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 9 years ago '05        #5221
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Friday practice notes

The Hurricanes practiced for 90 minutes this morning under the lights at the baseball field, and backup quarterback AJ Highsmith had a strong day with three long touchdown passes.

Two went to Leonard Hankerson, who is back off a minor leg injury, and one went to LaRon Byrd.

Byrd praised the play of Highsmith, saying, "He was coming in as a freshman probably thinking he was going to be behind the other two guys, but things happen and it's a blessing on his part. Now he's the second-string quarterback. As he's gotten more reps he's become more confident. The defense has been putting a lot of pressure on him, and he's reacting well.

"He's been hanging around Jacory (Harris), so he's picking up the offense real well - you know how smart Jacory is. They've been working like big brother-little brother every day."

* The receivers are sharing reps around.

Byrd, Aldarius Johnson, Tommy Streeter and Davon Johnson are playing X receiver.

At the Z receiver spot is Leonard Hankerson, Travis Benjamin and Kendal Thompkins, and both Johnsons are also getting some reps there as well.

The slot receivers are Thearon Collier and Thompkins.

"The five best or six are going to travel," Byrd says.

Of the offense in general, Byrd said, "The offense is looking real good. We play Florida State, and we're motivated. It's football season and I'm pumped about it."

* Matt Pipho is set to begin the season as the starting right tackle.

"It's coming real well," Pipho said. "We're rolling, having fun."

As an offensive tackle, Pipho knows as well as anyone what it cost this team losing Adewale Ojomo for the season and possibly Eric Moncur for part of the season.

"Ojomo, he was my personal least favorite to block, so that's rough," Pipho said. "But we're not worried about it at all. We have a lot of kids that are going to play - Marcus Robinson, he gives me fits."

Pipho also says he's astounded how every time a new running back comes in for reps, they do just as well as the previous running back.

"We've got like 12 backs," Pipho said. "You don't miss a step when you put anyone in. It's awesome. It's fun to block for them."

Pipho says with the departure of Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook the linemen aren't looking at it as there's any more pressure on them to protect Jacory Harris.

"It's no pressure - we know he won't get hit," Pipho said. "It's not a big deal. I'm not worried about it.

"Jacory is like our little brother. We can't let him get hurt. Whether you have 12 quarterbacks or one quarterback, you have to think the same way. Otherwise you're going to lose games."

The line is giving reps at various spots to different linemen. Behind Pipho is Jermaine Johnson, and guards Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa have also gotten reps there.

At center the team has AJ Trump and Tyler Horn, but Brandon Washington and Pipho have also gotten reps there.

"We're just playing everywhere - that way we can move around if people get hurt," Pipho said. "We want to make sure we have about four people that can play each position - that way if people get hurt you can move around and be fine."

The only linemen who hasn't moved around - Jason Fox.

"We don't need him to switch over because your priority is left tackle - he'll be there as long as he's healthy," Pipho said.

* Matt Bosher says he continues to work on his kickoffs in practice, and he says it's still possible he will handle all three duties as he did a year ago.

"Jake and I are both working on everything right now," Bosher said. "We're working on everything together."

* The team will return to practice Sunday afternoon, when quarterbacks Jacory Harris and AJ Highsmith will address the media for the first time since the transfer of Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook.

Cook is reportedly in the process of transferring to Rice; Smith's prep coach said he hoped to have a final three schools hammered out by Saturday.
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Shannon Q&A after Fri. practice

Q: What did you get accomplished in today's practice?

Shannon: It was just a regular practice, ones against ones, a lot of work. We're just trying to get better, that's all.

Q: You've mentioned how well RB Lee Chambers is doing. Is he in the mix to possibly start?

Shannon: We don't even worry about depth charts. It's too far away from game time right now. We have to worry about just getting better as a football team, and right now the guys are really, really getting better.

Q: Is special teams the best way a guy like Lee can get your attention?

Shannon: No. Anybody can get your attention on special teams. It's just Lee has done a great job running the football this offseason, has done a great job playing special teams. He adds value to the team. Like (Graig) Cooper, he's done a great job on special teams. It's just guys that are stepping up right now.

