Miami Hurricanes Preview 2006

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 RakimAllahNY said:
Why cant I give you rep points, its been like 8 months and i propped like 200 people since
its all good you are a fan of The U so its cool
 11 years ago '04        #122
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Cyrim Wimbs Interview

Right tackle is a key position for the Canes this year.

And Tyrone Byrd has lined up as the starter most of this spring with Cyrim Wimbs behind him.

Wimbs hopes to unseat Byrd. And he says of his progress that "I'm coming along pretty well. I'm working on just getting back in my pass sets, things like that."

Wimbs has come on since dropping weight.

When he first arrived at Miami he was a 358-pounder. He couldn't finish the first wind sprint the Canes were put through that fall, walking the rest of the way.

Now he's in shape. He played at 315 pounds last year and is now at 325 pounds.

"I'm trying to lose five or 10 more pounds," he said.

Wimbs is also working in as the second-team left tackle.

He is looking forward to playing a significant role on the team this year.

The last time Wimbs was making a major contribution? That was at Pompano Beach Ely High School with fellow UM signees Tyrone Moss, Andrew Bain and Teraz McCray.

Now, for the first time at Miami, all four of those players are expected to play significant roles.

They helped Ely to the state title their senior year.

"We all came here so we could all play together," Wimbs said. "Everybody will be on the field in some way. It's always good to have teammates that you played with in high school with you. We're excited about it."

* Wimbs says the biggest difference between how Mario Cristobal runs practice as opposed to former line coach Art Kehoe is "Coach Kehoe practiced gut-check. Coach Cristobal's is a teaching period. You're learning."

* Of if he thinks the line can be as good or better than last year after losing four starters, Wimbs said, "I think we can be better. But it's just going to take experience. That's one thing they had on us. They played in more games. That's one thing we're lacking. Once we get a game or two under our belt, we'll be fine."
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 RakimAllahNY said:
Anyone heard any news on Edge's little brother, i know he was recurting and accepted.

It's Edge's little cousin. That dude is one helluva beast... he put 350 rushing yards , 3TDs in the playoffs against some team from northern florida i think. He commited to Miami as a matter of fact.
 11 years ago '04        #124
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 RakimAllahNY said:
Player Commitments - Miami
Sam Shields WR 6'1" 179 Sarasota, FL 83.5
Kylan Robinson RB 6'1" 217 Tampa Bay, FL 82.7
Chaz Washington DT 6'3" 295 Destrehan, LA 80.2
Graig Cooper RB 5'11" 188 Memphis, TN 79.4
Ian Symonette OT 6'9" 340 Houston, TX 79.1
Matt Bosher K 6'1" 180 Jupiter, FL 78.9
Ryan Hill CB 6'0" 178 Tallahassee, FL 78.4
Josh Holmes DT 6'2" 255 San Diego, CA 78.0
Jason Fox TE 6'7" 250 Crowley, TX 77.4
Steven Wesley DE 6'3" 225 Bartow, FL 77.1
Tervaris Johnson S 6'2" 203 Opa Locka, FL 77.1
Dedrick Epps TE 6'4" 234 Richmond, VA 75.9
Colin McCarthy ILB 6'1" 215 Clearwater, FL 75.4
Chavez Grant CB 5'10" 169 Miami, FL 70.7
Richard Gordon TE 6'4" 235 Miami, FL 70.0
Daniel Stegall QB 6'2" 180 Greenwood, AR 67.0
Joel Figueroa OG 6'5" 330 North Miami, FL 40.0
Chris Lewis DE 6'3" 240 Fresno, CA 40.0
Complete Conference Signing Lists

If you pick a player I can get you insider scouts inc on each player.
Put some info on my boy Joel Figueroa, i played w/ him at North Miami.
 11 years ago '04        #125
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 Cap Peeler said:
Put some info on my boy Joel Figueroa, i played w/ him at North Miami.
he dont have none on rivals. no picture no info no stats nothin but they said he was k!llin at some all-star game there in flordia.
 04-13-2006, 10:42 AM         #126
Hurricane Ra 
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 Cap Peeler said:
Put some info on my boy Joel Figueroa, i played w/ him at North Miami.
Joel Figueroa
OG | (6'5" 330)

Hometown: North Miami, FL
School: North Miami High School
Region: South Status: Signed
School: Miami (FL)
You are signed into Insider and have access to the exclusive recruiting content below.
Last Updated: 2/1/2006 Data provided by Scouts, Inc.

