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 01-27-2009, 07:19 PM         #4581
The Lefty  OP
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 madness said:
everyone is praising the whipple hire, some say he's over-qualified for the job.

whipple will be a.ssistant head coach as well....there are some rumblings that shannon may take over the vacant defensive coordinator spot next season in addition to head-coaching duties
Yeah, I heard about that.

And I guess I can say im fine with it.

I've read about this "whiplash" offense Whipple ran at Mass I think it was, and I've also read he runs a pro-style offense. So my question to you guys is what did this "whiplash" offense consist of?
 9 years ago '04        #4582
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- American defensive end Olivier Vernon will begin classes at the University of Miami today.

Vernon finally was cleared to attend classes this semester, which began last Tuesday.

"We were waiting for the NCAA to get my transcripts," Vernon said. "I knew that it was going to be a slow process so I wasn't worried I wouldn't get in."

Vernon will take an English and Algebra class today. When asked if he was excited to be at Miami, he responded, "Yeah, you could say that."

With the addition to Vernon, Miami now has six incoming freshmen that have enrolled this semester including: CB Brandon McGee, RB Mike James, DT Curtis Porter, and OLs Brandon Washington and Jermaine Johnson.

Vernon, the third-best prospect in Miami-Dade County according to, played in the season opener before suffering a season-ending ankle injury, which has varied in severity depending on various reports.

Vernon has stated he had ligament damage, but word out of American circulated that it could have been just a high ankle sprain.

Despite the injury, he expects to participate in spring practices, which are scheduled to begin in late February.

"I plan on being ready for spring practices," Vernon said. "I've done it before and I expect to come back strong. I'm hungrier now. I don't want people to think that I lost it."

As a junior, he registered 52 tackles, 12.5 sacks, and 18 tackles for loss.

ESPN Evaluation: Vernon is a talented and well rounded defensive end prospect. Displays the tools to be a productive player versus the run and pass. He possesses good size. He has a very good get-off. Displays a consistent ability to fire off the ball and be one of the first people moving. He will shoot his hands and can create separation, though needs to be more consistent with his use of his weapons. Displays good strength to be able to hold his ground and at times push a blocker back. He can generate power from his lower body. Displays the ability to move laterally and stretch a play. Displays the ability to slant, plant, re-direct, and get flat. He has good speed and is a solid wrap-up tackler. Plays with a good motor. His ability to get off the ball makes him a dangerous pass rusher. Can fire off the ball, get to the outside shoulder, throw a rip, and turn the corner. His quickness will make opposing tackles quickly kick back and he can counter with quick inside moves. Displays a good understanding of how to attack and defeat blockers in pass rushing situations. Displays a good burst to the ball. Vernon is a good player. If he can add some more bulk and keep his quickness, he has the tools to be a productive and disruptive defender at the college level.
 9 years ago '04        #4583
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Fort Myers tight end Stephen Plein expects to hear that he can enroll for classes this semester at the University of Miami sometime today.

Plein (6-6, 240) says the delay is due to the NCAA looking into classes he took when he lived in Georgia.

He learned he would have to wait to be cleared by the NCAA during the weekend of January 18th.

"I am still waiting on the NCAA to clear it," Plein said. "I was told that by [today] I should have the word and be cleared to go."

Classes for the spring semester at Miami started last Tuesday.

According to Plein, the University of Miami requires that Plein be enrolled in classes by Friday so he can academically participate this semester.

"As long as I find out by Friday, it won't be too late as far as Miami is concerned," Plein said. "I know classes just started last week and that I won't be too late if I start this week."

Plein says the Miami staff has been very supportive throughout this process.

"They have told me to just stay patient and that everything will work itself out," Plein said. "I can't wait to get down there and start my career there. I am just ready to get everything started."

Six players--Mike James, Brandon Washington, Jermaine Johnson, Olivier Vernon, Curtis Porter, and Brandon McGee--have enrolled early already at UM from the class of 2009.

