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Props Slaps
 03-15-2008, 07:02 AM         #3261
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Also Heard Darnell Jenkins Got His 40 Time Up At His Pro Day
 10 years ago '05        #3262
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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 CANEBOI11 said:
Where Erboddi At???..yall Canes Been Kinda Dead Lately!!!
lol spring break every night :applause:
 10 years ago '07        #3263
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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 Deeangoe said:
lol spring break every night :applause:
 10 years ago '04        #3264
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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sh*t n*gga i'm in Panama City right now on my friend's computer!!!
 10 years ago '04        #3265
madness 16 heat pts16
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i been up in las olas, fort lauderdale the past couple of nights partyin with white girls:applause:
 10 years ago '05        #3266
Santoro 12 heat pts12
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I just got back from the Ft. My boy has a condo on the water right off of Las Olas. fu*king fantastic time. Miami taught me once again, that I have money, just not enough.
 10 years ago '05        #3267
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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hmm lets see, prive, bed, karu & y, cameo, nikki beach, skydiving, voodoo lounge in ftlauderdale = :D :applause:

ps all in the span of a week

Last edited by Deeangoe; 03-18-2008 at 04:36 PM..
 10 years ago '05        #3268
dipset kid0221 1 heat pts
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:finger: yall. Man spring break aint til next week for me and I still cant do nothin but look for a job and focus on gettin outta high school.
 03-18-2008, 08:02 PM         #3269
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Miami's three quarterbacks spoke after today's drills:


Harris said he "struggled with some of the signals, made a couple of bad plays" in today's first practice since spring break.

The reason?

"The week off, I kind of forgot about the signals from having fun on spring break," Harris said.

Harris went back to his high school every day of spring break to see his old friends.

And Harris says he's become good friends with fellow quarterbacks Robert Marve and Cannon Smith.

"Marve will help me out, I help Cannon out, Cannon helps Marve out," Harris said. "It's a brother thing. We always stick together."

Harris said the biggest feedback he got from his scrimmage performance was to concentrate on his footwork.

"On film I had happy feet in the pocket, wouldn't stay still," he said. "I wasn't taking proper drops."

Harris says "it was a big turnaround" from the UM offenses of recent years having some big passing plays in the scrimmage.

"Coach is keeping things simple for us because we're all freshmen, but we're all smart and can pick up on plays," Harris said.

Harris spent a lot of the scrimmage in the shotgun, which is how he spent most of his time in high school games.

"It depends on what plays are being called when you're in," Harris said. "I feel comfortable (either way). At our high school we never went shotgun in practice, were straight under center."

Harris said he was disappointed with his scrambling in the scrimmage: "I want to show people the 4.5 instead of the 4.8," he said.

* Asked his take on if more than one quarterback plays in games next season - something Randy Shannon hasn't ruled out - Harris said, "I never played like that, so I wouldn't know how it would be. If that happens ... I'm sure it'll probably be one quarterback."


Marve hadn't spoken publicly since doing well in the team's first spring scrimmage, and he said today that, "I think the scrimmage was good. The excitement's back in the University of Miami a little bit. I thought we played well as a team, had a lot of hustle. It was an improvement and exciting."

Marve said "it was different' being out in front of a UM crowd for the first time.

"I had a lot of fun," he said.

Of his scrambling in the scrimmage, he said, "It's just part of my game. It felt good being on my feet, seeing the field well. That's just part of my game."

Marve's biggest challenge this spring?

"Just picking up the playbook, getting familiar with the guys," he said. "Just feeling comfortable in the system."

* Asked his take on UM possibly playing more than one quarterback in games this year, Marve said, "It does not matter if we all three play. I promise you, I just want to win games and have fun."

* Asked about Kayne Farquharson dropping a deep pass in the scrimmage, Marve said, "I missed him one time, too. We laughed about it a little bit. We came out over spring break, threw some balls. I told him I'll get him next time on the rollout. Deep balls are more timing than anything. It's our first time playing in real action, and to play with the wind the way it was and sling the ball around felt good. Those deep balls are time-consuming. We'll get that down."

Marve said he thinks the deep ball will be a big part of the offense this year.

"When you trust (the offensive line) you can sit in there and make those throws," he said.

