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 1000bluntz said:
Actually whether you believe it or not the Gators would allow him to compete at QB. If it didn't work out he's such a good player he could excel on offense in other areas.
How is Patchan and the Linebacker? (who commited to us last year) doing? Redshirting, special teams, or back-up.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon discusses this week's opponent as Miami prepares to play Virginia.


Opening Statement

"We have Virginia this week, it is another conference game, but it is also another game on the road. It is going to be a tremendous challenge for us because Virginia is on a four game winning streak and they are doing a nice job of rebounding back from earlier in the season when they had two losses. Their quarterback is doing a tremendous job of managing the game and Pearman is doing a good job of running the football for them and creating third downs that are very short that they can manage and make."


? According to Shannon, the toughest matchup Virginia presents is their 3-4 defensive scheme. "The hardest thing that is going to be for us in this game I think is this 3-4 team, you don't see. The only team that runs it is Virginia, We are going to have a scout team, especially up front with the big guys. We have some 300 pounders that we can stick in and do it, but we don't have the 6-5 linebackers that can do those type of things."

? Virginia's group of linebackers have impressed Shannon. All of Virginia's starting linebackers are either juniors or seniors. Outside linebacker Clint Sintim leads the unit with 50 tackles and ten sacks on the year. "Their senior linebackers are unbelievable," Shannon said. "Those guys seem like they have been there for a long time and they make a lot of plays. They have gotten better from earlier in the season and that is what Coach Groh does is getting his guys to respond."

? Shannon said he keeps his team focused and not projecting themselves to bowl games and ACC Championships by only focusing on the previous game and what they need to improve in practice. "We just talk about the one game. All we talk about is the game we just played and then what we are going to do in practice...We have to emphasize the little things and those little things are going to make a difference in the game."

? Last year's 48-0 loss to Virginia in the final game at the Orange Bowl won't come up this week Shannon said because not many of the starters this year were starting on last year's game. Four starters on this year's team started last year's game against Virginia.

"Revenge sometimes can hurt you, because it is all built up inside of you" Shannon said. "Most people make mistakes two ways, when you are tired or when you are mad. You are going to do something wrong or make mistakes in those situations. We won't be tired and we won't be upset and that is the approach we have to take."

? Offensively, Shannon said he is impressed by the way Virginia protects the football. "They are not a team that makes a lot of mistakes. They do a great job of getting guys in the right situations and executing what they want to get done to win games."

? Coming into the season, the offensive line was believed to be the team's strength and more than halfway through the year, Shannon says he is still pleased with their play. "They are doing a great job because we have had so many injuries," Shannon said "The injuries have played a vital part, but when we get guys back we are able to move guys around and give the guys a break. They have done a good job of protecting the quarterback for the most part compared to last year."

? Shannon said an area that will be focused on this week is the abundance of drops the receivers had. "Too many little things got us. It was catching the ball and looking up the field before you catch the ball and tuck it in. That is the thing that really got us offensively."

? One player in particular Shannon had a talk with about the dropping passes is freshman Aldarius Johnson. "I told him you are going to make plays by catching the ball first and getting upfield because you are a big guy," Shannon said.

? Shannon on Bosher having seven tackles on the year: "He has something about him. I don't know what you call it, but he could probably go play defensive back, but then he would also tell you that he is a great quarterback and then under his breath he'll tell you he could play receiver."

? According to Shannon, having to sit out the Central Florida game woke Ojomo up a little bit and may be a reason why he played well against Wake Forest. "When you take something away that they like doing, it wakes them up...he is doing well for us and really he has been electrifying because he gets the defense going"

? Linebacker Darryl Sharpton is fine to play this week, according to Shannon. Sharpton sustained a minor knee injury during the Wake Forest game.
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Christopher Stock: First off, it is very good to see this team win against a tough opponent in Wake Forest, which is a very well-coached team.

Second, it's starting to get a bit exciting around Coral Gables right now. This team is beginning to find it's way and understand who the playmakers are. Confidence is a great recipe for a young team and each week, this team appears to be gaining more confidence.

So how will this team finish with three road games at Virginia, at Georgia Tech, and at N.C. State along with a home game against Virginia Tech?

I'll say 2-2.

Now, I know everyone else wants to say 3-1 and 4-0. But I still have concerns with a consistent offensive game plan, which includes running effectively and passing the ball enough to make plays. Also, this team is going on the road, which can be very tough.

All four of Miami's upcoming opponents are unranked so it's not like it would be out of the question for Miami to win. It will just be tough. Every game will be a dogf!ght here on out.

I do like the direction of the program with playmakers beginning to grow. For the sake of the senior class, I hope they finish strong. It's been great to see a guy like Glenn Cook have a positive impact on this team and he's a guy who has worked for everything he has accomplished.

It is imperative this team makes it to a bowl game especially now the team is just one win away.

Here are the ACC bowl game tie-ins: Orange Bowl (Miami, Fla.), Chick-fil-A Bowl (Atlanta, Ga.), Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, Fla.), Champs Sports Bowl (Orlando, Fla.) Meineke Car Care Bowl (Charlotte, N.C.), Music City Bowl (Nashville, Tenn.), Emerald Bowl (San Francisco, Calif.), Humanitarian Bowl (Boise, Id.), and the EagleBank Bowl (Washington, D.C.).

Prediction: Meineke Car Care Bowl

************************************************** ********

David Lake: In the final month of the season, Miami is basically in control of their own ACC destiny. If Miami wins out for the rest of the season UM should find itself in their first ACC title game. Going undefeated in the final month won't be easy, but hey this is the ACC and this conference couldn't be any crazier this year.

