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 10 years ago '04        #3161
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 ttime236 said:
i dont think he'll come all the way across the country and besides I heard he has the 3 cali schools pretty high up
I ain't getting my hopes up but he does have some interest. If Florida can utilize the tailbacks this year that will help land a top flight back.
 10 years ago '04        #3162
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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man how bout them canes!!!!! i'm excited like a motherfu*ker man. Bryce and Lamar dawg !! plus knowing that baby J , Coop, McNeal and the other cat forgot his name...that's some serious depth. Loaded like our teams from the late 90s and early 2000s when we had McGahee, Portis, Najeh, etc. We'll sure be contending the noles for the #1 class next season but that don't matter, i ain't no star freak. It's whatever it translates on the field and i think these young men got it all to bring this team back to prominence.
 10 years ago '04        #3163
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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2 Graig Cooper Fr. RB 6-0 202 Memphis, Tenn./Melrose/Milford Prep
3 Glenn Cook Sr. LB 6-0 235 Hollywood/Chaminade-Madonna Prep
4 Aldarius Johnson* Fr. WR 6-2 217 Miami/Northwestern
5 Javarris James Soph. RB 6-0 214 Immokalee/Immokalee
6 Randy Phillips Jr. S 6-0 208 Belle Glade/Glades Central
8 DeMarcus Van Dyke Fr. DB 6-1 174 Miami/Pace HS
9 Robert Marve Fr. QB 6-1 203 Tampa/Plant HS
11 Arthur Brown* Fr. LB 6-2 230 Wichita, Kan./Wichita East HS
12 Jacory Harris* Fr. QB 6-4 175 Miami/Northwestern
13 Ryan Hill Soph. WR 5-11 195 Tallahassee/Rickards
15 Jermaine McKenzie Fr. WR 6-2 173 Bradenton/Bradenton Academy
16 Cannon Smith* Jr. QB 5-11 189 Chatham, Va./Olive Branch (Miss.)/Hargrave Military
18 Dedrick Epps Soph. TE 6-4 255 Richmond, Va./Huguenot
19 Daniel Adderley Fr. WR 6-6 215 Simpsonville, S.C./Southside Christian School
20 Damien Berry Fr. DB 5-11 207 Belle Glade/Glades Central HS
21 Derron Thomas Jr. RB 5-9 204 Edgard, La./East St. John
22 Bruce Johnson Jr. CB 5-11 172 Live Oak/Suwannee
23 Tervaris Johnson Soph. CB 6-2 229 Miami/Monsignor Pace
24 Chavez Grant Soph. CB 5-11 180 Miami/Booker T. Washington
25 Matt Bosher R-Fr. P/PK 6-0 200 Jupiter/Jupiter
26 Anthony Redd*ck Jr. S 6-0 208 Ft. Lauderdale/St. Thomas Aquinas
27 Carlos Armour Jr. CB 6-3 206 Memphis, Tenn./Melrose
29 JoJo Nicolas Fr. DB 6-1 200 Homestead/Homestead Senior HS
30 Patrick Hill* Jr. FB 5-9 262 Torrance, Calif./Fairfax HS (Calif.)/El Camino C.C.
31 Sean Spence* Fr. LB 6-0 202 Miami/Northwestern
32 Lee Chambers Fr. RB 5-10 190 Coffeeville, Miss./Coffeeville HS
33 Shawnbrey McNeal Fr. RB 5-11 190 Dallas, Texas/Madison HS
35 Lovon Ponder Jr. S 6-0 219 Miami/Monsignor Pace
36 Kylan Robinson R-Fr. LB 6-1 232 Anchorage, Alaska/Tampa Chamberlain
37 Jared Campbell Fr. DB 6-0 198 Aurora, Colo./Overland HS
40 Jake Wieclaw* Fr. K 6-1 183 New Lenox, Ill./Lincoln Way Central HS
43 John Calhoun Fr. FB 6-3 246 Micco, Fla./Sebastian River HS
44 Colin McCarthy Soph. LB 6-3 230 Clearwater/Clearwater Central Catholic