* Of having to sit out last year, Marve said, "Everything happens for a reason. It hurt me more just not being able to help the team more than anything."


Smith isn't sure why he received fewer reps than Harris and Marve in the team's lone scrimmage of the spring.

"I took one set of 12, attempted four passes," Harris said. "I can't control that. I don't know what to expect next scrimmage. I could throw the ball 20 times or I could throw it twice. I'm not really sure. Whenever I get in there I'll try to do my best, make the most of my opportunities."

Smith says he hasn't been able to show what he can bring to the table at UM yet.

"I had limited opportunities," he said. "I don't think anybody's been able to see what I'm about. Hopefully they'll get a chance to.

"I have to do a better job of showing what I can do with the opportunities I do have."

Smith says he's getting opportunities in practice.

"We're rotating," he said.

Smith said his feedback from the scrimmage is that "overall they're happy with us, but we have to make more points."

Smith had the longest pass completion of the scrimmage, hooking up on a long gain with Richard Gordon.

"When I saw the defense bust I got excited and threw it right to him, into his body," Smith said. "I didn't want to overthrow him or anything like that."

One big positive for Smith: He is the only QB that hasn't thrown an interception this spring.
 03-18-2008, 08:03 PM         #3270
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The highlight of today's practice: A 40-yard interception return by Chavez Grant.

Players said Grant picked off a Robert Marve pass in 11-on-11 work.

There were several dropped passes, but the running game made up for that. Graig Cooper and Javarris James each had a couple of long runs, and each had long touchdowns.

Derron Thomas also broke a 50-plus yard run for a touchdown.

* In injury news, WR Jermaine McKenzie returned to drills today. He'd missed time with his ankle in a boot.

* The offense ran after practice today because the defense stopped them on six consecutive third-and-short situations.

"Every day is a competition at the end of practice," coach Randy Shannon added. "It's to make you understanding losing is no fun. We did a tug of war one day (to determine if the offense or defense would run)."

* After having last week off for spring break, players said it was tough to get back into the swing of things today.

Javarris James and Demarcus Van Dyke were among a group of 10-20 players that spent a lot of the week off on the beach – South Beach, to be exact.

"We were just walking around, holler at the girls a little bit," James said. "We were trying to show off the (Andreu) Swasey workout we have going. It was fun. We would lift weights, handle business also. We'd hang around, crack jokes."

Van Dyke adds, "Spring break was real fun for me. We went to the beach, hung out at night. We were enjoying the moment."

Not surprisingly, safety Lovon Ponder said it was tough for some to get back out there today.

"Some guys still had that spring break lag in them," Ponder said. "But you just know you have to get back in the rhythm."

Van Dyke added, "It was tough at first, we were kind of rusty. But on the third-and-five blitz period we started getting in a groove."

* Left DE Allen Bailey continues to get first group reps.

"I'm feeling comfortable there," he said.

The toughest part of his transition from linebacker?

"Right now it's just trying not to always bull rush, reading blocks," Bailey said.

Of how the whole line is performing, he said, "It's coming together. We're feeding off each other, learning from each other."

Of why he wanted to stay at linebacker coming out of high school, Bailey said, "I just wanted to give it a try because they said it can't be done at my weight."

He added, "But then a situation came up for the team, so I moved."

* WR Kayne Farquharson says he simply lost the ball on a deep pass that he couldn't handle in the scrimmage.

"I take full responsibility – it was just lack of concentration on my part," Farquharson said.

He also spoke about the performance of the quarterbacks this spring:

"I talk to (Robert Marve and Jacory Harris), I'm good friends with both of them," Farquharson said. "They're good athletes with bright futures.

"Cannon (Smith) is a great quarterback also, has a strong arm, is accurate."

* The offense did its first extensive no-huddle work of the spring today.

"We're picking it up quick, which has been the same for all of spring practice," QB Cannon Smith said.

* Patrick Hill struggled to finish running sprints at the end of the day's work. Coaches had to help him finish by literally pushing him in the back as he ran.

* Romeo Davis did up-downs and crab walks for over 30 minutes after practice ended. There was no word on why he was being punished.
 03-18-2008, 08:06 PM         #3271
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Opening statement: Our first day off of spring break we came out there, flew around a little bit. We were a little rusty which is what you expect when you get a week off. There were some good things coming off of break.

