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 9 years ago '04        #4221
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Monday morning was the first practice of the second two-a-day of fall camp.

Miami returned to practice today following a day off on Sunday. Miami's last practice was a scrimmage held at Cobb Stadium.

Read here to find out who performed well during the practice and more of the latest news.


? Freshman LaRon Byrd caught two touchdowns today, both about 30 yards, during seven-on-seven drills today. One touchdown was thrown by Robert Marve and the other was thrown by Jacory Harris.

? Linebackers Sean Spence and Glenn Cook both had interceptions in today's practice.

? Shannon's thoughts on the scrimmage: "Last year we was getting first down and 15 and it would be over and we would automatically punt. This year it is first down and 15, second down and 12 and we convert it and we keep the drive going and get some first downs. That is a stepping stone of what we want to get done at Miami is learning how to finish."

? CBs Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant are currently the first-team cornerbacks. DeMarcus Van Dke and Brandon Harris are working with the second team.

? According to Shannon all the returning players on the team are eligible for the upcoming season. "We have the notes and everybody is here now, so there is no problems," Shannon said.

? After the first week of practice, Shannon says he is still pleased with the play of the quarterbacks. "They are executing the offense and sometimes they make mistakes, but they are doing what we ask them to do. They are reading their blitzes and reading their hot [routes]. They will make a mistake the first time, but then the next time they see it they will respond and get it done."

? Safety Anthony Redd*ck, Antonio Dixon, and Marcus Forston all participated in practice today. Freshmen Jeremy Lewis, C.J. Holton, and Gavin Hardin also participated in practice as well.

? Lewis reported last Saturday and according to Shannon missing the first week of fall practice doesn't put him too far behind the other defensive tackles. "The defensive linemen are more physical guys," Shannon said. "You don't do a lot of thinking at d-line. You got a couple of techniques you have to run. Either you are moving out or you are moving in. For the most part he can come in with two weeks left to get him ready to play. He is a big body and very athletic kid."

"He was in decent shape [today]. He worked out hard all summer long. He really worked at conditioning and doing those type of things on his own. We are excited about that because he was taking advantage of what he had to get done."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Hurricanes have completed their first week of fall practices and their season opener is 17 days away.

On Saturday, the team held their first scrimmage, which was closed to the general public and the media although 200-300 lucky fans were able to watch the scrimmage in its entirety.

Davon Johnson and Chris Zellner each scored touchdowns in the scrimmage and Matt Bosher converted a couple of field goals.

This week, the team will resume practice on Monday with a two-a-day after a day off on Sunday. The next day off is on Thursday.

So let's take an in-depth look at what is going on with the team.

Position Battle: Marve vs. Jacory

The battle for the starting quarterback position is not any more clear now than it was heading into fall practices, although Robert Marve still has the edge over Jacory Harris.

Marve has thrown a number of touchdowns in the first week while limiting his interceptions. He's doing everything he can to win the position, which will be named as early as Aug. 18.

"The way that I am going to be satisfied with myself is going out there, working hard, and play the best ball Robert Marve can play," said Marve on media day.

Harris still appears to be a solid No. 2 quarterback as the team looks for direction from their quarterbacks. He will need a strong second week to state his claim for the position.

The quarterbacks remain off-limits to the media until Aug. 15.

Freshman Wideouts Shine

LaRon Byrd and Travis Benjamin scored a number of touchdowns in the first week and everyone is expecting them to produce this season. If either of them can reach the 20-catch plateau, this season would have to be considered a success and a good starting point for their careers.

Byrd (6-4, 210) has done a great job of stretching the field making big plays and has good speed. Byrd will be a guy who can make a big play because of his size/speed combo.

Benjamin (5-10, 160) has great quickness and gets upfield in a hurry. He doesn't have as many moves as former Hurricane Roscoe Parrish, who was also small in stature, but uses his speed to his advantage.

Another freshman speedster, Davon Johnson (5-11, 185) shined during the scrimmage with a 30-yard touchdown reception from Marve as he out-jumped the defensive back in the endzone to come down with the ball.

"If you are fast, you are always fast," Johnson said. "My speed really helps me out a lot. I am not the biggest guy and I am not the strongest guy, but a lot of the defensive backs respect you if you have speed."

Hot Topics

1. Starting DEs Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey remain out as Adewale Ojomo, Steven Wesley, Marcus Robinson, and Andrew Smith take the reps.

2. Chris Barney suffers first major injury of the fall, which will keep him out four to six weeks. Barney was the first-team left guard even though he was buried on the depth chart in 2007 and did not see any action. Orlando Franklin will take over and is unlikely to give the spot up.

3. Clearinghouse update: C.J. Holton and Gavin Hardin are in; Brandon Marti, Joe Wylie, and Jeremy Lewis are still waiting to be cleared. Brandon Washington, C.J. Odom, Antonio Harper, and Zach Kane are headed to prep school.