48 Spencer Adkins Jr. LB 5-11 235 Naples/Naples
49 Courtney Harris Soph. DE 6-3 267 Jupiter/Jupiter
50 Darryl Sharpton Soph. LB 5-11 232 Coral Gables/Coral Gables
51 Romeo Davis Sr. LB 6-3 234 Miami/Northwestern
52 Xavier Shannon* Sr. OL 6-1 298 Miami/Coral Gables/FIU
56 Luqman Abdallah Soph. DT 6-3 307 Princeton, N.J./Trenton Central/The Hun School
57 Allen Bailey Fr. LB 6-4 287 Sapelo, Ga./McIntosh County Academy
59 Eric Houston Jr. LB 6-2 230 Miami/Coral Reef
61 Joel Figueroa R-Fr. OL 6-5 344 North Miami/North Miami
63 Tyler Horn Fr. OL 6-4 295 Memphis, Tenn./University HS
64 Jason Fox Soph. OT 6-6 306 Fort Worth, Texas/North Crowley
65 Matt Pipho Soph. OL 6-7 315 LaPorte City, Iowa/Union
66 Harland Gunn Fr. OL 6-2 309 Omaha, Neb./Central HS
67 Tyrone Byrd Soph. OL 6-5 309 Missouri City, Texas/Houston Hightower
68 Ian Symonette R-Fr. OL 6-9 364 Nassau, Bahamas/St. Pius (Houston)
70 A.J. Trump Soph. C/G 6-3 308 Clearwater/Central Catholic
74 Orlando Franklin Fr. OL 6-7 345 Delray Beach/Atlantic HS
75 Chaz Washington R-Fr. DL 6-4 320 Destrehan, La./Destrehan
76 Chris Rutledge Jr. OL 6-5 314 Miami/Dr. Krop
77 Reggie Youngblood Jr. OT 6-5 312 Houston, Texas/Booker T. Washington
79 Chris Barney R-Fr. OT 6-5 340 Miami/Northwestern
82 Kayne Farquharson Jr. WR 6-2 185 Homestead/Homestead Senior HS/El Camino (Calif.) JC
83 Sam Shields Soph. WR 6-0 180 Sarasota/Booker
84 Richard Gordon Soph. TE 6-4 260 Miami/Norland/Milford Prep (N.Y.)
85 Leonard Hankerson Fr. WR 6-2 218 Fort Lauderdale/St. Thomas Aquinas HS
87 Khalil Jones Jr. WR 6-2 220 Miami/Northwestern
88 Chris Zellner Jr. TE 6-2 247 Sarasota/Booker
90 Steven Wesley R-Fr. DL 6-3 257 Bartow/Bartow
91 Joe Joseph Soph. DT 6-3 304 Orlando/Oak Ridge
92 Josh Holmes R-Fr. DT 6-0 290 San Diego, Calif./Point Loma
93 Dwayne Hendricks Jr. DT 6-4 298 Millville, N.J./Millville
94 Eric Moncur Jr. DL 6-2 250 Miami/Carol City
96 Antonio Dixon Jr. DT 6-3 328 Miami/Booker T. Washington/Milford Prep
97 Adewale Ojomo Fr. DL 6-3 244 Hialeah/Hialeah HS
99 Marcus Forston* Fr. DT 6-2 309 Miami/Northwestern
Jake Byrne Soph. QB 6-4 214 Miami/Gulliver Prep
Jeremy Davis Soph. WR 6-0 194 Camden, N.J./
Chris Hayes Soph. WR 5-9 179 Sarasota/Out-of-Door Academy
Chris Ivory Fr. LS 6-2 222 Belleview/Belleview HS
Kris Kimball Jr. WR 5-9 197 Flourtown, Pa./Chestnut Hill Academy
Joe Lucking Fr. FB 6-0 218 Cincinnati, Ohio/Anderson HS
Matt Perrelli Jr. QB 6-3 248 Jupiter/Jupiter
Virgil Romer Fr. WR 5-11 233 Hampton Bays, N.Y./Hampton Bays Secondary School
Terrance Thomason Soph. WR 6-0 173 Riverdale, Ga./Riverdale
Alex Uribe Jr. PK 6-1 171 Miami/Gulliver Prep
Daniel Warren Soph. DB 6-0 180 West Chester, Ohio/Culver Military Academy
 02-23-2008, 05:08 PM         #3164
Andre3000  OP
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aint that some sh*t. When Vasquez is off he needs to just take a hint at 5/17
 10 years ago '05        #3165
dipset kid0221 1 heat pts
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 P. Dedos said:
why did u move this thread u dumb muthafu*ka and if not who did
 10 years ago '04        #3166
madness 16 heat pts16
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the U makin a run for the tourney:applause:

give frank haith an extension or
 10 years ago '04        #3167
madness 16 heat pts16
$13,112 | Props total: 3598 3598
gotdamn, allen bailey is up to 290 lbs, only 7% body fat:wow:
kids gonna be a problem

jamie harper not signing was a blessing, miller and brown are wayy better than him.

2009 recruits better jump on board now, the U train is almost full:applause:

spring practice starts next week
 10 years ago '04        #3168
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 madness said:
gotdamn, allen bailey is up to 290 lbs, only 7% body fat:wow:
kids gonna be a problem

jamie harper not signing was a blessing, miller and brown are wayy better than him.

2009 recruits better jump on board now, the U train is almost full:applause:

spring practice starts next week
Word around Jacksonville is that Jamie Harper is overrated as all fu*k and played the worst competition you could imagine in Florida. I'm just mad he ain't go to a team where Florida could crush him year after year. Miller and Brown sh*t on him and I'm glad we ain't get him neither, we can get a way better player this year.
 10 years ago '04        #3169
madness 16 heat pts16
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 1000bluntz said:
Word around Jacksonville is that Jamie Harper is overrated as all fu*k and played the worst competition you could imagine in Florida. I'm just mad he ain't go to a team where Florida could crush him year after year. Miller and Brown sh*t on him and I'm glad we ain't get him neither, we can get a way better player this year.
i hear we were this close to getting him but his close friend/teammate daniel andrews' dying mother wanted them to go to clemson
 10 years ago '04        #3170
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$18,565 | Props total: 16853 16853
 madness said:
i hear we were this close to getting him but his close friend/teammate daniel andrews' dying mother wanted them to go to clemson
That's another thing, the kid was all about playing with his friends that's why he ain't wanna fu*k with UF because we wouldn't offer his teammate because he wasn't UF material. Any kid who thinks like that and only wants to go to the same school as a friend is an idiot, you go where you can do your best, not where your HS friends are going just because you're a pus*y. Them n*ggas is probably, like Shannon would say, "butt buddies."
 10 years ago '06        #3171
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Bryce Brown and Lamar Miller, you have to be kidden. The Empire Strikes Back.
 10 years ago '04        #3172
madness 16 heat pts16
$13,112 | Props total: 3598 3598
 1000bluntz said:
Them n*ggas is probably, like Shannon would say, "butt buddies."
 10 years ago '04        #3173
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Back to the future for UM's Marve
After a scary car accident and two surgeries derailed the start of his college career, redshirt-freshman QB Robert Marve can't wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.
Posted on Tue, Feb. 26, 2008Digg AIM reprint print email

Robert Marve was sifting through old photographs the other night when a feeling of nostalgia enveloped him.

His mind backpedaled to Dolphin Stadium on Dec. 9, 2006, as he connected with Tampa Plant High teammate Derek Winter with 17 seconds left to claim the Class 4A state championship and the subsequent title of Mr. Florida Football.

''It felt like forever ago,'' Marve said wistfully. ``A long, long time ago.''

Marve turned 19 this month, not exactly memory-lane material. But after a car accident and two surgeries postponed his dream of playing quarterback for the University of Miami, he finally starts his second-year sojourn at 3 p.m. Tuesday -- healed left hand ready to take snaps and help deliver bull's-eyes as UM spring football begins.

''I can't wait to put on a helmet and shoulder pads and get knocked around again,'' said Marve, a redshirt freshman who will practice alongside two quarterbacks with less college savvy than himself, and with a Hurricanes squad determined to recover from its worst season in 30 years. ``I want to be put in pressure situations and come up clutch.''

Neither Marve nor the other two rookie quarterbacks, recently graduated Miami Northwestern High star Jacory Harris and Hargrave Military Academy prep-school standout Cannon Smith, will get ''knocked around'' Tuesday, or any day, during closed practice sessions. After a 5-7 season in which departed starters Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman struggled, quarterback hopefuls are a cherished commodity around Coral Gables.

Common sense says that after studying the offense for a year, running the scout team and being part of daily meetings and intense film-room sessions, Marve has the decided edge for the starting job.

Then again, UM coach Randy Shannon chose Freeman over the more-experienced and perceived front-runner Wright as the 2007 starter. Shannon made it clear Friday that he won't name a starter until the fall, when yet another incoming quarterback, Taylor Cook, arrives from Eagle Lake, Texas.

''It's wide open,'' Shannon said. ``Whoever [does] best will get the job.

``It's been kind of fun because those guys are football junkies. They are always around, always watching film, always getting receivers involved, playing catch with each other. Those three guys, it's like they've got a competition, but it's a great competition. They do the net drills, footwork drills, signals together -- and if somebody screws up, they do push-ups. They're always challenging each other to be the best they can.''


Marve and teammates Jermaine McKenzie and Colin McCarthy were in the one-car accident on Interstate 75 in mid-July, when the car hit a guardrail and flipped several times. Freshman receiver McKenzie broke bones in his neck and also redshirted, while Colin McCarthy, a linebacker, sustained cuts and bruises but was not injured badly.

