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 11 years ago '04        #3326
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- A player who has seemed to get better and better over the past three years and will have a lot expected him is tight end Chris Zellner.

On the final day of practice, Zellner showed the ability he has by making between a 40 and 50-yard touchdown reception on a perfect pass by freshman quarterback Jacory Harris.

It's just a sign of the things that Zellner can do and he's grown tremendously over the past few years.

While the 'Canes had trouble completing the simplest of passes last year, Zellner still managed to come up with 13 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown in the 2007 season.

Spring has been good for Zellner as he's continued to establish himself as a good target for the 'Canes young quarterbacks.

He caught two passes for 16 yards in the Spring Game Saturday and will certainly be a good outlet for Miami quarterbacks this year.

"Spring has been real good. As a tight end unit, we've just been competing, having a good time out here, having fun, it's just about competing and have a good time so we can have a great season this year," Zellner said.

Zellner also got a chance to talk about his big play Friday in the final day of practice in front of a plethora of alumni in attendance.

"It was a blitz and the quarterback was able to find me wide open...run as fast as I can for a touchdown. It was about 40-50 yards so it was up there," Zellner.

Zellner also had a message for the alumni who were in attendance last Friday.

"We wanted to show them that we were good. It was just to show them what to look forward to," Zellner said.

While the 'Canes work with a tight end, the tight ends are learning to play the H-Back position which is a combination of tight end and fullback.

"We are all learning to play both. We are all trying to experience both so we can play all over the field," Zellner said.

But the most important thing for Zellner beyond personal performance is that the fans know the 'Canes are going to be back with a vengeance next year.

"We just wanted to have a good time to show the people that Miami is on the rise. We had a down year, but we just wanted to show them we are on the rise and give them a good show," Zellner said.

 11 years ago '04        #3327
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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Defensive end Steven Wesley is entering his sophomore season at the University of Miami and is hoping to earn more playing time.

Wesley played sparingly in eight games recording three tackles, one for a loss after redshirting in 2006.

"Last year was a learning experience for me," Wesley said. "I played about 10-15 plays a game so I learned a lot. This year I really think is going to be my breakout season."

Wesley admits that he wasn't focused when he first got to UM from Bartow High School.

"I'll say that when I first got here I didn't really have my head focused. Talking to the older guys like Vegas Franklin and Calais Campbell, they told me to have the right mind frame. But now I am focused to handle my business this year."

Now Wesley, 15 pounds heavier than he was during the 2007 season, is competing with Eric Moncur, Courtney Harris, Allen Bailey, and Adewale Ojomo for playing time at either defensive end spot.

"My biggest strength is against the pass because I'm so explosive off of the ball and I use my athletic ability to go around the tackle," Wesley said.

Wesley came in at 237 pounds and is up to 260 now. Coaches would like him at 265-270 for the season.

"I noticed a difference, but my quickness hasn't changed because Coach Swasey has a real good training program," Wesley said.

During the spring, the defensive line unit had a goal they wanted to focus on.

"Our real goal was no excuses, just play," Wesley said. "We don't want anybody complaining about any nicks or bruises. Just come out to practice and be a man."

This season, Wesley believes the Hurricanes will surprised people.

"We are going to show the nation a whole lot next year, believe that," Wesley said.

So is there pressure on the team to excel after a 5-7 season a year ago?

"There is pressure on the University of Miami every year because of the tradition that we have as a program," he said.

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One of the positions that Miami is in need of dire improvement from is wide receiver.

Last year, Miami struggled at receiver mightily. From not being able to make the big play down the field, to the constant dropped balls, to not being able to break away from defenders, to the inability to make yards after a catch, it was simply a miserable year for Miami's receivers.

In stepped freshman Aldarius Johnson and the expected return of redshirt freshman Jermaine McKenzie and the 'Canes receivers were supposed to be a lot better this year. Not to mention having a quarterback that could get them the ball where it was supposed to be thrown, the receivers were supposed to better.

Throughout the Spring, all Randy Shannon could do was compliment his receivers. They were making plays. They made plays in the mid-Spring scrimmage and they looked good doing it.

Saturday was a different story.

Wide receiver Khalil Jones was said to have had a great Spring. He had a case of the dropsies even though he caught a pair of passes. Johnson had a case of the dropsies and didn't make a catch. Sam Shields didn't catch a pass. McKenzie was again held out because of the same ankle injury that held him out of the mid-Spring scrimmage. Leonard Hankderson, sans a decleating block of Damien Berry on Graig Cooper's 44-yard touchdown run, didn't do anything.

The fact is, only one receiver showed up Saturday morning and that was Kayne Farquharson who caught four passes for 29 yards and didn't drop anything that was thrown his way.

Running back Javarris James added four catches for 60 yards while lining up in the slot, but he does not factor into the equation when doing an analysis on wide receivers.

