Circle Of Tyrants Album Lyrics

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Circle Of Tyrants Album Lyrics


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[CODE]The Chosen Few: ILL BILL, Necro, Mr. Hyde [3:40]
Theatre Of Creeps: (ILL BILL SAMPLE), ILL BILL, Necro, Goretex, Mr. Hyde, (ILL BILL SAMPLE) [4:24]
Carnivores: (SAMPLE), Necro, ILL BILL, Goretex, Mr. Hyde, (SAMPLE) [3:35]
South Of Heaven: Necro, (NECRO CHORUS), Mr. Hyde, (NECRO CHORUS), Goretex, (NECRO CHORUS) [4:00]
Tyrannical: ILL BILL, Necro, Mr. Hyde [2:39]
The Four Horsemen: ILL BILL, Goretex, (NECRO CHORUS), Necro, Mr. Hyde, (NECRO CHORUS) [4:29]
Take It In Blood: Necro, (ILL BILL SAMPLE CHORUS), Mr. Hyde, (ILL BILL SAMPLE CHORUS) [2:03]
Necrotura: Necro, ILL BILL, Goretex [6:19]
The Ultimate Revenge: Necro, Mr. Hyde [2:41]
Severed Organs: Necro, ILL BILL, Mr. Hyde, Goretex [3:03]
Joe Spinelli: Mr. Hyde, ILL BILL, Goretex, Necro [3:06]
Fender Rhodes suicide: ILL BILL, (NECRO CHORUS), Goretex, (NECRO CHORUS) [3:07]
The Black Wings Of Apocalypse: ILL BILL, Goretex, Mr. Hyde, Necro [3:07][/CODE]

Alright, let's try to get all the album's lyrics! I'll be editing this post with more lyrics as I write them and you guys do.

In the previous chapters of my life, I was mischevious,
Runnin' with gun clappers, packin' knifes and meat cleavers,
Doin' devious sh*t you'd see on CBS news at night,
Guess what? I'm still on that Brooklyn BS,
I'm into the exciting aspects of blasting techs,
And f!ghting for respect, fu*k getting my kicked,
I'm slashing your neck, before entering a casket,
I'm cashing a cheque for a million, I'm a demented bastard,
The inventor of death rap sh*t,
With the incentive to blend Hip-Hop and metal riffs,
Connecting with legends, mergers and acquisitions,
That make k!llings like murders and apparitions,
Disaster funk, my gats get crunk,
We're k!lling rats, I'll leave you like Billy Bats in the trunk,
We're on the other end of the Spectrum,
I recommend you rock this sh*t 'til your nose bleeds from deviated septum.

Circle Of Tyrants,
Circle Of Tyrants,
Attack you like the "Dawn Of The Dead".
I send you all to Satan, send you to the Devil decapitated,
Splattered, degraded, rather amazing manners of hatred manifestation,
The cannibal data-related to random standards of cases,
fu*kin' f*g**ts stabbed in they faces,
Buckets of acid, hitchike with truckers in traffic,
I'm stuck on a path where the outcome is nothing but tragic,
My outer appearance is nothing but average,
Inside of my brain structure, the primary function is madness,
Torture these chambers, puttin' blow torches to faces,
Corpses in my basement, torsos are my favorite,
Autopsy's invigerating, k!lling you is refreshing and liberating,
Playing with the dead is extensively tittelating,
Humans are extremely expensive but really tasty,
Sell you on the black market in pieces to anybody who pays me,
Limited quantity, culinary sodomy,
Unique cuisine, delicacy, the ultimate in quality.
The Prince of evil erupts, cut you c*nts into c*nt lips,
You fu*kin' f*g**t punks, a bunch ofs.luts that'll suck d!ck,
We bust clips at cops and trust kids with glocks,
We'll thrust in the ox, the puss drips and drops,
Rockin' bloody bone chains and veins, my coat's strange,
Known to indulge in pain, cracked skulls expose brains,
My God's forsaken me, there's carcass cookin' in my bakery,
Scrapin' off your skin and string it up my wall as drapery,
Dramatically battering you and vatically splattering you,
Sporadically ravaging like a scavenger do,
Sharpened claws ripped and tore your sh*t,
You're dead and sure to twitch, bi*ch,
Your blood and p!ss is pourin' out of every orifice,
Corpse grizzly and grim, I use my scissors to trim,
The blue ghost from the host, as I efficiently skin,
Spin the record around, I chop your ventricles down,
You see my tentacles found you, now you enter the ground.

