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**Exclusive** Nas - Bullet X Lyrics (50 Cent Diss) **Exclusive**

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 10-29-2005, 10:21 PM         #1
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ElzDS Aye 
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@ 10:21 PM 10-29-2005 **Exclusive** Nas - Bullet X Lyrics (50 Cent Diss) **Exclusive**

im gonna post the audio soon here's the lyrics

props are appreciated

Artist: Nas

Breathe in n1gga, that's New York. Where I am come from, my turf. Now breathe out, that air is the dreams, hopes, aspirations of 8 million n1ggas... I represent them, I represent the struggle, and I'mma die for that struggle...


Corn-ball n1gga...

[scratch] "Nastradamus predicted 50 Cent future"

Welcome to the main event, fours years later, y'all n1ggas still ain't repent
You can bet your last 50 cent, that I'll send you to hell cause I'm heaven sent
God son, son of a ghost, son of a dove, y'all n1ggas need hugs, this a lil love for a lil lost thug
I got 21 answers and they all involve cancers, voodoo belly dancers, Parkinson like trances
Chances are you sold your soul to the devil, for a little bit of fame, well here's a little bit of l(all a n1gga need is a lil bit)
Bullet X homie, this one is death homie, what's comin next homie, hold ya breath homie
Mayne, is it G-Unit, cuz I heard your man Banks been sprayin his gay-unit
And this tenth bullet gon leave you a lame unix, castrated, emasculated, song so long awaited
Written rhymes it's a trifle, riffle my poison pen
Nasir the seer, mind crystal clear and, like you said Nastradamus predicted the end
Took you on tour, you were, shook by the crowds, sayin "damn mayne, why them n1ggas so loud?"
Caught feelins when J Lo dropped your a$s from her track, and switched it with mine "yo Nas that's so wack!"
Curtis please, you ain't no MC, corny a$s image, figure head for TV
Ridin the white man's d*ck, makin a livin off of misery
Dudes like you used to puzzle me, but now I overstand them
You ain't had no father and yo momma played the dike end
You feelin the bite mayne? you bout to ignite mayne
You bout to come at me with your boss and your hype man
Lost beef with the Game, damn you n1ggas is lame
Ja Rule schooled yo ass, Jada put you to shame
And I'm the tenth bullet comin straight for you dome
Nasir Jones Allah yo and this is my poem

From the skies, the atmosphere, the sea above, it's all hate, it's no love
Raining bullets like ether, beggin for a preacher you despicable creature...all you meet is God Son
Son of a prince, son of Allah, son of the sands, descend from the fog

"Since when is it cool to get shot and not shoot back" (gunshot #1)
"Nastradamus predicted 50 Cent future" (gunshot #2)
"That half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, and died like a penny" (gunshot #3)

Heavy ain't it, you been betrayed by all ya n1ggas, lower lip quivers
It's aiight 50, hold me close, don't shiver, don't let my nine make you wither, whimper and whine lil n1gga
Remember back in the 9th grade, when you was sippin Kool-Aid, I was that n1gga with them black shades, those were the Firm days
You was jus a germ on the fin of a sperm whale, buck tooth, bumpin my records, you know it well
Said "It Ain't Hard to Tell" was your favorite track, Illmatic your favorite record til you got that platinum plaque
You just a cornball n1gga with Jigga syndrome, but ain't got his skills, gon end up with your brain blown
Can't leave without your Kevlar, ain't courage, I must discourage, you from frontin hard, gettin bogged down in the verbiage
But I guess you made it, the American Dream, these are our heroes, a buck tooth n1gga with a Vaseline sheen
Green with envy cuz his lyrics lackin spirt, caught up in the hate, thinks the world will cheer it
But fame is fickle, especially for one horse acts, who you gonna diss next? n1gga this the ax!
You gonna get shot again homie? I hope it ain't gon kill you, Dre beats bought again n1gga, people still ain't gonna feel you
I had Dre beats back in 96, Em in O-2, hangin with n1ggas I hung with, now you soundin like who
Ya saw us on stage, felt ya heart fill with rage, cuz Hovie gon business wise on the page
So as your soul leave your body, and you float over New York
And now you in the atmosphere, on the other way flies a stork
Bring life, cuz when one leaves, another one enters
The next seed of evil growin in some girl placenta
And I'll be there, don't think I won't, hip-hop's one and only savior
Nasir Jones Allah, New York city slayer, fu*k the king, bi*ch, stay rich, ask Dre who the mayor

"Since when is it cool to get shot and not shoot back" (gunshot #4)
"Nastradamus predicted 50 Cent future" (gunshot #5)
"That half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, and died like a penny" (gunshot #6)
[scratching] "I decipher prophecies through a mic and say peace" [scratching]
"Since when is it cool to get shot and not shoot back" (gunshot #7)
"Nastradamus predicted 50 Cent future" (gunshot #8)
"That half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, and died like a penny" (gunshot #9)



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