While Farquharson stepped up, the others fell off which certainly brings concern as the 'Canes thought they had vastly improved the situation at receiver with just the addition of Johnson and McKenzie.

Overall, Johnson had a great Spring according to teammates and coaches, and he had a good mid-Spring scrimmage, but he was virtually non-existent Saturday.

McKenzie is supposed to be a dynamo down the field and has been said to be a big time playmaker, but there has to be concerns now about his injuries. While he was in a car accident last year which forced him to redshirt last year, he was the main guy most people were dying to see on the field. An ankle injury held him out of the mid-Spring scrimmage.

He returned after the Spring Break, but then missed the final day of practice and the Spring Game with the same injury which leaves you wondering when he will finally be actually able to play in a game situation.

Jones had made remarkable improvements during practice, but the cameras and eyes were on the field Saturday and Jones did not have the best of the day.

On the other hand Farquharson, as said above, was great and improved from the mid-Spring scrimmage to now as he had no drops Saturday.

The biggest concern as a unit remains dropped passes. It's something Shannon made a point to talk about following practice and it's something that needs to be corrected if the 'Canes are to be effective passing the ball. While it's great to have a quarterback that can get the ball there, the receivers have to make plays.

 11 years ago '04        #3329
C.R.I.P. 4 heat pts
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its gonna be a long a.ss off-season boys get ready

 11 years ago '04        #3330
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'Canes connection
Recruiting, camaraderie keys to Miami's resurgence

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The whole high school-to-college thing seemed pretty easy to Marcus Forston. The defensive tackle left Miami Northwestern High in December and enrolled at the University of Miami in January, but he never had to leave his comfort zone. When he walked into the Hurricanes locker room for the first time, Forston found his locker alongside the lockers of former Northwestern teammates Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson and Sean Spence.

About two months later, Forston noticed coaches had moved his locker. Instead of his buddies, he sat next to a group of older offensive linemen. Forston immediately clammed up. What could he possibly have in common with these guys? It didn't take long for Orlando Franklin and Reggie Youngblood to notice their young neighbor wasn't holding up his end of the conversation.

"Why are you so quiet?" one would yell.

"Young guy! Say something!" the other would chime in.

Under pressure, Forston opened up. Within days, he laughed and joked with the big uglies as if he'd known them his entire life -- which is exactly what Miami coach Randy Shannon had in mind when he shuffled the locker a.ssignments.

With last weekend's spring game in the books, Shannon plans to rearrange the 'Canes locker room again soon. Defensive backs will sit next to receivers. Quarterbacks will hob-nob with defensive linemen. Scholarship players will share personal space with walk-ons. Shannon believes his players need a change of scenery every so often because they need to care about one another. If each 'Cane has a personal connection to each of his teammates, he's less likely to let them down by skipping that last rep in the weight room or by forgetting the snap count on a Saturday in October.

"You can sit by a guy for four years, and that's the only guy you're going to talk to," Shannon said. "Now, you mix them around the locker room, so you get to talk to four or five guys every so often. By the time your senior season is over, there are about 70 guys that you've had two to three months to spend every day with."

Shannon, a former 'Canes linebacker, believes an unbreakable bond between teammates allowed Miami to dominate college football with five national titles in an 18-year span (1983-2001). Clint Hurtt, a former 'Canes defensive tackle who now coaches defensive tackles and coordinates recruiting, believes that bond helped he and his teammates break Miami out of a brief, probation-induced lull in the mid-'90s and allowed them to storm back into the national-title picture. Now, the coaches hope that if they can force the current 'Canes to bond, they can rescue Miami football from the clutches of mediocrity.

Miami's lowest point last season came on Nov. 10 when the 'Canes were embarrassed by Virginia 48-0 in the final game in the Orange Bowl. They would lose two more games to finish 5-7, but on that night, with so many former 'Canes in attendance wearing national title rings won as few as six years earlier, Miami players and coaches realized how far the program had plunged. The fall came quickly, too. When the 'Canes closed the 2002 season with a loss in the national title game to Ohio State, most of the players on the two-deep depth chart had NFL potential.

But something changed. The former 'Canes, who still flock to Coral Gables for offseason workouts, noticed. Though NCAA rules prohibited them from lifting and working on the field with current players, the alums could dispense wisdom. Miami tailback Javarris James said he received advice -- solicited and unsolicited -- from his cousin, Edgerrin, and from receivers Andre Johnson and Roscoe Parrish.

"We really don't talk about the season that much," James said. "[Edgerrin] just tells me what they used to do back in the day. When they had breaks and stuff, guys would still work out. Guys would stay around the campus, always hanging together. They always had that team bond."

James said that rarely happened during his freshman and sophomore seasons, but he has noticed more camaraderie in recent months. When the team broke for spring break last month, most players still reported to the weight room and the practice field. After workouts, they would walk to nearby Coconut Grove and play video games at Gameworks or commandeer an entire section of a restaurant. One night during the break, James and three teammates headed to South Beach. Phone calls were made, text messages were exchanged and before long, 20 'Canes strolled along Ocean Drive, laughing, joking and admiring all the feminine pulchritude Miami has to offer. One Miami player even tried to give the ladies something to admire in return.

