What's The Deepest Rap Song You've Ever Heard?

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Props Slaps
 10 years ago '08        #601
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eminem- sing for the moment
joe budden- 10 minutes
joe budden- walk with me
 06-10-2008, 05:54 PM         #602
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Nas - What Goes Around
Jay-z - Meet The Parents
Biggie - Sucidal Thoughts
2-pac - Brenda's Got A Baby
Kanye West - Hey Mama
 9 years ago '07        #603
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yall named a lot of what I would have added and since i'm not gonna duplicate any heres sum yall might not of heard

Remy martin - this is my life
Tupac -how long will they mourn me & letter to my unborn
Cormega& tragedy- they forced my hand
Joe buddens - calm down
Mobb deep - tempertures rising

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 06-18-2008, 07:53 PM         #604
Fistakuffz  OP
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i didnt go through all 20-something pages but i will say yesterday i copped that NYoil and
"Ya'll Should All Get Lynched"
had me angry and sad at the same time
 9 years ago '08        #605
Future 44 heat pts44
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all the 2Pac songs that deal with love for the women!
Ex: Dear Mama, Brenda's Got A Baby, I Get Around, Keep Ya Head Up, Baby Don't Cry etc...

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 06-22-2008, 10:30 PM         #606
bigball088  OP
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yall dont know about that "I wish I was a little bit taller"
 06-23-2008, 09:45 AM         #607
Damonking  OP
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:applause::finger::banghead::sm h::wow:
whats good man I love boxden it's so gangsta
 06-24-2008, 06:48 PM         #608
madwaffles  OP
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kanye west-hey mama


nas-i gave you power

jay z -song cry

nujabes feat. cyne-feather
 06-25-2008, 06:20 PM         #609
capcity  OP
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Nas - one love
Jay Z - Song cry
Rza - grits
 9 years ago '04        #610
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Young Buck - Slow Ya Roll

Let me take you back to high school, ninety-fo'
When at least when a n*gga had time to go
Walk to the bus stop, sellin rocks on the way
Lil' bad motherfu*ker with a pocket full of yay
Fell in love with a shorty that was bad
I would go and skip class just so I could see that a.ss
But she was too fast, and I was too slow
Cause she wanted a n*gga who already had dough
She found her a man who was like twenty-fo'
But what she didn't know that he had plenty hoes
She was too young; so now he got a new one
Cause shorty went and bought her a new gun
See when she catch this n*gga she gon' do somethin
Not f!ght, but shorty gon' shoot somethin
But she never got a chance, a change of plans
Shot herself in the back puttin the gun in her pants

[Chorus: Young Buck]
Live life young n*gga, quit tryin to be grown
You gon' miss momma when she dead and gone
So slow your roll – slow it down my n*gga
Slow your roll – slow down my n*gga
Live life lil' mama, quit tryin to be grown
You gon' miss daddy when he dead and gone
So slow your roll - c'mon gotta slow down
Slow your roll – think you gotta slow down

[Young Buck]
I got a graveyard tatted on my arm
So I'ma just start with my uncle William Hahn
My momma only brother, he served in the Navy
He lost his life because the war made him crazy
My nephew Shannen, 15 years old
When I think how he died I get real cold
Cause they found him in a field with some crack stones
There was no flesh, it was just bones
I was just home, with my cousin Craig
And then I got a phone call said they found him dead
So what's next, ain't went to Bizz funeral yet
Instead of one casket I need two of them sh*ts
It don't quit, just when you think I'm seein better days
My auntie just find that she got AIDS
And it's fu*ked up, cause her life don't end
And she locked up, so she dyin in the pen', damn
 9 years ago '06        #611
Dtowns_Answer 2 heat pts
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stack bundles - hustlaz song...

I told the hood, rep slow stay humble,
and if all fails look you still got bundles... get it?
 9 years ago '05        #612
BitchesNBlunts 2 heat pts
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 07-03-2008, 10:15 AM         #613
KingStarbury3  OP
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Prodigy - You can never feel my pain
 9 years ago '08        #614
H Class 
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Joe Budden - Stained.

