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 C.R.I.P. said:
my mind and my heart cant grasp that their is no more Sean Taylor. ...
 10 years ago '04        #2762
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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It's just fu*ked up man... I'm still in shock..

I don't even wanna post news from rivals but it may just be something to get your minds off of this tragedy for a lil bit... :(
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ovember 28, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine
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The good news for Cane fans when it comes to Norfolk (VA) Maury High School OT Vinston Painter: Miami is in his top two.

The bad news: Virginia Tech is his frontrunner.

Painter has already taken official visits to both schools, so it's not going to be easy to change his mind. But the Canes certainly are trying.

Coach Marques Mosely visited Painter in person yesterday.

"He was here for about 30 minutes," Painter said. "It was cool. We were just talking, that's all. He was just seeing how things are going."

Painter says he talks with Mosely twice a week on the phone and that the receivers coach has never asked where the Canes stand in his recruiting picture.

And Painter says he isn't quite sure just how big a lead the Hokies have.

"Virginia Tech is still leading, but I'm not sure by how much," Painter said.

Painter has no set time line for announcing a decision.

He says UM does have some things going for it.

"It's a good program, has a nice campus and good coaches," Painter said.

Painter says he wants to go to a winning program, and he says he will take a closer look at the depth charts of both programs before making a final choice.

He says Miami's losing record doesn't sway him further away from UM.

"I see Miami winning down the road," he said.
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November 27, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Freshman receiver Jermaine McKenzie wowed teammates this summer with his speed, route-running ability and shoestring catches.

Quarterback Kyle Wright said he's never seen McKenzie drop a pass thrown near his oversized hands.

A neck injury in a rollover car accident this summer was the only reason McKenzie didn't get immediate playing time. McKenzie will be ready this spring, and he has high expectations. He's spent this season learning as much as he can.

"I've been readying the coverages," McKenzie said. "Coming from high school, the defenses get tougher. So, mentally, that's what I worked on. That was my biggest attribute coming into the season was being redshirted."

That's right, McKenzie is glad he was redshirted.

"(It allowed me) to understand the tempo, speed and everything else," McKenzie said. "Redshirting's not a bad thing. During the summer, when we were doing workouts, I was expected to play. I look at the accident as a setback, but it helped me, matured me a lot."

McKenzie says he tries to pattern his game after Darnell Jenkins.

"He's been here, has the experience," McKenzie said. "I try to see what he sees Ė me and him talk a lot."

McKenzie has always reached out for help when he thinks he needs it. And that was also the case in high school. As a junior he had 33 receptions. Then he transferred to a school that was in its first year with a football program.

"We ran a Wing T, so I was a wing back, caught only 17 balls," McKenzie said.

Because of his lack of receiving experience, he spent his senior year working out for several hours on weekends with former Florida State and NFL receiver Peter Warrick.

Warrick helped teach him the right way to run routes, among other things.

"Warrick, that's one of my biggest critics," McKenzie said. "Every Saturday and Sunday I went to a YMCA in Sarasota and me and him worked out one-on-one.

"My routes were always there even though I didn't play (receiver) my senior year. I knew Miami wanted me to be a wideout, so I would go out and run routes. I would run routes, routes, routes (with Warrick). That's how they became precise."

McKenzie's always had great hands.

He says he thinks he hasn't dropped a practice pass at Miami "because I'm so focused."

McKenzie rooms with quarterback Robert Marve. And the two have a tremendous friendship. They already have some private hand signals they used on scout team.

"He always knows that wherever he throws the ball I'm going to get it," McKenzie said. "Working together, that's where we've got our connection."
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November 28, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine
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Torrance (CA) El Camino Community College FB Patrick Hill got a visit from coach Tommie Robinson two days ago.

"He came down and met with me, my dad and my brother and my mom," Hill said. "We sat down for an hour and a half, had a nice long talk about how he feels me as a player and person and how I'd fit into their program."

Hill said Robinson didn't come out and officially offer a scholarship, but "He said they need a fullback and are very interested. He said he didn't fly out there for no reason."

Miami is so interested that they've set up an official visit date of Dec. 14-16 for Hill.

Hill has already taken an official visit to Texas A&M, which is the only major program that has offered him.

Assuming Miami offers and he likes his visit, Hill knows where he'll be going.

"I could commit during the (Miami) visit," Hill said. "Miami's No. 1 on my list. I love the program, have followed them since I've been a college football fan. There's a lot of tradition and history there."

Hill attended Los Angeles Fairfax High School and was the third leading rusher in the city as a senior Ė he played tailback and had 2,056 yards and 19 touchdowns.

He moved to fullback at El Camino Community College. Last year he had seven touchdowns; this year he had four scores.

"They use me as a lead blocker and to get the tough yardage when it's third and one or fourth and inches," the 5-foot-9 1/2, 250-pounder with 4.7-second speed said.

Hill is being recruited as a fullback.

"Yesterday my coach compared me to Lorenzo Neal (of the Chargers)," Hill said.

Hill says he began speaking with Cane coaches in the last two weeks.
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November 28, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine
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The Hurricanes need immediate help at defensive tackle.

And Bakersfield (CA) Community College DT Daniel Calvin might be a quick fix.

Calvin is a first-team All-Conference selection this year and is rated one of the nation's top JUCO defensive tackle prospects by

On top of that he wants to be a Hurricane.

"Oh, man, it would be a big chance I go there, a great chance," Calvin said.

Just one holdup: He doesn't have an offer yet.