Marve's first surgery a day after the accident repaired his broken left wrist and dislocated ring finger on his left (nonthrowing) hand, and a severe cut that caused nerve damage and ran between his ring finger and pinkie and extended to his palm.

His second surgery, the third week of December, ''released some skin and cut out a scar,'' said Marve's father, Eugene, a former NFL linebacker. ``He had a scar callusing on his hand, and they replaced the skin with a callus-resistant skin graft. It has healed very well.

``Robert's potential abilities have been forecast for a long time. I believe he will fulfill that potential.''

Now up to 205 pounds on his 6-1 frame, Marve said he is back to bench-pressing 225 pounds 10 times and can do everything a healthy quarterback can do. This season, he will wear a glove on his left hand.

''When I had the scar, my hand was really sensitive to touch,'' he said. ``To take a snap hurt really bad; just to get it touched hurt. Any hard contact to my palm would just cut my hand up, and it would start bleeding. But now I can do anything. It feels like a whole different hand now.''

Marve said he is as fast as he has ever been -- ''I have to be a legit 4.5 at least'' -- and is excited about his new cast of receivers and new receivers coach Aubrey Hill, the former Gators a.ssistant. ``He seems like a real energetic, cool guy.''


Marve said he is looking forward to the Aug. 28 opener against Charleston Southern at UM's new home, Dolphin Stadium, the last place he played. And he can't wait to meet the Gators on Sept. 6 in Gainesville.

''It's just a couple hours from Tampa, so everyone will be there,'' Marve said. ``I want to thank God for putting me in this situation.''

At Tampa Plant, Marve surpassed Tim Tebow, Florida's 2005 Mr. Football, for state records in passing yards (4,380), completions (280) and touchdowns (48). In turn, the state's 2007 Mr. Football, Jacory Harris, surpassed Marve's touchdown total by one and finished with 3,445 passing yards.

''Having the other two quarterbacks here has to be good,'' Marve said. ``Any position we have with more than one talented guy means more competition and more working hard, so it's better for the team.''

Marve said his year as a redshirt has been invaluable.

``Everyone says it's just football you have to get used to in college. It's not just football. It's living somewhere different, going to meetings and hearing new language, being with new coaches, going to school.''

Marve's high school coach, Robert Weiner, said the redshirt year probably helped him in the long run.

''Football is fully engrained in Robert's body,'' Weiner said. ``Robert has a strong, accurate arm, and such good ball preparedness that the ball is back and ready to be thrown in an instant. And he has pocket poise, an ability to move around and turn something bad into something good.

``Those kind of instincts don't change from one level to another.''

Marve said he sees only what's ahead of him.

``I'm looking straight, not left or right or behind me. Hopefully, everyone will see what I'm all about.''
 10 years ago '04        #3174
C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts
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F*ckn Spring Practice starts today!!!

dammit, i cant wait. lol
 10 years ago '04        #3175
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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ebruary 26, 2008 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Miami's three scholarship quarterbacks spoke today. Here's what they were talking about:


A true freshman, Harris says the biggest thing he's doing in practice right now is "just learning things."

And he knows he has his work cut out if he hopes to win the starting job over Robert Marve and Cannon Smith.

"We have some fantastic quarterbacks," Harris said. "(Marve and Smith) are helping me get better. We work together."

Harris says the quarterbacks are working hard on the basics "snaps with the center, three-step drops and making sure we get our foot straight back, things like that," he said.

Harris was asked what it will take for him to be the starter.

"A lot of competition and me competing in every drill, getting mentally ready for the first game," Harris said. "Without the mental aspect I won't be able to start."

Harris said all three scholarship quarterbacks got an equal amount of first team reps in today's practice.

Asked if he can see himself starting in Game 1, Harris said he's not looking too far ahead.

"I'm taking it a day at a time and we'll see what happens," he said.

* Harris and his fellow freshmen arrivals from Miami Northwestern High School have earned some nicknames: The West Crew, the Cruiser Boys and the Biker Boys.

Why the latter two nicknames?

"Because we have our little bicycles that we ride every day, and we basically stay together," says Harris, who owns a Beach Cruiser bike.

* Harris says he's gained 10 pounds since arriving at UM at 168 pounds.

"When the fall comes around I'm trying to get to 200, but 180-something would be nice," he said.

* Harris gets CaneSport's quote or the day: "If I'd have went to somewhere like Oregon, I already picture right now I'd have been on the first flight back home because it's fun to be with your (Miami) peers," he said.