What to Look For...

Safety Anthony Redd*ck is expected to practice this week and compete for a starting spot with Lovon Ponder, but will need a strong two weeks to win the position after missing a lot of practice in week one. Redd*ck is highly thought of around the UM staff and is expected to have a large role in '08 a.ssuming he stays healthy. Randy Phillips is expected to start at the other safety position.

Antonio Dixon is expected to return to practice this week also after missing the last two practice days due to being hospitalized due to hyperventilation.

Keep your eyes on Graig Cooper this week as the team practices more in pads. Cooper is looking to take the next step in his second year and had a great spring.

The team has five practices in three days, which will test the durability of a number of players.

Position Battle Updates

The starting quarterback battle and the battle at safety with Ponder and Redd*ck are not the only heated competitions at UM.

The starting receivers still seem to be in flux although Aldarius Johnson, Jermaine McKenzie, and Sam Shields appear to be the top three. Shields' status for the first few games of the season still is unclear, which could open the door for Kayne Farquarson, Leonard Hankerson, and the trio of freshman standouts.

The offensive line appears to be set with: LT Jason Fox, LG Franklin, C Xavier Shannon, RG Joel Figueroa, and RT Reggie Youngblood. OT Chris Rutledge is the next best lineman. Interior linemen A.J. Trump, Tyler Horn, and Harland Gunn are competing for back-up roles.

The starting linebackers remain in tact as of now with: SLB Darryl Sharpton, MLB Glenn Cook, and WLB Colin McCarthy. Freshmen SLBs Arthur Brown and Jordan Futch and WLB Sean Spence are all expected to play this season.

Matt Bosher is the leader to be the team's punter, kicker, and handle the kickoffs.

Want to hear more from...

1. Aldarius Johnson shined in the spring, but has often gone unrecognized this fall with the impact of Byrd and Benjamin. Fans are wondering if Johnson will be a top-tier receiver this year or if Byrd has passed him.

2. DeMarcus Van Dke has all the tools to be a lock-down corner and now has the size. We have heard good things about Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant this fall, but we'd like to hear more about Van Dke.

3. Steven Wesley has an opportunity to emerge as a defensive end that can be counted on and his time is now. He's been at UM two years and it's time to see what he can do.

Recruits in Attendance

Miami recruits RBs Lamar Miller and Jaamal Berry have been at practice.

Florida commitment OL Nick Alajajian, TE Gabe Holmes, LB Phil Walker, RB Jason Douglas, DB Artice Kellam, and 2010 S Gideon Ajagbe have also been in attendance.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami wrapped up their second two-a-day of fall camp today. Read on to see what Coach Randy Shannon is saying about what he likes so far about the attitude of the team.


? One area Coach Randy Shannon says he is pleased with so far this spring is the change in attitude compared to last year.

"The attitude has been great," Shannon said. "It has been phenomenal and that is the one thing I kind of like about this team and is a little different. The attitude and stuff, they kind of like practicing and they cheer and have fun with it."

"It is starting to change. It is like anything and when you are the coach you have to change. Guys are understanding what we want at the University of Miami and the players understand it, so the more we can keep moving forward without looking back, the better we will be."

? One of the reasons for the attitude change, Shannon says, is the level competition is much greater.

"They are practicing hard," Shannon said. "That is all you want, is for them to practice hard and help each other out no matter who is in the line or at what position. They are all helping each other out and they are all competing. That is the greatest thing about it. You can get a better team that way when everybody is in the same boat."

? Defensive end Eric Moncur continued to practice in the afternoon doing individual drills. Shannon said Moncur will be evaluated Friday or Saturday and it will be determined then if he is ready to participate in a full contact practice.

"He did individual drills today, that is it," Shannon said. "We will take it slow. We don't need Eric now, we need him for later on, so we have to make sure he is fully recovered. The only way you can do that is to take him through individual drills and then add on a part of practice."

? Shannon does not have a timetable for defensive end Allen Bailey's return to practice from a torn pectoral muscle he sustained in May. "He is still doing well and just taking his time," Shannon said. "When the doctors release him, they release him. He is going through running and conditioning and pushing on dummies and stuff like that, so as time goes on he will get a little bit more [work]."

? Javarris James and Graig Cooper look like totally different running backs with the weight they have added this offseason, Shannon says. "A tremendous difference. More powerful, a lot more speed, and both of them have that."

? The offense won the Oklahoma Drill at the end of the afternoon practice.

? There are no new injuries to report.

? NFL scouts from the Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers were at the morning practice. The Detroit Lions and New York Jets were represented in the afternoon.

? Practice resumes Tuesday morning.
 9 years ago '04        #4224
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Early in his career at UM, Anthony Redd*ck was on a fast track for what appeared to be the beginning of a special career.

As a true freshman in 2004 Redd*ck started six games, making 73 tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack, one interception, and two blocked punts.