Scouts Grade: 40
Considered: 1-Rutgers , 2-Akron
Evaluation: No evaluation available at this time.

Notes: originally verbally committed to Rutgers

Last Updated: 2/1/2006

Nothin really execpt his player rating
 04-13-2006, 07:02 PM         #127
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Reppin THE U.
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Wake-Up Call

CORAL GABLES, Fla. Miami offensive coordinator Rich Olson agrees that the Hurricanes' talent level has changed since he last coached here in the early 1990s.

But not in the way you might have guessed.

"I think it's better, to be honest with you," said Olson, who returned to Coral Gables in February after coaching on Dennis Erickson's Miami staff from 1992-94. "Overall, I think it's better."

Associated Press

New Miami offensive coordinator Rich Olson has been impressed with quarterback Kyle Wright.
That a.ssessment may surprise anyone who watched Miami end its 2005 season with the most one-sided bowl setback in school history. The Hurricanes gained just 3 yards of total offense in the second half of an embarrassing 40-3 Peach Bowl loss to Louisiana State.

Three days later, Miami coach Larry Coker fired offensive coordinator Dan Werner and three other a.ssistants. The purge included longtime offensive line coach Art Kehoe an a.ssistant on each of Miami's five national championship teams and highly respected running backs coach Don Soldinger.

Olson now must retool an offense that struggled when it mattered most last season. Although the Hurricanes averaged 27.1 points per game a year ago, they scored just two touchdowns in their three losses.

"Last year was last year," said Olson, who spent most of the last decade as an NFL a.ssistant. "Everyone's starting new."

How new?

Mario Cristobal, who played for Miami the last time Olson coached here, is the only offensive a.ssistant remaining from last year's team. Even Cristobal has a new responsibility as offensive line coach after instructing the tight ends a year ago.

Junior quarterback Kyle Wright said all of the changes have served as a wake-up call. If Coker was taking such drastic measures to revamp the offense, the players realized they also had to change their approach.

New year, new names
Miami's offense has almost an entirely different coaching staff this season.
Position 2005 2006
Offensive coordinator Dan Werner Rich Olson
Quarterbacks coach Dan Werner Todd Berry
Offensive line Art Kehoe Mario Cristobal
Running backs Don Soldinger Rich Olson
Wide receivers Curtis Johnson Marques Mosely
Tight ends Mario Cristobal Joe Pannunzio
"Whatever we'd been doing obviously didn't work out," Wright said. "We've lost three games (each of) the last two years. We've got to try something different."
For the players, those changes involved more intensity in the weight room and on the practice field. Wright also adopted more of a leadership role that quickly helped him win the respect of his new coordinator.

"I'm extremely impressed with Kyle Wright, maybe as much as I've ever been with a college quarterback I've been around as a college coach," said Olson, who worked with 1992 Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torretta during his last stint in Miami. "He's smart. He's athletic. (With) his leadership abilities and his throwing abilities, I think he has the whole package."

Wright will need all those strengths to operate a new scheme that spreads the field and employs multiple formations.

"We need to develop an attitude that's Miami football to be aggressive and attack people and dictate to the defense what we want them to do, not what they can do to us," Olson said. "We needed to get an identity."

The Hurricanes lacked an identity on offense last year as they struggled to protect the quarterback and get the ball to their playmakers.

Miami returns only one starter senior center Anthony Wollschlager from an offensive line that allowed 36 sacks last season. Twenty of those sacks came in the team's three losses.

The lack of protection prevented Wright from utilizing the offense's top weapons.