In each game, Miami can easily find motivation in their next three games: this week against Virginia all UM needs to remember is last year's 48-0 loss in the Orange Bowl, the Virginia Tech game is a Thursday night game at home on national television, and UM hasn't beat Georgia Tech since 2005.

This young Miami team is continuing to gel together this season and they have put together a three game winning streak at just the right time as they head into the toughest portion of the ACC schedule. I expect Miami to go 3-1 in the final four games of the season this year, finishing the year a very respectable 8-4 and heading to a good bowl game--and this young team desperately needs to get to a bowl game.

Each game this season is going to be a dogf!ght and right now I like Miami's chances to finish the season strong. Last year at this time, Miami was also 5-3, but I believe the growth and development from last year to now will be seen in this final month. This team's true maturation process starts now and we will see this team grow and develop in the final four games.

************************************************** ********

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat: Trying to make a prediction as to how Miami will finish the final four games of the regular season is like trying to make a prediction as to how slow I will run the 40 in. You have no real idea. It could be a 5.5. It could be a 10.0. For those that haven't seen my blazing 40 time, you can check out the video on the site and get your laugh on after watching it.

Similarly, Miami could go 4-0 in the final four games. At the same time, the 'Canes could go 0-4. They could also go 3-1, 2-2 or 1-3. There's no telling what the result will be week-to-week because consistent this team is not.

With a pair of freshman playing quarterback, if Robert Marve doesn't play well, Jacory Harris could play well or vice versa, or both could have a miserable game similar to the game they both had against UCF. The big problem. If they both play poorly, the 'Canes are in trouble. Luckily for the 'Canes in the UCF game, the offense was as anemic as it could possibly get.

However, what you are seeing plenty of is improvement at wide receiver. Whether it's Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin or Thearon Collier, those three freshmen are flat out impressive and have shown their penchant for making plays.

Defensively, holes remain in the pass game. The secondary leaves plenty to be desired and it's quite shocking that Wake Forest, with only one of the best quarterbacks in the ACC in Riley Skinner, only threw eight passes the entire game. Future opponents will surely try to test Miami in that regard.

The 'Canes take to the road as well in three of the final four games starting off at Virginia this weekend. Then they will host their final home game against Virginia Tech followed by a pair of road games to finish the regular season at Georgia Tech and N.C. State.

All the games are winnable, but will the 'Canes do what it takes to win them all and finish 9-3? I'll say, 3-1, a.ssuming that Patrick Nix allows his freshmen to make plays on offense. Virginia, win. Virginia Tech, win. Georgia Tech, loss, because Nix tightens up against his former team again and wilts under the pressure with the game he calls. N.C. State, win. And then we'll find out what bowl game we head to.
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Former Cane signee Brandon Washington is faring well at New Berlin (NY) Milford Academy.

"He's doing great," Milford coach Bill Chaplick said. "He has been a starter every week, is doing well in school and should be at the Canes in January."

Chaplick says Washington is as good as any other lineman that has come through his program.

"He's worked hard, is equal to the top-of-the-line offensive linemen I've had," Chaplick said. "He's got great feet, quick hands, a flat back, keeps his shoulders parallel. He's farther along than any other kid I have."

Does he have what it takes to play as a true freshman at Miami?

"Yes, as long as he gets there in January," Chaplick said. "That way he can go through spring workouts, get in shape, go to the next level."

Chaplick says it is a done deal that Washington will remain a Cane.

* Former Cane signee Zach Kane is no longer expected to attend Miami, according to Chaplick.

And Kane no longer plays for Milford.

"(Miami) parted ways with him," Chaplick said. "The day they parted ways is the day his father picked him up from here."

* Rene Howard was a recruit who Miami was reportedly interested in, but he is no longer at the school and will not be receiving a Cane offer.

* The status of former signee C.J. Odom is unclear. Odom left Milford after one week and Chaplick says he's unsure if he will still be attending Miami.
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Coach Randy Shannon today looked ahead to the Virginia game, saying, "It's a big game on the road for us. It's going to be a tremendous challenge for us because Virginia is on a four game wining streak. The quarterback is doing a tremendous job of managing the game. (Cedric) Peerman is doing a great job running the ball for them, creating third downs they can manage and make. Defensively their senior linebackers are unbelievable. Those guys make a lot of plays, are playing a lot better from earlier in the season to now.

"They're not a team that makes a lot of mistakes. They're very well coached. They execute what they want to get done to win games."

Shannon also said the team plans to make more of an effort to get the ground game going.

"(Javarris James) and (Graig) Cooper will be a lot more featured this week doing some things," Shannon said.

Here's what else Shannon was talking about:

Q: Have you ever seen a team that lost three of its first four games by over 100 points and then flips and does so well as Virginia has?

Shannon: No. You keep coaching your guys. Sometimes it's not the scheme (that's the problem), it may be the person or the way you're coaching it, teaching it. They've done a tremendous job of responding, getting those things changed.

Q: Is your offensive line playing up to your expectations?

Shannon: They're doing a great job. Injuries have played a part. They've done a good job of protecting the quarterback compared to last year. Running the football, Cooper's not running the ball for 150 yards, but other people are running. Running stats are running stats for us.

Q: After the UCF game when Cooper had a ton of touches he hasn't gotten the ball much.

Shannon: He had seven carries against Duke, 90 yards. Sometimes in games you have to take advantage of what people are giving you. A nine man front is difficult to run against.