Redd*ck was poised to establish himself as one of college football's best young safeties in 2005, but in the opening game against Florida State, he sustained a season-ending ACL tear in his left knee.

Going into that FSU game, Redd*ck locked up a starting safety job on a team that included veteran Brandon Meriweather and a young Kenny Phillips.

"You don't think [about it], you just go out there and play," Redd*ck said. "It is in the past. I didn't expect that to happen, you just go out there and play football."

Redd*ck appeared in six games in 2006 as he worked his way back from the ACL tear--working primarily on special teams--but Redd*ck will be remembered is remembered most for his participation in the FIU brawl rather than his recovery from an injury.

"I learned a lot and it happened," Redd*ck said. "In a way I am glad that I was able to learn from that and I was able to talk to people about it and it helped me out a lot. I really do think I learned from it and it was an experience and I am glad it didn't ruin my career."

But that wouldn't be the only bump on the road during Redd*ck's path back to reclaiming his starting safety job.

During the summer prior to the 2007 season Redd*ck suffered another season-ending ACL tear--this time in his right knee--while playing pickup basketball.

After taking a year to fully heal from his latest ACL tear, Redd*ck says he feels 100 percent going into this season.

"It feels good to be out there high-fiving with the guys," Redd*ck said. "It felt good and it felt like football."

This fall camp Redd*ck is in the thick of a tight position battle with senior safeties Randy Phillips and Lovon Ponder.

"The way coach has it now is the best players on the team get on the field, so hopefully I am one of those top players," Redd*ck says.

The biggest strength Redd*ck can bring to the defense is a deep understanding of the defense.

"He is smart," cornerback Bruce Johnson said. "That is the big thing. If anybody lines up wrong from the linebackers to the defensive backs, he will put us in the right position. He will tell us whether to jam or play inside or outside. That is what we need is a lot of communication out there."
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DEDOS 142 heat pts142
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uh HOH :rasta: :rasta: :rasta:

• Miami (Fla.) has reached into the Orlando area and is at or near the top of the current leader board for the (Sanford, Fla.,) Seminole trio of defensive end Dyron Dye, wide receiver/athlete Andre DeBose and athlete Ray Ray Armstrong. All three prospects are Under Armour All-Americans. These three have scholarship offers from nearly every major school in the country, though, and there is a long way to go until anything is finalized.
 9 years ago '06        #4226
Against D Grain 
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Nice pickup with Mcgee, Should be a nice player with your squad. I heard some good things about your freshman as well, I heard they have stepped up the level of intensity
 9 years ago '04        #4227
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Coach Randy Shannon was not pleased with the consistency of his players following Tuesday's practice. Read here to see what Shannon said about the practice and other various news and notes from the day.


"Today wasn't a very good practice. I think we went backwards a little bit. I don't think the intensity was up like we had the last couple of practices. We got to bounce back for tomorrow's practice and get it done. I think that there was some ups and downs and too much back and forth--the offense one time and defense one time. We have to be consistent and we have to be competitive the whole entire way."


? Shannon says it is normal for a letdown to occur during a practice at this point in the fall camp, but the important thing is how the team responds during tomorrow's practice. "It is normal for this time of the year, but if we are going to get better as a team, we can't be going backwards, we got to go forward," Shannon said. "That was our main emphasis last year. I don't like to bring up the past, but we have to learn how to finish and not take anything for granted."

? Tight end Dedrick Epps, and wide receivers Aldarius Johnson and Kayne Farquharson scored touchdowns during today's practice.

? Safety Randy Phillips says today's practice wasn't a good day for the offense, but the defense performed well. "The defense had a good practice, but Coach Shannon just wants the offense to be consistent because they had a good practice yesterday," Phillips said. "We came out and we was rocking today."

? Adewale Ojomo stood out in today's practice by sacking the quarterback multiple times and making some tackles for loss.

? Phillips also says he has full confidence that Dedrick Epps can be the productive tight end this season that Miami lacked last season. "He is that tight end already," he said. "He just has to keep working hard and stay humble and keep making plays."

? Defensive end Eric Moncur continued to work on individual drills and Shannon will continue to bring him back slowly to a full practice this week. "He will be ready for the first game," Shannon said. "He is still going through individuals today and tomorrow there will be a little more. He'll add in a blitz drill or something like that tomorrow."

? Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon practiced ¾ of the practice today. The trainers and coaches are easing him back into full practices after he was sent to the hospital last week for hyperventilating. "If you cramp up, you can't just come back the next day and throw them to the wolves," Shannon said. "We are going to ease him back into the fitness part of it."

? Shannon expects for defensive end Allen Bailey to be ready for the season opener against Charleston Southern as well. "He should be ready," Shannon said. "He talked to the doctor yesterday and probably Friday or Sunday, he is going to get more work as far as individual things go."