Q: Has Lee gotten more reps in the closed scrimmages than Cooper and Javarris James?

Shannon: It's always the same. It's 20-25 plays, each one of the running backs.

Q: Where do you feel the team is right now with about a week-and-a-half before the first game?

Shannon: You don't know, because you're playing against each other. It's bodies against bodies. Guys know what everyone is going to do - you know what defense you're going to run, you know this guy's best pass rush move, you know this guy's pass set, you know (how) the guys run routes. You don't want to see mentals; you want to see effort. Mentals and effort are the biggest things you want to see.

Q: How has backup quarterback AJ Highsmith looked?

Shannon: Pretty good. He's still got some things he needs to get done. He's young, isn't going to know the whole playbook. But he's doing well. (The learning process) is always tough for a freshman. But he's doing well for us right now.

Q: Is Matt Bosher going to do all three phases of the kicking game?

Shannon: Don't know yet. The last two scrimmages Jake (Wieclaw) has done some kickoff and Bosher hasn't. So we're still working on that.

Q: How is Jake coming along?

Shannon: He's doing fine.

Q: How is LaRon Byrd coming along?

Shannon: He's doing okay too.

Q: You've switched from a two-hour afternoon practice to a 90-minute morning practice before the guys go to class. How do you make up that missing 30 minutes?

Shannon: We come out and we meet, get a little walk-through in and that's about all. It's a lot of walkthroughs we took out of practice, couldn't get it in for the morning.

Q: When do you start specifically preparing for Florida State?

Shannon: Seven days out.

Q: When do players learn if they're starting?

Shannon: Players don't even worry about it. You guys (the media) worry about it more than anybody. They'll probably (find out) two days before a game; I don't know, it just depends.

Q: You won't make the depth chart public beforehand - it'll just be whatever it is to start the game, that's what it is?

Shannon: That's whatever it is.
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Saturday, Dec. 12, 9 p.m. – The U (Billy Corben)

The U (Billy Corben)

Throughout the 1980s, Miami, Fla., was at the center of a racial and cultural shift taking place throughout the country. Overwhelmed by riots and tensions, Miami was a city in flux, and the University of Miami football team served as a microcosm for this evolution. The image of the predominantly white university was forever changed when coach Howard Schnellenberger scoured some of the toughest ghettos in Florida to recruit mostly black players for his team. With a newly branded swagger, inspired and fueled by the quickly growing local Miami hip hop culture, these Hurricanes took on larger-than-life personalities and won four national titles between 1983 and 1991. Filmmaker Billy Corben, a Miami native and University of Miami alum, will tell the story of how these “Bad Boys” of football changed the attitude of the game they played, and how this serene campus was transformed into “The U.”
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^ i would hate to be a reporter tryin to interview him. It's hard to get a feel on what he says as a fan.
 9 years ago '04        #5225
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talking to shannon is like running into a brick wall. it aint going no where.
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A quarterback exodus. Randy Shannon in coaching-contract limbo. A player's jaw broken when he was cold-cocked by a teammate in the locker room. Injuries. Adaptation to the schemes of new offensive and defensive coordinators.

What we have at the University of Miami is turbulence.

But what's unusual about that? And what's wrong with that? Anyone who follows Hurricane football does so with seat belt securely fastened.

A wild ride is much more fun than a tame one.

What has been lost amid the typical preseason diversions is that UM will be a better team in 2009.

It already is a better-behaved team than rivals Florida and Florida State. No arrests or cheating scandals here. Shannon runs a tight ship.

With 10 days until the boffo season opener at FSU, the sense of urgency that has enveloped the UM program is piercing it. Practices have been moved to 5:45. That's a.m. Which means UM players are waking up when other college students are nodding off and breaking huddles with cries of ``cock-a-doodle-doo!''

Everyone wants to make amends for the 0-3 finish of last season immediately. Everyone wants to improve Shannon's 12-13 record ASAP. Everyone wants to reverse the 19-19 record of the past three years right now.