Plein would be the final player who Miami was expecting to enroll for the spring semester.
 9 years ago '04        #4584
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Cleveland (OH) Glenville Academic Campus OL Marcus Hall has spent the last two days reflecting on his Miami visit.

And he says the Canes remain in front.

"Right now I talked it over with my mother and my coach and I like Miami a lot," Hall said. "There are reasons I like Ohio State a lot, too.

"I'm going through and making a real big decision. As far as leaning toward one, I'm leaning towards Miami."

Some naysayers point out that Hall was also leaning toward Michigan after his official visit there. That lasted all of a day before he said the Wolverines were no longer his leader.

"That was a mistake on my part," Hall said. "At Michigan it was a real nice visit. I said a lot of good things about how I felt right after that. But that changed when I sat down and got all the glamour off and looked at the facts."

He says the facts right now are pointing Miami's way.

Both of his finalists will make big push in the next two days. Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel will visit tomorrow night; Randy Shannon will be in his home on Thursday.

"I can't say what will sway me in the end," Hall said. "I'll just go with my gut feeling."

Hall says he did encounter an obstacle when he came home and told his mother he was now favoring Miami.

"She wants me to stay close," Hall said. "She kind of took it hard about how I liked Miami. She was just kind of surprised, I guess, to think I would go so far. That makes it real tough. I can't make everybody happy, but the person I would want to make happy is my mom, because that's the person I'm closest to in all of this."

Hall says of his discussion with his high school coach that "he really told me not to think about what happened on the visit, just the facts. He didn't tell me to choose one way or the other."

And what are the facts?

"Both schools are good," Hall said. "A lot of it was thinking about after football and about life as a whole after football, because there's not a guarantee that everyone will make it in football."
 9 years ago '04        #4585
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Back when new Cane offensive coordinator Mark Whipple was running the "Whiplash Offense" at the University of Massachusetts, where he doubled as head coach and offensive coordinator, one of his standout players was receiver/kick returner Adrian Zullo.

Zullo, a Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas graduate, lives in Broward County. He remains in touch with Whipple, is a huge Canes fan, and says he can't be more excited about UM's new hire.

"I'm excited because I know what he brings to the program," said Zullo, who was at UMass for five years starting in Whipple's first season, 1998. "He loves to air out the ball. With the athletes down here, I'm so psyched. He's the type of coach that can come in and turn the program around in one year."

That's what he did at Massachusetts. Whipple took over the program following a disastrous 2-9 season and immediately led the team to a I-AA national title - the Minutemen defeated Georgia Southern in the title game, 55-43.

"It was the same exact same players as the year before," Zullo said. "We had 18 returning starters, only three different players that started on offense."

So what type of offense does Whipple like to run?

According to Zullo, he's the type of coach that will air it out to help open up big gaps in the running game. As a freshman Zullo was the conference's rookie of the year with 500 receiving yards, and the team also had a 1,500 yard receiver, a tight end with 900 yards, a tailback with 600 receiving yards and a fullback with almost 400 yards.

That year the team ranked No.3 in the nation in offense.

"He airs it out, and when you air it out as much as he did it opens the running game," said Zullo, who also played in the Arena Football League and Canadian Football League. "When Marcel Shipp (that team's tailback who went on to the NFL) finally came into his own, the passing game became that much easier. With Graig Cooper, these new running backs, the passing game will be that much easier at Miami.

"He loves screen passes, draw plays, and he'll call them in situations where you wouldn't think they'd be called, and that's why they're successful. He's been known to do a lot of reverse passes, double reverse passes, swing double passes where a receiver throws down the field. He'll find a way to use what he has."

Zullo remembers the long hours Whipple put in - he'd regularly worked 16 hour days, arriving at the school offices at 5 in the morning. He recalls Whipple recruiting him, saying he'd catch more passes in two or three of his practices than he did in his entire senior high school season.

One thing is for sure: Whipple expects hard work from his players.