"[Cornerback DeMarcus] Van Dyke was out there," James said. "He had his little muscle shirt on."

But trips to the beach and quips about unfortunate wardrobe choices are only part of the equation. Miami coaches know the bond won't help if the players don't have the raw talent or the proper respect for the program. When Shannon brought in Hurtt as his recruiting coordinator last year, the coaches agreed they could best solve both problems by recruiting as close to home as possible. For a few years, Miami had reached for highly ranked recruits from across the country. And while some of those players were good, many had not lived up to their rankings because they played against inferior competition.

In Dade (Miami), Broward (Fort Lauderdale) and Palm Beach counties, the coaches knew the level of competition intimately. If they recruited players they liked from those areas, they could more accurately project how those players would perform in college.

"We wanted to make sure we made Florida -- in particular, South Florida, because that's our own backyard -- our main goal," Hurtt said. "Obviously, there are a lot of great players all across the country, but we know this: Florida has the best talent in the country, hands down. We feel like if we win here, we'll be in contention every year -- especially if we win in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties."

The South Florida players also have more respect for "The U." Most of today's recruits were just leaving elementary school when the 2001 'Canes were the baddest men on the planet. For kids who lived in South Florida at the time, Ed Reed and company were larger than life. "The 'Canes were the gladiators that never could get beat," Forston said. "They always found a way to win. When I was growing up, those were my heroes, my role models."

No five-star player from California could possibly understand what it will mean to Forston the first time he runs through a cloud of smoke with a U on the side of his helmet. "I might cry," he said.

The young 'Canes love the program that much, and they'll have a chance to prove it on the field in the fall. Forston probably will have to play because Miami is so thin at defensive tackle. Harris, who will remain in contention with favorite Robert Marve for the starting quarterback spot in preseason camp, likely will take snaps even if Marve does win the job. No matter who plays quarterback, Johnson likely will catch passes from him. Meanwhile, Spence and fellow early enrollee Arthur Brown -- who had eight tackles and an interception in the spring game -- should have a chance to win playing time at linebacker.

Hurtt, who came to Miami with the likes of Reggie Wayne and Dan Morgan, believes the older group that includes James, Van Dyke and tailback Graig Cooper is analogous to the group of 'Canes who arrived in Coral Gables and laid a foundation as Miami struggled after NCAA sanctions. This year's class, Hurtt said, reminds him of the cavalry that came next -- Reed, Clinton Portis, Vince Wilfork and the others who took Miami back to the pinnacle of college football. If they can form the same bond the older 'Canes did, Hurtt said, Miami may be on the verge of another renaissance.

"In my heart of hearts," Hurtt said, "I believe we're back on the path to being what we were again."

 11 years ago '07        #3331
ttime236 38 heat pts38
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Damn y'all right.....I just realized ball doesnt start until after the summer

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Long Beach Ply defensive back Vaughn Telemaque flew all the way from California the Wednesday before the spring game to better acquaint himself with the school he signed with in February and a.ssess his competition going into next season.

Telemaque had a breakout senior year in which he compiled 91 tackles, nine interceptions, four fumbles caused, two sacks and one fumble recovered for a touchdown.

In this article Telemaque discusses what he saw from the defense from the two practices he attended, why he is excited about the new defensive scheme, why he was excited to see the freshmen perform in the spring game, and more.

Just tell me what you did during your visit to Miami and why you wanted to come visit UM on your own?

"I just really got to hang out with all the players like an official visit again, but I did it on my own time. I got to set up the trip and I really wanted to see them practice and play this spring. I didn't get to participate in the drills or get to workout like I kind of planned, but I just wanted to get out there and get a better feel for my teammates and a better feel for the school on my own time. I also wanted to see how my safeties are looking. That is the only chance I have seen the players in action and seeing the competition I have ahead of me next season."

On this last visit what did you learn about Miami that you already didn't know?

"There was a lot of terminology stuff that I learned. I am a big knowledge of the game freak and I want to be up on all my checks and stuff. Reading offenses is a big thing to me the terminology is going to be different from high school to college, but I can look at the field and the players and the scheme and know it will be a good transition because of how my style of play is and how coach McGriff's style is. We want to work on all the little things so that in the big scheme of things it becomes automatic."

Which of the players did you bond with and get to know on this visit?

"I want to talk about my class because I am so excited about the guys that I am coming in with and that I just met and looking forward to playing with. I got to meet Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Arthur Brown, and all the other freshmen that are out there. They are all cool and they thought that I was from California and I could have gone to a California school, but I chose Miami. They are looking forward to me coming out this summer and seeing how my play compares to their play. I met Jacory, Joe Wyle, Brandon Harris at the spring game as well. Then I also just got to know Carlos Armour and Anthony Redd*ck more and we had good conversations. They just wanted me to know it is a whole different tempo than high school. They just told me to come out and play the game I want to play."