I'm not gonna hurt you,
I'm just gonna bash your face,
I'm just gonna bash it the fu*k in.
There'll come a time when the thrown will become a prison,
Kill your idols and shoot the television, goonism,
Glenwood, the truth is I live for the art of war,
I'm a Ground-Zero Brooklyn carnivore,
Opposition signin' off for ?????
Givin' these nines from another war,
Future primitive, Stargate through another door,
I'm a king, my hammer, equipped it with a hundred wh0ores,
Crush our enemies, drink out of cups made of skulls,
Obey laws like the Vikings that came before,
Natural like lightning, I came forth from the storm,
I been a soldier since before the time of creation's dawn,
Ate from the tree of life and cut my tongue on the thorn,
I fire pistols like Brian Nichols,
Get the drop on you like suicide bombers on bicycles,
Colder than icycles,
Explode raw, we pro-war, coke snores,
Spun the fu*k out, sorta like Mike Tyson on Zoloft.

The flow is south of Heaven,
Satanic underground death metal rap,
Progressive verbal shredding,
South of Heaven, street sh*t, you know the steelo,
I'll be stabbin' you in the jugular vein of your neck,
Like Pesci in the beginning of "Casino".
I got a bad blood fetish, split open your lettuce,
Then bust through your whole crew, like Jerome Bettis,
The police dread us, we're sick and elusive,
And put massacres on the Channel 2 News clip,
Don't you slip, the Tyrants are waiting,
For your downfall to shove many blades in,
Straight up degrading, spittin' the hardest,
sh*t you ever heard, turn you into a carcass,
Marksman handguns lickin' at random,
Empty out a clip then dip like a phantom,
The circle of serpents, villains you worship,
We're hexxing the Earth with curses in verses,
Ain't no stoppin' the doctrine of death,
I'm shockin' like rockin' an ox in your neck,
On the prowl stalkin', patiently hawkin',
Sittin' on your couch, waitin' for you to walk in,
Ambush attack with an axe in your back,
Drippin' red like a strawberry dackery, black,
I'll carve my name in a slain victim,
Sluts I abduct get fu*ked and drip cum,
Change up the flow, k!ll every hoe slow,
Hang around death like Brendon Lee's "Crow",
The Tyrants taint your headsets with death,
Bleed CD's and r*pe your tapedecks.

Torture you for drug money and laugh, we the funniest,
We find humor in things we leave bloodiest,
Goons from the NYC, Canarsie,
ILL CaniBILL, ya'll know who the fu*k I be,
On stage and paranoid, I be carryin' heat,
'Cause what happened to Dimebag ain't gonna happen to me,
I'm poppin' that grey ratchet, honour Mark David Chapman,
Spaz out and bash in his face with a hatchet,
Take it in blood, sniff lines between hatred and love,
Between your body and the case in the slugs,
Make bass stomp like Geddy Lee on stage with Rush,
190 BPM's laced with dust,
We the tyrannical, my tabernacle's mechanical,
Fanatical with the appetite of a cannibal,
Splatter your fu*kin' head in half like a cantelope,
I'm the disease and there is no antidote.
Kill back, liberate your brain quick,
And puff a brick of weight,
Smoke 'til you deteriorate,
Tittelate and invigerate,
Articulate sick hate,
Get your chestplate trigger-sprayed,
Instigate and pick a date for your death,
A knife in your throat, a slug in your back,
Pick your fate,
Watch it miss and ricochet off your brain,
'Til you sit and lay in a bed in a cripple state,
The autopsy will stipulate, the gun shot's incel bait,
With the beat, incubate,
Ain't it plain to see?
If there's any one cat that'll murder your brain, it's me,
I'm established and anguished,
Like Genghis Khan holdin' a shank, kid,
Spittin' Satanic slanguage,
I speak brutal truth, beef with me, you will lose,
What you wanna do? It's for you to choose.
Shoot the grapple hooks, kid, I caught you with words,
sh*t is evil like an old man torturing birds,
Straight halitosis, my style is the grossest,
Whoever's closest will feel the ferocious,
Impact of my blade, let you capped with the fade,
You're trapped in my maze full of lactating maids,
So happy you stayed to enjoy the carnival,
You'll be fitted for a noose, hanging like a barnacle,
Inflict a vicious scar the size that midgets are,
Three feet deep in a ditch in Wichita,
Punk paranoid pu**y, you pissed your underwear,
Rip, cut and tear, kid, your blood in Tupperwear,
Live a pessimist life, suicide is appealing,
Hang myself from the ceiling dangling like an earring,
Veins and a belt, inject the heroine,
Methadone 'til you're gone, kid, I'm k!lling everyone.