"He's a fired-up get-in-your-face type of guy," Zullo said. "If you don't produce for him he'll find someone that will produce for him. He expects the best out of every player."

And it might not be an easy transition for UM's offensive players to the new system. Zullo says Whipple has "a ton of plays" in his offense.

"It was a little difficult, was all memorization for the receivers," Zullo said. "There was no rhyme or reason behind the signal calls compared to the plays. If he called Ricky 77 Shoot - Ricky was the formation and the first 7 was the pass protection and the second 7 was the route the receivers had to run. And that's when you had to remember that route. It was all memorization. He ran his plays off a passing tree - 0 being hitch, 9 being a go, for example.

"He had his basic package and whatever team we were playing we would implement new plays each week. Between his film study and seeing other teams and what they did on defense, he would pick offensive plays and they would work. The guy was a genius with signal calling. It seemed like we were able to score at will when he was there."

Zullo says Whipple preferred to call plays from the sidelines at UMass.

"He liked that because he got a feel for the players," Zullo said. "He just liked to be part of the scene downstairs, but I know he was upstairs in Philadelphia (as offensive a.ssistant with the Eagles last year)."

Zullo says Cane players will quickly take to calling Whipple by his nickname, "Whip."

And Zullo hopes to see Whip's offense putting up lot of points this season.

"It all depends on how much control coach (Randy) Shannon gives him of the offense," Zullo said. "Will Whip will be able to run the offense he ran all his life or will he run a scheme coach Shannon wants to run? I think it'll be an improvement regardless. And we'll be ready for a two-minutes drill, not like that Emerald Bowl game. This team will be ready. That's what he does. He prepares teams to play to the best of their ability."

The bottom line?

"I loved playing for the guy," Zullo said. "I think he's a genius. Me and all my friends here are huge Hurricane fans. We're all excited because we know what he's capable of. No one down here knows him because he's a Northeast guy, has always been in the Northeast.

"I've been a Hurricane fan as long as I can remember, and I want to be a winner down here again."
 9 years ago '04        #4586
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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 Deeangoe said:
i was taking a look at the commitment list and im not seeing alotta local dade players, i understand were looking at another top 10 recruiting class but isnt this why coker got run outta town cuz he decided to stop recruiting locally, should we be worried that a majority of our commitments are not local
Thats because the Dade area isn't as loaded as it was last year. However, next year Dade will be loaded again in talent, we talkin about Jakhari Gore, Jose Jose, and Chandler (i think that's his name) DT from Northwestern.We are however covering the whole state of Florida which is important anyways.
 01-28-2009, 04:31 PM         #4587
Cheeze  OP
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 Cap Peeler said:
Thats because the Dade area isn't as loaded as it was last year. However, next year Dade will be loaded again in talent, we talkin about Jakhari Gore, Jose Jose, and Chandler (i think that's his name) DT from Northwestern.We are however covering the whole state of Florida which is important anyways.
Pretty much. Last year was loaded...ridiculous talent. 2010 will be the yr to recruit heavy in that area w/ the previously mentioned names but I think LaMarcus Joyner is simply insane. His tape is crazy. I read he's leaning to FSU tho.
 9 years ago '04        #4588
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Sheldon Richardson has gone through a long recruiting process, starting with his commitment to Missouri in June before his junior year and with the end now in sight.

His first choice position would be to play tight end but because of his size he talked about the possibility of playing other positions.

"Not the offensive line but the defensive line, I'm open to that possibility just like I'm open to playing tight end," Richardson said.

Richardson is excited to get the process over with no matter who he chooses, but before that happens he will take an official visit to Miami this weekend with many expectations.

"I will be looking for family and good coaches, I have met all of them before except a couple people," Richardson said. "Then it comes down to which recruits and seeing how I'll fit in into the group, the offense, and just being around to see how it is."

Richardson talked about what stands out to him the most about Miami, and then about Missouri and why he has been committed there for so long.