Associated Press

The Hurricanes would like to get the ball to tight end Greg Olsen more this season.
Miami's coaches consider junior Greg Olsen one of the nation's top tight ends, but he didn't catch a single pass in losses to Georgia Tech and LSU. Sinorice Moss, a possible first-round draft pick later this month, collected only 37 receptions last year.

"At times we looked great," Wright said. "We spread the ball around, everyone was getting involved, and we put up some good numbers at times. Other times, it didn't even look like the same team."

That inconsistency led to the staff changes and eventually resulted in the return of a familiar face.

Olson spent three years at Miami and worked his way up to offensive coordinator before following Erickson to the Seattle Seahawks after the 1994 season. He has worked for five NFL teams and spent last season as the Minnesota Vikings' quarterbacks coach.

Now that he has returned to Miami, Olson wants to win the national championship ring that eluded him during his last tenure with the Hurricanes. Miami won a share of the national title the year before Olson's arrival, but its hopes for a repeat died in a 34-13 Sugar Bowl loss to Alabama.

His previous experience at Miami helped him understand and welcome the sky-high demands of a fan base disappointed with back-to-back 9-3 seasons.

"Playing on Jan. 1 or playing for a national championship, that's the expectation level," Olson said. "And they should have that expectation level. The players need to have that expectation level. That's why most of them come here.

"There are maybe not even a handful of schools in the country that say every single year when they start the season that they have a legitimate shot to win the national championship. This school and this program can say that every year. And they should every year, from now on and forever, be able to say that."
 04-14-2006, 09:51 AM         #129
Hurricane Ra 
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Thank god for the change we needed a change on the offense. And anyone from Ericksons staff is gonna be nice, those were the best year IMO
 04-14-2006, 09:52 AM         #130
P DEDOS 954 
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:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

LETS GET IT !!!!!!!!
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Ryan Moore Interview

When Ryan Moore returned from a hip flexor injury earlier this week, he started out with the second team behind Lance Leggett.

Moore returned to the first team today.

"I feel alright," Moore said when asked about the injury. "(This spring) I wanted to get a good grasp of the offense, and I think I got that."

How different does it feel with the new coaching staff?

"A lot different," Moore said. "Different coaches have different philosophies. Our whole offense has quickened up. The passing game is a lot quicker."

Moore says he's excited about the new staff.

"It's a fresh start for everybody, even coach (Larry) Coker," Moore said. "We just come out here, have a lot of fun. We're just trying to get this thing going."

Asked if fans will see some of the offense's new wrinkles in tomorrow's Spring Game, Moore chuckled.

"Probably not," he said. "I don't think coach wants to show too much. We're going to run our base offense, throw a few things in but not too much.

"Since we're not going to do much trickery, you'll probably see a lot of deep balls and a lot of just straight ahead running."

What does Moore like most about the revamped offense?

"With coach (Rich) Olson, I think everyone feels they have a lot more freedom to play our game," Moore said. "I think Kyle (Wright) feels that way too, that he can just go ahead and chuck it down the field if he feels like it. It adds a comfort level to everybody."

* Asked how Kyle Wright has progressed this spring, Moore said, "He's matured. He's been in the fire last year against some good teams. This spring he's shown he's a lot more poised. I can see how fast he picked up this offense. He's matured a lot."
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Coach Larry Coker April 15 Press Conference

Opening statement: This was one of our non-padded days. You have to have three, and this is one of them. It was a good finish for us. This has been an outstanding spring. We have some guys hobbled up. Hopefully we can have a good finish tomorrow and stay healthy and have fun. The attitude's been really, really good.

Q: You won't show much on offense in the Spring Game tomorrow?

Coker: Well, yeah, defensively and offensively we'll be pretty generic. I've watched about three of these spring games. That's like driving lead pencils through your eyes, you know? They're so generic. But anyway, we will too. I just want to see the guys play and kind of go from there.

Q: You don't want the fans to see too much, right?

