Did 2Pac really had sex with Faith(Biggy's wife)

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 10-22-2005, 10:06 AM         #1
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Did 2Pac really had s*x with Faith(Biggy's wife)

"You claim to be a player but i f**k your wife"- 2pac dissing biggy on hate em up

Did this really happen or is it just a myth?
I myserf think it never happened..im a writer for a famous hip hop magazine and from some industry cats that ive talk too, this event never happened: they told me pac just invented the entire stuff.

But ive also ran into a few individuals that were part of 2pac's entourage that claims pac did indeed had s*x with faith.

Those 2 artists first met during a party or an afterparty and pac and faith were among the guests, and pac got the word that faith was here and went to introduce himserf to her they even took pictures and everything..then according to those few that believe that pac did indeed sleep with her, pac asked her to come lay down a few tracks with him for his new LP in the studio and she accepted then pac , according to him and his friends, banged her in the studio.

What do you guys think happened? anyone has the real version of the story or was pac a big fat liar?
i think this is very disrespecfull to tell the world you had s*x with a woman but never did.


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