"They didn't quit on recruiting me, I mean I told them I was done with recruiting and Coach Robinson just kept on f!ghting and they earned my official visit." Richardson said. "I have a long-term relationship with Missouri that probably no other recruit has and it's just that I fit in perfect regardless of the position they put me in."

There are lots of people telling Richardson where they think he should go, and he is still thinking hard about his final decision.

"Well my father is just leaving the decision up to me and my mother wants me to stay close to home," Richardson said. "My brother said it depends on what position I want to play, if I want to play tight end I could play tight end in Miami because Miami would be a better fit. I just don't know yet what position I want to play so that's what else makes the decision so hard because my body weight fluctuates up and down."

Richardson had the chance to speak with one of Miami's commitments in the class of 2009, and that commitment let Richardson know why he should head to Coral Gables.

"Bryce Brown told me how spiritual it is, the family and what the program is trying to get back to," Richardson said. "They have the best opportunity, they had the best recruiting class last year, and they're going to have another one with me and him and a couple other guys."

Richardson finished up by saying that he did not know when his final decision would come, and he addressed the rumors about his academic situation.

"I'm all set to go except for the ACT but other than that my grades are fine, I have pretty decent grades," Richardson said.

ESPN Evaluation: There must be something in the water in the heart of the Midwest because they seem to produce some big tight ends. Missouri native Richardson reminds us some of a former tight end prospect from neighboring Kansas, Christian Ballard. Like Ballard, Richardson is a big boy and could project to not only tight end, but also offensive line and defensive line. He is not a bad player in the defensive trenches as he displays good quickness off the ball and the ability to shoot his hands and play the run well. It is not out of the question that he plays defensive tackle in college. He is not a bad tight end though. Displays the tools and size to be a good in-line blocker. He is a good target as a tight end. He has good hands. Will trap the ball at times, but will flash the ability to bring it in with his hands. Will display that defensive mentality when coming off the line and try and swim past defenders to get into his route. A solid route runner he has good speed for a kid his size. Not a kid that will stretch the field, but he can be a tough match-up in the short-to-intermediate passing game. When he catches the ball he is naturally a load to bring down. He is not overly elusive, but has enough athleticism for a big man to run through or in cases shimmy around would-be tacklers. Richardson is a good tight end, but his greatest value is in his size and versatility. If tight end does not work out (and he will likely out grow the position) you know he can still help a team in another spot.
 9 years ago '04        #4589
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St. Stephen (SC) Timberland High School OL Quinton Washington hasn't done many interviews this recruiting season.

But his coach, Art Craig, says three schools have made his final list: Miami, Michigan and South Carolina.

On the field, Washington's play speaks for itself. The 6-foot-4, 300-pounder is rated the nation's No. 8 guard prospect by

Washington is slated to visit UM this weekend.

Just how good is Washington?

"Michigan thinks he'll play for them as a freshman - their coach said he's good enough to play on Sundays," Craig said. "He's physically strong - he benches 400 and squats 600 now. He's a strong sucker.

"His athleticism is what makes him stand out. He can dunk a basketball. His feet are very good. And the thing that helps him is he has a lot of flexibility for a guy his size."

Washington is a four-year starter who came into high school playing tackle before moving to guard this past season.

"We pull a lot, run a multiple offense and he was able to do that," Craig said. "He also played some defensive tackle for us, goal line and short yardage."

Craig, who has coached in the high school ranks for 21 years, says "He's the most celebrated offensive lineman we've ever had here. He's our first All-American. He's the best that I've ever been around."

Washington began getting serious college interest as a sophomore when the team went to the state title game, and he started landing offers from top programs after he made the All-Combine team at the Army All-American Bowl his junior year.

Among those offers were Clemson, Tennessee, Alabama, NC State and North Carolina.

"He got offers from everywhere," Craig said.

Washington ruled out some rural schools just based on their location. His high school is based in the heart of a national forest, and he wants more of a city environment in college.

"If you look on a South Carolina map, you'll see a national forest," Craig said. "Draw a dot in the middle of that and that's our school. We don't really have a town to pull from, but we've had a few guys go to the NFL."