The renaissance can begin Sept. 7 in Tallahassee, where UM won in 2007.

In fact, UM is 15-11 against FSU since Howard Schnellenberger's championship season, and UM is 7-6 against FSU in hostile and electric Doak Campbell Stadium in that span of time, with enough bizarre twists to put Bobby Bowden in a straitjacket.

Expectations are high for a team that never found its groove last season with an awkward two-quarterback system and colander defense.

Any slack afforded Shannon is being reeled in, especially at UM, where the dynastic era (five national titles from 1983 to 2001) seems more distant by the day and where fundraising leaps with a top-10 ranking.

Anxious and genius Canes fans obviously know more about strategy and personnel than Shannon, who has spent nearly 20 of his 43 years coaching or playing at UM.

But he loves the challenge, and he has imparted that feeling to his players.

``We don't look at it as pressure but as opportunity -- an opportunity to show ourselves and show we can come out of adverse situations,'' said Chavez Grant, aka Grass Hoppa, defensive back and one of the team's senior leaders. ``Physically we're always good, but we have really improved mentally. Guys know what to expect.

``Coach Shannon may fuss us out and guys just come right back and respond.''

Last year the response was often confusion and retreat. Young UM lacked snarl power.

``A lot of people will write us off and say we need at least another year of rebuilding,'' receiver LaRon Byrd said. ``We've had some down years, but we're not rebuilding anymore. We're reloading.''

This year, the players are weathering the waves with confidence. Backup quarterbacks Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook transferred earlier this week, realizing they would be playing behind sophomore Jacory Harris for three years.

Adewale Ojomo is out with a broken jaw, and Eric Moncur continues his battle with injuries -- two big dents in the defensive line.

Shannon is in the third year of a four-year deal that UM has not extended, which makes for nebulous conversations with recruits.


``It gets kind of cloudy sometimes,'' safety Randy Phillips said. ``I tell the guys we can only control our attitude and effort.

``We have no say-so on coach Shannon's contract -- but I have never seen him as relaxed and calm as he is now. He rarely has to raise his voice or punish people because everyone has matured.''

That maturity has manifested itself in a smooth offense with big-play receivers, consistent running backs and a harder-hitting defense that finishes tackles and forces many more turnovers -- at least in practice.

Will it be enough for UM to break out of its middle-of-the-ACC-pack rut and earn time and trust for Shannon?

It's dark at 5:45 a.m., but illumination is coming.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The University of Miami returned to practice at 5:45 AM today.

Miami will have Saturday off and return to practice Sunday afternoon.

Read here for the latest with UM and what Coach Randy Shannon and the players are saying about practice.

************************************************** ******************

Opening Statement

“It was just a regular practice. Ones against Ones and there was a lot of work. We are just trying to get better.”

News & Notes

• Shannon has mentioned running back Lee Chambers as being the standout performer in UM’s past two scrimmages. Shannon says Chambers has done a great job of special teams and in the running game.

“Anybody can get your attention on special teams,” Shannon said. “Lee has done a great job of running the football this offseason and doing a great job of playing special teams. He just adds value to the team. It is just like Cooper, he has done a good job on special teams. It is guys that are stepping up now.”

Shannon said that all the running backs receive 20-25 reps during the scrimmages.

• A.J. Highsmith threw touchdown passes to wide receivers Leonard Hankerson and LaRon Byrd in today’s practice.

• Shannon on how A.J. Highsmith has looked at practice: “He has looked pretty good. He has still got some things he needs to get done. He is young and I am not saying he is going to know the whole playbook, but he is doing well. It is always tough for a freshman, but he is doing well for us now.”

• Orlando Franklin, Jermaine Johnson, and Joel Figueroa are all getting reps with the second team offensive line at right tackle. Miami is rotating a lot of the first-team linemen at different positions so they can move around in case an injury occurs. "We want to make sure that we have four people that can play each position," Matt Pipho said. "That way if people get hurt, you can move around and be fine."