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 13 years ago '04        #2
Sinna555  OP
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Yo, yo, yo, I been an outlaw and a gambler long as I can remember,
Drink whiskey from a bottle and always carry a banger,
Poker face, womanizer, bank robber, a legend,
My name ring bells across the frontier when I'm mentionned,
When I step foot in the saloon, I get a lot of attention,
I reckon these haters are threatened by the strength of my weapon,
The speed of my bullets, ya'll wanna taste the heater? I pull it,
I'm a goon with the golden six-shooter and a mullet,
Four dead, jump up on top of the bar, then shout,
"If anybody else want drama, then pop it off now",
How many times the situation happened? I can't remember,
So I turned twenty one and got drunk with the bartender,
Gunslingers think they Clint Eastwood, I'm like Jesse James,
Ride up on a pony, dump six in they face,
Twistin' they frames like tumbleweeds, blister they brains,
Then bounce to the wh0ore house for more whiskey and things.
The horsemen are drawing nearer,
On our leather steeds, we ride,
We've come to take your life,
Onto the dead of night,
With the four horsemen, ride,
Or choose your fate and die.

Splatterfest, sadal masachist,
murder world, take it in blood,
Like the word of God telling me to k!ll.

Slaves of pain on Devil's Island like Dave Mustaine,
Songs remain derranged, my sanitarium is the stage,
Doomsday for the deceiver, the cult leader,
These legions of true believers are obedient shooters with heaters,
Listen, it's my heritage to rule the world,
My army of heretics shall consume the earth,
Move an incontrollable storm of abusive words,
Ideologies of the perverse, illusiviss Church,
Rape you with chainsaws, orgies with strange wh0ores,
fu*ked her in the mouth until her face tore, I innovate gore,
The man that put pistols in pr0n, 'nuff dildos and slores,
Caught on the cars, baseball bats and the d!ck of a horse,
I have your gatekeeper lickin' the floor,
Face down, up ugly, you love it bi*ch, listen some more,
Hypocritical sh*theads smile and sit at the door,
Unable to stop my apocalyptic mission of war,
We push buttons that p!ss stupid people off,
Beat up your favorite rappers, we incorrect- politically, of course,
Circle Of Tyrants personify murder and violence,
And that white powder you love when it burn in your sinus.

Sleeze merchant, my diseased verses freeze meat curtains,
Chop you in little pieces like White Castle cheeseburgers,
Even worse than the prostitution of teen virgins,
Double D nurses surrounded by murderous creeps and perverts,
Circle of surgeons, the urgin' ????? perversion,
Doctors of shotguns, surgery, 2009 version,
Most evasive with explosive hatred,
The cultivation of the ultimate cult of Satan,
It's a bizarre and repulsive nation,
That embrace your soul like murder initiations,
Suicidal Ayatollah, more liver than an Al Qeida soldier,
With a dirty bomb on his shoulders,
You are entering The Circle Of Tyrants,
A world of drugs, s3x, money, murder and violence,
We the next step after the planes,
The bullet that exit your skull after it splatter your brains.

[12-FENDER RHODES suicide]
The chariots of Satan, bare-skins, black horses and swords,
Blood-thirsty dogs of war with big revolvers galore,
We from Glenwood Projects where ego's the size of Cathedrals,
Goon flicks, white dudes with afros that's wild like Knievel,
Don't eat the brown acid, she-devils in bellbottoms dancin',
Hippie bi*ches surround Manson, underground anthems,
A mainstream massacre, share a taste, stomach lacerator,
Fetus remover, drippin' like Eazy E's activator,
Like Mitch Green, my words are intrigue,
Are sharp enough to make your wrists bleed,
And make even the hottest bi*ch fiend,
And blow d!ck, we so sick,
We hold and controllin' your life in a chrome clip,
I blow off your whole sh*t,
We the most focused like Mark Skarachi from "Crokus",
You're over with, hit you with flyin', explodin' fists,
While flyin' razors and guillotines open you quick,
Drainin' what's left of your soul 'til you no longer exist.
Gangster guitar, 70's dust sh*t,
Bump this, stick the needle in,
Catch a fix, saxophone trumpets,
Bop to the ride, fender rhodes suicide.

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 10-16-2005, 10:18 PM         #3
OG Pun 
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 10-17-2005, 01:18 AM         #4
EMS the God 
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nice t*ts in the avatar. dope album too props.
 13 years ago '04        #5
Sinna555  OP
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Finished "Tyrannical" and corrected a mistake in Hyde's verse on "South Of Heaven".

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mad props. ill hit you up again for your efforts when i can...
 13 years ago '04        #7
Sinna555  OP
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Don't sweat it, once is once too many anyways, I don't give a flying fu*k about rep. If you appreciate it, simply post that you do, simple as that.


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