Q: Virginia runs a 3-4 defense you haven't seen.

Shannon: The hardest thing is going to be for us, in this game, is like in the old days - option football. It takes time to catch up to the speed and execution. To run the 3-4, the only team that runs it is Virginia. We're going to have a scout team up front with the big guys, 300 pounders that we can stick in to do it, but don't have 6-5 linebackers to do it. We're going to emulate as much as we can, but it's going to take the first quarter (for our offensive players) to know how it's really run.

Q: What's important for your offense to remember against the 3-4?

Shannon: Just execute a.ssignment football. They don't do a lot of out of it, but they can zone blitz you out of it. You have to be able to block the odd look, that's the biggest thing.

Q: Is Javarris James 100 percent?

Shannon: I think he's coming back into it now. Last week showed he's ready to get going more. You don't know till he has a breakout game (that) he's back. You have to see him do something. He may be fully healthy, but in your mind you don't know until you see something (great) happen.

Q: How do you keep the team focused?

Shannon: We just talk about the one game. And the next thing is what we do in practice, how offensive line wise are we going to finish blocks. How are we going to at receiver not drop passes. We have to emphasize the little things. And defensively are you going to work at stripping the football, fundamentals. You have to force yourself to do those things.

Q: Your team is playing better.

Shannon: W're starting to come around. The younger guys are starting to understand. Older guys - like Sam (Shields) understands his role on this football team. Even though he dropped footballs early in the season we kept coaching him. He's done a great job covering punts, a tremendous job on the reverse, caught a third down (conversion). The thing we have to be careful of is patting guys on the back. We didn't play like we should have against Wake Forest because too many little things got us. We have to go back to fundamental small things now.

Q: Matt Bosher has seven tackles on special teams. He's not your typical kicker.

Shannon: He's got something about him. Bosher could probably go play defensive back, go and hit somebody. Bosher would also tell you he'd be a great quarterback, receiver. He's got that mentality. Kickers and punters are kind of strange, quirky, which is good because his mentality makes him the way he is.

Q: Does him making tackles worry you about the possibility of injury?

Shannon: All the time. I say `At least (just) take his legs out.' He says `No, I'll run into him and he'll fall down.' He's made some tackles, and guys like to see those kind of things.

Q: Anything unusual about playing at Virginia?

Shannon: It's brick walls, old stadium, that kind of atmosphere, small college atmosphere. There's going to be a great crowd, great atmosphere because they're on a four-game winning streak. It's kind of different. It's secluded, a lot of trees, almost like Duke. More red brick around the walls.

Q: You say you're trying to avoid patting guys on the back. Is that most important with regards to the freshmen?

Shannon: Yes. In dealing with, like Aldarius. He's been playing really well. And Aldarius dropped some passes this game. I said `I can tell you what happened - you were trying to get upfield every time.' I said `When was the last time that happened?' `Spring game.' I said `Don't try to be something you're not. You're going to make plays by catching the ball first. You're a big receiver.' He said `I figured that out quick because when I did that in the spring game that's the first thing that came into my head against Wake Forest - I was trying to do too much.' It's the little things now, and that's what we've got to hype on.

Q: How do you keep the young players going?

Shannon: We have to make sure as a coaching staff we keep them physically fresh. The speed part of it is different than high school. They're not used to going against corners 5-9, 5-10 that are 190 (pounds). They're used to 5-9, 5-10, 145. We have to make sure we keep them fresh all the time.

Q: You said you won't talk about last year's Virginia game with this team. Why not?

Shannon: It's a different team. The guys for the most part were in high school trying to win state championships (last year during the blowout loss to Virginia in the finale at the Orange Bowl). They're on this team now. Revenge sometimes can hurt you because it's built up inside of you. You have to go into the game with a fresh mind. Not a hatred, but a strong dislike. Most people make mistakes when you're tired or when you're mad. What we have to do is we won't be tired and we won't be upset. We're going to be positive, fresh, and have to worry about what we do on offense, defense and special teams at Miami.

Q: Was the buildup too much for last year's game against Virginia? Did that hurt the team?

Shannon: Probably. That was a great atmosphere. A bad ending for the Orange Bowl, but a great atmosphere. When we watch the film we look at guys on the team now, it was Vegas Franklin at 240 at defensive (tackle). It was offensively, we didn't have much left at receiver, running back. We were really, really bare. We have to bounce back and keep going. We have players now, but they're still young. We have to keep coaching them, be positive with them and move forward.

Q: How are the defensive linemen coming along?

Shannon: They're coming along well, not great. At defensive end you have three freshmen and two sophomores. You look at those guys and how they're starting to make plays late in the game to give us turnovers like (Adewale) Ojomo did, it's tremendous for us. And the rotation has helped those guys a lot. (At defensive tackle) Dwayne Hendricks is the older one and he played the most last week at 40 snaps

Q: How has Marcus Forston played?

Shannon: He's playing well for us. Really well.

Q: You benched Ojomo for UCF. What did that do for him?

Shannon: Woke him up. He's understanding. Like anything, my job is to win games here but also get these guys prepared for life situations. Things happen, you have to be held accountable for those things. He's doing well for us, is having a great time. He's been electrifying on the field because he's running around and playing a lot.

Q: Ojomo had a line after the last game, said `I knew I could get them off the field.' Is he just that kind of guy?