How excited were you to see Sean Spence and Arthur Brown have the most impressive performances on the defense during the spring game?

"I loved seeing that. You can't really beat that. You come out to a game and you are really excited that you have kids already in your class that are out there and working. For them to take over that game in a sense and make people notice them was exciting for me to see. We have some good things coming in the future at Miami. I just look at it as we have a lot of great players from my class out there already and there will be a lot more coming now this summer."

With a number of 2009 recruits at the spring game, did you get a chance to talk to any of those guys and tell them about Miami?

"I tried to do that as much as I could. I spoke a lot with Darrell Givens, who is from Maryland. I was just talking to him and being straight-forward and telling him that you have got to enjoy your recruiting process and taking trips. I just told him from my standpoint why I picked Miami and how I felt about Miami and I think he grabbed on to that because I am from California and I chose Miami. It caught his eye because he could see that I was serious about what I was saying. I feel like he responded to what I was saying. I feel like he can just listen to what I have to say and make a better decision."

What did you think about the safeties already at UM that will be your competition next season?

"They are all great players. It was going to be good for me to go out in the spring and see them because I know the competition level is going to be high and I won't just a.ssume that I will be able to get on the field right away. I see great things about all the players, but the biggest thing for me is to just learn the scheme and the defense as fast as possible and give myself the best opportunity to play. Coach McGriff plays the best that are out there and you just have to go out there and work as hard as you can because the best player will play."

So do you still feel confident you can come in and play next season?

"I do. I feel confident because the way that Miami has their football program and uses their defensive backs. The defensive backs they bring in every year are the best of the best so every year they are going to be able to compete. I know the competition is going to make me raise my game and I want to raise my game to the next level. That competition is going to put me over the top and give me a chance to play early because I love to compete."

What are the players telling you about the new defensive scheme Bill Young has installed?

"All the players like it. It is a good thing for me that the scheme is new because I am getting a feel for it just like they are getting a feel for it. Coach Shannon is still trying to feel out what he likes and what he doesn't like and figure out which players fit where in the scheme. The coaches are still working things out and I know that there are things that they still want to touch up on and perfect. It does present me with the opportunity to come in and try and pick things up at the same rate as the other guys, so I am excited about that."

It seems like his scheme will play to your strength in that the safeties can roam around in space and make plays on the ball. Does that excited you?

"That is something in Coach Young's scheme that is really stressed. I need to work on coming up and making hits--I have not problem doing that--but my game is to roam around and check where the quarterback is looking and check where the receivers are running and go make plays in the air and get the ball back for the offense. I feel like the scheme really fits me because I am a ball-hawking safety and I feel that I can get around the ball better than most people can because I have a special talent for being around the ball. I don't want to make myself sound like I think too highly of myself, but I am just a confident guy and I know what I can do as far as what my talent allows me to do and I am looking forward to playing in this system."

What are you doing this offseason to prepare for next season?

"I am working out with my defensive back coach. I just want to keep myself in shape and lifting weights. That is the thing about football--you can't get off your grind and you can't stop for one minute because everybody else is not going to stop. I am just trying to work on my speed and really my hips. I want to keep my hips open and learning how to open up better because when I am on the field I can open up and change directions faster than other people and I think that gives me an edge that other people don't have."

What kind of results have you seen from your workouts?

"I feel like I have gotten faster. At the end of the year I think I ran a 4.55 and right now I am probably in the low 4.5s and getting into the high 4.4s. I look forward to getting more speed because I think my body is still growing and I still have a chance to gain more weight. I am at 180 pounds now and I want to gain a few more pounds before I get situated with the UM strength coach."

When do you plan on arriving at UM officially this summer?

"I believe the second semester of summer school starts on June 25, so that is when my parents and I will fly out and get situated and help me out with moving. I am really excited though and I can't wait for summer school and starting summer workouts so the sooner I can get out there the better and I will be out there as soon as possible."

Being from Southern California and choosing Miami over USC, do you hear much trash talking from the USC fan base?

"In the beginning I heard a little bit of stuff like that. I couldn't go some places because I would hear some things, but that is just because the fans are really loyal to their team. Most of the people, like some of the dads of the guys I played with in high school come up to me and say that they are looking forward to what I am doing no matter where I go because I have a bright future ahead of me. There are people who support me for whatever choice I make."

Finally, how much did your last visit to Miami get you excited for next season and reassure you that you made the right decision to be a Hurricane?

"When I was deciding it was really a tough dilemma for me because I wanted to go to Miami, but to all the way across the country is tough. When I got out there though again this spring I felt at home and I got to know a lot of the defensive backs and I was already taken care of. I know I am supposed to be a Hurricane now and everybody greeted me with open arms and showed me the ropes and welcomed me. I know now that I made the right and best decision for me."

