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 10 years ago '04        #4481
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Quarterback Jacory Harris has officially been named Miami's starter for the Emerald Bowl against California on December 27.

Harris has played in all twelve games for Miami this season and while completing 60 percent of his passes with ten touchdowns and six interceptions.

As a leader of the offense, offensive lineman Jason Fox discussed what Harris being named the starter means for the team.

Does Fox think Harris is ready for the challenge of being UM's starting quarterback in the bowl game?

"Definitely, Jacory is that type of competitor and he is a good quarterback," Fox said. "He comes to work every day and he comes to get better every day. I am glad to have him back behind center."

"We are used to Jacory and there won't be any difference. He has played just as much as any other quarterback has played on our team this year."

Harris has played well during two games in particular for Miami this season. He is largely responsible for pulling out comeback wins at Duke and Virginia.

In those games Harris went 30-of-49 for 345 yards with six touchdowns and two interceptions.

"He is still improving, but he does a lot of things well," Fox said. "He reads defenses well, especially for as young as he is. He is a little bit of a playmaker. He doesn't make bad throws, so he is a good quarterback."

Fox wouldn't comment on how the team is dealing with the suspension of Robert Marve. He said all he wanted to focus on right now is supporting Harris as much as he can before the Emerald Bowl.

"Jacory is our guy and we are going to go out and play as hard as we can with him."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami coach Randy Shannon announced following Thursday's practice Jacory Harris would be Miami's starting quarterback in the Emerald Bowl.

Shannon announced starting quarterback Robert Marve was suspended for "a violation of team rules" and wouldn't comment further than that.

The suspension is a one game suspension and Marve will not be able to be with the team in San Francisco as they prepare for the Emerald Bowl.

When asked if Marve's suspension was academically related Shannon responded, "I can't comment on academics."

"You are always disappointed in players when a violation of team rules occur, but you know what? You team them and they learn from it and he'll bounce back and keep going," Shannon said.

With Harris as the starter and Marve unavailable to play, backup quarterbacks Jake Byrne and Matt Perrelli. Freshmen quarterbacks Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith are unavailable because they are redshirting.

Harris has played in every game for Miami this season. Shannon said he does not expect to rotate any quarterbacks and for Harris to play the entire game.

"He should play the whole game," Shannon said of Harris' playing time. "There won't be a rotation or anything like that."

Harris has been a backup for the majority of the season, but he is responsible for two of Miami's comeback wins at Virginia and Duke.

Harris has played in every game this season for Miami and completed 60 percent of his passes for 1,001 yards with ten touchdowns and six interceptions. Shannon said this is a major example of why he played Harris the entire season.

"That is one thing that is unique about our situation in playing two quarterbacks. Now when this situation occurs, you have injuries or a violation of team rules, you have the other guy ready to go."

"It is no different from what [Jacory] has done all season long. He played all season long in a lot of games and a lot of tough situations."

Harris started Miami's first game of the season against Charleston Southern and finished that game going 16-of-26 for 190 yards and one touchdown. Harris led Miami to a 52-7 win in that game.

"At the beginning of the season, Jacory responded," Shannon said. "Now we are at the end of the season and he will respond even better."
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Quarterback Robert Marve was suspended from the team Thursday and will miss the Emerald Bowl due to academic problems, problems that could be far more reaching than simply missing the Emerald Bowl.

At the same time, what does this mean to the future of the University of Miami football team? What does it mean right now? What does it mean next year? And after that?

This suspension could change a lot of things, the way Randy Shannon recruits, the way the team runs its offense and who knows what else.

There are so many questions now that are floating around that need to be answered so where do we begin?

What does Marve's suspension mean immediately in terms of the Emerald Bowl?

To begin with, it makes Jacory Harris the starter. It also makes players who never sniff the field Matt Perrelli and Jake Byrne the backups. Does it matter which one is the second team quarterback and which is the third team quarterback. If either of them have to play in the Emerald Bowl it means Harris got hurt and the 'Canes are in some serious trouble especially if it's an injury early in the game.

If Harris was to get hurt early, the 'Canes would stand zero chance of beating Cal in the Emerald Bowl. So basically, Harris can't get hurt. If he gets hurt, it won't be pretty.

Beyond the bowl game and into the Spring, what is Marve's status. If he's academically ineligible then he would naturally be ineligible to practice in the Spring. When you are ineligible you can't practice either. It's the same reason he was excused from practice Thursday.

If he's ineligible to practice in the Spring he can pretty much hang up any chance of starting in the future as long as Harris remains and does the job.

What does Marve's suspension mean long term?

To begin with it means Miami better start recruiting a quarterback for the Class of 2009 because it looks more and more likely that Marve won't be coming back to Miami no matter what his father says. It would be stunning if Marve doesn't transfer.

Class of 2009 recruit A.J. Highsmith may be a quarterback in high school, but he's constantly been projected as a defensive back. He also doesn't have a prototypical quarterback build so one would prefer not to let the future of the University of Miami lie in the hands of someone who is not even projected to play the position.

Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook redshirted this year so they will obviously be back ups, but the 'Canes really need to recruit a quarterback in this class, a legit quarterback. At the same time, it would need to be a player they will definitely be able to redshirt.

