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 10 years ago '04        #3401
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- First-year defensive coordinator Bill Young will be expected to improve a defense that ranked seventh in the ACC in total defense and 10th in scoring defense.

Young left Kansas after five seasons including helping the Jayhawks to their best season ever finishing 12-1 and ranked seventh in the final AP poll.

"To be honest, I'm real pleased to have Bill a part of this coaching staff and program because I never thought Bill would ever leave the Midwest area," Miami head coach Randy Shannon said on the . "I've been knowing him for a long time and he'll be a tremendous a.sset to us."

The defense will have to have a number of players step up after losing two underclassmen to the NFL Draft--Kenny Phillips and Calais Campbell--and the departure of seniors Tavares Gooden and Teraz McCray.

Coach: Clint Hurtt

94 - Eric Moncur, Senior
97 - Adewale Ojomo, Redshirt Freshman

93 - Dwayne Hendricks, Senior
99 - Marcus Forston, Freshman

96 - Antonio Dixon, Senior
91 - Joe Joseph, Junior

57 - Allen Bailey, Sophomore
49 - Courtney Harris, Junior

Breakout Player: Bailey

Best Player: Dixon

Comments: This unit is very average at best. Moncur (7.5 sacks/32 games) and Dixon (5 tackles for loss/28 games) have showed flashes of being productive players, but have not been consistent enough and have battled through injuries in their careers. Bailey has a lot of potential and should make an immediate impact this season. Forston might still be a year away from taking over because it is a difficult position to play as a true freshman.

Coach: Micheal Barrow

31 - Sean Spence, Freshman
48 - Spencer Adkins, Senior

55 - Glenn Cook, Senior
51 - Romeo Davis, Senior

44 - Colin McCarthy, Junior
50 - Darryl Sharpton, Junior

Breakout Player: Spence

Best Player: McCarthy

Comments: This unit will need to have someone replace the production of Gooden's 100-tackle season in 2007 and McCarthy should be that guy. There could still be some shuffling with Cook, Davis, and McCarthy as to who settles in at the middle linebacker position. Cook has the most experience and knowledge of the defense, but McCarthy could be moved inside much like Gooden did shortly before the start of the season. Spence brings a lot of excitement as a true freshman and all indications point towards him being a very, very good player in his career. Fellow freshman Arthur Brown is not listed on the two-deep, but could very well play himself into a position--most likely strongside.

Coach: Wesley McGriff

8 - DeMarcus Van Dke, Sophomore
24 - Chavez Grant, Junior

26 - Anthony Redd!ck, Senior
35 - Lovon Ponder, Senior

6 - Randy Phillips, Senior
29 - JoJo Nicolas, Sophomore or C.J. Holton, Freshman

22 - Bruce Johnson, Senior
27 - Carlos Armour, Senior or Brandon Harris, Freshman

Breakout Player: Van Dke

Best Player: Phillips

Comments: Young's system should allow the cornerbacks to excel in improving their interceptions number from a year ago as the unit picked off just three passes. The trio of senior safeties are hungry to finish on a strong note and as long as they are physical against the run, this unit will be just fine in replacing Kenny Phillips. There will be a lot of attention on Harris coming in and playing right away, which he could very well do if Johnson or Van Dke struggle, but a more suited role is for Harris to lock down the nickel back position. The 2007 pass defense was sixth in the ACC, but the biggest improvement this unit needs to make is creating turnovers.
 10 years ago '04        #3402
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Zach Kane Speaks in Sun-Sentinel

SR: The first sentence of your defensive player of the year story in the Asbury Park Press says you're one of the "calmest people away from the field." What changes when you put on a helmet?

ZK: Well, really it's just the whole mood when it comes time for business. I guess you strap on a chinstrap and it becomes all business. It's just the game, it turns me on.

SR: You were ejected twice in your high school career for unsportsmanlike conduct? What happened there?

ZK: It was just a little exaggerating. I took it too far and the adrenaline took over me. It happened actually against the same team. My junior year, I sacked the quarterback and I was celebrating too much and they threw me out. My senior year, I jumped on one of their players when he was on the floor. It was good shot. It was on a punt. I started walking away and he jumped on my back. I flipped him over on the floor. They said I kneed him, but I didn't.