Coker: I don't care about the fans (seeing too much). It's some of the opponents (that) I don't want to see too much.

Q: Like Bobby Bowden.

Coker: I know he'll be there tomorrow (laughter).

Q: How much do you really look at the Spring Game and take things into account considering it's so vanilla?

Coker: We watch guys play, the energy, if they know their a.ssignments. They're going to be plays we actually have. We expect them to run the offense.

Q: Andrew Bain and Chris Zellner had their ankles in boots and were on crutches.

Coker: They'll be out. That's a shame. They made it through 14 practices and miss today and tomorrow, which will be a fun day also. But they got a lot of work. Andrew Bain really got better. We need both those guys back healthy.

Q: Were they both ankle sprains?

Coker. That's what I was told, yes.

Q: Nothing that looks like it will require surgery for them or Darnell Jenkins (ankle)?

Coker: No. All those things came back negative.

Q: Did you get done what you wanted to offensively this spring?

Coker: I think so. I wish Darnell Jenkins would have stayed healthy and everybody. That didn't happen. Greg Olsen, we knew what we had and he's gotten better. All the guys that haven't played a lot, that's key, especially on the offensive line.

Q: With Kirby Freeman, do you feel confident that he's here to stay?

Coker: I do. There's no reason for him to leave. He's got a great opportunity here. I know he's going to play here next year. Anywhere he goes, he's not going to play. To me, it's a no-brainer. But everybody makes different decisions. I feel very confident he's going to be here next year, and he should be.

Q: What's the biggest difference you see in Lance Leggett this spring compared to last fall?

Coker: Confidence is big. He's 12 pounds heavier, is a lot stronger. And his attitude. Last year was not Lance Leggett. He had a nice freshman year, and he wants to step back up and have an outstanding junior year.

Q: What's the format of the Spring Game?

Coker: 12 minute quarters, a running clock, a point system (for details on the point system CLICK HERE).

Q: Is the defense at a disadvantage right away?

Coker: Not if they create turnovers. And if they take those for touchdowns, that's a real advantage.

Q: Does Glenn Cook have the clear edge at middle linebacker, or is Darryl Sharpton close?

Coker: I don't think Glenn has a clear edge. Glenn has a clear mental edge right now, and Sharpton has a physical and talent edge. He's a physical player, a more talented player right now. We're just working to get him ready to play.

Q: Do you think there's anyone else in the mix to start at middle linebacker in the fall besides those two?

Coker: You know what, I really don't. We talked about moving Jon Beason. But as we went through last year's tape, he was probably our most productive player. He really became an outstanding weakside linebacker. So we really hate the thought of moving him. Right now I think middle linebacker is exactly where it needs to be.

Q: How is the progress of Tavares Gooden this spring?

Coker: Good. He's made it through the entire spring. That's been really good.
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Who will win the spring game

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., the final spring scrimmage will kick off. And the Spring Game scoring system is as follows:

1st Down = 1 point
Field Goal = 3 points
Touchdown = 6 points
Extra Point = 1 points
Gain of 30-plus yards = 1 point

3 & Out = 1 point
Turnover = 6 points
Defensive TD = 10 points

So what are some player predictions for the outcome? Here's a sample:

Anthony Wollschlager: "Offense all the way. 28-0. Nah, I'll give them three points. That's it. 28-3."

Calais Campbell "Wollschlager said 28-3? I looked at the point system, and they might be lucky to get a first down. They're not going to score on us, not the first team or second team. Maybe when the threes get in. We get six points for a turnover. I'm going to go ahead and say 32-4. Defense wins, of course."

Lovon Ponder: "Defense wins, 28-0 shutout."

Lance Leggett: "I want it to be a shutout for the offense."

Derron Thomas: "Offense wins, of course. I think offense wins in a blowout. We've just been really prepared, ready to make plays. All the running backs want to come out, break long runs and electrify the fans and the coaches."