• Shannon has said that he looks at scrimmaged of being a true evaluator of how a team is coming along. Shannon says he at this point in fall camp it is tough to judge how players perform in scrimmages though because now the team is so familiar with their opponent.

“You are playing against each other,” Shannon said. “It is bodies against bodies and eventually guys know what everybody is going to do. Guys know what defense you are going to run and you know what a guy’s best pass rush is and you know what a guy’s pass set is, and how guys run routes. You just don’t want to see any mentals and you want to see effort.”

• Miami will not start preparing for Florida State until they are a week away from the game, Shannon said.
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 P. Dedos said:
@ shannon
this n*gga shannon... i swear. This part made me

Q: How is Jake coming along?

Shannon: He's doing fine.

Q: How is LaRon Byrd coming along?

Shannon: He's doing okay too.
shrug::::rolll augh:
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shannon is a tight-lipped mafukker

a player could have an amputed leg and he'll say "oh he's just nicked up a lil bit"
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Burden on Miami Hurricanes' seniors to lift team, impress NFL

For all the young talent on this University of Miami football team, it's critical the senior class makes a big impact. NFL evaluators will be watching.

Among 20 seniors, a wild card is defensive end Eric Moncur, whose September status is uncertain because of a groin injury. Seven other seniors to watch closely:

• Darryl Sharpton. ESPN's Todd McShay calls him UM's best senior prospect -- a potential ``third- or fourth-rounder'' -- but defensive coordinator John Lovett said in March Sharpton has ``some limitations.'' Coaches want Sharpton to make quicker reads. If he doesn't play well at middle linebacker, UM could move junior Colin McCarthy inside. ``Sharpton plays with an edge, is an energetic pass rusher,'' McShay said. But ``he takes far too long to locate the ball and appears lost at times.''

• Jason Fox. The most accomplished of three senior starters on the offensive line (with A.J. Trump and Matt Pipho), Fox graded out best of all UM linemen in 2008, and UM expects the left tackle to dominate often.

McShay calls Fox a potential third- or fourth-rounder but said ``Sharpton has more potential. Fox flashes a mean streak, but the effort is inconsistent, and he's too much of a finesse player.''

• Javarris James. Faster after losing 16 pounds, James said he has never been more motivated. ``This is my last year, and I'm kind of forgotten about. I needed that. I'm humbled. You'll see.'' But he has been overshadowed this month by younger backs, especially Lee Chambers, and must produce early to hold off the competition. ``I have James as a potential sixth- or seventh-rounder,'' McShay said. ``[Junior] Graig Cooper is obviously more talented.''

• Randy Phillips. Limited to two games in 2008 by injury, Phillips -- the secondary's most experienced starter -- has become the defense's best off-field leader and has improved a lot at safety after switching from cornerback in 2007. ``If you ask 95 percent of the guys on the team, they will listen to Randy Phillips,'' coach Randy Shannon said. Draft analyst John Murphy said Phillips could emerge as a late-round pick: ``Good size, speed and proven versatility.''

• Tight ends Dedrick Epps and Jimmy Graham. Coordinator Mark Whipple wants to throw more to the tight ends, and UM believes Epps (at full strength after knee surgery in January) is well-suited to its NFL-style offense. UM's legacy of NFL tight ends is ``the reason why I'm here, especially Kellen Winslow Jr.,'' he said. McShay's take: ``Could get drafted late if he returns to form as a senior, though I do not expect it.''

Graham, 6-8 with a 7-1 wing span, will be factor this season, and one UM official said he already looks like an NFL prospect and could have been a high pick if he played football the past three years. ``I've been told I have great hands, wide receiver hands,'' said Graham, who has practiced catching jump ball-type throws.

• Sam Shields. Players and coaches rave about his transition from receiver to cornerback. He even had some first-team snaps, though Brandon Harris and DeMarcus Van Dyke are projected starters. Among UM's second-tier senior prospects, ``Shields is the most intriguing because of his reported speed (4.3),'' McShay said.