"Miami's recruiting me Ė I last talked to coaches a couple of weeks ago," Calvin said. "I spoke to (defensive backs coach) Wesley McGriff. He was saying how he heard about me, wants to watch my film and that I have to get my grades and everything. He said they'd like to see me at Miami."

Calvin says he's heard great things about UM from former Cane Robert Bergman, who attended the same high school as Calvin Ė Bakersfield High.

"I've been a big fan of the Hurricanes for a long time," Calvin said. "When I was little I remember watching them beat everybody, just winning all the time. I see the players that left Miami like Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp Ė I'm a big fan of them."

Calvin's team plays in the Southern Cal JUCO championship Dec. 1. He hopes to hear from the Canes by then or soon after.

Otherwise he'll turn his attention to offers he does have. Those include Kansas State, Utah, Nevada and Cal. He had offers from Nebraska and Ole Miss as well before their coaches were fired.

A 6-foot-4, 315-pounder, Calvin runs the 40 in 4.9 seconds.

"I sent in film to Miami and my grades, so we'll see what happens," Calvin said.
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November 27, 2007

Gary Ferman, CaneSport Magazine
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El Dorado (KS) Butler County C.C. DE Markus White signed with Rutgers out of Lake Worth (FL) John I. Leonard High School.

He says he would have signed with Miami had the Canes dangled a scholarship offer.

They didn't.

But they have now.

White was a nonqualifier out of high school and attended El Dorado (KS) Butler County Community College. The 6-foot-4, 245-pounder with 4.55-second speed emerged as a force this year with 85 tackles and 24.5 sacks.

He was named the Jayhawk Conference Defensive Player of the Year. His team is ranked No. 2. nationally and has won 14 straight games. The championship game is set for Dec. 1.

White currently lists seven offers: UM, West Virginia, Florida State, Oklahoma, North Carolina, NC State and Arkansas.

Because White's season is ongoing, he hasn't set up any official visits yet. He's being recruited to Miami by Michael Barrow.

"I like Miami, like the location," White said. "They've been a good program.

"Coach Barrow is cool, down to earth. I'll have to figure everything out after I take my visits."

White arrived at Butler Community College last spring and says he will have the 62 credits needed to transfer to a Division I school by May.

White says he's always followed Miami's program closely.

"Growing up everyone wants to go there," he said. "I didn't think I'd have a chance (to go there)."
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November 27, 2007 Staff

Talk about it in Gary Ferman's War Room
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Doug Wiggins arrived at Miami this spring as a true freshman with high hopes.

That didn't last long.

Wiggins was suspended from the team midway thorugh the season, and coach Randy Shannon said then that he would sit down with the cornerback after the year was over to determine his future status.

That future won't include Miami.

Wiggins is expected to visit Western Michigan this weekend and will not be returning to UM next year.

"He'll be going somewhere else," Wiggins' father, Doug Sr., told "He's going to finish up the semester.

"We're not upset with Miami, not at all. It just didn't work out. He doesn't fit in with the program, isn't happy there. Other than that there's no problem."
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November 27, 2007

Matt Shodell, CaneSport Magazine
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While rumors are floating around that Miami Northwestern WR Tommy Streeter is no longer strongly considering the Canes, he denies it.

But he says he's not sure how strongly the Canes are considering him.

"I haven't talked to Miami coaches since the last game I went to (against Virginia)," he said. "I don't know why that is."

He says he doesn't know if he'll take an official visit to UM.

"(The school) is right there, so I don't know," he said.

Streeter says the fact that Cane coaches haven't called him in recent weeks "doesn't hurt them."

Streeter says schools he's most serious about right now are UM, South Florida, South Carolina, Oregon and Boston College.

"They're all pretty even," he said. "No one stands out."

Streeter says whenever he begins to pay close attention to one school on his list "I watch their game and they lose."

He figures he won't be a bad-luck charm once he gets on a college campus. And he says he'll have a decision in place "after all my visits, close to signing day."

For now Streeter says he's getting plenty of pressure to go to different schools ... on the Internet.

"A lot of people write me on My Space, say `Come to the U,'" he said. "Somebody posted that I should go to South Carolina, all different schools. Then there are some commitments from other schools, like E.J. Manuel, that say they want me to come with them."

Streeter's Northwestern team faces South Dade in the playoffs on Friday.
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Shannon exclusive (Part I)

Tuesday, Susan Miller Degnan and I had a chance to eat lunch with coach Randy Shannon at Dan Marino's restuarant at Sunset Place in Miami. We covered many topics including how the death of Sean Taylor may have affected recruiting, how he and the school are dealing with possible image issues, how he plans to handle who stays and leaves the program issues and much more.

I've spent three hours transcribing our 2-hour interview with him. And while in the coming days, Shannon will speak and meet with other media outlets, I figured I'd share what we gathered. To hear the audio interview, follow the link on our UM homepage to Audio.

Q: Can you talk about the incident with Sean Taylor and maybe the way it affects your recruiting?
A: What theyíre dealing with has been very hard for the NFL. The incident that happened with Sean didnít happen at the University of Miami. Sean left the University of Miami in good graces. He did everything well. It has nothing to do with Miami and I think thatís the thing people have to understand, he may have played for the University of Miami but its not Miami. I donít know if you guys know this after and check your stats. Three out of the last four games, thereís always something that happens after the game between Florida State and Florida. Are Florida State and Florida is that bad game to go to? Is that a bad place to go to. But Iím just saying, you canít say Virginia Tech is a bad place. Those things happen in less than 6 months. Two incidents. Does that mean Virginia Tech is not a good school to go to? No. Not at all.

Q: So you are saying this isnít a reflection on the University of Miami, especially for parents?
A: No. Because the thing that makes parents [believe] it is because everybody says its only Miami. Thatís the first thing everybody says. Oh, you live in Miami. But its not Miami.