Q: Were players out of town for break?

Shannon: I don't know. I was out of town. I was just visiting boosters and alumnus, ex-players.

Q: Now that you've seen tape, what's your take on the scrimmage?

Shannon: There were some good things happening in the scrimmage. We re-evaluated the snaps, and those things can be easily corrected. All-around it was pretty good.

Q: How is Khalil Jones doing?

Shannon: Khalil is doing well. He made two big-time catches in the scrimmage. It was good to see him do that.

Q: Did Glenn Cook get his clearance yet for an extra year?

Shannon: Don't know yet. The NCAA, it's baseball time, so they'll handle baseball first and will go to the next sport afterward.

Q: What does the success of the basketball team do for UM?

Shannon: It's good for the university and the City of Miami. It's a great opportunity for coach Haith and the basketball team. We're proud of them. It's great to watch those guys play.

Q: With all the freshmen coming in expecting to compete for jobs, are you amazed at how they've done so far?

Shannon: No, because these guys are different. The guys we targeted are guys we felt could come in and help us right away. Physically was going to be the one thing that would hold most people back, not the mental aspect.

Q: What has Bill young added?

Shannon: Bill's a great defensive coach. It's not like he's added things. He's doing what he's always done, and that's instructing and make sure the defense is playing the way it always has.

Q: Might you play more than one quarterback interchangeably in games?

Shannon: Anything can happen. We can play all three of them. That's a long time from now.

Q: Are they all progressing?

Shannon: They're doing a whole lot better than what we thought. They're completing, throwing short passes, completing deep balls. And they're doing the checks we want – they see blitzes, check out of us and get us into the right play. So we're excited about it, their progress.

 03-19-2008, 09:14 PM         #3272
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After practice today offensive coordinator Patrick Nix broke down what is going on across the board on offense. Here's what he was saying about each position:


Nix didn't want to talk individually about how each quarterback is performing. But he did say of the overall position that "I think all of them are about where you expect them to be as freshman. Robert (Marve), from his experience, being around, is a little bit ahead. Jacory (Harris) is still learning the ropes in school, the weight room. The good thing with Cannon (Smith), he's already had that year away from home (at prep school), so he's able to adapt a little bit quicker. I think all of them have done a good job of adapting. They are not in an easy situation right now, and we're not backing away from it, slowing down for them at all. We're making them go full speed, and they've all handled it pretty well. We did hit the limit a few times and had to bring back, but we continue to push, continue to go, and they've handled it pretty well."

Asked the benefits to using Marve and Harris in shotgun, which is how they spent much of the first spring scrimmage, Nix said, "It takes a little pressure off them with having to worry about steps. The biggest thing is it's what both of them are used to. We have to break them from being so used to shotgun (in high school), being used to being underneath. In practice we're underneath a lot more than gun because we're trying to get used to that. But during the scrimmage it's a little different – you want to win, compete, don't want to have fumbled snaps and all that kind of stuff. You want to put them in the situation they're most comfortable in.

"Right now they're more comfortable in the gun, but they're getting more comfortable underneath which they have to, because that's what we're going to be a lot of (the time)."

Is it possible Nix will go with two quarterbacks in games, essentially playing with the hot hand?

Posed that question, Nix responds, "Who knows. We'll worry about that when it happens."

He adds, with a laugh, "I'd just like to have a hot hand."


Nix expressed the most concern here at the center position, which is no surprise.

Asked if that's one of the biggest question marks of the entire offense, Nix said, "Probably so. When you figure it out let me know."

He adds, "They're doing pretty good. We've got three of them (Xavier Shannon, Matt Pipho and Tyler Horn). What's hurting more than anything is you have Xavier and Tyler, who are both new to the system, trying to learn what's going on. Pipho has been around but has played a lot of guard and is still learning. It's still early to give a fair evaluation of them because they're so new to the position and to the system. But they've all done good things. One of them will emerge by the time we get to the fall, to a game.

"It's nice to have some depth at that position."


Nix says at tailback he's not worrying about trying to fit five capable players onto the field in games.

"At tailback you're going to have injuries," he said. "It's going to happen. Look at last year – when we got to the end we had one. We had five going in. At this point you are building depth so when the injuries start hitting you're ready to take it on. We'll find the two or three guys that are going to get it done and will play them until the injury bug hits that position. It's the most physical position on the field with taking hits."

