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50 Cent Shot By "Hommo" Reveals Tell-All Book

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icon 50 Cent Shot By "Hommo" Reveals Tell-All Book

Brooklyn stick-up kid Darryl "Hommo" Baum has been revealed as the man who shot 50 Cent nine times back in 2000.
Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson was shot near his grandmother's house in Jamaica, Queens in May of 2000. At that time, police told SoHH.com exclusively that 50 and an associate, 22-year-old Alton Brown, were sitting in a parked car in the Jamaica section of Queens, when an unknown assailant pulled up beside them in a blue General Motors car and fired nine shots with a 9MM handgun. Brown sustained a gunshot wound to the hand while 50 was wounded once in each leg and once in the jaw.
After the shooting, the victims drove themselves to a nearby hospital. The suspect was described as a Black male in a black short-sleeve shirt with a stocky build.
In the new book, Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip-Hop Hustler, author Ethan Brown reveals that Baum, whose alias is short for Homicide, was indeed 50's shooter. Baum was later shot to death in June 2000 -- just three weeks after shooting 50 .
In interviews and songs like 2003's "Many Men" off Get Rich or Die Trying, 50 Cent has hinted that Baum's murder was in retaliation for shooting him. However, author Ethan Brown tells that Baum, then 34, was ki1led because one of his street accomplices had murdered a member of Brooklyn's Cash Money Brothers crew.
Meanwhile, Mike Tyson, as close friend of Baum, was so devastated by the murder that he stopped training for his fight against Lou Savarese. Tyson still won the fight, knocking out Savarese after 12 seconds of the first round. As previously reported by SOHH.com, Baum lived with Tyson prior to being ki1led.
Brown's book shows how the streets and housing projects of Southeast Queens influenced the borough's most prominent emcees. The book documents 25 years, starting with the crack era until Jam Master Jay's murder and the on-going feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent.
Also in the book, Queens native Russell Simmons comments that he doesn't support convicted drug lord Kenneth Supreme McGriff.
"I'm not standing up for 'Preme," Simmons stated, noting that he'd rather fight for animal rights than for a drug kingpin. "I can't stand up for Supreme. I hope he's innocent. I hope he didn't hurt anyone."
The book also features an interview with Irv Gotti as well as details the careers of legendary Q Borough hustlers like Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols, Gerald "Prince" Miller and Thomas "Tony Montana" Mickens.

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