Only because I can damn near relate to everything dude says in the song.
 07-07-2008, 12:05 PM         #615
Magnum75  OP
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Deepest song to me is probably D12 with Good Die Young, and wit proof bein shot and k!lled it kinda makes it even more so. Let me know what u guys think about this song cause i cant think of any other song that matches the feelings and meaning behind the song.
 9 years ago '08        #616
Future 44 heat pts44
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Changes by Tupac
 07-12-2008, 06:13 PM         #617
theone2g  OP
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2Pac - unconditional luv
 07-18-2008, 11:40 AM         #618
th3nd  OP
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 Dash420 said:
every1 is pretty summing it up wit da 2pac tracks and some of the Hov tracks..

Nas-project windows
lil wayne - i like dat and Amen (off lil weezyana mixtape)
lil wayne- fukk the world (age 16):

A young n*gga screamin f**k the world and let 'em die
Behind tints tryna' duck the world and smokin rie
Got my bandanna 'round my head and pants to my feet
And got my eyes fire red and glock on my seat
I'm tryna' stay under intoxication
'Cause I lost my father and got an order plus I'm on probation
I'm drinkin liquor like it's water gettin pissy drunk
And stayin away from them lil' broads that tryin to give me some
I keep a chopper in the trunk and my heat on my wasteline
Duckin the law, 'cause I ain't tryna' do no FED time
Sometimes I just wish I could be away
But I gotta take care of Janae and keep Macita straight
So I just maintain the struggle and I keep tryin
But how can I when my closest people keep dyin'
I ain't lyin that the law tryna' bust my clique
But I scream f**k the world man, I'm too young for this

(Hook) 2x
Look, I don't curse, but in this verse man f**k the world
I lost my father to da gun and made a little girl
And I'm still thuggin' wit' my n*ggas tryna' keep it real
And I'm still doin for my mother and I'm payin' bills

Give me a cigarette, my nerves bad
The FEDs said they heard that I know where them birds at
And my old lady say she saw me with anotha brizzle
And some a dem boys shot up my block so now I gotta k!ll 'em
And teachers keep tellin' my momma that I'm gettin' worse
And now she trippin talkin 'bout I need to be in church
And my lil' girl whole family tryna' lie in court
Tryna' put me, a child, on child support
And whole family deny me of what I do 'cause I'm a 'thug and stuff'
Plus, my n*ggas keep fallin to them drugs and stuff
That dope got these n*ggas meltin away
Man they got clowns right around me, k!ll they self everyday
We keep f!ghtin but they so strong
I know it's hard but don't give up baby hold on
Just keep ya fate, count blessings, and wodie keep ya trust
And grab ya nuts and let 'em know that we don't give a f**k
We don't give a f**k


I mean the world just ain't gon' never change
So I just keep my head up and my nuts, let 'em hang
Dawg I swear it's very rough out here for the youngstas
Like everybody against me 'cause I'm a young thug
Dear Rabbit, why they have to k!ll Rabbit?
But I'ma keep you alive, n*gga, I'm Lil' Rabbit
That's why this lil' n*gga be buggin like it's no tomorrow
I only can depend on macita and C-M-R
I try my best to make it through the night and live today
But I'm upset so I'm steady wipin' tears away
And police got me under surveilance when and wherever
Wreckin they brains, tryna' figure where I'm gettin cheddar
I tell my family just leave me a-damn-lone
I can handle all a my business, this lil' man grown
But I try to forget about it and just stand strong
But if everythang was cool I wouldn't write this damn song
F**k the world
one of the deepest lil wayne traccs i heard

glad u posted it "props"

also lil wayne


and dear summer by lil wayne
 9 years ago '07        #619
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2pac - changes
2pac - dear mama
2pac - brenda's got a baby
2pac - keep ya head up
common - used to love her
boogie down production - loves gonna get you
mobb deep - temptures risin
immortal technique - dance with the devil
2pac - how long will they mornnn mehhhh
Outkast - Git Up, Git Out

Damn im drawin a blank....lol!

Last edited by [MK]; 07-18-2008 at 03:41 PM..
 07-19-2008, 02:12 AM         #620
StephanEscobar  OP
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immortal technique - you never know
2pac - pain
2pac - keep ya head up
brand nubian - dont let it go to your head
scarface - i seen a man die (lyrics are amazing)
immortal technique - leaving the past
atmosphere - gods bathroom floor
electric - respect life
gang starr - moment of truth
gang starr - just to get a rep
slum village - fall in love

most deepest songs i can think of right now. check it


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