* Harris also gets the runner-up quote of the day. When asked about the pressure on him, he said, "One thing I say is `Pressure busts pipes.' If you have pressure, you shouldn't be out here. I take every day like you're supposed to have fun. I never get nervous. Coach (Patrick) Nix before practice asked if I was nervous. I was like, `No, coach, it's just a regular day for me.'"


Marve says he's "just happy to be back out here" after redshirting last year following a left hand injury in a car accident. He wore a glove on the injured hand which he will wear throughout the season as a precaution.

He says the competition between him and the other quarterbacks is a good thing. He says they're all pushing each other.

"We're all pretty smart, athletic and are able to make plays," he said. "We just have to make our reads and get the ball out there to the playmakers."

Coach Randy Shannon has said he won't name a starter until the fall. Does that make it harder on an inexperienced quarterback trying to emerge as a leader on this team?

"No, because every day you go out competing," Marve said. "We're just out here trying to do our best every day."

Of how the offense fared today, Marve said, "We did well. It takes the offense a little while to pick up the rhythm. We picked up our plays. The timing could be better, (but) it was good."

Marve spoke about a few teammates:

Of Aldarius Johnson, he said, "He's strong and fast, looks real good. That guy's going to be a heck of a receiver here. We'll see how good he can be."

* Of WR Jermaine McKenzie, who is also his roommate, Marve said, "Jermaine can flow. You get the ball out to him and he makes wonders happen. He's another guy to look out for."

* Of his fellow QBs, Marve said, "Jacory's a smart guy. Even better, he's fun to be around. We're having a fun time. Cannon's funny, real funny. We run a play and chitchat at each other - `You got this, I got this.' It's a fun time out there. We're all having a fun time."


Smith said of his first day practicing as a Cane that "It felt good. It was the first day, I was trying to get settled in, get used to the pace. I knew it was going to be up-tempo, and it definitely was that. I think that's what I needed, a day to feel it out."

Smith said all three quarterbacks played well in their opportunities.

And those opportunities came fast and furious.

"We'll try to get grooves, go six plays and rotate," he said. "Other times we'll just switch after two."

Smith said he had "some good deep completions" today.

He added, "I was doing a good job of taking what the defense was giving me, read and take completions."
 10 years ago '05        #3176
Deeangoe 2 heat pts
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can someone up this?

 10 years ago '04        #3177
C.R.I.P. 3 heat pts
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News & Notes: Highlights, Changes, Depth Charts
The players that spent most of their time with the first team group:

On the offensive line, the tackles were Reggie Youngblood and Jason Fox with Joel Figueroa and Chris Barney at guard (Orlando Franklin is out with an injury this spring). The center position is getting reps switched around between several players competing for jobs there are A.J. Trump, Xavier Shannon, Matt Pipho and Tyler Horn. At receiver Kayne Farquharson and Leonard Hankerson were the primary first teamers with Ryan Hill the first team slot receiver. The tight end reps were split between Richard Gordon and Chris Zellner; the H-back was Dedrick Epps.

On defense, those spending most of the time with the first team on the defensive line were Eric Moncur and Steven Wesley at end with Antonio Dixon and Josh Holmes at tackle. The linebackers were Sean Spence, Glenn Cook and Darryl Sharpton.

At safety Randy Phillips and Lovon Ponder were the primary first teamers. The cornerbacks to start out were Chavez Grant and Carlos Armour. JoJo Nicolas is second team at free safety.

* Sean Spence says he learned in the days before today's practice that he would be a first teamer at strongside linebacker.

"Coach (Michael) Barrow gave me a chance to work with the first team and I took advantage - it went well," Spence said. "I'm picking up on the system slowly but surely."

Glenn Cook said of Spence that "He did real well. He's a real smart kid, picked it up real fast. He's a great athlete, covers real well. He's picking it up real well."

Spence knows it will be hard to hang onto the job when Colin McCarthy comes back from injury.

"It will be tough," Spence said. "I have to compete every day, make sure I do my a.ssignment."

Behind Spence on the current depth chart is Kylan Robinson. And freshman Arthur Brown is also working in there.

* WR Kayne Farquharson had a big day. He caught a seven-yard touchdown toward the end of 11-on-11 work. And he earlier caught a 30-yard sideline route, getting his toes down in before going out of bounds.

How many balls did Farquharson catch on the day?

"Oh man, I lost count," he said. "The balls were coming and I was just catching."

* Chris Zellner is no longer an H-back. He's made a permanent move to tight end, where he'll compete for a starting job with Richard Gordon. That leaves the H-back job as a battle between Dedrick Epps and freshman John Calhoun.