Shannon: He's not a c*cky kid. He's a confident kid. That's what you'll see with a lot of these guys, they're getting confidence. You don't want guys to go into the game feeling defeated or that they can't get the job done. It's confidence that is stating to build. As coaches we have to make sure they thrive on confidence.

Q: How is Allen Bailey coming along?

Shannon: He's played well for us, got a couple of sacks, played the run. He's starting to be where he needs to be at.

Q: Do you watch Warren Sapp on Dancing with the Stars?

Shannon: We text each other back and forth. I'll tell him `Great move, but you have to get more pizzazz.' Back when I was coaching, Sapp was playing tight end at the University of Miami. One semester later he was 60 pounds heavier, 300 pounds. When we were at the Dolphins playing Tampa Bay I would talk to him for 40 minutes (before games). He's always been one of my funniest guys.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard Sapp would be on that show?

Shannon: I knew that it would be great because Sapp really has great feet and is truly a great athletes, has great dance moves.
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Oct. 29, 2008

By: David Lake

Miami and Virginia both enter this week's game as two of the hottest teams in the ACC.

UM is coming into the game on a four game winning streak, while Virginia is currently riding a four game winning streak.

Virginia is currently being led by their third string quarterback at the beginning of the year, Marc Verica, and senior running back Cedric Peerman.

This week is UVA's homecoming game. Virginia has won 15 of its last 17 homecoming games.

Read on to see a first look at Virginia.


What Virginia does well

Sack the quarterback. Virginia's 3-4 base defense gives confusing looks to opposing offenses with the many different ways that the linebackers can blitz from different angles. Senior linebacker Clint Sintim leads UVA with ten sacks and 15 tackles for loss on the year. As a team, Virginia has made 57 tackles for loss on the year. Virginia ranks 15th in the country in sacks.

Why Virginia loses

There are two constants in Virginia's three losses this year. On defense Virginia struggled to stop the run, allowing a combined 674 yards and nine touchdowns on 130 carries. On offense, Virginia struggles to establish a ground game and resorts to a passing attack that is ineffective. In the three losses Virginia averages 38 pass attempts, 179 yards, and two interceptions in the games while throwing zero touchdowns. Two of the biggest keys for Miami this week will be stopping the run on defense and getting Javarris James and Graig Cooper going on offense.

Player to watch

Virginia offensive tackle Eugene Monroe is the latest big time offensive line prospect the Cavaliers will produce in this year's NFL draft. Monroe is considered a top offensive line prospect and a first round lock. Last season, Monroe did not allow a single sack all season. He will be the best player on the field when he is playing and will play a key role in opening holes for the running game and protecting their young quarterback.

Key matchup

Miami's back seven versus Virginia running back Cedric Peerman. One of the major reasons why Virginia has been able to put together a four game winning streak is because of Peerman's ability to control the offense with an efficient running game. In the past four games, Peerman has totaled 445 yards and six touchdowns on 75 carries. The UM defense has had problems with wrapping up and making routine tackles every now and then and this week they will have a big test in going up against Peerman. Miami cannot afford for tackling to be an issue this week.

Stat of the game

Virginia's offensive line has been very good this year, allowing just 1.13 sacks per game.

What the game comes down to

Every week the goal offensively is for the UM offense to play efficiently, but this week it is imperative for Miami to not turn the ball over. Miami's young quarterbacks will have to play a composed game and make the easy throw in order to efficiently move the ball against an experienced defense that provides a different look. The play of the offensive line will be important this week in giving the quarterbacks time and opening up running lanes for Graig Cooper and Javarris James. This game will be similar to the Wake Forest game in that it will be a ball-control type of game in which special teams will play a key role.
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MIAMI, Fla. -- Junior wide receiver Sam Shields has learned from his mistakes and moving on.

Shields readily admits he has made his share of mistakes earlier this season, but he is slowly working his way back into the offense and gaining a larger offensive role.

The progress Shields has made during the season could be seen this past week against Wake Forest when Shields picked up a big 35-yard return on a kickoff and then converted a 1st and 9 with a 18-yard pass in which he made a guy miss.

During the two previous games--against Duke and Central Florida--Shields focused primarily on special teams. He did a good job being the team's gunner on punt coverage and he continued to work hard in practice to earn playing time at receiver.

"I have been patiently waiting and when my turn was called, I went out there and made a big play," Shields said. "The ups and downs are there, but I just continued to work hard after practice every day."

Against Wake Forest, Shields was indirectly responsible for a big emotional lift during the game. On Shields' kick return he was hit out of bounds by a Wake Forest player late after the play was over.

Shields was sent flying from the hit and he landed directly on his back.

"I was going out of bounds and the dude was still in full force and as I was going out of bound the dude hit me and I jumped up and I saw the chair and I tried to get over it," Shields said following the game. "I don't know if he was trying to stop me, I just saw his elbow.

After that play, Shields admits he was fired up and when he got in the game on offense he wanted to make a play.

"It got me very upset," Shields said of the play. "Later, the ball came to me and I made a play and got the first down."

On the season, Shields has totaled seven receptions for 69 yards at receiver and five tackles on special teams.

Shields is an example of a player who has worked himself back into the offensive rotation by contributing on special teams and earning his reps back. As he continues to earn his reps back, look for Shields to start to become a bigger contributor on offense in the final month of the season.

"Sam knows his role on this football team," Head Coach Randy Shannon said. "Sam's role on this football team is to win games for us. Even though he dropped passes for us early in the season, we kept coaching him and we used him on special teams and he has done a great job for us covering punts."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The scout team gets little recognition when it comes to receiving praise each week for preparing UM for its weekly opponent.