Kyle Wright: "Calais predicted 32-4? Well, that would mean we only get four first downs the entire time because we get a point for a first down. I'm respectfully disagreeing. I think it's going to be the other way around. I'm going to give them more than four points, but I'm going to stick with 32 points for us. 32-15, I think that's fair."

* Numerous former Canes attended today's practice. Among the notables: Former coach Jimmy Johnson, Michael Barrow, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne, Jessie Armstead, James Jackson, Kenard Lang, Michael Irvin, Gino Torretta, K.C. Jones, Sherko Haji-Rasouli, Alton Wright and Kenny Berry.

Torretta spoke with Wright after practice.

And Irvin talked with Leggett and Khalil Jones afterward.

"That was real good," Leggett said. "He was just telling us what to work on, what could make us better. We were talking about certain routes, how to come out of the break and stuff."

* Wollschlager weighed in on what not having OG Andrew Bain (sprained ankle) will mean in the Spring Game: "We want him out there, but A.J. Trump is picking it up and will fill in the spot. We were talking about guys filling in the shoes of guys who left. And now we're talking about guys filling in the shoes of guys that are filling in the shoes. Obviously it's unfortunate, but thankfully it's just a sprain."

* Wright said it's been a fun spring.

"I'm excited for a great year," he said. "The attitude of the team has been awesome the whole spring. Guys are excited for next fall. This has probably been our best spring as an offense since I've been here. We had to implement a new offense, but guys took it as a challenge and really stepped up.

"We want to go out tomorrow and have fun. When the ones are out there we have to look sharp. No mental mistakes, that's what I'd like us not to do."
 11 years ago '04        #134
Cap Peeler 7 heat pts
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the U got one helluva class. Most of those boys are the best in South Florida and as everyone knows Miami & Ft. lauderdale football teams > Northern Florida. puts the U so high in signings because they get caught up with so many All-American players.. however most of those kids come from non-competitive states like kentucky or the midwest. The top 5 high school football states are Texas (size), Florida (Speed) , California (Quarterbacks/RBs), Ohio and Pennsilvania. I a.ssure that if u put an all-dade Corner like Chavez Grant ( I played his former high school team last year ) on a WR from Iowa or some of those weird places and he will shut him down.
 11 years ago '04        #135
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 Cap Peeler said:
the U got one helluva class. Most of those boys are the best in South Florida and as everyone knows Miami & Ft. lauderdale football teams > Northern Florida. puts the U so high in signings because they get caught up with so many All-American players.. however most of those kids come from non-competitive states like kentucky or the midwest. The top 5 high school football states are Texas (size), Florida (Speed) , California (Quarterbacks/RBs), Ohio and Pennsilvania. I a.ssure that if u put an all-dade Corner like Chavez Grant ( I played his former high school team last year ) on a WR from Iowa or some of those weird places and he will shut him down.
Chavez Grant is very underated from what i hear. they said he was probally the best CB besides Ryan Hill(Cane Commit) in Fl this year and rivals had him at 3 stars which fully proves my theory stars dont mean sh*t.
 11 years ago '04        #136
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Spring Game Report

For fans hoping to see Miami's revamped offense, the Spring Game did not deliver much.

With the offense and defense both playing vanilla, it was defensive domination most of the time at the Orange Bowl April 15.
Quarterbacks combined to hit on 16 of 34 passes for just 85 yards with two interceptions (both of Kirby Freeman) with no touchdowns. There were a few dropped passes, and there was a lot of defensive pressure that hindered them.

The running game netted 119 yards on 39 carries, an average of 3.1 yards per attempt.

The offense had no touchdowns and one field goal in the scrimmage, which was played in front of an estimated crowd of 9,000.

"We're pretty dominant on defense," coach Larry Coker said afterward. "We played a lot of defensive players and did an awfully nice job defensively. Offensively we ran the ball, did some nice things there. We have to have a great summer. Certainly we've got a lot of work to do offensively."

Quarterback Kyle Wright had limited reps as Coker said there was no need to get him extensive playing time. He hit on eight of 14 passes for 45 yards.