SR: Is controlling your emotions better on the field something you feel you need to work on?

ZK: Yeah, definitely, but it's not that big of an issue. It was probably made more of than it should've been.

SR: You played middle linebacker. Do you think that is your best position or can you play outside?

ZK: Yeah, it's probably the best out of all three spots for me. I'm more of a taller, heavier solid guy and I like to stop the flow in the middle.

SR: What kind of offseason program have you been doing to stay in shape?

ZK: I've just been working on speed and strength and conditioning. We have a bunch of agility drills and coach Andreu Swasey got me on a program. It lets me get used to his way of doing things. It's really just a whole workout instead of working out one particular area.

SR: Have you watched any film of the current UM linebackers and what are your impressions?

ZK: I've watched them and they're very impressive. They're not really big, but they're speed is what's most impressive. Colin McCarthy showed me around when I was down there and I've been waiting to watch him play. I heard he's really good.

SR: What's your best attribute as a linebacker?

ZK: Really, it's just my instincts to the ball. You can see that when you watch me on film. I'm not a guy who is going to test great, but when I'm on the field, you can see my instincts out there. That's all that really matters.

SR: You're listed as a FB/LB on the roster. Is there any chance you will play any offense?

ZK: No, I don't think so. I think I'm just going to be on special teams and playing linebacker. I played a little bit of running back in high school, but that was only because we didn't have anyone there.
 10 years ago '04        #3403
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Laron Byrd Speaks in Sun-Sentinel

SR: With all these receivers coming to UM, why would you want to come here when you could probably easily play elsewhere?

LB: I've been the liking the school for a long time and your talent should speak for itself. If it does, it shouldn't matter, just as long as you're good enough.

SR: At 6-3, you obviously have the size advantage over most defensive back. How much of a luxury is that?

LB: It's real helpful. Most cornerbacks are 5-8 or 5-9 or something like. Then when I raise my hands, it just makes me taller. I have a great advantage. I have good leaping ability. We ran a lot of streak routes and posts and deep outs.

SR: Defensive end Allen Bailey grew up eating possum. Growing up in the Bayou, did you sample any unusual foods up there?

LB: We ate all kinds of stuff. We ate alligators and crawfish all day. But mostly it was the red beans and the gumbo. We put everything in the gumbo: crab, crawfish, sausage. Everything. It's awesome.

SR: Is it going to be a culture shock for you when you get to South Florida?

LB: It's going to be real different. The whole scenery will be a change for me. It's the people down there. We're more soul-food cooking here. It's probably more luxurious eating down there. It's multi-cultural. I'm going to interact with a lot of different people.

SR: What have your discussions with Aubrey Hill been like?

LB: I've talked to him a lot. The first thing he told me is I better be ready with my conditioning. He told me to be prepared for a lot of running and I want to be ready to learn the plays as soon as possible. If I'm that guy, hopefully I'll get a shot.

SR: What kind of offense did you run in high school and how much different do you expect it to be at UM?

LB: It's definitely going to be different. We ran a two-receiver set in high school with two backs. On my visit, I talked with Jacory Harris and he told me they've been learning the spread offense. It's a lot more pro style.

SR: What were your impressions of Harris. Did you meet any of the other quarterbacks?

LB: Me and Jacory threw the ball around. He's got a nice little gun (arm) on him. Taylor Cook was there. He's a big, tall guy. He had a wonderful arm. I could see me catching some of his throws.

SR: Is weight a concern for you? You're already 210 and a few more pounds could mean a move to tight end. Have you thought about that?

LB: (Laughing) I don't want to move to tight end. I like making plays. Weight is not a factor. I was born big. I've always been like this. But if they want me to lose it, I'll do it. That's no problem.

SR: I noticed you played basketball in high school. Are you a big-time dunker. What's your vertical leap and does this mean you're the best basketball player on the football team?

Yeah, I can dunk. I have a 37-inch vertical leap, well that's what I got the last time I did it in November. I averaged like 20 points a game. I'm not trying to sound big-headed, but I'm probably going to be the best on the team.
 05-03-2008, 10:48 AM         #3404
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good looks booie
 05-08-2008, 02:11 PM         #3405
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Preview 2008 - CFN's Miami Preview

Miami RB Javarris James By Richard Cirminiello

Posted May 2, 2008

How patient can Miami be? While there's a good nucleus of players to build around, like RB Javarris James, it could be tempting to throw several true freshmen from this year's great recruiting class to the wolves. Check out the CFN Preview of a Hurricane team that should be better, but should still be a year away.

