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 10 years ago '04        #3701
madness 16 heat pts16
$13,101 | Props total: 3436 3436
Strength coach Andreu Swasey was encouraged by the team's work this off-season.

"I was pretty impressed," Swasey said. "They worked together, were very competitive. It's going real well. They're taking on the leadership and all that good stuff. They're helping the young guys out, there's real good chemistry. Guys are stressing what coach (Randy) Shannon says about `finish.' Guys are doing well.

"It's good to see the chemistry, trying to get back to where we need to be. Everything is on schedule. Coming off five wins there's a lot to be proven."

Swasey ran down the freshmen numbers (CaneSport previously reported the returning players' results). The freshmen results:

40 TIMES (taken when the freshmen arrived on campus)

Travis Benjamin, 4.26 "That's most likely the fastest freshman time ever," Swasey said. Benjamin's time was faster than Sam Shields' 4.28, making him the fastest on the team in testing.
Davon Johnson, 4.32
Brandon Harris, 4.47
Thearon Collier, 4.50
Kendall Thompkins, 4.50
Tommy Streeter, 4.51
Marcus Robinson, 4.56
Taylor Cook, 4.59
Vaughn Telemaque, 4.75
Andrew Smith 4.90
* Note that Laron Byrd's time was not available

Bench (taken at end of summer workouts)

Micanor Regis, 390
Marcus Forston, 385
Marcus Robinson, 325
Andrew Smith, 300
Jordan Futch, 300

Squat (taken at end of summer workouts)

Marcus Forston, 475
Micanor Regis, 425
Sean Spence, 400
John Calhoun, 385
Ramon Buchanan, 355
Brandon Harris, 355
Davon Johnson, 355
Marcus Robinson, 335

Vertical (taken at end of summer workouts)

Travis Benjamin 36.5
Brandon Harris 35.5
Sean Spence 35.5
Ramon Buchanan 35.5
Marcus Robinson 33.5

Of the overall freshmen testing, Swasey simply said, "They did unbelievably."

Swasey's pick as the freshman "freak?"

He can't pick just one.

"There's so many of them," Swasey said. "In this class you have so many guys that can do something. Some are freakish.

"A lot of young guys will get opportunities."
my n*gga travis benjamin wit a 4.26!:wow: i know it was hand-timed so it was probably really in the 4.3's, which is still blazing fast, those boys from the muck dont play.

tommy streeter 6'6 running a 4.5 nix better throw him some fades in the redzone for real.

look out for marcus robinson, he'll get alot of snaps at DE due to a lack of depth and i think he'll do really well
 10 years ago '04        #3702
madness 16 heat pts16
$13,101 | Props total: 3436 3436
Bigger at cornerback

CORAL GABLES _ At times last year, it looked like the Hurricanes were using high school players at cornerback. Players such as DeMarcus Van Dyke and Bruce Johnson looked that small out there when facing bigger receivers.

That's no longer the case. Van Dyke and Johnson bulked up in the offseason, which should give the Hurricanes a stronger presence in the secondary. Van Dyke weighs 178 and looks noticeably stronger in the upper body. The same with Johnson. It was all part of secondary coach Wesley McGriff's plan to have a more physical defensive backfield.

"He wanted us to be the most physical secondary in the nation this year," Van Dyke said. "Our first goal was to get bigger and stronger. This year, you're going to see a different secondary."

A few thoughts:

-For the second consecutive day, a WR was one of the biggest practice standouts. This time, it was freshman Travis Benjamin. He caught two long TDs from quarterback Robert Marve. Benjamin has done it with speed. He recently ran a 4.26 in the 40, trimming his time from around 4.5 as a high schooler. It gives Benjamin the dangerous combination of speed and the ability to make defenders miss. The only thing that may stop him this year is if he trips over those long dreads.

-There could be some fuel to those rumors of receiver Sam Shields dealing with academic issues. He talked after practice, but UM officials said Shields wasn't interested in answering questions about his grades. Stay tuned ... The good news is Shields talked a lot about how he has matured in the offseason. He's ready to be a leader to the younger guys and is focused on "doing what I have to do."

-Defensive ends Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey did not practice for the second consecutive day. Both are dealing with conditioning issues.
 10 years ago '04        #3703
madness 16 heat pts16
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C.J. Holton reports

CORAL GABLES - As the media exited this morning, freshman safety C.J. Holton was making his way to the practice field. He missed the first two days because of NCAA Clearninghouse issues, but has been cleared. Holton wasn't dressed for practice, and is expected probably to just watch.

A few early observations:

-Travis Benjamin, Shawnbrey McNeal, Davon Johnson, Jermaine McKenzie, Thearon Collier, Kendall Thompkins and Graig Cooper are in competition for the punt and kick return duties.
Damien Berry relearning the position

CORAL GABLES - The biggest obstacle for sophomore Damien Berry has been remembering how to hold the football.

It's been almost two years since Berry carried the ball in a game, but he gets the opportunity again this season. He moved from safety to running back in the offseason. Berry said he had forgotten certain things about the position, mainly holding onto the ball.

He switched at an odd time. For starters, the move came after the spring game so Berry is already behind. Also, he was starting to come into his own at safety. He started last year's game against Boston College in the dime package. Most recruiting analysts projected him as a defensive back after starring at Glades Central.

