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 9 years ago '04        #3641
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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March 27, 2008

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine

Talk about it in The Storm Center
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Lauderhill (FL) Plantation High School athlete Brandon McGee has never seen the Hurricanes play in person.

He will on Saturday.

"I'm definitely going to the Spring Game," he said. "I've been down to Miami, to the campus a lot. I went down last summer for the summer camp. It was pretty cool. I got to meet coach Shannon for the first time … It was great."

McGee played quarterback at the camp last year and plays that position in high school, but he says he'll be a cornerback at the next level.

"I'm interested in playing both sides of the ball, on offense have a small package designed for me to get the ball in my hands, but more of a corner in college," said McGee, who says he received a Hurricane scholarship offer in February.

A 6-foot-0, 180-pounder, he was timed at 4.38 seconds in the 40 at the Florida State camp. He lists 25 scholarship offers, including Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, Ohio State, FSU and Florida.

His frontrunners?

"There are none," he said. "I'm pretty much just open to every school right now, haven't narrowed it down."

At the same time he says he's already getting a lot of local pressure to stay home.

"My friends, family want me to stay close," he said. "They say `Go to UM' because that's their dream school. But you have to do what's best for you."

McGee's first cousin, Cedric McGee, plays for Pittsburgh.

"I just talked to him this weekend and he asked my interest in Pitt because they want to come after me," McGee said. "I told him I'm open to everybody."

Jeff Stoutland is recruiting McGee to Miami.

"He talks to me about how he wants to put a U on the side of my head," McGee said. "He talks about the program a lot."

McGee says he will pare his list down to a top 12 this summer.

Miami's chances of being in that list of 12?

"Real high," he says. "Miami's always been a powerhouse, a lot of great players come from there and cornerbacks go high in the draft."

Last year McGee played in seven games (he missed three due to injury) and had 1,100 passing yards with 13 touchdowns. He also rushed for 450 yards and three more scores.

"My coach always jokes with me about playing like (West Virginia's) Pat White," McGee said. "We can run the spread offense, so he calls me Pat White."
 9 years ago '06        #3642
DEDOS 142 heat pts142
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brandon mcgee is the truth lets just hope he stay home

 03-27-2008, 02:50 PM         #3643
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Tampa (Fla.) Plant High School TE Orson Charles has received offers in the last two weeks from Florida and LSU.

They join his extensive offer list that also includes, among others, Iowa, Auburn, Arkansas, USF and Florida State.

The offer he's waiting for?

The Hurricanes.

"I called the coach (Monday) night, Joe Pannunzio, and he said not to worry about it," the 6-foot-3, 230-pounder with 4.5-second speed said. "So I guess I'm going to be patient. He was just saying to keep in touch and stuff like that and I said I'm going to come down soon with my mom for another unofficial visit."

Charles visited an early spring practice and said he thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

He says he won't be at UM for this weekend's spring game but should be sometime thereafter.

Charles previously has said the Canes are his frontrunner. But with no offer on the table he now says "I don't know (if that's still the case). I'm not sure right now."

Charles took an unofficial visit to UF recently and said, "It went alright, was good. I saw their practice and they use their tight ends a lot, so that's something I'm keeping my eye on."

He says he has made up his mind that LSU will be one of his five official visits. He's not sure where else he'll take his visits right now, though.

How long does Miami have before he starts seriously considering his other options over UM?

"I'm not sure," Charles said. "I talked to (former Plant High star and current Cane) Robert Marve the other day and he said to be patient because they offered him (not long) before signing day. He said to be patient and that the offer will come.

"He said I'm real good and it wouldn't be smart for Miami not to offer me. He said to be patient."
 9 years ago '04        #3644
madness 11 heat pts11
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props cap peeler and caneboi
 03-27-2008, 04:49 PM         #3645
dytcity07  OP
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i love sean taylor he is a beast
 9 years ago '06        #3646
DEDOS 142 heat pts142
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 dytcity07 said:
i love sean taylor he is a beast
* wipes tear from eye *

 9 years ago '04        #3647
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- When you talk about seizing the opportunity, that's what University of Miami redshirt freshman Adewale Ojomo is doing every day in practice.

As a true freshman last year, Ojomo had a chance to watch All-American Calais Campbell from the sideline during games and had the chance to practice as a member of the scout team.