Q: Do you have to do damage control?
A: No, because I think what weíre doing is, weíre letting parents know up front that UM is in another part of Dade County. Coral Gables is a different part of Dade County. Its not Old Cutler Road. Kendall is different than Liberty City. I think thatís the problem weíre having. Everybody wants to say its Miami. Instead of them saying what it really is.

Q: So you donít have to call parents?
A: No. I think the thing happens when the media put its out like that, you guys create more problems when there shouldnít be problems. But you create problems because you designate it as Miami. And Miami is huge. Letís face it. Miami is a big county.

Q: But when [The Herald] puts out a big box like we did today[listing UM tragedies], it probaly doesn't helpÖ
A: The problem is your putting out things about all these deaths, but what deaths have really occurred on Miami campus besides one? Think about that? How many deaths have occurred on Virginia Tech campus? How many deaths have occurred on Arizona State campus? How many deaths have occurred on Florida or Florida Stateís campus? But you guys put it like it happened on campus and your not giving the university a fair chance because you put it as campus and not something that happened off and I think thatís the biggest problem.

Q: So what do you do? Do you show parents a map?
A: I do all of those things. The more I can show them and tell them its Coral Gables and I donít hide anything. I tell them, this is where Liberty City is at. But they say, well coach we got bad parts in our area. So everybody has bad parts, but I think what is getting us and Iím not saying its wrong, the more you guys keep putting in, this right here, this right here, Iím going to say this and I shouldnít, but Chris Campbellís accident occurred off campus. Bryan Pata was off campus. Kevin Gibbs off campus. Only one thing ever happened on the University of Miami campus - thatís Marlin Barnes.

Q: Obviously, though, there are kids that live off campus. What do you tell parents about that?
A: We show them the neighborhoods. Everybody else in the country lives off campus and they still have the same problems. But their newspaper donít beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it. I know you guys are doing your job, you got to beat us up about it. But then understand we just want a fair shot. At Ohio State, do you realize you had more things happen at Ohio State more than anything. You think weíve been bad? Go check out Ohio State, guys who have been arrested, bar f!ghts. Look at everything at Ohio State and youíd think the University of Miami was angels. Florida, the same. Thereís going to be two guys let back on that team because of a gun charges and one who unloaded it in a club. What would happen if I do that?

Q: Is it all because of the historyÖ
A: But what history? My best friend Walter Odom got k!lled at the University of Florida, shot when I was at school at the University of Miami.

Q: Is it just the image, people always look at it as Thug U.
A: Exactly. But when I was in school here, besides the fatigues what else happened? Besides the fatigues and Michael Irvin running over somebodyís foot, what else happened at the University of Miami? Could you recall anything? Letís do this, if you want to be honestÖ [Randy knocks on the wooden table]Ö we had no arrests this season. Nothing really bad happened. Itís been a long time correct? So, its been a long time. How many different things happened at Florida and Florida State, during the course of the year? A lot right. Well, nobody wants to say how much weíve changed. They still want to call us Thug U. So, like, no matter how much better we get off the field and weíre going to continue to get better off the field, what are we going to be called? ThugU.

Itís always going to be that way. Some coaches have some players that do some bad things with police officers and theyíre still playing. But this happens all across the country. My job is making sure these kids are held accountable for everything they do. If I wasnít doing that, I wouldnít be doing right by the kids and right by the parents. Iím not going to sacrifice a win because I think a kid can help us win a game. If heís wrong, heís wrong. And thatís my job in educating. And when other players see thatís how we win games, weíre building that foundation. But like I say, until people stop thinking weíre ThugU or whatever and start looking at us for what we have done, I donít know how much more to improve the image. Because no matter what I think and what I do, the image is always going to be there until people start writing positive things about the school and Iím not sure its going to happen. I mean, have we had players that shoot another player? That happened at another college. Have we had players that walk around campus with an AK-47 and then are allowed back on the team? Thatís happened at maybe 10 schools I know right now. But weíre the bad school. I donít get upset about it. [The gun rule] is a good rule because it helps keep the kids out of trouble.

Q: How do you guys check on students to make sure they don't have guns?
A: We donít. All I know is donít get caught with one. I donít care if its in your truck. I donít care if itís in your momís house. I donít care if its your house or your friends house. If you have it and the police find you or arrest you with it, thatís it. Youíre done. Youíre done with the team. You canít come back. And its more of a safety valve for me because a lot of players on the team have kids and if you have a kid walk around or whatever and the kid picks up the gun, you know what happens - bad things happen.

Q: So, after this newest incident with Sean Taylor, you donít have to reassure parents, even local parents?
A: Nope. But now, somebody will write a story on it and it say that. Everybody in the country says we got bad in kids Miami right. If theyíre such bad kids in Miami and Miami is not a safe place, then why are you coming down to recruit these kids to help your program out? If we have such bad kids and thatís the first thing Iíll say. But thatís the first thing theyíll do./

Q: Let's change the topic a little. Do you think your cutthroat approach to competition in practice affected some of the players this season who might not have been used to it?
A: No. I think what happened isÖ I look at Derrick Morse and Rochford. Every week they lined up and played and competed. I look at Javarris James and Cooper and those guys. Every week they lined up and played. Thatís why I say I donít think we got bad kids. Iím not saying we got good players. But their mentality is not like mine because Iím a guy that always believed that when you line up, your going to have fun in practice. But you make the next guy across from you suffer. I didnít mole around in practice and say, Iím going to do it on gameday. And Iíve seen great players like Michael Irvin, Steve Walshes, the Ginos, the Lamars, all of the great players that have been here, Winslow, they were always competitors. Every day in practice, theyíd play to embarrass you in front of your peers. And I think by me being hard, all I wanted guys to do is give me their best. Iím not going to sit back and say, Thatís ok, run that route the way it is. Iíd say, ĎNext time, sprint to the right three yards instead of the end zone.í

Q: Do you feel that was the mentality beforehand and that guys were just sort of clapped along?
A: Yeah. They werenít able to adjust. Now, did Dedrick Epps adjust to it? He came a long ways.
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Q: So would you consider this year a try out, as in, who could develop that mentality?
A: Right.