The closest movie theater is a 45-minute drive.

That's something Washington won't be dealing with at the next level.

And a decision on which city and school lands Washington is likely to come within a day or two of Washington's UM visit.

"When he comes back (from Miami) me, him and his dad will sit down and hopefully figure this thing out," Craig said.
 9 years ago '04        #4590
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Valdosta (Ga.) Lowndes cornerback Greg Reid says he won't be able to take an official visit to Miami, but he still lists the Hurricanes in his top four final schools.

Reid, who was committed to Florida until he opened up his recruitment a month ago, has a final four of Miami, Georgia, Florida State, and Alabama.

At this point Reid has taken three official visits and is scheduled to take a visit to Georgia this weekend. If Reid were to visit Miami it would have to be the weekend after signing day, but he doesn't see that as a possibility.

"Miami is straight and I wish I could take a visit down there" Reid said. "Miami is in the mix and I wish I could take a visit, but really right now I kind of want to get the decision over with so I am going to decide on signing day."

"Miami gave me an option to visit on the weekend after signing day, but I don't really want to delay anything. I want to get it over with. This whole thing has been crazy"

Even some of the Miami commits have been in touch with Reid to come down on a visit. Reid says he has talked to Miami commit Dyron Dye, who he met at the Under Armour All American Game, recently about coming down on the visit to UM this weekend together.

"I have talked to Dyron a couple times," Reid said. "He just wants me to come down and visit with him and Ray Ray he says Miami really needs help in the secondary and that I could really be a big a.sset to them. It is good to hear from guys like that, but I don't think I can go down on the visit this week."

Though it appears Reid is not taking an official visit to Miami, he claims that he is legitimately considering the Hurricanes.

"I am still definitely considering Miami even though I am not visiting them," Reid said. "It's Miami and who doesn't want to play for Miami? They have a lot of people in the NFL. I like Miami because great players always come out of there and I like that it is a private school too."

Miami defensive back coach Wesley McGriff has been Reid's primary recruiter during the past couple weeks. According to Reid, he and McGriff have made a quick connection over being from the same area. McGriff grew up in Tift County, Georgia which is roughly 20 miles outside of Valdosta.

"He is from Georgia and we were talking good and we could relate about stuff like being from the same area," Reid said. "He met my mom and she seemed to like him. He just keeps it real. I can say he is a little different from the other coaches who are recruiting me. He understands me a lot because we are from the same area, so there is a little connection."

Reid says he expects to make his college choice on signing day, so what are the key factors he is looking at in his final four schools?

"I want to play early and I want to go to the school that I feel like is the best fit for me for the next three or four years," Reid said. "I definitely want to play early wherever I go though."

Reid was named MVP of the Under Armour Game as he recorded two interceptions. He finished his senior year with 1,242 rushing yards, 234 receiving yards, and scored 16 touchdowns while earning State Player of the Year honors.

ESPN Evaluation: Reid is an explosive, fast-twitch athlete with great speed and rare initial burst. He lacks great size but is well-defined and is physical when playing on either side of the ball. He's a very sudden, decisive runner who reaches top speed within a few steps. Loses little when cutting laterally. Has good vision, finding and hitting small seams and cutback creases very quickly. Lowers his shoulders and will punch it inside hard. Squares up his pads quickly out of his cuts, creating deceptive power. Can break arm tackles. Has good balance, runs low to the ground and never stops his feet on contact. Shows good elusiveness in the open field and great jump-cut ability. Makes defenders miss. Has the lateral quickness to bounce outside and the second gear to pull away when he turns the corner. Has good--but not outstanding--speed on the second level. Appears quicker than fast. Uses his elite closing burst and anticipation skills to close extremely quickly on defense. Excels at jumping underneath routes and breaking under the ball on deep throws. Lacks ideal height, but has great leaping ability and ball skills needed to compete for jump balls. He's a threat in the open field with the ball in his hands. Has great foot quickness and loose hips. Can mirror in off-man coverage and shadow receivers out of their breaks without giving up separation. Transitions very smoothly out of his pedal and flashes excellent recovery speed. Has explosive plant-and-drive ability in run support, and he's a strong, very reliable open-field tackler. Raises his stock to another level with special teams play. Reid might step onto campus without a position as a freshman, but he's a potential two-way player who won't take long to make an impact on the field.
 9 years ago '04        #4591
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Miami k!llian High School RB Lamar Miller will be on Miami's campus this weekend.