But now, Ojomo will be expected to step up and be a playmaker. With Allen Bailey and Eric Moncur slated in as the likely starters at defensive end, Ojomo will likely get plenty of playing time rotating in for either one of them.

However, Spring practice has him prepared already as he is getting as many at 40 snaps in a row daily.

"I've became a tougher player in the spring by all our d-ends not being here, going to class and having other things to do, I've been taking all the reps and just became tough mentally," Ojomo said. "I've been getting in shape by being in there for all those reps. I've been going 40 reps straight. I've been getting different looks and just by learning how to push through adversity."

What Ojomo is hoping for is that the amount of reps he is taking each day in practice turns into reps in games. And he hopes that all the reps he's been taking makes the game that much easier.

"In the season, it's 60-70 plays in a game. I'm going 40 plays straight and you know when you have halftime and water breaks and the in-game commercials, so I am just getting tough, so the game should be easy for me," Ojomo said.

When asked if he's in the best shape he's even been.

"Definitely," Ojomo said.

So what's been the key for Ojomo's improvement and what he wants to keep on working on to make him continue to get better.

"Just staying focused. Staying focused on the plays and doing my job and the task at hand. That's been the biggest challenge for me," Ojomo said.

As a high school defensive end, he was known for his rough and ruggedness on the football field and on the basketball court when play on the hardwood, but Ojomo says he is much strong that he was just a year ago.

"I am much stronger. When I left high school, I was benching 275. Now, I am probably benching 330. I am stronger in everything, squatting, benching. Coach Swasey does a great job with strength and conditioning," Ojomo said.

Ojomo has really taken an appreciation to Spring practice though because of the strides it's allowed him to make towards the 2008 season.

"I've progressed a lot. People think the season is so far away. But you have to take every day like the season is tomorrow. You have to come out and get better every day. The same attitude I took on the scout team I take out here. I try to come out here and get better everyday, no matter what mood I'm in, no matter how tired I am. I am going to come out here and work," Ojomo said.
 9 years ago '04        #3648
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Linebacker Darryl Sharpton has improved his knowledge of the defense this spring by becoming a versatile piece to the linebacker unit.

Sharpton began the spring as the first team strong-side linebacker and moved to middle linebacker at the midway point of the spring.

For most of his career, Sharpton has played middle linebacker, but during the end of last season, he played primarily at strong-side.

Sharpton has used this spring to become comfortable playing both positions.

"My knowledge of the game has taken that next step in my development," Sharpton said. "I am reading all the keys on defense and being more of a student of the game. As a linebacker when you know where the other guy is and what his responsibility is then that helps you out tremendously. I can look at the strong-side and remind him what to do because we have a lot of young guys. If he has a question for me, then I can tell him what to do."

"I am comfortable wherever I go at linebacker now. The coaches explain everything good. There is differences in playing strong-side and middle linebacker, but it is not completely different for me."

Last season Sharpton started five games, finishing with 57 tackles and six tackles-for-loss.

With the new zone-blitzing scheme defensive coordinator Bill Young has implemented, Sharpton says this spring has been a refreshing time for the defense.

"It definitely feels like a fresh start now," Sharpton said. "Everything is new with the defense and what I am doing out here, so I feel like it has been a fresh start. It is a new defense and everybody likes it a lot."

In many situations this spring, Young has sent two linebackers on blitzes while the defensive ends drop back into coverage. Sharpton says the scheme will be effective because it fits the athletes Miami has on its roster.

"I like the new scheme a lot," Sharpton said. "I feel like it is a good fit for the players that we got. When you attack the quarterbacks with the athletes that we have, it can disrupt any offense."

Freshmen Sean Spence and Arthur Brown have brought depth and athleticism to the linebacker corps.

"They add a lot of skill and diversity," Sharpton said. "Arthur has a lot of talent out there with his ability and strength. Sean Spence is a really smart linebacker who picked the system up immediately. I was thrown back by his knowledge of the game. I have been very impressed by him. He came in and had a good background of the game as if he had been here all these years."

When asked which linebacker has made the biggest improvement from last season o now, Sharpton nominated senior Glenn Cook.