Freeman made good on six of 17 passes for 26 yards, and he also scrambled for 25 yards.

"It was a little herky-jerky at times, but that happens when you're running pretty vanilla stuff," Wright said. "We came out, there were some good things, some bad things. I'm glad we're making mistakes now instead of later on down the road. That's what spring practice is for."

Freeman added, "I was excited to be out here playing. We've got a lot of work to do. I feel comfortable with this new offense. We've got the guys to make some plays, there's no doubt about that. We have a young offensive line, and we came out today showing we have potential. It's our job through the summer to work together and pull our own weight. We're going to go have a hard summer workout, get into two-a-days and get ready for that FSU game on Labor Day.

Freeman said he still does not have a decision on transferring but said he is "leaning" toward staying at Miami.

Leading the running backs in the scrimmage was Derron Thomas, with 14 carries for 47 yards. Charlie Jones rushed nine times for 38 yards; Andrew Johnson carried seven times for 19 yards.

Offensive coordinator Rich Olson said the team only had in eight running plays for the scrimmage, not showing many different looks.

Ryan Moore led the receivers with two catches for 26 yards; Greg Olsen added four catches for 19 yards.

The offense didn't get its opening first down until 9:54 remained in the second quarter.

"It's kind of disappointing to end the spring like that," Wright said. "We were up and down, had some penalties that kind of k!lled us.

"Both (offense and defense) were running their vanilla stuff, keeping it simple."

With an early fumble by Jones that was recovered by Kenny Phillips and an interception by Bruce Johnson of a Freeman pass, it was a 17-1 defensive lead (based on a scoring system that rewarded everything from touchdowns to turnovers) with nine minutes left in the second quarter. The first six offensive series ended in three-and-outs, and the offense did not cross midfield until 24 seconds remained in the first half.

The halftime score: Defense 18, offense 9 (Freeman led a final first half drive that ended with a 28-yard Jon Peattie field goal, the only score of the scrimmage).

The second half began much the same as the first half, with the offense not moving past midfield until under three minutes remained in the third quarter -- and that was with third team walkon QB Matt Perrelli in the game and the Canes not throwing any passes. Lovon Ponder had an interception of Freeman early in the third quarter.

The offense began its fourth quarter possessions at the 50, and it got inside the 10 on one possession when Derron Thomas broke off a 30-yard run. But that drive ended on a failed fourth down.

The final scrimmage score: Defense 31, offense 14.

Sacks came from Calais Campbell and Luqman Abdullah. The leading tackler was Willie Cooper, with six. James Bryant, Vegas Franklin and Kenny Phillips each had five solo tackles.

It was defensive domination.

"We dominated the offense, but we still have to fix some things -- better tackling," safety Kenny Phillips said.

Linebacker Tavares Gooden added, "We work hard every day, so it paid off. The defense, we're real old, experienced this year. And the offense, they're young pups. We played like we're supposed to today."

Guard Derrick Morse said of the day's work that "I don't know what happened. It definitely doesn't reflect what we've done the last 14 days, so it's frustrating."

* Several offensive linemen were sporting new haircuts -- Mohawks.

"Me, (Anthony) Wollschlager, (Alex) Pou, (Joe) Girardi, (Matt) Pipho, (A.J.) Trump and (Tyrone) Byrd, we just thought it would be fun," Derrick Morse said. "We're just doing whatever fires us up."

* P Brian Monroe played receiver and had one catch for six yards.

He had a couple of other opportunities where he beat the defensive back downfield but could not come up with the ball on tough catch opportunities.

Coker said Monroe could also line up at receiver in the fall.

"He's really close to being a good receiver," Coker said. "You'll see him continue to get better throughout the summer."

"I'm hoping (to play in the fall), but it's all up to the coaches," Monroe said.

* Wright was asked his take of the offense this spring.

"As an offense as a whole we came out and had good energy this spring," Wright said. "I'm pleased with how we did overall."