Each week the scout team studies the opponent and prepares the starters by mirroring certain schemes and looks they will go up against later that week. .

The scout team is primarily comprised of first and second year players who still need a little more time to adjust to the college game, yet they are still receiving valuable reps in practice by going up against the starters.

"They do a really good job for us," said graduate a.ssistant Dan Shula, who prepares the offense each week by working with the scout team defense. "It is not easy being on the scout team. All those guys want to be with the rest of the defense, and most of our guys aren't playing a lot on defense, but you have to be really unselfish to play scout team.

"You have to do it for the betterment of the team and then also you have to use that opportunity to help you get better as a player. If I am a defensive end and I am going up against Jason Fox every day, I am going up against one of the best tackles in the ACC. They can only get better if they do that every single day."

Shula listed defensive end Gavin Hardin, linebacker Brandon Marti, defensive back Jared Campbell, and walk-on defensive back Corey Nelms as four players who have consistently performed well this season on the scout team.

Read on for the player run down by Shula on how the scout team players on defense are progressing this year.



DT Jeremy Lewis: "He is a guy who has really helped us inside playing tackle. He has improved every week. Sometimes with freshmen it is hard for them their first week because they don't know the pace of practice, but he has understood that now and gotten better the past couple of weeks. He is such a big body that gets in the gaps and plows up field pretty good."

DE Gavin Hardin: "He is a high motor guy who is just like Adewale Ojomo for us last year, who was our scout team MVP last year. He is always going to give 100 percent and a big time pass rusher. He is very physical and will do anything you ask of him. He has been great and is one of our best players on scout team. He is always up beat and enthusiastic. If you would have told me that he didn't play defensive end in high school, I would have never known."

DT Micanor Regis: "Regis is another big guy inside that is doing a good job. He will do whatever I ask and he works very hard. He is very explosive off the ball for such a big guy."

LB Brandon Marti: "Brandon is extremely fast and extremely physical. We love when he blitzes off the edge because he gives our running backs fits in pass protection. He is one of our go to guys for linebacker blitzes because he is so fast. He is not afraid to stick his head in there. He is real quiet and goes about his own thing and he always gives 100 percent."

LB Arthur Brown: "Arthur is really good at using his speed. He does very well in our 7-on-7 drills. He is very talented and I think playing on scout team is helping him learn to play because he is getting as many reps as possible. He is getting better every single week and he gives a lot of effort for us."

LB Kylan Robinson: "He is a guy who works hard for us at the MIKE linebacker. He is learning and doing a good job for us."

S C.J. Holton: "C.J. is a really quiet kid, but he does what you ask. He really focuses on doing the right thing and he really focuses on making sure he gets every little thing right. I really appreciate that about him. He does a good job for us in pass coverage. We try not to have the safeties hit too much because we don't want them blowing up any receivers, but he has the mentality of being a physical player."

S Joe Wylie: "Joe has been working with the defense some lately, so I haven't had him the whole season, but he is a guy who has really good range out there and is able to play centerfield at free safety."

S Vaughn Telemaque: "It has been hard to get a good read on him because ha hasn't been able to be full go this year because of his injury, but he does what he can to help out as much as he can."

S Ramon Buchanan: "He has done a really good job for us and he has earned the right to go up there and play a little bit with the defense. He has played some on special teams. He is a bigger type of guy that isn't afraid to hit and can really run around for a guy his size."

S Jared Campbell: "He plays cornerback for us right now just because we don't have that many corners. He is kind of one of the leaders of the scout team. He and Gavin are those type of guys who everyone looks to boost the morale. He is always talking and always very positive. He also takes playing on scout team very seriously with covering guys and making sure guys get a good look. He is one of our captains."

DB Corey Nelms: "He is a track guy who is actually a really good football. He hasn't played football since he was a junior in high school and so I think he is still kind of shaking he rust off. He has a chance to really help us on special teams though or even maybe in the secondary next year. You could say he is our top walk-on guy that I work with."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- C.J. Holton verbally committed to Florida State last year during the recruiting process before changing his mind and signing with Miami.

Despite not playing this year and being relegated to scout team duties, Holton says he is happy with his decision.

"It's a great experience and I am happy to be here," Holton said. "I'm having fun and staying positive. I think I made a good choice in coming here. I don't regret it. It's just a slow process that I have to go through."

Holton was a highly-regarded prospect out of Wakulla High School in Crawfordville--located 20 miles from Tallahassee--as ESPN ranked him the seventh-best safety in the country. As a senior, he made 65 tackles and six interceptions including two returned for a touchdown.

But since arriving at Miami in August, Holton has found himself behind a number of other players including two fellow freshmen in Vaughn Telemaque and his roommate Ramon Buchanan.

"I definitely didn't think it would be this way," Holton said. "I thought I would at least get some special teams reps and maybe when we are up on teams, I would step in. Some things don't work out the way they are supposed to, but I just have to make the best of it."

While Holton is disappointed with how his freshman season is going, he is happy for Buchanan, who has played in the last four games.

"He's a funny, crazy guy," Holton said. "He's fun to be around. I'm real happy for him and I try to motivate him to stay on top of his plays and on top of his game."

One of the reasons Holton has not been on the field was because he reported to fall camp a little too heavy for the coaches' liking.

Holton arrived to fall camp at 6-foot-2 and 223 pounds--28 pounds heavier than he was during his senior year.

"I gained it all in the summer," Holton said. "I was on a real heavy weight workout plan and I was eating a little bit more than I should have. I didn't want to get that high. I was just working out with a trainer back at home and it just popped up."