* Arthur Brown spent today working in with the second team and says he was excited to be out there as a freshman.

The biggest adjustment from high school?

"Just the speed of the practice," he said. "Here you have to move, can't slow down, have to keep up and be mentally prepared."

Aldarius Johnson trots onto the field before his first practice as a Cane
* WR Aldarius Johnson said he had some short receptions in 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills today.

"I had some pretty catches, no deep balls," Johnson said.

And he says there's a big difference between college and high school ball.

"(The DBs) are way bigger than high school DBs," Johnson said. "It's fun to learn how to get off the jam off a big DB.

"The game is faster. It's changed. People get bigger, stronger. So I have to get bigger and stronger, too, to compete with the people here."

Johnson spoke about Cannon Smith and Robert Marve.

"Cannon is a little short, but he's a good quarterback, is quick on his feet," Johnson said. "(Marve's) like another Michael Vick."

* DT Marcus Forston is happy to be with his fellow Miami Northwestern freshmen teammates Sean Spence, Jacory Harris and Aldarius Johnson at UM.

He says the four of them are close.

Very close.

"Everyone says we're like quadruplets," Forston said. "Every day everybody sees us together. We take a shower together, go to class together, do everything together. We wait for the shower to clear out, go in there and talk. We go to the bathroom together, everything. So that's the bond we need this year. That's something we can bring to this U family this year, teach them the family we had at Miami Northwestern."

Forston spent today with the second team.

"Basically I was crawling all over again it's something new, the pace is way faster," Forston said. "In high school we practiced three or four hours. We were out here an hour and 45 minutes and I never worked like this in my life. The tempo, you're never walking. Every station you go to you run to. You want water, you have to run to the water. Everything is moving. You tie your shoe, you're behind now. So you have to get used to the pace."

* WR Jermaine McKenzie practiced today and says the neck he injured last year is 100 percent healed.

He caught 5- and 10-yard hitch routes in seven-on seven work.

"We worked on quick routes - the first days, as always, you implement the short stuff first," he said. "The offense was pretty good."

McKenzie worked behind first-teamer Kayne Farquharson today, with Sam Shields third team. On the other side Leonard Hankerson was the first-teamer with Aldarius Johnson behind him.

* Glenn Cook and Romeo Davis are still awaiting final word on getting an extra year of eligibility, but both are expected to receive it. And both were on the practice field today.

Cook said of his return from an injury that cost him all of last year that "I'm enjoying it. It's fun. It was a long time (since I was on the field), so I'm just having fun my last year. Sitting out all that time you realize how much you miss it."

Cook said the defense is "a little different" under new coordinator Bill Young.

"It's some of the same concepts, but he has his own way of coaching, a little more zone blitzing than we usually do," Cook said.

* Allen Bailey worked behind Steven Wesley in practice today. Bailey is making the transition from linebacker to defensive end.

"I did pretty well," Bailey said. "I'm still learning some stuff, pass rush, learn a couple of moves, how to have a good takeoff."

Bailey said he thought about making the move to DE "for a couple of weeks" before making the decision.

He knew the team was weak at defensive end and had a lot of linebackers coming in. And his weight necessitated it he now weighs 290 pounds.

"I didn't expect to be 290 in two years (coming out of high school), but it came fast," Bailey said. "I tried (linebacker) at 270. It was time for a change."

* Harland Gunn was a center in high school but says he's only playing guard this spring he's a second teamer behind Joel Figueroa.

* Freshman PK Jake Wieclaw said he "had a good time" in the opening practice.

Wieclaw says coming in early will let him f!ght for a starting spot at placekicker and doing kickoffs. He said he wasn't put in any pressure situations today.

He also said he's 100 percent recovered from a broken foot suffered last year.

* WR Ryan Hill said "everyone was working together" in the opening practice. "There were catches, but we didn't go deep today, were working the short game. And then we'll work our way up. The offense and defense looked good. All three quarterbacks were throwing well."

* There were four fumbles caused by the defense today, two recovered by defenders.
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Shannon After Day 1: It was a Good Day


Opening statement: Practice was good today. It was the first time out. There were some positive things. We didn't have any illegal procedures from the offense, no fumbled snaps by the quarterback-center exchange. Defensively we didn't have any offside penalties. So that was the best thing about it. We created some turnovers, so we always have to protect the football. But all around it was a good day both offensively and defensively.

Q: How does this feel different from last year as a head coach?
Shannon: That was my first time out as a head coach. Now you're more calm and players understand what you're trying to get done offensively and defensively, and the tempo. It was good as a total unit. They flow around today and had some fun.