"I feel like Cook has made a big jump. I can see a big difference in him physically. He has gotten bigger and stronger and you can see it in his play. He has a lot more force and strength right now. Even just going against him in individual drills I feel a serious shock back when we hit."
 9 years ago '04        #3649
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- For the University of Miami to get back on top, more than anything it starts up front on the offensive line. Over the past few years, the offensive line has not been on the top of its game, however, things started getting better last year.

With three starters returning this year, the 'Canes are in a lot better shape than they've been over the past few years.

Although right guard Harland Gunn was a redshirt last year and didn't see the field at all, he's making noise working with both the first and second units getting reps to make himself a better player. And while he makes himself a better player, he makes the 'Canes offensive line better.

Currently slated as starters at tackle are Chris Rutledge, Reggie Youngblood and/or Jason Fox. Orlando Franklin would be penciled in as a likely started when he's healthy and Joel Figueroa would be the two guards while Xavier Shannon is the likely center.

But Gunn will provide some much needed depth and give the 'Canes a good offensive lineman who can do the job if called upon.

"We are doing good, making good strides. As far as communication, we are doing good on everything," Gunn said.

At times during the Spring, Gunn has worked with the first team, but he said that the unit is mixed up daily so that everyone gets work in with everyone and gets used to everyone.

"We mix it up everyday so we really don't have a set string right now," Gunn said. "We are just get better and better everyday.

The main thing that Gunn says he does is try to improve. Whatever he made a mistake on in one day of practice he tries to correct the next practice.

"We just got to get better. Improve on something you messed up on the previous day," Gunn said.

At 6-foot-2, 310 pounds, Gunn has a lower base than most offensive lineman. With that low base, it allows him to come out of his stance lower than many offensive lineman can making him a very good run blocker.

"I feel like my strength is explosion," Gunn said.

At the same time, Gunn is continuing to work to make himself better.

"Small details that every player needs to work on, like hand placement, feet placement, stuff like that," Gunn said.

As a young guy though, Gunn gets the most of his daily work in the trenches and said he gets the best battles from defensive tackle Antonio Dixon.

"When I got here my freshman year, it was Dix," Gunn said.

According to Gunn, it still is.
 9 years ago '04        #3650
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is working to become the red-zone threat at receiver UM was lacking last season.

Hankerson (6-2, 218) has put on close to 20 pounds since reporting to UM as a freshman last fall and has become a more physical presence this spring.

Last season Hankerson played in seven games and worked primarily out of the slot, finishing the year with six catches for 63 yards and a touchdown.

Now, Hankerson is working only as an outside receiver and is using his size to his advantage.

"In the red-zone I can really go up and get the ball with the short field," Hankerson said. "In the running game I can block the linebackers and the safeties."

Because Hankerson has shown a more aggressive style of play this spring, he has worked his way up the UM depth chart and is now working with the first team offense.

"I knew being physical and blocking would be one of my specialties," Hankerson said. "I am a bigger receiver and that is one thing I have to do and I know I have got to do. I feel more physical now than last season."

"I have worked my way up the depth chart by just coming out and studying the plays and doing what needs to get done in practice, but I am not comfortable out here because somebody can take my job away at any time."

Hankerson says one of the main reasons he has produced in the spring practices is his route-running has become more crisp.

"My route running is better and I am just in better shape right now, last year I had to jump into practices and I didn't feel in shape," Hankerson said.

Hankerson says because he is working with the first team and he has produced this spring, he is a more focused player no than he was last season and when he makes a mistake he is quicker to correct it.

"I still have some drops every now and then and I just have to keep my mind focused and just keep working hard and cut down on the drops," Hankerson said.

Going up against the new defensive scheme implemented by Bill Young has been an adjustment, but Hankerson says it has been a good scheme for the receivers to adjust to.

"We have been playing good, but the defense has been coming at us hard the past couple weeks," Hankerson said. "With the zone that they run I just need to find those spots and sit in them until the ball gets to me."
 9 years ago '04        #3651
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix is looking to help improved the Hurricanes offense in his second year.

Last season, the UM offense 110th (out of 119) in the country last season averaging 315 yards a game. In comparison, Tulsa led the nation with 544 yards a game.

The Hurricanes will have a new quarterback in 2008--either Robert Marve or Jacory Harris as they look to help the team back to a bowl game.

