Been running every morning for 2 weeks straight...but dont see results

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Been running every morning for 2 weeks straight...but dont see results

heres what i been doin every morning.

1. wake up

2. take a little sh*t

3. drink 1 scoop of whey protein in about 6 ounces of water

4. run the first mile (actually jog) at around 6-6.5 MPH (treadmill).

5. walk the next half mile

now i REALLY dont know if just doing a mile and a half every morning is nothing or if its good for me. i mean for about 4 years all i been doin is sittin down not workin out at all so i figure runnin that much everyday is def better. but i aint really seein results. i def lost some fat around my chest, so i dont look like i got t*tties that much no more haha. but on my stomach, i dont really see a difference. is 2 weeks just too early to see results on my stomach? i mean my chest lost fat fast so i dont know.

i also keep an eye on what im eatin. no junk food, no pop, barely any carbs (like sometimes i take a bite of bread). i eat alot of salad, alot of meat like roast beef and chicken, apples, eggs in the morning with turkey slices, seeds, nuts like cashews mostly, drink water ALL day (i literally gotta p*ss every 30 min now). thats basically it everyday. so what can i do to lose my damn gut? it aint BIG but its moslty the lower area that i need to lose. im 5'11 about 170 18 yrs old in case thats important

by the way, all this info i gave includin that i take a sh*t haha is just in case im doin somethin wrong so that anyone that replies knows what im doin. so someone please help me out

oh and i DONT lift weights at all cause i dont got time to go to the gym (and im fu*kin stuck in a contract). all i got at home is a cheap a*s 5 pound barbell with 4, 15 lb plates. and 2, 15 lb dumbells

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