Curtis “Snake Charmer” Scoon Tell All On Jam Master Jay Murder – Must Read

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Curtis “Snake Charmer” Scoon Tell All On Jam Master Jay murder – Must Read

Long Interview - Here is the start..........

Links to the 3 page interview

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In Part 1 of this SOHH.com exclusive, Curtis Scoon dropped knowledge about growing up in the streets of NYC, the Hip-Hop game and how his name got mixed up in the murder of Jam Master Jay.
Still an unsolved case, Scoon has basically been cleared of any crime a*sociated with Jay's death. But for Scoon that's just not enough, for he has his own theory about who dropped his name into the mix and forever changed his life. Here, in Part 2, the man known as "The Snake Charmer" shares his views on the murder of a Hip-Hop icon.
SOHH.com: How did you hear about Jay's murder?
Scoon: Someone called me. A friend of mine, someone who had worked with Jay in the past. And he said 'Yo, they sayin' on the radio that Jay is dead.' And I didn't believe it. The first thing I thought was 'Who in the hell would k*ll Jam Master Jay, and for what?
SOHH.com: But there were a lot of theories that he was involved with some bad elements in regards to drugs-you had no knowledge of this?
Scoon: You know, prior to Jay's death in 2002, the last time I had any contact with Jay, would have been at least 4 years and maybe as much as 6 years-prior to his death. So we're going back somewhere between '96 or '98 was the last time I even saw him.
SOHH.com: So you had no idea of what he had been doing.
Scoon: No, not at all.
SOHH.com: And at the time you had loaned him the money, it was really just because his business skills were falling apart. It wasn't really...
Scoon: I don't wanna a*sume too much. But these guys have a standard of living. These guys will borrow $2,500 to go buy a jacket to go to a party, you know what I'm saying. Spending money is addictive to these dudes man. I don't know...I don't ask questions-here's the $2,500 you owe me, that's all I know. He coulda had money that he didn't wanna touch or that he didn't wanna explain to his wife-I don't know.
SOHH.com: So you didn't know anything about his drug dealing stuff?
Scoon: Nah, he never dealt drugs with me.
SOHH.com: And what's this about people saying that you had been calling him about the money he had owed you?
Scoon: I didn't even know the number to call Jay. I've had the same phone now for seven years, same numbers. I'm sure somebody checked my records already [laughs] know what I'm sayin? And aside from that, the witnesses from the studio were at Hot 97 and said they doubt I had anything to do with it. So I don't know who put my name out there.
SOHH.com: In the book Queens Reigns Supreme, it says that Randy Allen implicated you, right?
Scoon: According to one guy. But Randy denied he even had the conversation with the guy. But those weren't the type of people I a*sociated with. Randy Allan, Karl Jordan, Ronald Washington. Those weren't the type of people I would have anywhere near me. And I can't explain their actions. So I don't know why they would do or say anything. But somebody needs to ask them that.
SOHH.com: In the book Raising Hell, author Ronin Ro talks about the murder as well. In the first and last few pages, you're implicated in the murder of Jam Master Jay.
Scoon: Yeah, I saw it. I don't think he implicated me. It looked like he gave a summary of a Playboy article that I was involved with in 2003...and I wasn't implicated but, he gave a recap of detail in that article.
SOHH.com: And that was when two gentlemen were in the car and one person says "who did it?" and...
Scoon: And Randy says I did it, his sister told him I did it 'cause she looked me in the face and so on and so on and so on.
SOHH.com: Have you spoken to his sister?
Scoon: Sure haven't.
SOHH.com: Do you know her?
Scoon: I know her... her name is, we call her Lulu...she might be about 33.
SOHH.com: That's Lydia, right?
Scoon: Lydia Hyde. Yeah we called her Lulu when she was a little girl. She was about eight years younger than me. I remember her when she was 14.
SOHH.com: And she was in the studio that night?
Scoon: That's what I hear, yeah. That's what I hear.
SOHH.com: And she's the one who said she saw you, that she looked you in the face?
Scoon: According to that one person. But she hasn't said that to anybody else and not the police. She didn't even say that to the police the night they questioned her. You know what I mean. That's what I don't understand, if no one is telling the police I'm the suspect, who's feeding all this information to the media? Who's talking about my DNA being found at the crime scene? Who's saying these things?
SOHH.com: Who have you been told is saying these things?
Scoon: I don't know but, I hope they stop. Those people in the studio that night, they don't have the clout and the power to push my name the way it was pushed. And the police, they never ever named me a suspect. So, who else has that kind of clout? I believe it's the people connected with the music industry. Because the suspicion was pointing at the music industry at that time, there were individuals who were more concerned with protecting their property. So I was just a scapegoat. So once they had that established, they walked away. And I'm not gonna say any names, but you remember all those people that were around Jay's family and friends when it first happened and once the investigation took another direction, they disappeared. Mission accomplished, understand what I'm sayin'?
SOHH.com: You were saying the music industry was being blamed for this. What exactly was the theory that was going around in the news at that time?
Scoon: I remember Ed Lover, the cryin' man, I remember him on the radio the day after Jay was k*lled. He was boo-hooin,' and saying some pretty inflammatory things. He was basically talking reckless about individuals connected to Def Jam. You know what I mean. And I think that not only he, but other people, they bought into that story. And that caused a problem up at Def Jam/Universal Music. And it put a lot of people into action. Caused them to come straight to Hollis. To find out first hand. And the first name they heard that wasn't connected to the music business, which unfortunately was mine. They used all their resources to push my name out.
SOHH.com: They're saying that somehow his death had something to do with 50 Cent, and Supreme, and-which theory was it?
Scoon: All of the above. In the business, no one wanted it to be connected to music regardless of who it was. The music business is under a lot of scrutiny for the lyrical content, for the images, and they don't need another murder that can be traced back to them. And I'm not talking about these artists. I'm talking about the guys sittin at the top who make most of the money. And especially with the lyrics, the images, and the videos being what they are.
SOHH.com: So you see it as people protecting their own interests, came to Hollis to do their own investigation, and ultimately find someone to point their finger at, to use as a scapegoat. And that's how you think your name came up?
Scoon: That's what I believe happened, yeah. Because like I said, those people don't have the means to push my name the way it was pushed. And if they didn't push it and the police didn't push it, then it only leaves one other group.
SOHH.com: The music business.
Scoon: That's right. And they had the most to lose, if indeed, someone in the music business was involved in Jay's death.
SOHH.com: So what affect did that have on you? You hear it from a friend, and then days later, you're hearing your name...
Scoon: You know, the night I heard the news, it didn't really sink in to me until the next day when I got the newspaper and I looked at the picture...
SOHH.com: What picture?
Scoon: It was a picture of Jay. I think the headline said something like "It Looks Like a Hit" or something like that. I can't remember. But I was sad, not so much for Jay, but I thought, what a waste. There was a lot of opportunity for someone like him to end up like that. I didn't get into it personally, man, 'cause I don't know what dealings anyone has, know what I'm saying? So I couldn't have that personal empathy with him. But just generally speaking, regardless of what the reason is that he's dead, I just thought it was sad. 'Cause he had a chance to do a lot of things that most of us don't get. And for him to end up like that is really tragic.

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