? Though little buzz has come out of fall camp about freshman wide receiver Aldarius Johnson, Shannon says he is still making plays. "He is doing great. The young guys are doing well. They are picking it up. Everybody is making their plays, they are picking up the offense. They make some mistakes here and there, but they don't make the same mistakes twice, which is really good."

"He has picked up his game [since the spring]. He is not staying the same. We got competition there and he knows we got some guys that are very talented there. He plays the game hard, he plays the game physical, and he is getting things done the way we want him to."

? Offensive lineman Matt Pipho is taking reps at tackle this fall. "Everybody is bouncing around," Shannon said. "Trump goes from center to guard and Pipho goes from tackle, to guard, to center. You're just building depth."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Second-year wide receivers Jermaine McKenzie and Leonard Hankerson are expecting to make an impact in 2008.

McKenzie, 6-2, 175, missed the 2007 season with a season-ending injury in the summer.

Now, he feels great and doesn't feel like he has anything to prove.

"I'm not hoping to prove anything," McKenzie said. "I'm just playing for the university and playing for myself."

The two receivers came in together last year--McKenzie from Bradenton and Hankerson from Fort Lauderdale. McKenzie created quite a buzz during summer workouts before the car accident which resulted in three broken vertebrae.

"Jermaine is the same receiver as when he came in," Hankerson said. "He's going to be the same receiver until he gets old and retires. Jermaine McKenzie is a good guy, good receiver, and good person."

When healthy, McKenzie can provide the team with a downfield threat and has good hands. As a senior at Bradenton Academy, he had 17 receptions for 380 yards and four touchdowns. He also had seven punt returns for touchdowns and scored a total of 15 touchdowns that season.

He has a year of practice at UM under his belt and is looking forward to his UM debut on Aug. 28 against Charleston Southern as he has progressed since arriving on campus.

"I feel I am progressing well, my routes are coming better," McKenzie said. "Overall, mentally is my best attribute. In the spring I had a couple mental errors, but this fall I haven't had very many."

McKenzie is f!ghting for a starting spot, but insists playing time doesn't matter.

"I just want to win whether I start or play three snaps a game, my objective is that whatever Coach Nix, Coach Shannon, and Coach Hill wants me to do, that's my obligation that I will do."

Hankerson, 6-2, 210, caught six passes for 63 yards and a touchdown last season. His best game was against Virginia Tech late in the year where he caught two passes for 25 yards including a 1-yard touchdown.

Hankerson said it will be "tough" to be a starter this year.

"All of the freshmen are coming in and competing, we are all competing for the job and at the end of the day, it is up to the coach," Hankerson said.

While the freshmen are making plays--most notably Aldarius Johnson, LaRon Byrd, and Travis Benjamin--Hankerson thinks he can be a playmaker this season too.

"I envision myself making plays on the field," Hankerson said. "I think I have improved a whole lot. I have gotten stronger and faster."

McKenzie likes what Hankerson brings to the table as an athletic player, who caught 39 passes for 803 yards and 14 touchdowns during his senior year at St. Thomas Aquinas where his position coach was former NFL star Cris Carter.

"We all have our strengths and Leonard is a good route runner," McKenzie said.

Both players are looking to help a passing game that averaged 169.5 yards a game last season.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Freshman defensive tackle Micanor Regis is in position to play this season.

Regis, 6-foot-2 and 321 pounds, is currently rotating in with the first unit during fall practices and according to coach Randy Shannon--Regis will play this season.

"Micanor is doing great," Shannon said. "He's flying around and getting a lot of reps. The other day he showed flashes of being a defensive tackle of what we have. He's young. Sometimes we have to get him out of the mold of coming off the ball and he'll look. Sometimes he'll come off the ball and cause havoc in the backfield. We are pleased with his progress and with what he is doing right now."

Senior Antonio Dixon is the only starter at defensive tackle who is penciled in. Senior Dwayne Hendricks, freshman Marcus Forston, junior Joe Joseph, Regis, and freshman Jeremy Lewis are competing for playing time in the tackle rotation.

Micanor (pronounced mih-connor) is currently playing right defensive tackle and says he is "getting a lot of reps" on the first unit.

"I don't even count them any more," he said.

Shannon's praise for Regis is something the Pahokee grad is happy about.

"Every day I come in and get better and better," Regis said. "I guess he's noticed that too."

As a senior, Regis recorded 101 tackles, 31 tackles for a loss, with five sacks and an interception. Since arriving at UM this fall, he has had to adjust to the college game.

"The biggest adjustment is the tempo and speed," Regis said. "Everybody is strong. In high school I was the strongest guy on the field, now there are 10 other guys just as strong as me. I'm okay, I just have to use my techniques."

With his performance during fall practices, Shannon would like for Regis to play 25 plays a game this season.

"He's doing a great job of what we need," Shannon said. "We don't need him to play 40 plays, we need him to play about 25 plays. If he can go in and play five plays, come out and rest a quarter, and then play five plays, then we get our 25 plays out of him. We are kind of excited about him."