[pic - click to view]

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Miami Hurricanes QB Smith chooses Memphis

The University of Miami quarterback transfer saga has come to a close.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Cannon Smith, who told UM coach Randy Shannon on Monday he was leaving the Hurricanes to pursue another college, has chosen Memphis as his new school.

``Cannon decided he will play for Memphis,'' Cannon's father, Fred Smith, told The Miami Herald through a text message late Sunday afternoon.

Taylor Cook, the other former UM quarterback who left UM last week, already transferred to Rice.

Both players will have to sit out one season, per NCAA transfer rules. Memphis and Rice are both in Conference USA.

Hurricanes football fans know at least two other UM transfers at Memphis: DajLeon Farr, now a 6-6, 260-pound senior tight end; and Jermaine McKenzie, a 6-2, 185-pound redshirt sophomore.

Farr played 29 games with UM, catching 10 passes for 134 yards and three touchdowns.

McKenzie played three games for the Canes but never caught a pass.

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Aug. 30, 2009

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Just eight days prior to the team's 2009 season-opener, the University of Miami football team held an afternoon practice in shells Sunday at the Greentree Practice Fields.

With the opener set for a week from Monday at Florida State on Labor Day night, the Hurricanes are slowly transitioning their attention from training camp work into FSU game preparation. The team worked for just under two hours.

"Most of the time as coaches, you probably say `hey, I can't wait for (the season) to get started'," head coach Randy Shannon said. "Then when you are closer to the game, you are still always looking for more time to get prepared.

"At this point in time, the physical work has been done. There is competition in practice and getting guys to understand what to do offensively, defensively and on special teams has been handled."

Temperatures held steady in the lower 80's with overcast skies throughout and a passing shower early in the session.

The `Canes will return to the practice fields Monday morning.

Jacory Harris Post-Practice
After Sunday afternoon's practice, several players met with the members of the media to discuss how practice is going with the opener just over a week away. Sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris was among the group that was made available. He discussed a number of topics, including the development of quarterback A.J. Highsmith, the progress of wide receiver Leonard Hankerson and the upcoming season-opener at Florida State.

On the season opener at FSU - It kind of snuck up on us. Just last night, me, Marcus (Forston) and Sean (Spence) were all in the room together talking about how (the opener) kind of came up on us. We've just been into practice, concentrating on what is at hand.

On a possible distraction around last week's QB transfers - It's not really a distraction. Those are two good quarterbacks. They are good friends; I wish them well and hope they do well wherever they go. But at the same time, you still have to understand things like that happen and you've got to prepare for obstacles throughout the year that you may have to overcome...we are going to go out there and perform. It's not really a distraction on our part.

On any added pressure with less depth behind him at the quarterback position - I'm not worried about that right now. We're just trying to get better as a team. Pressure comes with anything you do. I feel like the pressure last year is going to be the same type of pressure this year. You've just got to go out there and perform.

On junior wide receiver Leonard Hankerson - I feel like Hank has stepped up to the plate. He has found himself in that leadership role. Last year he wasn't one of the veterans...and this year he is the oldest receiver and he (knows) he has to step up and be more accountable. I feel like things like that make somebody better.

On freshman quarterback A.J. Highsmith - I really didn't have to (give him advice) after a week. He was up there every day, watching film, learning the plays and doing things in order to get better. He has learned everything pretty quickly. He has caught on. I really didn't have to help him anymore. A.J. is a good quarterback...somebody I love to have.

Post-practice notes
• Sunday's practice was Miami's third since the start of classes this past Wednesday.
• The session lasted just under two hours.
• Temperatures held in the lower 80's with overcast skies and a brief rain shower at Sunday afternoon's session.
• The team will return to practice Monday morning.
• The season-opener at Florida State is eight days away.