Q: Weíre players scared to go all out for fear they were going to lose their job?
A: No. Hereís the thing, I never ever [pause], hereís the thing about me. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody is going to make mistakes in football. You realize you donít bench people for mistakes because everybody is going to make them. If you get on people its for lack of effort. So, if a guy is not giving you the effort, you going to keep playing him? You got to move forward. Iím looking for effort more than anything. I keep telling you 1 plus 1 is 2 and you tell me 1 plus 1 is 4, after about the eighth or ninth time, am I going to keep it going or am I going to look for someone else to get it done? And thatís what you got to do. Ainít nobody scared. Its like this, if I say to you all, this guy was nervous, that guy was nervous, this guy couldnít play. Why? They canít hear me on the football field. Do you realize none of those guys can hear me on the football field? They look at me like, I think heís talking to me. Iím not sure. Donít you realize that when somebody makes a mistake, they always go back into the game? Have you ever really seen us take somebody out who has really screwed up. So, when everybody said that guy might have been scared. If your going to be real good, you better demand what you want.

Q: You could Derrick Morse a true Hurricane. How many True Hurricanes did you have on this team?
A: There was a lot. I canít give you the numbers. The biggest thing you have to look at from this team is we had some deficiencies. And what I mean by that is, who taught Lance Leggett and Darnell Jenkins how to be real Hurricanes? Nobody. Well, Santana [Moss] and Reggie [Wayne] taught Andre [Johnson] and Kevin Beard. Iíll go all the way back. Bernie taught Vinny. Vinny taught Steve. Steve taught Craig. Craig taught Gino and then there was a dropoff. And it just keeps going. One guy teaches the next guy teaches the next guy to be a Hurricane. We had a big separation at receiver. You realize we had a big separation at quarterback? Because Dorsey didnít have backup. His backup was Ethnic Sands. So, now, who was going to teach the next quarterback when we had nobody? Now, you bring in a Kyle and Kirby and you bring in a Brock Berlin whose a transfer. So, he didnít understand what to do. So, those are things Iím saying, you have to have people to set the trend, set the standards.

Q: By that rationale, doesn't that mean there is going to be a huge disconnect next season?
A: And thatís why you start now and you start the trend. The trend has been set. What Kyle has done and what Kirby has done last year, Marve has been in every meeting. Heís been in every quarterback meeting. Heís been watching film with them. Heís been learning. And Kyle and Kirby have done some things to help Marve out. Hey, donít do what I did. Blah, blah, blah. And thatís what I mean helping him through the process and the trend.

Q: Is Robert Marve going to need any further surgery?
A: No. Not that I know of.

Q: Is Kirby going to be back?
A: I talked to Kirby yesterday and he says heís coming back. Me and coach Nix talked to him yesterday.

Q: Well, you know why weíre askingÖ
A: Oh, you should ask that question.

Q: Whatís his role, a.ssuming you guys want to go with the young guys?
A: He knows his role and heís going to be supportive of whatever decisions we make. This is what I mean by a True Cane. No matter what knows the only way weíre going to be successful is if everybody knows what weíre trying to do. Not just him. So, he knows he has to help the younger guys out to be more successful.

Q: Will he play or do we just expect him not to play?
A: No. You never expect the unexpected. Donít do that. What Iím saying is, no matter what, if Kirby is helping the young guysÖ letís say for example, we start the season and Kirby is the starter. If Kirby never helps those young guys and Kirby gets nicked, where are we going to be at? And thatís what I mean by true Hurricanes, we always help each other out to get the next guy to that level. Glenn Cook, prime example. Heís an all-time best guy Iíve ever seen at Miami. He wasnít a starter but knew the defense when he was young. So, he helped the other guys. He played all three positions, but he always kept helping people because he knows if I get nicked, somebody has to step up. And when heís out, heís still trying to help and thatís why you need that kind of I mean, Hurricane mentality. Like D-Mo, no matter what happens, heís going to stay on Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa, he was going to do that because if something happens, they have to step in and play.

Q: Will Kirby Freeman really compete for the job?
A: Yeah. All of them will. Everybody will. If Calais Campbell comes back, he knows he has to compete. It wonít be given to him. Itís all about competition. Kenny will be the same way. See people know who I am. They know I want the best for them and Iím not going to let a guy come in and just go through the motions at a program and say that they have it because most injuries come when you go half speed.

Q: Is Glenn Cook going to play next year or coach?
A: No. Heís probably going to get a medical [redshirt]. Heís got a sixth year medical. He didnít play in any games and he was hurt his freshman year.

Q: Are you expecting anybody to not come back?
A: There will be some players that donít come back.

Q: Is that your doing or their doing?
A: I never get rid of nobody.

Q: But you tell them how it is? You tell them they might not play?
A: Iíll be up front and honest with them. Iím not going to sit up here and say ok, your on the football team. Youíve been here for four years and Iím expecting big things out of you and then when the season starts, you donít get a rep. Iím going to say, this is what you got to expect. Weíve got some young players that are really good and are better than you at this point, donít expect to get any reps. Donít expect to play a lot. This is what your role is going to be and if you accept it, fine.