Q: There are several players coming in out of high school and prep school. How does that help them and the team?Shannon: It helps them get ahead big-time because when you bring guys in the speed of the game changes. Now they're excited about the speed, have to get accustomed to it. They have 15 days to get accustomed to it before the fall comes in. So they'll probably pick it up by the end of this week.

Q: With the quarterbacks being so young, do you look at the intangibles like leadership with them?

Shannon: It's execution and things like that. Both of these guys bring some leadership abilities, intangibles that you don't see. When they're in the huddle everyone listens to them. It's kind of like a feel that, `Hey, these two guys have won championships, these two guys have completed passes.' We know what they can do. They've been working on a lot, have been throwing the ball the last week of recruiting coming out throwing the ball. They really understand everything we're trying to get done offensively.

Q: Is Cannon Smith part of the mix?
Shannon: Yes, he is.

Q: What do you expect from him?
Shannon: To come out and compete, get the job done. We're excited about him also.

Q: The quarterbacks don't get hit in the spring. But with them going into the season, is that a shellshock?
Shannon: That's too far away to think about.

Q: When did you make the decision the track guys (Demarcus VanDyke, Bruce Johnson, Graig Cooper and Khalil Jones) won't participate in practice until after the weekend?
Shannon: They're in track, are trying to increase their speed. Those guys were track guys in high school and I'm not going to let guys who want to pursue track, say `You cannot run track at the University of Miami.' They're running track, are doing well. They leave tomorrow for the ACC Championships. Tuesday they'll be back.

Q: They can't do both, right?
Shannon: You just can't have a guy go out there that runs track go out and play football you pull hamstrings.

Q: How does it help having an Aldarius Johnson and those other freshmen here?

Shannon: Competition. A lot of guys can get reps and you're not wearing anybody out.

Q: With the new defensive coordinator, what's the approach you're taking?Shannon: We're just going to install, get guys to learn the defense the way we need to get it done.
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Exclusive: Canes go West for New Commitment

Brophy Prep (Ariz.) High School TE Billy Sanders received a Hurricane scholarship offer last Thursday.

And he didn't take long to accept it.

Sanders called Cane coaches today and committed.

"I talked to coach (Joe) Pannunzio and (Clint) Hurtt," Sanders said. "I told them they just had a great recruiting class and that I want to be blocking for (fellow 2009 commitment) Bryce Brown."

Sanders played tight end in his first game this season and had three catches for 31 yards and a touchdown. But then, at the request of coaches, he moved to defense. He finished with 70 tackles and 8.5 sacks.

"He's a big, fearless guy," Brophy Prep coach Scooter Molander said. "He has great hands. If he played (full time at tight end) he'd have had 40 catches.

"He's so big and strong, has a big frame and will be able to put on more quality weight. His hands are strong, but he has good dexterity and he's fearless in terms of catching the ball. He'll go up and get it.

"He's such a great athlete he could play different positions."

Brophy Prep played a spread offense and has won two state titles in the last three years. Sanders was on both championship teams - he moved up to varsity at the end of his freshman season.

Sanders has good bloodlines his father, Bill Sr., was a tight end at Sacramento State and on the New York Jets' injured squad for two years in the 1980's.

"Billy's been wanting to be a Hurricane since he was 10 years old," Bill Sr. said. "We're on cloud nine - Billy's bouncing off the walls.

"He was also really excited to find out they had a film/cinematography major."

That's right, that's the subject Billy plans to study when he's not on Greentree Practice Field.

He does film work at his school and even created a movie that was broadcast over the school's channel "It was a horror movie and I was the actor/hero," Sanders said.

Sanders has family in Florida, including a grandmother two aunts. And he visited the campus last year, meeting with Pannunzio.

"I saw the coaches' offices," Sanders said. "Everything was great."

A big Jeremy Shockey fan, Sanders always dreamed of playing for Miami.

And now he has that chance.

Sanders expects a chance at early playing time because there will be so few tight ends on the roster next season.

"The tight ends they have now are older," he said. "Once I'm a freshman there they'll have a senior guy and they run a lot of double tight stuff."

But he expects competition.

"They'll bring in two or three tight ends in this class," he said. "That's fine. I'm ready for the competition."

Sanders says he was told that Oregon, Washington and Nevada will be among schools offering him scholarships. But he says any offer that comes in now will be too late.

"I'm committed, and I'm not taking any other visits," he said. "That's what `committed' means."

Sanders' goals at UM?