That would put some separation between Harris and that player. No one truly views Smith who isn't even six-foot tall as a starter at UM at any point in career. Cook remains the question. He could be a stud. He's a big guy and has a good arm, but no one really knows what he can do.

But again, if Harris gets hurt one of those two will be thrust into the lineup. There is no telling who it will be, but the key remains Harris staying healthy if Marve does decide to transfer.
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KiNgJaMeS305|M 58 heat pts58
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anyone watching the northwestern vs seminole game?

its 21-0 NW in the 1st quarter, but debose looks real fast
 10 years ago '04        #4485
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Graig Cooper will be back next year.

Cooper, a sophomore running back who is eligible to leave early for the NFL Draft, has rushed for 778 yards and has scored a team-high six touchdowns.

Coach Randy Shannon advised Cooper along with juniors Javarris James and Jason Fox to send in their paperwork to the NFL advisory committed, but Cooper did not return his papers.

"I filled it out, but I didn't turn it in," Cooper said. "I don't have any plans to leave. I don't care where I would be this year. I just want to win this bowl game and get ready for next year."

Cooper is eligible for the NFL Draft because he has been out of high school for three years. He attended Milford Academy before arriving at Miami.

"I hadn't even been thinking about it at all," Cooper said.

In two seasons at UM, Cooper has rushed for 1,460 yards and eight touchdowns while averaging 5.1 yards a carry. He also has scored two receiving touchdowns and returned a punt for a touchdown.

Cooper is looking to help lead the Hurricanes in the Emerald Bowl against California on December 27.

"They are real physical," Cooper said. "They are real good. We have to come to play."

Miami, who enters the game with a 7-5 record, will practice in Coral Gables on Saturday before a light practice Sunday. Then, they will fly to San Francisco on Monday morning.

"It's been real good," Cooper said. "We've just been practicing hard, doing what we have to do, lifting hard, just trying to win this last game going into next season."

Miami has lost two straight games to end the regular season, but a bowl appearance is a positive after a 5-7 season in Cooper's first year.

"We didn't reach all of our goal as a team, but we still got time. We just have to keep working," Cooper said.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- With only one practice left before the University of Miami leaves for San Francisco and the Emerald Bowl on Monday morning, coach Randy Shannon met with the media following Saturday's practice for the final time in Coral Gables.

Sunday's practice is closed and there will be no interviews granted.

Shannon point out that kind of team that Cal is.

"Very physical team. Very physical on offense. Defensively they have great linebackers and are very active and like to chase the football and do a lot of great things," Shannon said.

The scary thing about California that the 'Canes have to figure out is how to stop the run after being gutted by Georgia Tech and N.C. State in the final two regular season games. Against Cal, they present the biggest challenge because of running back Jahvid Best who is averaging eight yards per carry and has rushed for nearly 1,400 yards.

"He's explosive. Very physical guy when he gets in the open field he can make things happen. They do a good job running the football," Shannon said.

One of the main guys who will have to step up to support the run is Anthony Redd*ck who was second the team in tackles this season with 65.

Shannon has been happy with the play of his senior because of what he's overcome just to be on the field having undergone two ACL surgeries and not having played in two years.

"He did well coming off two years of not playing football. He was very competitive and at times he showed he was sore a little bit," Shannon said of Redd*ck.

Naturally, the freshmen class has also provided a great spark for the team over the season. Shannon made comparisons of this class to the class that included five future pros who started the 'Canes resurgence in the late 90s.

"From the beginning of the season you could tell they (the freshman class) was very young, they wouldn't run the right routes and do certain things and stuff like that, but as time went on with a lot of playing and a lot of reps, they started getting used to it. They started to see the growth of it. The more they grow the better a football team we'll be," Shannon said.

Shannon also talked about if they have a chance to be a championship class and the best ever.

"They have a chance to. The year we recruited Santana, Dan, Damione Lewis, Reggie, I think Edward Reed was in that class and some other guys was in that class they were a very exciting class to watch grow," Shannon said.

One of the nuances of the Emerald Bowl that you don't see very often is that both teams are on the same sideline making running on the field as a substitution a far longer run, but that the officials slow the game down to allow the subs to get on the field.

"When I was with the Dolphins a preseason game with Green Bay we were on the same sideline. It won't be a fast paced game because the officials will allow the players to get on the field. That won't be happening in that type of game," Shannon said. "There won't be a hurry up situation because the officials know you have to come from the other side of the ball. If the ball is on the 10 or 20 yard line and your bench is on the other side, there is no way, they allow you get on the field."

Shannon also said the bowl game being a road game essentially means nothing.

"Bowl times are different. Bowl times whoever executes and make plays those are the teams that win," Shannon said.

Players Suspended

Shannon told the media Saturday that there are three more suspensions per violations of team rules. These players would not travel to the Emerald Bowl: Trevaris Johnson, Richard Gordon and Jordan Futch.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- For Anthony Redd*ck it could be his last hurrah. Although he's petitioning for a sixth year due to missing two years of football due to ACL injuries, it could be Redd*ck's final game when the 'Canes face Cal in the Emerald Bowl this Saturday in San Francisco.