It will be his only official visit of the recruiting season.

"I don't know what to expect really," Miller said. "I've been going there a lot, so I know about the school."

He says one thing he does expect is to spend a lot of time with running backs coach Tommie Robinson.

"We have a good relationship," Miller said. "We've been talking a lot. He says what to expect when I come in. He's like another father to me.

"He's talked to me about waking up early for workouts. I just will have to get used to it."

Miller says he spoke recently with coach Micheal Barrow and that either Javarris James or Graig Cooper will be his host.

"They're both real friendly guys; I've met them before," Miller said.

What will Miller say to recruits on the visit with him that aren't Cane commitments?

"I'll tell them that we need help on both sides of the ball and if they want to win a championship that this is where it's at," Miller said.

Miller says, with three tailbacks expected in this class, "I think we can all be really good. I think we can all get carries."

His goals as a freshman?

"Getting some playing time and just helping the team out," Miller said. "I'm going to work hard so I can get some playing time."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami's new starting quarterback Jacory Harris is excited about the hiring of Mark Whipple, who was announced earlier this week as offensive coordinator.

"I'm really excited right now," Harris said. "Whipple is a great guy with an amazing character. I had a chance to meet with him earlier this week when he first came in before they announced that he was here. I saw him in the office and stopped to talk to him. We just sat down and talked about Xs and Os, things like that."

Harris will be the team's starting quarterback in 2009 after Robert Marve was granted his released. Harris started two games during the 2008 season including the Emerald Bowl as he threw for 194 yards and two touchdowns in the loss.

Whipple comes to Miami after spending the 2008 season with the Philadelphia Eagles as an offensive a.ssistant coach and was the quarterbacks coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004-06 where he won a Super Bowl. He also won a I-AA national title as the head coach at Massachusetts in 1998.

So what was the biggest thing Harris noticed when talking to Whipple?

"He wants to win," Harris said. "He's somebody that loves to win and his background shows it. He has championships at every level from the NFL, to the collegiate level, and high school. He's an amazing man."

Harris, who passed for 1,195 yards and 12 touchdowns with seven interceptions as a true freshman last season, is excited about Whipple's success with quarterbacks which includes being instrumental in the development of Steelers Pro-Bowler Ben Roethlisberger and was on the Eagles staff with potential Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb at quarterback.

"That's something new that he brings to the table. Those quarterbacks are guys that have put up big numbers in the NFL and some day I want to be there and I need someone like that to lead me in that direction."

Harris is excited about Whipple, who is busy visiting with a number of top recruits with signing day just six days away.

"Hopefully we get some good guys," Harris said. "We are hoping that each one of the recruits look at it like UM is a home and not just somewhere to play football."

Spring practices are set to begin on February 24 and Harris will be ready.

"I'm really excited for spring practices," Harris said. "Right now I'm trying to stay focused, get bigger, and faster, but spring will be there when it gets there."
 9 years ago '04        #4593
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Offensive lineman Peter White from WashingtonD.C. is a massive presence who stands 6'5" and 330 pounds. He definitely enjoys throwing his weight around while opening holes for his running backs.

"I think the best part of my game as an offensive lineman is probably my run blocking," White said.

The All-American games always give recruits the opportunity to relax and meet other prospects going through the process just like they are.

"I got to play in the Under Armor All-America game a few weeks ago, man was that a lot of fun," White said.

White said that he still has three schools that are under consideration, two of which he has already officially visited, but at this point he does not want to tip his hand.