And Hurricane fans should be excited as well.
 9 years ago '04        #4230
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The football team finished the morning practice of their third two-a-day of the spring. Click here to read the in-depth news and notes from today's morning practice.


"In the morning practice of the two-a-day, we came out and improved from yesterday. Guys flew around better than they did yesterday and they understand what we are trying to get done and that is the thing we asked them guys to do, is to keep improving. We will come back in the afternoon and follow up on a couple of things we have to get prepared for the scrimmage."


? Fullback Patrick Hill and tight end Tervaris Johnson both had receiving touchdowns in today's practice during red-zone drills.

? Linebacker Romeo Davis had an interception during seven-on-sevens and the defense did not allow any deep passes.

? Sophomore safety JoJo Nicolas is playing with the first team at free safety. "He is a guy who has improved his game 100 percent," senior safety Lovon Ponder said. "He is the main guy who has been working with the first team. He is a guy who can play the pass very well. He can go get the ball when it is in the air. He was a receiver in high school, so that gives him the skills to do that."

? Miami will hold their second scrimmage of fall practice on Friday at 7 p.m. Shannon says it will follow the same format as the first scrimmage. "It will be the same type of scrimmage atmosphere. We will get the young guys a lot of reps. The older guys are going to play some, but not a lot."

? Shannon puts more weight on a scrimmage than he does on a regular practice when it comes to evaluating his players. "It is [more meaningful] because those are game type situations. You can't go out there and coach on the field and so the players have to go out and think on their own. We do down and distance all the time on the field, but now they have to understand the time and clock and moving the sticks."

? By the end of fall camp, the offense and defense know what each other will try to do during practice, so it can be difficult for a coach to know what he has on his team. "You really don't know, because after a while everybody knows what plays you are running," Shannon said. "The offense knows what the defense is going to do and the defense knows what the offense is going to do. Now it becomes fundamentals. Who is going to do the proper technique all the time, and those are the ones that usually win when you get into camp."

? Defensive end Eric Moncur continued with his individual work during practice and defensive end Allen Bailey was still held out of practice. Shannon says he expects Moncur to do more of the drills with the team this afternoon. "I think this afternoon, he will be able to do more with the team," Shannon said. "We can't just throw him to the wolves, we have to see how his body responds and then take the next step."

? Senior linebacker Glenn Cook made the most of his free time while he was held out last season due to a foot injury and that is why Shannon is excited to have him back this season. "He was a team guy," Shannon said. "When he had meetings at 6:30 in the morning, he would always show up. Even though he wasn't going to play, he always showed up and always did workouts. He was always there to show the team that no matter what happens, I am there for you."

? One player Cook has had a big impact on this spring is freshman Sean Spence. "Sean Spence has done a tremendous job working with Cook in the offseason and also in the spring," Shannon said. "He has prospered a lot because Cook was the guy last year sitting out, but also helping. We can only watch so much film with them, so Cook would do that on his own and he did it this offseason."

? The top three quarterbacks will all take equal reps during Friday's scrimmage.

? Freshman quarterback Taylor Cook is still taking regular reps at punter this fall. "He has been punting since day one," Shannon said. "He was a punter in high school. We have to put in situations like we do in practice to see if he can handle the rush. In high school you get two or three seconds to get the ball off and we got to put a little more pressure on him to see if he can handle that."

? Quarterback Cannon Smith was held out of practice with a leg "occurance" and offensive lineman Tyrone Byrd was also held out. Both are expected to play in the scrimmage.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The new defensive scheme by Bill Young is really paying dividends with creating turnovers.

The players have really taken a liking to the scheme, which features more blitzing and a mix of zone and man press with the defensive backs.

Young's Kansas team finished fourth nationally in scoring defense (16.3 points a game) and turnovers gained (35), eighth in run defense (94.8 yards per game) and ninth in pass efficiency defense (105.3).

One of the players, who has really excelled with the new scheme is junior cornerback Chavez Grant.

Grant has played 24 games with 10 starts as the team's nickel back intercepting two passes and 50 tackles.

Now, Grant finds himself in an elevated role playing on the outside as a first-team cornerback and is one of the team leaders with six interceptions this fall after having five in the spring.

"I definitely think the scheme is helping me," Grant said. "Some players fit better into different schemes and I like this scheme. It really gives us a lot of freedom."

Senior Bruce Johnson, who has one career interception in 30 games, leads the team with seven interceptions this fall through Tuesday's practice.

"I need to keep up my intensity," Johnson said. "It's been real intense during the first week and a lot of people are getting a lot of turnovers. We just need to keep carrying over that intensity to the next day."

BONUS: Read more on Johnson

Fall Interception Leaders
Bruce Johnson, 7
Chavez Grant, 6
DeMarcus Van Dke, 6
Glenn Cook, 5
Ryan Hill, 4
Note: Interception totals are unofficial and include team and 1-on-1 drills.