Yet now Berry finds himself competing for playing time at one of UM's strongest positions. He will likely spend this year behind Javarris James and Graig Cooper, and still has to hurdle Lee Chambers, Derron Thomas and Shawnbrey McNeal. Berry said coach Randy Shannon approached him about the move because of depth concerns, and they needed another power back behind James.

Berry seems to be content with the move. The coaching staff still doesn't know what he can provide, because they have seen so little of him. As for Berry, he just says wait and see.

"My style is my style," Berry said. "I can't tell you. I might call it a spade, you might call it a diamond."

Berry isn't the only player dealing with adjustment. Junior Ryan Hill switched from wide receiver to safety around the same time. Hill was probably moved because the Hurricanes were simply too stacked at WR. He should provide solid depth. For Hill, he says the move hasn't been too difficult. He played defense throughout high school, and spent his freshman year in the secondary before moving to offense last season.

He actually feels his time on offense will help.

"It kind of helps me benefit in the secondary," Hill said. "In 3rd-and-10, they're passing situations and you kind of know where the ball is headed. You want to use that to your advantage."

A few thoughts:

-Shannon says it's highly likely every freshman who enrolled early will see playing time this fall. That probably means we'll see a few even cracking the starting lineup eventually. But what does this mean? Are these frosh really talented? Or is the rest of the team that bad?

-A.J. Trump is expected to play center, but also could see action at guard. Trump downplayed his recent injuries by jokingly saying, "Coach Shannon and the training staff made that up."

-Count Darryl Sharpton as another fan of the freshman crop of linebackers. He said Jordan Futch, Arthur Brown and Sean Spence are progressing quicker than expected.

-Today was the first practice where the players wore shells. Defensive ends Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey continued to be held out.

-As of practice time, Shannon said none of the five missing freshman players had been cleared to play. Defensive back C.J. Holton did arrive today with his family and attended the first portion of practice.

-Safety Vaughn Telemaque met with the media for the first time. He says the safeties are all receiving equal reps, and he's rotated with the first-, second- and third-teams. There are also no plans of Telemaque playing any cornerback. He wasn't very quotable today, but when asked if he was homesick he did say, "Not at all. This is my home."

-Thearon Collier can probably thank Graig Cooper for avoiding a serious injury. They were fielding punts near the end of practice. Collier attempted to catch one, but wasn't paying attention to his surroundings. He nearly crashed into the goal post, but was warned by Cooper just in time.

-Today's Marve Moment: I think he has a new tattoo on both triceps. They seems to be his initials in Old English style lettering.
 10 years ago '04        #3704
madness 16 heat pts16
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[pic - click to view]

bruce johnson got big:wow:

no homo
 08-04-2008, 01:15 PM         #3705
Hurricane Ra  OP
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Nice Holton is there.. n*gga gotta know where KNOCKING n*gga'S HEADS OFF!
 10 years ago '04        #3706
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Playing under the hot Miami sun, freshman cornerback Brandon Harris got his first real taste of college football action Saturday morning as the 'Canes opened up Fall practice, albeit in shorts and helmets.

Regarded as one of the top corners in the nation coming out of Booker T. Washington High School this past Spring, which is located just down the road in the Overtown section of Miami, Harris entered Miami with some serious acclaim and major expectations, from coaches, fans and most importantly, himself.

"Personally, I am never satisfied so I feel like I can help the team more, perform more intelligently on the field, so I'll keep working and keep getting better," Harris said. 'It went well I enjoyed practicing with some of the new guys on the team, just still working hard trying to get better everyday."

While the heat will always be difficult to deal with, Harris is rather used to it having played in Miami his entire life.

"It was very hot. I had a chance to play in high school in some daytime games so I am pretty prepared," Harris said. "The heat is going to be tough every week, no matter who you are, no matter how much you train. We trust coach Swasey's training and you know hopefully our bodies will adjust to the heat as the Summer progresses."

For Harris though, this was a long time coming after he waited the entire recruiting process to make a decision. Down to three schools (Miami, UCF, Ohio State) that were above the rest, Harris put on the University of Miami helmet on signing day in February ending all speculation. The truth was, Harris was always a Hurricane at heart and he's finally getting to live his dream.

"You know I waited on this for a long time," Harris said of coming to UM. "This is something that I've been waiting for my entire life. I couldn't sleep last night. I was very excited. I was ready to wake up this was my first time, I am proud to be a Hurricane. I just wanted to put this uniform on. I was excited just to run out of that little tunnel so I can imagine how it's going to be at Dolphins Stadium."

The biggest difference though between high school and football for Harris will be adjusting to the physicality of the game. Harris is a physical corner even though he's only about 185 pounds, but he is still building body to be able to endure the daily rigor of the game.

However, DeMarcus Van Dke was able to do it last year even though he didn't crack 170 on the scale when he got to Miami.

"I've gained about at least 5-6 pounds since the Spring. Coach Swasey does a good job preparing all of our guys to perform and I pretty much prepared myself, my body has grown," Harris said. "Physically, size really doesn't matter. You have to play the game. I feel I am in pretty good shape."
 10 years ago '04        #3707
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Expect Miami sophomore running back Graig Cooper to break more tackles this season.