Nix says he will be rotating backs in and out of games.

"We don't have the 230-pound back you're going to feature 30 times," he said. "Those are the guys that can play and not get hurt."

Nix said of fullback Patrick Hill's play that "Pat coming from JUCO and having this spring is a huge advantage for him. He's done really well. He's given us a solid blocker who can do some things out of the backfield catching the ball, has some runs here and there. And John Calhoun has done a real good job as a true freshman stepping on campus. We'll be able to use them in certain roles to help out for sure."


Asked if the team is better at receiver than a year ago, Nix responded, "We're deeper. I think that makes us better. And when we get the other guys in (this fall) that will make us even deeper than that. Last year at this time we had three, and that's all we had. We lost two that got injured, which made life difficult. This year we're two deep across the board with an extra couple of guys that can help us.

"It's nice to have at least a little bit of depth so you can run your offense and get a lot done. By having the depth at receiver, I don't know we're any better individually, but just the depth makes us better."

Nix wouldn't say if the team will go to more of a spread attack if some of the receivers pan out as playmakers.

"Which one are you going to take off the field – Javarris (James) or Coop (Graig Cooper)?" Nix said. "Are you going to take Dedrick Epps or Richard Gordon or (Chris) Zellner off? I can't say the receivers are better than those guys. We're going to put the best 11 on the field."


Nix was asked if he's seen anything to convince him the tight end/H-back position should be incorporated heavily into the passing game.

"They'll be incorporated," he said. "I think they all can do good things, can catch the ball. Last year they were young, we got the guys back. At this place it's hard to be a tight end because you're compared to two or three of the best of all time. But they've done a good job, are getting better."

Nix says he doesn't see any tight end being THE guy who stays on the field for a lot of snaps.

"A guy may play five snaps in a row, and that'll be it," Nix said. "We won't have one of them stay on the field. They're better fresh. The next guy comes in and they can stay fresh – those defensive ends and linebackers have to play a lot more. Hopefully that will give us an advantage of keeping guys fresh. Each one of them will play 20 snaps instead of one guy having to play 40, which is a good deal. It's nice having different personnel groups.

"Hopefully (other teams) will have a lot to work on when they try to defend us."
 03-19-2008, 09:15 PM         #3273
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Wed. highlights: Big hits, big plays

Javarris James had a nifty TD run in today's drills
News from today's practice: CB Chavez Grant has worked his way up to the first group. Matt Bosher made a short field goal under pressure in 11 on 11. Marcus Forston had a couple of big hits on the goal line for losses (players said the defense stopped the offense twice on the goal line, so it was the offense doing the running after practice). Robert Marve made a TD throw to Jermaine McKenzie on the run. Dedrick Epps also had a nice reception inside the 10-yard line. Bruce Johnson made defensive play of the day, breaking up a pass in the end zone.

"They threw a fade route to Leonard Hankerson and he slapped it out of his hands," linebacker Sean Spence said. "It was a big play."

Jacory Harris had some trouble under center today, fumbling a couple of snaps. Shawnbrey McNeal also fumbled a couple of times today. Javarris James had nice 20-yard TD run and had another long run to get the team into the red zone.

"We had some big plays on offense and defense," OT Chris Rutledge said. "We had fumbles here on there, but will get that corrected."

* Players currently in the top two groups on the offensive line:

RT – Reggie Youngblood, Chris Rutledge

LT – Jason Fox, Tyrone Byrd

C – (No order) Xavier Shannon, Tyler Horn, Matt Pipho

RG – Joel Figueroa, Harland Gunn

LG – Chris Barney, AJ Trump or Ian Symonette

Rutledge said of Barney's play that "Barney is improving every day. He's lost a lot of weight, knows the offense better. He's improved a lot."

Of the center position, Rutledge says, "It's a competition thing there. All three of them work with the ones, twos, get reps in and out. We may not know until two-a-days who will start there."