Last season, Miami had 13 interceptions, which tied for 6th in the ACC. Boston College led the conference with 25. The Hurricanes are hoping they can improve their ability to create turnovers this season and Grant hopes he can be one of those playmakers.

"Of course I feel I can make big plays," Grant said. "You have to feel that way when you are out there on that island like that, you have to have a lot of confidence. I feel I can really make plays."

Grant and Johnson have been on the first time during the first 10 days of fall practice. Sophomore DeMarcus Van Dke is f!ghting for the top spot and is also having a good start to fall practices. Van Dke started eight games as a true freshman last season.

"Coach is trying to find the best two corners and then the next two to find out who is on first team and second team," Van Dke said. "We are just rotating back and forth."

Freshman Brandon Harris and senior Carlos Armour are also competing for playing time at cornerback.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The football team finished the afternoon practice of their third two-a-day of the spring. Read on to see the in-depth news and notes from today's afternoon practice.


? Miami has the day off tomorrow and their second scrimmage of fall camp Friday night. One area Shannon wants to see improvements on in this scrimmage is the defense forcing more turnovers. "We still need turnovers, we haven't had any turnovers yet, so we need to keep doing those types of things and we got to create more turnovers on defense," Shannon said.

? Shannon says he may hold out players like Javarris James and Graig Cooper in the scrimmage to keep them fresh.

"They will play the same amount of reps they did last week. They played about, I don't know, ten to twelve plays a piece last scrimmage. You have to keep building up the depth that we had, because you know I always look back to last year. With the injuries we had last year, you got to keep building those depths up."

? Shannon says he will not notify the quarterbacks internally who has won the starting job before he announces it to the media. Shannon says he doesn't believe telling the winner of the competition ahead of time he has won will give him more confidence for the job.

"All three quarterbacks plus Taylor Cook get along," Shannon said. "They have a great time together. They really don't care who the starter is because they are all competitors. All of them want to start and all of them want to play. All of them have been in the situation where they were the backup in high school and they know that the only way they are going to get better is if they have competition. They don't have a problem, it is just the best man wins."

"I guarantee you if you go talk to all the quarterbacks, they all think they can play in the NFL. That is how they are. They are that confident in what they are doing."

? Shannon has held more players out this fall camp with nagging injuries than he did last year. He says he can do that more this year because of the depth he has at each position.

"These guys have injuries, but you don't want them to reoccur," Shannon said. "If you go twice a day or six days straight, soreness comes back in the ankles and stuff like that come back."

"I get more guys to practice, that is the thing about it. I just know we are getting guys to practice and it is helping us out."

? Freshman defensive tackle Marcus Forston continues to impress Shannon and improve since the spring.

"He is starting to chase the ball a lot better than he used to," Shannon said. "He is getting used to the game and using his hands and the competition of college football. He is starting to come into his own. He still needs improvement, but the more he keeps getting reps in practice and the more he keeps working hard. He is going to be a great player for us."

? Senior safety Lovon Ponder and wide receiver Tommy Streeter did not participate in practice. Shannon was not sure if either player would be healthy for the scrimmage Saturday.
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Top 10 2008 Football Academic Progress Report Scores

(includes BCS, C-USA and independent schools)

1. Stanford 986
2. Navy 979
3t. Duke 977
Rutgers 977
5. Air Force 976
6. Rice 975
7. Boston College 972
8t. Miami 969
Northwestern 969
Notre Dame 969

2008 APR Rankings Among All D-I Football Programs in Florida

1. Miami 969
2. Florida 962
3. Florida State 954
4. UCF 937
5. USF 917
6. FAU 915
7. FIU 887

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Fort Myers High School standout and Cane signee C.J. Odom was supposed to attend Milford Prep in New York this fall.

But, while he did initially report there, he left and never went back.

"It's never happened before," Milford Prep coach Bill Chaplick said. "It has nothing to do with Miami, it's him. I don't know what he's doing."

Chaplick says Odom is not qualified to be admitted anywhere without attending a prep school.

Chaplick says he doesn't expect Odom to wind up a Cane now.

"I would say so (that he won't be a Cane)," Chaplick said. "He was supposed to go to school here and get cleared."

Odom was not available for comment, and calls to his high school coach, Sam Sirianni, weren't returned.
 9 years ago '04        #4235
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Freshman wide receiver Travis Benjamin made the play of the scrimmage Friday night.

Benjamin took a quick screen pass from quarterback Robert Marve and immediately got up the field and scored a touchdown from 60 yards out.

"I had a decent day," is all Benjamin said about his performance following the scrimmage, but he had his teammates abuzz about his 4.26 speed.