* In injury news, DT Teraz McCray did not participate due to a knee injury. He is scheduled for an MRI.
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Q: Did you feel you got everything done this spring that you wanted to?

Coker: Well, you know, you never do. When you have situations like this, you get exposed. I don't think you ever get everything done.

Q: How do you think Kirby Freeman did today?

Coker: I think Kirby did well. I think both quarterbacks did just fine. We didn't make plays for them at times. Both quarterbacks have performed really well.

Q: Kyle Wright's reps were limited. He only played in a few series.

Coker: And Greg Olsen. We don't need to see a lot more of Kyle. We want to see more Kirby. Greg Olsen, the opportunities he had you see how impressive he can be. We limited him, didn't play him in the second half. We limited Kyle and Greg Olsen.

Q: a.ssess the receiver play. There were some dropped passes.

Coker: You a.ssessed it for me. You can't have dropped footballs. Against good teams we have to make those plays.

Q: With the injuries on offense to Tyrone Moss, Andrew Bain and Darnell Jenkins, is it only natural the defense would be ahead at this point?

Coker: You would really hope they would be anyway, but there's no doubt about it -- that's just another reason for the defense to be dominant.

Q: How would you a.ssess where you stand at CB?

Coker: I think we'll be fine in the fall. They got a lot of snaps this spring. I think we'll be good there. With Glenn Sharpe there, I think we'll have a great corner in Sharpe. All in all, if our corners hold up, you can see what we can do with our front, our linebackers and our safeties.

Q: Is James Bryant a linebacker and fullback in the fall?

Coker: It's still in flux. We're going to play him where we need him to help us win football games. He can make plays at linebacker. He's very aggressive, physical. He just needs to learn what to do at the linebacker position.

Q: What about Darryl Sharpton's progress?

Coker: Sharpton's going to be special at MIKE.

Q: Talk more about Freeman's performance -- he didn't throw for many yards.

Coker: He handled himself well. He knew what to do with the football, had some plays that weren't made for him. We had a drop down the boundary that would have been a big play, Monroe's catch would have been a big play.

Q: What do you do these next few weeks and months?

Coker: Evaluate, for one. We have our spring recruiting that will start in a couple of weeks. We'll go out and evaluate talent, will have seven coaches out every week. We'll evaluate the spring, where we can go (from here).
 11 years ago '04        #138
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LeSean McCoy interview

Milford (N.Y.) Academy RB LeSean McCoy committed to Miami in February without taking an official visit to UM.

He finally got around taking that visit.

He scheduled it for this weekend, and he was at the Spring Game.

"I wanted to see the game, see the competition I have to go against," said McCoy, who says he remains 100 percent committed to Miami. "I knew Miami was fast, but I didn't know they were that fast."

To qualify for UM, McCoy says he is working on improving his grades -- "I need two or three credits," he said -- and he says he is still "a couple of more points" away on his test score.

If he can get both in order, he says he will be on Miami's campus in December.

"I'm pretty close," he said. "The thing that happened is I just lost focus, let a lot of stuff get to my head. Everyone makes mistakes, you know?"

McCoy only played three games as a senior due to a broken ankle. One of those games was a 300-yard effort, and he had 212 yards and three touchdowns in another game.

As a junior he had 2,800 yards rushing and 36 touchdowns.

He was considered one of the nation's top prospects in last year's class.

After watching on during today's scrimmage, McCoy said, "Looking at this game, I can be that back that can take it all the way. (The backs at Miami) are pretty good, but they don't have that breakaway explosiveness."

McCoy says he is speaking regularly with coach Larry Coker, who continues to personally recruit the 5-foot-10, 212-pounder.

"We just talk about what's going on, how everything is going," McCoy said.
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mccoy's gonna be a beast, i hope he sticks wit us cuz i hear penn state is tryin to sway him to change his mind
 04-15-2006, 05:52 PM         #140
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I was at the spring game and I must say the offense struggled a bit at times. But who wouldnt with this D?

One thing they failed to mention is how fast our RB's look! Jones and Thomas were real quick..


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