When he arrived, the coaches told him he would have to cut back on the eating. And Holton has worked hard to lose weight and is now down to 206.

"When I lost it, I felt better," Holton said. "At the time, I felt just powerful and a little bit slower."

Now, things are getting better for Holton on scout team.

"He's coming around," coach Randy Shannon said. "He came in a little overweight, but he's doing good on scout team now."

Holton says things have been tough this season watching from the sidelines.

"It's pretty tough to practice and not travel or play, but it's all a mental thing," Holton said. "I came to that conclusion later in the season. It's all a mental process."

The coaches have been stressing to Holton about technique and he is working on learning the defensive playbook as well.

"There's a lot of plays that you have to learn," Holton said. "You have to really pay attention and study, which is real different from high school. If you don't, then you're not going to get it."

Holton is attending film sessions this season even though he hasn't played, which can be a tough challenge to pay close attention to other players.

"It is tough because you are in the film room not watching yourself so you can probably doze off a little bit and it's hard, but it's all mental and you have to focus and learn from the older guys," Holton said. "The biggest thing I'm learning is technique and where to line up on certain plays."

Holton says he is looking forward to competing for playing time during spring practices as reps will open up with the graduation of seniors Anthony Redd*ck, Lovon Ponder, and Randy Phillips.

"I really can't show anything now, but in the spring, I'm going to show people what I am capable of doing at the college level which is knocking people around and making plays," Holton said.

And don't him out. It's a process.
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Quarterback: For Miami, the quarterback partnership is hitting its stride. Jacory Harris and Robert Marve are really complementing each other well and picking up the other's slack. Marve was clutch last game and is taking better care of the ball. For Virginia, Marc Verica is completing 67 percent of his passes but has thrown nine interceptions and only five touchdowns. EDGE: Miami

Running Back: Javarris James was worked more into the rotation against Wake, and he and Graig Cooper were used on the field together at times. They are a formidable duo but, right now, no running back in the nation is hotter than Virginia's Cedric Peerman. He is averaging 5.7 yards per carry for the season and has seven touchdowns. EDGE: Virginia

Receivers: Virginia features Kevin Ogletree and stud tight end John Phillips. Miami continues to rotate six or seven receivers and two tight ends. Again, this is strength in numbers against two featured players. Miami has more talent, but Virginia's guys have been just as effective. EDGE: Even

Offensive Line: Miami is averaging four yards per carry and keeping the quarterbacks upright. Virginia is averaging only 3.5 as a team; when one considers how far up Peerman is bringing that number, they have to wonder how bad the rest of the run game is. EDGE: Miami

Defensive Line: Alex Field is Virginia's impact lineman, coming in with 4.5 sacks. Miami's line was strong last week but has been inconsistent. Both teams are athletic and like to get after the passer up front. EDGE: Even

Linebackers: Virginia loves to blitz their linebackers, and the duo of Jon Copper and Clint Sintim (who comes in with 9.5 sacks) live in opponents' backfields. Miami's crew of linebackers prefers roaming sideline to sideline and cleaning up the mess on the other side of scrimmage. They will have to be great in covering Phillips. These are two different styles and two very effective units. Apples and oranges. EDGE: Even

Secondary: Once again, Miami's secondary went untested last week. Virginia will be sure to change that. The nickelback will have to defend the tight end flat pass that maimed the Canes last year. Virginia is led by corners Ras-I Dowling and Vic Hall. EDGE: Virginia

Special Teams: Yannick Reyering is 5-of-8 on field goals for the Cavaliers. Matt Bosher is 12-of-13 for the Canes. Bosher has been great all season, not only in the kicking game but also in the punting game (the occasional shank aside). Virginia's return game lacks a big play threat, while both Travis Benjamin and Thearon Collier are playmakers for the Canes. EDGE: Miami
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Miami (5-3) at Virginia (5-3), 12:00 EST, ESPN GamePlan
Why to watch: Virginia continues to author the most improbable story of the ACC season, upsetting Georgia Tech for its fourth consecutive win. Much like last year, there nothing s3xy about the Cavaliers, who are winning with a solid defense, a power running game, and a limited number of mistakes. Now that the hunter has become the hunted, Virginia will try for the first time to protect its one-game lead in the Coastal Division. Miami remained in the hunt for the division with its 16-10 victory over Wake Forest last weekend. Although the Hurricanes have won three straight, they've looked sloppy at times getting there are hardly a finished product. Besides the obvious desire to move up in the standings, they'd also like to pay back the Cavs for last year's 52-7 loss in the Orange Bowl swan song.
Why Miami might win: While this is not a vintage Hurricane defense, it still ranks No. 15 in the country and has enough talent and speed to shut down the vanilla 'Hoo offense. Virginia averages just 17 points a game and as a team has thrown twice as many interceptions as touchdown passes. Marc Verica has been a nice caretaker since Pete Lalich transferred, but he'll hardly make the Miami secondary quiver. The Cavalier run defense is vulnerable, so expect to see a heavy of Graig Cooper and Javarris James, who's working his way back from an injury.
Why Virginia might win: Cavalier defensive coordinator Bob Pruett has quietly done a terrific job this season. During the four-game winning streak, Virginia has allowed just 12 points a game, collected a dozen sacks, and been burned for just a single touchdown pass. The linebackers have been outstanding, particularly Clint Sintim, who's performing at an All-America level. In comes Miami with one of the most inconsistent offenses in the ACC and sporadic play from freshmen quarterbacks Robert Marve and Jacory Harris. The 'Canes' troubles with the ball will continue against a disciplined defense that makes few mistakes.
Who to watch: Virginia DE Matt Conrath is just a redshirt freshman, but his enormous potential shines through whenever he breaks from the huddle. Second behind Sintim in sacks and tackles for loss, he's got the wingspan of a condor and a non-stop motor, the latter generating comparisons to former Cavalier Chris Long. Down the road, Conrath is going to be a star. For now, he'll still be a nuisance for the Miami tackles.
What will happen: This has all of the makings of a low-scoring defensive scrum that isn't decided until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. In other words, an environment that Virginia knows well. The Cavaliers are playing with the quiet confidence of a team that now feels it can win every game as long as it doesn't have to mount a big comeback. Miami is an ordinary football team, which lacks the offensive execution to rally late or have much success early against an underrated UVa defense.
CFN Prediction: Virginia 22 ... Miami 20 ... Line: Miami -1
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Hurricanes running backs Graig Cooper and Javarris James feel obligated to play as well as their younger teammates on offense.