 11 years ago '04        #3333
C.R.I.P. 4 heat pts
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Vaughn Telemaque and CJ Holton at Safety Tandem = trouble for whoever's WR core

 11 years ago '04        #3334
madness 21 heat pts21
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the future at safety is looking bright with telemaque, holton, c.j. odom, wylie, berry, nicolas

but i heard holton might have to go to prep school, hope that aint the case

 11 years ago '04        #3335
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 P. Dedos said
and to mention that ramon bucchanon has told coaches he wants to play saftey which is where i always thought he should play :rasta:
aww sh*t, i forgot about cookie. he should see the field alot this year.

 11 years ago '04        #3336
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Goddamn I hate Cookie and DVD. Both should be great players but I was just pissed the fu*k off over Cookie, that's a Gator school and he fu*king played us. He should be real good for y'all.

Still our depth at Safety has got to be flat out frightening for our opponents, all of our depth is real good at that spot.

 11 years ago '04        #3337
madness 21 heat pts21
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 1000bluntz said
Goddamn I hate Cookie and DVD. Both should be great players but I was just pissed the fu*k off over Cookie, that's a Gator school and he fu*king played us. He should be real good for y'all.

Still our depth at Safety has got to be flat out frightening for our opponents, all of our depth is real good at that spot.
cookie knew what time it was:applause:

but will hill and dee finley will be a force to be reckoned with too:eek:

 11 years ago '05        #3338
ebcrew 2 heat pts
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April 3, 2008

Coral Gables, FL () -- - The Annual BSO Softball Game pitting members of the University of Miami Football team against a squad of Community All-Stars will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 12 at the Deerfield Beach Middle School (701 Southeast Sixth Avenue).

The game, with ticket prices of $1, benefits youth programs in Deerfield Beach. Pre-game activities will begin at 5pm.

For further information, contact Carla Collins of the UM Marketing department by calling 305-284-2943.

 11 years ago '04        #3339
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UM baseball team ranked No. 1 in nation

The University of Miami baseball team is No. 1 in the nation.

Of 296 Division I baseball teams across the country, the Hurricanes, with a 26-2 overall record and 12-1 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference, are the best according to Baseball America and the USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll.

The Hurricanes also are expected to be voted No. 1 in the National Collegiate Baseball Writers a.ssociation poll, which should be released after 5 p.m. Monday.

The fourth major poll is Collegiate Baseball's, which had yet to release its rankings on Monday but had UM third behind Florida State (28-3, 13-1) in last week's poll.

According to the UM sports information department, this is is the first time the Hurricanes -- on a 13-game winning streak -- have been ranked No. 1 since the College World Series in June 2004. UM finished that season fourth in the nation.

The Canes' first season of playing a full ACC schedule was in 2005.

Miami has won four previous national championships: in 1982, '85, '99 and 2001.

The Hurricanes' only losses are to Florida and North Carolina State.

Miami, now just past the midpoint of its season, has the fewest losses in the nation.

The Hurricanes will play Florida Gulf Coast at 7 p.m. Tuesday at home.

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Haith signs 5-year extension with Hurricanes

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP)—Miami Hurricanes basketball coach Frank Haith signed a five-year contract through the 2012-13 season, a reward for leading the school to 23 wins and its first berth in the NCAA tournament since 2002.

In Haith’s fourth season, the Hurricanes went 23-11 and earned only the fourth NCAA tournament victory in school history before losing in the second round to Texas.

“Frank Haith has done a tremendous job in elevating the men’s basketball program into one of the premier teams in both the ACC and in the nation,” incoming athletic director Kirby Hocutt said in a statement Monday. “His character, dedication and relationship with his student-athletes and staff members are beyond reproach, and the University of Miami is proud to have one of the top young coaches in the nation.”

This season the Hurricanes upset Duke for their first victory against a top 5 team in nine years. Guard Jack McClinton became the first Miami player selected for the All-Atlantic Coast Conference first team.

The success came after the Hurricanes went 12-20 a year ago and were picked for last place at the preseason ACC meetings. They went 8-8 in the ACC for a fifth-place finish, the best since they joined the league in 2004. They went 14-2 at home, with the highest attendance since an on-campus arena opened five years ago.

“This contract provides stability for this program and gives my staff and I the opportunity, through our recruiting efforts, to build upon the solid foundation we have in place,” Haith said. “We will continue our hard work in moving this program forward.”

Haith was an a.ssistant at Texas before coming to Miami, his first head coaching job. He’s 69-60 with the Hurricanes and 26-38 in the ACC.

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Miami (FL) k!llian High School RB Lamar Miller is no stranger to UM's campus. He's attended spring practices and met with coaches. And he was at Greentree Practice Field as an observer for the recent Nike Camp. While there he hobnobbed with some Cane fans and said hello to some current Miami players who were watching on at the event.