Jason Fox to be Featured Weekly on Sporting News Today
University of Miami offensive tackle Jason Fox is among 18 college football stars who'll write weekly diaries throughout the season in Sporting News Today, the world's first digital daily sports newspaper. The diaries, which will cover topics on the field and off it, begin this week. To sign up for the free digital newspaper, which is no fewer than 30 pages a day, go to At 7 a.m. ET each day, subscribers are sent an e-mail directing them to that day's edition.
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Starting quarterback Jacory Harris addressed the departure of fellow QB's Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook for the first time after Sunday's practice.

Asked how their transfer affects his mindset, Harris said, "Oh, man. It's not really a distraction. Those are two good quarterbacks, good friends, and I wish them well. I hope they do well wherever they go. But at the same time you have to understand, things like that happen. You have to prepare for certain obstacles during the year you may have to overcome.

"That's what we're doing now. We're overcoming things, going through adversity. We're going to go out there and perform. There's not really a distraction. We lost two good guys."

Harris says freshman backup QB AJ Highsmith has a good grasp of Mark Whipple's offense.

"He'll be up there every day watching film, learning the plays and doing good things in order to get better," Harris said. "He's learned everything pretty quick. He's caught on, and I really didn't have to help him anymore. AJ is a good quarterback, somebody I love to have."

* Asked if he thinks That Clown College for Girls's defense will be a lot different from last year, Harris said, "No, I don't think they're that different. They'll be different in depth, but they run the same scheme, do the same things they did last year. And they have an awesome defense. They're the type that will put pressure on you real fast and we just have to get the ball out of our hands."

Harris also says he's not worried about whether That Clown College for Girls will change up things on defense.

"I've been doing this since high school," Harris said. "I look at the defense a little bit, but you have to become one with your craft. You have to understand what you're going to do, what you're going to go out there and execute. I believe once you know that you know different defenses anyway. If Florida State comes out there and changes their whole scheme, you should be prepared for anything."

He says he'd rather watch film of himself than study film of the opponent

"I feel the opponent, they have to scheme you," Harris said. "You shouldn't have to scheme them."

* Harris says he doesn't feel any additional pressure despite having just one other scholarship quarterback on the roster.

"I'm not even worried about that right now," Harris said. "I'm just trying to get better as a team. Pressure comes with anything you do. I feel the pressure last year will be the same type of pressure this year. You just have to go out there and perform."

* Harris also praised the play of Leonard Hankerson.

"Hank has stepped up to the plate because he found himself in that leadership role," Harris said. "Last year he wasn't one of the veteran receivers, had older guys around him. This year he's the oldest receiver, so he has to step up, be more accountable. I feel things like that make him better."

* Of what he thinks it will be like playing at Doak Campbell Stadium, Harris said, "I heard it's a very loud stadium. But we played at Florida last year and that was real loud - you had to adjust to that. I don't mind big crowds. I like big crowds. Plus I like going away - I like to break the spirits of the fans."
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Practice Report: 8/31
Aug. 31, 2009

By: David Lake

DeMarcus Van Dyke
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami returned to practice this morning at 5:45.

Read here for the latest news going into the Florida State team and what coach Randy Shannon is saying as the season opener nears.

************************************************** ***************

News & Notes

• Last year, FSU quarterback Christian Ponder ran for 144 yards on 19 carries. Coach Randy Shannon says the coaching staff has watched film over the summer on the best ways to defend that attack. “He did a nice job of running the football and they did a nice scheme of running some option and some quarterback runs when they had his hands on the ball, which was a good scheme, but we have evaluated film over the course of the summer and we will be ready for it this year,” Shannon said.

• Shannon said shadowing Ponder throughout the game is not the best option to defend FSU’s offense. “You don’t know when they are going to do it, so you can’t just make a system for one guy. They have other players on the football team that can help them.”

• Offensive lineman Harland Gunn was elevated to the first team at right guard on Sunday. Shannon has been impressed with his progression during fall camp. “Harland is doing very well for us. We are excited about the way he has progressed. He is doing a great job this camp and doing a great job of improving from last year. Most of the time offensive linemen take about three years and this is his third year, so we are excited about the way he is improving right now.”