Cooper put together a solid freshman season in 2007, leading the team in rushing with 682 yards and four touchdowns, but even though he had a good year Cooper still could have made more long runs.

Cooper's solution to breaking more long runs--put on ten pounds of muscle so he can break the arm tackles that brought him down last year.

"Hopefully it helps me break some more tackles this year, but hey I am not worried about all that right now," Cooper said. "I just want to focus for the first game of the season."

"I hate coming down anyways. There were a lot of runs that I feel like I should have broken some of those tackles. These ten pounds give me a little more confidence as a running back to go out there and do that."

The added weight will also help Cooper absorb the pounding he takes at the running back position. Cooper doesn't like talking about it, but last year he played the second half of the season he played with a nagging knee injury.

"Graig's knee didn't just hurt at the end of the year," Miami running backs coach Tommie Robinson said. "You want to talk about some warriors and some gladiators, look at that number five and that number two."

"With a knee injury, you can get hit anywhere and feel it there," Cooper said. "I really didn't let it get to my head too much, but it was a lot of pounding for my body to take last year. I just knew I had to put on a couple of pounds after last season and that is what I did."

Cooper is excited this season to share the running load with junior Javarris James. The two backs combined for more than 1,100 yards last year.

"That is my brother, man," Cooper said. "We are past being teammates right now, we are brothers. We have a bond like that. When I look at him, I say that is my brother. Every chance we get we hang out. If we hear about something, we will hit each other up and say what we are doing tonight."

"Javarris has gotten faster this offseason. A lot of people just look at him as a big running back, but he has some speed now too. Javarris can run now. He has gotten a lot faster than last year."
 10 years ago '04        #3708
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- While Miami linebacker Glenn Cook sat out last season with a foot injury, he made the most of his time.

Cook--always a film junkie--watched clips of himself so he would know what he needed to improve on the field once he got healthy.

"You never want to miss a season, but if it is possible for a player to miss a season and still be involved in everything around the team, I would suggest it to almost every player, because it gives you a chance to see things from a different perspective and it enlightens you more to the little things about the game and what is going on," Cook said.

In 2006, Cook started 11 games for UM, finishing the year with 64 tackles, four tackles for loss, and seven quarterback pressures. The two main areas Cook saw he needed to improve from that season were his tackling technique and ability to get to the ball quicker.

"Seeing what I saw last year and then watching film on myself from a couple seasons back, I saw some things and points that I really needed to focus on," Cook said. "Even when I was hurt, Coach Barrow stayed on me about understanding the things I needed to improve and I think I fixed those things in the spring. I really improved on my tackling and chasing the ball. I have developed into a better player, even though I didn't play last year."

Since he is going into his sixth year at UM, Cook will be looked upon to be a vocal leader of this year's team.

"Hopefully I don't have to be too loud because we will be doing good, but when it is necessary, I can be vocal," Cook said. "I am not the only one though, we have a lot of seniors and veteran leaders like Anthony Redd*ck and Dwayne Hendricks. We all want to win, so we are going to do what it takes."

Cook will especially need to be a vocal on a linebacker unit that is full of very talented freshmen. He will be expected to mentor freshmen Sean Spence, Arthur Brown, and Jordan Futch--all of who appear to be poised for greatness in the future.

"Coming in the spring really helped them a lot, so they are not very far behind," Cook said. "They understand the basic concepts. It helped too that we were all learning things at the same time too because we had a new defensive coordinator, so they are not behind going into the year at all."

"The greatness is here, but it is just getting it out. We have to continue to do everything that is necessary to build on it and work at it. It is here, but bringing it out is going to be the key."

According to Cook, the freshmen will be counted on to play this season. He says they are too talented to keep off the field.

"I think they have to play really," Cook said. "They are too talented to not play. As long as they continue to do what they have done and they continue to keep learning, they have to play because they are that talented."


SEAN SPENCE: "Sean is not going to be getting pounded every game. He is going to play, but he is not going to be playing every down. I think he will be fine this year. He is going to continue to grow and he has the build to be a thick linebacker. He will be fine with his size playing in spots and then getting a lot of reps on special teams."

ARTHUR BROWN: "He has gotten smoother since he came and he really has cleaned up his technique since the spring. It is important for him to keep being smooth like that and he is able to progress into other things now."

JORDAN FUTCH: "Futch is the guy who stood out during the summer that wasn't here in the spring. It was kind of hard for him to pick up on some stuff because we were just doing a lot of advanced stuff in the summer--more than we usually do--so it was a little tough for him to pick things up. He has a lot of athletic ability though, so for him it is just going to come down to how fast he can adjust to the college game."
 10 years ago '04        #3709
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The University of Miami is currently real thin at defensive end. Down to only four defensive ends, one of them being true freshman Andrew Smith, one of the other true freshman is now back to his old high school position.

Marcus Robinson who was recruited out of Homestead High School as an outside linebacker even through he played defensive end his entire high school career has been moved back to defensive end because of the lack of depth at the position.

Although sporting the number 56 jersey which was also worn by current linebackers coach Micheal Barrow, it seems more likely that the fellow Homestead star will be lined up in the three-point stance rather than five yards off the ball.