Here are some hot topics surrounding the offense as Nix addresses each one:

1. Break Coming Soon

Nix has been getting to the football offices at 5:30 every morning and does not leave until 9 at night. He's looking forward to the break after the spring game on Saturday. "When we're done, we'll see what we did good and bad--we experimented on a lot of different things," Nix said.

2. Quarterback Update

Nix on the quarterbacks: "They've all done good. They've all had their good days and bad moments. I don't think any of them have truly had a bad day necessarily. They've had some bad moments, but we've put them in some bad situations too. We've asked them to do things that we probably won't ask them to do in a game. There's very few quarterbacks in the world that you'd ask to do some things, but you have to find how they will react. We've purposely set them up for failure because whether you like it or not, you're not going to succeed on every play or in every game. That is part of it. They don't have experience of failure and success, so you have to find ways to give it to them in practice and put as much pressure on them as you can. For the most part, they have handled it well. They have made their mistakes and we've jumped on them. They've learned from it and see what we're saying. Each one of them is very coachable and listen to what we're saying and want to get better."

3. Receivers Making Plays After Catch

Aldarius Johnson and Ryan Hill are two receivers that have been singled out by receivers coach Aubrey Hill as guys who are making plays after the catch. Coach Nix believes every unit has to do that: "The running backs have to do that, the tight ends have to do that, and the wide receivers have to do that. Whoever has the ball, you have to make a play."

4. One Receiver Emerging?

Sam Shields returns as the team's leading receiver, but has not emerged as the clear-cut number one guy. "They all have been pretty good," Nix said. "Nobody has really stood out as head and shoulders above the rest. They've each had their good days." Nix did say the team is deeper this year than a year ago even with the departures of Darnell Jenkins and Lance Leggett.

5. Building Depth

One of the main goals of spring practices is to build depth across the board. Nix believes the offense is doing a good job of doing so, but did say, "you never know, it's spring". However, it is encouraging to see that the team has two capable quarterbacks, two solid running backs with two more ready at a moment's notice, a handful of receivers making plays, and an offensive line unit which should be strong across the board. Nix added: "You can think you have something now, but in the fall you never know what is going to happen."

6. Epps Emerging From the Pack at Tight End?

Junior Dedrick Epps has had a productive spring thus far--coach Shannon has went as far as to say he has had a phenomenal spring. "He's had his moments, but so has Richard (Gordon) and (Chris) Zellner). Dedrick is a very talented guy and can do a lot of different things so hopefully he continues to come on and be a playmaker for us." Zellner leads the returning tight ends with 22 career catches for 145 yards and 3 TDs. Epps has eight catches for 82 yards and 1 TD. Gordon has one catch for eight yards.

7. J.J. Moving Around

Junior running back Javarris James has been held back a bit this past week. Coaches have repeatedly said that it is because they know what James brings to the table and they want to get the other guys some more reps. When he has been in, he has played a lot in the slot in different formations. "Spring is all about putting guys in certain situations to see what they can do and part of it is moving them around at other positions," Nix said. "Some guys can't handle it mentally or physically so you have to be careful of that, but J.J. can handle it."
 9 years ago '04        #3652
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Bill Young's defensive philosophy is very similar to what coach Randy Shannon believes in.

However, Young's defense this spring has focused on more zone with the cornerbacks and more blitzes with the linebackers to help create more turnovers in 2008.

"We want turnovers," Young said. "Our number one goal on defense is to score. Our goal is to lead the country in forced turnovers."

Miami had 25 takeaways last season--13 interceptions and 12 fumble returns--good for 49th in the nation.

"We're doing a real good job, but we're making mistakes and have a long ways to go," Young said. "At the same time, we are correcting on those and building. They have been very receptive of what we're doing."

A number of cornerbacks have talked about how much they enjoy the new zone scheme, which allows them to make more interceptions.

"With eyes on the ball you have a better chance of getting interceptions so hopefully that will be the case," Young said.

Young noted that there is one area the team needs to improve on.

"At defensive tackle, we have to make some progress there," Young said. "But we have some young guys that are coming and getting better like Marcus Forston."

Young said the linebackers are playing "good" and the cornerbacks are playing "pretty well".

