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 01-03-2006, 01:43 AM         #26
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"Was the best, then I left, came back & I'm the best again
Found the game bi*ch made, the airs full of estrogen"

 13 years ago '05        #27
dominicanlink12 30 heat pts30
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"kill a n*gga tryin to extort me/ if he dont die, life goes on but he'll live like corkey/look u dont wanna see me ya'll/ end up dead, ya dude's tryin to find u with the guigi board"-Sound Boy Bureill

"must wanna see me bam the nine quick (DUMP)/ they run to they man, tellin they fam joey back on his sublime sh*t (BUT)/ I'm ted danson n*gga, thats my bar, and i'm standing behind it"-Mic Check 1,2

 13 years ago '04        #28
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My New Favorite Punchlines:

Check the time its around that hour/lil n*ggas aint round' that powder/they aint supa or luigi or wario aint found that power/and they couldnt spit fire if they found that flower

Cowards know the toys bust loco/why they tryin dap hand like the boys club logo?
-Joe Budden "6 Minutes of death"

 13 years ago '04        #29
TniaS 7 heat pts
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 TKO420 said
"Im a grown man, I ain't gotta say no homo/ cuz in the *Real World* most thugs is *Karamo*" off that Im a hustler freestyle

lol yeh that ones dope....

one of his most recent lines was sumthin like

"ever since i stopped smokin blunts comin out in flavors"

haha cuz when i stopped for probation thats when the flavors blewww up i was pissed

 13 years ago '04        #30
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 StateProperty88 said
"groupies through digging em out, razor ramon of the block, vest on toothpick in my mouth...IM OUT" this n*gga is so raw

thats too dope

i didnt get the first one posted

 01-03-2006, 09:42 AM         #31
Murda Stylez 
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joey stay spittin hot ish

 13 years ago '05        #32
.Hafestos. 5 heat pts
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i aint reply to a sublime, it aint hurt that much...

but hes got soo many sick punches...

 13 years ago '04        #33
JoeyAvalanche 1 heat pts
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i like this one:

Move a lil' slow gettin' at me
Treat the pus*y like it's worth somethin', don't just go throwin' it at me

 13 years ago '05        #34
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And any beat imma air that rappers just gotta wear that
Fox Brown should be the only one that cant hear that.....


 13 years ago '05        #35
burt6303 4 heat pts
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 Ea$e said
As of right now? ::looks in sig::
I know someone else already agreed but young.....when he said that sh*t......i swear i just turned my cd player off in the car and rode in silence for 6 mins. like what the fu*k. my cusin use to ( key words use to) hate on joe hard before he heard that 6 mins. of death. but back on subject.........
"who you rap dudes trying to be son/you not a contender/you that dude died trying to be one"

 01-03-2006, 01:30 PM         #36
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yall come round here wit them glocks up, yall join reggie miller it'll be yall last year puttin shots up

**i aint hear the song for a lil bit but its off that so seductive.....
no drugs, no food, notin in they belly aint sh*t to swallow/ gotta carry a hollow/ they starvin like terry shiavo

 13 years ago '04        #37
EOAE 60 heat pts60
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I teach you hot to hunt, i teach you how to pump/sky dive, no rib cord, teach you how to stunt

 01-03-2006, 10:29 PM         #38
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"no team can beat us, we pump diesel and i ain't talkin bout jeans or sneakers"

"man I tell them wutever, I say I got a little X, they think I know the director"

"I got tools fo' really, with shells that'll make your temple hot and I ain't talkin' about a school in Philly."

 01-04-2006, 12:31 AM         #39
newport shortz 
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"I'll car jack you like Shaq shootin' a 3 man get outta ya range"

"Ya'll WNBA cats that ball like bi*ches"

 13 years ago '05        #40
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that mario line almost gave me a heart attack when i first heard it

 13 years ago '04        #41
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 ondareal said
that mario line almost gave me a heart attack when i first heard it

which is that

somebody needs to make a cd full of THE best punches dude spat

 13 years ago '04        #42
meelmuis 6 heat pts
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 ondareal said
that mario line almost gave me a heart attack when i first heard it
yeah i straight rewind it and listen to it again and like the rest of the song i didn't even listen to him, cause i was just like:wow:

 01-04-2006, 09:19 AM         #43
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mood music 2 has plenty but i remember on pump it up n*gga said...