Miami Hurricanes

Preview 2008

By Richard Cirminiello

- 2008 CFN Miami Preview | 2008 Miami Offense Preview
- 2008 Miami Defense Preview | 2008 Miami Depth Chart
- 2007 CFN Miami Preview | 2006 CFN Miami Preview

Interested in blogging about ACC football? Let us know

Head coach: Randy Shannon
2nd year: 5-7
Returning Lettermen:
Off. 19, Def. 28, ST 1
Lettermen Lost: 21
Ten Best Miami Players
1. RB Javarris James, Jr.
2. RB Graig Cooper, Soph.
3. LB Colin McCarthy, Jr.
4. DE Eric Moncur, Sr.
5. OT Jason Fox, Jr.
6. OT Reggie Youngblood, Sr.
7. DT Antonio Dixon, Sr.
8. LB Darryl Sharpton, Jr.
9. S Anthony Redd*ck, Sr.
10. WR Sam Shields, Jr.
2008 Schedule
CFN Prediction: COMING

Aug. 28 Charleston Southern
Sept. 6 at Florida
Sept. 13 OPEN DATE
Sept. 20 at Texas A&M
Sept. 27 North Carolina
Oct. 4 Florida State
Oct. 11 UCF
Oct. 18 at Duke
Oct. 25 Wake Forest
Nov. 1 at Virginia
Nov. 13 Virginia Tech
Nov. 20 at Georgia Tech
Nov. 29 at NC State

2007 Schedule
CFN Prediction: 8-4
CFN Record: 5-7

Sept. 1 Marshall W 31-3
Sept. 8 at Oklahoma L 51-13
Sept. 15 FIU W 23-9
Sept. 20 Texas A&M W 34-17
Sept. 29 Duke W 24-14
Oct. 6 at North Carolina L 33-27
Oct. 13 Georgia Tech L 17-14
Oct. 20 at Florida State W 37-29
Nov. 3 NC State L 19-16 OT
Nov. 10 Virginia L 48-0
Nov. 17 at Virginia Tech L 44-14
Nov. 24 at Boston Coll L 28-14

Head coach Randy Shannon got a mulligan for going 5-7 in his first season, but the honeymoon is already over as he turns the corner and begins heading into Year 2.

The Hurricanes need to develop a consistent playmaker at quarterback and revamp the defense, two areas that never let the program down during the glory days. Very few positions wonít be open to competition this summer, as Miami begins to infuse parts of its last two recruiting classes into the depth chart. Shannon built a fortress around Dade County this past February, a.ssembling one of the nationís best hauls of young talent, but now he and his staff need to prove they can coach as well as they recruit.

Although this latest recruiting class has brought a spark and some rare positive national pub back to the Miami program, itís not likely to have a profound impact on the Hurricanesí win total in 2008. Shannon is likely to get the ĎCanes back to the postseason, but with so much uncertainty on both sides of the ball and a minefield of a schedule, theyíll fall a little short of a Coastal Division crown.

What to watch for on offense: The last time Miami started a freshman under center, Bernie Kosar was a teenager on campus in the 1980s. Itíll happen again this year, as Robert Marve tries to reverse a recent trend of inconsistency at quarterback and a last place ACC finish in passing. Heíll be surrounded by 10 players with something to prove, particularly RB Javarris James and WR Sam Shields. James is looking to bounce back from an injury-riddled sophomore season and a drop in production. Shields has a world-class blend of speed, burst, and leaping ability, but needs to put it all together to finally reach his enormous potential.

What to watch for on defense: The Cane defense will be looking to rebound from a November collapse that saw it sink to an un-Miami-like 10th place ACC finish in scoring D. While LB Colin McCarthy and DE Eric Moncur will be the catalysts, new coordinator Bill Young will also be weaving in a handful of younger players, including blue-chip true freshmen Marcus Forston, Arthur Brown, and Sean Spence. Keep an eye on sophomore DE Allen Bailey, a converted linebacker who has torn it up in the offseason and possesses a ridiculous combination of size, speed, and strength.