The team has had 13 practices thus far in the spring with just two more remaining until the spring session is complete. It has been productive for Young in his first spring at UM.

"It's been just spectacular," Young said. "It's been really, really good. Our players are picking up the defense and we're getting better every day."

The future appears to be bright for the defense with freshmen DE Allen Bailey, DT Marcus Forston, and LB Sean Spence.

"Without question, those are some great young people," Young said.

Young noted that senior DT Antonio Dixon and senior LB Glenn Cook are also playing well this spring.

Earlier this week, Cook was granted a sixth-year of eligibility. Cook has recorded 109 tackles, 15.5 for loss, one fumble recovery for a touchdown, and four pass breakups in his career at Miami.

"That is a great thing for him and for us," Young said. "He's a veteran player. Tremendous football player and a very smart player. He's been around and has seen it all. He brings a tremendous load of experience to our team."

Junior cornerback Chavez Grant has been one of the standouts this spring.

"He's had a couple of interceptions this spring and ran them back for touchdowns," Young said. "He's done real well. I think he's going to be in the mix, without question. He is going to play a lot."

The Hurricanes have their annual spring game on Saturday and Young has one goal in mind.

"Come out and don't have anybody get hurt," he said.
 9 years ago '04        #3653
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Cornerback Bruce Johnson has added weight and is making plays this spring.

Johnson, 5-foot-11, played the 2007 season at 170-175 pounds, but he recently weighed in at 186 pounds.

"I thought it would slow me down on the field, but it hasn't," Johnson said. "I can still run with it. I can stay with my jams more. Not too much has changed. I thought I would lose my quickness, but I haven't."

There is a lot of attention on the cornerbacks this spring after some ups and downs last season.

Johnson returns with fellow senior corner Carlos Armour, juniors Chavez Grant and Tervaris Johnson, and sophomore DeMarcus Van Dke.

They have played "pretty well" this spring according to defensive coordinator Bill Young, but Johnson believes practice does not matter as much as the games.

"We can't really base it off practice, I feel we have to put it towards the game to see how good we work," Johnson said. "When the games come, we have to step it up and make plays."

Johnson believes he is doing well this spring.

"I'm doing pretty good myself," Johnson said. "I have surprised myself and have competed a little bit better so it's not a guessing game anymore. I think I'm doing pretty good."

In the last scrimmage on Saturday, Johnson returned an interception 55 yards for a touchdown.

"It felt real good because I had been looking to make a big play all spring," said Johnson, who has had a number of pass break-ups. "I got a late start because I was with track. Once I got it, I wanted to try to take it to the house and that's what I did."

Johnson talked about the new zone scheme with the cornerbacks, which helps generates interceptions.

"We can read the quarterback and play off the man," Johnson said. "Being in the zone helps a lot [with interceptions]."

Johnson's uncle, former Hurricane and current Seattle Seahawks cornerback Kelly Jennings was at practice on Wednesday.

"We talk all the time and text a lot," Johnson said.

Jennings was a three-year starter at UM and was drafted in the first round in 2006 with the 31st overall selection.

"He was real coachable," Johnson said. "Me and him are two different people and I'm not trying to be like him, he has his style and I got mine. But as far as picking up things to get better, I have no problem with that. He stayed in the film and did what the coaches asked him to do--that is what I'm trying to do."

The Hurricanes return to practice today before the spring game on Saturday.
 9 years ago '04        #3654
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Daniel Adderley has moved to tight end from wide receiver this week.

On Monday, tight ends coach Joe Pannunzio told Adderley he was with the tight ends from now on.

"Let's go, let's do it, let's get physical," Adderley responded. "Let's make it happen."

Adderley redshirted last season, his first as a Hurricane after starring at Southside Christian School in Simpsonville, S.C.

Adderley said he felt he was doing "good" at wide receiver and has a productive spring.

"If I have more springs like this, I think I will develop into a pretty good player," he says.

Adderley has had two practices at tight end and is getting used to the adjustment of a new position in college.

"I'm not doing too bad," Adderley said. "On offense, you have to learn all the plays. I pretty much know what to do on passing plays, I just have to understand the blocking schemes. I have to get better blocking technique. I'm not too bad for my weight."

Adderley is currently 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds.