That's alright go cross-world find cubic
Ma wanna fall in love like I'm cupid
Telling me she don't give BRAIN like I'm stupid
You can do anything if you put your MIND to it
(Get it)

 13 years ago '05        #44
bluntednt 43 heat pts43
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you asked, so here...

this whole sh*t...Dumb Out!!!

It's stuck between platinum and flop, underground and mainstream
Concious, backpack, scratch that, same thing
I'm somewhere between the real and the fakeness
The red pill, blue pill, real and the Matrix
And I can't take this
If the game needs a new look, I'm a do a tummy tuck and a face lift
And everything I say in these pages
Is straight from the heart, nah magazines, y'all can't rate this
But I'll be debatin it, it's a bit outragous
Like it's an air virus, and this sh*ts contagious
I'm downloadin like n*ggaz actually play this
Maybe I'm buggin out, maybe I'm on a spaceship
See I was on my stay out chill sh*t
The way Mouse k!lls sh*t, I'm here just to lay out real sh*t
Besides, other dudes styles remind me of spinnin rims
That sh*t got played out real quick
See some wrote him off, some said he was done
Made a joke of, hope he enjoyed the run
I don't enjoy bein shunned, so I'm back as Neo
Fans enjoyed The One, annoint me as begun
I had the whole hood thinkin' he would never eat
Rappers tried to diss, thinkin' we would never meet
I heard it if you said it
You wrote it on online then I read it, now I match it n*gga bet it
Cause I remember clearly
Once "Pump It Up" stop soarin, there's a few mother fu*kers stopped callin
See I remember sh*t spread like cancer
I would call folks said, folk ain't answer
A few chicks runnin started pullin they pants up
A few stopped actin like my private dancer
But a lightbulb hit once they started the neglictment
See there I was, thinkin' I was all that s3xy

Can't be finished, what n*gga I beg ya pard'
I just let n*ggaz get a head start
I walk to the finish, y'all spread out chase
Nah spead out pace, and I'll still win the race
See I'm joggin
Other n*ggaz legs starts wobblin, when opportunity is start knockin
You got the crown, pass off like Stockton
It's time to work, I'm offically clocked in
He is a problem, weavin and bobbin'
Through the speculation that his label tried to drop him
I can't leave, even though it's big options
Kev only signed me, to keep this sh*t rockin'
Don't ask me how I'm doin, I been better
Stuck in cold Feburary, with a thin sweater
I'm far from a "YES" man, I'm a trend setter
It's no games, just a Def Jam Vendetta
Don't put n*ggaz in the same sink as me
I mean metaphors, storylines, deep sh*t, club sh*t, girl sh*t, world sh*t
They don't use to ink like me
n*ggaz don't even think like me
Who sees what I'm watchin, he ain't poppin'
Don't deserve to drink water from the tub that I washed in
WAIT, start again, it's a privilege to breath the same air that I farted in
They want no parts with him
I dare n*ggaz catagerious me
If my names on a mixtape, then capitalize me
I been stopped goin' to Mixtape Awards
Don't need them to tell me, the mixtapes is yours
I had other ideas, while hittin' loot
I'm thinkin' red carpet, I went and copped a suit
See I'm thinking Grammy's
Sunglasses on, with my On Top family and a bad bi*ch handy
Each day there's a "W", it felt like heaven
I'm at an actress's house, that felt like neckin'
R&B on, looked and felt like Meagon
Gave me headache too, I felt like an Excedrin
Talk very fly
Least until I baught every pie, me bein' war readys in my eyes
And these dudes might as well be Jamie Foxx
Trying to sound like somebody that already died
The kid keep a snub wit 'em, good pair of gloves wit 'em
Your first week ain't right, they can't fu*k wit 'em
Now if you don't sell 5 mill, they had enough of 'em
Let me find out Hip Hop's turnin' Republican
I'll sum it up to what he is about
Still new to both, they still feelin' him out
Things were type blam, Joey seasoned him out
I'm the nicest dude out since "Reasonable Doubt"
Say it ain't so
Rest In Peace Luther, there's some other n*ggaz gay on the low
So live, who can see 'em, no guy
I'm the Mets, was suppose to be ill in '05
As ill as the flow gets, need a piller don't snitch
So if you can't tell, I'm prepared for '06
About to OD, anybody that know me
Can tell you I'm bout to make sh*t feel like it's '03
More like '99
No names should be mentioned but mine, unless you talkin' Big Pun in his
Maybe '96 Jay, before Dame was throwin' money around
Or 2pac without Humpty around
Or 50 before Em, Nas talkin' like a gun in his song
Cam'ron during "Children Of The Corn"
Beans before the cops came through and try to grill 'em
I'm talkin '95, Big L before they k!lled 'em
Em before 8 Mile, Shyne before the deal sh*t
Canibus, no album out before the L sh*t
Talkin' bout Kiss, DMX when he was fu*kin' wit coke
Or Cuban Linx, with Raekwon and Ghost
I do it all, who blendin' so well in the game
Talkin' Fab, back when he was still spellin' his name
On my Diddy sh*t, Memphis, Grizzlie sh*t
Like back in the day when Clue swiped all of Biggie's sh*t
Rappers don't need trouble with I
Unless it's Rass Kass before the D.W.I
Or Talib with Mos, Common before "Be"
If they any less common, don't put 'em before me

