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:Why not bestbuy:

I posted this in a reply to someone, but I thought it would be helpful to anyone thinkin of goin to bestbuy. I can only talk car audio wise, but there is no bullsh*t in here, and not too much opinion.

1. They jack up their prices soooooo much, its all profit, and a local audio shop will have much better prices, know how, and experience then some part time guy at best buy. (My friend is 17, works in car audio, and he knows NOTHING)
2. Their installers are certified, in some locations do good work (I have heard horror stories though, such as a persons sh*t wont shut off after shutting off they car and removing the key.)
3.For products, they have more sh*t then quality stuff, for instance they dont sell pioneer premier, pioneers competetion level stuff, they also dont sell many great subwoofer brands, such as JL.
4. And like i said before with rippin you off with prices, its true, 100%. I have friends that work at a local best buy, and they get wholesale prices on car audio, for example, lets say a 600-700 sick cd player is around 100 and change for an employee, they make ridicilous profit on their stock. They all say the same thing when I ask them for a deal on somethin in the store, "i can get you car audio WICKED cheap, but everythin else maybe 20% if that off."
5. Also accessories such as harnesses, dash kits are of lesser quality than a car audio shop, (most car audio shops use Metra brand harnesses, but best buy has a different brand and its like 5-10 bucks more expensive, and of lesser quality )

6.They sell sh*t brands (car audio wise) like dual (their stuff is absolute sh*t, but they have stupid lights on all their sh*t that make them look nice) Sony (they make good home audio stuff, car audio they arent that great) and ghost will say rockford fosgate, but I think out of all the "sh*t" they sell at bestbuy, this is prolly the best you can go with, for subs there, but thats my opinion, (only ones ive ever heard are the "punch" ones, which is fosgates "competetion" level subs) I think their subs are pretty good if your not tryna compete and stuff.

7. If you think ghost or myself just have a personal with best buy, we dont. All the things I stated about huge pricing, lesser quality harnesses and dash kits, poor sellers, and in some locations bad installation are true. If you ever have friends that work at bestbuy, theyll tell you the same thing. (If they kno anythin about car audio)

If you didnt notice the poll, just gimme a vote if you found it helpful or not

Edit: I closed this thread on 1/17 - if you have any questions or anythin about best buy just pm me

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