(4)New England VS (2)Denver (Pre Game & Game Thread)


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 01-24-2006, 04:22 PM         #301
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 goulet said
Denver won and that is the bottom line, but stop being immature and not recognizing why they won, denver won because of referees calls and new englands mistakes, there is nothing wrong with that but that is why they won. everyone on nfl live, nfl primetime, sportscenter, and any other sports shows even mentioned that it was a terrible call. how can you throw a flag like that and change a playoff game. and you cant even say "well what about the other TD's and turnovers, blah blah blah" because that play changes the game, NE was shutting down the denver offense all day and that gave them the ball at the one. And read espn.com and see what those writers have to say about the bailey fumble call, they know a lot more than us and they all said it was definitely a touchback its just because of the lack of cameras down in that endzone at the time the refs couldnt overturn it. But it shoulda been called a touchback in the first place!!! champ bailey is running about half speed and loses the ball in his right hand at about the half yard line. Because of the angle watson was coming from, and the angle the ball came out there is no possible way the ball could have come out his right hand at the half yardline and not went thru the endzone. New england had 400 yards of offense and look how much they coughed the ball up, they would have had about 600 yards of offense if it wasnt for all those fumbles. denver won that game because of new englands mistakes NOT because of denvers strengths
Basically, NE didn't play good enough to beat Denver. Denver DID play good enough to beat NE. The team that was better on that day and played better won. THE END

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