Q: What could someone like that have their role be?
A: Anything. Their role may be to not even play this year. They might be a scout team player.

Q: But isnít that in effect the same thing?
A: No. One thing I do is Iím honest. Iím not going to tell a kid something to keep him around and make him feel good. Iím going to be up front and honest.

Q: But what if they works hard, will you ever know it, give them a chance?
A: I'll know. But heís got to understand the things that are going to happen. Iím not going to sit up here and say that you in great competition. If we think we got people who are better in this point in time, than the older guys, I mean like anything, if those guys got talent and are doing the same things as the older guy but better, you got to go with the better football player. Not age, but the better football player. Weíll never get rid of nobody. Iím not going to sit up here and say Iím going to take your scholarship, Iím going to be up front and honest with them. Now, whatever they want to do, if they want to continue to be on the football team. If not, they can go somewhere else. Iím not going to hold anybody back. Iím not going to hold Charlie Jones back.

Q: Has anybody told you they are leaving yet?
A: Nobody yet. I canít say this right now, but there are some guys looking at other places and Iíll let you know when those guys are going to go. Iíll actually let you guys know that. Iíll release a statement.
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Shannon exclusive (Part II)

Here is the second part of our exclusive interview with Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon on Tuesday. To listen to the audio interview, visit our audio section. In this take, we talk to him about what the team is doing now, which players did well at the end of the season, how much he and his staff are counting on the incoming freshman class, throwing the ball late in the first half against Boston College and if it was a mistake, and his feelings about whether or not players like Kenny Phillips and Calais Campbell should enter the draft early.

Q: What do you do now that the season is over?
A: Weíre in the weight room. Weíre in the weight room as of today. Everybody is lifting. We just start like we do in spring football. A lot of lifting. And most of the coaches are out recruiting. Itís like spring football without hitting. Weíre out lifting, hitting a lot of weights. Getting ready for the upcoming season, thatís what weíre doing.

Q: Did that meeting have kids that arenít coming back or canít come back?
A: No. Everyone was there. We talked about what we got to do next season. What we expect out of everybody. Then, I told the seniors what they got to expect out of the draft and the combines and things like that. And that some of the guys might not get invited, but donít think youíre not good players. Some of you guys will get invited to bowl games. Be honest and up front about the truth about anything that happens. And I told them from our standpoint we canít release anything [regarding injuries] because weíre a private institution. If somebody says, a coach at the University of Miami said something, we cannot do that unless they sign a release.

Q: So, whatís the atmosphere like? Was it sad? How did they take this loss?
A: I donít know. Some guys take it differently.

Q: All coacheds are going to be out recruiting? Youíre allowed in home visits?
A: Yeah. A lot of coaches went out and did some and theyíre doing it the rest of the week.

Q: How would your evaluate your season as a coach?
A: Not very good. We lost games. Thatís all. Lost too many games.

Q: Is there anything you would like to do better, not the players, you?
A: Weíre evaluating a lot of stuff now as we go along. Me and Coach Nix talked this morning about things we need to do offensively for the upcoming season. Things we need to look at, how we can make our team better.

Q: Nix had complete control of the offense?
A: Yes.

Q: And what about the play everybody is talking about with :52 left in the first half against Boston College?
A: Yes. It was fine. One thing Iím not going to do - and you can tell all your little blog people - 52 seconds left on the clock, if it was the end of the game, its 7-0 what would we do? Weíd be in the 2-minute drill trying to get points.

Q: But thatís the end of the game. This was before halftime?
A: 52 seconds is a lot of time to move up the field. No matter how you call it. If you say well, coach gave up. He didnít want to go for it. Well, next story will be written that coach Shannon has lost confidence in his players, heís not trying to score any points. So, either way it goes, Iím OK this way, Iím OK that way. So, Iím really not worried about it.

Q: But it was before the half?
A: We need points.

Q: But knowing your offense, you guys have thrown a lot of interceptions, why risk it?
A: I canít go into games thinking somebody is going to throw a pick. Iíve got to into a game thinking you got to execute what you got called.

Q: But you went in down 14-0 instead of 7-0.
A: It donít make a difference, we tied the game 14.

Q: But it would have made a differenceÖ
A: Itís not. It wouldnít. You never know what would have happened. Iím aggressive. You realize I run more fakes than eve?. Iím trying to find a way to win games. Iím not going to sit up here and say we should have gone into the half down 7-0. So you think we should have ran the ball and gone out of the halfÖ

Q: Larry [Coker] did that a lot.
A: I donít do that. And you always cut throat him all the time [laughter]. There was different personnel. Iím not going to do that. When I tell the players Iím going to be aggressive, I mean that.

Q: Are you meeting with Donna Shalala? Does she meet with the coaches after the season to evaluate?
A: No.

Q: And Paul Dee?
A: No. Me and Paul always talk. We talk every once to three weeks.

Q: How would the athletic director affect you?
A: I donít worry about that right now.

Q: You have three more years left on your contract?
A: I really donít know. I canít remember.

Q: What about facilities?
A: Next week Monday I got to meet with four companies on the locker room and upstairs and the big team meeting room.

Q: Is that from the money the Rock donated?
A: Thatís from a lot of money. Weíre trying to redo the weight room, meeting room, weíre thinking about redoing that to get it in more of an auditorium style deal. The locker room and some of the stuff upstairs, weíre going to try to redo. And next month, weíre going to live in trailers until about mid to late December until the entire spring football. Locker room and weight room.