"I am mostly playing end right now because we have a couple guys down so they have me focusing on end," Robinson said.

Robinson did admit though that he picked No. 56 because of Barrow.

"It was you know trying to keep a Homestead thing going with No. 56," Robinson said. "Me and coach Barrow are close, we talk, it's really like a father/son relationship."

But that doesn't mean Robinson doesn't have the desire to move back to linebacker although that might not be happening any time soon.

"I feel comfortable at end right now, but if I have a chance to go back to linebacker, I'll go back to linebacker," Robinson said.

The biggest adjustment for Robinson playing end though is his size, although he's considerably bigger than his last down at Homestead in November.

Robinson looks far more built and said he's gained 15 pounds since arriving at UM and is now over 230 pounds.

"I've put on like 15 pounds since I been here over the summer in work outs," Robinson, who looks far more built than at Homestead

Like it is for most freshman, the speed of the game is already proving to be a challenge for Robinson to adjust to.

"The first couple days were kind of fast for me so I am just adjusting to the speed right about now," Robinson said. "Right now, it's not much different, right now it's all fast for me so I am just learning the speed right now"

But he believes he'll be fine.

"Right now, it's the speed of the game. Yes, I'll be able to adjust to it, and right now it's just the first two days and I've been kind of nervous and I'm a performer, when I settle down and get it all in, I'll be able to adjust," Robinson said. "You got to use technique. It's all technique skills right now."
 10 years ago '04        #3710
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Don't tell freshman quarterback Taylor Cook he is not in the thick of the quarterback competition this year.

Cook (6-7, 235) didn't arrive at UM until this summer, so he has the least college experience of any of the young quarterbacks Miami has on the roster.

He is the considered the longest shot to win the starting job, but Cook says he is competing with the mindset to win the starting job this year.

"I am just doing the best I can to earn the starting job and compete," Cook said. "I am going to compete for that [this year].

"It is going to be hard work, but I love the competition and I am ready for it."

As a senior at Rice Consolidated High School Cook completed 103-of-214 passed for 1,598 yards, 19 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. He also rushed for 512 yards and 11 more touchdowns.

Even though Cook is behind Robert Marve, Jacory Harris, and Cannon Smith in learning and understanding the offense, he says he doesn't feel behind in the competition.

"Not necessarily," Cook said. "I did come here a little bit later than the other guys and I didn't graduate early, but I think I have been studying very hard and I think I have a chance to compete."

"We all work together. Me, Cannon, Marve, and Jacory, we all stick together. They have helped me early on because I haven't been here as long as them, but we have all been sticking together."

One thing that amazed Cook during summer workouts was the difference in the talent the wide receivers have at the college level. Cook says he could easily out-throw his receivers in high school, but now the receivers are fast enough to run under any throw.

"In high school I could out throw my receivers, here it is a lot different and a lot harder [to do that]" Cook said.

"Everybody that has come in has speed and they all have different attributes. They are all excellent receivers. There are so many guys jumping over people and making catches that it is amazing watching them."

Cook also practiced punting this summer. As a senior, he was voted second-team All-State punter with a 42.3-yard average. Cook says he will likely take some reps at punter during practice this season as well.

"I have always been doing that in high school and I like both positions and I feel like I can excel at both of them."

One of the toughest adjustments Cook has faced while at UM is of the off the field variety. Cook has had to adjust to living in the big city of Miami. Eagle Lake, Texas--the city Cook is from--has a population of 3,500.

"It is a lot different, but it is fun and I like it. It is fun and a good atmosphere and the coaches have welcomed me here and that has helped a lot."
 10 years ago '04        #3711
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- After an injury plagued sophomore season Miami running back Javarris James is healthy going into his junior year.

He is ready to put his sophomore year behind him.

James saw his production drop from his freshman to sophomore season.

He ran for 582 yards and four touchdowns and averaged 3.7 yards per carry as a sophomore. During his freshman year James ran for 802 yards and four touchdowns while averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

Here, James discusses his expectations for this season, how he plans to be used this season, his relationship with Graig Cooper, and what he expects from the quarterbacks this year.

Have you met your personal goals up until this point of your career at Miami?

"My personal goal is for a National Championship. If I go out there and rush for 500 yards, but we didn't win, it is pointless. When we start winning, that is my personal goal. It is always about winning with me. If I have two yards, but we get that 'W' then that is what it is all about."

In the spring game you were used a lot out of the slot. Do you think that role will carry over into this season for you?

"I definitely expect to be in the slot a lot and get the ball in my hands [that way]. I just want to do whatever it takes to help this team. It brings the linebackers out there with me and they are a little less athletic than cornerbacks and safeties."

And what if the defense matches a cornerback up against you?

"I am going to treat him like a linebacker."

Can you talk about how it gets you the ball in a new way and getting other opportunities?

"It gives us the opportunity to get out in space. It gives us one-on-one situations against linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. It gives us a chance to use our athleticism. You have a better chance against a guy one-on-one than against ten guys."

What do you think of the opportunity you have to play behind two different quarterbacks this season?