He definitely wants to go out with a bang if it's his last hurrah, but he also wants to soak it in a great deal visiting a city he's never been to.

"It's my first time. It's going to be a business trip and fun trip," Redd*ck said. "I don't know. I hear it's fun, big different, laid back, just different. That's going to be the fun thing about it. It's going to be something different."

But the game is extremely important to Redd*ck.

"It's like the national championship to me. I want to go out as a winner," Redd*ck said.

After having missed two years of football, Redd*ck stepped in this year and started 11 of 12 games this year finishing second on the team in tackles with 65. He had his ups and downs, but coach Randy Shannon is proud of the way Redd*ck played this year and the way he's carried himself.

"He did well coming off two years of not playing football. He was very competitive and at times he showed he was sore a little bit," Shannon said of Redd*ck.

Redd*ck has another reason to be excited. His alma mater came away with its second straight Class 5A state championship as St. Thomas slaughtered Lakeland 56-7 Friday night.

Yeah, of course," Redd*ck said of his happiness that St. Thomas beat Lakeland. "Lakeland had been getting the best of it. It changed. We took it out on them (Friday). There are more big things to come out of St. Thomas. I just found out. I kind of bragged to the Northwestern players. We always argue about that in the locker room. It's a good thing to have two big time programs in South Florida who make it this far."

Redd*ck also has an appreciation for his young teammates, many of who are from Northwestern which won the National Championship last year.

"All the freshmen know how to win. That's all they know how to win. All of them walk around and are proud of what they've accomplished," Redd*ck said. "They just bust their butt and do what the coaches tell them to do."

His teammates appreciate him too for what he's gone through.

"Everything he's been through, to just come back and even be playing at the speed he's going at is unbelievable," Hill said. "He's been a motivation to me. If you can go through what he's gone through and still go strong, it tells me that I also have a lot to work toward."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The last time the University of Miami football team took the field against N.C. State, freshman wide receiver Aldarius Johnson was left in Coral Gables to watch the game on television after being suspended for violating team rules.

Watching the game, he realized he could have made a difference had he been with the team. Being the team's leading receiver him not being there surely made a difference in the passing game.

He vows that will never happen again and that he's learned from his mistake.

"I know now that I am a big part of this team and I really seen that I could help the team so it won't ever happen again," Johnson said.

That being said, he's very excited for the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl against California next Saturday.

'It feels great to go out to San Francisco and be a part of the team and be with the team. It's really big for us cause it's going to tell us where we are going into next season so it's really a big game for us and the seniors to go out with a victory," Johnson said.

Johnson will definitely be able to take advantage of one new quirk to the 'Canes lineup and that's with former high school teammate and quarterback Jacory Harris starting the game in place of a suspended Robert Marve.

Harris will get the full sixty minutes and Johnson knows that will make a huge difference in the way Harris plays.

"It's going to be pretty good having him play the whole game. That will let him get comfortable to show what he knows and everything, but it's going to be real fun cause we played together for two years in high school," Johnson said.

In all of Johnson's recruiting travels while in high school San Francisco is one place that's he never been and he's looking forward to seeing a new place while also coming back to Coral Gables with a bowl victory.

"I've never been there," Johnson said.

But he's looking forward to the 'Canes trip to Alcatraz which the team will be visiting while out West.

"Yeah that will be a pretty good thing. I think we take a boat or something and it's in the ocean so I think it will be pretty good to go out there," Johnson said. "It's my first time cause I've never been there so I am looking forward to having a nice time."

After starting the season 7-3, the 'Canes are going into their bowl game having lost the last two and trying to avoid a three-game losing streak to finish the season that just a month ago looked like an ACC Championship was a possibility along with an Orange Bowl berth.

Finishing 8-5 certainly looks much more appealing than 7-6 not only to recruits, but to the returning players who want to build off the win going into the Spring. With a team full of young players it's important to finish strong against a good Cal team rather than collapsing the final three games of the season.

"It's real big tells us where we are going to be it and to come off a win and to the Spring and the Summer to have a good time and work on what we need to work on to be better," Johnson said.
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gotdamn.. now Miami jacking our recruits

I can't blame the kid but here y'all n*ggas go... still respect Da U... 2 time AU signee but never got in

The Hurricanes landed a big commitment from four-star offensive line prospect Jermaine Johnson on Tuesday night. Who is he? What does he bring to the table? What's his background like? has all of those answers and some funny stories Johnson shares.

Jermaine Johnson is Miami's newest commitment. While that part is definitely known, the uncertain part of whether Johnson will enroll at the school in January or in August. He's waiting on the NCAA Clearinghouse to tell him that much.

Lets get to know Johnson a little better since information on him and his recruitment has been somewhat limited.

"I actually grew up playing basketball," Johnson said. "That's what I did growing up and that's what I thought I always wanted to do. Then in the spring before my senior season, the football coaches asked me to come out to play football. I gave it a try and started to really like it."

Johnson was a little further behind from a technical standpoint at that time but he credits his coaches for his development.

"We had great coaches at St. Thomas and they helped me a lot," he said. "I was able to go out and have a good year. I had only played one year of football and I was already getting scholarships to play football in college. It was crazy."