• Shannon on the improvements of Brandon Harris and DeMarcus Van Dyke: “They are doing a whole lot better than they were last year and I think that is the one thing is that you have had young guys decided they can improve from one year to the following year. Those guys have improved a lot and really defensively we have improved a lot.”

• Defensive end did more running today as he is working on his conditioning for the Florida State game. “He ran a lot more today,” Shannon said.

• Running Backs Lamar Miller and Damien Berry are working with the scout team this week. Berry is wearing the number 38 of Jermaine Thomas while Miller is wearing the number 33 of Ty Jones.

• Travis Benjamin is expected to be the team's primary kick and punt returner this season. Graig Cooper, Lamar Miller, Davon Johnson, Thearon Collier, and Chavez Grant are also working at kick returner and punt returner.

• Dyron Dye was wearing a brace on his right knee. Shannon did not have an update on his status for the FSU game.
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Spence: "We're ready to stop the run"

Finding the University of Miami's weakness last season was easy for opponents. It was the Hurricanes' run defense. The collective numbers were about as ugly as it gets for a program that has always prided itself in stuffing the run.

How ugly was the Canes run defense in 2008? UM allowed 1,974 yards on the ground -- a 151.85-yard average that ranked worst in the ACC and 75th in the country. It's an amazing drop off when you consider in 2006 UM's run defense allowed just 882 yards the entire season -- tied for fourth fewest in the NCAA and tops in the ACC. That season just so happened to be the last year Randy Shannon was defensive coordinator.

The Canes have been getting progressively worse at stopping the run with a different guy calling the shots on defense. In 2007, UM ranked 40th against the run (133.75 ypg) and eighth in the ACC under Tim Walton. Bill Young obviously didn't do any better last year.

UM didn't just give up more yards collectively, they were often gashed by long runs and big plays. N.C. State and California each ran for more than 200 yards on UM in the final two games of the season.

But nobody had more success against the Canes running the football than UM's first two opponents this year -- Florida State and Georgia Tech. The Seminoles, behind scrambling quarterback Christian Ponder and running back Antone Smith, ran for 281 yards and had 14 runs of 10 or more yards against UM. Georgia Tech carved up the Canes for 472 yards and 13 runs of 10 or more yards.

So what makes linebacker Sean Spence feel like the Canes will not get pushed around in 2009?

"We're all bigger, heavier, stronger," Spence told me two weeks ago. "We're not little freshmen anymore."

Size definitely matters when it comes to college football. And if you watched the Hurricanes last season on defense you know it was more than just the size of the depth chart and injuries that held UM back. Sure, Spence earned ACC Defensive Rookie of The Year honors. But he played most of the season right at or under under 200 pounds. For all of the great plays he made as the team's third-leading tackler and leader in tackles for loss, he admits he often got bounced around by bigger linemen and was out of position to make plays.

"Last year, I was more like a ping pong. I'd bounce off a guy, bounce off another and then make a play," said Spence, who came to UM weighing 193 pounds. "Now, I'm taking on blocks, breaking through the blocks, making tackles."

Spence is now 212 pounds. His linebacker mates are bigger too. Ramon Buchanon, who moved over from safety where he was weighing 200, is now 220 and backing up Spence on the strongside. Jordan Futch, considered UM's first linebacker off the bench, came to UM weighing 205 pounds. He's now up to 230.

"We were probably the smallest linebacker group in the nation last year," Futch said. "We had no depth because guys were hurt and we had no size. Now, we're knocking heads off literally. I feel like it's helped me a lot. I know its helped Sean a lot. Sean was always a big hitter. But he's filling holes. Buchanon lights people up. When you see that weight and the speed we have, it's awesome. We're going to be much better stopping the run than we did last year."

The return of Colin McCarthy from a season-ending shoulder injury is another reason Spence is excited. McCarthy, the projected starter on the weakside, has made a huge difference just in practice according to Spence.

"Colin is a great player, vocal leader," Spence said. "He's another playmaker. He'll make interceptions, pick up fumbles. He's a great open field tackler. I watch him a lot and where he fits up on guys. We missed him bad."