"I am still considering Maryland, Miami, and Tennessee," White said. "I have taken official visits already to Maryland and Tennessee, those were just great visits."

White talked about all of the different people that think they know what school he should choose in the end.

"Oh yea I have everybody in my ear, my family, friends, teammates coaches," White said. "Some of them are saying Maryland, some of them are saying Tennessee, and some of them are saying Miami"

White knows time is winding down until decision day and the heat is on, but to make sure that he doesn't let the pressure get to him, he will be looking mainly at three factors.

"The most important things to me about the school that I choose are academics, playing time, and family environment," White said.

White went on to talk about what stands out to him about Miami, his thoughts on Coach Hill, and what he is looking forward to on his visit to Miami this weekend.

"What I like about Miami is just that it is a private school," White said. "My relationship with Coach Hill is good, he is just a great guy and when I visit Miami this weekend I am looking forward to seeing the facilities and the academic support."

White had a chance to talk to a couple Cane commitments at the Under Armor All-America game and they talked about why they chose Miami.

"Yea I talked to Dyron Dye and Ray Ray Armstrong, they love Miami and they said they picked it (UM) because it was close to home and they want to bring back the tradition," White said.

White said that he will be making his announcement on national signing day at his school sometime in the morning, but the time has not been decided on yet.
 9 years ago '04        #4594
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Under Armour All American and University of Miami commitment Prince Kent is ready to take his official visit to UM this weekend.

Kent says he has been to Miami multiple times throughout the recruiting process, so he doesn't really have anything he wants to learn about the program, so he is looking to just have fun on the visit.

"I already know a lot about Miami," Kent said. "I know what I need to know about the coaching staff because I have developed a relationship with contacting them on a weekly basis. About two weeks before I committed I had already done some research about Miami, so I feel like I already know now that Miami is the place for me. I know as much about Miami that I already know."

Kent originally had planned to enroll early during this spring semester of school at Miami, but due to a busy schedule he couldn't complete all of his online classes that were required of him to graduate.

"It was just some online classes that I hoped to have wrapped up by now and it took a little longer than I anticipated," Kent said. "I had to take an extra load of classes last semester and I just couldn't finish them all. Now I am just taking half a course load for my final semester."

While at the Under Armour Game earlier this month, Kent says he spent a lot of time with fellow UM commits Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye. When asked about his excitement of the level of talent the Hurricanes are bringing this year, Kent says the talent coming in will make next season interesting for UM fans.

"I think it is going to make for an interesting season," Kent said. "We have a lot of talent coming in. I am just anxious for us to do my thing. I feel like haven't even scratched the surface on how good I can be. I have been playing cornerback just one season--during my junior year. A lot of people don't realize I am still learning. I have the right people that are working with me and I keep getting better. I am not where I need to be yet, but I am going to work to get there."

Kent called his week during the Under Armour All American Game a "learning experience." After the week of practice though Kent says he feels like he is a better player.

"When I first got there I had to get used to the level of play," Kent said. "We finished our season kind of early, so I hadn't had any contact really, so at first it was about getting back with contact. The next two days though I feel like I pretty much shut it down. I realized that could play with guys on that level and I believe in myself that more."

"With whatever I do and whenever I try to get better, my goal first and foremost is to become the best person that I can be. It is just little things like being organized and setting schedules for yourself. I know what I want to do and where I want to go and I understand what it is to get there."

Earlier this week, Kent joined the basketball team at Norcross and he will look to lead the Blue Devils to their third straight state title.

"Basketball helps me with my footwork and hips and guarding guys on the perimeter helps me," Kent said. "My primary goal is to just help the team defensively wherever I can from shooting guard to center. I have won two state championships with the team already and now I want to win my third."
 9 years ago '04        #4595
madness 14 heat pts14
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props to everyone
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Jamal Reid had been considering Mississippi State following his mid-week visit to Starkville. That's over now following his visit to Coral Gables this weekend.