When you're 6-foot-5, 300 pounds, and you have long arms and quick feet like Johnson, that's not too uncommon.

"I looked at Mississippi State some but I signed with Auburn," he said. "I wasn't able to enroll there in the fall so I ended up going to Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia."

That's where the stories began. To save time, I'll give a short version.

"First off, let me tell you, Hargrave was great for me. Since I had only played one year at St. Thomas, I went there not really knowing a whole lot about how to play on the offensive line. I'll tell you how I learned -- by going up against guys like Quinton Coples and Leon Mackey every day. Those guys were great players, great pass rushers, and I learned a lot just by going up against them a lot. My feet got better and I learned how to use my hands and how to position and work my feet better. The challenges those guys gave me helped make me the lineman I am today. From that standpoint, it was great. But, on the otherhand, the 'Grave is a different place. It's out in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. I remember one day me and a couple guys were walking out to the practice field at night. It was pitch black dark and we heard something moving around in the bushes. When we saw that it was a bear, we ran like we never ran before. I think I'm a pretty fast guy for someone my size. I can run a 5.0. I'm telling you, that night, I ran a 4.5. It was crazy. We have a lot of great memories from that place and it was a great experience for us."

Johnson played right tackle in high school but says he's willing and capable of playing anywhere along the line.

"I'm not one of these kids that say they're a left tackle or a right guard or anything like that," he said. "It doesn't matter to me -- left tackle, right guard, center, I don't give a damn. I just like playing and I wanna be out there doing it. I played all over the line at Hargrave so I got the experience of playing all the different positions. The thing about playing more than one position is that I got more confident in my game. So when I get to Miami, it doesn't really matter where they put me. I'll accept the challenge and get to work learning what I need to do."

After playing the 2007 season at Hargrave, Johnson sat out this season while he focused on getting his grades right.

"It was real tough not being able to play this season," he said. "I wasn't liking it at all. But I was able to stay in shape pretty good. My weight right now is 308 and that's about where I wanted it to be so that's good."

When Johnson took his official visit to Miami this past weekend, he had a chance to spend a lot of time with the other two visitors on campus -- Brandon Washington and William Campbell.

"Those guys are straight," he said. "They're both huge. Brandon had the same thing happen to him with having to go to a prep school. He said he went to Milford. He didn't like it there either but like we were saying to each other, to make it to the league, you gotta do anything it takes. For us, we didn't wanna go there but we went, learned from it, enjoyed our experience, and now it's time to move on and start getting ready for the next part of our lives. I like Brandon, he seems cool. He's from Miami so the visit wasn't real different to him but it was for William Campbell. I was talking to him about it and he was saying how much different Miami is from Michigan. We were out on South Beach and he kept saying that he hadn't seen anything like that before. He said he didn't know Miami was like that. We were kinda worried that it might get boring since the exams are over and there weren't many people around but that's Miami. You can have fun at any time of the year. I hope Big Will comes. He told me he had a great time and I hope he liked it enough to come back down to go school here with us."

Johnson is excited about the future of the Miami program.

"I think Coach Shannon's doing a great job," he said. "They were real young this year and they'll be a lot better next year. They got a lot of good players at other positions and that's why they're bringing in a lot of linemen now. They're trying to get another kid I knew, Bobby Massie. The high school team at Hargrave played against his team when I was there. I'd love to see him come down too. I know there are great things ahead for Miami and I'm real excited that I'm gonna be a part of it all."

... huge pickup for UM... AU fans were a little salty he jumped ship considering we have stuck with him since 2007

:wow: at being a 5 star after 1 year of football
 12-24-2008, 10:51 AM         #4490
Cheeze  OP
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 UknowWhatItIs said:
I remember one day me and a couple guys were walking out to the practice field at night. It was pitch black dark and we heard something moving around in the bushes. When we saw that it was a bear, we ran like we never ran before. I think I'm a pretty fast guy for someone my size. I can run a 5.0. I'm telling you, that night, I ran a 4.5.
That sh*t is just too funny a fu*kin bear

 UknowWhatItIs said:
... huge pickup for UM... AU fans were a little salty he jumped ship considering we have stuck with him since 2007

:wow: at being a 5 star after 1 year of football
I would be salty too after hanging onto a kid so long and then he just jumps. It is what it is tho. Been hearing about this possibility for awhile but heard academics were the problem. Hopefully he gets cleared and comes in early. That o-line we gettin is gonna be young but very good in a couple years I think.
 10 years ago '04        #4491
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 JNyiri77 said:
I would be salty too after hanging onto a kid so long and then he just jumps. It is what it is tho. Been hearing about this possibility for awhile but heard academics were the problem. Hopefully he gets cleared and comes in early. That o-line we gettin is gonna be young but very good in a couple years I think.
Yea I think he was real close to Eddie Gran (AU's former South Florida recruiter), so when the whole staff was fired he was like fuk that I'm going to Miami

He was a 5 star in 07 and 08
 10 years ago '04        #4492
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McNeal, Adderley, Redd*ck leaving Hurricanes
Associated Press

Updated: December 28, 2008, 5:00 PM ET
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Running back Shawnbrey McNeal and tight end Daniel Adderley will be granted releases by Miami to transfer to other schools.