"They don't talk about where they'd like me at, I'm just eating as much as I can to try to get my weight up there," he said. "I don't have a set goal or anything like that. I just want to get to a weight where I wont get pushed around."

Adderley is one of four tight ends on the roster joining senior Chris Zellner, junior Dedrick Epps, and junior Richard Gordon.

"Those guys are awesome," he said. "Chris took me on my visit and Dedrick and Richard are two goobers so we just have fun."

Coach Pannunzio is the team's tight ends coach.

"He's an awesome coach," Adderley said. "I've always loved Coach P. He's a good teacher."

"It's an experiment," Pannunzio said on the position change.

The Hurricanes resume practice on Friday afternoon before the annual spring game on Saturday.
 03-29-2008, 10:50 AM         #3655
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After The Spring Game..these Wr's Are Still Dropping Passes..jacory Harris Seemed Better And More Accurate Than Marve..graig Cooper Is A Beast..and Sean Spence And A.brown Had Phenominal Games..a.brown Ahad A Pick And 8 Tackles
 9 years ago '04        #3656
madness 11 heat pts11
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This is from someone over at Canestime...

Brynn's take on the Spring Game


My ride had to leave a little early, so I may be first to write anything up.

Best performers:

1.) #2 Graig Cooper. He is fast. He is quick. He makes people miss. And now he is lowering his shoulder, DELIVERING the hit. He was great last year, but if the spring game is any indicator, he will be much better in year 2.

2.) #5 Javarris James. He was shiftier than ever, and trucked damn near anyone in his way. The two backs are both studs, and we are very lucky to have them.

3.) Starting OL. Run blocking was FANTASTIC. QB's had decent time to throw. They need to cut out the false starts, but overall they opened holes, which is good to see. The Center, Xavier Shannon, is the worst shotgun snapper I have ever seen. Left, right, low, and every single snap was SLOW SLOW SLOW. They hung in the air and were off target more often than not. This needs to be fixed or we will have some serious turnover issuesi n the shotgun.

4.) Defensive backs. Good coverage, prevented much seperation. DVD blocked a FG, and Jojo had a very nice 40" leap to bat down a long sure-fire TD bomb.

Best freshmen:

1.) Marcus Forston. Get used to #99 being in the backfield. He is lightning quick off the ball, sheds blockers with amazing leverage, and with Antonio Dixon eating up 2-3 holes next to him, I fully expect him to surpass all of our DT play since Russell Maryland. It is alot for a true freshman DT, but he has the skills I have not seen in a long time. This kid is a real stud 1 gap DT who could realistically play DE with his quickness (he did in HS, they lined him up everywhere. Realize as a Junior at Northwestern, he had 21 sacks. Then as a Senior, when he faced permanent double teams and general triple teams, his production dropped: to 20 sacks). He is scary good.

2.) #11 Aurthur Brown. His technique needs alot of work: he tackles way too high and doesn't shed blocks all that well. But he was in the mix every snap. He made a few tackles, and was around the ball every single play, pass or run, either side of the ball. He is going to be good, especially if LB coach Barrow can work on his leverage and driving tackles skills.

3.) Jake Wieclaw, K. This kid had one blocked, but he has a booming leg we haven't seen in a long time. I was impressed.

Unfortunately, I'd guess Derron Thomas is done for the year, he took a nasty fall with a guy bending his knee real bad. It was a shame, he made a GREAT move, then another, then as he made a 3rd to maybe break a big one, someone got him from behind and curled up his knee. I hope he recovers, but it definately looked BAD from where we were sitting.

Shawnbrey McNeal looked good as the replacement though. Not the fastest guy, but he makes people miss and has tremendously stupendous vision. Seriously, if he was a hair faster, he could start over James and Cooper. But not right now. He is a great 3rd back though, and broke a sweet little screen for a 65 yard gain (didn't quite score)

Our defense wasn't quite where it should be: usually at this time, the D is WAY ahead of the offense. That was definately not the case. I hope it is due to an improved offense, but you never nkow if it is good O or bad D.

