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 13 years ago '05        #51
Brdn08 1 heat pts
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I'm ill like hepatitus, we appeal when they extradict us, it take death to f!ght us, and even that won't bite us

ain't enough money to get us even with tha white people,
that's what you need to know
and I'mma tell ya why need to vote
cuz that muhfu*ka need to go

100 shot drum play em some clip music
I am the drum major, tha drum section waitin
all it take is one signal, you can get a cadence.

I put potatoes on the heater no labor,
Later, now let me make mashed potatoes

Since when they made bulletproof skin,
I put to ya chin and grin and sin and then
I sin again and then I'm gone in tha wind

photogenic, we expose the rats; and turn that hoe into tomatoes and plants.

ridin like a rock star; higher than a rock star, cops searchin in tha car but my neck is where the rocks are

I blow a tree stump; I give it to a n*gga face in my tims; call it a tree stomp

I move that white sh*t til I ain't got no h*nkey left

I had a few relationships wit a couple pop stars; It wasn't serious I was aimin fo da pop charts

tha south got alot of kings but there's only one boss, that's me

 13 years ago '06        #52
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[Verse 1]
Runnin' from the scene, Hammer in my jeans
Dead bodies behind me, the cops'll never find me
Arm & Hammer Clean on my way to the honeycombe
Hustle all night tell my bi*ch I'm never coming home
Be there in the morning, stop cryin' bi*ch
The sun is home, drop it on the living room table
bi*ch the money home, I know you ain't gon' stay once the money gone
So while I'm rich I pull my d*ck and get my fu*kin' on

Youngin' on some real "Gangsta Gangsta" sh*t
Blame it on the neighborhood I was sanctioned in
But I'ma make sure we get them acres
Tell 'em fu*k computers, we good with paper

Tell 'em fu*k the world 'cause I'm hood by nature
Feelin' that way is how the hood'll make ya
The hood is vacant, the streets are empty, yeah
Mr. Bush, rebuild the city
, but

[Verse 2]
Yeah, over like yesterday floatin' to the floodgates
This is New Orleans, welcome to the blood state
A blood bath, and you ain't nothin' but tub bait
No political justice not even the judge safe
If his a.ss can't swim he get a closed case

We need our own space, I ain't talkin' about Jupiter
No luck, no help and we the fu*kin' future
I'm a hoosier, usually the cool one
But when I need it, I turn into a looter
God forgive, but do he forgive the brutal
Even when it's for the better of your junior

Soon you see that life's just another movie
And the main character dies at the end, usually
There's nothin' that haven't been done that you can do to me
I been hit, I been shot n*gga shoot at me!

[Verse 3]
Yeah, Money on the mind, murder in the plans
Disturbin' if you may, but it's dinner for the fam

Hustler by law, support when I can
Hustle when I can, tell me nothing I'm a man
Smell my sh*t as I walk off the stand
Nuts to my feet with my heart in my hand
Pardon my G, but I'm one of a kind
Been shot two times, here to put it in a rhyme
Slow lane, move the Coupe like a 5
If I get pulled over, bi*ch I'm gon' do time
And I know my n*ggaz love me, but they can't do mine
So I gotta be smart, get bread or get behind
Get lost or get in line
But the carpet's still fine
So keep tryin', the whole world turnin' back
But we keep tryin' until we get our piece, no peace
Keep Firin'


The youngin baby
Im a money machine
Bout to bring back one for the team
One for the shelf
One for the daughter
One for the mother
thanks for not leavin me in the rubber im here baby

(yea baby) the best to ever come from out of Charity hospital
Holler at me if siv a little
Understand that your titles don’t impress me
I know im the best cuz the 17th respect me

That be Wayne Gretsky on the one she blessin be
That she do so well like yell guess guess
I’m LL Cool J lil chest
How the shell shells rocked his bells
Yea No Yes

I ride CLS five-0-0
Me and lil Hobo
I’m so Hollygrove I should be the logo
I pogo on the Po-Po
I leave ‘em molded from old dough

I ride slow mo
Whips is foreign
Like what kinda car he in
Behind the Benjamin homie im all len
Like R Kelly diamonds
The boy peeing, Awww maaan

Awww maaan, what the fu*k ya’ll sayin
I’m a Young Money n*gga wit my d*ck in my hand
Awww maaan, What the fu*k ya’ll sayin
I’m a Cash Money n*gga wit a million in my hand got damn.

Those aint even hot for Wayne I just like those.

For all yall who say that the man dont be rippin tracks need to keep in mind that he freestyles everything. Not that "I dont write down my ryhmes" bullsh*t, thats not freestylin, Its somethin Biggie made so he could just go in the booth and start rappin, he taught it to Jay-Z. They dont freestyle they just got good memory. Wayne on the other hand freestyle everything. Thats why he can never stick to one subject. When he do write he only do it on serious tracks like one track off The Suffix that he murked, forgot the name though. Ill try and put it up.