"I think it is great. Both of those guys are good. I saw a lot from them in the spring and we have two guys who are really good, so somebody is going to play. I feel like just like me and Graig. We are both great athletes and we both can play."

It seems like the quarterbacks get along together and have a lot of potential too.

"Those guys have talent. We tell them that we don't expect them to throw for 500 yards per game. Everybody has their role. My role is to make sure that I give them protection and excel in the running game. If we run like we are supposed to, that is going to help the quarterbacks out a lot."

With the freshmen coming in, what do you think of the new face that they bring to the team this season?

"We let the freshmen know that there is going to be a lot of pressure on them. They had the number one recruiting class, but we were freshmen once, so we understand what they are going through. What I tell them is if they come out here and work, then that is all we expect of them and that is what they have been doing."

What was your favorite moment last season?

"The day Graig Cooper came. He is an excellent player and he brings a different style to the backfield. I love that guy and I feel like since he came, it has made us both work harder. It is all love there."

Can you talk about the different styles you each bring to the running back position?

"He is fast, quick, and smooth. There are so many ingredients. He can catch the ball and one thing people don't know about Graig is that he can block. He goes in there in one-on-one drills against guys that are 250 pounds and he holds his weight."

"I am more of an inside guy, but don't get it fooled, I can take it outside too. I have good hands and I block well. We can build off each other. What I like he gains, what he lacks, I gain."

Is Graig your closest friend on the team?

"I would say it is Graig, Ryan Hill, and Sam Shields. Those are my boys on the team, but I am cool with everybody. Those are the guys that I hang with. They are all my roommates now except for Graig."

What is the one thing you can take from last year with everything you went through with your injuries you went through and then team going 5-7?

"First, you have to stay healthy and we just have to keep f!ghting. We have to realize what we are playing for. We are playing for our family, our university, our fans. We have excellent fans, I feel like we really let them down and we have fans that will come out every Saturday and support you."

A lot of your teammates are saying that there is a difference this year. Is there a difference in the attitude and atmosphere?

"It started in workouts. We have guys out here competing with each other through blood, sweat, and tears. One thing I feel like we have that helped us out a lot is that guys get on each other, but we don't take it personal. If I do something wrong, it might be a freshman that gets on me, but I am not going to take it personal. I am going to look at it like he is telling me something that is going to better me. Guys put their egos aside and that is for the betterment of the team."
 10 years ago '04        #3712
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Jacory Harris is focused this fall and does not want any distractions.

The freshman from Miami Northwestern is in the middle of a heated battle as the starting quarterback position, which will be named as early as Aug. 18.

"You basically live for this so I knew coming in it is crunch time and you cut everything off," Harris said. "You just focus on football and your academic studies. As long as I do things, there's really not too much pressure."

Harris, who arrived at UM in the spring, has visions of being the team's starter for the season opener against Charleston Southern on Aug. 28.

"I do envision myself starting and I don't know no one who doesn't envision themselves playing in that first game and leading their team to a victory because we all grew up wanting to play at the collegiate level and basically succeed," Harris said.

Harris had a good summer and feels like he is ready for fall practices.

"Summer was excellent because I was able to really bond with the coaching staff, my teammates, and we met new freshmen," Harris said. "I kind of already feel like a sophomore right now even though I haven't played a lick of football on the collegiate level. It just makes you feel good going through a summer and spring. I feel wonderful."

This spring, Harris showed a lot of poise during practices and performed well during spring scrimmages.

Even he was surprised of how well he did.

"I think I did pretty well," he said. "I really didn't expect myself to do that good. But I basically did real well."

Harris was 30-0 as the starting quarterback in high school and helped lead his team to a national title in 2007. He makes great decisions with the ball in delivering it to his receivers, but also has shown excellent maturity.

"In the huddle, I am real laid back," he said. "I'm not going to fuss at you or point fingers at you if you drop a pass. I might laugh at you and say, 'man, you play receiver, you are supposed to be catch the balls'."

Harris has a laid back attitude and relates well to his teammates, even in tough situations.

"Sometimes I get hyper, it's depending on the situation," Harris said. "I'm going to speak and have fun. I'm not going to be yelling. I'll go jump in the huddle and make everybody laugh. As long as I see smiles on everybody's faces, that's what makes me better."

Harris is excited about the 2008 Hurricanes season and a number of fans have also been excited about the future after a 5-7 season in Randy Shannon's first year.

Tickets have been purchased in advance, but not just from the Northwestern fans.

"That's everybody across the globe," Harris said. "We got people from China buying tickets, we got people from Mars, and all that buying tickets."

Harris says there is one goal this year: "A national championship".

Shannon has said he will play two quarterbacks this season, but does plan on playing two quarterbacks in each game.

"This is a competition so we are all f!ghting for one job and that's to be the starter," Harris said. "At the same time, whoever gets the job is going to be the right person to lead us there and whoever is the back-up, they are going to be right person to back us up. And we realize that."

There will be a lot of pressure on the quarterback position this season especially after the quarterback play of Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman last season as the two combined for, 2,003 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions.