Rutledge said each of the centers brings something different to the table. Of Pipho, he says, "Matt's the brain. He knows what everyone is supposed to be doing, their a.ssignments. Of Shannon, he says, "Xavier is more of a technique guy, is good with his hands. He likes to get in there, be physical." Of Horn, Rutledge said, "He's still learning a little bit, but he does play with a lot of intensity and fires off the ball a lot. He doesn't care about making mistakes – that's how coaches talk to us, say to just play 100 miles an hour. He does a good job of that."

Rutledge says he's fine in his role playing behind Youngblood right now.

"We're a team and we're going to get our opportunities," Rutledge said. "You just have to be ready when you're number is called. You never know when you're going to be up there."

* LB Sean Spence says his spring is "coming along well." Spence continues to receive the majority of the first group reps at weakside linebacker with Darryl Sharpton at strongside and Glenn Cook in the middle.

"I have a lot of help from my fellow linebackers and coach (Michael) Barrow," Spence said.

He knows he'll have his work cut out to be a first-teamer when Colin McCarthy returns from injury.

"It'll be pretty hard," Spence said. "But that's what makes us better, competition. We're all looking forward to it."
 03-19-2008, 09:16 PM         #3274
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Shannon: Today was better


Opening statement: We had some situational stuff today, goal line. It worked out pretty well. We've got tomorrow off and the next day will be a little easier before we have another session. The quarterbacks have been executing pretty well right now. It's going well. It's spring football. Once you get better every day you'll be okay. Yesterday practice wasn't as crisp at all, but today was better.

Q: Is Colin McCarthy back practicing at all?

Shannon: No. He's out the spring.

Q: How important is it to get these guys to bond on and off the field?

Shannon: Very important, because that saves you a lot of problems because guys stick with each other, help as far as the learning curve, getting adjusted to things. Off the field, socially, you have to have people around to make you know `This is what the coaches expect out of you.'

Q: Talk about Sean Spence and a.ssess how he's doing.

Shannon: He's doing very well. He's an electric player, is making a lot of tackles. He's got a knack for getting to the football, and that's what he had in high school. We're enthused about him.

Q: He doesn't seem like a real big guy.

Shannon: Most of those guys don't come in big out of high school. (Jonathan) Vilma was very small. Myself, I was very small. Linebackers coming in don't have to be huge. You expect those guys to participate by the second year. We're pleased with Sean right now.

Q: Is Cannon Smith getting fewer reps than Jacory Harris and Robert Marve?

Shannon: Everybody gets reps. We've only got two-deep, (and) quarterback is three-deep so somebody is going to get short some reps.
 03-19-2008, 09:17 PM         #3275
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Coach talk with Barrow, Hill, Robinson
* Linebackers coach Michael Barrow says he's happy with what he's seen from his linebackers so far this spring.

"Right now guys want to be the best, are putting in the time, doing everything they can to help this team win," Barrow said. "We've always got to get better. Every day we have to be committed on being the best."

Barrow also spoke about the play of freshman Sean Spence: "He knows the game," Barrow said. "He's a student of the game, just makes plays. The biggest adjustment is adjusting to the tempo of the game, tempo of practice. For some of them it's like being in a foreign country. But for Sean it's like he's been here for years."

Of another freshman, Arthur Brown, Barrow said, "He's doing well. He hasn't been exposed to a lot – in high school it was `Line them up, get to the ball.' That's as opposed to Sean, who was taught the fundamentals inside and out. Arthur came in, is adjusting and playing well. I'm very happy with his progress."

Spencer Adkins is making the transition to middle linebacker this spring after playing outside last year.

"Spencer's doing great," Barrow said. "We call him `Megatron.' He's transforming real good, making plays, banging people. He's a guy that can play all three (linebacker positions)."

* WR coach Aubrey Hill spoke about some of his receivers. Here's what he was saying:

Jermaine McKenzie: "Jermaine is doing very well. He catches the ball very well, is learning the system. He's one of many receivers f!ghting for a spot."

Aldarius Johnson: "He's a very skilled young man. He catches the ball very well, runs after the catch very well. He has great size, is a smart kid. All those thing he does well. The thing he's trying to overcome is this is his first time out here. He's going to get some guys a lot bigger, faster (to go against). It's still a learning curve, a process he has to go through. He hasn't done his senior prom yet, so that puts it in perspective. But at the same time I think he has a chance to be a really, really good receiver."