Head Coach Randy Shannon: "He is very, very fast. I remember watching Travis when he played Northwestern in the jamboree. He caught a hitch route and went 90 yards and that hasn't changed. Any time he can get one-on-one with anybody, he can go the distance and those are the kind of players we need on this team."

Quarterback Jacory Harris: "Oh man, Travis Benjamin is amazing. He displayed his 4.26 speed today on a screen. He just caught it and found the hole and took off."

Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dke: "He reminds me of Ted Ginn how he caught the pass and just ran with it up the middle. He is just so fast."

Running back Damien Berry: "That guy has got speed, man. He is from Belle Glade, so what else can I say. He caught a screen and got guys missing."

"His speed is awesome. He makes moves on a dime and gets guys missing."

Benjamin has been making plays all of fall camp and figures to be pushing strongly for a heavy role in the offense this season, but Benjamin says he will be happy this season if he can just get in the playing rotation.

"I don't think I should be a starter," Benjamin said. "We are a team as a receiving corps and if I keep doing what I am doing, maybe I will get in the rotation."

If Benjamin keeps performing like he has through the first two weeks of fall camp, it will be hard to keep him off the field. Benjamin is a versatile threat on offense for Miami because he has the speed to line up as an outside receiver and stretch and defense vertically and he can lineup in the slot and use his quickness to get open.

"I know I had to come to college and work hard. In college you have to work harder than in high school," Benjamin said. "Since I am a freshman, everyone is going to kind of underrate me or something and I know I have to just work hard at my position."

Since arriving at UM this summer, Benjamin says he has dropped his best time in the 40 from a 4.4 to a 4.26. The University of Miami is known for having speedy players at the skill positions, and Travis Benjamin appears to be the next great home run threat for the UM offense for years to come.

"I think I have impressed most of the people that I have came in and made plays like I do," Benjamin said.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- With less than two weeks before Miami opens the season against Charleston Southern, both quarterbacks admit they are starting to feel very comfortable in the offense.

None of the quarterbacks on the UM roster have any game experience, but redshirt freshman quarterback Robert Marve believes the scrimmages held during fall camp have helped slow the game down.

"I did really well today," Marve said of the scrimmage. "That is the one thing about being in a new program is that you start to get more comfortable the more you play in game type situations."

"I definitely felt better during this scrimmage than I did the last scrimmage and a lot calmer with the signal calling and play calling. I am still trying to get adjusted to our play calling and after the next two scrimmages, it is definitely going to help a lot slow down the game."

With the quarterback competition to be decided in less than a week, it appears quarterback Marve will be named the starter.

Marve has taken the majority of the reps with the first team this fall. In the second scrimmage of the fall, it was Marve who threw the only touchdown--a 60 yarder to Travis Benjamin.

Head Coach Randy Shannon has said he will name the starting quarterback 7-to-10 days before the Charleston Southern game. Shannon has said he wants a quarterback who can manage the game best without committing turnovers.

"You don't ever want turnovers," Shannon said. "No coach wants turnovers, so they got to improve on their turnovers."

Freshman quarterback Jacory Harris took the majority of his snaps during Friday's scrimmage with the second team. Harris enrolled early at UM last spring and is Marve's primary competition for the starting job.

One thing is for sure: whoever is officially named the starting quarterback within the next week, the backup better be ready to play.

"I am the type of person where whatever the coaches want, I want," Harris said. "I didn't come here with a guaranteed starting spot. No coaches told me that. They told me that I had to come in here and compete and it is a wonderful competition right now. Whoever benefits the team and helps the team win, that is going to be the starter."

"So far in the first two weeks, I feel like I have progressed a lot since the spring. I am actually comfortable now with the plays and I feel like I am a sophomore or junior."

Fellow freshman quarterback Cannon Smith appears to be the third quarterback on the depth chart. During Friday's scrimmage Smith led one offensive drive.
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Scrimmage No. 2 wrap-up
The second scrimmage of the fall is in the books and for the first time since Media Day we got a chance to speak with UM's top two quarterbacks -- Robert Marve and Jacory Harris.

Before I get to what they had to say, we'll recap what happened and what we learned.

>Travis Benjamin needs a better nickname than TB. The 5-10, 160-pound freshman from Belle Glade Glades Central, who has been making plays since fall practice began two weeks ago, had another big night Friday. He took a short pass from Robert Marve on a bubble screen and ran right past Miami's defense for what is estimated to be from different accounts between a 55 to 60-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

Coach Randy Shannon called Benjamin exceptional and even asked reporters to scratch the name of Kayne Farquharson from the list of interview requests to add the freshman.

"I remember watching Travis when he played Northwestern in the jamboree [as a senior in high school,'' Shannon told reporters. "He caught a hitch route and went 90 yards. And that hasn't changed. Anytime he goes one-on-one with anybody he can go the distance. That's the kind of players we need on this team."