The team will be far better ifÖ Marve doesnít play like a freshman. Heck, this is Quarterback U., and itís about time Miami starts playing like it. The defense will be better and the running game is in good hands, but the Canes canít afford another season averaging just 169 yards a game through the air. The burden falls on the rookie quarterback and a group of receivers thatís been better in shorts than in pads.
The Schedule: The Canes will know just how much better they've gotten this off-season in a big hurry. After a warm-up against Charleston Southern, road dates at Florida and Texas A&M could either set the tone for the season or show just how far the program still has to go. On the flip side, the big Coastal showdown against Virginia Tech is at home, missing Clemson and Boston College from the Atlantic, and getting Florida State in Miami are all tremendous breaks. Closing up with three road dates (Virginia, Georgia Tech and NC State) in the final four, with the home game against the Hokies, isn't a plus.

Best offensive player: RB Javarris James. Although James had an off-year as a sophomore, some of the blame goes to a nagging neck injury and suspect blocking up front. Completely healthy again, heís poised to return to his freshman form, pounding between the tackles with ferocity and overpowering defensive backs once he gets past the second line of defense. James spent the past few months working on his speed, delivering the programís sixth fastest time in off-season testing.

Best defensive player: LB Colin McCarthy. In just his first season as the starter at strongside, McCarthy established himself as the new star of the Hurricane defense. The fastest of the linebackers, he cranked out 74 tackles, a dozen tackles for loss, and two sacks, laying the foundation for whatís going to be a breakthrough junior year.

Key player to a successful season: Marve. While he doesnít have to be Jim Kelly right out of the chute, the rookie does need to light a spark under an offense thatís been slipping for years. If he gives opponents a reason to respect his arm and legs, the backfield combination of James and Graig Cooper will obliterate most ACC defenses.

The season will be a success if ... Miami returns to the postseason with no worse than an 8-4 record. After going 5-7 with a talented team, moral victories will fall on deaf ears this season. Even with a rookie quarterback, the ĎCanes have enough talent to make last year look like an aberration. And the schedule is going to cooperate. After brutal back-to-back road games at Florida and Texas A&M, there isnít a remaining game thatís not winnable.

Key game: Nov. 13 vs. Virginia Tech. In a drastically watered-down Coastal Division, this meeting in Miami could decide who plays in the ACC Championship game a few weeks later. The Hurricanes got hammered by the Hokies last November, but that game was in Blacksburg, and the programs were headed in different directions. A win here could send a message that Miami is on its way to becoming one of the league powerbrokers.

2007 Fun Stats
- Fourth quarter scoring: Opponents 112 - Miami 61
- Third down conversions: Opponents 67 of 174 (39%) - Miami 61 of 167 (31%)
- Orange Bowl capacity: 72,319 - Miami
 10 years ago '08        #3406
904Nole 1 heat pts
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Yeah. That boy Baby J is looking like he did his frosh year...... That`s gonna be a sick TB tandem.......
 05-08-2008, 05:17 PM         #3407
Cheeze  OP
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How did Graig Cooper only run a 4.51?
 10 years ago '07        #3408
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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sh*t can someone post this

 05-08-2008, 07:15 PM         #3409
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Lynchburg (VA) Brookville School athlete Logan Thomas says his house "might fall down" if he gets a Hurricane scholarship offer.

"My dad lived in Miami and he's a big Miami fan," Thomas said. "I hear about that every day. He definitely wants me to go to Miami. He's one of the crazy Miami fans."

For his part, Logan says he doesn't root for any college team.

He says "I'd be excited as well" if Miami offers.

So far he lists 15 other offers. He's sent in highlight film to Miami and is in the process of trying to contact UM coaches. He's receiving some Hurricane recruiting mail.

"Of course I'm interested in Miami Ė who isn't?" he says.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pounder with 4.6-second speed is being recruited as an H-back and wide receiver.

As a sophomore he played receiver and had 60 receptions for 960 yards and eight touchdowns. Last season he moved to quarterback and threw for 1,100 yards and 10 scores, rushing for 600 yards and eight more touchdowns.