"I am comfortable because as a quarterback you were bred into this," said Harris, on the pressure. "You know that you are going to have all of the pressure on you and the media is going to be on you. So you have to prepare yourself for things like that and you have to prepare yourself on the field so you don't get no negative remarks."
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Outside linebacker Colin McCarthy spent the Spring watching practice from the sideline. While he watched, he saw the emergence of freshman linebacker Sean Spence who took over and had an excellent Spring.

One thing is apparent following Spence's performance; positions are up for grabs and McCarthy knows it.

"There's a lot more competition this year and people aren't satisfied and that's what we need," McCarthy said.

McCarthy spent his Spring learning the new defense even though he wasn't on the field.

"I think it was good for me getting the opportunity to learn the defense a little better with Coach Young coming in and having a whole new scheme," McCarthy said. "As far as the new freshmen guys that came in, it gave them an opportunity to give them reps to play. When the season comes I'll be ready to play.

Coming off a 5-7 season that McCarthy was a big part of the main thing he notices is a change in attitude, something that seems to be a recurring theme amongst the players.

"We had a lot of individuals the last couple of years that took away from the team effort," McCarthy said. "We can improve in everything. We are not satisfied with what we did last year because we only won five games so we didn't do good enough."

Some of the ways he says the team has improved is by doing the little things that are integral in football.

"Just working on watching film, getting stronger in the weight room and know the playbook well and on the field, no more mistakes," McCarthy said.

A major issue the 'Canes defense had last year though was wrapping up on tackles.

"We are going to work on tackling when two-a-days start up. We don't purposely try to miss tackles. We just try to make plays," McCarthy said. "I am just going to play football. I try to lead by example whether I am trying to get a signal, get the crowd involved, the players try to do everything I can to make sure we going 100%."

McCarthy had one of the more memorable plays of the season last year when he returned a fumble for a touchdown to cap off a 37-29 win over Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium. It just so happened that it was Miami's final win of the season.

"It was great as far as going up there in the stadium the crowd that we had and they had, it was just great as far as the fumble return," McCarthy said. "I am just working for this season though."

Having no votes in the USA Today coaches Top 25 pre-season poll that came out Friday, McCarthy knows the rest of the country doesn't respect Miami and it's his goal to earn that respect back.

"We've got something special here that people don't know about. People think Miami is down and fell off the map. I think we've got a lot to show. The second week of the season, we'll see," McCarthy said. "I think we've got a lot to prove. You go 5-7, you don't really get too much respect so I think that is a goal we have this year is to earn respect from everyone else because we lost that the last two years."
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Cane signee C.J. Holton missed Miami's first two practices. But he says he won't be missing any more.

"I'm on my way there now, in the car," Holton said. "I'm going to practice tomorrow. I got the letter yesterday from Miami (saying he's all set). I'm excited."

Holton had hoped to arrive at UM in time to practice today but says "My mom had to work or I would have been there."

Brandon Marti, Gavin Hardin, Jeremy Lewis and Joe Wylie are Canes that are waiting on the NCAA's eligibility center to begin practicing.

And it appears at least another signee or two could be cleared on Monday.

Hardin's uncle, Steve Hookfin, said he's hopeful Hardin will be cleared then, although it will likely be too late for him to take part in Monday's 8 a.m. practice.

"We're just waiting on his test score to clear," Hookfin said. "[The NCAA] said it would take three days on Wednesday. We're hoping it gets cleared up because he's chomping at the bit."

Lewis is also hoping to be at Miami sooner rather than later.

"When I talked to him on Friday he said it's going to be Monday or Tuesday," Lewis's high school coach, Dan Sanso, said. "He said it's that they have to go through some paperwork with the Clearinghouse."

Marti's father, Pedro, said his son is through the Clearinghouse and is waiting on Miami admissions.

"I'm just waiting for tomorrow - they said just wait till Monday," Pedro Marti said. "I will hear something tomorrow. I think everything will work out."

Wylie was unavailable for comment.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The team practiced in shells today in their third practice of the fall.


"Today was the first day in shells. We got a run stuff corrected today. When you are in shorts you always look good because nobody wants to touch anybody, but today was a good day working on the run game and the flashing passing game."


? Shannon did not name anyone stood out in practice today. "Guys made plays here and there, but not really one guy stood out."

? All of the freshmen, who came early in the spring will play this season according to Shannon. Jacory Harris, Cannon Smith, Aldarius Johnson, John Calhoun, Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, and Arthur Brown were the the freshmen who came in early.

? Four freshman receivers will play this year out of Johnson, LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Tommy Streeter, Kendal Thompkins, Thearon Collier, and Davon Johnson because the team would like eight receivers on the field.

? S Anthony Redd*ck did not practice due to an undisclosed reason. It appears more and more likely that FS Randy Phillips and SS Lovon Ponder will be the starting safeties this season and Redd*ck will be worked in when there's time.

? The role of the fullback will "add some toughness to the team" this year according to Shannon. "Last year, we didn't have a fullback, now we have John Calhoun, Eric Houston, and little Patrick Hill. Those guys really like to block and also in the passing game catching balls in the flat. Most of the time people don't like to cover those guys and they can get you a 10-yard gain. We will use those guys in the passing game."

? FB Patrick Hill is doing an "unbelievable" job blocking according to Shannon. Hill ran for over 2,000 yards and 19 touchdowns as a senior at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles before moving to fullback at El Caminio Junior College.

