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Props Slaps
 10-02-2005, 09:22 AM         #61
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yall go pond de river/ ill leave u in ponds or rivers---killa cam
 13 years ago '04        #62
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you always talkin how ya tommy burst,like martin told cole i neva seen ya tommy work.

-40 cal

Baby that's right stay off the payroll
I have n*ggaz scrapin the skin off your face
with the same sh*t that peel the potatoes


I got a industry gangstress that argues and steams the reefer (uh huh)
And flip when I call her bi*ch like she Queen Latifah (haha)
Now all the vehicles is long enough to stash the streetsweeper (yeah)
This sh*t gon' get uglier than the Master P sneaker
I'm slidin through the Ruckers, with Prada on the Chuckers (uh)
So the spring break hoes, home from college wanna fu*k us (ha)
I ain't here to drop knowledge on you suckers (say what?)
I'll sick rottweiler's on you fu*kers (yeah), cops followin to cuff us
Top dollars to discuss this, whole lotta zeros
When it comes to paper I blow the soul outta hero (uh huh)
I'ma break 'fore I lay on the floor buried
besides, every rapper ain't a star, and every plaid ain't Burberry (uh huh)
You can't tame Lloyd, I'm smokin by the big screen (yeah)
And changin the channel looks like I'm playin the game boy (woo)
I know the watch botherin ya vision
But reach and I'll put a dot on ya head like it's part of ya religion


In jerz we tuck heat and love shanks,we keep money under the matress fu*k BANKS, n*ggaz wanna act ape like a razor to both sides of they jaw woudnt give em a sad face, talkin bout soundscan push me to tell, you bi*ch n*ggaz should go platinum pu**y sells.

Dude wanna be Dre, Ren Ice Cube or Eazy
But, you ain't them aight dude? Believe me
Say I'm tight trash all thanks to ghostwrite
But then you sound like Fab, get a sound like BLAT!
Not real, never heard a sound like that
He's a bi*ch, probly sleep in a gown and nightcap
Got a big chrome friend that I tuck along with me
And a grown gat since you like +suckin on 50's+
You's not Big and Pac, not East vs. West
n*gga, this is least vs. best
Wack west n*gga from a sideblock, meanwhile
Get dude to fill an iPod with just freestyles
Let's do the math
You ain't sold sh*t, and I sold 500K more than that
Heard your diss track,but I ain't even play on that
Because I just seen dude, and he ain't say all that
In the same hotel, if dude wanted to do me
I'd have been Cassidy, gave him the room key
Got the guns and the vest out that I planted
And Game woulda had his chest out like Janet!
That's what I mean, dude's on that tough sh*t
Image for the public, believe none of it
Scared to speak street cuz he scared so he dap on some love sh*t
Then get in the booth on some thug sh*t (naw)
Go and put you in a verse
n*gga, this 4 will put you in a hearse
Now the ganj will put you in the dirt
Cuz guns is like soap on a rope, it took a f*g to start usin' 'em first
A to the K, Jim to the starr
Wanna play God (?) say BLAM! n*gga, limp to your car
This f*g can't be for real, he gettin' at me?
He 'gone need more than a shield and big Macky
(So) Next time don't be a coward about it
Just get loud with this crowd to show everybody you bout it
Mr G-G-G-G-G, stop that
Homes, you only known for 5 Heartbeat hooks and gettin' popped at
(c'mon") See no evil, I hear the people
They ask and I tell 'em I got your career on TiVo
And if the song sells, and you gone be poppin' them thangs
Maybe you could tell Jimmy he can stop callin scame
I'm just tryin to save your rep
Your not a rapper, you asked, they gat like you gone save the West
I doubt that, not him
You need help, is Dre gone put him on the shelf? Better learn from Rakim
So when I see you also, we can let the glocks blow
Come through Jersey, or I'll meet you as Roscoes
Another fake thugs gets k!lled
100 red dots on you if you wanna be a blood for real, mu' fu*ka

-Joe Budden-

Last edited by Beantownsavior; 10-02-2005 at 10:00 AM..
 10-02-2005, 11:40 AM         #63
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^^ ill prop you if u up that budden or PM it to me
 13 years ago '04        #64
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Single handedly I turned Desert Storm to Katrina - Stack Bundles

Not the hardest or best, but the effect is just crazy.
 13 years ago '05        #65
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$5,560 | Props total: 660 660
 illphil said:
why you tryna act liek its funny.. thats so fu*king played out it makes u look stupid.

"Straight from my ghetto, we listen to heavy metal like
Desert Eagles, street sweepers, loud metal" - bleek
Seriously mathafukaz tryna be funny and sh*t......that sh*t aint funny no more u fu*kin retard seriously.....u made urself look stupid like a true idiot
 10-02-2005, 07:07 PM         #66
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n*ggas wake up on my d!ck eat some Breakfast first -->Jigga
Ur girl must love alcohol cause she stay swallowin Jin -->Jin
 13 years ago '04        #67
D1nOnlyMrM@ 43 heat pts43
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$12,834 | Props total: 2036 2036
fu*k that no women no kids sh*t
when da shotty blows, everybody goes
bidness is bidness
but dig this
fu*k a guilty conscience, i put a slug in ya
n really give ya somethin to live
 10-03-2005, 02:15 AM         #68
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"...greater, creater. drop stupid data. If i ever got served it'd have to be by a waiter"
- Lord Finesse
not hardest. but funny.