The University of Miami's talented freshmen quarterbacks and receivers have been the main story during the Hurricanes' three-game winning streak.

That group accounted for seven touchdowns in the three victories, and quarterbacks Robert Marve and Jacory Harris each had a 50-yard rushing game.

But with Graig Cooper fresh heading into the last four games and Javarris James nearing full strength, the Hurricanes' running attack is ready to steal a few headlines as the Canes make a push for a bowl game.

''A lot of people have been keying on our running game, so it gave those guys the opportunity to do their thing,'' James said. ``Now we have a balanced offense. We can do good things in both. But now it's time for the run game to come along finally and for us to get in there and help those young guys out a little bit.''


With James missing four games because of a high ankle sprain, Cooper has been both explosive and consistent while bearing the brunt of the carries.

He leads the Hurricanes with 503 rushing yards and six total touchdowns and is averaging nearly five yards per carry. Those numbers are almost identical to the ones he put up through eight games last year.

The big difference this season is that he feels fresh.

Last season, Cooper got off to a fast start but wore down. During the Canes' four-game losing streak to close last season, Cooper missed one game and rushed for a combined 118 yards with no touchdowns in the other three.

Cooper hit the weight room in the offseason to avoid a similar drop-off this season, and UM coach Randy Shannon has kept a close watch on his number of carries.

''I feel way better than I felt last year,'' Cooper said.


For James, UM's inside bruiser, it's about getting healthy.

In the two games since returning from his injury, James has appeared a bit tentative as the strength of his ankle weighed on his mind.

He said he is finally putting the injury behind him.

''I'm starting not to think about it,'' James said. ``My first week, it was in my mind a lot. I tried not to think about it, but it's something that's hard to overcome. I'm at a point where I don't worry about it no more.''

Saturday's game against Virginia would seemingly offer a good chance for the Hurricanes to get going on the ground. The Cavaliers give up 188.8 passing yards per game, No. 36 in the nation, and 147.9 rushing yards per game, No. 71 in the nation.

But those numbers are a bit deceiving. As the Cavaliers spiraled to a 1-3 start, they were ripped for 208 rushing yards in a 52-7 loss to USC and 382 rushing yards in a 45-10 loss to Connecticut.

As the Cavaliers rebounded to win four games in a row, their run defense has bounced back.

They have held their past four opponents to 3.25 yards per carry.


The Hurricanes also must prepare for Virginia's 3-4 defense and a talented group of linebackers led by Clint Sintim, Jon Copper and Antonio Appleby.

''It's like when you play old-days option football -- it takes time to catch up with the speed and execution,'' Shannon said. ``This 3-4 team you don't see. This conference, Maryland maybe dabbles in it a little bit. But actually running the 3-4, Virginia's the only team that runs it.''

Whether UM must rely on its running game this week against the Cavaliers or another game down the stretch, Cooper and James both said they are ready to grind out yards.

''Winning is all that matters,'' Cooper said. ``We're not selfish. We just keep working, and if a big game comes for the run game, we'll be happy.''
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Strength in numbers
In your opinion, which recruiting class from south Florida will end up being the best – the 2008 class or the 2010 class?

-- Nick from Pennsylvania

Jakhari Gore is one of the top backs in Miami.
Every year, there is a ton of talent in south Florida, and the area's Class of 2010 again will dominate the recruiting scene in the Sunshine State.

Expect 150 to 200 prospects from the Class of 2010 from Dade (Miami), Broward (Ft. Lauderdale) and Palm Beach (West Palm Beach) counties to be playing FBS (i.e., Division I-A) football on Saturdays.

Leading the way at quarterback are Jeffrey Godfrey (Miami Central) and Stephen Morris (Miami Pace). If Godfrey were a tad bigger (he's 5 feet 11 and 167 pounds), he would be a household name. Brandon Doughty (Coconut Creek North Broward Prep), Ryan Williams (Plantation American Heritage) and Ed Sullivan (Boca Raton) are three other quarterbacks to watch.

Running back will be an absolutely loaded position, led by Giovanni Bernard (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas), Eduardo Clements (Miami Washington), Brandon Gainer (Miami Central), Jakhari Gore (Miami Columbus), Ethan Grant (Coconut Creek North Broward Prep), Corvin Lamb (Miami Northwestern) and Cassius McDowell (Deerfield Beach). And there could be up to a dozen more backs who sign.