Sam Shields: "Sam has, at this point, been very consistent. He's been coming to work every day, keeping his mouth shut, doing everything we ask him to do. That's pretty darn good."

Leonard Hankerson: "He's solid, has been playing a lot of different positions and is catching the ball real well. He's a smart kid and can make plays for us."

Kayne Farquharson: "He's doing well, has made some plays, let some plays get away. He's been inconsistent at times, consistent at times. We're trying to find guys who are accountable and consistent."

Asked how good this receiving corps will be when the new faces arrive in the fall, Hill smiles.

"It's competition that can allow the good to get better," Hill said. "There won't be a day out here that a guy can say, `I can relax, I've arrived and this job is mine.' Every day there will be someone screaming down their back trying to take their job, and that will help our group, our offense and the team."

* RB coach Tommie Robinson says he's happy with how his players are performing.

"Guys are competing, man," he said. "They're out there trying to learn. We put in some new stuff, put guys in different situations. They're doing a good job picking it up. I'm pleased with the way they're competing, practicing and the effort they're giving.

"I'm pleased with the running back group as a whole. We've got a lot of work to do, have a ways to go before we get to where we need to be, but I'm pleased with the progress. And I know for a fact we can get there. We'll be fine. But I'm a football coach – I won't ever be satisfied. It always can be better."

Robinson says Graig Cooper's putting on some extra weight hasn't cost him any speed or quickness.

"He didn't lose anything," Robinson said. "Gaining the weight will allow him to take a few more licks and his body won't wear down so much. He's like a boxer, is able to take more body shots now."

Robinson says Javarris James has taken on a leadership role on the team.

"He's doing a great job for us catching the ball, running the ball, blocking, protection," Robinson said. "I'm real, real proud of the way JJ has been practicing and competing. JJ is just working his butt off and leading by example."

Asked about the development of Lee Chambers and Shawnbrey McNeal, Robinson said, "It's coming. I've been pleased with their development so far. We have a way to go with those kids. They have to continue to grow up, get better, and they will. We'll get there."
 03-19-2008, 09:41 PM         #3276
GetItRightFL954  OP
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Anybody know where they playin the spring game at?
 03-20-2008, 08:55 AM         #3277
Sh0wty  OP
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Next Saturday. Lockhart Stadium
 03-20-2008, 08:55 AM         #3278
Sh0wty  OP
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CaneBoi.. Much Props..

Keep the articles coming..
 03-20-2008, 08:56 AM         #3279
Sh0wty  OP
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Here is a nice article about FSU

Controversy Sparks at FSU Pro Day
Antonio Cromartie Unhappy With FSU
Posted: 6:28 PM Mar 19, 2008
Last Updated: 6:28 PM Mar 19, 2008

Two teams, one town, one Pro Day, and one giant misunderstanding. With the NFL Draft 5 weeks away, dozens of talented athletes filtered into Doak Campbell with the goal of putting up numbers and catching the eye of NFL Scouts. For two FAMU Rattlers, they drew the attention of FSU Strength and Conditioning Coach Todd Stroud, and it was not in a good way.

Both former Rattlers, Carlos Rolle and Tyrone McGriff were not allowed to fully participate in the Pro Day on FSU's campus.

"He just called us out and told us that we couldn't go through the drills. I asked what is the problem? The response that he gave was, I'm running the show and ya'll are not going to participate in the drill." said Former FAMU Defensive End Carlos Rolle.

"It's Florida State's pro day and that was a courtesy to come over here and pop a 40 and that was the agreement was. Obviously, it's Florida State's day and we extended a courtesy to try and to help a few kids and if a scout wants to see an A&M player they will pull them out and see them." said FSU Strength Coach Todd Stroud.

The stinging denial at FSU pro day perhaps wasn't the harshest words of the day. FSU alum and NFL Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie showed his displeasure with how the situation was handled.

"It's not a fair opportunity, if you're going to have the guys come over here, put them in the same rotation as the other guys, don't sit here and tell them that they can come over here after one 40 (yard dash), and they run in a head wind, after one 40 (yard dash) and they're done. That don't make sense. Treat everybody equally," said Cromartie.

