Cam'ron cries while in DC hospital

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Which rapper would you say has the most street credibility?
Cam'ron 45 12.10%
Young Jeezy 74 19.89%
T.I. 47 12.63%
Lil Wayne 29 7.80%
Fat Joe 47 12.63%
Jadakiss 73 19.62%
The Game 57 15.32%
Voters: 372.   (BX member poll)

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Oct 25 - Cam'ron cries while in DC hospital

For all yal'll that think DC is candyland and sh*t be sweet, u better think twice. Lil Flip got robbed in Dc, The Game has yet to come back after the incident with the DJ and now Cam'ron got it. We dont care who you are. If you come around with that bull, you going get it. Cam'ron doesnt give the news the full scoop about what happened because he is trying to uphold his image. The full story is like this. Cam'ron disrespected some DC dudes over some females and thought it was sweet. Early in the morning, those same dudes went smack at him and almost took his life. Thank God that they didnt because Cam is a good artist and street dude, but he messed with the wrong people. They didnt want his car, they wanted him. Then the people in the hospital said he cried while in the hospital. This aint the same k*lla Cam I know.


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