? Shannon pointed out that the quarterbacks must have good clock management and not panic in the huddle with the rule changes this year. He has continued to stress that he wants a quarterback that can manage a game and not have a negative play. This seems to bode well for Jacory Harris, whose strength is just that whereas Robert Marve is better known for improvising and making plays. We continue to feel that Marve will be the starter in the opener, but it he does not have a good fall and Harris limits mistakes, Harris could be the guy like we saw last year when Shannon chose Kirby Freeman over Kyle Wright--which was a disaster of a decision.

? RB Damien Berry is showing good toughness in practice and although he still sits sixth on the depth chart, he is one to watch in his development. "He's got some running skills that we like and he's doing well," Shannon said.

? OL A.J. Trump said he will work more at center in the next couple of days of practice. Currently, he has primarily been working as a right guard on the second team thus far.

? Shannon on the academic status of the five signees who are still awaiting to see what happens: "Nothing has changed yet so don't ask me those questions. I've got no say so in them. I've been out here since 7:30."

? Shannon was on the Joe Rose Show on WQAM-AM radio this morning and said Zach Kane will be headed to prep school.

? C.J. Holton was at practice today with his family, but did not practice. Shannon on if Holton will practice on Tuesday: "I've been on the field since 7:30 so I have not talked to the NCAA. If I had a crystal ball and could work miracles, I would. When I get in, I'll find out."
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Trump could prove valuable

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon said there were no individual standouts at Monday morning's practice, the first in shells (helmets and shoulder pads) and third of the fall. But there were a few interesting guys available to chat with following practice including linebacker Darryl Sharpton, safety turned running back Damien Berry, and freshman defensive back Vaughn Telemaque, whom the Canes reeled in from longtime California power Long Beach Poly.

I'm starting today's blog, though, with a guy who could prove to be quite valuable to Miami's success this season on the offensive line, junior A.J. Trump. It's hard to feel happier for a guy on this team than Trump, who finally appears healthy after injuring his knee six games into his redshirt freshman season in 2006. Although he really hasn't played since, Trump said Monday "I feel like a freshman again." Trump played in just the fourth quarter of last year's opener against Marshall and admitted to me Monday "I think I tried to come back a little early and it wound up setting me back. I know how to be safe with it now and really take care of it."

Now, the 6-3, 300-pounder from Clearwater should be called Mr. Diversity for offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who has Trump playing all three interior spots on the offensive line this fall. UM could certainly use a healthy Trump. Although Miami's team strength this season is clearly the offensive line with established tackles in Jason Fox, Reggie Youngblood and even the roving Chris Rutledge, there isn't much depth or established talent in the interior beyond Orlando Franklin or Joel Figueroa. Trump could not only become the answer as the team's primary backup -- like Rutledge has been at tackle, but also possibly the answer at center if Xavier Shannon, Matt Pipho or Tyler Horn can't do the job done.

"I'm working the most at right guard. But on a given day be, I'll be at a totally different position," Trump said. "The trouble with switching positions is getting in the right stances. I'm a natural lefty, so the left guard position is easier for me. But I'm starting to get it at right guard. What can screw you up is flipping the plays when flip positions. But once you do it enough, you can figure it out."

I asked Trump if he'd prefer to compete for the center spot, which is open. "I'd love to compete [for the center spot]," Trump said. "But if my role is to play both guards and make sure Fig and Orlando have enough rest, then that's my role. But if I have an opportunity to play center, I'm going balls to the wall."

> Damien Berry talked about his move to running back Monday, and just like Shannon, said that the move was the coaching staff's idea, one to add depth to a position the Hurricanes were hurting at by the end of last season (when starters Graig Cooper and Javarris James were banged up). Berry (5-11, 207) ran for 1,080 yards and 19 touchdowns as a senior at Glades Central (while playing on a torn ACL) and can certainly play the position when healthy. "I think I was coming along, I think I was doing good at safety," Berry said. "But I appreciate the switch. I'll play wherever coach Shannon needs me. If he wants me at safety, cornerback, center, wherever."

Berry, whose father Kenny was a defensive back at UM, is obviously taking the team first approach and that's good for the Canes, which could use the added depth this season. But there are a few things that make me queasy when I think about the move. For starters, it was after the spring. And from what I remember, Berry was actually doing pretty good at safety, a position most recruiting experts thought he would thrive at. Let's be honest. Does this move really make sense? At running back, Berry is going to be buried behind Javarris James, Graig Cooper and Derron Thomas this year and is definitely behind other young guys like Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers, who came in as running backs. Next year, Bryce Brown and Mike James are slated to arrive. When is Berry supposed to see the field? Miami coaches obviously know better than I do. They watch practice. I don't. But how often have position changes honestly worked out at UM Did Devin Hester ever really find a spot? Did James Bryant really ever settle in at linebacker or fullback? Where is Kylan Robinson these days? I'm just saying I think it's a lot to ask a guy to start over after they've spent a year a two working up the depth chart at one spot to move to the end of the line at the other. Here's to hoping Berry has better luck.