ACC blog's Heather Dinich writes about all things ACC in her conference blog.

• Blog network

Miami coach Randy Shannon said Sunday he isn't sure which schools the players will chose. McNeal, who has an ailing mother and a small child to take care of in his native Texas, is thought to be considering enrolling at TCU.

McNeal's decision to leave was a difficult one, Shannon said.

"He came to me about two or three weeks ago and said he's got some real family problems and feels like he needs to go back home and be closer with his mom," Shannon said. "I think that's been really bothering him because his mom isn't doing very well."

Adderley likely will return to South Carolina, his home state, Shannon said.

McNeal had 13 carries for 62 yards and two touchdowns in seven games this season. Adderley did not record any stats.

Also on Sunday, Shannon said defensive back Anthony Redd*ck -- who could have sought to play one more season at Miami if he wanted after missing last year with a knee injury, something that plagued him during his five years with the Hurricanes -- will leave with hopes of playing in the NFL next season.

Redd*ck appeared in all 13 games this season, starting 11, and finished with 67 tackles, second-best on the team behind sixth-year senior linebacker Glenn Cook's 76.

Miami (7-6) finished the season with a 24-17 loss to California in the Emerald Bowl on Saturday night.

Redd*ck could be the only Miami player to leave for the NFL with eligibility remaining this season.

Running backs Graig Cooper and Javarris James, along with offensive lineman Jason Fox, all planned to ask the NFL for their potential draft status.

Cooper chose not to send in the paperwork and both James and Fox have said they will be back with the Hurricanes next season.

Copyright 2008 by The a.ssociated Press
 10 years ago '04        #4493
madness 16 heat pts16
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so long patrick nix!!:dancingcool:
 10 years ago '04        #4494
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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Nix ousted as UM offensive coordinator

University of Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix was dismissed on Monday. ANDREW ULOZA
Related Content
Blog | Nix wanted to open offense up BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN AND BARRY JACKSON

University of Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix was dismissed Monday after a season in which the Hurricanes finished 89th in the nation in total offense and had problems with clock management -- most recently in the Emerald Bowl.

Nix, who spent two years in the job, said he wanted to run a more wide-open offense than coach Randy Shannon allowed.

When asked if he was fired, Nix told The Miami Herald in a phone interview, ``Yes, it's true. No sense in being sorry at all. I'm really thankful for this opportunity to have been here, really thankful to coach Shannon, really thankful to president [Donna] Shalala and [athletic director] Kirby Hocutt for their support.

``But there were obvious philosophical differences between coach Shannon and I in offense. I wanted to be a little bit more wide open -- no-huddle, spread out, go for it. And he wanted to be more two-back, conservative. It was a fine line in trying to balance the two. And not that one is better than the other, it's just a different philosophy. Both ways can win, just different philosophies.''

Nix then added, ``Coach Shannon did not fire me. God closed the door and there will be another open for me down the road.''

UM confirmed Nix's ouster, and there was no word on who might replace him.

Shannon defended Nix publicly after the season, but Nix was heavily criticized by fans because of an offense that was inconsistent.

The Hurricanes averaged 326 yards per game this season -- ahead of only 30 other Football Bowl Subdivision schools. UM ranked 52nd of 119 schools in scoring, at 27 points per game.

Before Shannon hired him in January 2007, Nix spent three seasons as Georgia Tech's offensive coordinator, but only one in which he called the plays. He also previously served as head coach at Henderson State in Arkansas.

Nix was not Shannon's first choice at the time of his hiring, sources said. Shannon had interest in hiring former Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter, but he took a job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Minnesota Vikings quarterback coach Kevin Rogers also has attracted Shannon's interest in the past.

One potential candidate, Gus Malzahn, is off the market. Malzahn left Tulsa on Sunday to take the coordinator's job with Auburn. Nix also had been considered for the offensive coordinator job at Auburn, where Nix was a quarterback.

But Nix previously told one UM recruit that he would have considered going to Auburn only for the head coaching job, which he interviewed for in December. That job went to former Iowa State coach Gene Chizik.

Several times this season, UM had problems with clock management at the end of the first half or at the end of games. Those problems resurfaced in Saturday's 24-17 loss in the Emerald Bowl, when UM squandered valuable time on its final possession .

TV cameras showed Shannon approaching Nix late in the game, but Nix not responding. Shannon then called a timeout with 12 seconds left, although the clock already was stopped.

UM quarterback Robert Marve, who had a good relationship with Nix, also is expected to leave the program. Florida, Tennessee and LSU are among the top options for Marve.

The father of quarterback Jacory Harris said his son was disappointed to learn of Nix's firing. ''He said he felt real bad for coach Nix, but he understands this is all part of what big-time football is about,'' Rodney Harris said.

``I know the one thing Jacory would like for whoever the next coordinator is, is to see the offense open it up a bit more. He likes the spread, he likes throwing the football. He wants to attack more.''

Miami Herald sportswriter Manny Navarro contributed to this report.

alright who are we lookin at right now? are we still going after the Tulsa OC?
 10 years ago '04        #4495
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- A number of seniors have finished their careers at Miami following Saturday's loss to California in the Emerald Bowl.