"I want to increase my speed, bring it down to 4.7 from 4.8," he said. "And just get in there and do some special teams stuff my freshman year. They're taking 2-3 tight ends and I'll try to beat out those guys."
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Spring practice report: Day 1
The first practice off the spring is over. What did we learn? Which freshmen are already practicing with the first team? How did Miami's young quarterbacks Jacory Harris, Robert Marve and Cannon Smith look? Here's a quick collection of notes I gathered...

* BAILEY TALKS SWITCH, HEALTH: Allen "Big Boss" Bailey said he was given a couple of weeks to decide whether or not he wanted to make the move to defensive end. Ultimately, he said he wanted to do what was best for the team "with seven linebackers here and seven linebackers coming in and a weakness at end." Bailey said he still has to learn "pass rush reads and learn a couple moves." Bailey said he missed about a month of workouts after having surgery to remove a bone spur from his left bicep muscle. He said he was practicing with the second team Tuesday behind Steven Wesley and Eric Moncur. He said Antonio Dixon and Josh Holmes were on the first team at tackle.

* EXPECTING A TIGHT ARMS RACE: UM coach Randy Shannon didn't come out and say the f!ght for the starting job is only going to be a battle between Robert Marve and Jacory Harris. But he basically hinted at it. Other players did, too. Senior linebacker Glenn Cook said "They both have their advantages. They both are talented. They both want to win. It's going to be a battle, it's not going to be easy for either one of them."

* LINEBACKER DEVELOPMENT: Cook also said freshman linebacker Arthur Brown, the most highly-touted recruit in the 2008 class, is "real raw." "I don't think he got a lot of coaching in high school," Cook said. "So, he's still learning technique. I think he'll be alright. He's a real talented kid." As for freshman Sean Spence, Cook said "He's a great athlete whose picked it up a little bit faster. He's a real smart kid. He'll have a chance to play early. I think he's a little more ahead [of Brown]."

* NEEDS WORK ON THE FUNDAMENTALS: Brown, meanwhile, said he realized there was a lot he thought he was doing right and now he learned he was doing wrong playing the position at Wichita East High. He said he thought he had his fundamentals down tackling, but has now learned he'll have to make some adjustments. Brown said he's gained nine pounds and now weighs 228. He said he's playing at strongside linebacker on the second team beind Sean Spence, who is on the first team with Cook at middle and Daryl Sharpton on the weakside. Brown said Kylan Robinson is backing Sharpton up at weakside and Spencer Adkins is the backup in the middle.

* SURPRISED FIRST TEAMER: Spence, who played weakside in high school, said he's gained nine pounds and is now up 202. He said he's spent a lot of time with linebackers coach Michael Barrow to pick up the defense and believes that's part of the reason he's moved up on the depth chart. I was very surprised. I was looking forward to second and third team, learning what I have to do. But they threw me out with the first team. Im excited about it.

* CONFIDENT JACORY: Quarterback Jacory Harris, whose weight was thought to be an issue coming out of high school, said he's gained 10 pounds since he first arrived at UM last month and is now listed at 6-4, 178 pounds. He sounded confident when answering questions with the media today -- just like in high school -- and said he plans to compete hard for the starting job. "Pressure busts pipes," Harris said of dealing with the pressure of being a true freshman quarterback. "If you [struggle with] pressure, you shouldnt be out here. I just come out here and have fun. Im never nervous. Coach Nix asked me that before practice. He said 'I bet you're nervous.' I said, 'No, Im not coach.'

* HARD FIRST DAY OF WORK: Freshman defensive tackle Marcus Forston said the biggest adjustment for him on day one has been learning to practice at a fast pace. "I've never worked like this in my life. In high school, we would practice 3-4 hours. We were out here for 1 hour, 45 minutes. The tempo -- you never stop running. Every station you go to you run to. You tie your shoe? You got to run or you are behind." Forston said he's behind Josh Holmes on the second team on the right side at tackle. He said he's playing next to Joe Joseph.

AUDIO LINKS: Click on the names of the following players to hear their interviews... Quarterback Jacory Harris; Running back Shawnbrey McNeal; Receiver Aldarius Johnson; linebacker Glenn Cook; defensive tackle Marcus Forston; cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke; kicker Jake Wieclaw; linebacker Sean Spence; linebacker Arthur Brown; defensive end Allen Bailey.

WHAT WE GOT TO SEE: We got to watch the first 10 minutes of practice as the guys worked out about 200 yards away from us -- way over on the other side of the field. Quarterbacks Jacory Harris, Robert Marve and Cannon Smith worked with their receivers for several minutes of long toss. I shot some photos below (just click on them to see larger versions).


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