Toured around the school and city by safety JoJo Nicolas, the local grown talent Nicolas made sure that Reid left convinced that Miami is the place he wants to be.

"I had been considering Mississippi State, but that's over now," Reid said. "Miami is the place for me. The trip was great, better than expected. I am solid on Miami."

Reid said that when he met with Randy Shannon the talk was about safety and corner. Talks of Reid possibly playing wide receiver have simmered down a bit even though he had more than 1,200 yards receiving as a senior. The Mayo, Florida, native is looking at playing one of the two defensive back positions, although he said he prefers safety.

"I feel more comfortable at safety," Reid said.

Reid also got a chance to get to know the recruits on the visit with him, but he already knew four of them from playing with them in the UnderArmour All-American Game, including Ray Ray Amrstrong, Dyron Dye, Prince Kent and Peter White.

Said specifically Armstrong and Dye, "Those are some crazy guys. They are a lot of fun to be around."

Reid comes from a real small town in comparison to Miami, but said the adjustment shouldn't be too difficult for him.

"I come from a small turkey town," Reid said. "It's like another world down here, but I will be fine. I'll be ready."

And the experience of playing in the UnderArmour Game still is in his mind giving him the confidence to believe that even though he played smaller schools in high school, he has the ability and the talent to compete at the highest level.

"That was a great experience," Reid said. "It gave me a lot of confidence. I am ready."
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Sheldon Richardson's flight home will be one with a lot of thought. The tight end just finished his visit to Miami and we caught up with him as he was sitting on the plane getting ready for his flight back home to make a final decision: Missouri, the school he committed to quite some time ago, and Miami, the school that's pushing hard and has never stopped trying to recruit him.

Richardson was still a Missouri commitment before arriving in Coral Gables this weekend, but he's having a serious change of heart. He wouldn't even call himself a Mizzou commitment anymore while sitting on the plane home.

His trip to Miami was fantastic and he's really wondering what the right decision is. Go with Mizzou or Miami? Tough choice, but he'll make that official decision on signing day Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. Missouri time.

"Oh yeah, it did, it did, it did," Richardson said of the visit being even better than expected. "Man I had a blast. I don't know no more. Everything is up in the air now."

He will go home today and sit down and talk with his parents and again make the decision on signing day. He said his phone is being turned off tonight so that nobody contacts him anymore.

"My phone is going to be off. We are just going to have to wait until signing. I have to talk it over with my folks. Richard Gordon showed me a good time, just showed me around, went to a couple of parties and that's about it," Richardson said.

But it may have been the head man himself, Randy Shannon, who put it over the top for Richardson when it comes down to making his decision.

"Yeah, that was cool. That was real nice meeting coach Shannon, he seems real cool laid back and respectful," Richardson said.

Richardson said that his conversation with Shannon was all about playing tight end.

"Yeah, it's all tight end," Richardson said.

And he knows that playing time will be available with Dedrick Epps out for quite some time with a torn ACL.

"Yeah, I know (playing time is there)," Richardson said.

But it's all UM and UM, Mizzou vs. Miami. It's been quite some time since Miami had to battle a Big 12 team for a recruit, but this could be a huge pick up at a position of need.

"We are just going to have to see on signing day which ever letter of intent I signed," Richardson said. "I'll probably have two hats with me or just my letter of intent to both schools and sign the one I want, but I won't be in school until 11:30 a.m. when it's time to sign," Richardson said.

Other Recruits

Richardson said he had the chance to talk to a lot of different recruits that are not committed, including Peter White, Quinton Washington, Andrew Tiller and others who remain up in the air like him.

"Yeah, I talked to all the guys on the fence. It's a big decision and they ain't rushing into nothing. They are going to talk to their folks too."
 02-01-2009, 10:02 PM         #4598
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I sure hope we can get this dude...
 9 years ago '05        #4599
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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read that marcus hall committed to the suckeyes
 02-03-2009, 06:08 PM         #4600
The Lefty  OP
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Any news on Richardson??


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