We will continue to update this list throughout the off-season so be sure to check back as players are leaving.

Not on this list are seniors Randy Phillips and Eric Moncur, who are applying for medical redshirts to the NCAA.

************************************************** **************

Note: Career stats listed


RB Derron Thomas (Edgard, La.) - Graduation
139 carries, 620 yards, 2 touchdowns, 8 receptions, 63 yards in 43 games, 1 start

RB Shawnbrey McNeal (Dallas, Texas) - Transfer
33 carries, 152 yards, 3 touchdowns, 199 kickoff return yards in 14 games

FB Eric Houston (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
6 tackles in 35 games

WR Kayne Farquharson (Homestead, Fla.) - Graduation
27 receptions, 355 yards, 4 touchdowns in 22 games, 5 starts

WR Khalil Jones (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
12 receptions, 135 yards in 43 games, 8 starts

TE Chris Zellner (Sarasota, Fla.) - Graduation
36 receptions, 236 yards, 4 touchdowns, 1 defensive touchdown in 46 games, 24 starts

TE Daniel Adderley (Simpsonville, S.C.) - Transfer
Did not appear in a game

OL Chris Rutledge (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
41 games, 20 starts

OL Reggie Youngblood (Houston, Texas) - Graduation
39 games, 19 starts

OL Xavier Shannon (Coral Gables, Fla.) - Graduation
13 games, 13 starts

OL Tyrone Byrd (Sugar Land, Texas) - Graduation
22 games, 1 start

************************************************** **************


DT Antonio Dixon (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
62 tackles, 8.5 for loss, 2.5 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 1 pass breakup in 40 games, 10 starts

DT Dwayne Hendricks (Millville, N.J.) - Graduation
57 tackles, 5.5 for loss, 2.5 sacks, 2 pass breakups in 33 games, 14 starts

LB Glenn Cook (Hollywood, Fla.) - Graduation
185 tackles, 23.5 for loss, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 5 pass breakups, 2 touchdowns in 47 games, 27 starts

LB Romeo Davis (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
100 tackles, 11 for loss, 1 forced fumble, 2 pass breakups in 42 games, 16 starts

LB Spencer Adkins (Naples, Fla.) - Graduation
75 tackles, 10 for loss, 5 sacks, 1 interception in 32 games, 5 starts

CB Bruce Johnson (Live Oak, Fla.) - Graduation
70 tackles, 3.5 for loss, 2 fumble recoveries, 14 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, 341 kickoff return yards, 186 punt return yards in 43 games, 23 starts

CB Carlos Armour (Memphis, Tenn.) - Graduation
49 tackles, 4 pass breakups in 32 games, 4 starts

S Anthony Redd*ck (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) - Graduation
147 tackles, 3 for loss, 1 forced fumble, 4 pass breakups, 1 interception in 31 games, 18 starts

S Lovon Ponder (Miami, Fla.) - Graduation
103 tackles, 3 for loss, 5 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries, 13 pass breakups, 4 interceptions, 1 touchdown pass in 43 games, 13 starts
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After spending a semester at Milfor Prep School, Brandon Washington is glad to finally be a Hurricane.

Read here to see what Washington had to say about Miami's season, his chances of playing next season, what he improved at Milford and more.

************************************************** *******************

First off does it feel good that you will officially be a Miami Hurricane in a few weeks after a few bumps in the road?

"It feels good to be going in and coming from the prep school I was in. There wasn't anything good about prep school, it was actually hell and I am excited about finally coming to Miami. I am ready to get my career on a roll and contribute to the team. I am ready to get my job done and start and make my family happy."

"I was watching most of the Miami games and I can see that they needed help at my position. I wondered at times why I had to come to prep school cause I thought I could get playing time as a freshman and be a starter for my sophomore year. Now I am just ready to come and get my job done."

So you feel like you could have played as a freshman?

"I absolutely could have played right away I think. With my athleticism and playing ability I could have played guard or tackle I feel and the UM coaches say that they still don't know if I will play guard or tackle right now."

What area of your game did you improve the most while at Milford?

"It was a learning process for me. I couldn't take plays off and during the games when I was tired I just sucked it up and go. I had to push myself a lot at times last year to play through when I was tired. I really improved my strength and conditioning though I feel. I raised my bench to 410 pounds from 385 before I got there."

What are your thoughts on the season Miami just finished up?

"I would say they had a good season. They made it in a bowl and had a chance to win the bowl. They are good for a young team and they just go to show you that in a couple of years they should be playing for a national title."

Do you talk much to any of those Northwestern guys?

I have talked to Jacory and Ben Jones a lot and they have told me all about the program and what I need to expect coming in this semester. Mostly they just tell me that it is not an easy job. They just tell me to come in and be ready to work because it will be kind of a shock to me.

How is Ben Jones doing? I know you two are pretty close.

"It was an injury thing with him this season but he was happy with his season. He said a lot of the little things were hard to pick up at first. He said he felt like he could have contributed to the team but he had surgery and that once he got back from that he was doing pretty good. He feels like next season he can be competing for a starting job on the right side of the line."