Q: What about Kenny Phillips and Calais Campbell and the draft?
A: I talked to them today. Kenny is filling out his paper work to see where heís going to be drafted. Calais is filling out his paperwork. I think the thing that has happened is that too many people have been saying theyíre number one picks and not letting those guys go through the proper procedure. I told them go through the procedures. Put your name into the NFL, let them evaluate you and let them tell you where you need to be at. They give you a range.

Q: If somebody is told their range is first round or top of the second round is that a good enough reason to leave?
A: Thatís not for me to decide thatís for them to decide. I tell everybody and I use John Vilma and DJ [Williams], everybody wanted them to leave the year before. Oh, theyíre going to be players. But when they got their paperwork back, they were third round. John and DJ stayed and they were top 15 picks. Thatís the money difference people donít realize. Devin Hester is doing a great job. Third round money. How much money has he missed?

Q: But Devin Hester is going to be rich soon isn't he?
A: Yeah, but you fail to realize the difference between $5 and $10 million you could have had two or three years ago. No matter what, if he waits, thatís $5 to $10 million he could have had. Now, he gets in the league, no matter what, heís going to get another contract if he waited a year. So, add that $5 to $10 million that you never would have gotten otherwise.

Q: But hereís what your not saying, itís the injury?
A: You can get injured just walking out the door. Thatís just how it is.

Q: But its football, blown out knees can happenÖ
A: Its only happened one time, twice that I know of at the University of Miami. Melvin Bratton and Willis McGahee. It hasnít happened any other time. Ed Reed stayed. Jonathan Vilma stayed. That defensive line.

Q: Frank Gore left and did wellÖ
A: Third round money.

Q: What about Jeremy Shockey? People said he was making a mistakeÖ
A: You got to remember one thing about me, Iím going to let the NFL make decisions. I donít know if Shockey went through the procedures. Had he gone through it, he would have found out quick. Thatís the thing I tell the guys, its your decision, but you got to understand, if you miss out on the money, you can never ever make it back. No matter what anybody says, thereís no guarantee youíll get it on that second contract. Those $5 or $6 million you missed on that first go around, youíll never ever get that again. Portis, prime example. My buddy Portis. He and I sat in that office and talked about it. We called some teams, called five teams all of them said second round. He sent his paperwork in, all of them said second round. Portis went second round.
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Q: Portis was very upset, too, I remember he walked out of his draft partyÖ
A: He was very upset. He got a lot of money now, but how much money did he miss? A lot. Because if Portis stays, you know heís going to be a top five pick then.

Q: He was here now because of Sean. Have any of your former guys called you since the shooting?
A: No.

Q: What are you most proud from this season?
A: I look at it from the young guys standpoint all these young guys that have played. It reminds me and I tell everybody it reminds me of when we played Dan, Santana, Reggie, Damione Lewis and those young guys and the next thing you know. The following year, I was gone, but I think we won eight games, then 10 or 11, then the following year, they won it. So, thatís what Iím looking at. I see the progress of these young guys doing a lot of good things here and how they have stayed out of off the field problems during the season. And I said this, weíre going to build a team that does the right things on and off the field. The first thing is weíre building a team that is doing things right off the field. Now, weíre going to take the next step. Now, weíre going to build a team that has the mentality of this what we got to get done, lets work on it, lets create plays, lets get playmakers and get a lot of things that got to get done.

Q: What do you think is your strength? I know a lot of people said defense going into this past season.
A: I donít know why everybody thought defense was our strength.

Q: Well, you had Kenny Phillips and Calais Campbell coming back. Why not?
A: But your missing a valuable part, the middle. You missed your defensive tackle, your middle linebacker and your missing your safety which is Brandon Meriweather. Thatís the middle of your defense. If you got those guys, your solid, your very fine in what you can get done. I donít know whatís going to be the strength. I really donít. I look at the offensive line, but we got to develop a center. Thatís going to be a key ingredient. If we can develop a center, weíll be fine then. If we donít weíre going to struggle.

Q: But what about quarterback?
A: If you canít snap, you canít do anything.

Q: Right, but letís say whatever happens, somebody young takes over quarterback, isnít that hard to expect them to do well right away?
A: No. Because the offensive center has to make the line calls. Heís got to protect that quarterback. If weíre not able to make the line calls, you can forget it.

Q: Who would be the center next year?
A: Right now, we got [A.J.] Trump, Tyler Horne and Matt Pipho. Those are the three that got to compete for it.

Q: Is Trump OK?
A: He flew around. Came back from his injury, did OK.

Q: Are you looking for Glenn [Cook] to come back and be the middle linebacker?
A: Donít know. It just depends on how we evaluate and when weíre watching film. Whatever the three linebackers are that are the best and give us the best chance to win.

Q: What about linebacker Romeo Davis?
A: Heís coming off his injury. Heís got another year.

Q: How about Daryl Sharpton? How did he do?
A: He did well this season. His last five games, he did well. Heís played a lot of football and heís learned a lot.

Q: Is the biggest issue with linebacker the fact these guys have so much trouble covering backs and tight ends?
A: The biggest issue with the linebackers is we have no depth. All we had was three guys, if one guy gets nicked, it was always a problem.

Q: Has Spencer Adkins struggled a little bit?
A: He had to learn two positions. And Daryl is a middle linebacker, but heís an outside linebacker. You donít want to change Tavares Gooden who did pretty good at middle linebacker. You taught Daryl all of outside and now you got to teach him inside. It was a year that you know what, you had to coach the best out of them, all you can. They did a lot of good things at some point and then a lot of things when the screwed up sometimes.