Cromartie added, "Personally that's one reason why I don't come back to Florida State. What goes on here, how they treat former players, alumni that's played here. How they treat us, that's one reason. The only reason I'm here (today at Pro Day) is because of my God brother."
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WR Sam Shields made a big play for the offense today, taking a long pass down to the three-yard line in 11-on-11 work. The team settled for a Matt Bosher field goal. Dedrick Epps also had a big play for the offense, catching a short touchdown with a nice grab in the right side of the end zone.

"It's a war right now," OL A.J. Trump said. "It's been a good, competitive practice. We would like the offense to be more productive, but we're getting there."

The defense has dominated the offense when it's counted this week – it's been the offense running after all three practices as the defense came up with key stops.

The big stops today came courtesy of CB Chavez Grant, who had interceptions that ended a pair of drives. And that included the offense's last chance – he took an interception back 70 yards for a score.

If the offense scored on that drive the defense would have run after practice – even if the drive resulted in a field goal.

Instead it was the offense doing sprints again.

"It was fourth-and-six," Grant said. "I felt (Jacory Harris) was going to throw the short route because they had to play it safe. So I saw Leonard Hankerson sit down and I just jumped it."

Grant ran into the end zone just ahead of a sprinting Harris.

Another standout in drills today: WR Jermaine McKenzie.

He scored touchdowns on all three of his second group's 9-on-9 red zone possessions. UM ran six overall possessions in 9-on-9.

Two of his touchdown passes came from Harris; the other was from Cannon Smith.

"They were from 17, 12 and six yards," McKenzie said.

The defense also had several sacks, including a big sack by Steven Wesley.

* Chavez Grant and Bruce Johnson are getting most of the first group reps at cornerback in recent practices with Demarcus Van Dyke working in behind them.

Of his progress, Grant said, "I meet with my coach a lot and watch film, pick up on things quickly. I speak to the receivers, see what they're looking for. I think I'm getting smarter as a player. When I see things now I can react a lot faster."

Grant is asked the toughest receiver to cover on the team.

"I'd say Sam (Shields), because of his speed – he's flat out fast and quick, too," Grant said. "Other guys like Leonard (Hankerson) and Aldarius (Johnson) are bigger, but they're not as fast."

Grant added of Jermaine McKenzie that "He will catch the ball. He's real quick off the line."

* Coaches have shuffled the first group safeties around – playing with the first group today were Anthony Redd*ck and Randy Phillips. Jared Campbell and Lovon Ponder are also getting some first group reps.

* In injury news, WR Kayne Farquharson and DE Eric Moncur missed practice today due to injury. None is considered serious. Players also said WR Leonard Hankerson was held out at times because of cramping issues.

Because of the injuries the first group receivers today were Sam Shields and Aldarius Johnson.

For Johnson, it was the most first group reps he's gotten this spring. He had one catch in 11-on-11 work - it was an eight-yard grab in the two-minute drill, but he didn't get the ball out of bounds to stop the clock.

"I should have gotten out of bounds, was real close to getting out, but freshmen mess up and I learn from my mistakes," Johnson said. "Coach (Aubrey) Hill and Patrick Nix spoke to me about that.

"I felt good about going with the first team today, because I got to see how fast the game goes. It went well for my first time starting with the first team – getting my plays down."

In other injury news, LB Spencer Adkins was limping around after practice on a gimpy knee.

* Matt Bosher remains noncommittal on possibly handling punting, which he did last year, as well as placekicking and kickoffs.

Bosher took the only 11-on-11 field goal attempt today, converting a short kick.

"It's up to coach (Randy) Shannon and coach (Joe) Pannunzio in the end (on my role)," he said. "We'll see. Nobody has a position right now. Everyone's trying to work and get ready for the season."

* OT Jason Fox said he's focusing mostly on his technique this spring.

"Last year a couple of times I was caught in bad technique," he said. "That's what I'm going out to improve on."

* A.J. Trump says he's working into the first group mix at left guard with Chris Barney (Orlando Franklin is the favorite to emerge as the starter at the position when he returns from injury in the fall).

Trump moved to guard after playing center previously.

"It was an adjustment the first couple of weeks, but I can't complain," he said.

Trump says it's possible he'll move back to center in the fall but that "it's not my call."

* The team held a coaches' clinic today and will do the same again tomorrow, when the team has a scrimmage that is closed to the public and the media. UM is including high school and Pop Warner coaches in the clinic.


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