Our WR's still can't catch. Drops from Aldarius Johnson, Khalil Jones (he caught 1, dropped 3, maybe...could be so great..but not), Farquharson...Shields was invisible, Ryan Hill caught the 1 ball he was thrown, and Gordon/Zellner had 1 catch each. Our passing game really predicated on dumps to the RB. Our defense had no answer for it though, which really scares me as the way we ran them, delay, look down field, them dump to the RB, is eerily similar to a QB draw/scramble up the gut. We haven't had too much success defending that in the past, and it doesn't look like we will now either.

Spencer Adkins looked good at MLB. I like Brown as the WLB, and Darryl Sharpton looked good blitzing...I'd think he'd make a great SLB. McCarthy didn't play, nor did Lovon Poner. Redd*ck looked big but slow. I don't think he'll ever be the same as he once was...a shame, cuz he was awesome his first season here. Our OL can run block. We are as big as I have ever seen. Guys over 310:

Joel Figueroa OL 6'5 344
Matt Pipho, OL 6'7 315
Ian Symonette OL 6'9 364
Orlando Franklin OT 6'7 345
Chaz Washington DL 6-4 320
Chris Rutledge OL 6'5 314
Reggie Youngblood OT 6'5 312
Chris Barney OL 6'5 340
Antonio Dixon DL 6-3 328

Then you have Byrd and Harland Gunn both at 309, and Trump at 308. Wow. Is this Nebraska or a Little 11 school? I don't remember ever having this many guys that heavy. USually we see a few guys over 300, but not over 310, 320, 350...

Franklin was a stud today. I think he'll end up starting at RT. I'd love to see them move Youngblood over to LG. Our best OL, IMO, would be:

LT: Fox
LG: Youngblood
C: Figeuroa or Shannon (if he can fix his snap) or AJ Trump
RG: Trump or Pihpo
RT: Franklin

Symonette needs to get quicker. He is a mountain, in size and mobility. If they can get him to learn to drive his feet he'll end up a late 1st round pick as a RT.

Jacory Harris was the better QB. He has more zip on the ball and it seemed like he was a bit more accurate. Marve didn't look bad though, and he managed to scramble and gain yards despite the "touch" and your down policy. Marve has a Marino-like release: he snaps that ball out incredibly fast. If our OL stuggles in pass protection, Marve is the guy. The combination of a quick release and great scrambling ability can make any OL look improved. I'd say they are neck and neck right now, but both are noticeably better than Kyle or Kirby. They all stink at the bomb though. I don't know why...maybe the Miami water supply prevents kids age 18-22 from throwing a football more than 40 yards with any accuracy.
 03-29-2008, 06:59 PM         #3657
Sh0wty  OP
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I was there... We got two real good QB's. But Marve will be our starter..
 03-31-2008, 07:38 AM         #3658
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Fort Bend (TX) Hightower DB Colton Valencia watched teammate A.J. Highsmith commit to Miami.

And he took an unofficial visit to UM with Highsmith for last weekend's spring game. They arrived on Friday and leave today.

"I really liked Miami," Valencia said. "I like the coaches, liked the spring game a lot, how they flew around for the ball. I like the city. I could see myself there one day.

"The coaches, I gave them my tape and one of the coaches watched it Friday and then they were real interested. He said he's going to talk to (Randy) Shannon and they're going to offer me."

If that offer comes through, Valencia says there's a good chance he'll become a Cane.

"I'd talk it over with my mom because I'm from Houston and then I'd make my decision then," Valencia said.

Highsmith adds, "He wants to go to Miami. Florida's real interested in him, but I think he wants to go to Miami."

For now Valencia lists verbal offers from Oklahoma State, Houston and Baylor. Several other top programs are also recruiting him hard.

"After Miami saw my highlight tape and saw me in person they got real interested," said Valencia, a 5-foot-11, 187-pounder who ran a 4.49-second 40 at the University of Houston camp.

Valencia has started at safety since his sophomore year, but he says UM is recruiting him as a cornerback or safety.

As a sophomore he had 67 tackles and 17 passes broken up.

This past season he finished with 89 tackles, 23 passes broken up and six interceptions, three returned for touchdowns.

"That was my breakout year," Valencia said.
 9 years ago '06        #3659
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good looks famo
 9 years ago '06        #3660
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$62,091 | Props total: 21237 21237
 Cap Peeler said:

[pic - click to view]

This sh*t was shocking to me. Way more than what DVD was last year.




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