Edit >> Forgot bout that Knuck if you buck freestyle that he ripped:

n*gga we bussin, and bussin to the banger buss
no we don't run for the olympics but the flame wit us.
i got that tussin that scummy and that angel dust
so pick yo high i will supply and correct changes whats up.
we bring the bussin we bussin like this thang for us
you n*ggas is sleevless man you can't hang with us

i got a bi*ch who speak spanglish she keep her bangles danglin
and the coccaine is right up in her anus
OakWayne is right up in the spot where he suppose to be
got Hova at the game and now he coachin me
but i been a champion happy as i ever been
lampin' in the hamptons like what the fu*k is a hamick
chief up in the kitchen like what the fu*k is a samitch
we gotta find middle ground we need balance
challenge me
that be to my advantage i'm outstanding
like standing outside up in a twister and walking not damaged
standing outside up in the blizzard then walking hot handed
serving nicklebags in Iraq
bet I will not panic
Swerve the nickel black if I wreck
bet I will not panic
cop another one the next day
and drive it crazier

the seats'll be lazier
sh*t'll be gravier
Nina Sarafeena my girl so then I baby her
wavin her at you crazy f
oo gazee's I'm 2 brazee
3 brazee's deep we got 380's and P 80
9's 9's M 10's
M 1's and 12 gauges shell cases
money put up for jail cases
bail make it
my momma say tuck ya chain son they'll take it
I hit her wit one of them stale faces like
Ill be damn momma they know who i am momma
i'm still yo little boy
but to them i'm the man momma

fu*k wit ya boy man hollygrove the hood n*gga
throw it in ya face till you get that understood

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 13 years ago '04        #53
HUMAN_CRACK 4 heat pts
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....spend a condo in the club one bottle wont do, two bottles wont do ,bottles for the whole crew thanks/and bring me that patron i dont play, no ice i like my drinks straight not gay/ and bi*ch that bank come everyday im paid/ i wish a n*gga come invade, get sprayed/ i stomp a n*gga out like i got ten legs/ then they fish a n*gga up out the lake in ten days/ behave no ho im on that rage/ cash money, young money ho that money age old/ and cant a cage hold this animal from holly grove/ sorry mami i be stoned/ i be, i be, i be blowed/ got me copy rock star weezy baby fu*k these hoes/ gotta pay me now for me to even touch these hoes.......

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 13 years ago '06        #54
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Straight out the hood
a young hoodlum
done what I shouldnt
did what they said couldnt
hid where k!llas hid at
hung where the otha hustlas slung at
waitin the get back
get that, flip that
debatin on the mix match
switch that from dope to coke
im growin up faaast
now you n*ggas are slowin up faaast
now my n*ggas are blowin up Aves
if i tell em you n*ggas are holdin up cash
rollin up steppin out of the Phantoms a.ss
put ya lighters away
you talkin to a can of gas
there's nothin to say
no matter who comes to ask
and murder aint funny
but we do love to laugh
we just livin
take money, take baths
take a n*gga bi*ch
and fu*k her
then send her back with nothin
now isnt that disgustin?
give him back his sista
give him back his cousin
go make a stack or sumthin
go and buy ya self a spine
and get back to frontin
and to end that discussion
I been had strength
I just got the muscle
fu*k you
this that and the otha
I see my people strungle
and wish that they wasn't
the government try and put us in a muzzle
but ya two fingas aint the pieces to the puzzle
so to each his own hustle
and I hustle all night
then come home to tha fussin
then wake up to tha fu*kin
breakfast in bed
dont forget my english muffin
hawian punch taste like ???? tussin
a n*gga just livin
just breathin
just puffin
come on momma
drop that laprona
d*ck millimeta
cock back and murda
thanks senorita
we can not go any furtha
If my girl catch us both in tha spot
she will murk us
pus*y n*ggas talkin all that slop
we will murk us
hungry a.ss n*ggas
I tote two hamburgas
who want beef?
who want beef?
I bring to ya front door
now you seem nervous
two seat im swervin
traffic to hell wit it
sh*t you cant die wit it
cant go to jail wit it
might as well wile in it
pass in it
fail in it
I accel
fishtale and tailwhip it
give dem n*ggas sumthin to tell dem bi*ches
smelling like money out the full course scrimmage
fam at the table
got the full course dinner
young money
cash money
throw confetti on tha winners
and he understood us when we told him break it off
cause gangstas dont talk
one word be a war
and your patoon cant handle the destruction
hard body baby
killin sound like seduction
dem n*ggas changed dough
bi*ches follow the instuctions
sometimes you gotta put a whole the rooster in the oven
so tell the public imma do my thing
just as soon as i here that bing
i got it comin
comin up
you n*ggas just runner up
and runnin up will get you in that wheelchair forever
its whateva
im still here foreva
cause the lil n*gga betta than all you n*ggas togetha
im gone

That whole thing had to be highlighted. That sh*t was betta than BM JR to me.

 13 years ago '05        #55
Brdn08 1 heat pts
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$1,256 | Props total: 609 609
I don't leave paraplegics; I squeeze it; until I see his spirit rise wit my own eyes

first marriage got a divorce but it really ain't worry me, cuz my only true loves are my daughter and my currency

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