SO Hammo Shot 50, Who was murdered by Lil Kim ex boyfriend World, who Also shot at 50

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 10-27-2005, 03:55 AM         #1
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SO Hammo Shot 50, Who was murdered by Lil Kim ex boyfriend World, who Also shot at 50

So Preme got E money bags k*lled which is Nas’s Homey, then he rolls with Murda Inc

Who had something to do with 50 being shot by Hammo, who was then murdered by LIL Kims ex boyfriend who 50 dissed and got shot at for it……….. damn the streets is to involved in this hip hop sh*t

Shortly thereafter, McGriff, who is being tried separately from Irv, was charged with the retalitory murder of Eric “E Money Bags” Smith and various drug and weapons charges. Feds say Smith was gunned down for the murder of Colbert "Black Just" Johnson

Baum was allegedly gunned down by Lil’ Kim’s ex-boyfriend Damion “World” Hardy and his notorious Cash Money Brothers crew.

50 Cent had made disparaging remarks about Lil’ Kim on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show and hours later shots were reportedly fired at the rapper and his entourage

'Just black' was premes Right hand man
no way preme would let that slide
and no way in hell E money bags could survive a war with preme
and E knew that..so i basicly look at it like E k*lled himself..
because he knew when he pulled the trigger to k*ll JB that he was dead
and then E who was more Gangsta than he was smart never even left town or nothing
he just sit back and waited to get his head blown tha **** off

Taken from SOHH


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