> Sharpton is one of those Canes who likes to get his nose into the action. When I spoke to him after practice, the bridge of his nose was swollen and red, the result of having his helmet slam against his face. After having three sacks in the spring, Sharpton potentially could find his nose in the chests of opposing quarterbacks more often this season than any player on Miami's defense.

The 5-11, 235-pound junior, who started the final five games of last season, said he has been playing with the first team at both outside positions (though he's slotted at strongside) and has worked hard this offseason to become a more dangerous weapon. Sharpton said he's trimmed down his body fat from 15 percent to 10 percent and says he's 40-time is down from a little over 4.6 to 4.5 seconds. It might just help him become the key blitzer at linebacker on this team. Shaprton raved about how much he loves how aggressive UM's new defense is under Bill Young. He says the advantage the team has is that it has learned the new schemes (filled with zone blitzes according to other guys I've spoken with) at the same time.

"Everybody is having fun out there, running around, playing in this new defense," Sharpton said. "I think all the guys have it down pat."

That includes freshmen Arthur Brown, who rotates behind Sharpton on the strongside, and Sean Spence (who is on the weakside).

"I've been very impressed with the young linebackers," Sharpton said. "I've been with Spence and Brown. From the spring until now, they've progressed into regular guys. I think they definitely know it well enough to teach other guys."

> There were rumors heading into fall practice Telemaque, who played safety at Long Beach Poly, could see time at cornerback. When I asked him Monday to clarify his position, he said "defensive back," but admitted he's spending most of his time at safety.

Telemaque, who was kind of shy during our interview, said he's comfortable in Miami and that his teammates are doing a good job helping him with the transition from the West Coast to the East Coast. But he said he still spends a lot of time every day calling his mother.

"I talk to my mom daily because I love her a lot," Telemaque said. "But I'm comfortable here. I'm looking forward to the next four years of my life here."

> Although defensive end Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey continue to be held out of contact drills, redshirt freshman defensive end Adewale Ojomo said they were "involved a little bit more today."

"We need Allen Bailey," Ojomo said. "Right now we're taking a lot of reps, and we need him to come in so he can take some of the reps off our back so we can last throughout the camp and throughout the season.

"Eric is a big leader on the d-line in general. We really need Eric back. If he's not healthy, we'll go without him. But we really could use him."

Ojomo said he's up to 250 pounds -- gaining about 3-4 pounds, but said he's upped his stamina and strength in the offseason. He was the MVP of the Scout team last season. "I can pass rush," Ojomo said. "But I also take pride in stopping the run. I don't want to only be known as a guy who can only pass rush on third down, I want to known as an all down guy."

Ojomo said he had two sacks Monday and said freshman Marcus Robinson batted down two balls and had "a few sacks."

Other quick tidbits...

> Coach Randy Shannon told reporters the freshmen who reported in the spring will definitely see playing time this season and said because of attrition, at least four freshmen receivers "in some way, form or fashion will help us this year."

> When asked what's he's looking for in the quarterback competiion Shannon said: "Time management. With the new clock change, the way it is now, they have to run the offense and not panic. Be calm, stay calm, get in and out of the huddle, set the plays, be able to execute the offense - don't give us a negative play. If we do those things we're going to be fine."

> As for the other five freshmen signees still not at practice, defensive back C.J. Holton was seen on the sidelines Monday with his family. Shannon preferred not to talk about it when pressed on whether Holton or any of the other five signees had been cleared yet.
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Booie for president.. Big ups and prop him if your reading the articles.
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I havent seen any film on this n*gga but he LOVES Miami. If Miami offers he won't even think twice.
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami practiced for the fourth straight day and two players left early with dehydration.


"Today was very good. The run game picked up and the play-action pass game was very good. We concentrated on that more than anything. The rhythm with the play-action was good."


? RBs Lee Chambers and Damien Berry left practice early due to dehydration. Berry went off in a cart.

? TEs Dedrick Epps, Daniel Adderley, and Tervaris Johnson each scored touchdowns during red-zone drills.

? Freshman safety C.J. Holton was at practice and went through conditioning drills, but did not practice in team drills. Holton was not in shoulder pads like the rest of his teammates. He is wearing No. 34.

? S Anthony Redd*ck did not practice for the second straight day. According to Coach Shannon they want to be careful with him this fall as he's coming off a knee injury.

? S Lovon Ponder did not practice for undisclosed reason.

? CB Chavez Grant recorded an interception a couple pass break-ups.

? OL Orlando Franklin continues to work with the second and third units. He still has some catching up to do as he did not participate in spring practices. Coach Stoutland wants him to dominate on every play before he re-gains his starting spot at left guard currently occupied by Chris Barney, who did not play a down last season.

? Freshman DE Marcus Robinson has been doing a good job of getting to the quarterback this fall. He's had a few sacks in previous practices and is one of four healthy defensive ends participating in practice.

? Freshman WR Tommy Streeter scored a 40-yard touchdown on a post pattern a couple days ago in practice, but could not come up with a touchdown during the redzone today. He's been able to use his size and speed to make plays and could be a downfield threat this year.

? In yesterday's practice, there were eight turnovers including five interceptions. Grant, Ponder, LB Darryl Sharpton, and LB Glenn Cook had interceptions.

? CB Brandon Harris had two pass break-ups today and has recorded one or two interceptions this fall.


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