He says the comparisons he hears most often are to Jeremy Shockey or Kellen Winslow.

Thomas isn't listing any frontrunners yet.

He says he'll "probably" visit Miami this summer.

Thomas also plays basketball at Brooksville and has six scholarship offers in that sport. But he plans to make football his primary college sport.

"So far Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and North Carolina all said they'd give me basketball tryouts (in addition to football scholarships)," Thomas said.
 05-08-2008, 07:15 PM         #3410
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Provo (UT) Timpview High School OL Xavier Su'a Filo lists 21 written scholarship offers.

Including Miami.

Filo says he's in no rush to make a decision.

"I'm letting it all soak in," he says.

He says the Canes are as high as anyone else on his list.

"Miami – ever since I was a little kid Miami's always been the school for my dream of playing in the NFL," Filo said. "I was thinking maybe one day I'd be good enough to go there, and now that dream's a reality.

"This summer I'm going to take a trip down there to see them. I'm still looking for my best fit in a college and I'll go there to see for myself – that'll narrow it down, give me another option."

So far he's already visited Utah, BYU, LSU and USC.

"I like those schools," he says. "As far as locally, I know about those schools the best."

Of what he's looking for in a college, Filo says, "Academics, and I want to go to a place where the coaches really like me, where I can get along with them. Also where I can fit well on the team and be able to contribute. If I can't play until my senior year, that could be against me going there. I'm not looking for a place where I can go and start right away – if it does happen that can be a good thing, but my main focus is on three things: I want to find coaches that like me, be the best fit on the team, and if I were to tear my ACL in the first game of the season to go somewhere I can feel comfortable going to school for four years."

Filo says he's spoken several times with Cane line coach Jeff Stoutland.

"He seems like a pretty nice guy," Filo said. "He is straight up with me. He's not going to tell me what I want to hear like most coaches. He's up front with me, tells me `I'd like you to come to Miami and look, check us out and if you're not interested then I'd be happy if you told me and I'd wish you luck somewhere else.' There's nothing to lose by considering them."

Filo has played organized football since sixth grade. From grades 6-8 he played fullback, and in 9th and 10th grade he played tight end. Last year was his first playing offensive line – he played right tackle.

"I enjoyed it," Filo said. "You don't get all the glory scoring touchdowns like everyone else, but offensive line, it's a good position to be at."

Filo was born and raised in Utah, but his father was born and raised in Hawaii. His father's side of the family is from Samoa.
 05-08-2008, 07:17 PM         #3411
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Michael Carter is one of the top defensive prospects from the Sunshine State. Carter, 5-11 and 170 pounds, is from Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely High School. Last season this Rivals 100 (No. 66 overall) cornerback prospect recorded 45 tackles, 18 pass breakups and seven interceptions. He returned four for touchdowns.

"I am a physical corner that loves to jam you at the line of scrimmage," Carter said. "I am just physical at the line. Overall, I am a big cover guy with good make up speed. I do need to work a little on the fundamentals and become a better tackler."

According to Carter he is sitting on eight offers at this time, Miami, Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, USF, Clemson, and West Virginia.

"I never thought it would be like this. I had to work hard to get here, where I am. Right now my top three schools are Miami, Minnesota and Georgia.

"Miami has a good coaching staff. I mean those guys are friendly and they bond. Miami also has great academics.

"Georgia has many defensive backs in NFL and one guy I really look up to is Champ Bailey. I know I am going to Georgia at the end of summer. It may be for their camp. I am not sure yet.

"Minnesota is a cool place and I like coach (Tim) Brewster. He is a good guy. My cousin, Tyrone Carter (Pittsburgh Steelers) played there and says it's good out of state school, a nice city, that the people are friendly, and they make you feel at home.

"I also like Auburn and West Virginia. Academics, the coaching staffs, want to play and early playing time are key factors for me."

Carter has seen the University of Miami and plans on going to Georgia, Minnesota and Auburn this summer.

"I might hit West Virginia too."
 10 years ago '07        #3412
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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props on that article
 05-12-2008, 03:17 PM         #3413
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got ya covered P.dedos.
 05-12-2008, 03:18 PM         #3414
$n/a | Props total: typically concentrates on the recruiting status of rising seniors this time of year.

But Miami Columbus High School RB Jakhari Gore is a rare breed.