"It's home to me," Miller said of UM. "I've been out here for practices. It's a good campus. The coaches are good - I've met with all the coaches."

Miller attended Miami's spring game and says that was the last time he spoke with Cane coaches.

"I talked to Randy Shannon," Miller said. "He asked how I liked the scrimmage. I told him it was good, that I liked how they used both their running backs, (Javarris) James and (Graig) Cooper, and that they did a good job.

"I talk with the running backs coach (Tommie Robinson) on the phone, have talked to coach (Michael) Barrow. Coach Robinson says he likes my speed and overall ability. I get along well with the (Miami) coaches."

Miller says his understanding is UM coaches want to take two running backs in this class.

"They said they're just waiting for me since they've got Bryce Brown," Miller said.

And Miller says he will "probably" announce a decision soon.

"I'm just waiting for my time, until my mom tells me I can commit," Miller said.

Mille says he's looking most closely at Miami, Rutgers, West Virginia and Texas.

"That's it, really," he said.

Why is he waiting for his mom to give her okay?

"She just said to take visits, don't commit so early," Miller said.

Miller has already taken unofficial visits to UCF and Florida as well as Miami.

And he says regardless of if he announces a commitment he will be taking official visits.

Would it be hard for Miller to leave town?

"It wouldn't be a tough thing - it's going to be where I fit in best," Miller said. "I'm looking at the graduation rate, how they use their running backs, who likes to get the ball to their playmakers and what formations they run."

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Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central High School WR Rantavious Wooten attended the recent Miami Nike Camp.

And he says he received a Hurricane offer "a while ago."

The 5-foot-11, 165-pound speedster got his first peek at Miami's campus while at the camp.

"We got lost on the way down here after we got off 75," he said. "It's a nice campus.

"I'm interested in Miami for sure. And Florida, Florida State and West Virginia."

Wooten also attended UM's Spring Game.

"I talked to coaches there," he said. "I was watching the receivers, DB's. I liked it a lot. The first thing I noticed is they don't have a deep threat receiver, which I see myself as.

"At the game I spoke to the receiver coach (Aubrey Hill) and Bill Young. They were saying they want to get me down there, that I can play right away if I do what I have to do."

Wooten's school is traditionally a pipeline for the University of Florida.

And he says UF is certainly a big draw for him.

"Players go from my school there and I know some of my teammates that are there," he says.

Florida has yet to offer him, though.

Wooten plays quarterback and wide receiver in high school. As a junior he rushed for 604 yards and added 711 receiving yards with 14 total touchdowns.

So, bottom line, what kind of chance does Miami have here?

"A good chance," Wooten says.

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madness 21 heat pts21
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lamar miller's a lock, the kid grew up with green and orange in his veins:applause:

we need to start goin after some corners, o-linemen and a tight end

 11 years ago '07        #3344
jordanfreak7 8 heat pts
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graig cooper 8 carries 91 yards 2 TD's in the spring game :applause:

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Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey looks back at last year and knows exactly what went wrong.

It wasn't that this team didn't try hard. It wasn't that they weren't working to reach their maximum in the weight room.

It was a simple problem: Depth.

Swasey points to that as a reason why a body type like Vegas Franklin, who should have been exclusively at defensive end, was also playing tackle. The depth problems showed up at linebacker and on the offensive side of the ball as well, with players going more reps than they would have in the past and a lack of numbers affecting overall performance.

The good news is Swasey now sees the depth normalizing, in part thanks to recruiting and an influx of nine early arrivals.

He also says a key is swapping a body type like the graduating Franklin's with a body type like Allen Bailey's - that helps lift the team's strength and agility numbers, and with enough new body types that translates onto the field.

"As far as depth, I don't think we had depth last year - now we have guys from last year back and we've created more depth," Swasey said. "This is the first time we had nine incoming freshmen, and we have over 30 (signees). The biggest thing beside body types is numbers. We're creating more numbers, and coach (Randy) Shannon is doing an unbelievable job at filling voids in that position of numbers. We've created more depth."

Swasey says he hasn't seen players dwell much on last year.

"The thing we're all focusing on, preaching, is deal with the now," he said. "We can't control the past. The focal point now is what we're dong to make ourselves better."

A big question after last season is whether this is a team moving in the right direction. And Swasey says he has no doubt that's the case.

"Oh, definitely," he said. "It's just a case of getting guys in here, creating depth which in turn creates competition. Without depth you can't have competition. This is really making the kids feel good, because they're competing in practice more and it's reality that another guy can take your spot. If you twist an ankle you can be in trouble."


Every year Swasey picks a weight room freak. In the past he's named guys like Devin Hester and Richard Gordon. This year he's got a new freak.