What position do you anticipate playing at Miami?

"I think I can play tackle. Most colleges recruited me as a guard because of my size and strength, but I feel like I have the footwork, size, and mentality to play the tackle position though."

Talk about your official visit to Miami this past weekend a little bit

"I had a great time. There was nothing big or major. It wasn't like I was out of state coming down. I knew everything about Miami already, so they just talked to me about the academic process and I got to know the coaches more while I was on the visit."

How much did the two guys who visited with you, Jermaine Johnson and William Campbell, enjoy their time on the visit?

"I thought Jermaine would commit. He was really liking his visit and my mom talked to his mom and they both liked how Miami was close to home for us. I didn't really talk to Campbell much. I was never really around him. All the players on the team always had him out in Miami and tried to show him the city more and what it was all about."

ESPN Evaluation: Washington is a young man who still has his best football ahead of him. He has good size for a high school prospect and will flash good ability that can be exciting to see. He is quick off the ball and can quickly get into a defender. He has the ability to deliver a strong initial pop. When he comes off the ball low he is very capable of driving a defender off the line of scrimmage in the run game. He is inconsistent with his hand placement and needs to work on getting and maintaining position. At this stage he is a bit of a mauler that can start off well, but will at times get sloppy and lose control of blocks. He moves well and displays the ability to get up to the second level and adjust to moving targets. As a pass blocker he flashes the ability to handle protection in a short area. He has the size and ability to anchor versus a bull rusher. He displays good initial ability to shadow a rusher and get hands on to punch. He does look to struggle some with counter moves and looks to get leaning to hard in one direction and will have trouble staying in front of a rusher. Washington flashes good tenacity, but you would like to see him be a bit more consistent with his motor. You like to see him finish plays with the same type of aggression he begins them with. Washington flashes the tools needed to be successful at the college level, but needs to work on improving his overall game. If he can improve the little things he can be a productive player in the trenches in college. He looks like a prospect that would benefit from a red-shirt.
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So the University of Miami's football season is over and the team finished 7-6 with an unfortunate three-game slide to finish the season.

While we all dwell on a loss that could have very well have been a win in the Emerald Bowl and find ourselves disappointed because of the chance the team had at an ACC Championship with its destiny in its hands at 7-3, there were some bright sports to the team this year.

So what were the main bright spots?

1. Jacory Harris is likely going to be the starting quarterback for the next three years.
He performed well against California with the exception of his ill-timed fumble inside the ten-yard line late in the game, but other than that, he was cool, calm and poised throughout the game. He needs to gain weight and get stronger, but that will come with time. Harris is a leader, something Miami hasn't had since Brock Berlin.

2. Sean Spence has some exceptional ability.
It's rare that a freshman comes in an essentially is the team's best defensive player at any school let alone the University of Miami. That was the case this year with Spence. But the 'Canes need three Spence-like players who play like him. Remember the days of Micheal Barrow, Darrin Smith and Jessie Armstead and more recently, Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams and Rocky McIntosh. The 'Canes need three like that. They have one in Spence. They need two more. Find those other two to play next to Spence and the defense will start returning back to the old days.

3. Aldarius Johnson and LaRon Byrd are going to be scary good.
Both receivers are big and present major match up problems for most corners. They are strong and go after the ball and make plays on the ball. Johnson had a very good freshmen campaign even though he didn't get as many plays on the field as a number one receiver should get. Byrd really came on strong as the year progressed and he had the penchant for making the big play. It became quite clear that Jacory Harris became very comfortable throwing to Byrd while he always had that comfort with Johnson.

4. Matt Bosher came into his own as a kicker this year.
While it would be ideal if the 'Canes could find a legit punter, Bosher has the kicker spot locked down and solid for the next two years. He was named Team MVP for good reason. He earned it helping the 'Canes win a number of games with his field goal kicking. However, he needs help in the punting game. If someone can take those duties, it's likely that we might see more length on kickoffs simply because his leg won't be as tired.

5. The 'Canes have a solid young defensive line that should be a lot better next year
The experience received this year and the strength and size it should gain over the Spring and Summer. Marcus Forston, Marcus Robinson, Allen Bailey, Adewale Ojomo and Steven Wesley have the ability to make this line real strong. All of them got a lot of playing time with none being older than a sophomore. The defensive line also has Eric Moncur possibly returning as well as the return of Joe Joseph not to mention freshmen Andrew Smith, Micanor Regis and Jeremy Lewis expecting to see major time next year, but the core of the line is real strong and should be for years to come.
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? Jacory Harris benefited from a one quarterback system. Harris got in his rhythm in the second quarter. This is why you start a quarterback and stick with him the entire game. Harris had a shaky first quarter, but on his fifth drive of the game, he led UM to a 80-yard touchdown drive that lasted ten plays and took 4:28 off the clock and cut into Cal's lead 14-7. During that drive you could see Harris' confidence rising. Before that touchdown drive, Harris was 1-of-4 for -5 yards. The rest of the game, Harris went 24-of-37 for 199 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Harris looked extremely poised and calm as the game progressed and that can be credited to the confidence he had from knowing he was the quarterback for the entire game.