Chris Dunkley (Royal Palm Beach), De'Joshua Johnson (Pahokee), Ivan McCartney (Miramar), Ted Meline (Davie Westlake Prep) and Willis Wright (Miami Springs) form a strong contingent of big-time receivers.

Two offensive line prospects who stand out at this time are Brandon Linder (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas) and Jose Jose (Miami Washington). If there is a weak position for 2010 from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, it's offensive line.

Lamarcus Joyner is one of the nation's top prospects.
You can't talk about south Florida without talking about defensive backs. Arguably the state's top two prospects overall are safety Matt Elam (Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer) and cornerback Lamarcus Joyner (Miami Southwest). Demar Dorsey (Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson), James Louis (Delray Beach Atlantic), [d]Darren Kitchens[/db] (Homestead) and Demetrius Pettway (Homestead) are among about two dozen more defensive backs who will be playing on Saturdays.

Linebackers Gideon Ajagbe (Miami Random Everglades), Ralph Williams (Miami Gulliver Prep) and Gerald Christian (Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer) will be highly recruited. There are athletic defensive ends in Trevaughn Faircloth (Hollywood South Broward), Delvin Jones (Miami La Salle), Lynden Trail (Miami Washington) and Corey Lemonier (Hialeah). Todd Chandler (Miami Northwestern), if recovered from a knee injury, could emerge as the state's top defensive tackle prospect. And Calvin Smith (Hialeah) could play either defensive tackle or offensive tackle at the next level.

So how will this group stack up to what south Florida produced in 2008? In that class, 126 prospects signed with FBS schools from the three counties. There's no question that the 2010 class will be deeper than what we saw in '08. Thus, the south Florida 2010 class looks like the best group ever from that part of the state.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Junior tight end Dedrick Epps will be returning to his home state this week when UM travels to Charlottesville to face the Cavaliers.

Epps was briefly recruited by Virginia throughout high school and he admits it is motivation to go home and play against his home state team.

This season Epps has established himself as UM's number one tight end option and has caught 14 passes for 146 yards.

In this Q&A Epps discusses last year's Virginia game, what this game means to him, and why the tight ends have not been a focal point of the offense.


Does this game mean a lot to you with the chance to go home and play?

"Yeah, it always feels good to beat a team that recruited you, so it always would feel good to beat them."

Talk about what you remember about last year's Virginia game?

"That was rough. I feel like we let a lot of fans down and the people that played here before."

A lot of people say that you guys quit in that game. What do you say to that?

"Nah, we don't quit, we never quit because we Miami. It was hard after that game because it felt like we let the whole city of Miami down."

Do the players talk much about that game this week?

"The players that have been here and went through it, we know what it felt like after the game and we know we still have that memory, so we have to make a statement and go up there and try and get that back from what they did to us."

Is revenge a good motivation?

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. We know how it feels to have that loss in the OB in the last game there, so we just want to get that game back."

Why have the tight ends not have been involved in the offense as much as past years?

"We have a lot of fast receivers like Travis Benjamin that can go deep. If they can get the job done, I am not a selfish player, so I would rather him take a big one for 60 yards than me take one for ten or 15 yards. It is the players and the way that the plays are drawn up."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- University of Miami sophomore kicker/punter Matt Bosher has been named a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Collegiate Place-Kicker Award given to the nation's top kicker. Bosher is one of 20 semifinalists in contention for the award.

Bosher, who won the local Lou Groza high school Place-Kicker of the Year Award in Palm Beach County in 2004 and 2005, is 12-of-13 in field goal attempts with a career-long of 52 yards already this season for the Hurricanes. He leads the team in scoring with 64 points and has connected on two field goals of 50-plus yards.

The Lou Groza Award is sponsored by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission.

2008 Groza Award semifinalists are: Josh Arauco, Arkansas State; Jason Bondzio, Arizona; Matt Bosher, Miami; Ross Evans, TCU; Graham Gano, Florida State; Sam Glusman, Troy; Ryan Harrison, Air Force; Matt Harmon, Navy; Kevin Kelly, Penn State; Dustin Keys, Virginia Tech; Jose Martinez, UTEP; Pat McAfee, West Virginia; Jonathan Phillips, Florida; Jake Rogers, Cincinnati; Louis Sakoda, Utah; Patrick Shadle, Syracuse; Joshua Shene, Mississippi; Leigh Tiffin, Alabama; Phillip Welch, Wisconsin; Jeff Wolfert, Missouri.

A panel that consists of coaches, other college football officials, former winners and football writers will select three finalists. The Lou Groza Collegiate Place-Kicker Award presented by the FedEx Orange Bowl will be announced on the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards aired on ESPN on Thurs. December 11. The three finalists will be honored at the Lou Groza Awards Banquet at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Tues. December 9.

The award is named in honor of one of the all-time great kickers in Football history, Lou Groza. Groza played 21 seasons for the Cleveland Browns setting numerous franchise records, including most games played, most points scored and an amazing 107 consecutive games in which he scored a point. The 1,608 career points he scored is still a Browns' franchise record, and he ranks third all-time in league. Groza was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1974.
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thank goodness bosher is a sophmore!!!


 9 years ago '05        #4798
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damn i hope theres a stream of the game...i dont wanna listen to don bailey and his lame commentary on wqam
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 Deeangoe said:
damn i hope theres a stream of the game...i dont wanna listen to don bailey and his lame commentary on wqam
hmmm famo its on channel four CBS
 9 years ago '06        #4800
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ohhhhhhhhhh shyt




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