See, I'm not a rapper, I'm a prophet
Tell Joe stop it, skill will speak for you, don't pop sh*t
fu*k jail, I'm on my payroll cop sh*t
I call that bootleg cable, it's no box sh*t
All black, lookin' grimey in the crowd
Heat on him, no shirt, don't try me when I'm out
I toast somethin' tiny that'll blauh
Ain't gotta see Paul Wall, if you want somethin' shiney in your mouth
I probably fool cats, cause I don't ride out in some big car
In the streets, like I ain't some big star
And these young mother fu*kers, is about to fu*k up
Like leavin' they whole career in some bi*ch car
No name, but it's no sublime
n*gga you know who you are, I'll end it before it goes too far
Your buzz still fu*ked, you a liar money
Joe's still spendin "Pump It Up", "Fire" money
Glock for hire money, don't try to mug me
Call a.ss cap, maybe be at mines for money
Please, what's wrong wit 'em, somethin' ain't the norm' wit 'em
Ain't too many dudes out there, out performin 'em
Some require these skills, I was born wit 'em
Street's askin' what's takin' so long wit 'em
Jump Off, I'm the best to happen
He's the answer, the who's got the next in rappin'
I suggest you ask 'em
If Hip Hop is all smoke and mirrors, then I'm the Windex and a napkin
New dudes is whack, some vet's is has-been's
Some were Top 20, till I crept right passed 'em
It's a wrap, Joey sealin' it n*gga
Cold out, Long Johns still dealin' it n*gga
Still peelin' it n*gga
If I only get 'em two times, just know it was the dilinger n*gga
It's that music, don't know how to act music
Gettin' my Kanye on, puttin' out "Crack Music"
Car jack music, out what they lack music
Send my little man, get rid of the pack music
That I'm back music, that click clack music
That A-Team, Muggs, that Fab and Stack music
Now who said they fu*kin' with me
They just said that fu*kin' with me, they didn't mean it (NAH)

Last edited by bluntednt; 01-04-2006 at 09:40 AM..

 13 years ago '05        #45
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yo ima survivor i seen darker days/ a momma's boy with my father ways/
but I had to see my mom in tears/ when pop went to da store for them newports, that he must of aint found in years/


 01-04-2006, 06:21 PM         #46
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I'm done with "The Game" heres the "cartridge"

 13 years ago '04        #47
Scream @ Me 1 heat pts
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"....he's alright wit the hands..
Yep, shorty that's right...
Any n*gga trying to shoot me, must've saw my last f!ght" :wow:

"You trying to see "cash money", but get a "little flip"
I'm trying to see "Ca$h Money", shoutout to "Lil Flip"

"Make 'em "Move they Body", when the "Nina's" in the "Skye" :wow:

"Now who said they fu*king wit me
They just said that fu*kING WIT ME (they didn't mean it)"

"On My Eric Bennett sh*t "fu*k EVERYTHING"

 13 years ago '04        #48
slickbandit  OP
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"And this rap sh*t is like reality TV, It's totaly different from what its marketed as" - Joe Budden

 13 years ago '04        #49
Scream @ Me 1 heat pts
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$7,424 | Props total: 5283 5283
I aint gotta call on hounds..
when your guns like the last lennox lewis f!ght SHORT ON ROUNDS
- Joe Budden :wow:

 01-15-2006, 05:47 PM         #50
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"who you rap dudes trying to be son/you not a contender/you that dude died trying to be one"



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