While the Canes have sustained a few injuries to its defensive line this fall (Adewale Ojomo, Eric Moncur, Dyron Dye), Spence said he sees improvement in the guys in front of him. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston and Micanor Regis, both freshmen last season, have been praised repeatedly throughout camp by Shannon. A healthy Allen Bailey in the middle has also made a difference according to Jason Fox.

"Our d-line got a lot better," Spence said. "Guys are sitting in the right gap, wrapping up, anticipating and reading a.ssignments. We're not going backward anymore.

"Last year, guys weren't really buying into what we did last year. Guys are all on one page now. We're ready to stop the run."

The first test is Monday.

[pic - click to view]

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FSU depth
FSU Offense

WR 9 Richard Goodman 6-0 190 Sr.
80 Jarmon Fortson 6-3 223 So.

LT 67 Andrew Datko 6-6 283 So.
73 Rhonne Sanderson 6-4 288 Fr.

LG 62 Rodney Hudson 6-2 285 Jr.
61 Blake Snider 6-4 282 Fr.

C 60 Ryan McMahon 6-3 282 Jr.
63 A.J. Ganguzza 6-3 268 So.

RG 79 David Spurlock 6-5 285 So.
57 Brandon Davis 6-2 281 Jr.

RT 77 Zebrie Sanders 6-5 288 So.
76 Garrett Faircloth 6-6 288 Fr.

TE 81 Caz Piurowski 6-7 271 Sr.
88 Beau Reliford 6-7 241 So.

QB 7 Christian Ponder 6-3 217 Jr.
3 EJ Manuel 6-4 223 Fr.

FB 85 Ja'Baris Little 6-4 226 So.
48 Daniel Gard 5-10 212 Jr.

TB 38 Jermaine Thomas 6-1 190 So.
33 Ty Jones 5-11 203 So.
or 23 Chris Thompson 5-8 173 Fr.

WR 86 Rod Owens 6-0 183 Sr.
83 Bert Reed 5-11 165 So.

FSU Defense

LE 91 Craig Yarborough 6-2 236 Sr.
96 Tosmon Stevens 6-5 228 Fr.

DT 90 Moses McCray 6-2 298 So.
93 Everett Dawkins 6-2 258 Fr.

NT 56 Kendrick Stewart 6-2 271 Sr.
99 Jacobbi McDaniel 6-0 267 Fr.
RE 98 Markus White 6-4 261 Jr.
49 Brandon Jenkins 6-2 240 Fr.

SLB 36 Dekoda Watson 6-2 226 Sr.
12 Nigel Carr 6-3 230 So.

MLB 29 Kendall Smith 6-1 224 Jr.
48 Recardo Wright 6-2 226 Sr.

WLB 13 Nigel Bradham 6-2 235 So.
44 Maurice Harris 6-0 212 So.

CB 15 Ochuko Jenije 5-10 188 Jr.
28 Dionte Allen 5-11 172 So.

CB 21 Patrick Robinson 5-11 194 Sr.
26 A.J. Alexander 5-11 180 Fr.

FS 20 Jamie Robinson 6-2 188 Sr.
3 Justin Bright 6-0 180 Fr.
or 8 Chad Colley 5-11 166 So.

RV 22 Korey Mangum 6-0 202 Sr.
10 Nick Moody 6-2 228 Fr.

FSU Specialists

PK 18 Dustin Hopkins 6-2 174 Fr.

41 James Esco 6-3 207 So.

KO 18 Dustin Hopkins 6-2 174 Fr.
P 45 Shawn Powell 6-5 217 So.

9 Kevin Campbell 6-0 190 Jr.
DS 65 Zack Aronson 6-2 218 Sr.

69 Chris Revell 6-0 207 Fr.
HO 45 Shawn Powell 6-5 217 So.
PR 83 Bert Reed 5-11 165 So.
or 5 Greg Reid 5-9 175 Fr.
KR 21 Patrick Robinson 5-11 194 Sr.

8 Taiwan Easterling 5-11 187 So.


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