Q: Any guys going to be switching positions?
A: Thereís going to be some guys that switch positions and weíre evaluating that now as we watch some film. Weíll talk to some guys over the next couple of weeks. This is what we expect out of you by next year and compete at this position.

Q: Kylan Robinson is a guy that switched to linebackerÖ
A: He switched to linebacker because he really wasnít a fullback. A guy that we just needed to just go and knock people off the ball. Heís not that guy. But heís a good athlete.

Q: How about Colin McCarthy?
A: Colin did good when he was healthy. Colin is really a true freshman. Everybody thinks heís a sophomore. Colin didnít play much his freshman year. Really, Iím not even sure if he played at linebacker. I think he just played special teams for the most part.

Q: So which freshmen that were on special teams or the scout team do you feel is going to be able to contribute right away next year?
A: I really donít know. I know offensive coaches talk about [Adewale] Ojomo. They love this guy. And usually when the offense is ranting and raving about somebody, thatís big. Harland Gunn and Tyler Horne did a good job on scout team for us. McKenzie did a phenomenal job. So, usually, when your coaches talk about the scout team players, those are really the guys that are going to step up.

Q: How is he? How is Jermaineís neck?
A: Fine now. Heís able to practice and take hits. Heís doing a lot of good things.

Q: Some people say heís got great hands, like Reggie Wayne?
A: Heís got great hands. Marve will throw him the ball and heíll just go like this [Shannon holds up one hand and cups it like heís catching a football with one hand]. Robert Marve, and he will just go like this [he does it again].

We got some young guys, some talented guys. But like I said, once we get this foundation and if we can ever do this, be like Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Arizona State, where those guys donít lose juniors to the draft. They donít. They keep Ďem and thatís where I think the stability part goes into those programs. Once weíre able to do that like when I was a player, when Ed Reed and them stayed for the next two or three year, they stayed and all grinded it out with each other, thatís when you get your great years. You have that class like Boston College and Virginia Tech had. Talking to coach Jagodzinski, they had 17 guys that were fifth year seniors that started. So, when things got tough, they knew how to stay focused and keep going. When you donít have that type of class like us, weíll get back into the games and then now weíre ready to f!ght and struggle. A veteran team will stay calm. If you donít have that veteran team, somebody is going to do something theyíre not supposed to do, because theyíre taking a chance on making a play and thatís where they get you. And thatís what happened to us this year. Somebody would take a chance to make plays and you shouldnít have. Just keep doing what your doing and thatís what comes when you have that veteran team you donít have to worry about.

Q: Do you know who you are going to play next year yet in the opener? We heard it might be an ACC team.
A: Not at all. Donít even know. The only thing I know is we got three road games in a row. The schedule was made before I coached here. Florida, Texas A&M and somebody else.

Q: Do you expect a lot of freshmen to play right out of the gate?
A: Donít know. I think when you play a lot of freshmen right away, thatís going to cause you to still be behind. I think what you do, its like you build a house. You got your foundation, those guys are coming in to add onto a room or to a kitchen. Theyíre the add-ons. And when you add on 5 or 6 guys those are the ones in due time will be like [Leonard] Hankerson, the [Demarcus] Van Dykes who come in and help your team or like Shawnbrey [McNeal] and those guys.

Q: So your looking to get a lot of guys to sign?
A: Weíre going to be depleted. We still donít got the numbers. This is how you have to look at it. You need about 15 to 17 offensive lineman. You need about 14 to 15 defensive linemen. You need about 10 to 12 linebackers. You need about 12 to 14 DBs. You need about five running backs. You need about four or five quarterbacks. You need four tight ends, maybe five tight ends, unless you got fullbacks on the team. So when you get those numbers, we donít have those numbers right now. Receivers is still down. Linebackers are like five down. The DB situation is down dramatically. Our numbers are about right at running backs and quarterbacks. D-Line numbers are not right. DB numbers are not right. Every number is not right.

The thing is everybody is trying to say, how you going to go to Miami? How you going to go to Miami? But everybody sees the numbers are not right at Miami and I think recruits see that. Weíre leaving two receivers and the only thing you got left is Sam [Shields], [Jermaine] McKenzie, Leonard [Hankerson], Daniel [Adderley], Khalil [Jones]. Your still five receivers down. A lot of opportunity. The running backs, yeah we got five running backs. The quarterbacks, we got these quarterbacks coming in. If we donít get these quarterbacks now, we only got two on the team. Thatís tough. At linebacker, this year we played with three and half, four linebackers. Thatís all we played with. Are we just going to stay with those guys? No. We need to find 5 to 6 linebackers to get our numbers back up. Thatís the biggest thing, we got to get our numbers back up because that affects your special teams more than anything. Because those linebackers, safeties and those tight ends, cornerbacks are your special teams. And when your playing with a bunch of receivers and DBs on special teams, thatís how it gets tough and thatís why it was tough for us this year on special teams.
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Q: What is your kicking situation?
A: Weíre going to try and sign two guys out of high school. We got to get the competition back. Weíre going to do it. Weíre not just going to rely on Daren Daly. Weíre going to rely on the best and whoever can get it done. What did I tell you were going to be two key factors this season? Kicking.

Q: What about the defense, they started giving up a lot of points, any chance of changing scheme?
A: Hereís the thing people donít realize. We went into the last three games with three defensive ends and one of them had to play defensive tackle. You had Teraz McCray and nobody else ever played before. Thatís why the defense was the way it was. Your going into the game where you donít have Ponder for so many games and you donít have people. The people said the defense wasnít this, it wasnít this. Well, when you donít have bodies, I donít care what happens, if I line up and play, it donít make a difference. When your down in numbers and your only playing six defensive linemen and one of those of those six has to play defensive tackle, thatís tough. And when you only have three linebackers, that becomes tough.