Shannon wasn't the only guy gushing about TB. "[Throwing the ball to him] reminds me of playing NCAA Football on the PlayStation 3 and you hit the R2 button and he just takes off," Marve said. "The guy has amazing speed. You throw the ball out to him and he always has a chance to go 80 yards."

Cornerback DVD, who was on the field for the play, said he though the defense had a chance to catch TB. "He reminds me of Ted Ginn the way he just caught the pass and ran up the middle. He's just so fast," DVD said. When he caught it, I thought we had a shot at him, but he just split the defense and ran like 55 yards with it. It was a blur."

Maybe, that should be his nickname. The Blur from Belle Glades.

Benjamin said he caught about three passes Friday. We (the media) saw one of them, a nice 15-yard gain on another screen. Shannon was asked what the likelihood is Benjamin has of being used when the season starts. It sounded like he wanted to say yes, but then he held himself back. I honestly think it doesn't matter what Shannon says at this point. He's going to play no matter what.

> All in all, Shannon said he was pleased with the scrimmage, which he estimated ran between 95 to 115 plays. Shannon said the offense moved the ball better than it has all fall, but that the defense picked up its play in the second half and did a good job limiting the offense.

Shannon said the team ran the ball 16 consecutive times to end the scrimmage. "It was a bloodbath. It was mano-a-mano. The offense drove the ball down to about the 20-yard line and we kicked the field goal," Shannon said, "That's how you want it to be, treating it like its 4 minutes left in the game and you got to run the clock out. So, I think we're becoming a more tougher team because of the addition of the fullbacks, their doing a great job of blocking for us."

> Aside from Benjamin's thrilling catch and run, the offense supposedly scored two other touchdowns -- the 4-yard Shawbrey McNeal run we saw and another by Lee Chambers, who had a few big runs and was praised by Shannon along with sophomore Damien Berry.

Shannon said Javarris James and Graig Cooper got limited work once again because he wants to continue to build depth. "We got to find depth at running back," Shannon said. "We got six guys, but we can't get caught like last year where we ran out of running backs. The more we get those guys working the better off we'll be. If they do a good job picking up the offense, we'll be OK."

> Kicker Matt Bosher missed a field goal -- we're not sure how long it was -- but he did convert his extra point. Freshman Jake Wieclaw hit a field goal, we believe it was a little less than 40 yards based on Shannon's quote above.

> Individually, the defense didn't get a ton of praise. But Robert Marve told us Brandon Harris was the other player to make an interception. Shannon called the pick uncalled for. "Brandon Harris made a great play on the ball," Marve said. "He went lateral on me, jumped up and grabbed the ball."

Defensive end Joe Joseph had the first one (CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS FROM THE BLOG OF WHAT WE ACTUALLY SAW). Jacory Harris told me afterward he wishes he could have the play back. He's just glad he made the tackle. "As soon as it slipped it out of my hands I felt like I had a string on my arm and I tried to snatch it back and I couldn't," Harris said. "It was a turnover so I had to go and make the tackle to keep the points off the board. I had to go through about 5-6 guys, jump, stiff arm them and then I eventually made the tackle."

> I'll have the audio interviews up from both Marve and Harris later tonight as well as some video highlights. But I asked both of them how they feel they've improved since the start of the fall. Marve, we all feel, will be the starter. But at least Jacory is keeping a good attitude about it.

"I'm the type of person that whatever coaches want is what I want," Harris said. "I didn't come here with a guaranteed starting spot. No coaches told me that. They just told me I had to come in and compete and that's what I'm doing. And it's a wonderful competition right now."

"Right now, in the first two weeks I feel like I've progressed a lot from spring. I'm actually comfortable now with the plays. I basically feel like I'm a sophomore or junior. Coach Nix has been working with us booting and getting our heads around. We do that we can see the blitz quicker and that makes us quicker on our throws. I think I've gotten better with the team, my confidence, the plays and the things I got to do."

Marve said he feels like he's seeing the game faster and that he feels like he's just getting the kinks out. "I
feel good in camp," Marve said. "You got the whole playbook in by now. I'm trying to get all the little kinks out of it. We had a few penalties in our 2 minute drill. It's hard to get going when you get that on first down. I think we're doing really good as a group though. All the quarterbacks are feeling comfortable."

How have you improved? "How fast the game looks in my eyes, it's really slowing down a lot," Marve said. "I can use my abilities to throw on the run or throw in general and make my reads. That's probably my biggest improvement."

> Almost forgot, it really is the Marve and Harris show. Shannon said Cannon Smith got all of one to two series. "Cannon Smith got a series or two toward the end of the scrimmage -- about 18 plays," Shannon said. "He looked normal. He moved the ball well like he always does."
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Im starting up a boxden fantasy football keepers league... PM me ur email if u down....
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click the interviews... travis benjamin is loookin like hes gonna be something special... @ his interview

reporter: who threw you the pass???

tb: i dont know... i dont really fu*ks with them
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gotdamn just 12 more days to go


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