"I think Allen Bailey stole that award (from Gordon)," Swasey says. "He's got size, agility. For him at defensive end, to be 280, 283 - he fluctuates [he weighed in at 286 pounds this week] - is up from 270 last year and still is lean. His body mass previously was at eight. His numbers are outstanding. He has a 550 squat (second-best on the team), 375 power clean (best on the team) and benches 380 (ninth-best). He's massive. He verticalled 38 inches (last year), so he's a powerful, explosive kid."


The team has only done testing in the squat, power clean and bench press so far this year. Testing in the vertical, short shuttle and 40 won't take place until later on. The top performers:


1. Harland Gunn, 575
2. Allen Bailey, 550
3. Spencer Adkins, 545
4T. Javarris James, 535
4T. Darryl Sharpton, 535
6. Joel Figueroa, 520
7. Tyrone Byrd, 510
8T. Richard Gordon, 500
8T. Eric Moncur, 500
8T. Derron Thomas, 500
8T. Chris Zellner, 500


1. Allen Bailey, 375
2. Reggie Youngblood, 340
3T. Spencer Adkins, 330
3T. Chris Zellner, 330
5. Harland Gunn, 328
6T. Javarris James, 318
6T. Khalil Jones, 318
6T. Joe Joseph, 318
6T. Matt Pipho, 318
10T. Glenn Cook, 308
10T. Dedrick Epps, 308
10T. Joel Figueroa, 308
10T. Jason Fox, 308
10T. Richard Gordon, 308
10T. Darryl Sharpton, 308


1. Joel Figueroa, 425
2T. Spencer Adkins, 405
2T. Harland Gunn, 405
2T. Joe Joseph, 405
5T. Dwayne Hendricks, 390
5T. Chris Zellner, 390
7T. Luqmon Abdallah, 385
7T. Matt Pipho, 385
9. Allen Bailey, 380
10. AJ Trump, 375

* Note that Orlando Franklin and Colin McCarthy did not test due to injury.


The team's average squat this year is 409.9 pounds, the average power clean is 271.5 pounds and the average bench is 308.9 pounds. That's not much different from last spring, when the average squat was 12 pounds more (421.5), the power clean was three pounds less (268.3) and the bench was 17 pounds less (291.7).

The averages the last time the Canes won a championship?

The squat was 411 pounds, the power clean was 279 and the bench was 320.

Swasey says he's happy with the team's performance so far.

"I'm overly impressed with the guys that we're really going to count on," he said. "As a team we're putting on size, trying to get stronger, bigger and faster. Each year you can't be big enough, fast enough and strong enough. As a strength coach you're never going to be satisfied. You can always continue to get stronger and faster. It's a constant battle."


Swasey expects a big battle in the 40 for who is the fastest Hurricane when he does testing in that event over the next month or two.

"DVD and Shawnbrey McNeal - I'm going to find out who the fastest is," Swasey said. "And Bruce Johnson will definitely compete for that award. You can't leave Sam Shields out, either. I'm kind of anxious to see what's going to go down. It's going to be something to see."

Shields took the title last year with a 4.26-second time.

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ttime236 38 heat pts38
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Damn, Shields ran a 4.26?:wtf: That sh*t would be one of the best times for just the nfl combine

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good stuff booie

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Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central High School center Henry Orelus is an LSU commitment - he committed on signing day.

But he says other schools shouldn't count him out, including Miami.

Orelus was a participant in the recent Nike Camp at UM and said there that "I'm still going to go on visits, am leaving my options open."

As of now Orelus only has two offers: LSU and West Virginia.

"Miami hasn't offered me yet, but they're recruiting me hard," Orelus said. "They send mail, I've talked to a couple of coaches.

"Coach (Clint) Hurtt told me I have a good chance to come in and make a big impact at Miami, come in and play. He said the center graduated last year, that they have another senior center now and that I can come in and probably play."

Asked if, should UM offer, the Canes have a chance to land him, Orelus says, "Yeah, there's a chance."

Of LSU, where he attended a pair of summer camps, he says, "When I went there they made me feel like I'm family, and the coach said when I come in I can probably get a lot of playing time my freshman year and maybe start."

Orelus says of the Canes that "I know they're in a big rebuilding process, and I think coach (Randy) Shannon's a good coach."

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Over the years, the state of Florida has had more than their share of top defensive tackles. In 2007, it was Northwestern DT Marcus Forston and this season Madison County DL Jacobbi McDaniel holds the honor of being one of the most feared lineman in Florida. Expect the tradition to continue, this time with 6-foot-1, 285 pound sophomore Todd Chandler.

Chandler had an amazing performance last SundayThe massive beast completely dominated the one-on-one drills at the Miami Nike Camp. Despite being an underclassman, Chandler caught the eyes of many in attendance with his overall performance. FV caught up with Chandler in Miami last weekend to find out about recruiting and the upcoming season.