So, thereís a lot of things that play into factor as to why the defense struggled at the end of the season. Early in the season we were doing pretty good. But when that injury bug hit. When you donít have Courtney [Harris] for awhile. You have Colin out for a couple games. You have Ponder out for a couple games. You have Willie Cooper sitting out a couple games. Where you supposed to go next? Like I said, you canít cut Ďem, you canít trade Ďem. You canít go to the waiver wire. Well, Ok, letís put some offensive linemen in there. You put those guys in there, but they donít know how to tackle. They donít know how to get off blocks. Nobody ever looks at it the same. The defense, thatís supposed to be our strength. The defense was never our strength. I said this early in our season, the offensive line was probably going to be our strength. Everybody looked at Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips. Thatís two guys out of 11. But you never looked at DeMarcus Van Dyke at corner, Bruce Johnson at the other, a whole new lineup at linebacker. Nobody played the same position. So, know where do you go at?

Q: I guess people looked at the beginning of the year and thought you guys were better thenÖ
A: They never looked at after the beginning of the year and the injuries that hit us. And thatís how evaluate what you do all the time. Weíre still going to evaluate the last part of the season as a defense and say OK, if this happens again, what do we do? Weíre not going to sit back and say those are excuses. Now, weíre going to sit back and look at these last games and say why did we give up all of these points? And weíre going to evaluate those reasons why.

Q: Coach Walton called all those defensive plays?
A: Yes.

Q: Any thought to playing a 3-4?
A: No. The 3-4 you got to have the personnel for it. Hereís how the 3-4 is. You need guys in 3-4 like, to run a 3-4 this is what you need. You need a big Vince [Wilfork] and a bunch of guys that are 6-4, 6-5, 280, 290 thatís playing like defensive ends. Then you need linebackers that are 6-3, 6-4 like Channing Crowder that can just take on blocks all the time. Thatís what you need. And thatís why people say thatís why Bill Belichick does what he does. When Bill first got to New England, it took him a little bit to get that defense to where he wanted. Are we a little undersized right now? Yes. But that comes with recruiting. Thatís why weíre recruiting these big guys out of high school and stuff like that and now, everybody is going to say, god, they look like that old defense. Itís called recruiting and coaching. Your missing the Cortez Kennedy, the Jerome Browns, the Russell Marylands, your missing those guys that can fit two seats. Weíre missing those 310 pounders, 315 pounders and thatís why weíre doing a great job recruiting those type of guys.
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Hurricane Ra  OP
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Why the hell aren't the coaches going hard on Streeter? I mean seriously the kid is going to be unreal on the next level.. I will be pissed if we don't get him signed soon.. After all the bullsh*t this year and last and the situation with Wiggins and even worst Taylor, I need some good news.
 10 years ago '04        #2776
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 RakimAllahNY said:
Why the hell aren't the coaches going hard on Streeter? I mean seriously the kid is going to be unreal on the next level.. I will be pissed if we don't get him signed soon.. After all the bullsh*t this year and last and the situation with Wiggins and even worst Taylor, I need some good news.
i hear you.....i get the impression that streeter likes the attention and is waiting until signing day to make his choice. a 3-WR formation of aldarius johnson, tommy streeter, and davon johnson would wreck shop

but i have a gut feeling that he'll be a hurricane
 10 years ago '07        #2777
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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$10,133 | Props total: 18 18
good looks...needed to take my mind off of the whole sean taylor tragedy
 10 years ago '04        #2778
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$17,798 | Props total: 13455 13455
I heard that Janoris Jenkins has opened up his recruitment and is looking at y'all. Hopefully this means we got PJ. Also I really could care less if we get Jenkins now after the latest comments I've heard from him, he's a fu*king idiot. Of course if he comes that's all to the good because he's damn good but the fu*king kid seems like a me first type of player. He said some bullsh*t about how he doesn't wanna play on a team that all people talk about is Tebow and Harvin and not the team, that's some fu*k sh*t to say right there talking about it being a two man team. Tebow is a Heisman favorite and Harvin is one of the best overall players in the nation, is this kid retarded or something? They don't single out players from Miami because simply, and I'm not trying to diss on y'all but y'all ain't had nobody worth talking about lately. Sorry but his comments rub me the wrong way so I could care less if he winds up a Gator or not now.
 10 years ago '04        #2779
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$17,798 | Props total: 13455 13455
Seriously what kind of sh*t is this to say:

The reason Jenkins decided to open his recruitment?

“I don’t want to go to a school where you only hear about Tebow and Percy Harvin,” Jenkins said. “I want to go to a school where you hear about the team. At Florida all you hear is people say Tebow this and Harvin that. I want to go to a school that has a nice defense and they don’t talk about just two players. That is important because as a team, then everyone gets recognition-not just two people.”

Sorry but that's just flat out retarded.
 10 years ago '04        #2780
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 1000bluntz said:
Seriously what kind of sh*t is this to say:

The reason Jenkins decided to open his recruitment?

ďI donít want to go to a school where you only hear about Tebow and Percy Harvin,Ē Jenkins said. ďI want to go to a school where you hear about the team. At Florida all you hear is people say Tebow this and Harvin that. I want to go to a school that has a nice defense and they donít talk about just two players. That is important because as a team, then everyone gets recognition-not just two people.Ē

Sorry but that's just flat out retarded.
yeah, tebow and harvin have earned those accolades, if he doesnt wanna go to UF he should just say he's not interested and keep it moving


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