"I took a kid n cut off his eyelids, k!ll him slow so he can see what i did. and if he don't understand what i said, i'm pushin his eyeballs waaayy to the back of his head. so he can see what he gettin into. a part of the mind that he never bin too" - Rakim
 13 years ago '04        #69
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 sygma said:
Hell yeah..........I remember that sh*t from some Lyricist Lounge CD & Masta Ace was dissin' a n*gga on the track before the Wordsworth track. & Obie was on that CD.

I miss that Masta Ace track......

"And you can't spit, n*gga, so you obviously must swallow" :applause:

Good line.........I miss my youth.
I wonder if anyone on BX has those tracks.....Wasn't Masta Ace dissin' Fat Beats & someone else?

Last edited by sygma; 10-03-2005 at 02:31 AM..
 10-03-2005, 03:25 AM         #70
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ike the bones in fat joes legs, i move crack

im like an air conditioner ill make you lose your fans.

dont dare me, dear yo diary

my wordplay like thursday, cause its the end of the weak.
 13 years ago '04        #71
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n*gga y u buggin..my money lik PMS sh*t come monthly..here come ya woman wit all dat luster...b*itch all on a n*ggaz bread lik mustard...b*tch all in a n*gga bed lik covers b*tch go down so low lik shovels, im jus tryna get it all together
lik a puzzle - weezy suffix mixtape..dis dude is a problem fo realz lol

Last edited by platinum555; 10-03-2005 at 05:07 AM..
 10-03-2005, 06:43 AM         #72
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 Shaolin_Bees said:
they think i'm spelling IVERSON, when the beef all done/
cause u'll be on IV in the ER, SON - 40 cal
lol that was pretty creative......but the novelty of my satisfaction is instantly negated knowing that he is from DipSet....sorry :applause:
 13 years ago '04        #73
killababi 32 heat pts32
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$16,773 | Props total: 3066 3066
bi*ch lyin gossipers yall can neva fu*k wit me/
im ya hoe role model she give head lookin up to me-- 40 cal

all i do is pull the drop out once/
and watch his girl drop my boxers like a knockout punch

dis fu*ks jails next ta shyne cell/
till i put em in a all white cast like sienfeld

Last edited by killababi; 10-03-2005 at 05:24 PM..
 13 years ago '05        #74
YoungIke1122 11 heat pts11 OP
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$7,813 | Props total: 7428 7428
im an up and comin rapper (i kno yall hear dat alot) and i got alot of hot punchlines but i aint even gon post em cuz i kno one of yall fu*k n*ggas might steal my sh*t. i kno yall other rappers feel me.
 10-03-2005, 11:02 PM         #75
killin em 
$n/a | Props total:  
here is sum hot sh*t: JR WRITER

they sit when im spittin/ like dis n*gga didnt/ so get where ya fit in/
cuz when i rap it goes to show Magic Johnson aint the only SICK n*gga livin'

Why raise up a muscle/
when i can bring the MAGS to your door like ya subscribed for a couple
-JR Writer

Yall cats dont afend me yo/
im a rapper that owns more mags than benzino
-JR Writer

Why not/ pull a ratchet on a lame/throw his casket off a plane/ have him lookin from the SKY BOX
-JR Writer

damn JR got a sh*t load of good ones.

Last edited by killin em; 10-03-2005 at 11:07 PM..
 13 years ago '04        #76
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Weezy hustle no blubber, I put on wieght
And n a drought i get on a diet n streatch more
lose all that wieght, leave a n*gga wit streatch marks

Im duckin bombs from a drug war
no religion but the cops swear that Im a Drug Lord

Da flo sicka den 3rd floor at hospitals
my chain starburst, my watch skittles

not even in the eye exsame u aint lookin for I
the A n da K will make ya face crook to da side
now when u smilin everybody gotta look from da side

Im a nut wit da coke call me coconut

Like Em i got da Raw in a white wrapper

Last edited by imaculate; 10-04-2005 at 01:41 AM..
 10-04-2005, 02:32 AM         #77
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just a couple on the top of my head right now (since i was listenin to "357" earlier today...........................

"i'm not a fear of any, i'll leave a n*gga black and blue like a pair of penny's" - k!lla cam

"never been to sesame street, but i flip a big bird/ and i know stealers and they not from pittsburgh" - k!lla cam

Last edited by donrodriguez; 10-04-2005 at 02:40 AM..
 13 years ago '05        #78
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$5,704 | Props total: 1451 1451
Even if I write ya rhymes you still shyne behind the bars like Jamal Barrows- Cash(from the Aces Click)

The louisville will have ya head lookin like the top of a pistacio- Lloyd Banks

Me and money like Whitney next to Bobby- Lloyd Banks
 10-04-2005, 01:53 PM         #79
$n/a | Props total:  
[That sh*t was week
 13 years ago '05        #80
murdmon 4 heat pts
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$800 | Props total: 2 2
hope yall creeps got reciepts, my peeps get dirty like cleets, run up in yo crib wrap u in yo polo sheets.
- biggie


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