Run defense is still bad. Miami knew the key to stopping Cal's offense was stopping the run and yet they still struggled to contain Jahvid Best all night. Best finished the game with 186 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries. Miami's defensive players looked hesitant and afraid to take their a.ssigned gaps and make a tackle. They looked like they had no confidence and no understanding as to where they need to be to make a tackle. Miami's defensive line was also dominated by Cal's offensive line. The players looked like they were thinking too much when they were in run support rather than just playing instinctively. Best ran the ball for 106 yards and two touchdowns on ten carries in the first half.

? Sean Spence was Miami's best player on defense. Coach Randy Shannon hinted that he thought many of his true freshmen--including Sean Spence--were playing like they were worn down at the end of the season. Well Spence certainly looked fresh during the Cal game. He was back to making plays all over the field and popping opponents with big hits. Spence is going to be a special player at Miami and he should take a big jump in his development next season after a full year in Miami's weight training program as he allows his body to develop.

? The seniors stepped up.A lot of unheralded seniors made plays against Cal. Tight end Chris Zellner finished the game with 48 yards on eight receptions and was a valuable safety valve for Harris all game. Linebacker Spencer Adkins played well at linebacker when it was his time to be in the game and made some big tackles. Tyrone Byrd lined up at tight end, Romeo Davis forced a fumble in the first quarter and Glenn Cook was his usual steady self. The seniors stepped up in this game and they were a major reason why Miami was able to weather the storm when they were down 14-0 early.

? Lee Chambers is pretty good Redshirt freshman running back Lee Chambers had his best performance of his Miami career against Cal. Chambers came in off the bench and was a huge sparkplug for the offense and a major reason why Miami was able to score on two long drives in the second half. He finished the game with 60 yards on nine carries. Chambers runs with a nice burst and looks like he could be a contributor next season because of his great ability to break runs along the perimeter of the defense. Coming into this game Chambers had just nine carries for 56 yards. His performance in the bowl game should catch the attention of the Miami coaching staff.

? The young corners played well. Freshman Brandon Harris and sophomore DeMarcus Van Dke received a lot of playing time and performed well against Cal's passing attack. Harris was involved in a 74-yard pass that Miami's defense gave up in the first quarter, but that was more the fault of poor safety help and then a poor angle on the tackle by the safety. Van Dke blanketed his receiver all game and this game should serve as a confidence booster heading into the 2009 season.
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Despite the 24-17 loss to Cal in the Emerald Bowl, freshman quarterback Jacory Harris showed why he should be Miami's quarterback of the future.

Going into the game Harris, and Miami, had all the odds stacked against them.

1.) The distraction of their starting quarterback not participating in the bowl practices and the suspensions of four other teammates.

2.) Heading into the bowl game they were a team that had lost their final two games of the season--which knocked them out of contention to go to the ACC Championship Game and possibly a BCS Bowl.

3.) They were facing a Cal team who basically had a home field for a bowl game and who had won their last two games of the season by a combined 62 points.

4.) Cal also has one of the top secondaries in the country. Coming into the game, Cal ranked third in the country with 23 interceptions on the year, so going up against this defense would be no easy task for Harris.

Despite all of these odds, Harris came out and kept his team focused and he nearly pulled off a formidable upset.

The prospect of a Miami win seemed bleak going into the game, but the will and maturity that Harris played with kept UM in this game.

Harris weathered an early storm with Miami down 14-0 and led UM on multiple long drives that tied the score 17-17 in the fourth quarter.

As the game progressed, Harris better and better and showed why he will be a very productive quarterback. Harris took what the Cal defense gave him and always put his receivers in positions to make plays on his throws.

As for the costly Harris fumble at end of the fourth quarter, I would chalk that up to poor pass protection. Cal linebacker Zack Follett was never touched as he ran around the corner and hit Harris from behind.

Harris showed big time leadership ability and poise with his performance in the Emerald Bowl Saturday night and at this point I wouldn't understand a scenario where he isn't Miami's full-time starting quarterback next season.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Senior safety Anthony Redd*ck will not apply for a sixth year at Miami and has concluded his career as a Hurricane.

Redd*ck played in all 13 games this season, starting 11, and finished second on the team with 67 tackles and had three pass break-ups.

He finished his career with with 147 tackles, three tackles for a loss, one forced fumble, four pass break-ups and one interception in 41 games, making 18 starts.

Redd*ck talked to coach Randy Shannon 10 days ago to talk about his decision.

"He came in and said he's going to go and take that next step," Shannon said.

Redd*ck, a 6-foot, 210-pound safety from St. Thomas Aquinas, earned freshman all-American honors in 2004 after recording 73 tackles and an interception.

He played in just one game in 2005 after tearing his ACL in the season opener, played in six games in 2006, and miss the 2007 season after tearing his ACL on his opposite knee in the spring.

2009 Outlook

Fellow senior safety Randy Phillips has shaved off his trademark dreadlocks and is applying for a medical redshirt to come back in 2009.

Vaughn Telemaque, who Shannon said would have started by the fourth game if not for injury, is expected to pass JoJo Nicolas and Ryan Hill on the depth chart.


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