Last December, Miami Northwestern DT Todd Chandler stood in the middle of the field at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando with only a glowing smile on his face after the Bulls won back-to-back State Championships. Chandler was a big part of the Bulls' success, but he explained it was a special moment for a lot of the seniors who would never have this kind of opportunity again.

"It was really special for the seniors," said Chandler. "Players like Sean Spence, Quavon Taylor and Marcus Forston were our emotional leaders so to finish it off like that was truly special."

Now with the departure of those big three on the defensive side of the ball, it's Chandler who the young players look upon for that emotional burst, and leadership. It's Chandler that must take on the pressure and deliver to keep the Bull legacy going. Too much pressure huh? Not for Chandler. But then again, Chandler isn't your normal prospect.

"A lot of people think that because we lost all these guys that Northwestern is off the map or won't be really good next season, but that just isn't the case. We have plenty of big playmakers that are young, but at the same time very talented. With top prospects like Tevin McCaskill and Khalid Marshall returning it makes my job a lot easier on the defensive line.

This weekend at the Miami NIKE Camp, Chandler took the first step showing off his dominance. The 2010 prospect wasn't concerned by the fact that he was only a sophomore and it showed when his talents were released against some of the top lineman in Florida. That never more evident with the first one on one drill when Chandler lined up against Jose Jose of Booker T. Washington and exploded not around the but straight through big powerful lineman. Chandler then shouted towards the lineman Let's do it again if you think it's a fluke.

That was only the tip of the iceberg as fans saw Chandler release his power and quickness on all the top linemen in attendance. The massive DT also drew very high praise from the coaches following his dominating effort at the camp.

"As far as underclassmen go, Todd Chandler is just really, really, really powerful," said Rivals.com recruiting analyst Barry Every.


I'm not going to lose because that's not the way I was raised.
Todd Chandler, DT

Chandler didn't just dominate in the one-on-one drills where no one had an answer for his power, but the versatile lineman also showed amazing quickness in the agility drills. In fact, if you spent the whole day with the coaches who were training the linemen, you would have heard Chandler's name probably over half the event, he was that good.

"I just wanted go out there and show what I can do, I felt like I did pretty well but even still, I should have done better. I mainly used my power in the one-on-one drills, so I probably could have showed off my quickness as well but at the next camp I'm going to turn it up a notch."

What does Chandler feel his biggest strength is?

"I think it's my heart and my determination every single play. I'm not going to lose because that's not the way I was raised. I play for the best team in the nation, so when we take the field, each player expects to dominate."

As a sophomore, Chandler more than held up that end of the bargain. He finished with over 77 tackles, 25 tackles for loss, 10 sacks and four fumble recoveries.

Some of the top schools in the country are trying to get a head start by letting the talented lineman how high he is on their recruiting charts. However, for this furious pass rusher it could be an in-state battle?

"Yeah it's Florida and Miami at the top. I would give Miami the slight lead but I really like them both right now. I really like how the Gators get after it in practice. That's how our practices go. I like to show everything I've got in practice, so that impressed me a lot about what Florida is all about. It's going to be a tough choice either way because one day I see myself heading to the U and then the next day, Florida pulls me back down."

Although the Gators are making a strong charge, the relationship between Chandler and Bulls' senior standout Marcus Forston could play a factor.

"He's my big brother. That's really the way I've always looked at Marcus. He would really push me and just tell me things that I could work on so he's had a big impact in my career. It's funny right after he committed to Miami, he said alright, what are you going to do. Are you going to join me at Miami or what? Marcus has a death grip in getting me to Miami," laughed Chandler.

Either way, Chandler knows his decision will come down to the right fit. Although he is only a sophomore and can't receive official written offers, he does have verbal offers from Florida, Miami, and LSU.

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Booker T. Washington High School OL Jose Jose was one of the elite rising juniors invited to last weekend's Nike Camp at UM.

And the 6-foot-2, 330-pounder didn't disappoint with some solid play and incredible intensity.

Not surprisingly he's already receiving plenty of recruiting interest.

"I'm getting letters from Florida State, Oklahoma, FIU, LSU and Miami, of course," he says.

Of where the Canes stand right now, Jose said, "I feel like Miami is a place anybody should want to be. They're in the process of becoming one of the best teams in the country. They had the best recruiting class, to me, this year. I feel real good about Miami right now."

He has three current teammates that signed with UM this past recruiting year. "They are already trying to get me to commit Sept. 1," Jose said. "They know I have to weigh my options, but Miami's high on my list. Very, very high."

Jose played part-time on defense in addition to his offensive line duties last year. This year he says he expects to play full-time both ways. He says he sees his future at the next level as an offensive lineman.

Of UM he adds, "I like the atmosphere, have been a Cane fan all my life. I like the pro offense they run, too. I like the school, period.

"I'm friends with Aldarius (Johnson), Marcus (Forston) also - we grew up together in the same neighborhood. They tell me they need me to come and help rebuild the program because they're bringing the program up and they need people from the community to come help build the program up."



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