Rare enough to warrant an update even though he won't be signing with a college for almost two years.

The 5-foot-10, 170-pounder is compared by many to a young Frank Gore, who is his first cousin on his mother's side.

"People say we run the same in high school, that the body weight was just the same and everything," Gore says.

Jakhari says he speaks with his cousin on a daily basis.

"I just got off the phone with him a couple of minutes ago," he says. "I'm real close with him. Every day we talk. He's a guide for me, tells me the things to do that are right."

Jakhari says Frank tells him UM would be a good choice down the road.

"Coming up a as kid I was always watching them, was always like `I want to go to that college,'" Jakhari said. "When Frank went there it was `I really want to go there.' I've always had a place for UM in my heart."

Jakhari says he isn't allowed to talk with college coaches yet other than a quick hello. He hasn't received official scholarship offers yet either, per NCAA rules.

But they will no doubt be rolling in down the road.

"His vision is outstanding," Columbus High coach Chris Merritt says. "He's the best athlete we have out there and probably the best football player. It doesn't matter what position we put him at. His vision is extremely good. He runs in a crowd very well and he'll surprise you. He's very, very strong, especially in the weight room. He's a wiry, strong, tough kid. He cleans 235, benches 265, squats 345."

Last season Gore rushed for 1,157 yards and 13 touchdowns, averaging 10 yards per carry.

Of UM, he says "Right now I'm still very young, so I still have time, but I know deeply in my heart that's where I want to go. Frank said he'd love for me to go there, said that it's a real good school to attend."

Will Gore commit early-on?

"I don't know right now," he says. "It's all kind of weird - I'm still very young and getting all this
 05-12-2008, 03:18 PM         #3415
$n/a | Props total:  
Hurricane signee C.J. Holton is doing plenty of running in preparation for the start of his UM career.

"I just run either a mile every day, or 10 80's, 40's depending on the day," he says. "I'm also lifting weights."

Holton's put on a lot of weight since a senior season during which he played at 200 pounds.

"I'm up to 212 now," he says.

Holton stays in regular contact with Cane coaches Ė "We just talk about what's going on, position changes," he said.

Holton, who will play safety, knows his mental game will be the key to getting on the field early.

"It'll be complicated (once freshmen are given the playbook)," he said. "You just have to put time and effort into learning everything. How fast you learn is how fast you can get on the field."

Holton says, a.ssuming he can pick up the defense, he expects to play right away.

"I think I fit in perfect," he said. "We'll have to see how I practice, but hopefully I can contribute right away, on third down or maybe even a few first and second downs."

Holton is a good candidate for special teams play, but says he hasn't participated on special teams since ninth grade.

He's staying in regular contact with a few other signees Ė "I talk to Ramon Buchanan and Joe Wiley a lot, and Jordan Futch," Holton said. "We just talk about preparing to work hard, how everyone feels special about the class, how everyone's ready to get down there, get to work."

Holton currently lists a 17 ACT score and says "my GPA is okay, so I should be alright."

He says he has a core GPA of 2.4 and needs to get it to 2.5.

"At the end of the year when grades are re-calculated I should be fine," Holton said. "I'm getting A's and B's (this semester)."
 10 years ago '04        #3416
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$17,793 | Props total: 13455 13455
Tell y'all fans to stop trying to shoot our recruits for a n*gga, thanks in advance
 10 years ago '05        #3417
Y2Luda 5 heat pts
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$4,926 | Props total: 26 26
I'm loving the state of Florida right now. Did us good last year and looks to turn in similar results this year.
 05-13-2008, 12:58 AM         #3418
Hurricane Ra  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Back from the dead... barely... can't wait for Hurricane season.
 10 years ago '07        #3419
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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$10,133 | Props total: 18 18
 RakimAllahNY said:
Back from the dead... barely... can't wait for Hurricane season.
:wow::wow:I thought this muthafu*ka was dead or something

welcome back fam
 10 years ago '04        #3420
madness 16 heat pts16
$13,072 | Props total: 3317 3317
 RakimAllahNY said:
Back from the dead... barely... can't wait for Hurricane season.
where the fu*k u been at famo?:wow:

anyways, good to have u back, we all been holdin the fort down:applause:


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