, a safety with that kind of size, he could be a monster!"
Well, yeah.
That's what the Miami staff is thinking too, but they know there's a strong possibility that Armstrong will outgrow the position before he can even say Thorpe Award.
There's a reason why college teams don't bat an eye when they recruit 160-pound cornerbacks (or for Miami, quarterbacks, too) or 200-pound linebackers.
It's because these are 17 and 18-year-old kids still growing into their bodies.
It's also the reason that when kids get to school already well-sized for their position, they'll probably be over-sized by the time they get to the NFL, if not at a different position entirely.
This brings us back to Ray Ray, who isn't just your everyday big safety recruit. Armstrong is one of those rare high school athletes that comes to campus and has the potential to be a star at so many different positions it's hard to place him.
The last thing a coaching staff wants to do is put Ray Ray at the wrong position and potentially derail what could be a terrific career.
Some might say it's a nice problem to have, but it's one that needs to be managed very carefully. College football fans do not need to think back very far to find evidence of Miami wasting a unique, top recruit's talents.
Devin Hester came into Miami as a highly rated cornerback with the skills to play at least four positions at an All-American level, but he left the school no closer to finding a true position than when he arrived.

Critics would say that Ray Ray is destined for linebacker, a position that could potentially hide any limitations athletically and allow him to grow into a position. Others point to a potential move to tight end, but that would be a short-term solution. They need help there this season, but they have some players in place for the future.
The saddest part about all this is that it's almost a no-win situation for both the Hurricanes and Ray Ray. If a top rated quarterback or offensive lineman is a bust, then that's that. Most people accept that the kid just didn't have the talent to be a star.
If an athlete like Ray Ray fails, then there will always be people that "knew" he should have been slotted somewhere else. Even worse is if a team moves said player midway through his career, trying to "salvage" his talent.
It will turn out like a regular student switching majors two years into school but with the mindset of a freshman, except these athletes don't have the luxury of a six-year plan.
Only time will tell where Ray Ray will play and if he'll reach his massive potential, and it's entirely up to coach Shannon and his staff. While fans would love to see Ray Ray's familiar No. 26 back at safety, it may be an underdog possibility at this point.
It's a problem that teams face all across the country every season with players, but only a few every year are of the magnitude of Ray Ray Armstrong.
Who would have thought that bringing in the best "athlete" in the country would create more stress for coaches and fans than anything else?
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CORAL GABLES _ A two-interception day would make a linebacker the star of any practice on a college-football campus

When it happens at UM, he becomes a megastar. A superstar. Michael Jackson-like. This is why junior LB Colin McCarthy's performance was such big news Wednesday. The Hurricanes will take turnovers anywhere they occur, even if it's just practice.

UM has been downright awful in the turnover game. Just how bad? The Hurricanes forced just 15 turnovers last season. That ranked 113th out of 119 Division I-A teams. Before I continue, I should note Texas, which was in the national-title picture all year, only had 16 takeaways. But let's be honest, the Longhorns' defense had a little more leeway when the offense is scoring 42 points a game.

The Hurricanes need every advantage they can gain, which is why coach Randy Shannon plans a stronger emphasis in practice on creating turnovers. It should be when you consider 19 individual players in Division I-A had more interceptions than the entire UM team.

"We've been doing it every day in practice," Shannon said. "We've been emphasizing turnovers, creating turnovers."

That's what makes McCarthy's day even more important. It's going to take a little extra work in practice for things to turn around. Despite what Shannon says, having turnover droughts aren't cyclical.

Part of the reason the secondary only had four interceptions in 2008 was the run defense. Opponents often exploited the weakness, leaving pass defense with so few opportunities to make plays.

"Last year, we weren't were needed to be on the run defense," Shannon said. "They don't have to throw, so we've got to look at that, too."

> Discuss this entry
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nice posts famo
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 madness said:
nice posts famo
haha thnx i get bored at work and sometimes this thread goes through a dry whenever i find something to contribute that hasnt ill up frrrucck can labor day weekend get here ne faster...already got my days of work i was wanna start the season already


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