Beyonce N Jay-z

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 11-05-2005, 02:12 AM         #1
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Beyonce N Jay-z

I got a funny feeling that beyonce wont stay with jigga for long..I know jay is the president of defjam now but..Ive never seen beyonce come out and tell the world how she's so much in love with jay-z..To this day, she still feels very uncomfortable talking about their love affair.

Ive heard from my sources that she's the one that warned jayz to keep their relationship a secret or else, no more nana for the jigga-man,..If im a man (im a woman by the way) and was going out with a girl for over a year and she tells me that she dont want people to know we're dating, i would take that as a diss, like you dont want people to know you're dating a man thats over 10 years older then you are.. how would you guys feel about this????

Now, we all know that the H-to the HIZZO heat maker is not a pretty boy, and im speaking from a woman perspective when i say jayz is one of the ugliest rapper that ever live, i put him in the same category with craick mack..so i dont see what beyonce was thinking..they are plenty of entertainer that have money and looks a billion time better then jay-z.

Also, when jayz announced to the press that he will one day marry beyonce, she was quick to tell them she has no plan to marry Hov anytime soon DAMN that is a huge diss in my book..and she was very offensive about it to.

1. do you think it would last? cause beyonce dont seem very excited about jayz .Seem like she was forcing herserf to smile when they were taking pics together.

2. do you think she sees jay-z as just a career booster for her? cause u know, jay is the pesident of defjam and this can only help, to have your boyfriend as the president of a major record label.

3.if she leaves jayz who can you guess could snatch her up?..i heard lil romeo is crazy over her well the entire industry would love to have beyonce as their girlfriend.

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